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because AZD1222 is not that popular at the moment due to lots of negative press and because it's not authorized for elderly people in the EU right now it is more widely available than the biontec vaccine.

What does /sci/ think about the gene manipulated chimpanzee virus?
Did they fucked up their studys? Is it safe?

How many people did got at lest one dose of it so far?

My mom is a teacher and might get a chance to get vaccinated with it soon.
Would you recommend your mother to take it at this time, or would you tell her to wait for more data?
Pro is that the adenoviral vector has been worked on in the context of gene therapies already.

Contra is that (as far as I know) they are using DNA plasmids that need to enter your cells nuclei.

Those DNA plasmids can theoreticall integrate into dividing cells. They also will have a much higher half-life than mRNA (biuointech/Moderna). So many cells could keep on expressing Spike proteins in low doses for a long time.

Best would be to get a traditional Jenner-vaccine like the one from Sinovac, this Chinese company
*integrate into the genome of dividing celils (in small amount through homologous recombination of double-starnd breaks)
desu the mRNA vaccines seem superior, and Astra is a big company in my country. All the vaccines do seem to work though, especially at preventing severe illness.

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