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The year is 2050 and the planet itself is in the deep nihilistic shitholes right now. You woke up from the body freezers of the morgue to be greeted with a scene of dried up blood stains, followed with the scratches of destroyed equipment, furnishings, not to mention the horrific fates of the poor docs whose bodies had become more like glorified meat grind.

The last thing you remember from the visit is vague at best, taken on emergency surgery to the point of near dying followed by unwarranted guests coming in to cause a bit of a “flash mop-up job”. After that, nothing for the most part; you’ve came back from the long nap with stiches galore without any memories and as of now are left with the feeling of lonely silence and the low droning hums of ambience.
Feel free to scavenge whatever salvageable things that were left hanging out or just chill out and meet with the new normal of the outside. Your choices are my pleasure

An unsolicited piece of advice: It's generally easier for anons to give you input if you give them some number of options, otherwise you'll tend to attract silly, irreverent or off theme input. All that said...

> Inventory the room for anything useful.

Things seem to have gone to shit, so any kind of improvised weapon would be useful. I'm thinking an old scalpel taped or zip tied to a broom handle, or nice heavy wrench or other hand tool. Bonus points for water, food or medicine.
>Spend a few moments in prayer and meditation, if we woke into this dismal reality, perhaps it falls upon us to do something to heal it…
> Inventory the room for anything useful.
You scout the morgue scrabbling on the trash-heap of the tools they’ve might leave behind, upon examination of anything that would be a useful salvage were bandages, a scalpel along with some prescriptions to relieve some pains from their injuries. Everything else you look, it seems to appear like it was ripped straight from a body horror feature.
Ranging from double handles, unusual body parts that seems to be alive and sentient, even the rodents were disfigured. Resembling those of a botched link of rats and lizards, a bit more imp-like than an animal.

>Spend a few moments in prayer and meditation, if we woke into this dismal reality, perhaps it falls upon us to do something to heal it…
You sit down for a moment of thought, trying to re-evaluate the reality that you’ve just step into. ‘Is this some sort of a sick dream world I’m living,’ you muttered quietly, ‘I’ve might be pinching myself right now… Ah, damn! If only I have to learn the fathoms of the shit I’m going through, it could’ve been worse by now. Might’ve died maybe, probably just dumbass survivor’s luck.”
You couldn’t remember anything that led to those displays, just only the vague fragments of a past that have yet to be resembled before the full picture could be settled in.
The only thing now is just pray for god and hope that maybe, if plausible can we ever return to the normality of the earth. What now then, may wonder the disillusioned man to do at a place of disrepair?
1. Explore the halls and the rooms lay abandoned
2. Rest for now, prepare to head out into the open tomorrow
3. Type your input and see where it goes from here

> Grab the gear and get exploring

No food or water, just sitting around is a death sentence
supporting >>5672524

let's go explore. perhaps clues or opportunity will present themselves.
> Grab the gear and get exploring
Without any hesitation, you set out with the gears you found and head into the halls. Upon walking the emptiness through those floors, you paused upon the symbols and imagery that were present in the waiting room. The largest one present was that of a crudely drawn star inside of the circle, at its center was a vulture skull with horns.
Like the prior room before, the scenery was too a sight from the post-carnage; along with some disembodied skeletons and partially mummified body parts. Yet there are notes left intact on a desk whose shape resembled those of battle scars. The computers are left slightly functional.

1. Read the notes
2. Take the notes, explore more of the hospital for any useful tools or any exits
3. Put your inputs here
Read the notes & see what we can access on the computers.
Second >>5673112
You read the notes that's been sitting on the table, it was a report on the mysterious hole sightings that have been appearing around the country in the last recent weeks, hypothesis spectate that whoever came to one of the holes might've brought hell to the world we're living in.

You then attempt to access the computer to see if anything relates to the note.

>Roll d20 for possible odds, lowest number becomes unlikely
Rolled 9 (1d20)

You skimmed through the pcs for relevant information, but unfortunately, none are as relevant or as salvageable to the notes at hand.

1. Take the notes, and explore more of the hospital for any useful tools or exits
2. Scout the hospital more
3. Your text input here
Lets try to scout some more then.

And when you say ' none are as relevant or as salvageable to the notes at hand' does that mean that the notes are more valuable than anything on the computer or does that mean that there is nothing at all valuable on the computer?
The notes might be a clue to something larger but we'll see it unfolds.

You scout the hospital more and see a pile of creatures scavenging over something as you arrive at the lunchroom. The scenery at the forefront was like the aftermath of a classroom fight gone wrong as the dreadful smells of rot surround you.

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