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Why is it so damn difficult to be happy? It seems so unfair. Being alive and having your basic necessities covered should be enough to be happy, but it seems that the requirements lie considerably higher than that. It's no secret that a good portion of the planet is either depressed or dissatisfied with their lives, including people who are well-off.

So why are human requirements for happiness so "high"? We naturally seem too be too emotional and picky, and our psychological stability can be destroyed a little bit too easily, which is stupid considering the brutal history of evolution and survival that we have behind our backs.

It would be about time that we come up with an universally effective antidepressant. Last time I tried one (bupropion) I didn't notice any changes, and instead I got fucking tinnitus. That was back in mid 2018 and I still have this cursed pitch.

Has anyone who tried many antidepressants found one that really helped? Have you been deeply depressed and managed to be happy again?
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Time to love God!
Read the gospels and try to understand the meaning of the words.
Listen to former atheists who after being subjected to a Near Death Experience met God and became religious.
No amount of mental gymnastics will convince be that a God that cares about you is a thing. If it exists, it doesn't give 2 fucks about you

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