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What is the point of it?
So colleges get money
and you get brainwashed
yeah there is no point
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To get a job and be well paid for it. People who get a degree and don't land a job just fell for the Cs get degrees meme.
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I would recommend not going beyond bachelors without getting some work experience first.
Masters + worked a year in industry (or at least working part-time somewhere relevant) looks way better than masters/PhD with no experience (you'll literally be competing with BSc grads when I started at my company my direct coworker had a PhD, my research assistant has a masters, I'm still only BMedSci + experience).
Once you get at least some experience then you can decide if you want to go back into academia and go into postgrad.

If you're not actually interested in science and just want money then learn to code. My younger brother (no relevant uni) and cousin (1st year CS degree dropout) both earn more than me working as programmers with less work experience. And my uncle who went full into neurovirology masters ended up with a career in web design since it paid significantly better than his field.

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