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File: green eyes.jpg (76 KB, 1477x794)
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>Be Indian.
>Belong to an Aryan Caste mentioned in Vedas.
>Millennium long inter-mixing without checks.
>Paternal Grandfather has green eyes, light brown skin.
>Paternal Grandmother has light brown eyes, fair skin.
>Maternal Grandparents have fair skin, hazel eyes
>Father brown eyes, brown skin. His younger brother has fair skin, green eyes.
>Mother fair skin, brown eyes.
>Sister brown skin, hazel eyes.
>Me fair skin, brown eyes.

How the fuck genetics work?. Can my children have green or hazel eyes or if I marry someone with same ?
You cant expect anyone to explain genetics to you in a 4chan post. Its explained superficially in high school biology, and that's dozens of classes. Its not my fault you are low IQ illiterate and skipped biology classes (whom are just an introduction, even professional geneticists dont understand it 100%).

enjoyed your shallow intellectual superiority with baseless assumptions over the internet? did that help in feeling better about yourself?
Everything i wrote is true. How can the OP expect to learn genetics with a 4chan post?
File: 1626134836345.png (122 KB, 602x243)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
>be me
He is right though, this is a loss brother.
>Father fair skin
>Mother fair skin
>Sister brown skin
>How is this possible?

read again, Father = brown, Mother = fair.
File: j.png (26 KB, 1321x813)
26 KB
Something like this, but more complex because I didn't differentiate being brown and light brown
File: 17570518.jpg (160 KB, 879x1080)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
does this help?
iirc darker skin and eye colour is the dominant trait
Well that's what I wrote down, isn't it?
>AA = white
>Aa, aa = brown
I just messed up the standard character order ('a' should be white and 'A' should be white, I did it the opposite way).
So it's
>AA, Aa = brown
>aa = white
But that's just notation
File: (not) okay.jpg (34 KB, 497x382)
34 KB
>Fair skin
Your pic is fucking brown and swarthy.
Pajeet OP.
right, I had a brainlet moment there
Eastern europeans are whiter than anglos
File: 1624565750693.png (1.51 MB, 1100x785)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
>belong to original Aryan caste
No, lol
The Aryans are genetically closest to Finnish.
I never noticed, but Russell Brand has a surprisingly strong jaw
Cover up the top part of his face and he almost looks like gigachad's stupid brother
thank you Anon for putting time and effort, that's very helpful.

nowhere did I claim that the guy in pic is me. Learn to read.The picrel is for Green eyes like my grandfather and uncle.

Learn about the Vedic Tribes & Caste in India you dimwit.
>You cant expect anyone to explain genetics to you in a 4chan post
shut the fuck up obscurantist idiot
>two brown = 6.2% chance of blue

yeah this is bullshit. Show me 10 pooskins with blue eyes.
A big list of unverified bullshit
I've known someone you had a fairly swarthy mother with dark hair and dark eyes and a browned eyed easily tanning father. He was pretty much platinum blonde and fair skinned that didn't tan well (not an albino though). One of the parents or both had genes that were not being expressed because there were more genes of the other varieties and he just happened to inherit one of the combinations of genes that caused him to have those traits. He also had an uncle with those traits.
File: tv_indra_namaste.jpg (49 KB, 499x534)
49 KB
It's the way it works for europeans, who all carry recessive light eye colour genes.
Of course it doesn't work for africans or poos.
Well, it kind of works for hispanics, who are euro/injun mutts, so I assume it probably works for higher caste poos as well.
I knew several indian girls in canada with light skin and eye colour: which is quite funny, seeing as many of them are in canada as refugees or humanitarian migrants, and they're all high caste. The lower castes in India probably envy the dead.
even as a fatty he had a chin on him
>an uncle with those traits

marry euro anon
File: 4663737467.png (14 KB, 882x758)
14 KB
>be eastern euro
>majority in your country: light hair and light eyes
>me: dark brown hair and brown eyes
i can't, bros...
sorry to inform you bro but you're black
File: Indian genetics.jpg (439 KB, 400x600)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
IIRC you could be a carrier for green eyes. When I was in school decades ago they explained it like a simple recessive trait, but I don't think that's always true, especially if you have kids with someone from a whole different continent (or subcontinent).

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