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Everyone seems to only recommend this book (at least the people I’ve spoken too). Is this considered the standard go to or is there other stuff which is good too?

Does anyone know if good solutions are available anywhere? I’m not sure how to do the question in pic related and help is much wanted.

So if you can help a peasant out, or are aware of solutions for the book (which, if it really is the go to choice, I’m sure should exist), that would be much appreciated.

A few people have a handful of questions solved on GitHub... but not the particular ones I need
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It is indeed a good book. Not sure about being standard, but it allowed me to get into QC while I was only a second year (math) undergrad. But it's very basic and skims on many details in both maths and physics.

As for your problem, I looked it up in my printed version and it looks a bit different. Here's a pic from the equivalent pdf.

Solution is pretty straightforward. You can either write out the operator explicitly as a 8x8 matrix (I assume you know how to calculate a tensor product of two matrices). Or you can express the rotation gate through the T-gate and Hadamard gate. Another option is to write out the general 3-qubit state and see how the coefficients change with every step. I'll probably recommend the latter approach as it's computationally feasible and simple.

Never used a solution manual so can't help you there.

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