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>be me age 16, 17, etc
>really into trains
>even started picking up drugs and bringing them back for some guy because we would pay for the train and give me money
>also into time and movement
>as in, knew what time it was without a clock*, knew ETA of destination, time management came naturally* - asterisks is since before trains
>get in trouble and have to leave, no reason to use trains anymore
>fast-forward to recent
>start enjoying quartz
>started (naturally) tracking the time again
>someone asked me what time it was, told him
>hourly events i remember naturally every 52 minutes
based quartz

anyone on /sci/ done things with crytsals? what did you do? tell me about it - share your experiences
stop with trains and over time, lose these innate abilities related to time *
anon please return to /sqt/, we miss you there.
wtf is sqt
ohh ok
ill ask another stupid question which i hope the scientists will help me with... just let me draw a diagram for it.
>I, a degenerate fucking literalwho that pretends to be an animal and fuck online, am qualified to discuss a topic as heavy as God
The fucking era of social media needs to end
Anon I.... Putting a quartz crystal up your butt isn't going to make you able to track time.
i clicked delete on this thread and it said "updating index" so i thought it went
the message wasnt put across properly and it comes off as kind of self-centered
___ goes in all fields
This is a nice autism but too cooked, obviously not real. But to even pretend to be autistic is still pretty fucking autistic, probably more so actually.
>you can’t express your opinion about a subject because you’re not worthy enough (in my eyes that is)!!!
Not that I’m a dragonfucker but you’re an absolute retard.
>heavy topic

What's next, you still believe in santa?
there is no easter bunny, there is no santa... and there is. no. such. thing. as numbers !
File: DR4ctzYXUAI_GvJ.jpg (102 KB, 1100x500)
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>We should let any retard broadcast into society without repercussions like calling him a stupid furfag and shaming him back into his corner
I understand as a fellow furfag and retard why'd you feel sympathy, but he's a furfag youtuber and that should really be all you need to know. Why jump to his defense? I don't know, you must have some issue or paraphilia

Lol ok brainlet, come back when you're ready to hang in big brain hours
>letting people be entitled to their opinion means I have a mental problem
My granted opinion about you is you’re an elitist nigger and this is bait.

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