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Is it truly impossible to train people to become better at adapting and problem solving?

"The data is crystal clear"
Is it really? This is something that I've been wondering a lot. Is it possible to improve one's IQ through training and studying? What is the consensus on this?
Think about the dumbest person you know who went to the same high school as you. Think long and hard, make sure it is truly the dumbest person. Got someone in mind? Imagine them studying physics at Princeton. Actually just imagine them studying physics at one of your state universities. How do they do? How long does it take them to dropout?

Does that answer your question?
No it's not impossible. You can't teach people how to process novel information faster, but you can absolutely teach people how to do it better and skip redundant computation through good heuristics. The average engineer is pretty dull but they can solve problems that were unsolvable even for the brightest of geniuses just a few centuries ago simply because they've been taught how.
Some of the Flynn effect is due to education, you can google raven progressive matrices guide or whatever and that increases your score too but it doesn't make you smarter.

Consensus is fake and gay and it claims its partly improved nutrition and partly increased time in education.
>Is it truly impossible to train people to become better at adapting and problem solving?
Logical thinking can be taught and learned. It doesn't mean the person has become more intelligent in the sense that their brain has improved, but they've developed a strategy that should improve their ability to problem solve and learn.
Jewden "Wendigo Psychosis" Peterstein claimed its impossible to train for creativity and problem solving to be fair.
Thing is, the dumbest people tend to be entirely disinterested in education and intellectual pursuits. I just can't imagine someone studying math for 12 hours and not improving.

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