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Doors can be opened into your mind by a.force that just has to speak to you, how small do you feel?
The force speaking to you only gives you an idea that you must uncover for yourself. Whatever you believe as truth is your own doing and not the speaker
I don't know but this is basically how the book "Think and Grow Rich" worked for me. I practiced it for like a week or two with the affirmation something about getting money, and I heard a voice, only once, say 'Trump will win' when I was doing something random. It didn't sound like my normal voice in my head but not like anyone else's either. I never gambled before but researched how to be on the election, and did. Then I stopped the practice cuz I wanted to feel like I'm the one who's smart and accomplishes things not some universal voice that gives me easy-mode answers, and I haven't had experience like that since. I remember some other stuff too like I'd find money all over much more often, but that was the only voice episode. If you want to make discoveries I suggest you read that book in the original edition and try it out

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