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Engineering student here.

I need to tutor some kid in 11th grade math next week and I just failed a practice test hard.

Am I retarded?
11th grade math is just calculus, no?
Lol no bro.you just haven't done the shit in a while.and it's probably so easy that it doesn't really turn your brain on. You'll find that in your career you'll be looking up simple shit all the time, that's not because you're stupid but bevause it's simple and you've moved on to more complex shit and real life.
Sample problem please.
>Engg student
>Am I retarded?
Yeah, some of the stuff it seems just gets thrown out of the window as soon as you finish a year.

A lot of people certainly ENTER engineering if you know what I mean. That is pretty horrendous though that you essentially can't do basic math. I think you shoukd be careful and study hard.
Whoa there grandpa, now adays we drill quadratics in for an extra three years so that the kinds don't suicide before college. If we had standards they might not even spend thousands on tuition before failing.
that's actually too easy!

you probably haven't done this stuff in a long while. just read the material it's not hard but you forgot it
>EE student
>already taken full calc stack including diff eq
>already taken advanced circuit analysis
>look at this
>"vertex form"
>what the flippity fuck
>google it
>oh yeah
Was that really so hard OP? Just grab the textbook for the material and you should be able to understand everything. If you can't look at the textbook and immediately know what its talking about, then I'd be concerned.

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