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>Previous thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2023/5778682/


You groan as the beeping sound alerts you’ve overslept on the hard ground you lay on every night. It is not too kind on your back.

Your team and your friend’s share an improvised tent in the courtyard reserved for the less fortunate.

“Ugh, remind me again why do we have to sleep outside,” Coco Adel, your childhood friend, says. “My tits are gonna freeze come winter.”

“You said you liked sleeping under the stars,” you, Picaro Calavera, respond.

“I like the idea of it. I like it every day until I have to actually sleep. Seriously, fuck the desert.”

“Quit whining Valey Lessie,” Octavia Ember, Coco’s partner, whines back. “This ain’t your hometown, Vale, we’ve got real shit over here in the desert.”

“The only real shit is sand. Everywhere.”

“Talking about the people. Here we have honest folk.”

“May I remind you the only reason we’re sleeping outside is because the ‘honest Vacuans’ are having a petty power struggle and the headmaster is asking US to fix it.”

“Headmaster Theodore and that bitch Gillian Asturias can go die for all I care. He’s a disgrace to the Vacuan way-”

“Oh look, Fox is awake.”

“Did you just announce that you yourself woke up?”

“Yep. Someone had to stop shit-flinging first thing in the morning,” Fox says nonchalantly while stretching. “Why didn’t you do something star pupil?”

“I don’t wanna get involved.” You mentally checked out of the usual bickering between partners.

“Wake your ass up.” Fox refers to the sleeping form of Sun Wukong, Fox’ partner, currently snoring face down. “Ah, this is my favorite part of the morning. Being a good partner, making sure he doesn’t miss class or something.” Fox brings his palm up only to come crashing down upon Sun’s left buttcheek.

“I’m up!” Sun jolts awake from the blow. “Oh man, I feel like I slept for two weeks!” Sun jumps up, ready to begin the day with a lot of energy.

“What are you saying idiot?” Coco looks up at the boy. “We only slept for a night. Like every other night.”

“I’m just telling you how it felt! Picaro agrees.”

“I do?”

“Yeah dude, you totally overslept! You’re normally up and about at 4 and it’s 8.”

You hum. It is rather strange for you to sleep so much, double what you should be doing.

The single most damning proof you wasted too much time is how only team SAFE, Sun’s team, is in the tent. Team PCNT, your team, probably already started their day.

“I see. I must go.” You stiffly say and stand up.

“Sleeping eight hours isn’t illegal, you know?” Coco sneaks in her concern for your habits.

“Not everyone has the luxury Valey Lessie, but you’d know nothing with that silver spoon up your ass.”

“You sleep more than I do Period Head!”

“Oh Brothers…”

“Picaro man, come on we need you, dude!”
File: La Villa.jpg (25 KB, 420x280)
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The yard reeks figuratively and literally of poverty, the have-nots. Those who can’t afford Gillian’s accommodation fees are thrown out in the cold, the headmaster powerless to stop her lest he loses one of the only sources of revenue necessary for running the school and training the next generation of warriors against the Grimm, dark and soulless monsters, seeking only the destruction of mankind.

As you walk among the tattered tents and improvised homes, you spot your targets near the fountain.

Narci Pink and Typhu Tornadus, partners and the N and T of your team. Typhu appears to be running in circles around the fountain with some crystals attached to her arms while Narci berates her.

“I said swifter you muscle-brained girl!” Narci demands in a posh voice.

“Alright! I never get to run at full speed so much, thank you so much!” Typhu speeds up, her powerful legs pushing her faster and faster until she seems almost like a blur.

Narci checks the screen from her scroll with a manic smile. “Yes, it works-!” She’s interrupted by the crystals in Typhu’s arms shining brightly before exploding. Typhu is unharmed but Narci falls into the fountain from sheer surprise.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay Narci?” Typhu rushes to her dripping partner.

“What were you doing you imbecile?! You charged way too much energy!”

“But you said I needed to run faster…”

“W-well, I said swiftER not swiftEST. Night and day.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Narci, Typhu, good day.” You approach the pair.

“Leader!” Typhu happily waves.

“Sir!” Narci stands up straight and salutes you, hitting herself in the face with some wet flora from the fountain.

“What were you doing?”

“Having fun!”

“Running laps at full speed under forty degrees heat?”


“Ahem, I was testing a hypothesis. As you know, Dust is present as an energy source and in our very ammunition, but it needs to be kickstarted and depending on how it is the power expelled differs greatly.”

“Yes, you pump more Aura into it and it’s stronger, I use gravity Dust, what’s the point?”

“Well, I’m testing whether we can kick start Dust using nothing but kinetic energy, a possible easily renewable energy machine.”

“Did it work?”

“It exploded,” Typhu says.

“It’s progress!”

“Explosions are progress?”

“That is the main pillar of science you fool!”

You had enough girl bickering for today so you change the subject. “Where’s Charlie?”

“Here mistress.” Charlie seemingly appears out of nowhere from the blindspot of you three, startling both girls and making Narci fall back in the fountain.

“Charlie,” you say in a neutral tone, “you know I’m not a girl.”

“Of course mistress, you can be whatever you want.” Charlie hands you an envelope. “A letter for you arrived this morning.”

“I have somewhere for letters to arrive?”

“Yes we all do. I check it every morning.”
“Neat.” You break the wax seal and begin reading the letter written with flawless penmanship.

Dear Picaro Calavera.

Due to your courageous actions in saving the life of an Atlas citizen, your team alongside Coco Adel and Sun Wukong are formally invited to a ceremony to receive medals in honor of your upstanding morals and valor.

Promptly respond whether you accept the invitation.

Regards, General and Headmaster of Atlas, James Ironwood.

“That seems kinda short for a letter,” Typhu says while peeking over your shoulder, a trivial task for her.

“I quite liked it.” You turn around to see all three girls sneaking a peek.

“General and headmaster? He forgot councilman,” Charlie adds.

“Oh Brothers! I can’t believe it!” Narci shakes with joy. “I’m getting a medal from General Ironwood!”

“Aren’t we all getting one?”

“General and headmaster.”

“And councilman.”

Narci continues undeterred. “After so many years I’ll finally get the acknowledgement I deserve!”

“That is up to mistress.”


“General, headmaster and councilman Ironwood said it was mistress who needed to accept the invitation.”

“Oh please, he’ll accept… right?”

You didn’t quite hear as you were deep in thought.

Indeed you saved the life of Isaac Thyme, the Atlas citizen, back in initiation where you were forced to carry him 250 kilometers through the hostile desert after he was cut in half by a very powerful Grimm.

That good action did not go unpunished. You were forced to meet Gillian Asturias who wanted you to become her lackey after that feat, an offer you denied. The attention didn’t stop there, as now the council of Atlas seeks to use your story as a pr stunt.

On the other hand, you met with the general himself during a gala Gillian used to entice you and arranged the ceremony to your liking, guaranteeing top of the line prosthetics for Isaac, recognition for Sun and Coco and a proposal to grant replacement limbs to huntsmen.

Will you go?


Remember to vote on this post.
And at last, one hour and one week late, the second part of the Vacuo quest!

Here's to another thread of paranoia and adventure!
>Will you go?
Yes. Ironwood might be a glowie, but he's *our* glowie, and a kindred spirit to Picaro's paranoid ass. I fully expect us to be able to swing that limb replacement scheme-- but only if we're in full attendance.
Nice to be back.
We made a deal.
40 more minutes.
Here we go shadowrunning again
We going to the tundra. Writing.
“We are going,” you declare.

“Woo!” Narci jumps out of the fountain. “I need to pack! I need to get my nails done! We need souvenirs and we need them now!” Narci grabs Typhu with the intent of dragging her for her chores.

“Hm, I should get something warmer, Atlas must be freezing.” She says to herself, ignoring Narci’s pushes as if they were a gentle breeze. “Will you accompany me, Narci? I want a scarf.”

“N-no,” Narci speaks between gasps, “you follow me, peon.”

“Okay.” Typhu happily walks alongside Narci, leaving you and Charlie alone.

“Let’s go tell Coco and Sun.” Charlie nods and you two wordlessly go back to your tent, finding it with three guests.

“Oh, there’s Picaro and Charlie,” Emerald Sustrai says with a welcoming smile and friendly voice. She always has those, you find it somewhat unnerving how kind she appears after your teams’ first meeting back in initiation.

“Mistress has news for Coco Adel and Sun Wukong.”

“What is it Piqui?” Coco asks with a hint of concern. Who can blame her, lately you don’t bring her good news very often.

“I have news for Coco and Sun.”

“Charlie just said that.”

“She stole what I was going to open up with and I didn’t know what to do. My plan got ruined.”

“It’s a conversation between friends, not a battle.”

You remain silent. After you got tricked by your own older brother, Grant Calavera, you find yourself much more careful of what you say and do around people. Suffice to say, school has not helped your socialization issues.

“What is the news bro?” Sun asks.

“We are going to Atlas to receive medals for saving Isaac’s life.”

The tent lights up with surprise. “For real?! Hell yeah man!” Sun raises his palm to high five Fox and he obliges.

“How did you know he wanted one?” Coco asks.

“Context clues,” Fox answers.

“And how did you accurately hit his hand?”

“Instinct.” Fox high fives Sun once more.

“Atlas? No thanks, too cold.”

“You are not invited, Period Head.”

“I just wanted it to be known that I wouldn't go anyways.”

“Hey, I wanna take a vacation too!” Mercury Black voices what the guests are thinking.

“Why would YOU go? You didn’t help at all.” Coco gives him a side eyed glance.

“We met up in the end and walked together,” Emerald says.

“Right after you tried to mug us.”

“Pft, that was nothing, if we wanted you dead we-” Emerald puts a hand over Mercury's mouth.

“It was a lapse of judgment, a mistake, a playful prank between good friends!”

“A prank? Really? That can’t be your best excuse, what kinda friend does pranks like that?” Coco looks at them incredulously.

“Neo.” Emerald yanks her hand out after Mercury licks her. “She once pranked me by putting a blade to my throat just as I was waking up. Hilarious.”

Neo happily nods.
“That she thinks I’m scared of some mute midget bitch.”

Neo no longer happily nods. She tries to hit Mercury’s crotch but he deflects the blow.

“So,” Emerald gives a pearly smile, “can we please go?”

“No. The invitation didn’t allow for further guests.”

“Duh, we were implying you smuggle us in. You can put the midget in a handbag.” Mercury smiles while wrestling Neo on the ground. Well, he wrestles, she tries to claw his eyes out.

You must decide-

“No. Why would I do that?”

Emerald tilts her head and gives an innocent expression. “For fun?”

“I do normal things for fun, like training.”

“Whatever.” Mercury plants both feet under Neo’s abdomen and kicks her off. “School for narcs is full of narcs, let’s bounce.” He stands up and leaves the tent.

“He does know we won’t follow him, right?”

Neo blows a raspberry in his direction.

Emerald sighs. “Well, you don’t lose anything for trying, you all have fun in the snow, you’ve earned it.” Emerald smiles and Neo gives a thumbs up.

“Mistress, shall I write the letter with our confirmation?”


“Give me a moment.” Charlie goes to her spot in the tent and retrieves some pen and paper before scribbling rapidly.

“Hum, Piqui, not to be rude but are you certain Charlie is the best for-”

“Done.” Charlie clears her throat before reciting her letter. “Dear General, Headmaster and Councilman James Ironwood.


Regards, Picaro Calavera.” Charlie looks back up. “Is it up to your expectations?”


“… don’t you think it’s a little bit brusque?”

You stop to think for a moment. “Hand me the letter please.” You compare Charlies’ and Ironwood’s Hm, they seem almost exactly the same, just without all the filler- wait, you think, I need a title like the general, but what should it be?

What will your title be?
>Dater of At Least One Malachite
>Savior of Goatboys
>Breaker of Windows
>Other, write-in.
>Breaker of Windows
How can I not pick this.
>Other, write-in.
>Leader of team PCNT
The most boring title, fitting for our autistic boy
Salem fears the day Picaro teaches Ironwood the art of The Stare
20 minutes.
Breaker of Windows.

Leader of team PCNT.
“Add, ‘Leader of Team PCNT’, please.” You hand the letter back to Charlie.

“Wow, the most boring option possible every time Piqui. Every time.”

“Come on Coco, leave him alone, I’m sure he knows how to have fun, what’s your favorite movie Picaro?” Fox defends you.

“I don’t watch movies.”

“You were supposed to say something lame like a documentary, that is so much more boring I can’t even make a joke. Don’t you have a tv?”

“He does not,” Coco deadpans.

“What do you do in your free time- train, I get it, geez,” Fox mock-whispers to Sun. “Someone needs to desperately get some.”

“Get some? Get some what?”

“Pussy. Get your head right, your feet on the ground and your dick wet.”

“How do I do that?”

“You see brother, gotta give them the D.”

Coco groans at the incoming crude joke.

“Devilishly distracting demure damsels and daddy’s daughters with dazzling, dastardly deceptions, driving them to devour my, uh, my penis.”

“Man, I got lost halfway through that. All you gotta do is follow the chick around until they stop running away and give you a date.”

“Wow. Both of you are terrible,” Octavia says, almost impressed.

“Testify sister.” Coco no-look high fives Octavia.

“Why do you two only get along when it comes to attacking us? And for the record, my thing was way better than Sun’s stalker habits.”

“Hey dude, not cool.”

“Well this is fun.” Emerald smile seems way too big. “It’s not that hard to get a girl to date you, why so many hairbrained schemes?”

Neo puts up her index finger and thumb, the space between them seeming devastatingly small in the boys’ eyes.

“Hey man, I’ve got a nice dick, promise!”

“They used to call me Fox Ali-huge schlong-stair, ask anyone!”

Emerald covers her eyes and groans. “Why Neo? They are gonna be defensive the whole day now.”

Neo mimics stirring a pot.

“Mistress, these shenanigans are dumb.”


“Can we leave?”

“Yes.” With that order, you both leave the stirred pot of hormones and fragile prides that became of your home, confident in your average sized member.

“Mistress?” Charlie asks as you walk away.


“How do you usually ‘get chicks’ around here?”

“The only girlfriend I ever had threatened me with a knife to go out with her.”

“So it's the same as back home. Useful knowledge.”

“Hm, I guess. I wonder when we leave for Atlas?”

“Like this, never.”


“The confirmation is still in your hand. I believe you must send it first.”

“I don’t know how to mail a letter.”

“Neither do I.”

Why did they send a letter in the first place? A text would have been good enough. I hope they aren’t trying to get me into their school by impressing me.
File: Contest Of Measuring D.png (1.61 MB, 1637x912)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
The letter had been sent thanks to a not-so-helpful librarian and merely a day after Atlas responded.

Boy did James respond…

“Cool, the next great war just dropped.” Fox looks up.

“Lots of guns for a cab.” Mercury looks up.

“There’s no way they are traveling in THAT.” Emerald looks up.

“It’s either an expensive transport courtesy of the taxpayer or Atlas got tired of Theo’s shit. In which case I’m defecting.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Eh, not impressive.” Octavia looks up. “Look at all the empty space, typical Atlesian wasteful attitude. I could strap in at least a hundred more guns per side.”

“HOLY CRAP DUDE!” Sun shouts from inside the building and decides the stairs are too slow, so he jumps out the window to the yard, not before actually opening it. “Are we under attack?!”

“Fuck are we gonna do if we are?” Octavia asks.

“Pray. Cry,” Fox answers.


“Yes, thanks Merc, defect.”

“Or do like Neo and disappear. I was just talking with that midget.”

“I vote disappear.” Fox raises his hand.

“No one is disappearing, the leader just needs to make a calm, and sound decision.”

“Sun, you are our leader.”

“You know I was talking about Picaro or Adam, dude.”

“Do you see that Typhu?!” Narci points excitedly at the flying battleship.

“Hum, it’s kinda hard to NOT see.”

“That-! Is…” Narci looks disappointed. “An older model… I thought those were out of circulation.”

“PICARO CALAVERA!” Coco shrieks from the other side of the yard. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO NOW?!”

“Not my fault.”

“If they are here to pick us up, then it is your fault mistress.”

“Look Calavera.” Adam points at the metal beast. “Those are the scum you ally yourself with. Atlas and their shock and awe tactics, funded with the blood of the meek.”

“Shouldn’t you be in detention for wrecking the school, Taurus?”

“I escaped. I had to see this with my own eye.”

“YOU MUST BE JOKING!!!” A booming voice comes from atop of Shade before new glass breaks. Theodore lands in the yard. “Jimbo got an excuse to show off his cock. Jokes on him, mine’s bigger.”

As the battleship lands alongside a tiny fleet of smaller ships make their landing, Theo rushes to the opening hatch.

“Where’s that half-tin fuck? I got words to give him. Words are what I call these.” He pulls up his fists.

A man wearing an official looking uniform puts his palms in peace. “Wow, easy there headmaster, the General isn’t here.”

“And who are you?”

“Clover Ebi, specialist from the Ace Ops working under Ironwood, a pleasure to finally meet a legend in the flesh.” Clover offers a friendly handshake.

Theo accepts it with crushing enthusiasm. “Headmaster Theodore, about to tear this piece of junk down piece by piece with my bare hands.”

Clover manages to yank his hand free. “You really earned your rep, ouch.”

“Here we don’t make shows of strength, in the desert we ARE strong. And we always follow through.” Theodore kneels down and begins tearing a metal plate from the ground.
“Theo, wait!” Professor Rumpole hastily enters the scene.

“I’m busy wrecking this!”

“You can’t!”

“How in Remnant is this not justification for violence? They parked a fucking battleship in MY soil!”

“This is in no way a hostile action, Atlas is merely protecting a VIP, an action you signed off on.”

Theo did? I guess it makes sense he’d be notified and could’ve stopped me going to the ceremony, but didn’t.

“The deal was using the correct amount of force.”

“Our advisors have unanimously decided this is the correct amount of force.”

“That’s bullcrap.” Coco crosses her arms.

“You know it, I know it, everyone knows it, even Atlas knows it!” Adam looks thunderous.

“A show of power,” Charlie concludes. “They intend to give off the image of might, a Kingdom so wealthy they can afford to send a giant ship for transport. A stark contrast to Vacuo. Perhaps the general is trying to kill two Nevermore with one bullet, impressing mistress and poaching some more students from Shade with the excuse of protection.”

“Then why use an old model?” Typhu asks.

“The average person can’t tell the difference. They betted on it. It’s probably something from some warehouse waiting to be scrapped.”

“Just leaving billion Lien ships lying in the closet.” Fox sarcastically says.

“All smoke and mirrors.” Adam spits on the ground. “Lies, deceit, what that accursed place is built on.”

“But shouldn’t it still be illegal or something?” Sun seems flabbergasted.

“Rules don’t apply to the strong, only the weak. What can the impoverished Vacuo do against mighty Atlas.” Adam storms off. “Have fun Calavera.”

Following his example, Theodore also passes fuming beside you.

Clover, seeing his chance, jogs to your group. “Hey guys, how’s it going?”

“Not so fast Clover.” A blue haired woman appears to materialize out of thin air. “We agreed to greet our guests together.”

“Oh May, I was looking for you but you are… quite hard to find sometimes.”

“Gave up fast, eh?” The woman turns to your group. “You guys must be the ones Isaac won’t stop talking about. You with the stare must be Picaro.”

“How do you know Isaac?” you warily ask, ready to call Promised Return.

“He also told me you are one paranoid fella, let’s skip the suspicions.” She pulls out a scroll and shows it to you, a very familiar face appears.

“Hello bossman, I have not been kidnapped-”

“Be serious Isaac!” A voice you vaguely recall calls from behind the lens.

“I’m messing with you bossman, how are you?”


“You are talking to a prerecorded video-”

“You are not, this is a call!” The voice interrupts again. “Also hi!”
File: ChoiceAtlas.png (1.2 MB, 1280x1280)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
“Isaac, Atlas has sent a giant battleship and parked it in the yard.”

May flips the scroll to point at the giant metal beast. “That’s an old model. Damn cheapskates.”

“I already deduced it with my genius min-”

“I can’t wait for you guys to come visit! I gotta go get bathed but we’ll chat in person soon!”

“Who bathes you? Hi I’m Fox, I was in the option to go slow.”

“Uh, okay, anyways, see you guys!” Isaac says before ending the call.

“Did that earn your trust?”

“No. He never claimed I can trust you.”

“It was implied.”

“I hate to cut the meeting short, but we have to get moving, General Ironwood wishes to discuss strategy with the VIPs ASAP, we must board the battleship,” Clover says.

“Sorry ASS, but Isaac wants to talk and thank the people who saved his life ASAP, they are gonna be in Atlas for a week, he can wait. Also, I’m sure our guests would rather travel in a much less gaudy thing.”

The call is yours.
>Go with Clover
>Go with May


Vote here and see you tomorrow at 18 utc.
>Go with May
Kek, I forgot Charlie is as autistic as we are
>Go with Clover
>But promise to meet with Isaac the second we're free
Much as I want to go with May, we're going to be in Atlas for a week, and there'll be plenty of time to see Isaac. Business before pleasure. We've got schemes afoot.
>Go with May
nice to see you back, op
Actually, I'm now thinking whether going with Clover would be better to try and get that deal for Isaac's lower body and other hunters.
Schnee can go fuck himself, he is paying more taxes and he better like it.
>Go with May
It should be interesting to see how May reacts to Charlie calling Picaro her mistress.
>Go with Clover
>But promise to meet with Isaac the second we're free
Gotta make sacrifices to get what we want and help others.

Does May hate it when faunus take orders from humans?
It's mostly because Picaro has (to quote Charlie) trainsexual gender dysphonia
I'll change to support this
>"I was interrupted while talking to Ironwood, so I need to finish the talk. The better this PR stunt goes, the more we can negotiate for you."
After some thought I'll also change my vote to
>Go with Clover
>But promise to meet with Isaac the second we're free
>Go with Clover
>But promise to meet with Isaac the second we're free

Clover. Writing.
“I was interrupted when talking with Ironwood. The better this show goes, the more I can negotiate for Isaac,” you say, stone faced.

“Well, thanks for thinking about Isaac,” May responds in a sarcastic tone. “Woulda been better if you just put off work for a second.”

“I promise we’ll see him as soon as we finish hashing out the details. We have a week.”

“Tsk, friends second, eh? Take him Clover, he already fits in with your bunch.” May walks away a few paces before vanishing.

Must be a Semblance.

“That’s a good attitude kid, don’t let her make you feel bad.” Clover gives you a friendly smile. “Business first, that’s how you keep the Grimm at bay.”


“Ugh great, you made him enter mission mode.” Coco massages her temples. “The whole ride he’s gonna be distant and weird.”

“Weren’t we in a hurry?” You ignore Coco.

“Yes, let’s go, I’ll show you your accommodations, the flight might be a lil’ long.”

“Really?” Narci asks. “Flying from Vacuo to Atlas shouldn’t take more than six hours.”

“We need to avoid the Grimmlands.”

“I know, that’s already accounted for.”

“A ship this size can’t cap up at too much speed for the safety of VIPs.”

“You’ve got an answer for everything.” Coco raises an eyebrow.

“You guys can ask more questions inside, chop chop.” Clover gestures to your group to follow.

Fox and Octavia wish you safe travels. You notice team AMEN, Adam’s team, are all missing.

You are led by Clover around the insides of the Atlesian battleship, painted with shades of white and light gray as it’s usual for the Kingdom.

“The Atlesian Roc 1200 is a marvel of Atlesian technology, capable of comfortably housing up to five small battalions of proud Atlesian soldiers.”

“You said Atlesian three times.” You find his pitch boring.

“It’s very important you know how great Atlas is in order to steal and use you as a pr stunt for a couple of months,” Charlie doesn’t even try to whisper.

“Just months? I imagined my story was worth at least a year.”

“The masses move fast. You’d have to find some other mained faunus to heroically save. If it comes to that, I’ve gotten good at pretending to be a helpless, young and fertile girl with a broken arm. Observe.” Charlie grabs a hold of her shoulder and moves it in an awkward angle until you hear a pop.

“Did you dislocate your shoulder? Do not dislocate your shoulder. I thought you said pretend?”

Charlie pops her arm back in place as easily as she dislocated it. “The pretend was that I was helpless with a broken arm. I’m still young and fertile though.”

“Mr. Clover,” Narci shily says.

“Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.”

“I-it’s Narci Pink, sir. May I ask a question?”

“Of course!”

“Why the AR 1200 and not some newer model like the 1500 or even one of those AD types?” Narci asks full of curiosity.
The question catches Clover off guard. “You do know your stuff, hehe… You see, Atlas military is powerful enough to have an influx of ships, b-but we are also mindful of our spending and don’t just throw away our toys once new ones arrive!”

“What about the wet paint?” Coco asks while pointing at Sun who had touched the wall and gotten a handful of white as a result.

“A coincidence, the place needed a new coat of paint anyways. Let’s continue the tour, shall we?”
>”Hm.” Go along with him. No point voicing your feelings unprompted.
>”Yes sir.” Give him what he wants.
>”Only if you stop trying to buy my allegiance with empty boasts.” Demand transparency.
>”I believed you said we were going to our rooms.” Cut the tour short and head to your room.
>”This is an insult to my people’s intelligence. Tell Ironwood if he intends to wow me, he’ll need to do better than painting iron yellow and calling it gold. Let’s go.” Go to your room on your own.
>Other, write-in


Votes here.
>>”I have already talked with General Ironwood, you can save the script for the cameras, let's get going.” Demand transparency, but also throw him a bone.
>”Only if you stop trying to buy my allegiance with empty boasts.” Demand transparency.
I'm already regretting going with this guy
20 minutes.
Writing demand transparency.
“Only if you stop trying to buy my allegiance with empty boasts.”

“Ah…” Clover scratches his cheek. “Sorry about that. I must say, you are all very bright kids.”

“Drop the nice guy act dude.” Sun crosses his arms.

“It’s not an act.”

“Then continue being nice, I like it when people aren’t mean to me.” Typhu crosses her arms.

“… okay.” Clover decides that kids nowadays are just weirder and continues on. “Down the hall you have bathrooms, though your rooms will have a personal one.”

“How many rooms?”

“Two, each one has two bunk beds. We’ll let you decide the placement if you wanna separate the teams or the boys and the girls.”

“Hm.” You all turn a corner and see a room filled with people.

“The cafeteria. The journey is gonna take twelve hours, so we’ll arrive at zero six hundred hours. You will be given dinner. Make your own pizza.”

“Seems like a lot of soldiers.”

“The plan was for me to lead you guys to the main bridge where you’d see all the men working.”

“Is the pizza also a ploy to impress me?”

“No. Today it’s Ryan’s birthday. Happy birthday Ryan!”

“Thank you sir!”

“And lastly, here are your rooms.” Clover leads you to the final location. “There are also training areas, a recreational lounge and more facilities, you can consult the map in your room.”

“Hm, thank you.” You give Clover a small nod.

“Need anything you tell anyone, they’ll fetch me. Have fun and remember to look out the windows once in a while, the view is stunning.”

“I feel kinda bad,” Typhu says. “He seemed like a good person.”

“He wasn’t being truthful.”

“Maybe those were his orders…”

“His orders were to lie, he failed.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t say he lied,” Narci countered, “more like he painted a prettier picture.”

“The worst lies are those sprinkled over the truth.” Charlie gives her final verdict.

“Man, I’m sick of all this spy crap, I’m hitting those fancy Atlesian gyms!” Sun runs off in a direction without checking if he’s going the right way.

“Ah, what the hell, we better make use of all the bribes while we have ‘em, I’ll go see those lounges.” Coco checks the map and goes in the right direction.

“Typhu, let’s go!” Narci again tries to drag the big girl.


“Let’s see how this beast works!” The girls run off to snoop around the internals of the vehicle.

“What do you wanna do, mistress? We could salvage this time to prepare for Ironwood.”

Either way, now you are free to decide what to do for the long journey.
>Go to the gym
>Go to the lounge
>Go to the engine room
>Stay in your room with Charlie
>Other, write-in
Thread 1 established that Ironwood is a passive-aggressive, politeness-judo kind of guy. It only makes sense that he'd want his hand-picked agents to be similar autists.
To the best of my knowledge, Clover isn't a bad person; he's just *like that*, as are most of the Ace-Ops-- prioritizing the mission above all else, even to their direct detriment. What his mission is, in this case, I can't be sure; he *was* probably just trying to impress us.
>Other, write-in
We've got a long flight ahead of us, so we can hit the gym, make our rounds, and do spy shit in our room with Charlie before bed. Maybe even check the cargo hold for stowaways like the paranoid fuck we are in case the other members of team CMEN snuck aboard with Neo's invisibility/illusion fuckery.
>Look around for cameras and recording bugs, see if there are any 'blind spots'
>Tell Charlie to not call us mistress or say something equally as weird, at least for the duration of this whole pr stunt.
>>Go to the lounge
>Go to the lounge
I support BOTH of these
>Look around for cameras and recording bugs, see if there are any 'blind spots'
>Tell Charlie to not call us mistress or say something equally as weird, at least for the duration of this whole pr stunt.
>Go to the lounge
Combination of these two. Gotta use up our bribes.

Backlink >>5834455
>Stay in your room with Charlie
It won't win, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and what it wants is best girl.
I'll change my vote to support this >>5835100 as a compromise.

Go to the lounge and do spy shit.

Do some more paranoid shit.

This one's gonna be a long one. Writing.
Sorry for the delay, traffic coming back home.
“Charlie, let’s go decide which room we wanna stay in. Check thoroughly.”

She nods in understanding of the subtext. “I believe we should be separated between boys and girls. I’ll go in the room to the left.”

“I’ll take the right. Remember to look for any rats.”

Charlie goes into the room without another word and you go to yours.

The room is about what you expected. Cramped space, two bunk beds and a single table. A place for a soldier to sleep and little else.

At least it isn’t the barracks. This place must be for the important. That thought galvanizes you.

Important people are worth being bugged, Lady Browning’s Preparatory Academy for Girls taught you that.

It also taught you how to spot listening devices. Well, how to plant them, but the lesson applies nonetheless.

Indeed, that school before burning down prepared high socialite girls to survive in the upper class, even the dark realities.

After searching every corner of every minute space in the room you find nothing. This just means they are well hidden. Better be careful.

The idea you aren’t being spied on doesn’t cross your mind.

You exit the room and knock on the adjacent door.

“I’m finished checking my room, are you?” That was not a question.

“Yes.” Charlie opens the door. “Check mine, maybe you’ll like it more.”

“Thank you kindly.” You enter as Charlie holds the door open for you before leaving you alone.

From the state of disarray the room is in, Charlie was either conducting her search or didn’t have time to finish and clean up. Either way, you check yourself.

Charlie can think you are just being careful, the truth is you don’t trust her TOO much just yet despite how helpful she’s been.

In your eyes, you have one true ally in this ship and she’s probably playing video games.

Like the other, this one is clean. SEEMS clean.

You exit the room to a waiting Charlie. “Which one do you like more, mistress?”

“You need to stop calling me mistress.”

“Of course-”

“It’s not about that. As long as we are in Atlas, we are show ponies for equality. We can’t have a faunus calling a human as any form of superior. The council will get upset.”

“And goodbye prosthetics. How do you wish to be addressed? Team leader, lover, brother, father, son? I can act however you want.”
>”With my name.”
>”As your teammate.”
>”As your friend.”
>Other, write-in


You know the drill, vote here.
>”With my name.”
>”As your teammate.”
>”As your friend.”
Alright let's see if this goes through to her.
>>”With my name.”
keep it simple
>”As your teammate.”
>”With my name.”
>”With my name.”
Clearly, they knew we would check the rooms for bugs as soon as we arrived, so they must plan to lure us into a false sense of security and place them while we are away and distracted! We've clearly subestimated Ironwood...
On second thought saying all these things at the same time might be confusing. Changing my vote to
>”As your teammate.”
It's simple enough.
OP ?


Sorry for the disappearing, caught some nasty stomach thing and I thought I could get better before writing. Suffice to say, this seems like a couple of days kinda deal so I'll just soldier on and write.

Again, very sorry.
Don't force yourself QM. If there's any health issues that could affect you it should checked out first.
“Just use my name.” Simple and clean that you are.

“As an equal then. One second.” Charlie undoes her high and wild ponytail, letting her unkempt fall off. She grabs hold of two of them and straight up ties them into her hair to make some hoops.

The hairstyle makes you grimace, reminding you of a certain someone. “Now, Picaro Calavera!” Charlie says in a grandiose voice. “Let us go forth for the glory of Vacuo!”

Well, this is marginally better than a scandal.

“Ugh! This technology makes me seethe- Something’s missing.” Charlie’s voice returned to normal in an instant.

“Why are you acting like Gillian? Just replace mistress with my name.”

“I’ve referred to my superiors as master or mistress all my life. If I act normal, maybe it’ll slip out and Atlas is filled with surveillance. It’s less risky if I turn into someone else. I’ve done this before.”

“But do you HAVE to be Gillian?”

“Yes. She calls you by your name most often- I got it!” Her voice returns to the posh tone. “I need a submissive lesbian to follow me. To the lounge, Picaro Calavera!”

You let yourself be dragged as you were already planning on visiting Coco, however, something catches your eye.

Cameras. Of course.

“Charlie, how about we check the view. It’s very bird’s eye.”

Charlie peeks through the corner of her eye at the camera. “We better be able to see Vacuo. If there’s a single blind spot, I’ll make a scene.”

With a nod, you both begin walking around the whole ship, making mental notes of every possible blind spot.

The system looks very old. Odds are it was outdated even when the ship wasn’t. What it lacks in quality makes up tenfold in quantity. you think, frustrated at Atlas’ wanton vigilance. Every singular camera is covered, the ship itself appears built to avoid as many uncontrolled areas as possible.

You look at Charlie, expecting her to go on a Gillian style rant about Atlas keeping its citizens on a leash. The girl is dead quiet, looking at every corner.

In here the people agreed to be watched, but in the city Atlas will have to be covert to have this level of control. At least I know now.

Ironwood likes to know everything that happens in his turf.

After spending almost an hour witnessing damn near a police state, your paranoia flares up. You remember team AMEN’s sudden disappearance.

“We make another round. Look for anyone suspicious.”

“You would dare make a queen walk on her own feet? I should have you whipped Picaro!” Charlie exclaims, but complies nonetheless.

Another hour of walking around, occasionally looking out the window for the excuse that you’re merely admiring the view, yields a small bit of intel.

“A lot of soldiers aren’t wearing their helmets.”

“The rank and file grow rebellious as the years pass. Only the rookies wear those stuffy hats inside.”

You begin paying close attention to anyone wearing a helmet, a perfect way to hide true identities, combined with the packed full vehicle…
You reach the cafeteria and notice a strange soldier. A very small female, wordlessly pointing at some ice cream.



“Looks like they have neapolitan ice cream.”

Charlie looks around and her eyes widen for a second. “Indeed. Let’s go get some at once.”

You both power-walk towards the girl, she must’ve seen you. She leaves the cafeteria through a back exit.

You send a text to your teammates when you notice you’re heading to the cargo bay. If this is a trap better spring it and not let her get away, help is coming.

Her steps hasten and she enters a big container off the side.

Inside you find Emerald and Neo. The former looks like a deer caught in the headlight and the latter has her hands linked behind her back, wearing the most innocent face possible.

“Uuuh… hi.” Emerald waves.

“Get Clover, we’ve got some stowaways,” you tell Charlie.

“Waitwaitwait!” Emerald rapidly says. “We aren’t here to do anything!”

“I never said that. I said you are stowaways, which you are.”

Neo lifts her eyebrows and thinks for a second.

“I mean… yeah we technically are, but you can’t get us thrown out like that!”

“Why not? You are with Adam and Mercury, two crazies. I don’t trust you.”

“But we aren’t! We came alone, right?” Neo frantically nods. “Just because we’re in a team, doesn’t mean we get along. Adam is a slave-driver of a leader and Merc is a creep.”

“Merc?” Charlie raises a single eyebrow.

“Uh, why is your hair like that?”

“Ask me another question and I’ll throw you off board myself, peasant!”

Emerald gives an inquisitive look, you roll your eyes. Don’t ask.

“Look, Neo and I are here just because we wanted to get out of Vacuo for a while. The climate, the sand, sleeping outside, it’s terrible.”

“So you aren’t bringing ‘Merc’ along?”

“For the sake of honesty, we were gonna offer but he kept staring at that May girl like an idiot. He’s totally obsessed.”

Neo does quotation marks with her fingers at the word girl.

“We just wanted a break, please don’t rat us out, we’ll owe you!” Emerald does a pleading gesture mimicked by Neo.

They seem honest enough and since you’ve arrived, not once have the girls ever opposed you, Emerald often hangs out with your group even.

On the other hand, handing some petty criminals to Clover may go a long way in building trust, at the expense of your classmates.

What will you do?
>Tell Clover
>Keep it hidden


Votes here.
>>Tell Clover
if they want us join us they shouldve asked
I know for a fact yall did not figure out team AMEN got on board thanks to the clues I've sprinkled, you just are extra paranoid.

Not like I'm actually working it's just writing. It's therapeutic and fun. The problem was that I found it quite painful not be laying down, but I'm better now, don't worry!

And look at the time, see you tomorrow at 18 utc.
>Keep it hidden
While getting along with Clover and Ironwood could be nice, having Neo owe us could be better I think. Hm honestly I'm not sure.

I've seen many QMs keep on updating even when they were sick (the most recent Touhou and Ippo QMs come to mind), and it doesn't end well.
>Keep it hidden
>"At least warn us next time. And you better not cause trouble."
>“As an equal then. One second.” Charlie undoes her high and wild ponytail, letting her unkempt fall off. She grabs hold of two of them and straight up ties them into her hair to make some hoops.
>The hairstyle makes you grimace, reminding you of a certain someone.
Now I'm reminded I didn't know charlie's default hair style
>Neo does quotation marks with her fingers at the word girl.
it's a tranny ? zam, merc sure is unlucky

>Keep it hidden
>I know for a fact yall did not figure out team AMEN got on board thanks to the clues I've sprinkled, you just are extra paranoid.
I didn't see then, but it was expected they'd be inside.
>Try to offer us using our influence so they can be here openly.
Could backfire but it's worth a try.
But they're definitely up to something, we should try to pry it out from them if we can or at least keep an eye out.

Backlink >>5835100
>even when away from Vacou Gillian still comes back to haunt us
lmao Charlie, why you torture us like this
Let's tell them that we'll keep them hidden, but only if they make it worth our while. No such thing as a free lunch.
I'll amend my vote to
>Keep it hidden
>But on the condition they allow Charlie to keep an eye on them and we know about what they're doing
We can have a secret connection with/on them just in case we need it. Besides it feels like a bad idea to just let things be now that we know they're here.
Switching my vote to support >>5837640
Specifically instruct Charlie to keep an eye on them. This can help with getting rid of the possibility of Charlie letting things slip like she said could happen, since it doesn't require her to act so much if she's around these two.

Hopefully with this new assignment she'll cause less issues. Gillian's personality could potentially cause friction.
Tell Clover.

Keep it hidden.

On condition.

Have Charlie keep an eye on them. Writing.

Feeling a lot better today!

>Now I'm reminded I didn't know charlie's default hair style
You could kinda see it in a drawing from last thread when fighting the Komodo but it was just a silhouette.
I left my notebook where I designed her at my parents, but her hairstyle is the classic ninja girl ponytail, think Leona Heidern from KoF, Baiken from Guilty Gear or Valentine from Skullgirls, that high, wild ponytail. I like fighting games.
“Fine,” you say, “on one condition.”

“What is it?”

“Charlie will keep an eye on you.” Her being away from me will reduce the chance for a slip up. Plus, I left Vacuo for a week, I do NOT wanna deal with Gillian.

“We really are not up to anything, why are you so damn paranoid?” Emerald asks, frustrated. “The guys, sure, you and Adam have a thing going on and Merc-ury,” she quickly corrects herself, “is a psycho, but us?”


“But me?” Neo flips her the bird.

“If you wanted to come, why didn’t you ask?”

“We did ask.”

“They did ask,” Charlie agrees.

You think for a second. “Oh yeah. Either way, you can let Charlie follow you or I'll hand you in.”

Emerald throws her hands in the air. “OKAY, geez. Not like we were gonna do anything. Get ready for a report full of window shopping and fancy brunches.”

“Picaro?” Coco enters the container. You told them you were headed to the cargo bay.

“Coco. False alarm.”

“There weren’t intruders? And why did you say not to tell anyone?”

“There ARE intruders, and I don’t trust Clover.”

“Hey Coco.” Emerald waves.

“Em? What are you doing here?”

“They are the intruders.” You send an order to stand down for the rest.

“No they aren’t. It’s just Em and Neo.”

“Who intruded the ship uninvited.”

“It’s whom.”

“No, it’s who.”

“I think it’s whom,” Charlie says.

“What even is the difference?”

“It’s who when it’s the subject of the sentence-” Emerald says.

“We don’t have time for this. Who is right?” you interrupt.


“Great. They’re stowaways.”

“So what? Are you gonna snitch on them?”

“No. I’m having Charlie keep an eye on them.”

“And you’re okay with that Charlie?”

“These plebs need guidance, lest they grow lazy!”

“… what?”

“Yes, I am okay with it.”

“And you gals?”

“What other option do we have? Either this or getting thrown off board.”
Coco sighs. “Piqui, you have got to chill the fuck out for one second.”

“We’re in enemy territory Cuqui, due diligence is needed. I am gonna chill now, I intended to join you in the lounge before getting distracted.”

“It’s been hours.”

“We still have a long way to Atlas. At least 9 hours.”

“9 hours you are supposed to be sleeping. Clover said we’re arriving early in the morning.”

“It’s fine. I slept last night.”

“After I damn near restrained you!”

“Wow, do they always do this?” Emerald asks.

“Every night.” Charlie looks into nothing.

Coco massages her temples. “I guess… It has been a while since we did something fun together like back then.”

“It’s been a busy month.” You recall Gillian, the book, Theo, Grant. It gives you a headache.

“One hour and then we go to sleep, okay?” Coco, ever diligent.

“Yep. Keep me posted.” You order Charlie before following Coco to the lounge.

“I don’t get what’s going on between them,” Emerald says.

Neo gives her best guess in the form of a finger entering an o shape formed by two from her other hand.

“Most likely.”

The lounge is empty by the time you arrive. Atlesians go to sleep early it seems.

“This is better than I expected.” You can see a pool table, a game console with a bunch of games on it, some flight and driving simulators, ping pong, and more.

“What were you expecting?”

“I pictured a gray room with a couple of books. They even have a bar!”

“If anyone knows how to party, it’s the army.” Coco smiles. “What do we start with?”
>Video games
>Ping pong


Votes here. Turns out there's a lines limit, annoying.
Classy. Simulators sound fun too. Actually they all sound fun. Shame we missed meeting some connections.
Good for reminiscing about better days
>>Ping pong
>Ping pong
>“I don’t get what’s going on between them,” Emerald says.
>Neo gives her best guess in the form of a finger entering an o shape formed by two from her other hand.
Neo really likes doing this one

Rolled 15 (1d20)


Ping pong.

Roll for Picaro to see if he beats Coco.
Five minutes or I roll myself.
Rolled 2 (1d20)

I was in the middle of rolling, lol.
Picaro is good in battle and nothing else it seems, writing.
I actually already wrote a part, I was just waiting to see how the game was gonna end.
She has a very dirty mind
>and nothing else it seems
He's also an emotional support slut.
“Pool sounds good.”

“Well aren’t you a classy bitch, wanna play poker later?” Coco teases with a smile. “I play striped.”

“That’s not the rules.”


You both grab one cue and are pleasantly surprised the balls were already placed in the triangular rack. “Hm, that’s nice.”

“Atlesians seem like that, prim and proper. Every time they’d finish a game, they’d rerack. Who goes first?”

“You, I guess. I don’t really care, I will defeat you like every rock paper scissors game ever.”

“I have decided that you were using your Semblance to cheat.”

“I didn’t even unlock it.”

“Don’t matter, that’s what I decided. Scooch.” Coco shushes you away as she takes position to hit the white ball. A part of you feels compelled to point out that you still need to decide in which hole the eight-ball needs to go, but decide to do as Coco asked and ‘chill the fuck out’.

Coco hits an illegal first break and continues her turn, but one hit later she doesn’t manage to pot a single ball. “Damn, it’s been a while.”

You on the other hand underpower the cue and merely push a ball. “More for me. Pool isn’t very common in Vacuo.”

“No no,” Coco gives a tiny laugh, “I mean you and I just hanging out as friends.” Coco manages to hit a very easy point. “And me completely wrecking you, yeah!”

“Okay okay, don’t get too cocky, that one was free.”

“Check this out.” Coco leans over to carefully line up a shot, bouncing off the side and potting a hard to reach ball. “How about that?”


“Bull.” Coco tries an equally flashy shot, but fails. “Crap…”

“See?” You try again, this time using too much force and sending the ball flying. You groan as you go pick it up.

“Gods, you’re so bad!” Coco twirls her cue and rests it on her shoulders. “Forgot how to have fun? Did the sand and sun fry your brain?”

You put the ball at roughly the same spot and go for another shot. “You’re gonna eat your words.”

“Preeetty sure that was a foul.”

“Shut up.” You try once more. Not even close.

“Y’know, I don’t get why you chose Pool.” Coco nails another. “Not like we played a lot back in the day.”

“How far back are we talking? The huntsman and princess days, the you forcefully making me wear girl things days or the willingly wearing girl things days?”
Coco does a trick shot and pots two at once. “Hm, we played sports when I was in my tomboy phase.”

“You’re still in that.”

“Bitch how?”

“You wear pants.”

“Girl-pants.” Coco accentuates her statement by scoring another point.

“Same thing.”

“Were you a tomgirl when you crossdressed?”

“What’s a tomgirl?”

“It’s… nevermind.” She nails her final striped ball. “Only the eight-ball left, scared?”

“Nah, I’ll still win.”

“You and your ego.” Coco grumbles and decides to try and pot the final ball at the hole in the most awkward angle.

“You and YOUR ego.” You finally take a turn as Coco fails. “I knew you were gonna get baited. You see Coco,” as you monologue you line up a shot, “what you fail to understand about me is that when I’m up against the wall I-” you don’t score a very easy point.

“Hm, cute.” Coco pots the eight-ball and wins the game. “What’s that? Up against the wall and what else?”

“Shut it and rerack, we play again.”

Game after game, you discover how terrible you truly are at pool. The frustration is highly mitigated as the game soon becomes an afterthought.

“Man, remember when Veronica got in with the Malachites?” you recount a teenagehood anecdote, “they made her steal a car and she crashed it.”

“That was crazy. Remember Erin and Mauve? They are a thing again.”


“Yeah. That’s not the bad part, they actually got engaged, broke it off and now they are together again with a third, younger girl.”

“Hum, how young?”

“Legal. Barely. I wish that were me.”

“They are ugly though.”

“Mauve got some work done on her face, but yeah, uggos. I mean getting in a relationship with an older, hot woman. Like Lisa, she’s killing it on the news.”

You feel happy knowing after Browning’s burned down, its students managed to move on well enough. They were the victims. “That’s good. Lady Browning’s was hell.”

“Yeah, I used to get panic dreams of Lady Beat scolding my posture, but she wasn’t that bad.”

“You’re just saying that ‘cause she’s dead.”

“Yeah. How lucky that only one girl died in the fire, thank the Brothers.”

“Trivia Vanille.” You remember her name. You’ve never once spoken to her, but the fact that she died makes you feel guilty for not doing something about it.

“Poor girl. She was mute.”

“Yep, she was mute.” And that’s about where you both know.

The conversation continued on like that, recounting old stories and telling new ones from the time apart.

Coco lost the track of time long ago, but you are acutely aware the one hour is coming to a close.

Coco puts the cue down on the table and stretches. “I’m bored of beating you, let’s play some video games, they’ve got the new Ultra Vytal Huntsman Arena.” Coco seems excited and it’s the first time you’ve seen her so happy since your first meeting, before all the drama and stress.
>Remind her of the time
>One more hour can’t hurt
>Remind her of the time
Meta question from someone that hasn't watched the show, is Trivia alive and actually Neo? They are both mute with ice-cream names
>>One more hour can’t hurt
>Remind her of the time
good point
If she is, she might also have been the one to start the fire as well, since everyone has said Neo is menace. And it would make sense, no-one dies except the identity she gets rid of.
But is Trivia the real identity, or Neopolitan? Or are both fake? The fact that we got in that school means that it's possible to enter with a fake one.
>One more hour can’t hurt
>One more hour can’t hurt
>Remind her of the time
>One more hour can’t hurt
>Play for a bit
>But then remind her of the time after the first game
>One more hour can’t hurt
But only an hour, eh? We need to still get up for tomorrow so that's fair.
Remind her of the time

One more hour. Writing.
Eh, sleeping 7 hours never killed nobody.

“Sure, boot it up!” You happily urge Coco to start the game.

“You betcha!” She does so. The big flatscreen lights up with various logos, among them are the ones from the huntsman academies.

“Hum, I never realized they were involved with this.”

“Guess it makes sense they’d bankroll games about huntsmen kicking ass. Make the people feel safe.”

“Also makes the Grimm look like harmless fodder.” You ignore the painfully easy story mode and hit versus. About 12 recognizable huntsmen from history to choose from.

“Small ass cast. They wanna squeeze every penny with dlc.”

“You’re just salty your main didn’t make the cut.” You pick yours, the mysterious Grimm Reaper. Unlike all other characters who are based on actual people, Grimm Reaper is more of a legend.

“Bro, you’ve picked the character that made you horny when you was twelve and stuck with her for three straight games.”

“Not entirely true, the Grimm Reaper still makes me horny. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who can kill a Nevermore with her eyes closed.”

“I’ll admit, the mystery woman thing is kinda hot- hey, do you find her sexy?” Coco hovers a newcomer, but one you recognize from outside the game.

“Summer Rose?”

“Bitch got added to VHA but they removed Hide.”

“Who even played that character with all the goofy ass gimmicks?”

“I did, because I’m not a scrub like you playing easy mode with GR.”

“It takes real dedication being mediocre at a game I don’t really like.”

Coco laughs. “Shut up. I’ll play Nick Schnee.” She hovers over said character but doesn’t pick him yet. “Give me a sec.” She walks up to the bar and pulls out a clear liquid and two shot glasses. Coco reads the bottle. “Damn! I’ll give the Atlaesians this, they sure like their alcohol.”

“What are you doing?”

“Making this more interesting, whoever loses a round takes a shot.” Coco smirks and puts a hand to her hip. “Gonna man up or pussy out?”
>”That’s not a good idea.”
>”That’s not a good idea.”
>"Aren't we supposed to go to bed after this?"
The Grimm Reaper is obviously grandma isn't her? That makes that comment really weird
>”That’s not a good idea.”
>"...for now. Put a rain check on it."
Sorry Coco, but we got an important day tomorrow and being hungover doesn't seem like a good time. But otherwise I'd be down, sounds like fun.
Then again we could just do the old "drink water and eat a light snack before you sleep" trick to not get hangovers as badly but I don't know if either Coco or Picaro know about it.
But isn't his grandma well-known ? and he'd recognise her if that was the case
To be fair to Picaro he's probably just bantering.
The Grimm Reaper always wore a mask and a hood and never gave her real name.
No one knows what happened to her or who she really was.
All Picaro knows about Maria's past is that she used to be a pretty good huntress before losing her eyes and retiring and that her husband was, according to her, even stronger.
>"That's not a good idea"
20 minutes.
So far, it seems that the names and themes of the characters in the setting are straight forward. So since our complete weapon is a scythe and our surname is skull in spanish, I'm guessing that it's the same for grandma. And that screams Grim Reaper to me.
Not a good idea.

Bet. Writing.
Qrow uses a scythe too, he just usually uses it as a sword most of the time. He’s almost certainly in the game too, unless he’s dlc, since he’s supposedly famous according to tertiary sources of canon (their RWBY ttrpg campaign). Hell, his style is directly inspired by stories of the reaper, who was his childhood hero.
You look to the side for a split second. “That’s…”

Coco instantly knows what’s coming and her smile fades.

“That’s not a good idea Cuqui, we’ve got a very important day tomorrow. Can I get a raincheck?” You offer her a small smile.

“You say that, but you damn well plan once we’re out this ship and you have other shit to do you’ll leave me for last.” Coco slams the glassware back on the counter, it’s a miracle they didn’t shatter. “Like always.”

“Hey, that's not fair.” You get up. “We just hung out, we were cool.”

“Oh, thank you so much for remembering your friends at the last second! What were you doing all this time? Snoopin’ around, spying, how did you find Em and Neo? I seriously doubt you just ran into them.”

You walk up to her. “Am I supposed to spend every hour of every day ‘hanging out’? Slurping shots at the club with the homies? Grow up Coco, we fight for our lives out here, and I sure as shit am not apologizing for spending a measly two hours making sure YOU,” you stab a finger into her chest, “and our teams are safe.”

“Oh!” Coco laughs. “So you are thinking about the team now? Are you even a part of it, I never noticed.”

“What are you implying.” You cross your arms.

“Oh nothing, just how you’ve already wasted an entire month doing-” Coco catches herself before she accidentally exposes you. “Stuff instead of spending with the people you’re gonna bleed with the next four years with.”

Now it’s your turn to laugh. “Wow, that’s some logic. Why spend the small amount of free time in my hands not trying to get out of our bad situation and… other stuff, I shoulda been eating ice cream with Neo!” You find yourself surprised at the anger, but then again, Coco was always the one to get your emotions out.

“That’s not what I said, asshole! Look-” Coco takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes. “Let’s just play the game, okay?”

“… sure.”

You both awkwardly walk to the couches and play some matches. The air is heavy with tension and not twenty minutes later, Coco checks her scroll.

“It’s been an hour…” she says with a hint of sadness.

“Yeah…” You get up and turn off the game. You see Coco still seated with a pensive expression. “Let’s go.”


You both walk silently to your rooms, the energy makes the walk feel longer than a couple of minutes.

As you reach the doors, you open a couple of texts Sun had sent. dude

em and neo are here

real sneaky like

charlie said we bunk with them and say we separated by boys and girls

And an hour later.

a dude saw me walk into my room with two lady guards

this rules He sent a drawing of a face wearing sunglasses.

After finishing reading, you groan. “Hate the way he texts.”

“He texts normally, you text in full prose and one word sentences.”

“Yes. That’s better.”
Coco chuckles a bit. “Sorry for blowing up like that earlier, I was having fun and being happy for once, then you reminding me of all this crap made me explode.”

You look down and say nothing.

“I didn’t mean it. You are a part of the team and your work is important and-”

“Okay I get it, don’t freak out. There’ll be time for hanging out after the important - not important - annoying shit is out of the way.”

Coco frowns. “You say there’s time, but there isn’t. There are only 52 weeks in a year and at the end of the day what’s gonna make the difference between life and death isn’t gonna be your connections to important people, the knowledge you possess or the schemes you come up with, it’s your comrades and whether they have your back when shit goes down.” Coco puts a hand on your shoulder and leans close to your face. “You’re just one, Piqui.”

“I mean, they did have my back when spying Gillian…”

Coco smirks. “You could convince a rock in Shade to mess with her. But…” her serious tone returns. “I also worry you grow more and more distant, and really freaking paranoid.”

“Okay, okay, I get it.” You hate concerned Coco.

“All I ask is that you lay off it and spend some time with people. Being alone doesn’t just mean not having people beside you, but being in your own head can lead you wrong. Will you do that for me?”
>”You really do ask a lot of me, needy bitch,” you say with a smirk, intending to cool it.
>”Yes.” You’ll give it your best shot.
>”I’ll try…” You want to do it but intend to avoid giving her false hopes. Who knows what tomorrow might bring.
>”Coco…” You doubt you’ll be able to do it, whether you like it or not.
>You look at her resolutely. The world is bigger than you or her, you will not stop until your goals are achieved. She’ll come to understand in the end.
>Other, write-in


I feel like this is the third time Coco has given a lecture like this, but Picaro just keeps climbing higher in that strung. To be fair, everyone seems to have an agenda, so some paranoia is warranted.
All points of view in the end.
Vote here.
>>Other, write-in
hug her “I will Coco”
>”You really do ask a lot of me, needy bitch,” you say with a smirk, intending to cool it.
To be fair, we didn't even have the option to hang out with our friends. Everyone was unavailable either because they were hurt, or because the cops were around.
Of course, Coco would ignore that if we pointed that out. Because that's what she always does.
>hug her
>"I'll try..."
As much as I want to call her a needy bitch, saying we'll be more mindfull then playing russian roulette to level up our semblance would send very mixed messages.

At least she hasn't brought up therapy this time.
Let me add something before we forget
>"Coco, did you tell the psychologist about my semblance? Because I'm pretty sure she was trying to make me talk about it without me mentioning it. And don't even try to say I was imagining things, you haven't been right about doubting my gut feelings so far."
>”You really do ask a lot of me, needy bitch,” you say with a smirk, intending to cool it.
Just gonna say yeah, the "Grimm Reaper" is totally grandma.

Also remember a dirty Fauner took her eyes.
Hug 'n promise.

Needy bitch.

I'll try 'n hug.

A tie, let's wait for 30 minutes see if it solves itself.

>saying we'll be more mindfull then playing russian roulette to level up our semblance would send very mixed messages.
That'd be funny.
>"What the fuck Piqui?!"
>"I promised to not isolate myself and I haven't."
>"Why do you have Burden to your head."
>"Testing my Semblance. Merc is here to make sure the gun is loaded. We're bonding."
Based hugger
Captcha PANTY
“I… uh…” A part of you wants to put her mind at ease. To tell her everything will be alright and after this week it’ll be normal life. But you can’t, how could you? Maybe she’s right and you do seek adversity, but what is a huntsman if not that?

“I’ll try…” You hate how you sound. Like a defeated man. You don’t try things, you do things.

But you can’t lie to Coco, the one thing you can do is try.

Coco must’ve felt your turmoil. “Aw, come ‘ere you.” She wraps her arms around you and gives you a hug which you reciprocate.

“Y’know, this is the second time we hug in a short time frame. Seems kinda weird.”

“We hug when we greet each other, though.”

“Yeah but those are hello hugs, not emotional hugs.”

“Well, I am a high maintenance bitch.”

You smirk. “You said it, not me.”

“Alright, enough sappy shit.” Coco untangles herself. “We are badasses, remember. Now go do the most badass thing and sleep a healthy amount.”

“Yeah, yeah, goodnight. Geez, if I wanted this much nagging I’d have stayed home with ma.”

“Well SOMEONE has to trick into eating your nutrients.”

“… that’s why you convinced me to use lunchtime to study while you get my food…”

“Maybe. Sweet dreams!” Coco gives you a lazy backwards wave as she enters her room.

You shrug and enter yours.

“Hello Picaro.”

“Charlie, I thought you were sleeping with the other girls.”

“I’m keeping an eye on these peasants.”

“I guess.” Said peasants were deeply asleep, the hard military mattresses seeming like paradise after a month outside. Sun didn’t seem much different than usual.

“You can go to sleep, Picaro.”

“Nah, you go, I’ll keep an eye on them.”

“Are you certain? Tomorrow is important in establishing political alliances.”

“I’m sure, get some sleep, you’ve earned it.”

Charlie doesn’t question further, nodding once and leaving to the adjacent door.

You don’t intend to keep active vigilance. You climb to the upper bunk bed and have some decent rest at last.

Not before riddling the room with sound traps in case one of the stowaways intends to sneak out.

I promised to try, but let’s not get crazy here.
You wake up to see everyone else still sleeping. The low light shining through the blinds and a check on your scroll indicates it’s now 5 in the morning, one hour before arriving at Atlas.

Better get everyone ready to make a good impression.

And I’ll get to use the sound traps for something, neat.

One can jingling later, half the room is awake.

“What time is it?” Emerald asks, half-asleep but still more awake than the other two.

“5. We need to get ready to meet Ironwood.”

“Who’s we? I’m not getting in the same room as that freak.”

“You are also breaking the law and infiltrating into his Kingdom.” The silver lining, the fact they aren’t in jail indicates James didn’t bug the rooms. At least that’s a weight off your shoulders.

“That too.”

“You need to get out and keep your covers, there must be some procedure foot soldiers have before landing, roll call at least.”

“We are not amateurs, boy. Come on Neo.”

Neo flips her the bird and buries herself in her pillow.

“I know you did that on purpose just to make me look bad.”

Neo moves in a way which seems like laughter, before flipping her covers and getting out of bed.

“I also know you usually sleep in pajamas.”

“Put on some clothes before Sun wakes up and we have another stupid thing happen,” you say while looking to the side.

“How is he not awake after all the ruckus?”

Once confirming Neo is dressed (and not using her Semblance to appear dressed) you answer Emerald’s question, “He wakes up like so.” You spank the faunus in the rear hard.

“I’M UP,” he jolts.

“We have one hour to get ready.”

“Okay dude!” Sun is full of energy even first thing in the morning.

“You two stay here, I’ll get Charlie. If you leave her sight-”

“You’ll rat us out, yeah.”

“Good that we are understood.”


You ignore her and go wake up the girls, after you all hit the showers, one for men and one for women.

Some soldiers are already there but it doesn’t bother you, Shade already made everyone used to communal showers.

After the morning ritual, everyone goes to do their own thing: Charlie follows two female guards alongside Coco who thought she might get lonely; Typhu is dragged around by Narci; Sun goes back to the gym which he claims “Has holograms dude! Holograms!”; you went to get a morning coffee and get mentally ready for the day ahead.

“Picaro!” A familiar voice calls from the side. “It’s me, Clover.”

Oh, yeah. You take a sip and grimace. This is terrible.

“Wanna see something cool? Look out the window.”

You do as he says and you must admit, the view is striking.

Not every day you see a floating city after all.
File: Atlas.png (1.29 MB, 1272x820)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
“THAT is Atlas.” Clover gestures to it with a big grin.

The city could not be farther from your home if it tried. In every aspect they are the opposite, climate, lifestyles, even the blue colors clash with the oranges and yellows of Vacuo.

Vacuo’s architecture follows a plan of putting things where they fit, giving the city an irregular shape as it naturally grows. Atlas seems planned from the beginning, a puzzle in which every new piece is made to fit perfectly with the old ones.

Also, one is a flying city while the other is Vacuo.

They do have one thing in common, right in the middle, the tallest building of them, rests the huntsman academy. Shade in Vacuo and Atlas in… Atlas.

You wonder why that is.

“They say you can make the trip a million times and never get tired of the view, what do you think?”
>”Gotta hand it to you, this IS impressive.” You can’t deny the truth.
>”How does it fly?” You are more curious than impressed.
>”Looks cool.” You have no real feelings either way.
>”Why does it fly?” You are left speechless and not in a particularly good way.
>”What a waste of resources.” You find it somewhat insulting Atlas would expend so much in making a big piece of rock levitate.


Really late update, but something came up, sorry. See you tomorrow at 18 utc.

Oh, votes here, yadda yadda.
Fellow hugchads rise up.

>”How does it fly?” You are more curious than impressed.
Need to know more.
>>”How does it fly?” You are more curious than impressed.
also qm would we do THE STARE to the other council members
>”Gotta hand it to you, this IS impressive.” You can’t deny the truth.
>”How does it fly?” You are more curious than impressed.
>”How does it fly?” You are more curious than impressed.
>”Gotta hand it to you, this IS impressive.” You can’t deny the truth.
Flying cities are cool.
>”Why does it fly?” You are left speechless and not in a particularly good way.
>”How does it fly?” You are more curious than impressed.
How does it fly?


Not in a good way. Writing.
File: Atlas view stare.png (57 KB, 1097x1800)
57 KB
“How does it fly?” you ask after that long, awkward interaction.

“What?” Clover is confused.

“How does it fly?” You take a sip of your coffee.

“Oh, right. Well, first of all I’m nowhere near qualified enough to give you a proper explanation.”


“The gist of it is, after the great war ended with Atlas - known then as Mantle - surrendering, the ruler of Mantle capitulated his sole seat of power to be replaced by a council. They decided to focus their efforts in rebuilding the war torn Kingdom with a focus on a brighter future. Great effort was put into making the Atlas combat school the best, most advanced it could possibly be. Eventually, it was decided scientific and military facilities should be built alongside the school to aid the future warriors. The wealthy saw this as an opportunity to build prime real estate in what’s objectively the safest place on Remnant, and people will pay top Lien to be away for the Grimm.”

“What’s that gotta do with a flying city?”

“The council of Mantle decided a couple of decades ago that Atlas had become more than just an academy. All advancement, tourism, everything happened in Atlas, so they moved the capital over there which gave them some… privileges.”

“I see.”

“With newfound permission, a mining frenzy unleashed. Deeper and deeper they searched for every spec of Dust, eventually, getting more than what they bargained for. Gigantic gravity Dust crystals were found and accidentally activated, so powerful they tore the city off the earth itself!” Clover recounts with excitement.

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“The Atlesian council worked overtime to build those chains you see and successfully anchored the Kingdom.”

“So it was an accident.”

“It was an opportunity! Atlas has become the place farthest away from the dangers of land, only flying Grimm can reach the city. Without having to worry about Grimm, the Atlesian minds could focus on advancing medicine, communication, and transportation!”

“Hm, one question.”


“You said after the war, you guys focused on everything BUT the military, right?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”

You look around yourself to the giant battleship you are currently boarding, much more advanced than anything in any other Kingdom. The best part, this is supposed to be outdated by Atlesian standards. “Okay. So medicine and stuff, right?”

“Oh, don’t worry.” Clover puts a hand on your shoulder and smiles. “Isaac will get top of the line prosthetics.”

He misunderstood what you were saying, but you shrug. “Okay.”

Clover touches a finger to his ear. “We’ll be landing in Atlas academy in t-minus 10 minutes. Get your team ready.”
File: Winter.png (551 KB, 673x860)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
Landing at Atlas academy was much less rocky than what you expected, all it took was some railings and only Narci fell on her rear. A clear, perfect landing.

As the doors open, the first thing that hits you is the cold.

“Didn’t I tell you to bring something warm?” Coco looks merely chilly in her fashionable jacket.

“I have a scarf.”

“You always have a scarf.”

“F-fuck this weather!” You shiver.

“Y-y-yeah m-man!” Sun is worse off, as his chest is fully exposed.

“Idiot, just bottom up your shirt.”

“I-I-I a-a-ain’t g-got a-a-any left, m-m-man.”

“I don’t have any warm clothes either.”

“Oh…” Coco looks to the side while mentally kicking herself.

Cold weather is better in the mind of the standard man, since he can afford to remain warm with as many layers of clothes needed, while in the hot he has to bear the heat.

You and Sun are below the standard.

“Don’t be weak, Vacuans!” Charlie declares. “And don’t feel bad Coco, the real reason they’re like that is because they’re used to Vacuo.”

“Traitor!” you accuse.

“In that case, suck it up.”

“But what if I get sick?”

“Use your Aura and you won’t.”

“Obviously, still doesn’t stop the feeling.”

“Then you’ve got nothing to worry about.” Coco gives you a playful slap in the shoulder. “Clean bill of health.” She walks down the ramp.

“Fuckin’ hate cold.” You mumble as you follow.

Clover doesn’t follow you further than the ramp. “Unfortunately, I have other business to attend to at the moment, so you’ll be guided by Ironwood’s secretary and a personal two man - well, ‘man’ - escort.” Two female soldiers walk alongside you. “We chose these rookies since some of you have made strong connections already.” Clover winks.

“Ugh,” you say. “Not my type.”

“Excuse you?!” Emerald is not amused.

Clover bellows a laugh. “Tale as old as time, it’s been a pleasure. Stay safe out there.” And he walks back to the ship before it takes off again.

Before you can even think of exploring the place on your own, a lady approaches your group. “Good morning students.”

“You must be Irondude’s secretary!” Sun says.

The woman closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “I’m assuming Specialist Ebi told you that. My name is Winter Schnee, a Specialist under General Ironwood’s wing. Not ‘Irondude’.”

“We need to meet with the general.” You don’t put as much emphasis on the title.

“Of course, however, let us first go on a small tour of the school.” Winter smiles.

Looks like she has the same orders as Clover, will you give her the same treatment?
>”We’d rather see Ironwood first.” You have better things to do, such as meeting Isaac again.
>”Okay, but make it quick.” A look can’t hurt and it’ll make the girl feel better. She seems green.
>”Sure.” The school seems interesting, you can’t deny it.
>Other write-in
>”Okay, but make it quick.” A look can’t hurt and it’ll make the girl feel better. She seems green.
We'll spend time with our Goatbro yet
>”Okay, but make it quick.” A look can’t hurt and it’ll make the girl feel better. She seems green.
>"Schnee? Are you related to a man named Jacques? Rich, can change his hair color, complains about taxes and even though it could help people"
>>”Sure.” The school seems interesting, you can’t deny it.
>”Okay, but make it quick.” A look can’t hurt and it’ll make the girl feel better. She seems green.
Amending my vote >>5840378 to include the write-in. Winter's a good girl.

Schnee? I’ve heard that name before. “Specialist, may I ask a question?”

Winter perks up at the use of her title. “But of course student, that’s why I’m here.”

“Are you related to a man named Jacques? Rich, can change hair color, hates taxes.”

“Based,” Emerald says almost by accident.

You can tell Neo is giving her a smug look behind her helmet.

Emerald’s cheek turns a red hue and she looks to the side. “I’m spending too much time around the guys,” she mumbles under her breath.

That cute interaction distracted you from Winter’s now downright nasty expression. “I - ahem - we may be acquainted.” She tries her hardest to remain stoic.

“But aren’t you Winter Schnee?” Narci chimes in with her Atlesian knowledge. “The first heir to the SDC who very publicly announced she’s rejecting her heritage and intends to join the military? The one General Ironwood fast tracked to graduation?” Narci asks with a finger to her chin and upwards look.

“… yes.” Winter left eye quivers. “The very same. And I wasn’t fast tracked or given special treatment, thank you very much, I earned a spot on an accelerated course of study, graduated and joined as a Specialist in the Atlas military in two years.” Winter stands tall, or tries as hard as she can.

“Soooo, you are what? Nineteen?” Coco asks with a confident smile.

“Yes, why?”

Coco puts a hand on her hip and pulls her sunglasses down halfway, her signature ladykiller pose. “I-I- y-you- a-a-after- f-food?” She tries her best.

“I you after food?”

“You didn’t answer my question specialist, are you related to,” you rummage your pant pockets and pull out a surprisingly crisp card, considering how many times your pants got washed, “this man.”

Winter eyes bulge out and she snatches the card from your hand in a very un-stoic like fashion, before tearing it to pieces.

“… is that a yes?”

“I - ahem - that man is married to my mother and I was the heir to my family’s company. That is all. Let’s go on the tour.” Winter doesn’t wait to see if you are following, choosing to stomp and assume you are.

You did want a quick tour.
“This is the yard.” She lazily gestures to a huge group of students, neatly separated in groups, all singing in front of a flag with backs straight and a palm over their hearts.

“Swearing allegiance at six thirty in the morning?” you say.

“For all the crap Shade has, at least we don’t have to do that,” Sun adds.

“And look at that ugly wall of gray, ugh!” Coco scoffs. “No dress code almost redeems Vacuo completely.”

“Well, I think this is nice.” Narci seems offended.

“That is the training grounds and that’s the cafeteria.” Winter continues her tour, earlier enthusiasm gone.

“I wanted to see the training grounds-” Typhu tries to say.

“No questions until the end of the tour.”

Despite the somewhat insulting speeds, you do manage to make out a few details, like how clean the hallways are without a single crack.

Really comes to show how Vacuo is the impoverished Kingdom and Atlas the rich one.

“Here’s the elevator to the General office and that is Martha. Do not engage Martha in conversation, she’s mean.” Winter refers to a middle aged woman with way too much make up reading a magazine behind a desk besides the elevator.

Martha, however, engages the conversation herself. “Why hello Winter, why so stormy? Did the gray pant suit store close down? Did your only friend melt in the sun?”

“Shut up Martha, your husband left you for a man and your son has autism, call the elevator.”

Martha gives her a side glance while picking up a landline and saying something. The elevator comes down some seconds later.

Winter ushers your group inside.

Great tour…

The ride is surprisingly quick considering how tall the tower looked.

The first thing you see upon the doors opening is James Ironwood, hands linked behind his back and a smile that seems practiced.

Winter steps up, mimicking his stance. “Sir!” She salutes. “Specialist Ebi called me a secretary again!”

“Is that all Specialist Winter?” James' smile turns from phony to an amused smirk.

“Oh, the guests have arrived and I have shown them around the facilities as instructed sir.”

“Quite the fast tour, the ship landed a mere five minutes ago.”

“A fast tour seemed like the best option!”

James laughs. “I’m sure. I have an assignment for you, I need you to photocopy this,” he hands her a piece of paper, “and send it to every member of the council plus anyone you might think is important. I trust your judgment, Specialist.”

Winter beams and salutes. “Yes sir! I’m on it.” She snatches the paper and heads to a side room, the door with a taped piece of paper reading Specialist Winter’s Office.
File: Atlas Office Ironwood.png (1.23 MB, 1182x818)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
“Quite the interesting welcome committee,” you say.

“Cut her some slack, please. She feels like she has so much to prove. It’s a pleasure to see you again, student.” Ironwood extends his left hand.

“Likewise general.” You take the offer. James goes around the room greeting everyone the same way.

“You two must be the escort.”

“Sir.” Emerald and Neo both hold forward empty hands, the general looks at the offered nothing and nods.

“Good. And I see you two have been…” James coughs in his hands, “personally chosen by the VIPs. Goes without saying any further… activities must be done privately, understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Let’s go to my office, shall we?” The general gestures your group to follow.

You walk through a hallway until reaching a set of double doors. Emerald and Neo play the part and push them open for you, and once inside, close them.

Ironwood raises an eyebrow at the soldiers staying in the room.

“It’s fine. I’d rather they stay,” you say.

The general looks down. “It’s serious then… ahem, if that’s what you desire.” You all walk to the front of his office and Ironwood goes behind the desk. “Take a seat.” He gestures to six arranged chairs in front of him.

“You wanted to discuss the ceremony.” You cut to the chase.

“Yes. Will you do it?”

“What, the ceremony? Of course I will, that’s why I’m here.”

“Good. That’s the official reason I called you here before the local border office could take a look at you all. There was an urgent matter and the council decided to allow for a free pass.”

The pieces are coming together in your head.

“Of course, now I must make sure all your papers are in order. Let me call Winter, she’s certified.” James pushes a button on his desk.

“Sir?” A voice comes from a small speaker.

“Are you busy Winter?”

“Yes, but-” He cuts the call.

“She said yes. Well, looks like there’s no other option but for myself to run through it all, a job unfit for a general, though I’m certified. Alas, there’s just no other option.”

I found it weird he was asking to meet urgently for the ceremony, it was just a cover to go under the council’s back!

“I must ask, do you have all your papers in order? If you don’t, councilman Sleet said we could offer them to you in exchange for a small favor.”

No one told you anything about papers. “Yes we do.”

“Uh, dude, no we-” Sun gets his mouth shut by Coco’s palm.

“Couldn’t quite hear the last part, but you said you had them, so in order to expedite the process I’ll take your word for it. Any unregistered weapons must be given up for registration, do you have unregistered weapons?”

“No, no we do not.”

“I’ll believe you. A random fun fact, did you know there is illegal weaponry in Atlas? Another random example, a staff filled with class 5 gravity Dust would be illegal and whoever carries it should be careful to not use it in public unless his identity is concealed.”

Another thing you didn’t know. “What a funny thing to say.”
“And lastly, let’s take a look at your records.” Ironwood taps another button and a holographic display appears in front of his desk. “Narci Pink, escorted out of a Weiss Schnee concert.”

“O-oh, t-that wasn’t me, hehe.”

“Sun Wukong, multiple counts of stalking.”

“Come on dude! That’s called flirting.”

“Typhu Tornadus, nothing.”

Typhu looks relieved.

“Lame,” Narci says.

“Charlie no-last-name doesn’t exist apparently.”

Charlie nods.

“Coco Adel, multiple counts of petty theft.”

Coco looks down and speaks in a low voice, “High school was rough. So much pressure, I just snapped-”

“DUI, last month.”

“… I didn’t know there was alcohol in that drink.”

“And lastly, Picaro Calavera, another ghost. Before saving Isaac Thyme’s life, there is nothing on Picaro Calavera’s whereabouts, no school nor medical records, no government programs, competitions, nothing.”

You smirk. Nice try Atlas.

“There are records of a Picara Calavera attending Lady Browning’s Preparatory Academy for Girls between the years 91 and 94.

“I have no idea who that is.”

“Of course you don’t. This was just a list compiled by the council meant to be read by whoever examines you. A lawyer was supposed to be with you, but he called out sick at the last second and there was no time to find a replacement. But I can tell you all these so-called crimes are nothing and you have nothing to worry about, something I’m sure whoever the council intended would also say, as it is the truth.”

You sigh in relief.

“I should still read what Picara did.”
>Roll a d5 to determine how much tomfoolery Picara Calavera did. The higher the number, the sillier.


I was gonna give a choice, but decided to do a callback to the penis roll.
Rolled 1 (1d5)

Picara was a very good girl, shame she disappeared after the fire, she could talk some sense into Picaro!

Rolled 4 (1d5)

Incredibly fitting.
Picaro is autistic even while wearing a dress.
Forgot to say this was just one roll. Either way it's just a joke, the real choice is coming in like five minutes.

I was planning to make Picara a complete fucking animal, but in the end I chose to let the die decide.
“Oh, no records.” James sounds mildly surprised.

“I heard that Picara was a real stick in the mud. Still got on with the meanest bitch in school.” Coco leans forward and whispers. “They say she gives good head.”

I needed to have a good head to avoid getting found out.

“And that should wrap everything up.” Ironwood deactivates his computer and stretches. “Here, take these.” He pulls out eight cards from a drawer in his desk. “Two are the keys to your hotel rooms, the other six are your per diem.”

“What’s a per diem?” you ask.

“A set government allowance to cover for expenses.”

“Soooo…” Charlie’s eyes light up. “We don’t have to do anything for this Lien?”

“Aside from showing up to the event, no.”

Charlie snatches the card with joy, you all follow soon after.

“Please, make the best of your time in Atlas.” The general smiles and leads you outside. “This pilot will take you to the hotel, from there you can use the public transport to move around.”

You nod. “Thanks.”

He nods back. “My pleasure. If I need anything I will call the day before to schedule a meeting and you can put it on your calendar.”

“I don’t have a calendar.”

“… okay.”

With that awkward goodbye, you six plus your escort board the small ship.

“All ready?” The pilot asks. “Good, let’s take you to the Nicholas Hotel. Lucky bastards.”

“Actually, we need to go to Mantle first,” you say. That’s where Isaac is waiting.

“No can do. The Nick is pretty strict with check-ins, if we wait around too long you won’t be able to go to your rooms until tomorrow. Unless you fancy wasting one of your luxury vacation days in the slums, I’d wait until later.”

You see the faces of your team. The promise of a soft bed in a five star hotel seems like a dream come true after the yard, despite what they might feel, they don’t feel ready to give a single day.

The call is yours to make, however.
>Go check in, then go to Isaac. It’s just gonna be a couple more hours.
>Go to Mantle right away. Enough delaying. Luxury never fitted you anyways.
>Other, write-in.


And that's a wrap for today.
>>Go check in, then go to Isaac. It’s just gonna be a couple more hours.
>>Go check in, then go to Isaac. It’s just gonna be a couple more hours.
>Go check in, then go to Isaac. It’s just gonna be a couple more hours.
Wait, changing to
>Go to Mantle right away. Enough delaying. Luxury never fitted you anyways.
>Go to Mantle right away. Enough delaying. Luxury never fitted you anyways
Goatbro, we're a-coming!
I read the votes wrong kek. Changing my vote to
>Go to Mantle right away. Enough delaying. Luxury never fitted you anyways.
We promised we'd meet Isaac the moment we were free, it's only right we keep our word to our friend.
Another option could be
>Other, write-in.
>I'm going to visit Issac like I promised. If any of you want stay in the hotel instead, you are free do it. I'll can give him your regards.
I assumed Picaro was picking only for himself, and wouldn't be dragging everyone to Mantle with him. Can QM confirm?
>“There are records of a Picara Calavera attending Lady Browning’s Preparatory Academy for Girls between the years 91 and 94."
Our family was very creative, hmm ?
>Go check in, then go to Isaac. It’s just gonna be a couple more hours.
>Go to Mantle right away. Enough delaying. Luxury never fitted you anyways.
Tundra Boy mand his could accommodate us if need be
This part
>The call is yours to make, however.
Made me think that those two options would be to choose for everyone
I'll change my vote >>5840713 to support the write-in. Picaro can go solo, and check in at the hotel tomorrow if need be.
>Go to Mantle right away. Enough delaying. Luxury never fitted you anyways.
>Go to Mantle right away. Enough delaying. Luxury never fitted you anyways.
Team can stay if they want, but I'm guessing Isaac wants to meet us all sooner rather than later.
>Go to Mantle right away. Enough delaying. Luxury never fitted you anyways.
We said we would see him as soon as we could.
Check in

Go to Mantle. Writing.
File: Slums.png (1.57 MB, 1631x902)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
“We did promise to see him as soon as we could.”

“You promised that, not us,” Emerald says.

“No, no, it’s okay. I don’t need a fancy bed or ac or not sleeping fearing someone is gonna molest me…” Coco doesn’t sound completely honest.

You sigh. “Tell you what, I’ll go and anyone who wants to go to the hotel can go check in instead and we can meet back up in a couple of hours.”

“Actually, the Nick has individual check-ins,” the pilot interrupts your scheme. “Safety concerns and other excuses.”

“Oh. Well, who wants to go spend an entire day in the slums with me?” You smile, expecting at least a couple of people to come with you.

Arriving at Mantle, only one person got off the ship. The others stepped into luxury.

“Thanks…” you say to the pilot.

“Don’t worry about it, now I can get some overtime, suckers. Have fun!” The man didn’t want to spend another second in the bad parts if he could.

Reminds me of home. Is the first thing that comes to mind upon seeing the place.

Mantle isn’t a monolith of poverty, it used to be the capital and it shows in the nicer parts of the city being better than the richest parts of Vacuo. However, Isaac lives in the BAD parts.

The slums seem to be a relic from the past, or perhaps a grim present. Tents and the lucky improvised house litter the streets alongside groups of mostly faunus huddling together besides fires.

The cold is almost unbearable down here, living in the literal shadow of Atlas blocking any sunlight.

You see what appears to be mine entrances, with faunus coming and going, dirty, exhausted, overworked. They’re the lucky ones, being assigned to the civilized veins and not the ones out in the wild where there’s no one to enforce regulations.

You inform Isaac you arrived via message and he tells you to stay where you are.

Gladly. This place is like a maze.

You try to approach one of the fires, but the faunus shoo you away. They aren’t fans of humans.

From the way everyone’s looking, no one is apparently.

You can see some humans scattered around, but they are few and far between, probably people really down on their luck who were seen as miserable enough to be accepted.

And here’s where I’m staying. Well, I could go to the nice parts, but still gotta sleep here.

You shiver and, lacking any alternative, you wrap yourself with your scarf.

Being alone in a place like this is dangerous, this you know, but you aren’t worried when the thought of something happening crosses your mind.

Nor when it actually happens and you are held at knifepoint by some teenage faunus boy. “Give me everything, I mean it.”

You merely raise an eyebrow. His stance is horrendous, his blade dull and he looks weak. Ever since you’ve started carrying Burden and later Promised Return no one has tried to mug you back home, thieves know to stay away from huntsmen. The boy didn’t spot them due to you being covered by your scarf.
In his eyes, you’re a small, frail boy, a perfect mark.

You are not.
>Reveal your armament. He’ll get the memo.
>Call Promised Return and really scare him off. Make sure he doesn’t bother you again.
>Teach him a lesson that crime doesn’t pay.
>Really show him mugging from people who are struggling just as much doesn’t come without consequence.
>Other write-in
>Call Promised Return and really scare him off. Make sure he doesn’t bother you again.
>Other write-in
>Give him constructive criticism then instruct him on how to take care of himself in a fight
Bloody faunners, can't even steal from a kid.
You really want to teach someone how to be a better mugger?
I like to call it networking.
>Call Promised Return and really scare him off. Make sure he doesn’t bother you again.
Actually, would going for the memo option better? Scaring him too much might end up becoming a story that spreads, which could hurt the ceremony and the deal.
Yeah, he's a mugger, but that never stopped people from suddenly turning them into saints in a story if it means hurting the reputation of the other side.
Hm that's a fair point. I'll probably switch my vote later to it.
>>Other write-in
use cqc on him
>Steal his knife out of his hands
>"No, YOU give ME everything."
Supporting >>5842965 and >>5843060, with my own provisions.
>Disarm him, before we Uncle Iroh this shit. Make sure our Aura is up, just in case he tries something stupid.
>Offer him some food, assuming Picaro is paranoid enough to keep his own rations when traveling.
>Maybe even point out that he doesn't seem the criminal type, like so.
He's clearly weaker than us-- starving, struggling, and not even a particularly good mugger. Sometimes all you need is an act of random kindness, to turn things around.
20 minutes.
We only have 20 minutes to change, so do you want to do it?
Although there's currently a three way tie between us, punching him and trying to teach a random mugger how to be a better bandit
Oops, meant to reply to this post, not mine
REALLY scare him.

Give him a lesson in a good way. (Not all three say the same but the spirit is to be kind and teach him better, so I'll count them together.)

>"Grandson, remember the basics of cqc."

Writing shamelessly stealing a scene from AtLA RWBY does this all the time, so it fits.
File: MisteryLady.png (354 KB, 493x747)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
This kid has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

Even if he had caught you off guard, your Aura is already up to protect you from the cold. That dinky shiv would bounce right off.

You sigh. “Your stance is horrible.”

“Wh-” The faunus doesn’t see it coming. You grab his wrist with one hand, the other pushing up against his chest while one foot is put behind his.

In one swift motion, he goes down disarmed.

“This is a lousy knife.” You grab the blade and the handle and snap it in two. “That was a pretty sad attempt at robbing.” You grab the now harmless weapon and enter a better stance. “Like this, you’re much harder to knock down.” You hand him the handle back and offer him a hand. “What’s your name?”

The street urchin drags himself back before running away.

“Wait! I’m not gonna hurt you!” You try, but the boy hurries away and doesn’t look back.

Man. I kinda wanted to help him. Maybe I’ll run into him later on.

“Interesting strategy.” A woman’s voice comments from the side.

You turn around. The owner was a tall female, a huntress considering the strange contraption on her wrist.

And a fantastic sense of fashion.

“You were trying to be cool and help him, right? All wise and peaceful, betcha you were gonna offer him some food and everything.” The lady stretches. “Save it for the honest folk. That kid was old enough to know better and realize we are all fighting the same battle.”

You give her the stare.

“Unless you’re willing to come around every day and reinforce the good behavior, he’s just gonna slip right back to stealing from the same victims of the system who are too kind to take advantage. Best thing to do is scare them, give them the speech and hope they are too frightened to steal again and go work in the kitchen or something.” She sighs while putting her hands on her hips. “Never said I liked it, it’s just how it is down here in the slums. Too much pain too often and we can’t be everywhere at once.”

You keep staring.

“Better than putting them in jail, that’s a sure fire gang machine, aside from cheap labor for the state. In a perfect Remnant, we’d have a rehab center for those troubled adolescents. First I’d make one for drug addiction, that’s a real big problem in the low income parts. If you ask me, I suspect foul play on behalf of the council. But enough rambling,” Finally, “I’m looking for a Picaro Calavera, he’s supposed to be a real strong, real smart guy.”

You stare at her harder.

“He’s also meant to have a piercing glare, but you have a pretty weak one to be frank.” She smirks.
>”I AM Picaro Calavera. Excuse me for having hope in people.”
>”Funny. Did Isaac Thyme send you?”
>”If I laugh at your 'wit', will you stop talking?”
>Stare as hard as you can.
>Ignore her and find Isaac on your own.
>Other write-in
>"Did Isaac send you?”
>>Stare as hard as you can.
>”Funny. Did Isaac Thyme send you?”
>”Funny. Did Isaac Thyme send you?”
>"…you didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, did you."
>"Did Tundra Man send you?"
>Stare as hard as you can.
I'll change my vote to
>”Funny. Did Isaac Thyme send you?”
To break the tie.
Did Isaac send you?

Stare as hard as you can.

Counterattack with another witty remark. Writing.
“How fun. Did Isaac Thyme send you?”

“Not gonna engage in the banter? You must be Picaro Calavera. Robyn Hill.” She extends her hand.

You eye the offer, before shaking. “Picaro Calavera. But you already knew that.”

You see her hand glowing white, out of instinct you try to yank free but her grip is too strong. The glow overtakes your hand as well and turns green. “Now I do. The way you were described didn’t give me much confidence.” She finally lets go with a smirk.

You call Promised Return. “What did you do?”

She puts her palm forward and makes it glow white again. “Just my Semblance. I can tell when someone lies to me. Pretty handy.”

You are still wary. “Why would I lie about my name?”

“Honestly, I just thought you actually weren’t Picaro Calavera and instead one of the other girls Isaac told me about. The ones with illusions.”

“Why would they be here?”

“Dunno, checking doesn’t cost me anything though. Found it suspicious you didn’t ask for any proof I was with Isaac. He describes you as ‘the most paranoid man alive’.”


“Then I say ‘Ironwood is the most paranoid man alive’.”

“It wasn’t necessary. That pin,” you point to the bird hanging from her scarf, “May and Isaac’s sister had it too. I figured you were part of those Happy Huntresses.”

Robyn chuckles. “Bossbaby is observant.”


“I’m the leader actually. But enough introduction, Fiona must be worried already.” Robyn turns around and gestures to follow. “Follow me.”

You don’t follow her. “I did not give you permission to use your Semblance on me.”

“Oh no, I used my special power which you knew nothing about and I could’ve gotten your deepest secrets in - gasp - making you say your name. Now I won’t be able to use it again, but you’re right, I’m totally-”

“Shut up.”

“Sooo… you coming? Fiona is making stew.”

“Whatever.” You put away your staff and begin following Robyn.

“Two things. One, love the scarf.”

You almost said ‘you too.’

“Two, as a vote of confidence and trust, Fiona’s cooking is terrible. Just a heads up.”

“You’re trying too hard. It’s annoying.”

“To do what? Be your friend? As far as I see it, you’ve saved Isaac’s life, we’re already friends.” Robyn’s cheer drops for a second. “I told that lil’ dum dum to be cautious and apply for Atlas next year.”

“Your wish is granted,” you flatly say.

“As a pr show pony. As soon as he enters we’re transferring him to Beacon.”

Beacon? That’s Vale’s academy and the hardest to get in.

And the one with the record for most Vytal festival’s tournament wins.

And the one with the most obnoxious headmaster.

“It should be easy. Transfers are easier than getting in.”

“Hm.” You intend to continue the journey in silence.
“Lemme guess.” Robyn does not.

“I don’t let you.”

“Ironwood tried to give you the ol’ military honeymoon. Taking you on big ships, showing you around his fancy school and I’m assuming you’ve got a card with an absurd amount of Lien.”

“…” You still intend to remain silent.

“He did that to me too, you know? Back in my academy days. Ironwood likes to recruit young and groom them for as long as possible to become his loyal soldiers. He did that to the Schnee girl, if I didn’t know any better, I’d assume he was looking to get his Iron Wood in some young Scnussy, you know what I’m saying?”


Robyn has a conversation with no one. “But James is a lot of things, but sex is the least important thing on his mind. A shame, it’d been hilarious to see Jacques reaction to her eldest daughter getting railed by his worst enemy. We’ll have to be satisfied with his wife having an affair with the White Fang’s Atlas branch leader.” Robyn leaves a small room for a response.

“…” Which never comes.

“That didn’t get to you? Boring.” To accentuate her point, she yawns. “Anyways, your stunt probably put stars in his eyes. Not saving Isaac, all huntsmen eventually become saviors and there’s no real difference between what you did and what some experienced pro would do, you can’t save someone better. I’m talking about fighting - what do you call it down there? Creeping Death or something? - the big Komodo. That thing is fierce and the sole reason so many die in initiation at Shade every year, cutting its tail during it? Now that’s the kind of potential dear General wants. Though it won’t be much good, that lizard is hard to kill. It regenerates at abnormal speeds.”

“It does?”

“HA! So that’s got a reaction!”

Of course it did. That Grimm has been a mystery since you entered Shade, perhaps from before even as your brother didn’t tell you anything about it. The students were useless and the faculty always changed the subject.

But Robyn knows.

“Well, our friendly conversation of state secrets will have to wait until brunch because…” Robyn pushes open a door of an unassuming house. “We are here!”

The grand entrance is met with an underwhelming response.

May is balancing on a chair with her back to the wall and her feet up the table.

A muscular woman doesn’t look up from her game of solitaire. “Hey.”

You don’t care about them as your eyes lock up to a figure on a wheelchair rolling into the hallways and talking into a side door. “They are both white powders, of course they are interchangeable,” he says in a sarcastic tone.

“Uh, yeah.”

“No! Baking soda and salt are not-” He catches you out of the corner of his eye and his mouth is left agape.

“Oh I gotta record this.” Robyn pulls out her scroll. “It’s so hard to get emotion out of boys these days.”

And you do have emotions right now. Lots of emotions. A million words you wish to say, but what will be your first few?
>Sorry for not coming straight here tundra man, I thought that Ironwood wanted to talk about something important other then just trying to bribe me. I came here as soon as that all posturing was over.
>"Nice to see your face again, tundra boy."
Wait, we posted at the exact time, down to the second.
I've never seen that before
turn around and grab robyn scroll the hug isaac
Huh and we both called him 'tundra' too, interesting.

Hm there is a good point in that we shouldn't say or do anything that could be used as blackmail.
I'll change mine to just say
>"Nice to see your face again, tundra boy."
>"Sorry for not coming straight here."
>Go in to hug the torso as best as we can
Best to not talk shit about ironwood while being recorded, scrolls already have given us enough trouble as is
We also thought about blackmail right now.
Is this the work of an enemy stand semblance?
Next you are going to say, 'the Ozluminati must be behind this'!
I'm sorry.
the Ozluminati must be behi...Nani?!
>We’ll have to be satisfied with his wife having an affair with the White Fang’s Atlas branch leader.
would that be Adam ? if so, the only think I expect him putting inside her is his sword
Or maybe it was his dad and Adam is secretly/unknowingly the very thing he hates most.
>Adam is a bull faunus
>His (potential) father cucked Jacques Schnee
It writes itself.
Don't forget that he was one of Jacques slaves
Sorry for being late. Writing now.
File: Fiona.png (197 KB, 220x788)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
The woman beside you acts like a cruel reminder of why you usually keep your feelings hidden away.

Can’t give anyone an inch.

You clear your throat and speak in a neutral tone, “Hello Isaac, nice to see your face.”

“That seems stunted,” the muscular woman comments before looking up. “One sec.” She walks up to Robyn.

“Wait!” Robyn cries as she has her scroll snatched away. The other woman holds it far away while Robyn tries to grab it.

“Go and hug each other for Brothers’ sake.”

You don’t have to be told twice. You aren’t really a hugger, despite recent events, but really you need to physically confirm Isaac is actually there, alive, okay.

“Sorry for not coming right away, tundra boy. Fucking Ironwood lied. He said there was something crucial to discuss, but he just wanted to poach me.”

“So I was right, as per usual,” May says.

“Quit ruining the moment you two,” the woman holding Robyn’s scroll counters.

“It’s okay bossman.” Isaac hugs you back. “I wasn’t worried, I knew you’d come. It was those other bitches who were worried.” Isaac says in a playful voice. “You didn’t let me down when carrying a half-dead man 250 kilometers through a desert.”

That reminds you of something. You separate. “The others will be coming some other time. They had to check-in at the hotel.”

“Which one is it?”

“I believe it was called Nicholas.”

Robyn whistles, forgetting about her scroll now that the moment has passed. “The Nick? Damn general, just throwing Lien around.”

“It’d be a rounding error with his budget. I’m Joanna by the way.” The woman who was holding Robyn’s scroll presents herself before giving her leader’s possession back.

“Don’t stop the introductions!” A voice comes from the kitchen. “I’ll be out in a second!”

“The Nick has individual check-ins,” Robyn continues. “Your window’s shot to hell, where will you be staying the night?”

“Eh, around.”

“Oh no you won’t!” The voice shouts again. A sheep faunus you recognize comes from the kitchen. “You’re staying with us!” Her bravado quickly dies. “I-I mean, if it’s okay with you.”

“Is it okay with you two?” You ask Isaac and his sister and are met with nods. “Then sure.”

“That’s great!” She runs up to you and gives you a big hug. “I didn’t get the chance to tell you how grateful I am.”

More hugs… at least she’s soft.

“Isaac is my whole world. After our parents died in the mines-”

“Sis, I believe that smoke isn’t normal when cooking stew.”

“It’s okay, that can wait.”

Joanna sighs and goes to deal with the fire.

“What I’m trying to say is…” she breaks the hug but remains at arm’s length while looking at your eyes. “Thank you, so, so much.”

You find looking at such bare gratitude somewhat embarrassing. You look to the side. “It’s just what we do. Being a huntsman is about giving people hope.”

“Damn straight,” Robyn says with pride.
“Hey Fi,” Joanna leans out of the kitchen door holding a blackened pot, “pretty sure this is unsalvageable.”

“Oh no! I guess we won’t be eating my special stew…” The room fills with silent cheer.

“It’s okay sis, let’s just hang out for a while.” Everyone voices their affirmations and walks to the couch, carrying some extra chairs. Isaac struggles to move with his wheelchair.

“Let me-” You move to push Isaac.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” he stops you. “I got it, okay?”

He said okay a lot.

After some hardship, Isaac positions himself in the circle.

“So,” Fiona starts with a smile, “how’s Shade?”


“I always kinda liked Shade’s ideals. All the freedom,” Robyn continues.

“Beats Atlas’,” May says. “I hated all the control.”

“Well, that much freedom doesn’t usually work in reality. Shade’s ideals are the best thing about the school.” May and Robyn begin discussing among themselves, happy to leave you out.

You yourself are okay with it too. Isaac is your friend, not these people.

“How are your friends?” Fiona tries to bring you back.

“They’re fine.”

“And your classes? How are the tests there? I heard they’re different from Atlas?”

You grimace at the barrage of questions. Being her baby brother’s savior, Fiona is probably just trying to be as friendly as possible.

You think it’s a tad overbearing.

“You’re doing it wrong Fi,” Robyn re-enters your own one-sided conversation. “Here’s how you get his attention. We were talking about the big Komodo - Creeping Death.”

You do your best to hide your interest.

“Everyone in Shade knows about it. They know it’s the reason why so many kids die each year in initiation. Then, why don’t they do anything about it? It’s just one Grimm, right?” Robyn looks side to side. “Anyone?”

If she intends to get you to talk about something you shouldn’t know, she’ll need to do better. After Grant you’re extra careful.

“‘Cause they can’t. They tried so many times, but the Grimm is wicked smart. The previous Shade headmaster brought a team of twenty of his best men. Not once did the Komodo appear, well, not until the team was exhausted and lost in a sandstorm. The Grimm picked them off one by one and threw the bodies over the walls into the city. People say it enjoyed hearing the people’s anguish.”

Robyn enjoys the atmosphere she created. Like telling horror stories around the fireplace. “But why did you say cutting its tail won’t do anything?”

She smiles. “The beast, apart from being a genius at slaughter and having a sadistic streak, also adapts, and not only in mind. The Creeping Death you met isn’t the same one from the story, that one had its eyes destroyed by one brave huntsman, but the big thing could see just fine right?”
Isaac nods, immersed in the tale.

“Its body changes. It evolves and grows deadlier with each wound. Who knows what its new tail will do…” She leans back on her chair. “That’s why no one is telling you anything, imagine what the fine folk of Vacuo will say if they discover there’s a Grimm they don’t kill because they genuinely can’t.”

“The panic, the fear, by the Brothers…” Isaac is dumbfounded while the other huntresses remain stoic.

“I know this because the big boys wanted to get me on board with all their schemes. Now I’m telling you because, after what you did in the desert, I want your help.”

“What?” It catches you by surprise. Is she talking about saving Isaac? I didn’t do that alone. Would she have told me this if I wasn’t?


“It’s okay Fi, I got it. You see bossbaby, Vacuo isn’t the only place with a very dangerous Grimm the public doesn’t know about. But…” Robyn gets up from her chair, “that’s gotta wait for dinner, we’ve got some chores to run!”

“What?!” That really catches you by surprise.

“I have to meet with some politicians, Joanna and May will go down to the soup kitchen and the sheepblings will organize some things with the White Fang. You can come with if you want. Or not.”

After dropping that bomb, Robyn gives you a choice.
>Go with Robyn.
>Go with Joanna and May.
>Go with Isaac and Fionna.
>Other, write-in


Votes here.
>Go with Isaac and Fionna.
>"The White Fang nearly killed me once just for being a witness, I'm not letting you two go alone to."
Writing going to the White Fang.
Hearing that name rings alarms in your head.

“The White Fang? They almost killed me for being a witness a year ago.”

That revelation doesn’t give the reaction you expected. “Mistral, right?” Robyn asks.

“… why?”

She laughs. “Explain to him on the way, will you Fi?” She exits the house followed by Joanna and May.

As you and the Thyme siblings walk - and roll - through the slums, the sister explains, “Not all White Fang is the same.”

“No matter what the news will have you believe.” Isaac struggles to move swiftly through the dirt roads, but still refuses any help.

“Though it started as a single organization for achieving equality after the revolution with walk-outs, protests and such. Some time ago there were disagreements in methods among high ranking members.”

“One wanted to stick to a zero violence approach, another sought to make changes from the inside and the last one, well, I’m sure you remember that bullboy’s attitude.”

Who’d thought a ragtag team of crazed terrorists would have tension with each other.

“They split into three distinct branches operating in three Kingdoms. First you have the Menagerie branch, run by who used to be the leader of them all, Ghira Belladonna.”

“There the Fang is more like a lifestyle, a hope for things to get better with rituals and shit. Suffice to say, they are pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.”

“Then you have the Mistral branch, run by Sienna Khan.”

Isaac whistles. “Reeeaal piece of work that woman.”

“Well… yes she is. Before the split she was the right hand woman of Ghira, she grew more and more disillusioned with his methods and was the first one to split away.”

“Her and a bunch of the more looney members.”

“Don’t say that. The faunus who were most hurt by prejudice followed her with the promise of harsher solutions.”

“And they got it in a twisted way. Before, the Fang was an annoyance at best and a joke at worst, after Sienna claimed her piece of the lawlessness in Mistral, equality has been an actual conversation.”

“Because people are afraid,” you interrupt. “They fear that any slight will be met with explosive retribution and any faunus you know would put on a Grimm mask when you aren’t looking.”

Isaac snorts. “Those fucking masks.”

Fiona continues, “The masks are exclusive to the Mistral branch. But you’re right, they intend to put fear into the powers at be and force them to capitulate.”

“Wasn’t this about equality?”

“They say it’ll come after… somehow.”

“That Adam guy,” Isaac says, “he must be from the Mistral branch if he’s as violent as you claim.”

Now that I think about it, I did find him in Mistral when we fought a year ago.

“As for the last branch, oh- we are here.” Fiona stops in front of a metal door. “Why don’t I just show you.” She does a complex sounding knock.

The metal door opens.
It looks like a seedy bar you’d find in a place like the slums. Smells like it too.

Your group avoids brawls and collapsed alike to make your way to the counter.

“What’ll ya ‘ave?” Asks a big faunus with gills on his neck. I wonder if he can breathe underwater. He can manage in land well enough.

“Give me an Atlesian spirit,” Fiona says.

“Don’t ‘ave any.”

“Then a Mistrali is fine.”

“We’ve got Kuchinashi’s.”

“Try Wind Path.”

The faunus nods. “Think we got one in storage.” He gestures with his head to follow. He leads you into the backroom filled with various bottles, through a side door and down some stairs.

Fiona had to carry Isaac and his wheelchair, but it didn’t seem like a problem for her.

At the end of the stairs there’s a second metal door which the bartender knocks on.

A part slides open revealing a set of eyes. “Password.”

The bartender whispers something.

“Now, let’s pray he’s using the secret word indicating not to kill us and burn everything,” Isaac jokes. Hopefully.

The heavy metal door slides open.

“This,” Fiona says excitedly, “is the Atlas branch!”

You see a big open space with faunus busily running around, all wearing armbands with the hexagonal symbol you’ve never seen before.

“Atlas may not be the place with the most prejudice.” Fiona puts Isaac down. “But it sure has the most legislation against my kind. The fight needed to be covert.”

On closer inspection as you walk into the headquarters you can spot blackboards with various keywords written and linked to others, newspaper clippings pinned to the wall.

Your view focuses on the rifles in one table to the side.

“Gotta keep ourselves safe once in a while,” Isaac defends.

“You’re with these people Isaac?”

“Don’t look at me like that bossman! These guys are nothing like the ones in Mistral.”

“He’s right. The Atlas branch, like I said before, wants to bring change from the inside. Here we organize boycotts, walk-outs and we make sure the people know about it.”

“But that’s what the White Fang did before splitting.”

“On the surface level, that’s what they do, but look a little deeper and well…” Fiona gives a cute little laugh.

“Getting sympathizers in high places, blackmailing the corrupt politicians to pass legislation pro faunus, little by little destroying corporations.” Isaac smiles. “Your kind of spy shit.”

“Seems like a slow process, I’ve never heard things getting better.”

“Slow and steady,” Fiona continues. “Besides, they did get results already. Several anti-faunus board members from the SDC itself had to be laid off after they exposed their dirty laundry. If they can force Jaqcues Schnee’s hand, they can do anything!”

“To give the man a little credit.” A tall, lanky man with green, slicked-back hair and what appear to be reptilian eyes approaches your group. “Not every corporation has a man on the inside. In a high position too!”
“Really on top of things,” a random faunus says.

“Especially his wife!” another continues before both burst into laughter.

The man in question rolls his eyes with a smile. He looks to Fiona, expecting something.

“Oh, right. Picaro this is Mr. Kastak, leader of the Atlas branch and CFO of the Schnee Dust Company.”

“And personal friend of Jacques Schnee-”

“And his wife!”

“-a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He offers you his business card.
>Take it


Today was exposition, exposition, exposition.
No updates tomorrow sadly, I have an important work thing that was dumped in me out of the blue. We continue Tuesday at 18 utc.
>Take it
>"If Adam is part of the Mistral branch, and the Menagerie branch are pacifists, and they are lead by Ghira, then why are the Belladona's his adopted family?"
Mean to vote to
Since that write-in is basically saying that all the branches are actually the same
>Take it
Spy shit is a go.
>>Take it
>Take it
is the cuckoo maker original to this quest or it's canon ? because if it is I'm surprised I never heard any joke about it.
File: WF logo Atlas.png (54 KB, 600x600)
54 KB
As I was laying on bed, suddenly I jumped awake. I had forgotten to post the edited White Fang logo I made for the Atlas Branch. Here it is. I had timed the updates apart and everything so the Atlas branch will be special, how tragic.

It's OC.
File: Other branches.jfif.jpg (37 KB, 512x512)
37 KB
Here are Mistral and Menagerie.
Don't want anything that could trace us back to anything just yet.
We cant be caught having this in our pockets, we are already a suspect for the Grimm fairytale leak (except we definitely did). No need to add more to that list of being framed as something we are not..

Have a Coco.
Should we meet Weiss or Whitley, what are the chances Picaro's 'tism kicks in and he asks if they're Kastak's kids?
>Take it
Do you guys really think it says "Covert Leader of the Secret Atlas White Fang Branch" or something? At least read it first.
Since the write-in got no support, I'll change my vote to
>Take it
I'll support your write-in anon.
Anyone who knows about this guy probably knows who he's associated with. Ironwood definitely knows.
bet Ironwood put a wire on someone and we don't know who (are Issac metal legs wired?)
I’d sooner suspect Jacques’ card was bugged.
These White Fang chapter's whole thing is that they're a covert rebellion, there's a non zero chance there are bugs around here that can be used for blackmail (probably not on the card itself, though I won't say there isn't a chance).

That's also a possibility, but in all fairness its not likely since Ironwood didn't bug the gunship we were in.
>Take it
>Think about how Adam is part of the Mistral branch, and the Menagerie branch are pacifists, and they are lead by Ghira, he is adopted by the Belladona's.
>If the card can be used against us in any way then we should get rid of it when we get the chance, but not while in front of this guy.
I agree with >>5844699 thoughts on how the different White Fang branches are intimately connected and have more overlap than they might want to admit, but I don't think voicing our skepticism in a room full of armband wearing members is a good idea.
Also just to be clear I'm voting we keep our suspicions as thoughts, since saying them out loud could be bad.
That seems to be a good compromise, I'll support it.
It keeps true to our paranoia, our past experiences and the inconsistencies they are showing, but at the same time make us look nice while we are in the middle of their den.
Hope we can get the Thymes away from the group before they show their true colors.
Supporting this.
Also this too.
Can't trust nobody, especially sister organizations of terror groups.
Take it.


File: StareKastak.png (65 KB, 1097x1800)
65 KB
If Adam is part of the violent Mistral branch, why does the leader of the pacifist one appear to have such a close relationship with him? Just last year Adam was planting bombs. The branches must be much more closely connected than what they might like you to believe. You eye Kastak. I’m sure he’d like to separate himself from the bad reputation the Mistrali branch brings, but it’s gonna take more than boasting about non-violent subversion to convince me the guns on that table are there for self-defense. At the end of the day, they ride under the same banner.

Kastak must’ve sensed your suspicion, he smiles. “What’s with that stare? We’re all friends here, fighting for equality.” He urges you to take the card, perhaps as a symbol of camaraderie.

You look into his reptilian eyes, looking for deceit, but the only thing which meets your gaze is his own, piercing glare. It reminds you of Jacques, that cold look necessary for a successful, shrewd businessman.

The battle of wills is forfeit and you take the card. Kastak Rasen; right underneath Chief Financial Officer; contact information can be seen in the corners.

I must get Fiona and Isaac away from these people before they show their true colors.

Kastak’s demeanor does a 180. “I heard you have my friend Jacques’ card too. All that’s left is the COO’s card and you get a free smoothie.”

You neglect to say Jacques’ card got destroyed and you don’t intend to keep Kastak’s for very long.

“Who even is the COO?” Isaac asks. “I’ve never heard anything about them.”

“She doesn’t do anything,” Kastak answers. “Just a high position given to the daughter of the founder so she’ll have a job to go with that 75% share of the company.” Kastak doesn’t sound very fond of this woman.

“Wait, you’re talking about Willow Schnee, right? AKA, Jacques’ wife, AKA, the woman you’re sleeping with.”

“Yes, why?”

Isaac shrugs. “Nothing, just seems kinda weird. You talk about the man you’re cucking with some respect and not the woman with whom you’re cucking.”

Kastak hums. “Despite everything that man has done, I respect him as a businessman and a worker. The Schnee Dust Company was on its last legs when old Nick was in charge, odds were, it wouldn’t survive another two years. But Jaqcues came from Brothers know where and offered a hand. Took him three years, but in the end, he had secured deals, bought out seemingly unusable mines while investing in better mining technology, getting astronomical returns on his paltry investment.” He chuckles. “He and - then sergeant - Ironwood got along swimmingly, he charmed his way through Remnant's high society. He bankrolled new refining procedures. Dust had never been so affordable.”

“But he didn’t stop there,” Fiona says with more venom you thought possible for the usually gentle girl.
Kastak looks sullen. “No he didn’t. He wanted more, he used his newfound control over the single most desired resource on Remnant to crush competitors, bribe officials into passing legislation to benefit his bottom line and much more you probably already figured out.” He looks back up. “Still doesn’t change the facts. Willow Schnee is a fool who was first born into riches, lost them, then married back into them, I don’t respect her. Jacques Shcnee is a wicked man, but he’s a genius, an incredibly hard worker and so charismatic he could charm the vote out of the people if he wanted to become councilman.” Kastak looks you straight in the eye. “That proposal to give prosthetics to huntsmen, be careful. He made it very clear how unhappy he is about it. If you push too hard, who knows what he might do.”

The air grows heavy for a second.

“But you still fucking his wife.” Isaac alleviates it.

Kastak sighs. “The flesh is weak, as they say.”

“Check this out, bossman.” Isaac pulls out his scroll and hits play on a video.

It looks homemade, amateur, it’s- “This is porn Isaac.”

“No it’s not. Keep watching.”

The camera moves in a way you can see the face of the woman being… loved in all fours. She looks vaguely familiar, but the white hair and blue eyes plus context clues can give you a good idea of who she is.

”Smile for the camera.” Kastak’s voice comes from the video.

Willow looks at the device, not with surprise or fear, but with defeat. ”Again? Why do you do this?”

”It’s funny.”

The video cuts abruptly. She seemed pretty calm for someone being recorded having an affair.

“She said again.” You raise an eyebrow.

Kastak clears his throat. “The troops need to be reminded I’m still in the inner circle once in a while.”

“Yeah, really IN!”

“Up top dog!”

“You two! I do believe someone has to do maintenance on the servers,” Kastak orders and the two faunus scurry off laughing to themselves. Kastak massages his temples. “Pleasantries are out of the way, how about we get down to business?”

Fiona nods. “Certainly. Are you coming?” Fiona asks you.

Do you wanna get further involved with the White Fang? If you do, you may get some clear insight on how they work and maybe even somewhat manipulate their actions, but of course, you’ll be more attached to the terrorist group.


I had a paragraph of Picaro giving his opinion on Willow's three pregnancies body, but remembered our boy doesn't care for that stuff. It was funny too.

Fun fact, the businessman stare is based on Patrick Bateman's.

Votes here. Write-ins need to have support to be counted Forgot to say this before, thanks for reminding me.

Also, today might be a tad slow. Work's not done yet.
I want him to try to blackmail us, reveal his hand.
Time to see if the sheeps are innocent and naive or actually wolves
Usually I'd go for it but there's still the fact we're a teenager trying to outmaneuver glowies, terrorists, and delusional mind controlling extortioners.
Also Kastak is probably not trustworthy, I'm half expecting him to try and blackmail us like the other anon said.

>the businessman stare is based on Patrick Bateman's.
The Faunus Psychopath?
On the other hand, we came all the way here and already got involved with even more spy shit, and we going with them would let us know more on how much the Thyme's know about how the organization truly is and how involved they are.
I expect that they want to discuss Isaac's new role a PR boy, but it might be something more insidious at play. Karstak has that sociopath look, looks up to Jacques and hasn't even mentioned the Schnee slaving faunus, which is either happening under his nose or he is letting happen.
I now wonder if the soup kitchen would have been a more lighthearted option, or if something would have gone wrong
We don't know enough, better to stay behind and plan to deal with them should the need comes.
Also, we should ask Isaac for a copy of the video to keep in case of blackmail.
I'll change to
I'm curious, even if curiosity killed the cat
>Also, we should ask Isaac for a copy of the video to keep in case of blackmail.
Not a bad idea.
Unless the cucking is more of an open secret. Then it doesn't really help us that much.
Though the interaction with Isaac would be funny lmao
I don’t care to vote whether or not we get involved. However:

>Remain silent
>The Atlas branch of the White Fang is doomed, a circus full of clowns and led by scumbags. The Mistral terrorists may be bloodthirsty and bitter, hoping for their turn to hold the leash, but at least they don’t take advantage of a depressed, neglected, battered mother of three whose only remaining solace and rebellion is choosing who gets to be the one to use and abuse her… and then write it off as "funny" in the same breath they sucked off the one guy in the picture actively oppressing them.
>If this is what passes for leadership, heroism, and victory here, then brothers help them if they ever come to Vacuo.
>We respect mothers in Vacuo.
>And the way we treat people who don’t has absolutely nothing to do with Faunus or human.

I'm not sure if he'll outright blackmail us, but he's going to keep tabs on us definitely.

The Schnee Psychopath.
Also supporting this write-in thought process as long as we don't actually voice this, cause that would be almost suicidal.

Dangerously based.
Kek. For a second I thought I’d simply embarrassed myself getting too worked up over the funny NTR meme on the basketweaving site’s fanfic board.
Also supporting the internal-monologue write-in >>5846966 because holy shit, my sides.
Even if it was embarrassing it's still good to post things on this finnish dancing forum.
Better to be cringe and free than live life as a normie on your knees!

>I had a paragraph of Picaro giving his opinion on Willow's three pregnancies body, but remembered our boy doesn't care for that stuff. It was funny too.
would he say she still rocked or that she became ugly ?
supporting, kek
File: IMG_5897.jpg (78 KB, 737x744)
78 KB
>would he say she still rocked
Picaro could be completely asexual but so long as he has eyes to behold the milf booty then he damn well knows she’s rockin’ that mombod. That cake was so ridiculously glorious it literally ruined a scene’s composition and had to be nerfed.
Supporting this too >>5846966
But don't say it out loud lmao
Real great first impression they left, laughing about cucking a guy in a loveless marriage.
To be fair Jacques is a dickhead. It's mostly the kids and wife we feel bad for.
It's not about that, even if it's for morale it's a absolutely useless "victory" since Jacques doesn't care and it doesn't help their goals in any way that I can see (unless Willow somehow is helping the White Fang, but then why would Kastak say he doesn't respect her). Ultimately they're just laughing at a woman stuck in a dead marriage getting used for their goals and that is just really shitty.

You know, I reckon a scandal and however Jacques retaliates would make for a situation chaotic enough to do some shadowrunning, just saying we have the option.
Yeah, absolutely fuck Jacques Gelé, he’s a scumbag like few could ever hope to match and he deserves every ill and misfortune to ever come his way. He shat on the legacy of Nicholas Schnee, a hardworking industrialist, self-made millionaire (maybe billionaire), a hero of the capitalist ideal (and I do mean the capitalist IDEAL, not the capitalist nightmare we have irl and which Jacques has inflicted upon Remnant), and valiant Huntsman in his own right. He’s the embodiment of everything the White Fang proper should stand against, seizing the SDC fortune which had been carefully fostered to trickle down and keep Nick’s neighbors and countrymen warm, fed, safe, and gainfully employed… and turned it into dehumanizing wageslavery(not to mention ACTUAL slavery for the Faunus) for profit at the cost of life and limb of his workers. Willow and her children may not live up to the Schnee name as Nick left it, but it’s theirs by birthright and Jacques doesn’t deserve it in the slightest, entrepreneurial genius or not. IRONWOOD DID NOTHING WRONG, REEE!!!

So yeah, fuck Kastak for being a fanboy and a man cut from the same cloth. He’s probably infiltrated the Atlas White Fang as his lapdog.
I'll support this, it goes on the same path of what I was thinking here
BUt I still want to go with them, I want to know if the Thymes are wolves in sheep's clothing or not.
Based. Supporting this write-in too with my vote.
>I want to know if the Thymes are wolves in sheep's clothing or not.
I trust Tundra Man and by extension I trust his sister… to mean well at least. If we tell anyone how we feel before we go, we tell THEM in the hopes that they’ll quietly steer things in the right direction. I believe that they at the very least have good enough heads on their shoulders to head out our concerns without taking it as an attack on them, on Faunus, or on the mission the White Fang is meant to uphold.
I'm just very paranoid after Grant stabbed us in the back
Absolutely valid. Fuck Grant for betraying a brother so trivially like that. He has forgotten the face of his father.
File: NTR is the key.png (20 KB, 300x900)
20 KB
It was a pleasant surprise to say the least.
I still gotta eat dinner, then I'll count the votes.
I disliked the fucker even before the NTR, since I thought it was a joke, not actually happening.
This whole organization and it's leader are screaming manipulatir using idiots as pawns.
Kind of weird to have an OC specifically exist to cuck an official character. But I dunno, I never saw the series, maybe there's a similar story beat that already exists
Actually, thinking about it, isn't that what happened with Lancelot's inclusion in the arthurian mythos? So in a way you would are just be continuing a long standing literary tradition lol

A slam dunk.

Finally! Freedom!

Fantastic write-in and observations.

>would he say she still rocked or that she became ugly ?
It was meant to show how little Picaro knows about normal women.
He'd think Willow looks disgusting, despite the fact that for her age and bearing three children she's fantastic, and when Fiona tries to explain he'd still stubbornly claim she looks ugly.
The joke was gonna be that the only women he regularly interacts with are huntresses who all are pretty much required to be in peak fitness and mocking the idea that even when seeing a beautiful MILF, his huntsman 'tism kicks in.

Now I wonder who's behind THIS post?

Anyways, writing!
File: IMG_5905.jpg (334 KB, 1280x1656)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
>Now I wonder who's behind THIS post?
Given the number of people that hate Jacques and loved Nicholas, it really could honestly be anyone.

Enjoy some homework everyone:
Fiona holds her outstretched hand, an olive branch to the terrorist, for a second longer. “Okay, suit yourself,” she says without a hint of malice or surprise. As if she asked you a paltry thing like what flavor drink you want.

“You can stick around if you want.” Kastak gives you a pearly smile, no doubt rehearsed to ensure maximum trust, before walking off with Fiona in tow.

The more you think, the harder it becomes to keep a cool head. “Hey Isaac.”

The ram faunus decided to stick with you. “Yeah?”

“Can I see that video again?”

Isaac laughs. “Fo’ sure.”

You pause right in the frame where the woman’s face is in focus. That look in her eyes, if you had to describe it, it’d be like a circus animal, having accepted misery long ago with no hope of ever getting better. Just following commands.

It makes you feel bad, but the pit in your stomach is due to another related thing.

You look around the room and see faunus laughing, calling Jacques variation of ‘cuck’, describing this woman as a cheap whore and parading their leader as an ‘alpha’.

You soon realize, it’s not weird Isaac has this video in his scroll. It’s the norm.

The more you think.

What else have they accomplished? When I brought up how I haven’t heard anything changing in Atlas, Fiona got defensive. No one ever mentions anything besides how the Atlas branch leader banged Jaqcues Schnee’s wife. It was the first thing I ever heard from this organization.

You take a look back at the screen.

Have they done anything else? In the years they’ve been operating, have things gotten better?

For all the things I could say about the Mistral branch, they’ve done things. Businesses no longer prohibit entry based on race outside the capital - granted - out of fear.

You narrow your eyes at Kastak’s back while he’s leaning over some maps. What have you done for the cause?

A very specific thing comes to your mind. Back when you fought Adam and he forfeited. “Things can’t be changed from inside! The inside is decayed, rotten to the core. It’ll get you too.”[i/]

Was he referring to the Atlas branch? If anyone knows about the White Fang, it’s Adam.

The more you think.

This place, this branch! Phonies! You see things through Adam’s eye for a second. Cowards.

Is this what they are? A group of underground railroad wannabes whose biggest accomplishment is laughing at some poor woman’s one form of rebellion? You remember how back in the gala, even at a party, Willow looked miserable. Done by a man who ADMIRES the one responsible for most of their pain and suffering?

This is a circus. A show put on to pretend things are changing. And the ringleader is using the faunus’ hurt to lead them around with petty, empty victories.
You clench your fist. I hated Vale. Hated how fake it was. If it weren’t for Coco I’d never set foot in that den of fake smiles, fake kindness, fake promises. Plastic people, more worried about social standing than being honest.

Atlas is ten times worse. Ever since I stepped foot in an Atlas’ ship, it has been non-stop lies and deceit. Even the ship itself was a lie! At least it fits the Atlesian White Fang would be just as fake.

This doesn’t fly back home. Vacuo is honest, the misery is shared. That’s why I’d never live anywhere else despite everything.

You find it hard to keep in check your emotions - or rather - your sense of duty, urging you to strangle the life out of Kastak. You must remember you’re in enemy territory. This is why I hate spy shit, Grimm are so much simpler.

You decide to step outside before you do anything stupid.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Isaac grabs your arm. “We were talking?”

You were? You suppose being quiet often can help you blend in when lost in thought. “I just need to get some fresh air.”

“Can I come with?”
>Say yes and confide with Isaac without prying eyes.
>Say yes but don’t confide, just get him out of here.
>Say no, you need to get your head in order and you’d rather do it alone
>Other, write-in


Shout out to this guy for skipping like half of the Atlas branch storyline in one write-in, kudos. I wonder if whoever did the write-in of asking Narci about college during initiation is around, he too skipped past a chunk of her quest.
Anyways, love me some clever write-ins!

See you all tomorrow at the usual time and if my boss tells me to do extra work again I will burn the place down in minecraft.
>>Other, write-in
say yes but make sure we arent being tailed
>Say yes and confide with Isaac without prying eyes.
>Make sure we are being followed, we haven't been bugged and pray there's no semblance shit
>Vacuo is honest, the misery is shared.
Come on Picaro, you seem Gillian, that's not true.
Let the boy adapt to figuring out everywhere as at least one snake.
>Say yes and confide with Isaac without prying eyes.
imagine if we BTFO both ozpin and salem by seeing through their bullshit with us being schizo
It’s not paranoia if you’re right. One day, Coco’s faith in humanity will shrivel up, she’ll see the world as we do… and she’ll see that we just wanted her to be able to smile for a little while longer.
>Say yes but don’t confide, just get him out of here.
>Make sure we aren't being tailed, that there aren't any bugs, or something
>Ask Isaac what he thinks about the White Fang in Atlas
I want to trust Isaac, but after what happened between us and Grant I'm more hesitant. It doesn't exactly help that Isaac has that video of Kastak cucking, but then again it isn't uprising for someone to have in this chapter of the White Fang.
And semblances mean people can just overhear what we have to say. Who knows, maybe Kastak has a semblance that uses businesscards as bugs lmao

I hope I'm not making a mistake here with this vote lol
Shit, you mentioning him strengthened my paranoia
Changing to
>Say yes but don’t confide, just get him out of here.
But I'm keeping my vote to be worried about this people.
>Say yes and confide with Isaac without prying eyes.
File: IMG_5906.jpg (769 KB, 1170x1622)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
>Say yes
>Make sure we aren’t being followed, we haven't been bugged, and pray there's no semblance shit going on
>"Be real with me Tundra Man… what has the White Fang managed to do here?"
>"What has that man accomplished, other than this?"
>You pause right in the frame where the woman’s face is in focus. That look in her eyes, if you had to describe it, it’d be like a circus animal, having accepted misery long ago with no hope of ever getting better. Just following commands.
>"…Isaac? Why did you decide to become a Huntsman?"
>Be ozpin explaining to picaro why salem is a threat
>Picaro: “It’s because you got into fight and that killed your kids then I’m not helping you.”
>Be salem explaining to picaro why ozpin is a threat
>Picaro: “You literally got into a fight and that killed your kids then I’m not helping you.”
Good write anon
Yes and confide.

Say yes but don't confide.

Let this be a lesson in karma. Yesterday I said I'd burn down my workplace and today my house almost burned down. Thank God I noticed the stove was still on and nothing bad happened. I should tell my sister to let you guys know if I die and can't write anymore. kidding.

I'd say Gillian is more honest than some other Vacuan faces we met thus far, like Theodore and Rumpole and Grant and our mother and us.

Anyways, writing.
Isaac Thyme, possibly your second oldest friend (you don’t have many), only by minutes but still.

You trust him enough not to snitch at least.

“Yeah, sure,” you hastily say before grabbing his wheelchair and jogging up the stairs.

You reach the top and continue pushing Isaac to get out as fast as possible. “Hey bossman, it’s cool, I can move on my own.”

You know, but figured it’d be easier if you moved him.

The bar greets you and you maneuver your way into the streets. People may call you racist, but every faunus you see blares alarms in your head.

Gotta find some privacy.

You see the perfect spot, a closed off mine entrance and make your way to it. On the way you take out Kastak’s card and throw it on the dirt.

“Picaro, I said I’m fine!” Isaac protests. You’ll deal with that once safe.

You reach the flimsy wire prohibiting entrance and wait until no one’s around to cut it open and go inside the dark cave.

“Hey! Cut it out!” Isaac seems more angry at being pushed than whatever you are doing.

Finally settling a comfortable distance away from the outside, you don’t stop. I’d put a bug in the wheelchair.

“Okay, okay!” Isaac isn’t amused by you checking every corner of his chair, including lifting him up and seeing what was under his rear. “You done?”

You stop to think for a second. “Yes.”

“Good. First of all, what the fuck?”

“I needed to make sure there’d be no prying eyes.”

“Wh- prying what? The hell are you saying?”

“I said prying eyes.” And ears, faunus have enhanced senses.

“Yeah, I heard you, but why would there BE prying eyes?”

You cut to the chase, “The Atlas branch is not trustworthy.”

Isaac looks confused.

You continue, “What have they accomplished? I’m talking tangible improvements to the faunus.”

“Well, they organize strikes using Kastak’s insider knowledge. Last month, a board member was removed from the SDC after a strike which stopped production on the mines he had investment in. It’s chipping away at a rock, but it’s something.”

“I said tangible. People are still miserable, aren’t they? Everyday it’s getting worse.”

“Well, that’s the game bossman. Unless you want another bloody war, slow and steady is the way to go. Soon enough, the Schnee will have to hear us out and by then we’ll already have someone on the inside.” Isaac seems not bothered by your claims.

“That someone on the inside is the worst of them all! Can’t you see? He’s leading you all with your spite.” You still have the video pulled up. “THIS?! Is this your victory?” You put the image of a broken woman right up to Isaac’s face.

Isaac raises a single eyebrow. “If you expect me to feel bad for a Schnee, then I’m sorry man.”

You’re flabbergasted.

Isaac tries to explain himself. “Look Picaro, I get your point, but you’re looking at it from an outsider’s perspective. You have no idea what that name has done and, frankly, I don’t think you’d understand. These petty victories are a glimmer of hope for us.”
“Hope?!” You laugh at the sheer absurdity. “This is hope for you? Has that conman convinced you of that? It’s cruel.”

“It’s justice.”

“It’s vengeance!”

“What if it is?! They deserve every ill on Remnant!” Isaac matches your indignation. “You aren’t a faunus, you have ZERO idea what it’s like!”

“It’s not about race, idiot!” Isaac gets taken aback by your uncommon surge of emotion. “It’s about what’s right, we are huntsmen, WE are supposed to bring hope! All these videos do is keep you distracted in your bitter, spiteful state while your leader does nothing!”

“I’M NOT A HUNTSMAN!” Isaac takes a deep breath. “Now I’ll never be one…” He looks down to where his lower half was meant to be. “All I wanted was to not be deadweight for my family anymore, now look!” He gestures to himself with a bitter smile. “I can’t even go to the bathroom alone, sometimes I think it’d be better if…”

His silence gives you a chance to speak. “If what?” You don’t understand what he’s implying.


“… okay.”

A heavy silence envelops the dark cave.

“The Atlas branch is not trustworthy.”

“You really think so, bossman?”

“Yes. I know so.”

Isaac chuckles. “You have an amazingly big ego, always thinking you’re the one who knows better.”

“I don’t think I have an ego.” Whatever that is.

Isaac laughs again. “Okay, I’ll trust you.”

It catches you off guard. “Really? Just like that?”

“Yep, just like that. Kastak was always a shady bastard but I could look past it, but if your gut tells you there’s something wrong, then dammit, that gut is the reason I’m alive right now.” Isaac smiles before going serious again. “I, uh, never had the chance to properly thank you.”

“Not necessary. I did what any huntsman would.”

“I’ll do it anyway, whether you want it or not. Back when I was laid in the sand I remember thinking to myself, ‘this is it’, I was ready to just,” he slashes his hand through his neck, “you know? And then when you and city girl carried me, I also kept thinking that it was over and now I was gonna take you with me. At one point I began sorta resenting you.”


“Dunno, just felt like I was meant to die laid down in the sand and you took it away from me. Like you weren’t supposed to save me. It’s stupid, but that was my train of thought. Even today I still can’t believe I’m actually alive! My point is, I could never repay you, so the least I can do is be on your corner every time. I’ll talk to my sis and her friends about what you said and see what we find.”

“That’s good. And… uh… you’re welcome?” You don’t know how to respond to what he said.

Isaac laughs. “Enough gay shit, city girl ain’t even here. Since we won’t be dealing with the Fang, we’ve got a couple of hours to kill before Robyn comes back, dunno about you, but I could go for a drink.”
>”As long as the bar isn’t a front for terrorists.”
>”I’d rather go back to your place straight away.”
>”As long as the bar isn’t a front for terrorists.”
Honestly it would do Picaro some good to unwind. He's gonna give himself a heart attack with all of this spy shit.
>”As long as the bar isn’t a front for terrorists.”
>"I probably won't be drinking anything. Call me paranoid but I want to make sure I'm not being trailed or caught by surprise."
Same reasoning with not wanting to drink with Coco, we got some big days coming up. And I won't lie this whole cloak and dagger thing is making my shadowrunning instincts go up.
>”As long as the bar isn’t a front for terrorists.”
>”As long as the bar isn’t a front for terrorists.”
Alright, I'm now fully convinced Issac is a good boy, just was misguided by others.
>”As long as the bar isn’t a front for terrorists, I’m in."
>"…thanks for hearing me out. I know I have all the social skills of a dedicated cow carcass. And I’m sorry if I really don’t get it."
>"I’m an outsider, so it may not be MY mission, but I know the White Fang’s mission is an important one, one that countless people stake their lives on and believe in."
>"And if it’s your mission too, I’ll always have your back."
>"…Sandsquatch for life."
He may not be on our team, and he may not be in any condition to fight, but we already have our combo attack name, literally from the day we met.
Also, in light of everyone’s concerns regarding spy shit, I have a question for our dear QM. It was mentioned that Picaro attended Lady B’s for three years. Is it a regular combat school in addition to a boarding school for young ladies in this quest? If it’s mostly how it is in the base setting, did he get into the secret curriculum? If he did, did he realize it? I could totally see his ‘tism blinding him to how unusual a fucking buffet spread of assassination courses would be when he comes from the kind of upbringing that he does. I’m especially curious since we attended with the Malachite twins. And while it might be spoilers, I also can’t help but wonder where Neo fits in, given her age.

We told Coco we would at least try to loosen up a bit. I think it would be fine to unwind a little.
>>”As long as the bar isn’t a front for terrorists.”
as long as we have nonalcoholic drinks we should be good
>”As long as the bar isn’t a front for terrorists.”

I like this write in, but I don't like how it sort of goes back on what we said (and believe) earlier about the White Fang. Sorry anon I don't mean to be rude or anything, since it is a nice write in.
That's actually a good point about the White Fang part.

I'll amend my vote to not have that part about the White Fang. Let's just try to relax a bit for once without talking about terrorists and politics.
I wonder which one won.

I don't wanna reveal too many specifics about his high school days just yet, but some stuff can be inferred from context and the way he acts. How he knows how to plant bugs without being discovered for instance.
As for the ages, that is a great question. I've played fast and loose with the timeline and canon ages to fit with the quest, see how Sun and Coco both being the same age despite the fact Coco should be one year older, team AMEN all should vary wildly (it varies a bit) and other timeline fuckery we are yet to see.
In summary, don't take the show as gospel truth every time, some changes have been made as has been shown before.

Anyways, writing.
You sigh, feeling just how tense your shoulders have become. “Hey, as long as the bar isn’t a front for terrorists, I’m down.” You preemptively laugh at what you are about to say, “Tundra boy.”

“There it is!” Isaac claps once. “I was wondering what happened to the kinda awkward but still funny guy I met before initiation.” He begins rolling his way to what you assume would be a bar more accepting of humans.

You cough in your fist while following. “I, uh, I woke up that morning and practiced being normal in the mirror, I figured it was my chance to reinvent myself. Stopped trying after everything fell apart and kept falling apart.”

“Oh come on bossman! You don’t need that, it’s just this never ending stream of crap everyone keeps throwing your way, being funny comes to you, remember sandsquatch?”

Your cheeks adopt the slighted hue of pink. “I… I didn’t, heh.”

“That’s a fantastic team attack name. You were born to be leader, I bet you’ve already thought up other moves.”

“No I didn’t. And sandsquatch was not intended to be a ‘team attack’.”

“Oh, so if you and Adam were to fight together it'd be called something like, ‘death bull’?”

“Obviously no. It should be called ‘Matador’,” you answer without thinking.


“Okay, okay, geez. I no longer tell you guys my stuff after you all laughed for calling my staff Promised Return, despite the fact it’s a cool name.”

“Does anyone else think that?”


“Mr. Wilt and Blush? I believe it.”

You find the tension dissolving away. Isaac is like Coco in that regard, they have a way of disarming you when you become a bomb of paranoia and become your true, mildly less socially stunted self.

Maybe there is some merit to what Coco said. I never talk like this with anyone on my team. Ugh, it’s not my fault, they’re just too tired to hang out and recover too slow. If only we had better beds, fucking Gillian. At least they should become well rested after this week.

You keep your promise as you arrive at the bar. The outside may fool you, it looks much better than the metal door of the last one, but the inside makes all the difference.

“It somehow looks seedier than the last one.”

“Yeah, this is a mostly egalitarian place by virtue of the owner not being in any position to shoo anyone away.” Isaac rolls towards the counter. “I want the usual off the menu stuff. Way off if possible.”

The old bartender looks at you. “And the lass?”

“It’s lad. What’ll you have, bossman?”

“Anything non-alcoholic. We’ve got big days coming up.”

The bartender raises an eyebrow. “I’ve got water, but I wouldn’t drink it if I were you.”

“… something light.”

The man nods and pulls out two tall glasses he fills up with booze.

“Cheers.” Isaac offers and you reciprocate despite how short he looks while you sit on a tall bar chair.
The beer tastes awful in your opinion, but then again, all the alcohol you’ve ever drank came from rich girls having a sleepover and breaking into dad’s cabinet, so you assume those were high quality.

You take a small sip before setting the cup back down. Isaac answers by downing the whole thing and asking for another.

“What’s wrong? Can’t handle your alcohol?”

“Not really. Liquor was never my thing and I’m not… the biggest guy around.”

“That don’t mean anything, I’m half the man I used to be and I still drink just as much!”

The bartender goes to deal with other customers and you find this a good time to vent a bit. You slouch on the counter, nursing your glass. “Such bullshit.”

“What is?”

“All this stuff I’ve gotten myself into. I just wanted to kill Grimm and save people dammit!”

“I mean, you do that a lot.”

“Do I? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a single one of those bastards. It’s just been politics and spy games for a month.” You take a greedy gulp of your drink. “The worst part is the lies. Everyone lies. Theodore lies, Rumpole lies, Gillian lies, Ironwood lies, my brother lies, my ma lies, I lie, everyone lies, like we are all wearing a mask to hide our true selves. Reading into every word, that’s the worst part.” You take another gulp as a reward for your revelation.

“Robyn lies too.”

“Of course.”

“She was the one who brought our situation to the general’s attention. She wants you to go to Atlas as much as he does, but she plans to get you to fight for Mantle and not join the military.”

“Of course.” You take another gulp and grimace as you find the glass empty.

“Everyone has an agenda they won’t tell you about, plans for the future and such. People like Ironwood, Robyn and Theodore have people depending on them and can’t just fly by the seat of their pants. All responsible adults have one.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Just because someone isn’t a hundred percent forthcoming or they’re trying to get you to do something doesn’t mean they’re bad people. I know for a fact Robyn isn’t, she’s the kindest, most selfless person I ever met. She reminds me of you.”

“Brothers no… Again, why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want you to chill out man, have a little more faith!”

“I am chill. I was just venting. Can’t do it with Coco, she’ll send me back to that shrink if I say something TOO disturbing.”

Isaac laughs. “She’s just worried about you.”

“I know, I know.” You sit up straight again. “Enough moping, we’re here to have fun!” Your mood turns sweet for once.

The bartender puts a cup in front of you. “Look at that customer service,” Isaac says. “How did you know?”

“I didn’t. That shady guy just came in and bought it for the lass.”
You turn to see the shady guy in question and you find his black hair, red eyes and red cape look familiar.

The blade on his back gives him away.

Qrow Branwen, one of the huntsmen who were looking for the leak of the banned book a couple of weeks ago, approaches with a wave. “I did promise you a drink, right?”

He doesn’t notice your souring mood. More spy games, here we go.

“It’s funny how small Remnant is,” he says in a raspy voice you aren’t sure it’s meant to sound suspicious. “I figured you’d be up there snorting lines on some high class whores with all that cash Jimmy must’ve given you. I’m glad kids nowadays have some class left. Mind if I take a seat?”
>Make up some excuse and leave
>Stay and listen to whatever he has to say
>Other, write-in
>Stay and listen to whatever he has to say
Qrow might be the type to drink on the job, but I don't think he's here to hassle us in earnest. He's actually pretty okay especially as far as members of the Ozluminati go.
>>Make up some excuse and leave
red flags are rising for me and we need too gtfo with isaac
>Stay and listen to whatever he has to say
sure, why not
Man fuck this, cant have shit in Remnant.
Are there any windows nearby?
>"Not my dive, not my seats. Do what you like I guess."

I missed it cuz I dozed off, but to clarify on what I meant about the White Fang… The Atlas branch is trash, the Mistral branch is extreme, and the Menagerie branch is soft, but that doesn’t change the truth about how Faunus are being treated or that something needs to be done about it. Just because the White Fang as it is is fucking it up - or worse, exploiting it - doesn’t mean what they were originally meant to achieve isn’t important. Personally I don’t see it as contradictory to what we said earlier since that kind of exploitation is harmful to everyone in the long run by keeping us divided. And if nothing else, it’s certainly important to Isaac who has been personally affected by it.
Qrow is indeed one of the good ones and I hate what they did to him as time went on.
>Make up some excuse and leave
A single touch and we get bad luck.
Agreed. I don't know why they feel the need to character-assassinate every member of the Ozluminati that gets any screentime at all in the later volumes. Hell, with what they do to Ironwood and Qrow, I half expect Glynda to be supporting Salem in secret, or to be involved in Faunus slave-trafficking or something.


>"Kill a hundred Grimm and your name ain't Grimm Reaper. You break ONE window and suddenly they call you the window breaker!"
>Picaro slammed his drink down.
I've wanted to write a joke of how annoyed Picaro is at people pointing out how he breaks windows but never had the chance and the moment had kinda passed by now.

Anyways, very freaking late, gonna write and pass out, see you all at 18 utc.
You give a lazy gesture to the chair. “Not my seats. Do what you want.” I sure as shit am not drinking this.

Qrow finds your answer amusing as he sits down. “Don’t mind if I do. Barkeep, something light, I’m working.”

“Really?” Isaac asks.


“You seemed like the type to drink on the job on account of your smell and overall appearance.”

“Nice to meet you too. I don’t have a reason to become an alcoholic yet, thank you very much.”

You eye the silver flask in his hip. “But reason enough to carry that around?”

Qrow smiles before taking a sip from the aforementioned flask. “That’s life kid, you’ll get it one day.” The shiny metal slips from his fingers, ruining both his shirt and cool line. “Huh, tough luck.” He shrugs and picks up the glass he ordered. He seems to take things remarkably in stride.

You glare at him from the side, not trusting any of his minute movements won’t be an attempt at apprehending you.

Qrow must’ve noticed. “If you’re worried about the stupid book then forget about it, it’s a done deal.”


“The only person who still cares about is Summer.”

“… the lady.”

“I’ve got the sneaking suspicion ‘lady’ wasn’t the first word that came to your mind,” Qrow says, amused. “Again, sorry about her, she can be pretty intense.”

“… that’s one way to put it.”

Qrow chuckles. “We moved on but she keeps going on about how you did it and if you were brought to interrogation she’d get you to talk. She’s a hundred percent sure she’s right, too. It’s kinda funny.”

Isaac finds humor as well. “Leaders, right? They are always in the right and the rest of us are always wrong.” His voice drips sarcasm.

Qrow raises his glass. “I’ll drink to that.”

I don’t see what’s funny. She IS right and so am I.

Isaac continues the conversation, “Summer Rose? Didn’t she get added to Ultra Vytal Huntsman Arena?”

“Yup. Shoulda seen the look on her girls’ faces. Cute as buttons the both of ‘em, despite how much the oldest may claim she’s now an adult, there were stars on her eyes. Got them an early copy from a guy I know up there in snobland. The best part about being the cool uncle is I don’t have to hold back like the dad and can teach those squirts you don’t spam attacks without thinking.” Qrow smiles at the memory of his nieces.

I guess we’re buddies now…

The casual conversation continues on. Qrow orders a second light drink and claims it is his last while Isaac downs his fourth and yours remain untouched.
“I gotta ask.” Isaac holds his liquor very well it seems. “Does Summer have as big badonkers in real life? In the game they just flop around anytime she does a command grab.” Maybe not.

“Nah bro, that’s creative liberty. She was pissed when the first betas came. They had to turn the physics waaaay down. Other than that, it’s pretty accurate.”

“Including her grabbing opponents, jumping high in the air and planting them in the ground like trees?”

“Bro, she did that to me once. She did it to all her teammates, including her fucking husband. It is not a pleasant experience.”

“Dunno, if she were to grab and throw me around I’d be at least half-chub, to be honest.”

Too honest.

“I’ll drink to that.”

“I don’t get it.” You finally re-enter the conversation. “All you’ve talked about was that game. I like it, but come one.”

“You don’t get it bossman.”

“That’s what I said, yes.”

“Getting into those games is a huge accomplishment for huntsmen. Only the best are allowed.”

“But it’s just a game.”

“No, he’s right,” Qrow says. “They get funding from the academies and everything. It’s all about mystification, turning the huntsmen into superheroes.” Qrow takes a sip. “It’s not all about skill, sadly, it’s also about appearances. I would never get in, while someone like professor Port from Beacon gets added despite the fact he’s far from a legend nowadays. Just a morale thing, for the kids.”

“Hey bossman, did you know Robyn was added?”

“Really?” You didn’t notice, too focused on your favorite fighter.

Qrow huffs. “More like she replaced someone else. Her gameplan is recycled from Hide’s.”

“Was he your main?”

“Nah, I play Grimm Reaper. But I’m still pissed.”

“It was a matter of time before he got the boot. I mean, why would they stubbornly keep an original faunus character no one plays for three games when I can play as Nicholas freakin’ Schnee?”

“Hide was a real person.” Qrow has a ghost of a smile. He probably loves doing this reveal.


“We were in the same class.”

“No way. How old are you, fifty?”

“… thirty eight.”

“Back then there was no way a dog faunus could get into one of the academies, the revolution didn’t even happen yet!”

“I know, right? Didn’t stop that crazy son of a bit-” Qrow stops to think for a second. “Motherfucker, yep, that’s the one.”

“Nice story bro.”

“You want proof? Look up the Vytal Festival’s grand finals of 75. You’ll see Hide with a hat to cover his ears, but he’s a faunus.” Qrow’s gaze wanders. “Man, I remember that day. The crowd, the lights, and the one time not only a first year won, but there were also TWO first years in grand finals. You kids have it easy, back then there was no Aura limit, you fought until you got knocked out. I had some nasty cuts and bruises as I watched my team leader fight against the leader of team HAID.”

Hide was the leader of a team also pronounced hide? That’s dumb.
“And the victor that day was- a story for another time.” Qrow stands up and checks his scroll. “I have some official business to attend to.”

“Come on!” Isaac protests. “Finish the story man!”

You yourself are quite relieved he’s finally leaving. He’s being friendly so I’ll lower my guard.

“Well, I’m sure if someone were to buy ME one of those very expensive drinks with their per diem, I could squeeze in a couple more stories.” He says with a glimmer in his eyes.

Isaac looks at you with his best attempt at puppy eyes. The eyes are helped by him being on a wheelchair.
>”Official business comes first, Mr. Branwen.”
>Other, write-in
>"Not like I’m likely to use it on anything else today."

>Qrow would never get in
That’s such bullshit. I guarantee you he has a loyal fanbase just seething about it online even as they speak. "Seriously? The big tiddy MILF lumberjill made the cut and we’re STILL not getting either of the Branwen twins?!" "Dude, haven’t you heard? Raven’s gone AWOL, officially MIA. Rumor is she’s leading a bunch of bandits now. With publicity that bad it’s a miracle ANY of the STRQ gang made it." "…For fuck’s sake, Qrow, rein the woman in!" "I’M YOUR BAD LUCK CHAAARRRMMM!!!" Maybe in the next one…
The /uvhag/ general must be /vt/-tier.
You know they already have the first season of dlc planned out and the game barely came out. Qrow still isn't in it, maybe season 2 corvidbros...

>Picaro and Coco lurk on the thread with a sneer on the former's face.
>"This is why we should've gatekept. None of these guys play the game and just post porn of the characters. I bet cold, hard Lien these modern control babies couldn't do a dp input to save their lives. You know! Back in the Coquina arcade, fights broke out because some clown picked Theodore. I was the clown."
>"Who won?"
>"The game or the fight?"

Anyways, we continue at the usual time. Just thought it was funny.
File: UVHA.png (65 KB, 812x767)
65 KB
Sigh won. Writing.

Pictured here, two best friends putting their relationship to the test in an Atlas airship. (circa 96.)
File: Majordomo vs Muna.jpg (244 KB, 824x737)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
reminds me of this
File: IMG_4057.jpg (190 KB, 790x862)
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190 KB JPG
>they already have the first season of dlc planned out
Inb4 Port gets cancelled into oblivion for getting a little TOO friendly with Beacon’s youngest aspiring Huntresses so they have to rush a replacement and Oobleck, Remnant’s premiere archeologist and pyromaniac extraordinaire is the only one close to ready. "I THOUGHT YOU HAD TO BE EIGHTEEN TO ATTEND THIS SCHOOL DAMMIT!!!"
This one's almost 15000 characters...
I may have gotten a little over excited, but I should be done in a bit more.
The problem was there was no point I could organically put a choice and Robyn speaking way too much.

Thanks for bearing with me...
>15000 characters
No need to apologize QM, holy crap.
“There we go!” Qrow happily sits back down and sips at his high(er) quality drink purchased with your Lien.

“The story better be good,” you say.

“Don’t be like that bossman, a per diem is supposed to be used everyday, what else are you gonna buy around here?” Isaac replies with a cheeky smile.

“I guess you’re right.”

Qrow finishes his beverage in a couple big gulps. “Aaah, that’s good stuff. Where was I?”

“You were gonna tell us who won.” Isaac reminds him.

“Sum and it wasn’t even close. Just totally wrecked him with her Semblance - strength -, practically folded him like a pretzel. She used to be super racist, saw it as a way to teach those ‘animals’ the noble huntsman profession wasn’t for them.”

“I can see it,” you add with spite.

“Man, such a shame you had to meet her on the job like that, I promise once she calms down you’ll see her for the sweetheart she actually is.”

“Doubt it.”

“You can hold a grudge, can’t you?” Isaac remarks.

“Besides, back in the day people were much more prejudiced, it was just the way things were taught. Kids weren’t shown faunus as people, I was racist, Tai was, Ray wasn’t but she’s a lot of other things.”

He has no reason for revealing those names to me, for all he knows I might be dangerous. For a supposed pro, he has very loose lips.

“Hide’s own team was racist against their own freakin’ leader.”

Isaac seems very engaged in a story of his people, he looks at Qrow with bated breath. “What did he do? How did he handle it?”

“Dunno, we weren’t close at that time, but I supposed he changed their minds somehow. When the revolution happened, I fought on the side of the faunus mainly because I hated the government more for my own reasons. Got the chance to talk more with the guy, he started me on the path to see how dumb I was.”

“What happened then?”

“After the war? Last I heard he got an apprenticeship with Nicholas Schnee and disappeared from the face of Remnant. Sum looked for him tirelessly but then the girls came and more responsibilities were given to her by our boss, in the end, I hope he found peace.”

“Do you assume he’s dead?”

“The alternative is he forsake his duty as a huntsman and disappeared, so I like to believe he died, yes.” Qrow raises his glass to the sky. “Here’s to you, dog.”

Isaac raises an eyebrow.

“I mean, homie.”

You all take a sip in solidarity. Well, you pretend.
Isaac puts his cup down. “And what brings you to the slums?”

Qrow cuckles. “Confidential, kid, can’t talk about it.” He leans closer to you both. “But what I can tell you is that it’s something big.”

Oh, so you ARE gonna talk about it. Loose lips. And chronic tardiness, terrible personal hygiene, complete and utter disregard of political relations, zero pr awareness, no hoe-

Careful, your colors are showing. And doesn’t he use a scythe as a farming tool turned weapon instead of a hoe?

Just you wait until he commits enough mistakes to have the misfortune of running into one of yours. I’d like to see you keep composure.

“It’s got something to do with a serial killer.” Qrow continues spilling precious intel. “He disappeared decades ago, but word on the street is he’s making a comeback. I’m gathering intel.”

“A serial killer?” Isaac asks. “Here in Mantle? I’ve never heard of anything like that, and I’ve lived here my whole life.”

“Jimmy likes to keep the image that his army is able to do anything, so the gruesome killings of a single entity who remained unsolved is unacceptable. He made sure they’re logged as being unrelated in case anyone looks.”


“It’s better for the public to think there was a crime spree going on rather than a single super-powered psycho who’s now making a comeback. And he’s one sick son of a bitch, he would butcher the bodies and pose them as some sort of art piece only to display ‘em in public places, all with unreadable messages.”

Something catches your attention in particular. “In public? How did Ironwood cover up those scandals if they were on the eyes of everyone?”

“Goes to show how tight a ship he runs. Any mentions of the similarities between the crimes were branded as baseless, dangerous and offensive conspiracy. You’d be surprised how easy it is to make the public not see the truth in front of their very eyes out of fear of social backlash.” Qrow sneers for a second. “It’s for the best. Not everyone is meant to know what really happens around them.”

“Should we be worried?” You try to squeeze as much info as you can.

“You? Nah. First of all, we don’t even know if this is legit, even if it was, you can protect yourself.” Qrow’s scroll vibrates, he laughs as he reads the message. “Gotta go, someone is very upset.” Before he leaves the building, he turns and says one last thing, “Save me a front row seat and a plate of those fancy treats for the ceremony.”

“You got-” Isaac was interrupted by his glass getting knocked over inadvertently by his forearm, drenching him. “Shit!”

Qrow smirks. “Yeah, I really oughta go. See ya.” He gestures goodbye without looking back and walks off.

“He seemed like a cool dude.”

“He’s trying too hard.”

“Who’s gonna pay for that glass?”

You sigh, yet again.
Returning back to Isaac’s was much faster than leaving.

Mostly because Isaac conceded on you pushing him instead of trying to tread through dirt roads. Well, he didn’t deny as he can’t seem to deny anything at the moment.

“Y-ya knaow bauwsman,” Isaac slurs his words horrendously.

You nod, not really listening to his nonsense. You figured if there was anyone on Remnant with permission to get wasted, it was the man with half a body and broken dreams. At least you’re here to make sure he doesn’t do or say anything dumb.

“Look tundra boy, we’re here.”

Isaac raises his arms in the air in celebration as you knock the door.

“Who’s there?” You hear who you believe is Joanna.

“Picaro Calavera and Isaac Thyme.”

“Thas me!”

The muscular woman opens the door. “Were you two drinking?”

“Narc, shhh,” Isaac whispers. “No sir, we are quite s-sober. Drinking is bad.”

Joanna rolls her eyes. “Come in.”

May balances on a chair, it seems to be something she likes. “Lemme get this straight.”

“Heh.” Isaac laughs at some joke you don’t get.

“While we were out there busting our asses-”


“-helping the community, you were out partying?”

You think for a second. “Is it a party with only two people?”


“Either way I don’t remember saying yes to helping you, I only accompanied Isaac to make sure he’s safe.”

Joanna raises an eyebrow. “He was with Fionna, a professional huntress, how could he be MORE safe? In fact, wouldn’t he be unsafe with only you?”

“Nah, he’d be safe.”

Fiona and Robyn enter all of a sudden.

Robyn puts her arms outwards in a grand gesture. “Honey, I’m hom-! Is Isaac drunk again?”

Fiona rubs her temples. “Brothers help me, I need to deal with this, sorry.” She goes to push Isaac to the kitchen. “Time to sober you up. Let’s hope we have coffee, otherwise it’s the old fashioned way.”

Robyn looks with an amused look. May does not. “He took him out drinking.”

“Yeah? How fun!”

“No it’s not fun! He is a minor.”

“Picaro or Isaac?”


“Get that stick out of your ass, we all deal with our shit differently. When you were their age you dealt with utter rejection and discomfort of your own body by stealing my panties.”

“ONE TIME ROBYN!” May coughs in her fist. “It was one time and I apologized. He still shouldn’t have taken Isaac to a bar.”

It was Isaac’s idea.

“You’re getting upset May, how about you go with Jo to make sure Fi’s homemade remedy doesn’t involve rat poison, okay? I have to talk with bossbaby for a bit.”

May is upset but she recognizes an order when she sees one. The girls walk to the kitchen down the hall.
“Why did she steal your underwear?”

“Gender euphoria.”

“Don’t you mean dysphoria?”

“No. I don’t get it either.”

I wonder if it has something to do with gender dysphonia.

Robyn sits down and gestures you to do the same. “So, do you remember what we talked about?”

“Yes. You want me to do something.” Like everyone else.

“I have some information I think you’d find pretty interesting. I’m gonna give it to you, but first-”

“Here we go…”

Robyn laughs. “Just pulling your leg. I want you to keep your eyes peeled, that’s all.”

“For what?”

“You see,” Robyn leans forward and rests her forearms on her legs, “I told you Ironwood wanted you after fighting the big Komodo. Well, something like that happened to me. It was my second year in Atlas and a serial killer was on the loose. Faculty told us to back off, but I’d never do that, so we investigated that guy for months.”

A serial killer? Intriguing.

“After countless sleepless nights and dodging the authorities, desperately trying to cover up the case, we cornered him in an abandoned building, just down the street from here. I ordered my team to cover all the exits, guess who got lucky?”


“Yep. Got him dead to rights on an alleyway, however, I was young and stupid, adrenaline was coursing through my veins and the prospect of catching that psycho clouded my judgment. I forgot to call for backup. I saw him take off his blackened garbs and witnessed something I’d never forget. His body wasn’t his, it was a crude amalgamation of various body parts, taken from some of the victims, all stitched together.”

You imagine for a second and shiver.

“It lunged at me as if controlled by strings. With unnatural, uncanny movements it slashed with claws made of broken bone. It had no Aura and no regard for its body. I remember impaling his side with an explosive bolt and detonating it. The flesh blew away, revealing an underneath of some black, gooey material, surely you can guess what was under that costume.”


“I lost that fight badly, didn’t stand a chance. Aura down, no backup coming, against some unstoppable Grimm, I was goner. However, I stood up and urged the beast to try and kill me, I was NOT going out without a fight.”

Something about this story seems familiar.

“The Grimm stopped dead in its tracks and just stared, and I swear on my mother’s grave, smiled. It began moving its mouth and all I heard was a jumbled mess of gurgling sounds, but the more it repeated a single word, the clearer it became.”

“What word?”
“Creation. It kept repeating that same word over and over again, perhaps it realized that was the one thing I understood. Anyways, my team finally caught up with me and the strange Grimm flew off, literally, like a puppet being raised by its strings.”

“Why… are you telling me this?”

“No one believed me after a while. The first few months I was given test after test to try and replicate the pacification, but nothing. Eventually, I was made to go to a therapist once a week if I didn’t wanna be suspended. Whole thing was ruled as delusions. But I know what I saw. And you know as well, right?”

“No. I have no idea.” You give a nonchalant shrug.

“Isaac told me what you did to the Komodo when it was just you, him and the girl- Chill out, I’m not telling anyone else and I made sure Isaac doesn’t either. You stared at the Grimm like I did and I’m willing to bet you also heard it speak.”

You furtively call Promised Return. “No I didn’t.”

Robyn gets up. “The Skinwalker has returned, and this time I intend to kill it once and for all.”

“You want my help.”

“Brothers no, you’d be a liability. Just be careful when going out at night.”

A part of you is offended. “A liability?! Then why did you ask for my help this morning? Why even tell me all this stuff?”

Robyn smiles. “‘Cause if I die all this information dies with me. You’re the only one who believes me. Even those girls peeking from the kitchen don’t believe me, they think I’m crazy. Welp,” Robyn begins walking to the door, “hope I didn’t ruin your vacation, but the way I see it, better to know than to not every time. Don’t let it dampen your happiness, just remember who’s on the case.” She winks before getting out and closing the door.

Thank you Robyn, that DID ruin my vacation.

“Oh no, Robyn left before dinner.”

“Actually Fi, I gotta go too.”

“I’m with May.”

The two girls almost sprint out of the door.

“Isaac has passed out, the silver lining is now there’s more for us!” Fiona presents you with a bowl of some unspeakable, foul sludge. “Enjoy!” She takes a spoonful and smiles at the flavor. “The secret ingredient is love and 7 garlics!”

“You mean 7 small pieces, right?”

She did not.
Waking up after a horrid meal in a cold, lumpy bed almost makes you believe you’re back in Shade.

Morning with the Thymes is hectic. Robyn made good of what she said last night and brought on some heavy stacks of casefiles her team plus Isaac were going to comb through.

You have no idea how Isaac doesn’t exhibit the slightest hint of a hangover.

Either way, they’re busy and so are you.

You give your goodbyes and thank yous before boarding a transport ship and arriving at the hotel you were promised.

If you thought the hotel from the gala was too much, the Nick puts that to shame.

You approach the front desk and the lady looks at you with skepticism. “Can I help you?”

“I’m here to check-in.”

The lady raises an eyebrow. “You?”

“Yep, me. How do check-ins work?”

The lady very clearly pushes a button under her desk, odds are to call security. “May I have a name.”

“Picaro Calavera. I’m here from general Ironwood.”

“I’m sure you-” The lady stops dead in her tracks as she looks at the screen and doubles and triples back to your face. “Sorry sir, it appears you… do have a reservation. There is a penalty for late check-in.”

“Okay, here you go.” You hand her your fancy per diem.

The lady grabs it by mumbling something about low standards. “Your room is 303 sir, the showers are functional.”

“Good to know.” You walk blissfully unaware to the elevator and to your room.

As you reach the door you realize you don’t have a key. Ironwood gave those to us. You shrug and knock on the door.

“Finally, room service.” You hear Emerald before she opens the door. “Ah! A homeless person!”

“Where?” You look around you.

“Oh, it’s just you. How do you look like that after a single day in the slums?” Probably the mines.

You see Sun inside the room. “Hey dude, wassup! How’s Isaac?”

“Fine I guess.”

“He gets close to you before covering his nose. “Dang! Someone needs a bath. Come in bro, this shower is choice!”

As you enter the room you can spot Neo chatting with someone on her scroll while laying on one of two twin size beds.

It was in the middle of the hot shower that it hit you. Ironwood prepared this room for two people but there are four of us. Where am I gonna sleep?

Such paltry concerns are washed off like dirt by the heavenly stream of water. You can’t remember the last time you had a hot shower, maybe back in Vale? Your house doesn’t have hot running water, that’s for sure.

The thing not as easily forgotten is your talk with Robyn and the knowledge that there is a Grimm just as dangerous as the Komodo roaming free. You aren’t sure what to do yet.
Drying with a very fluffy towel and wearing an equally fluffy robe you find a clean set of clothes laying on one of the beds. “These aren’t mine.

“Yes they are,” Emerald responds. “They are from when you went to that gala, Coco packed them.”

“I don’t like them, they are stuffy. Where is my usual outfit?”

“It smelled disgusting so it’s being washed. Or incinerated, whatever it’s deemed necessary. Quit being a baby and put on the clothes.”

“For Brother’s sake…”

“Not here! Go to the bathroom idiot!”

After you are all properly dressed for the day, you go knock at the adjacent door to find your other companions.

Coco answers and leans on the door with her arms crossed. “Don’t you look handsome today. Gonna go get lucky with some Atlesian ladies? I sure am.”

“This is a straitjacket.” You make your point by showcasing your very slightly reduced range of motion.

“I think it looks good, right Narci?” Typhu asks the girl tinkering with something on her bed.


I wonder what she’s making this time.

“At last! You’ve ditched the peasant wear and done a more appropriate outfit for an associate, Picaro Calavera.” Charlie pushes Coco aside to stand in front of you.

I forgot about that.

Sun puts a hand over his stomach. “I’m starving and this place offers free breakfast!”

“Technically, the meal is paid for in your reservation,” Emerald says.

“But we didn’t pay, dude.”

“Fair enough.”

“Where do you think you’re going mister?” Coco grabs you by the arm before you can follow Sun. “You owe me.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do, two things in fact. First, breakfast, then playing Ultra Vytal Huntsman Arena with a drink.”

“… but this place already offers breakfast.”

“I want one with your money.”

“It’s also not my money.”

“Put a sock in it man! If I don’t grab you as soon as possible you are never gonna pay me that raincheck because some crazy shit will happen, in fact, I’m sure something already DID happen yesterday while I wasn’t looking.”

“… not that crazy.”

“See! Come on, let’s spend a day together, it’d be like old times!”

You shrug. “Not like you’re gonna get a no for an answer, so sure. Just the two of us.” There shouldn’t be much danger, the Skinwalker appears to only attack Mantle and Isaac is protected by an entire team of pros. Time to chill for a day.

While you were thinking, you didn’t notice Coco’s face reddened as the words ‘just the two of us’ reverberated in her head. “Uh, I mean, let’s bring Sun along!” she says way too quickly.

“Eh? Why?”

“Because… we three were with Isaac the longest, right? This is a celebration of saving Isaac, right? Right?”

“Dude, I kinda wanted to hit the gym. Do you want me to go, Picaro?”
>”Nah, just us is fine.” Surely Coco intends to annoy you in order to punish you like when you bought clothes, you don’t need someone to witness the humiliation. Totally what’s happening.
>”Sure.” The more the merrier, right? Besides, Sun seems fun.
My fingers are aching
The plot is escapin'
I've even forgotten my gaaame I was actually making one before running this quest and have less and less time to develop it.

Anyways, ended up being almost 18000. I dislike when there are no points where a choice would be meaningful and I just have to write and write... gonna do my errands now before it gets dark.
>”Nah, just us is fine.” Surely Coco intends to annoy you in order to punish you like when you bought clothes, you don’t need someone to witness the humiliation. Totally what’s happening.
kek. Let's not condemn Sun boy to being the third wheel.

Careful not to get cramps QM.
>>”Nah, just us is fine.” Surely Coco intends to annoy you in order to punish you like when you bought clothes, you don’t need someone to witness the humiliation. Totally what’s happening
time for more dates
>”Nah, just us is fine.” Surely Coco intends to annoy you in order to punish you like when you bought clothes, you don’t need someone to witness the humiliation. Totally what’s happening.
Correction will ensue
that's why we love you qm
That's fair. I was also a bit tired a the time, still am lol

>”Nah, just us is fine.” Surely Coco intends to annoy you in order to punish you like when you bought clothes, you don’t need someone to witness the humiliation. Totally what’s happening.
Pretty big update, nice.
I wonder if Robyn is telling us the truth or if she's just trying to get our trust.
from what i remember from the show shes lying
QM already said that we can't rely fully on meta-knowledge of the show here >>5848479 because they're playing fast and loose with the timeline and introducing OCs. Robin could be completely legit, so I don't think we should toss out the idea that she's being real with us.
Meanwhile in Shade academy.

Adam Taurus writes in his diary as he does every day.

Mission journal, day 22.

Life without Picaro Calavera is like floating on air.

Adam stops to consider whether that line belongs in a journal.

The mission proceeds without my enemy’s presence in a satisfying manner.

Today I’ve had chit and/or chat with Mercury for 3 whole minutes. A 50% improvement. At this rate I’ll be out of here in no time and can continue with my real mission! Adam very quickly erases that exclamation point’s upper line.

Mercury, who is laying inside the same tent, lets a dreamy sigh escape his lips. This’ll make it the third time so far.

Adam writes in his ‘journal’, Mercury has become obsessed with that Atlesian girl, bringing her up constantly and unprompted. What a loser to get like that over some pussy.

I wonder if Picaro and Adam struggles to remember, Emerald, Neo and other hoes met the Atlas branch. Those con men would get along well with Picaro. In truth, being in Vacuo with no White Fang is a blessing in disguise, Adam begins writing a little too hard. Ghira is a fool, Sienna is insane and Kastak, do not get me started dear dia- Adam erases that word, journal. His pencil finally gives up and breaks in two.

“You broke your pencil.”

“Yes, I broke my pencil.”

Heh, and they say I can’t have meaningless conversation.

“What are you two doing?” Octavia approaches the tent.

“What are YOU doing?” Adam answers. “You are one of Calavera’s, walk away spy.”

“I’m bored. Fox also disappeared Brother’s know where.”

“You could study.”

Octavia laughs. “Silly boy, we don’t study in Vacuo. We die gruesome, preventable deaths like cool people.” Octavia notices Mercury. “He high?”

“I wish.”

“What do girls like?” Mercury asks.

“Is this about that May?”


“You do know she’s actually-” Octavia gets interrupted by a black box breaking an upper window and landing near her.

“Great, now none of us can watch TV!” Fox whines.

“That’s my TV!” Bertilak whines back.

“No crap, that’s why I’m freaking stealing it.”

“I’m telling Gillian.”

“What’s she gonna do? Fix the TV?”

“No, asshole. Distract you.”

“What are you- Wo!” Bertilak grabs Fox by the neck and legs

“Should we help him?” Octavia asks.

“No,” the boys answer as one.

And throws him back to the yard through the broken window.

Fox lands gracefully. “Hey, would any of you happen to know how to fix a TV? If not, would anyone be interested in buying a brand new TV? It’s a piece of modern art, meant to look broken. I’ve watched it myself.”

Back in Atlas you think to yourself whether leaving the four most irresponsible teammates alone was a good idea.


I've been meaning to write small omakes like this but never had the time. I found time, hehe.

Time to write a totally platonic encounter.
Speaking of Shade and Gillian, we should see about spending some of our per diem on supplies to bring back. Maybe set up a hidden cache of Dust if nothing else.
Could be a good plan.
“Nah, just us is fine. Let’s get my debt paid.” This time is your turn to grab Coco and drag her out. You really wanna get this out of the way so she won’t lord over you.

“I can walk, okay?” Coco yanks her arm free. “You don’t even know where we are going.”

“To get breakfast?”

“Yes but we need to go to a place.”

“Which place?”

“I… don’t know either. Hold on, lemme look up a place.” You spot Coco searching for ‘platonic cafés’.

I wonder what platonic means.

“Found one.”

“Cool. Is it close to Mantle?”

“No, why?”

“No reason.” Just worried about a Grimm serial kille- You shake your head. Come on Picaro, get your shit together, you’re here to have fun.

Coco smirks. “You don’t wanna get that stink on you.”

“I wasn’t that bad- wait, how do you know?”

“Em texted me.”

“So you just friends now?”

“Yes, I’m friends with everyone in our year. While you run around doing Brothers know what all day I’ve got nothing to do than socialize.”

“What about Octavia?”

“Almost everyone.”


“Almost everyone,” Coco repeats with a little more strain.


“Eh, I think we’re cool.”

You gasp. The betrayal.

“You know, he really isn’t as bad as you think he is. I have faith in him.”

“He tried to kill me.”

“So did Melanie or Miltia, but you still fucked her.”

“No I didn’t.”

“You didn’t? Why though?” Coco sounds frustrated.

You shrug. “Sometimes it looked like she was gonna make a move but in the end she’d pussy out and just want me to hug her all night while she went on and on about how sorry she was or that she was broken and blah, blah, blah. I never listened.”

“… you should’ve.”

“She was obviously trying to get something out of me- and why are we talking about this?”


“I mean, everytime it’s just the two of us you always wanna talk about the Malachites or some other people, away from us.”

“T-that’s not true.” Coco averts her eyes.

“We should be talking about ourselves. Also the fact we’ve been standing in the hallway, we oughta go outside and call a cab, but we should do instead of talk regarding that.”

“Yes! The cab! I’ll call it.” Coco still seems a little off. “Cab called.”

You look at her expectantly. “Now we walk outside.”

“Yep.” Coco nods stiffly and you two head to the elevator.

“So you’re making friends?” you ask again.

“Why so surprised? Bitch, I’m great with people.”

“You weren’t back then. You only hung out with me.”

“I was still somewhat popular. I was the prettiest one.”


“I said prettiest, not hottest. I could never hope to compete with the plastic bitches.”

“I still think you’re wrong. You were top 5 at best.”

Coco punches you in the arm with a smile. “Asshole.”

“But for real, what I meant was that you just didn’t talk with anyone else, you spent the entire three years without making any friends.”

“I had you, who else did I need?”

You shrug. “Okay.”
You finally reach the outside of the hotel, not before Coco gives you a side-glance. “Don’t think I forgot about you, mister. How about we talk about how sociable YOU were.”

“Oh boy…” Not like I had any control over it, the ideal was being invisible. And what happened was…
>Roll 1d5 to determine how popular you were. The higher the number, the bigger you were.


Only one roll.
Rolled 3 (1d5)

Just middle of the pack. How boring, I knew I shoulda made it a best of three, but then it was pretty much guaranteed Picaro would end up being popular and defeat the purpose of making it random.

Anyways, writing.
Sticking out in enemy territory is bad, m’kay?
if we rolled a one it would of been so in character due to how much picaro autism and paranoia
You were average. Just middle of the pack in truth.

The ones who knew you, remembered you. The ones who didn’t never saw a reason to get to know you.

Among your peers you were just another.

You stand taller and say with a smug face. “I successfully managed to become virtually invisible.”

“Yeah, you were a boring bitch. I suppose you liked that.”

“The best way to hide is in plain sight.”

“You make it sound a lot cooler than how it actually was. No bullies, no social games, nothing. Why did you even go to an all girls school?”

“I can assure, it wasn’t to be found out as a boy.”

Your vehicle arrives. “Whatever.” Coco rolls her eyes and gets in the backseat alongside you.

The cab ride was a tense affair. Despite your best efforts, every shadow was a danger to your eyes. You need to remind yourself to cool it.

Eventually, you finally reach your destination.

“Lancaster Café?” You read the sign.

“Where we are all just really close friends?” Coco reads the text below.

You look at each other and shrug before going in.

You are greeted by a cheery young woman. “Welcome to the Lancaster Café! Do you have a reservation?”

“Do cafés have reservations?” you ask.

“This one does! A lot of really good friends like to get special friend dates just the two of them.”

“Hm, like us.”

“We don’t have a reservation.” Coco pretends she didn’t hear what you just said.

“One second.” The lady looks down on her scroll. “You can take any table in that area. Most reservations are for the night.”

You and Coco go where instructed. Passing by lots of pairs of, supposedly, best friends.

“Is it just me, or do a lot of the guys look similar,” Coco whispers to you. “They all look really plain and boring.”

“The girls are different.”


You both sit at a tall table. While you wait, a couple of besties sitting at the adjacent table begin speaking to you.

“Look buddy!” the woman says. “Young besties.” She puts a hand to her cheek. “Remember when we were next door neighbors and played video games?”

The man grabs her hand. “I do homie.”

“Uh, are you guys married or something?” Coco asks.

The couple strongly denies. “We are just really close friends.”

“So those rings are?”

“They are our friendship rings.”

“And that,” she points to the woman’s pregnant belly, “is?”

“Is our third friendship child.”

“We call them the littlest buddies.”

“Okay…” Coco leans slightly to you and whispers. “I think this a fetish place.”

You nod. Atlesians sure are weird.

A man with equal cheer to the lady upfront gives you a menu.

Coco gets surprised after reading. “At least they’re consistent.”

What will you have?
>Tomboy’s first attempt at omurice.
>Friends ‘till death do you part cake. It comes with two figurines of a man and a woman playing sports on top.
>Playing doctor éclair.
>Unavoidable NTR ending. You don’t know what that is.
Nah, a three is the most in line. One would mean Picaro was bullied badly. Three is the boring option.

Bro didn't do crime, was ignored in school and has an average size penis. He's the most boring man in Remnant.
>>Playing doctor éclair.
>Tomboy’s first attempt at omurice.
Who the fuck would order an unavoidable NTR ending, the owner probably just shoots you in the head if you order it.
oh okay
>Tomboy’s first attempt at omurice.
I like omurice, they're underrated.
Half tempted to vote for the ntr meme option but making obviously bad decisions didn't go well before like posting the Grimmspeak book online.

Definitely a fetish place.
>Tomboy’s first attempt at omurice.

>He's the most boring man in Remnant.
Yaya didn't teach no diva but I'll try to acquiesce, all anons in favour of jumping out of the airship on the way back? It doubles as semblance training.
>Tomboy’s first attempt at omurice.
"You can taste her fighting spirit!"
"…or maybe it’s just her tomboy sweat, I dunno."
>Playing doctor éclair.
you got me qm, the joke wasn't what I was expecting, kek
>average pp
I almost forgot we also rolled for penis size, kek.
20 minutes.

Yaya didn't raise no diva but she did raise an autist or two.
Screw it changing to
>Playing doctor éclair.
I'm in more of an eclair mood. I'll change back if there's a tie.
Filling with white cream.

Heart cutely drawn poorly

You said if there was a tie you'd change back, so tomboys win. I don't actually like tomboys, I like my women feminine.

Anyways, writing.
You're a brave man, QM.
This place is weird. At least I know what a tomboy is, don’t know about omurice, sounds Mistrali, that’s where the weird shit comes from. “I’ll have a tomboy’s first attempt at omurice, please.”

“Do you wish the tomboy to be provided or do you have your own?”

You look at Coco. “I guess I have one?”

“Lemme get an unavoidable NTR ending, no NTR please,” Coco orders.

“NTR is in the name though.”

“Then can it be avoided?”

“No. It’s the whole point.”

“Fine. Oh and get me a cup of broken promise with that.”

“Right away.” The man hurries off to the kitchen.

“What is that?”

“Coffee with milk. The menu says the milk is deposited in someone else’s clam? Sounded interesting.”

“And what is an NTR?”

Coco shrugs again. “Beats me, just have a craving for that in particular, like I’m meant to have it. Anyways, how are you getting along with your three beautiful female teammates?”

“Just okay, Cuqui.”

“Here’s your food.” The man comes back balancing two plates and a cup.

“That was worryingly fast.”

“Guess they must have a pretty good microwave.”

The man ignores Coco’s jab and hands her the order. “Here’s an unavoidable NTR ending, such is the fate for childhood friends.”

“Wow, that looks very good!” Coco takes a bite of the NTR before spitting it out. “Bleugh! This shit is terrible, but looks so pretty!”

“A lot of talented people make it.”

“If they’re so talented why don’t they make something that tastes and looks good?”

“NTR sells. Here’s your food, sir.” He gives you your plate and Coco a red bottle. “Your tomboy must draw a heart and say ‘Moe Moe Kyun’.”

You give Coco a confused look but she shrugs. “Sure, when in Atlas and such.” She takes the bottle and does a stylish flip before drawing a cute heart. “Moe! Moe! Kyun!” She finishes with an under glasses wink.

“You are doing it wrong! The heart is supposed to be crudely drawn, the moe needs to be embarrassed! You’re ruining the tomboy experience!” The waiter explodes. “I quit!”

“You do?”

“Tomboy supremacy!” He throws his apron to the ground and runs out of the building.

“What’s up with him?” you ask.

“Guess some people are very passionate about very specific types of women.”

“Like you with hags.”

“They aren’t hags, they’re called Nondescript Winter Holiday cake!”

“I guess.” You two return to your meal. “Hm, tastes good.”

Coco takes another bite. “You’re lucky.”

“Why do you keep eating if it’s that bad?”

“I don’t know.” She takes another bite. “It’s addicting.”
Breakfast continues on without a hitch and in no time…

“No, no, Nick would beat the crap out of the Grimm Reaper!”

“You stupid? The Grimm reaper has never even been hit.”

“Fuck’s she gonna when he puts a glyph on her feet? Try dodging while paralyzed.”

“It would never get to that, she’s too fast.”

And so on…

“Did you watch the latest Spruce Willis movie?”

“You know I haven’t.”

“Well I have and I got some thoughts. The costume design makes me wanna barf.”

“Oh boy.”

And on…

“See, the easiest way to know if a Ziraph is a juvenile is the length of its horns, do you not know this?”

“You know I don’t.”

“That’s on you for not studying which types of Grimm you’re gonna encounter in the desert. What you wanna do in that situation is-”

“Oh boy…”


“Excuse me, this table needs to be vacated for a reservation.”

Coco checks the time. “Gods, we’ve been here for hours!”

“Lemme go pay the bill. I guess we don’t have to tip the waiter anymore. At least we ain’t in Vale, there the guy would march back and demand it.”

Coco laughs. “At least we respect workers. I’ll wait you outside.”

“Okay.” You go to the counter to pay the frankly exorbitant prices for the mediocre food. The city experience.

In the street, Coco finishes a call. “The cab will be here in a bit.”

“Where we going?”

“A barcade.”

“Don’t you mean arcade?”

“No I did not. You’ll see.”

Hope it’s not like the ones back home. I do not need to get into fights over stupid video games characters.

Coco sighs. “I like this.”

“Hanging out?”

“Yeah. Like friends. Easier that way.”

“Easier?” Coco doesn’t answer as the cab arrives.

“Take us to the barcade near central park.”

“The one on fifth street? That place won’t open in like two hours. That’s an afternoon kinda activity.”

“Oh, well, where do we go then?”
>The mall.
>The park.
>The museum.
>The gym.
>Walk to the barcade, that should kill a few hours.
>The museum.
>>The park.
>“And what is an NTR?”
>Coco shrugs again. “Beats me, just have a craving for that in particular, like I’m meant to have it. Anyways, how are you getting along with your three beautiful female teammates?”
I've got your message QM, we need to cuck Coco.

>“Wow, that looks very good!” Coco takes a bite of the NTR before spitting it out. “Bleugh! This shit is terrible, but looks so pretty!”
>“A lot of talented people make it.”
>“If they’re so talented why don’t they make something that tastes and looks good?”
>“NTR sells. Here’s your food, sir.”
i wonder what'd be coco's reaction to yuri ntr
>The park.
It's the curse of the 'friends since kids' talking. It goes through fourth walls, condemning childhood friends to never be romantic partners in anime.
>The park.
>what'd be coco's reaction to yuri ntr
Methinks you might as well ask what'd be a vulnerable neighbourhood's reaction to crack.
>The mall
We DO have government money burning holes in our pockets…
>The museum.

Coco looks like an Art major. This will be perfect.



Writing late.
File: Atlas city.png (1.99 MB, 1643x917)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
“Why don’t we just kill time in that central park? That way we won’t have to take another cab.”

“Hm, good idea Piqui. Take us to Central Park, please.”

“Okay,” the driver says with a bit of frustration. He was hoping to get a third ‘scenic’ ride out of you two tourists. So he makes this one extra ‘scenic’.

About halfway you notice he’s taking a lot of twists and turns but don’t particularly mind. The government money burns a hole in your pocket and the driver would be a fool to try and rob you.

Plus, it’s a good chance to do some recon… I mean, to appreciate the urban scenery.

And it is urban. Tall buildings made of steel, concrete and glass, housing Atlesians coming and going. Atlas moves fast, they had to if they wanted to survive in the arctic wasteland. Life in the desert was hard, but life in snow was a hundred times worse. You can say a lot about Atlas, but taking a broken Kingdom after losing a war they put the most investment into winning out of all the Kingdom, located in the harshest weather in Remnant and turning it into the leading power in technology is nothing short of a testament about the Atlesian mindset.

You disagree with Gillian in most things, but she is right about Vacuans being all around lazy. The Vacuan mindset is to survive and protect your people at all costs, but what happens when you live behind walls? Suddenly, surviving becomes easy. No longer are you not allowed to cry for your dead relatives after being swallowed by a sudden sinkhole just to not waste precious water, now you’re free to just lounge about and wait for the sun to go down or nap during the day. Vacuo moves slow.

You compare the travel around town of the two. In Vacuo you’d see people sitting around, fanning and talking amongst themselves about nothing in particular. Here in Atlas everyone seems to be walking somewhere, doing something, not a second wasted.

In Vacuo you’d be praised for your kindness, altruism or, most likely, your usefulness and reliability. Atlas grants acolytes to those who work the hardest, pulls the most double shifts, puts in the most overtime.

It’s cruel and benefits higher class citizens. The results are undeniable though, Atlas is prospering while Vacuo can barely afford to keep itself afloat.

It’s not all bad however, rather a risk and reward situation. Vacuans are the most content people in Remnant, as can be seen by the very low amount of Grimm attacks. Atlesians walk with downcast eyes, somber expressions and defeated postures, Brothers know what would happen if the city wasn’t floating away from any dangerous Grimm.

All in all, you wouldn’t consider a Kingdom worse than the other. You would transfer a little work ethic to Vacuo if you had the chance, but Vacuans are very stubborn to change.

“Whatcha thinking about?”

File: Atlas park.png (1.71 MB, 1647x908)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Arriving at Central Park you are met with what you expect for a city flying way up in the sky.

“The grass is fake.”

Coco crouches down to touch it. “You’re right. Must be hard to maintain vegetation at these altitudes. Thank the Brothers for Aura, right?” She gets up. “I heard normal people have to acclimate and that it sucks.”

“Hm, I appreciate the cold protection way more.”

“Because you’re finally wearing more than a plain tee. I still think that jacket makes you look handsome.”

“I’d have preferred the infiltration male-dress, my range of movement is less limited. Did you pack it?”

“No. Not in a million years,” Coco says while looking forward, avoiding your gaze.

“You made me try it, just saying.”

“Shut up. We’re in a park, let’s go walk or something.”

You begin aimlessly wandering with Coco. “Something?”

“I don’t actually know what one does in a park. But in the movies they always just walk around.”

“Well, you’re mostly right. It’s a lot of walking around, sitting sometimes, buying sweets, etcetera. I’m surprised.”


“That you don’t know about all this sappy stuff. I figured you’d have gotten some experience in - which one was your primary combat school?”


“You said you broke records and girl’s hearts over there.”

Coco laughs at the nostalgia. “Well, one comes with the other. I was pretty green when I transferred and had to pull my weight, so I didn’t get a chance for any kind of relationship if I wanted to get good enough to enter an academy with you. Mind you, I was still THAT bitch.”

“THAT bitch who never walked in the park with anyone?”

“… never had the time. Popular but lonely.”

“As opposed to being unpopular and lonely at Browning’s?”

Coco hugs her arm. “I wasn’t lonely…” She shakes her head of treacherous, confusing thoughts. “How about you, hotshot? Did you get any at Oscuro?” She returns to her usual self.
“I got kicked out in the first semester,” you flatly state.

“How the fuck do you get kicked out of a Vacuan school? Last week I saw a girl taking a dump on the upper part of the toilet and she’s still an honor student.”

“Caught me snooping around the record rooms. I had suspicion they were giving special treatment to some students.”

“So you were always like that?”

“Right? Because I was right and I am right.”

“No, a fucking fool. Dammit Piqui, the schools are supposed to prepare you for the academies!”

You shrug. “Yaya’s training put me way above those other kids anyways. That’s how I became suspicious, some snobby kids would never be put against me in combat class, instead being consistently matched with people who are clearly a lower level. Pattern recognition.”

“Paranoid Schizophrenia,” Coco counters in a neutral tone, mimicking your own.

You sigh. “It’s a shame really, the headmaster was a bombshell, I had a crush.”

Coco smiles. “Like that, you got my interest. Spill, how was her hair?”


“Her body?”

“Fit. Healthy.”

“Her nails?”

“Who cares? I saw her kill an adult Ziraph all on her own. I fell hard.”

“… you too are consistent.” Coco spots a bench. “Let’s sit for a while.”


Coco looks up to the sky. “It’s kinda weird how there are no birds around.”



“I’m surprised they don’t put recorded bird noises.”

“Small blessings.”

“Or maybe the general cut the bird funding to get another robot.”

“Hm.” You close your eyes and could almost drift off into dreamland.

“Piqui.” Not so lucky. “Look.”
File: faunus protest.png (526 KB, 852x593)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
You crack one eye open and see a sizable multitude of faunus all congregating in front of a building.

“Must be a protest. Poor faunus,” Coco says. “They have it pretty rough here.”

“You really care about all the social issues, eh? The gays, the trans, the faunus, the women, the disabled, whatever.” Aka, average Valean, human, teen girl.

“Yes I do, asshole. Not every problem can be solved by killing Grimm.”

“I disagree. If we all focused on killing the soulless beasts who want nothing more than the destruction of all we hold dear, we’d all get along.”

“You seemed pretty damn focused on Gillian’s garbage.”

“Exactly. She is NOT focused on killing Grimm despite the fact she’s a huntress, that is unacceptable. Theodore too.” And Grant and Ironwood and Robyn probably.

Coco crosses her arms. “I find what these people are doing to be brave and useful in bringing on change.”

“You keep complaining about all the changes the trans community has accomplished.”

“I do not!” Coco gets defensive. “I’m so happy for them, I swear!”

“… okay. It’s just that Octavia told me you were ranting on Dust Cafe about how a women’s forum has a new mod team filled with trans women.”

“The place was called ‘Two X Chromosomes’ so I find it pretty insulting- I-I mean, it’s okay, they are…” she says through her teeth, “biological women. I’m just so, SO happy for them. Besides, I don’t even know what a Dust Cafe or a terfgen is, hehe…”


“… anyways. Look, more faunus are arriving!”

You look to where she’s pointing and notice the sizable crowd turned huge. All these people arriving at the same time? Seems really organized. Is this what the White Fang was doing? Can’t see any of their symbols, but I suppose that makes sense.

“Hey Piqui. Check that kitty.” Coco gestures with her head at the direction of a faunus girl with cat ears and long, black hair. She’s holding a sign saying some generic calling for equality and doesn’t look pleased about it.

“Seems kinda young.”

“Nah bro, look at all that ass,” Coco sounds like a gross construction worker. I’d say she was catcalling, but it seems inappropriate given the situation.

“I think those are her parents.” You refer to the middle aged man and woman alongside her. They share the same hair color. On second thought, they look too similar, they must be her relatives.

“Damn! Didn’t see the mommy!”

Ugh, gross.

Seeing all those faunus reminds you of a crucial detail, you’ve yet to inform Coco what you did with Isaac yesterday and what Robyn told you.

The question is, will you do it now and how much do you wanna tell her?
>Tell her everything and make sure no one’s listening.
>>Omit the White Fang.
>>Omit the Skinwalker.
>Put it off for later.


I love writing about Atlas. I actually have images to put in the posts.
Kinda disappointed the latest JL movie only gave us desert and a single house for Vacuo...
>>Omit the White Fang.
I don't know if this is the right move. Maybe it should be the other way around, since the White Fang is more topical now with the conversation? Should we tell her about both things? Maybe neither and keep things light?
Actually I'll change my vote to
>>Omit the Skinwalker.
I'm not sure if it'll be wise to tell her about a talking Grimm right now, it'll ruin the 'totally not a date' moment. Besides this is more topical and Kastak probably has a silver tongue.
Yeah don't want to freak her out too much.
>>>Omit the Skinwalker.
Remember what happened last time we told her about special grimm?
Bro the only reason I have any interest left in the franchise is for the porn of its mostly teenage cast getting railed and because when Ruby was memed into being a racist homophobe, it was funny as fuck.
Coco really likes the gyatt, as the young ones say
>inb4 she's lusting at blake and mommy
>Omit the Skinwalker.
File: FwhrysfX0AYLNR2.jpg (165 KB, 1079x1088)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>“The place was called ‘Two X Chromosomes’ so I find it pretty insulting- I-I mean, it’s okay, they are…” she says through her teeth, “biological women. I’m just so, SO happy for them. Besides, I don’t even know what a Dust Cafe or a terfgen is, hehe…”

We can make her worse.

>Tell her everything and make sure no one’s listening.
>Also lean our head on her shoulder while we talk.
>Even if we risk drifting off to sleep.

We are just friends after all it surely wont bother her.
>Bro the only reason I have any interest left in the franchise is for the porn of its mostly teenage cast getting railed
fair and I myself only know them because of that and some videos about it.
>and because when Ruby was memed into being a racist homophobe, it was funny as fuck.
kek. btw did you drop it or do you still hate watch ?
>“The place was called ‘Two X Chromosomes’ so I find it pretty insulting- I-I mean, it’s okay, they are…” she says through her teeth, “biological women. I’m just so, SO happy for them. Besides, I don’t even know what a Dust Cafe or a terfgen is, hehe…”
careful Coco, your ruby is showing
>Put it off for later.
Atlas is the very definition of a surveillance state. The hotel is likely to be safer given how severe a faux pax bugging your international guests of honor is, though we should still check before spilling the beans.

Still, no reason to ignore this, so I wouldn’t mind taking a closer look if that’s on the table, if only on the off-chance we can confirm whether or not it’s actually the Atlas branch or some other group. They don’t seem like they’d go for an actual protest unless it was a diversion for a more covert plot, and it seems just a tad optimistic to assume our talk with Isaac is already causing a change…
>>Put it off for later.
>Put it off for later.
No need to spoil the mood, especially here near an ongoing protest which is most likely monitored by bioluminescent Atlescians
Randomly woke up from a nap with this in my head out of nowhere, don’t mind me.

If Isaac doesn’t already have a Semblance in the works for him, might I humbly nominate:

Giantheart, a manifestation of the realization that being half the ram he used to be doesn’t make him any less the Huntsman he WANTS to be. For bonus points, as a Billy Goats Gruff reference, the astral form he projects only starts out as a slight size boost, but grows larger and larger the longer he can keep it going. It may or may not also be a manifestation of wanting to go back to Vacuo and kick the giant Komodo’s ass himself one day
Nice idea mate. What's his sister's Semblance again?
>>Omit the Skinwalker.
>But don't get into any deep political argument. Try to not ruin the day with any mention about a mission, talk in relation to how it's affecting your friend Isaac.
After some tentative thinking I'll cautiously vote for this.
I'll support this write-in.
Picaro had a better date than I, that's for sure. More than 20 years my mother drilled into me to always have an umbrella on hand during this part of year and every time I ignore her. Anyways, that's why I was late today.

Omit the skinwalker.

Put it off for later.

I'm hesitant to give Isaac a Semblance that would "fix" his disability, as that would negate his new character arc of not accepting any kind of help out of fear of being deadweight.
It'd be like having Neo talk through her constructs somehow outside of the Ever After, of course. it'll negate a core part of her character. Ignore that once Fox unlocks his Semblance he'll also be able to hear Neo talk.
But hey, Isaac is one of the characters who's Semblance I haven't decided - since he was supposed to, you know, die - so if anyone wants to, feel free to give cool power ideas.

She has a pocket dimension where she can store pretty much anything. Not a very interesting one to adapt in a game format.
None of Robyn's lot have interesting Semblances, they are more like plot devices if you look closely: Robyn's lie detector, May's invisibility field, Fiona's pocket dimension. Luckily, Joanna's hasn't been revealed so that gives me some wiggle room

Alright, writing.
Forgot to count these two votes and supported write-in.
>But hey, Isaac is one of the characters who's Semblance I haven't decided - since he was supposed to, you know, die - so if anyone wants to, feel free to give cool power ideas.
do semblances of people of the same people have anything in common or is just random for everyone ? myabe give him something related to info.
Technically they can be anything for reasons no one understands, with the notable exception being that the Schnee girls "inherited" Nicholas’ Glyph semblance. In practice, there’s tons of overlap though. There are fan theories that try to explain how people get the semblances they end up with though, my personal favorite being that they’re essentially a breakthrough that solves or reflects an otherwise insurmountable trauma. Yang gets overwhelmed by her inability to cope with how bad shit gets for her, and through her semblance found power. No matter how far she looked, Ruby could never truly chase after her mother’s shadow, so she basically got the ability to go anywhere at breakneck speed. Blake is afraid of confronting the choices she needs to make, so she can produce a shadow as she runs away. Weiss, Winter, and Willow were all scared of failing to live up to Nick’s legacy and so they manifested a their semblances in his likeness. Ren had to suppress his feelings lest they get him and Nora killed, and Nora was probably struck by lightning and had to eat it or die. Pyrrha had to uphold the honor of her hometown and the ideals and expectations they placed on her shoulders, so she had to be untouchable. Jaune couldn’t ever seem to do anything himself, so he became able to boost what his friends could do. Adam wants to repay all the harm inflicted upon him back to the world a hundredfold, and Cinder literally just wants to watch the world burn. Raven was terrified of getting close to anyone but didn’t want to lose any of her loved ones, so she gained the ability to keep them at arm’s length while still being there for them through her gates. Neo always felt alone, so she became able to project her imagination to keep her company. The less said about Ironwood’s semblance the better.

Really makes you wonder about the ones we DON’T know the origins of. How the hell does a cool guy like Qrow end up with an uncontrollable curse as his Semblance? How does someone as amicable as Robyn end up with the ability to force the truth out of someone? How does someone who values friendship and equality like Marrow, end up with the ability to force people to obey his command? Okay, in hindsight most semblances are probably fairly obvious, but cut me some slack, I’m trying here.
>I'm hesitant to give Isaac a Semblance that would "fix" his disability
I mean… isn’t that what the cybernetics are for? Inb4 all this time Ironwood was just talking about getting Isaac the fanciest peg legs money could buy…
You feel conflicted. On the one hand you have the desire to be honest with Coco, the one person in Remnant you feel safe being that way. On the other hand, being in a public park makes you hesitant. And it’ll ruin our date, of course.

But the more Coco’s eyes light up at the attempt of social justice on display, you feel compelled to stop her expectations to be crushed if they rise too high.

“Hey, Cuqui. I don’t think that protest is all good.”

Coco looks at you with genuine confusion. “Why would you say that?”

“I may have some…” you lean forward and whisper, “insider knowledge.”

Coco recognises when you get like that and follows suit. “What did you do this time?”

“The White Fang is present in Atlas.”

“No it’s not,” Coco answers without hesitation. “There’s no way Atlas would allow it.”

“They don't. The White Fang here is different. They’re real sneaky. I think this protest might be a cover for something.”

“What makes you believe that?”

“I went to their headquarters.”

“You-!” Coco controls her volume. “You did what? Picaro! They’re faunus supremacists, they could have killed you.”

“I didn’t want to go, Isaac and his sister were going and I needed to make sure they were safe.”

“Isaac’s sister? The one who is a professional huntress?”

“That’s the one.”

“… and how exactly was you being there make things safer?”

“Because I can fight.”

“Whatever. Do you realize how-”

“Yeah, yeah, geez. I got out as soon as I could with Isaac. Listen, the leader of the Atlas branch is at best incompetent and at worst an active detriment. The part that worries me is he has Isaac and his sister wrapped around his finger.”

“Are you sure?”

“A hundred percent. I talked some sense into Isaac but we’ll have to see what he does.”

“Wow.” Coco leans back into the chair. “Can’t trust anyone to be forthcoming these days.” She looks at the crowd. “Poor people, pushed around by everyone.”

“So you believe me?”

“Of course I do. What you’re saying is believable. Unlike some of the other… stuff.”

“Those are true as well.”

“Can we not argue about it for a single day?”


Silence envelops you two as you watch the protest continue on. Looks of worry painted on your faces, thinking about what might or might not be behind this.

“I’m relieved you got out of there. I expected you’d try and get deeper in the organization.”

“I’m not dumb.”

“Jury’s still out on that one.” Coco checks her scroll. “The barcade should be open by now.”

“Let’s go then.”

You both stand up and make your way a couple of blocks down the street. You’re pleasantly surprised Coco is not in a bad mood, instead happily chatting away.

The fact you only went to the White Fang to keep a friend safe and how you escaped as soon as you could probably puts her mind at ease.

With a step and a skip, you arrive at the barcade.
File: InsertSoyfaceHere.jpg (320 KB, 1400x1050)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
“Isn’t this place great? They opened in Vale some time ago, I didn’t know there were in Atlas as well!”

I can see why this was opened in Vale first… Exposed brick wall, artisanal beer and a sea of men with thick rim glasses and terrible beards. If the café was Mistral in Atlas, this is Vale…

“It’s an arcade with beer and no annoying children!” Coco says with enthusiasm.

“Cool.” This isn’t an arcade, this is like some nostalgia ridden middle aged person's idea of an arcade. Real arcades are dirty and full of faunus getting into fights over VHA matches. There isn’t even any blood on the floor!

Coco drags you to the counter. “This time there’s no excuse, the next time you have to do anything is in four days, so you will drink with me.”

“I don’t know Coco, what if Ironwood calls for me?” Or a dangerous Grimm suddenly attacks.

“No excuses. Bartender! Give us two craft MPAs and make it quick,” Coco demands with a smile that has the female bartender swooning. In a minute your drinks arrive alongside a folded piece of paper. Coco takes it and pockets it.

She whispers to you, “That was her number. Not gonna call.”

“What is up with you?”

“I’m in my element, baby! No more sand, scalding sun or having to take a shit on the back of the school because someone took a dump on the upper part of the one functioning toilet, now we are in civilization!” Coco downs her tall glass. “One round for everyone!”

The barcade celebrates in a very underwhelming way. “Why so quiet?” you ask.

“Because loud noises like clapping or cheering can stress neurodivergent folxs,” a girl explains. “I’m the manager here, please wear these complementary pronoun badges to avoid any stress from misgendering.”


“Those will not be necessary.”

“I must insist you wear them so as to not alienate the non-binary, trans and queer people.”

“Isn’t queer a slu-?”

Coco hastily grabs a she/her and he/him pin. “O-of course! I’m happy to accommodate everyone! Love the shirt by the way.”

The girl grabs a hold of the t-shirt saying ‘Be Gay Do Crime’. “Gotta fight the power, am I right?”

“Yeah, you got it.” Coco does finger guns at her as she walks away. “Be Gay Do Crime? I should get one of those.”


“It’s the story of my life.”

You think for a second. “It really isn’t. And I doubt it’s her-”


“Yeah you’re right, everyone in the bar probably holds some ideals like that. They don’t seem to be fighting the power very well.”

The second round Coco offered comes. “Let’s go play.”

“That’s what we’re here for.” With that said, you walk away from the bar to the machines.

“No controllers,” Coco states. “Crap.”

“Don’t know how to use arcade stick?”

“Shut up bitch, I’ll still beat your ass. First I gotta ask, are you gonna take me on the bet of the loser drinks or are you a little bitch?”
Semblances don't really follow any rules. Like Jacques said in the gala, they can be literally anything.
However, there is some overlap between the person's personality and their Semblance, Picaro is always afraid of what might happen and is always trying to plan ahead, so his Semblance helps him. Or often hinders him.
Since Semblances are connected to Aura which is in turn connected to the soul, it's a fair bet to assume what kind of person you are has some control over your Semblance, or perhaps, your Semblance has some control over the person you become.
Much like Dust, the specifics are largely unknown. Few beings in Remnant hold all the answers, and none you can access.

You're right. I wonder how he feels that someone else has to earn him his new legs.
let's fucking go and the alcohol will protect us against the onions overdose
>"Got no responsibilities holding me back this time; you’re gonna be white girl wasted like you’ve never been before by the time I’m through with you!"
And then a swarms of lancers, griffins, chimeras, and nevermore attack. But hey, might as well loosen up until then.
>Like Jacques said in the gala, they can be literally anything.
Hmmm, yes of course, the man with the uselessly petty power to cover up the one reminder that he’ll never be the kind of man he most desperately wants to be - a Schnee man - downplaying the reflection of his core self as nothing more than a random lottery, nothing to see here… I kid.

>I wonder how he feels that someone else has to earn him his new legs
Poor guy’s been understandably bitter about the whole affair from start to finish as far as I can see. But mark my words, soon as he gets his characteristic optimism back, he’ll be right back on his feet showing the world that he could absolutely have made it on his own and is worth every penny that went into those cybernetics, just you wait! I believe in Tundra Man!
>"Got no responsibilities holding me back this time; you’re gonna be white girl wasted like you’ve never been before by the time I’m through with you!"
Aw yeah it's time.
Childhood fren chad. I applaud you.
>definitely won't be strip poker if we lose right?
>definitely won't be strip poker if we lose right?
Cue waking up the next day with zero recollection of what happened and dressed in nothing but each other’s underwear. Just like best friends do!
We ball and stuff.

I WAS gonna make a snarky comment about how Grimm can't reach Atlas, but then I realized you only mentioned flying ones. I kneel...

At least Sun isn't here. He gets wasted and ends up in a ship to Patch with a weird scar on his side that wasn't there before.

>He gets wasted and ends up in a ship to Patch with a weird scar on his side that wasn't there before.
Right alongside a certain blue haired hydrophobe with a matching scar doing his best not to have a meltdown.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

“Ain’t no bitch.”

“What’s that?”

“I ain’t no bitch!” You down your glass of faux-deluxe and grossly overpriced liquor to get on par with Coco.

“Now we’re talking!” Coco goes to the machine and selects versus mode.

“I’m supposed to be player 1. I’m always player 1.”

“Bite me.”

“Not drunk enough.”

“How many drinks until ‘Biter Picaro’ comes out?”


“You had an answer to that,” Coco says with no surprise in her voice.

You stop whining and finally go to player 2.

The character select screen appears. 15 famous huntsmen, 3 for each kingdom and 3 more who are called ‘Rogue Legends’. Unlike the previous games where the UI had a lot of care put into it, this one is rectangular, minimalist, boring. Perfect for slotting DLC. Bastards.

You spot, alongside Clover Ebi and James Ironwood, a familiar face. “Hey Cuqui, I met that one?”

“Robyn Hill? I guess it makes sense if you visited Mantle, she’s a big deal down there.”

“Yeah, Isaac’s sister is on a team with her. I heard she’s supposed to replace Hide.”

“For real?”

“Same gameplan, tools, everything.”

“Fantastic. Fuck Nick’s glyph stances.” Coco picks Robyn. Upon selecting her she said what you assume is her signature line, ‘We must put the people first!’ Cheesy. She didn’t come across like that.

Instead of going straight to Grimm Reaper, you decide to use another character since Coco will be using someone she’s unfamiliar with.

You hover over Vale for a second before thinking better. Glynda Goodwitch, Peter Port and Summer Rose? No thanks, the headmaster isn’t even in the game.

That’d be unfair.

You’re tempted by Vacuo with Theodore, Rowena Sunnybrook and - to your surprise - Dr. Melrose. I figured Sunnybrook was good since she teaches combat, but the shrink? Color me shocked.

In the middle are the rogues: the mysterious Grimm Reaper, Nicholas Schnee and the swordmaster living in the middle of the Mistrali wilderness, Musashi, wearing his signature Grimm mask. Off brand Grimm Reaper. Next.

Talking about Mistral, you find the selection also unimpressive. Out of shape headmaster, some gangster named Chameleon, bleugh. This Shiro person looks interesting though.

And finally Atlas, who you already made up your mind about.

You shrug and let the random button decide, landing on Glynda.

>First round. Roll a d20 to see who wins.
>Picaro’s current intoxication: 1/3
>Coco’s current intoxication: 1/3


My pizza arrived, I may take 20 minutes to check back, sorry.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

File: IMG_6034.png (921 KB, 1920x1080)
921 KB
921 KB PNG
NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Rest easy, you tab-dodging fuck…
Rolled 15 (1d20)

zam, coco rolled good
Lost the first round. That's what happens when you try to be kind.

Nice job on getting that!
Had to dig deep to get good enough huntsmen for Mistral. I figured if him and Qrow go way back and he's his first choice, he oughta be good. Please God, don't let this quest go to Mistral for an extended period, I don't wanna rewatch volume 5 and take exhaustive notes, or even worse, finally getting around to watching the Grimm Campaign...
>He didn't catch that Roman Holiday reference.
Secondaries get out reeeee!!!

Anyways, writing.
File: IMG_6035.jpg (98 KB, 721x740)
98 KB
>Had to dig deep to get good enough huntsmen for Mistral.
Should’ve just given us the weapon merchant in her prime so Picaro could drool over a woman actually built like a brick outhouse.
Characters picked, the battle starts.

Or at least that’s what you hoped. Back in your day you’d start a duel with something like, ‘Round 1’.

The developers took a different approach.

On the screen you can see a panning shot of the stage. A male voice narrates a poem. “Since the beginning, mankind fought united against dark,” you mash the buttons to skip the intro. “Today, they fight for the honor of Remnant’s greatest legend. Victory shall lie in strength!”

Your characters enter the screen.

“What do you think a kingdom is? The people, or just the chunk of land they live on?”

“Ozpin has experience the rest of us lack. And I think that’s something worth remembering.”

Generic voicelines. How lazy.

“Verse 1!” the announcer shouts.

“Why verse?” Coco asks.


Instead of rushing forward like you’re used to, you hang back and test out some buttons and motions. To your relief, Coco does the same.

“Holy shit. She really is just reskinned Hide. She’s got the explosive rounds.”

“They’re bolts now.”

“Same things. Besides, she also has the traps, the weird airdash, can I check the supers?” She opens up the menu. “Hm, they changed the input to a half-circle.”

“I hate how they simplified the game, but I gotta agree with that one, the pretzel motion was a nightmare.”

“Aside from changing the actual character, she seems to have all the tools.”

“Not mine. They removed almost all the telekinesis stuff. Now all Glynda does is shoot projectiles.”

“Tough luck. Enough stalling!” Coco says before rushing forward, a foolhardy option as Robyn, but you playing a zoner your options upclose are even worse.

You try to play defense but, as a Grimm Reaper player, your brain is hardwired against this exact thing. Purely out of instinct you do the motion for the invincible Glynda doesn’t have and get hit.

Coco cuts the combo short to get in a better position and begin what is colloquially known as ‘The Blender.’

During your knockdown, Coco sets up a trap to force you to block high and low at once, creating an unblockable situation.

Or at least that’s what would have happened in the older games, now you notice how slow Robyn’s overhead attack is, so you can block low, then high and punish her end lag with a simple combo that sends her flying across the screen. The position you wanna be in.

“They nerfed the shit out of it.”

“Good. Fuck you and your degenerate set ups.”

“Degenerate?! Says the zoner, look at all the crap you’re throwing!” She refers to Glynda making rocks levitate and pushing them forward in rapid speed, summoning debris from who knows where and making the ground rise at Robyn’s feet, forcing her to block low.

“Adapt bro.”

“Motherfucker. You ain’t a man if you kill me with chip damage.”
“Bet.” You activate Glynda’s super move, making a giant spear out of the stage and throwing it forward. While Coco is distracted with that, you rush forward and sneak a low attack, taking the round. “Take a shot.”

“Run that shit back.”

“But you said one round, on drink.”

“Now it’s per game.”

Coco taps in and plays out of her mind, taking advantage of your inexperience with Glynda to sweep the next two rounds.

You sigh and take a drink.

>Second game. Roll a d20 to see who wins.
>Picaro’s current intoxication: 2/3
>Coco’s current intoxication: 1/3
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Rolled 11 (1d20)

Fuck. Forgot to roll for Coco.

If the baddie doesn't kill a Nevermore in front of him, he could ignore Elm Ederne, know what I'm saying?
Say it with me. Picaro only rolls good to comfort sad ladies. Must be why Melanie or Miltia used him as emotional support.

Probably also why Picaro knows exactly how many drinks it takes to get him to "bite"
>if Coco had rolled first we would've won.
It's so over.
File: IMG_6040.jpg (162 KB, 1006x718)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>he could ignore Elm Ederne
Well that just seems like a waste of a whole lot of perfectly good woman
Rolled 18 (1d20)

why did you roll as well ?
You decide to stop messing around.

You hover over Grimm Reaper and input a very complex combination of inputs.

“No way they kept that.”

“You gotta believe.”

The model of Grimm Reaper flashes white and her robes are nowhere to be found, being replaced by a skimpy swimsuit with cute little skulls covering her privates.

“Holy shit.” Coco laughs. “I take back all my complaints.”

“Oh my gosh!” Some lady approaches you both. “That is so wrong. How could a multi-million Lien company objectify women in such a way!”

You shush the lady. “I’m gonna give you a hundred Lien to fuck off.”

“… for real?”

You take your scroll and transfer the funds to the account she said. The lady goes back to her table, happy with how much she upheld her morals.

“How nosy. Besides, who cares how much titties you show of GR, she ain’t real.”

“She IS real.”

“You’re a little old to believe that stuff, Piqui. If she were real, someone would complain about how much porn is made of her.”

You mumble because you can’t argue with that. Since the Grimm Reaper was anonymous to the end - or she was indeed made up - the developers felt much more confident to provide some fanservice to the players. A sentiment shared with various other artists online and especially among certain circles in Mistral. You’d know.

You wholeheartedly believe the Grimm Reaper to be real and that she sadly never had a family. Otherwise you can’t imagine how they’d react when reading some Mistrali masterpiece like, ‘The Grimm Reaper Would Never Lose to a Bunch of Low Level Bandits!’ or your personal favorite, ‘The Young Apprentice Gets Special Training From Big Sis Grimm Reaper.’

I like the plot of that one.

You shake your head of dirty thoughts and begin the match.

“Grimm Reaper, you could do more good if you showed your face to the people.”


“Special voice lines. Cool,” Coco says.

“The money they didn’t use on GR they used on those, I bet.”

“Yeah, most likely.”

Once the intro ends, you both jump into action with your most practiced characters.

The first thing you notice is how the jiggle physics improved drastically from the last entry. The marvels of technology.

Then you actually start paying attention.

You play out of your mind, not letting Coco breath without a lariat coming her way, challenging every knockdown with an invincible wakeup move.

You take the first round with ease and Coco is forced to change her strategy. Instead of ending her combos early to get a strong knockdown, she begins juggling you in the air.

“You don’t got these.”

Coco remains focused on doing Hide’s signature ‘Dust loops’, now on Robyn. She finishes her combo by doing a super move, taking in total a good 70% of health and ends up the round with chip damage.

Final round she changes again, playing to get you to stay away and pester you with projectiles.

“Adapt bro,” she smugly says as the round timer runs out and you lose the game due to having lower health.
“Dammit! I shoulda played dumb and just lariat.”

“Hey, you know the rules, bottom’s up.”

You grunt and do as it’s commanded. Three drinks you start to feel it.

“That was fun, but we oughta stop.”

“What? No!” Coco counters.

“I feel wobbly already.”

“Come on man, you’re just tipsy, three drinks is nothing.”

She’s right, you are merely a little light headed but little else. This was the point you intended to stop.

Coco has another idea. “Let’s continue, come on. I barely even drank, please, please, please.” Coco pleads with big puppy eyes.
>Just a few more.
>No. That’s enough.
I rolled for Coco and the first one rolls for Picaro.

A fun fact about this. I searched the wiki for that Robyn quote but the way it was written felt off to me. Checked and it was wrong. The lesson is to never trust the RWBY wiki.

Another fun fact. Originally it was Elm who was gonna be the one to pick up Picaro, I figured Ironwood would send his most friendly face, but then feared a lot of people might think with the lower head and that's not what I want, so I went with the second friendliest.

Anyways, work in the 'morrow. Sleep time now. See you all, yadda yadda.
>Just a few more.
Can't end on a loss
>Just a few more.
The dice are very cruel, especially if we only get one shot at it.
>>Just a few more.
>You wholeheartedly believe the Grimm Reaper to be real and that she sadly never had a family. Otherwise you can’t imagine how they’d react when reading some Mistrali masterpiece like, ‘The Grimm Reaper Would Never Lose to a Bunch of Low Level Bandits!’ or your personal favorite, ‘The Young Apprentice Gets Special Training From Big Sis Grimm Reaper.’
bruh the first one, the 2nd one get's +10 for being /ss/
>Just a few more.
we need to at least make coco drink once
it was a typo, meant to ask why the others weren't rolling
File: IMG_6043.png (995 KB, 1211x2048)
995 KB
995 KB PNG
> feared a lot of people might think with the lower head
A valid concern. Though that probably goes for any remotely attractive woman, really
>Just a few more.
No fun if we remember how we got back to the hotel...
>You wholeheartedly believe the Grimm Reaper to be real and that she sadly never had a family. Otherwise you can’t imagine how they’d react when reading some Mistrali masterpiece like, ‘The Grimm Reaper Would Never Lose to a Bunch of Low Level Bandits!’ or your personal favorite, ‘The Young Apprentice Gets Special Training From Big Sis Grimm Reaper.’
lmao granny has some fans
>>Just a few more.
Forgot to vote.
>>Just a few more.
Just a few more.
You don’t have nearly enough liquor in you to not be at least somewhat worried of drinking too much, but you suppose a little more won’t hurt.

Can’t end with her sweeping me either.

“Sure. I’m supposed to be paying you back after all.”

“WOO!” Coco throws her arms in the air. “There it is!”

“Stop being so fuckign loud and play. I’m not losing three times in a row.”

>Third game. Roll a d20 to see who wins.
>Picaro’s current intoxication: 2/5
>Coco’s current intoxication: 1/5
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Forgot to roll again!
Watch this 3.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Man, when I'm playing other quests I never roll this high so consistently.

Small mistake, Picaro's intoxication should be 3.

c'mon now, how the fuck you're rolling so high ?
Rolled 7 (1d10)

You slam the buttons hard. Winning is the one thing on your mind.

“Some new dudes are funding the game, ya know?” Coco casually taps buttons and does inputs while spouting trivia. “Before it was the SDC, now it’s some other soulless corporation.”

“Hm.” You know she’s gonna try something on your knockdown, so you perform an invincible wakeup.

Coco baits it, blocks and punishes. “BlackMoon, I think.”

“Hmm.” She’ll never see the lariat coming.

You seem to have forgotten the trap Coco placed beforehand. “Some asset manager firm or investments or some other corpo crap.”

“HMMM.” You lose the first round.

Second round starts with you rushing forward, Coco jumping straight up and counter-hitting. “The first season got leaked. They’re adding five characters, one for each faction.”


“You got the obvious ones like some other member of Ironwood’s crew and another Beacon teacher, but there’s an odd rogue, think she was called Bianca or something. She made a name for herself in recent years and is now making waves online.”


“People wanted an Arc. But I think it makes sense they add an oddball among the sure-fire sales of season 1.”


“Plus the girl is hot, not gonna lie. And I win again…” Coco sounds disappointed.

You wordlessly down your glass.

“Piqui, don’t you wanna play some practice games? I had console back home so I played every day and you were probably too busy-”

“Shut up. Hit rematch.”

Coco has a weird look in her eyes.

>Fourth game. Roll a d20 to see who wins.
>Picaro’s current intoxication: 4/5
>Coco’s current intoxication: 1/5
Rolled 7 (1d20)

now's our chance, fuck it
Coco goes easy and Picaro still only ties lol. Writing.
While the overly long intro plays you crack your knuckles, neck and get ready to become a true pro player.

“Really going all out, eh?” Coco asks with a little hesitation.

“Watch this double perfect.”

The match starts and is as if the world slows down. Options pass through your mind. In a second you compare frame data, hitboxes, hurtboxes and every other variable to determine the best possible opening.

Coco presses medium attack.

The interaction was neutral in the end, none ended with a clear advantage.

“Maybe I should play some other character. Robyn is pretty busted.”

You don’t listen, your attention glued to the screen.

In the end you can barely eke out a victory in the first round.

You silently seethe.

“It’s just a stupid game-” Coco tries to touch your shoulder but you bite the air near her. “Four drinks, right.”

The second round starts and you can feel your composure slipping. The alcohol combined with just how outclassed you’re makes your focus slip away and your Semblance - normally under control during downtime - flares up.

The visions it showed were different this time. Your mind, blurry it may be, is still filled with winning the dumb game. You and your opponent are evenly matched after all.

Out of the corner of your eye you see Coco lazily pressing buttons as usual, however, a flash of her doing a special attack appears. Instead of fumbling like usual due to the usually chaotic nature of your Semblance, you capitalize on the highly focused vision to attack while she’s doing the motion, counter hitting her and performing a devastating combo to close off the round with a perfect.

You don’t celebrate.

“Hey, you did it!” Coco gives you a playful slap on the back. “Now it’s my turn to drink.” Coco downs her own and then snatches yours to do the same.

“Slow down girl.”

“You did a perfect, that’s two drinks.”

“Since when?”

“Since the time I wanted to get wasted but only drank one measly cup. Next game.”

>Fifth game. Roll a d20 to see who wins.
>Picaro’s current intoxication: 4/5
>Coco’s current intoxication: 3/5
Rolled 11 (1d20)

... I swear one of these days I'll remember to roll.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

OP took pity on us and didn’t roll
Finally, we go for the final round
“No holding back this time.”

“Lemme change character, Grimm Reaper is ass actually.”

“A bad huntsman blames his weapons.”

“A bad player picks Robyn.” You return to the character select screen and find yourself with the knowledge that you don’t actually know how to play anyone else.

You let random decide, groaning at the result.

“Summer Rose? That bitch who tried to pin the book shit on you? Wanna change characters?”

“And having to go through 3 more load screens?”

The characters walk into the frame.

“What do you think a kingdom is? The people, or just the chunk of land they live on?”

“I fight on the side of light.”

They really did only use money for GR.

The round starts and you do a quarter-circle forward motion, thinking it’d be a fair bet to do something.

Summer rushes forward, Robyn tries to counter but turns out the move had armor. She gets hit by a devastating amount of damage.

“Oh fuck, they added another unga bunga character. I bet you’re happy.”

You don’t respond and spam the armored lariat all game. Coco finds herself unable to do anything about it.

“Summer hard counters Robyn it seems. All I can do is avoid the charge,” Coco analyzes calmly.

Some more mindless attacking later, victory is yours.

“Suck it!”

Coco laughs. “A bet is a bet.” She again grabs two cups.

I’m on a roll now, winning streak coming-!

“The game isn’t as fun as I remembered. Let’s just go drink.”
>Accept and finish the game.
>Accept but continue with the game.
>Reject and call it a night.
>Accept and finish the game.
>"Pff, coward."
>Accept and finish the game.
I swear, if this dumbass lesbian makes this about our mental health again…
+1 >>5854134
>Accept and finish the game.

I don't think it's so much about that as it is about seeing a friend tryhard and still lose a game. Happened with one of my buds in Dokapon Kingdom and Smash Bros. Had to dial it back and let myself get owned, then we laughed it off later.
coco princess carrys us back to the hotel cause we forgot how to walk.
Oh my god, it is like the worst parts of Twitter. I follow illegalist accounts that unironically post the "Be gay, do crime" slogan in memes.


Good choice. See picrel

>Accept but continue with the game.
>I follow illegalist accounts
tf is an illegalist ?
Accept and finish the game.

Accept but continue.

Writing late again.
“Pft, coward.” You turn around and walk to the counter.

“Sure thing, buddy.” Coco rolls her eyes with a smile. “Let’s go to a real bar, this place overcharges for everything.”

“And they keep asking for fuckin’ tips.”

You both leave the barcade and look for a regular bar.

The place looks normal for once. Normal decor, normal people wearing normal clothes and a normal bartender. It is kinda weird how everyone is female.

And what does ‘Saphos’ mean? Why is it the name of the bar?

You decide those questions aren’t worth pondering over as you try to decipher what the names of the drinks mean.

“Gimme a Strawberry Sunrise gorgeous,” Coco orders with no problem.

“No flirting with the bartender,” the lady in question says. “Unless she’s her type. What will the cutie butch get? On the house.”

“Uuuh… I’ll have the same as her?”

“Two Strawberry Sunrises, coming up. Really not fighting the stereotype, eh?”

Coco shrugs. “It’s the drink gals like us love. Am I right?!” Coco addresses the crowd, they respond by raising their glasses with a cheer.

“Can’t argue with that.” The bartender slides two colorful drinks atop the counter. “Enjoy.”

“Thank you gorgeous.” Coco grabs her drink and begins sipping.

“Keep ignoring the rules and I might make a move on your date.” She winks at you before going to attend some other customers.

“Something feels off…” You try to figure it out.

“What do you mean? This is a perfectly normal bar. A place I’d go to on a weekend.”

“Hm, if you say so.” You take the straw into your mouth. Sweet.

“How do you feel about that drink?” Coco asks with a hint of cheekiness.

“I like it.”

“So you could say you’re the type of person who enjoys that kind of drink?”

“I guess. I prefer water.”

Coco stifles a laugh.

“What’s so funny?”


You shrug, going back to nursing your drink while Coco seems very amused at a joke only she understands.

Finishing the fruity beverage, you really start to feel the effects. “My balance is askew, my vision is blurry and I’m clearly slurring my words. Suffice to say, I have become inebriated.”

“Hehe, yeh. ‘nother round!”
More liquor comes.

“Ya know? I was fine when they came and took ‘Two X Chromosomes’, I was fine when they started going to e-sports as women, but the final straw was when they infected my erotic audio stories!”

“What are we talking about?”

“The forum used to be perfect!” Coco slams her cup down. “I could log in everyday and listen to velvet voiced angels grooming me into becoming their lick-slaves!”

“Did you say groom?”

“But now my feed is filled up with TF shit. The worst is when they do the bait and switch, middle of the audio they mention their ‘girldick’.” Coco gags.

“Testify sister!” Some girl with a buzzcut says. “We don’t want men in our spaces!”


“You said it!”


All the women voice their agreement.

“This is the last bastion against the MENace.” The girl puts a reassuring hand on your shoulder. “You’re safe here.”


“You’re…” she starts slowly moving her palm along your shoulder, down your arm. “Very welcome.”

“You have two seconds to get your hands off!” Coco demands.

Another round.

“Fuckin’ bitches…”

“Which ones?”

“All them bitches! They tryna take you away from me…”

“You still haven’t said who are the bitches.”

“Your freakin’ team man! Why do you have three hotties? And that Charlie fauner is the worst of ‘em.”

“Fuck are you talking about?”

“All that ‘mistress, mistress!’ shit. She knows what she’s doing. She wants you to put her on a leash and shit.”

“I don’t think she wants that, she’s probably just weird. Wait a minute, why are you complaining you don’t want me to get close to them now, before you was complaining about the exact opposite. The fuck do you want me to do?”

“Man, I don’t know, I’m drunk and acting like a dumbass. How come you aren’t drunk and acting like a dumbass?”

“I am drunk, that doesn’t mean I gotta make a fool of myself.”

“Take one more drink then.”


One drink later.

“I should be the one with an army!” You slam your drink on the counter hard enough you shatter the glass. “Not that dumbass Ironwood.”

“Fuck is you gonna do with an army?”

“Nothing now, but what if I need it later?”

“You can have my hot tits if that’s gonna make you stop with your stupid fantasies.”

“Woman! I don’t need hot tits, I need a grand army!”

Another and another round of drinks go by. The night becomes a blur of bright colors and loud sounds.

The next time you regain sense, is with a monkey faunus shaking you awake.

“Dude, it’s already past noon.” Sun keeps shaking you. “You’re gonna miss lunch.”

Your head is killing you, the sound of Sun’s voice seems like nails on a blackboard and his shaking makes you feel nauseous. A hangover? I can’t believe this…


“Come on dude, can’t stay in bed all day!”
>”Sure can.” Go back to sleep and hope the effects go away by the afternoon.
>”Ugh, get me a painkiller or something.” Get up in spite of the pain.
>Other, write-in.
>”Ugh, get me a painkiller or something.” Get up in spite of the pain.
Picaro finally got to live a little kek
I just realized the doc for the quest has reached over 100k words!

Thank you so much for everyone who participated thus far!
>“I should be the one with an army!” You slam your drink on the counter hard enough you shatter the glass. “Not that dumbass Ironwood.”
Is the robot army a thing yet? Does Penny even exist?

>>”Ugh, get me a painkiller or something.” Get up in spite of the pain.
>>Other, write-in.
“Sun… you have 5 seconds to get me some pain killers or i’m going back to sleep.”
Damn, coco almost enacted TTD
>”Ugh, get me a painkiller or something.” Get up in spite of the pain.
no problems, qm
Absolutely top notch. Loved how it devolved into I need an army. XD
Great quest.

Hope the bellhop looks at us weird on the way out. And maybe some pointing and whispering.
No rest for the wicked and the hungover. Writing.
Getting up slowly to avoid further nausea, you turn to Sun. “Get me a painkiller, will you?”

“I don’t know any pharmacies, bro.”

“Doesn’t this hotel have, like, complementary drugs?”

“I don’t think so dude.”

“Why is it so fucking expensive then? Agh…” Another shooting pain flares up in the side of your head. And your side. “What the?” You lift up your shirt to see a small square bandage taped there.

“No idea what you got yourself into man. You came here with a small patch of skin straight up gone. Hold on, lemme get you some water.”

While Sun goes to the minifridge present in the room, you try to recount the events from last night. “Where’s Coco?”

“In her room.” Sun hands you bottled water. “You guys totally partied hard! Had to be dragged in by some dude and everything.”

“Which dude?” Concern creeps up on you. There are a lot of people you’d rather not have seen you in that state.

“Just a dude, I dunno. He did seem sorta familiar, I could swear I’ve seen him somewhere.”

“Describe him.”

“Just a dude, I told you. Regular guy.”

“Ugh.” Leave it to Sun to not get any details. “And what’s this?” You grab a bunch of loose papers strewn about in your bed.

“You had it with you. It's in your handwriting.” You begin scanning the pages.

“How To Bring Salvation Upon Godless Masses By Creating A New God?”

“You get very freakin’ intense when wasted, man. Kinda funny.”

The pages are filled with nonsensical words, equations and diagrams. “This is gibberish.”

“You were tripping hard man!” Sun’s laugh grates in your ears. “Sorry.”

You get up with great effort and walk to the bathroom to freshen up. The cool water helps some more lucidity come to you and replacing the taste of vomit for mint feels like heaven.

While you walk you have an odd feeling, like something is missing.

Not looking like you just crawled out of the garbage as much, you knock on the girls’ door.

“Finally, room service.” Something seems oddly familiar. You cover your ears in anticipation. “Ah! A homeless person!”

“Hey Emerald. Didn’t you sleep in our room?”

Emerald looks you up and down. “You look and smell terrible.”

“Wasn’t asking that.”

“Just had to say it. We decided to have a sleepover because one of our roommates decided to be an angry, loud drunk. Here we had a sad, crying drunk which was mildly better.”

“Did you see who brought us here?”

“Sun did, right? All we saw was him carrying you guys to the rooms.”

Useless. “Is Coco up?”

“Uuughhh.” You hear a loud groan and someone puking in the bathroom.

“Yeah. Come right in,” she says in a sarcastic voice.
The room has two queen sized beds, but all the pillows and blankets lay strewn about on the floor. They really did have a sleepover. I hope they didn't take advantage of drunk Coco, gotta ask Charlie later.

Sitting on the floor is Narci looking very attentively at something on her scroll.


“Don’t talk to me!” Narci interrupts your greeting without looking up from the screen. “This is the most important thing in my life, I can’t fail!”

“… okay…” You go to the bathroom and find Coco leaning over the toilet with Typhu patting her back. Neo sits on the sink, finding the show amusing in some way.

“Hey Cuqui.”

“Hey- bleugh.” She spews some more solid chunks.

“She’s feeling pretty under the weather,” Typhu says.

“I can see that. I’m, uh, gonna give her a couple of minutes.”

You look around the room for the person who is gonna give you a full report. “Where’s Charlie?”

“Picaro Calavera!” You hear a posh voice coming from the side. “I was hiding in the closet.”


“Coco didn’t like seeing my face for some reason, I believe in her drunken delusion she thinks I stole something from her. Or I’m in the process of stealing, it was pretty unclear. She did call me a fauner quite a lot of times.” She stops for a second. “Or perhaps she’s stricken by royalty!”

“Nice safe,” Emerald mocks.

“So you slept there?”

“It’s actually pretty comfortable, I can see why people like you three struggle to get out of it.”

“Wait, who’s the third?” Emerald asks.


“What happened last night?” you cut to the chase.

“After Sun brought you two here, I checked your bodies, making sure your holes were the correct size, looking for any traces of drugs in your nose, mouth, eyes, ears and others. The usual stuff.”

Does that mean? “So you saw me naked?” you ask with a little hope.

“Oh, don’t worry Picaro, I didn’t look at your front.”

“Of course you didn’t…”

“And I also looked at other stuff like the wounds.”

“Why didn’t you lead with that?”

“Wounds can heal, but nothing can become unused again.”

“Sometimes you say some real dark stuff, you know?” Emerald decided this conversation was more worthwhile than watching a girl puke her guts out.

“Were they grave?”

“No. Just you missing some skin and Coco with a lot of bite marks. Nothing Aura can’t fix.”

You wrack your brain in search of some answers but nothing comes up. “Anything else you can tell me?”

“Neo recorded some of Coco’s drunken shenanigans. Don’t worry, I already destroyed her scroll.”

“Good.” Don’t want that footage coming back to haunt us.

“Ugh.” Coco finally gets out of the bathroom. “Drinks are stronger in Atlas, otherwise I’m getting softer. Hey, Piqui.”

“Don’t hurl again.”
“Ha ha,” Coco laughs sarcastically. “You remember anything from last night?”

“After the bar? No.”

Coco chuckles. “That was lesbian bar.”


“And you drank a lesbian drink, and lesbians flirted with you, and I believe one tried to slip something into your cup.”

“What happened?”

Coco looks at her knuckles. “Considering this dry blood, I can make an educated guess. Had to protect your cute little ass.”

“I can protect myself, I’ve always got-” You call and nothing comes. “I-” You look on your back. “Impossible.” You run to the window and extend your palm, but can’t feel the usual supernatural pull.

Coco crosses her arms while smirking. “Got some regrets? Those are always fun, did you remember some girl or-?”

“I lost Promised Return!”

Coco’s breath hitches. “You are pretty serious with this girl, damn.”

“No idiot, my weapon!”

“How can you lose it? It comes back to you wherever it is, right?”

You keep trying to accentuate your point. “It’s not doing it!”

Coco can tell you’re about to spiral after losing your grandma’s priceless gift. “Okay, let’s calm down and think, you had it when we were at the bar, right?”

You nod.

“And we were there until about 11 pm, what time did we arrive here?”

“4 in the morning,” Typhu answers.

“4:26,” Narci adds.

“We gotta figure out what happened in those five hours to find Promised Return, okay?”

You give another cautious nod. “Okay…”

“What first?”

“You should get more people involved,” Typhu suggests. “More hands and eyes will be helpful.”

“I’d go to the bar and recount your steps from there,” Emerald says.

Narci finally looks up from the phone, instead looking straight ahead deep in thought. “What could cause Promised Return to not come back? It makes no sense.”

But now, what will you do?
Eat something, you can't search in an empty stomach, on top of being hungover
grab some coffee and greasy breakfast then go back to where Sun was and threaten to cut off his tail if he doesnt give us more details about the guy that brought us back
>Don't lose your cool, try to relax.
>Eat first.
>Don't panic, retrace your steps.
>See if we can figure out who the mystery man that brought both us and Coco back is. Did he check in? Any of the staff see him?
Part of me thinks Grant brought us back and he has Promised Return. Half tempted to contact him (without telling him we lost it right off the bat of course, maybe put up some excuse on why we wanted to contact him).
File: 4chan captcha P0G N0.jpg (49 KB, 306x330)
49 KB
Also by the looks of what little we know about last night retracing our steps should be funny.
>Captcha P0G N0
Support, but no contacting Grant.
>look at the wound you have
Might be a clue to what happened last night
Brothers, first that glowing therapist, now we get drunk and lose our weapon, Coco's character development better hit her like an 18wheeler becayse it's either that or some of that Childhood Friend NTR I jest, the date was quite funny.
>Ask who the third person hiding in the closet was in case it has anything to do with the missing weapon
>Also have Charlie keep looking after the two stowaways, just so that nothing unexpected happens
Before I forget we should ask about this. Probably has nothing to do with the situation but it doesn't hurt to know.
I have no idea what to make of things lol
I reread it 3 times and can't make out any clues. Maybe let's retrace our steps?
I think we'll get more info as time goes on and we look into it more.
What if we call Grant's weapon?
OP ?
No update today either sadly.
Got some more end of year nonsense I have to deal with. I wonder what even is the point of rising through the corporate ladder if you'll still be taking orders from even bigger assholes than before...
Anyways, sorry, we resume tomorrow.
Damn, I know that feeling.

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