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How would /sci/ go about breaking down and reverse engineering alien tech like a UFO assuming it's in pristine condition?

What environments,equipment,supplies would you all need to do it?

What systems would need to be examined?

How would you all divide yourselves based on you areas of expertise?
This could be a very dangerous undertaking. For all we know, the aliens could have discovered and utilized physical properties & forces that we are ignorant of. Imagine if an uncrewed nuclear submarine got time warped back to Victorian times, and good Ol' Lord Kelvin assembles a team of the best scientists & engineers of the time to figure it out. Now think of how many of them would get radiation poisoning once they started taking apart the strange "boiler" that stayed hot without adding fuel or air.
Use a Geiger counter to measure the radiation
Can we be EDF instead of Xcom? Those guys were crazy with the reverse engineering they were capable of.
The biggest problem of UFO study is the material sciences.

Imagine an alien getting hold of your computer, and they're trying to study the material your CPU is made out of to understand how it works. They're going to destroy the thing the second they do even 1 test on it.

We'd have the same problem. Any material sciences tests we perform are going to be destructive in nature. You just gotta hope the part you destroy is a non-vital piece.
Would be real nice if we have 2 add to the collection. One to take out of the box and play with, the other to stay in the box and sit on the shelf.
Scanning it.
Mathematicians to revise the core data harvested by scientists, engineers to try and harvest materials for study from the alien machine.
First step would involve the outside shell. Lowering all detectable energies surrounding and inside the ship would be first priority.
And if it's not detectable with a Geiger counter?
Then we are dealing with extra dimensional creatures. That will require gravitational manipulation. If that is the case, that ship is either a blessing or a curse.
>lord kelvin
>the reactor core is most likely made of coal
That's exactly why I chose him as an example - Lord Kelvin was an educated, intelligent man, who did scientific work worthy of getting a unit of measurement named after. Later in life though, he made some estimates on stuff like the age of the sun, they are silly in hind-sight, since there were forces involved, like nuclear fission/fusion, that he was completely ignorant of.

There could easily end up being something similar going with an alien spacecraft. Look at how little we understand about "dark" matter and "dark" energy. Or something even more outthere that we no nothing of could be involved.
>Ride spaceship to alien homeworld
>Ask where the library is
>Take a copy of the TOE
>Come home
>Read that shit
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>Now think of how many of them would get radiation poisoning once they started taking apart the strange "boiler" that stayed hot without adding fuel or air.
Probably no more than really did get radiation poisoning by experiments with radium, polonium, X-rays, gamma rays, spark gaps, and all the rest up to and including the manhattan project

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