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File: Fate CA Title.png (217 KB, 552x479)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
You are Anon, a 6’2” albino man of exceptional strength and magical energy who can remember neither his past nor own name, and a Master in the Akeldama Great Holy Grail War, which is taking place in a city in an artificial world called Akeldama. Your Servant is Avenger of Red, a winged girl wielding considerably powerful magic who has declined to tell you her true name as of yet. Most recently you’ve returned to the city of Akeldama from a different city that the self-proclaimed overseer, Father Triscus Adajio, had planned on wiping out after relocating all of the remaining occupants to random positions in the main city. As the transfer takes place, you and the three other Masters you’ve decided to join for the time being are deciding how to approach the situation so you can rescue and protect as many uninvolved civilians as you can.

First thread: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/5331278/
Subsequent threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Low+Speed+Anti+Divine+QM
Reference for Servant (and other related) stat-blocks: https://pastebin.com/5mPbUP4G
File: Sweat drop.png (79 KB, 192x235)
79 KB
Addressing Matsuda, you say, “I’d recommend you take your Servant up on his offer. The rest of us will be able to move more effectively if we choose a secure location to lead the noncombatants to once we retrieve them. If Caster spots anyone else he’d also be able to immediately direct whichever group comes back soonest to their position.”

Nodding slightly, the delinquent gives his assent, “Eh, I guess you’re right. Where do we wanna hole up, Caster?”

Looking over the surroundings, Caster answers, “While I would have preferred camping in wilderness, the prudent choice would obviously be to take advantage of the concealment offered by one of the nearby structures: we’ll wait inside that one there.” He says, pointing to a seven-story corporate office building before continuing, “When you return simply call out to us from the lobby, I’ll come to meet you.”

“It seems one of our search parties will have two Servants present, then. I assume we shall defer to Miss Edelfelt’s preference on who to accompany?” Rushorou suggested.

“Agreed. Up to you, Truvi.” You affirm curtly, hoping to move things along quickly. Time was of the essence, given the situation.

After considering the choice for a few moments, Truvietianne decided, “This time I think I’ll accompany Mr. Yumigawa and his Servant. There’s a tactic I’ve been considering attempting should we run into hostile Servants that may work better with his Lancer at our side.”

“You sure? With two Lancers together won’t the commands get confusing?” Perseus asked in a way that gave you the impression there was an equal chance he was speaking in jest as opposed to leveraging an actual objection.

“I’m not going to issue orders to someone else’s Servant.” His Master answered in a deflated tone, frowning slightly and refraining from explicitly vocalizing the obviousness of her position. It also seemed as though a bead of sweat was forming on her temple, but from that distance you couldn’t tell for sure.

“Likewise. It won’t be a problem.” The boy concurred.

“Best of luck to you both, then. Avenger and I will search the area at the corner of those three wards, so let’s get moving.” You say, mostly unbothered by her decision, though Avenger was probably actively pleased with it based on some of her earlier comments. “Though before we go, can you do your best to give us the exact location of the civilian, Caster?”

Showing his copy of the map to you and your Servant, the aged man traced along it with his finger and said, “There is a limit to the precision I can offer from a map of this size, but he seems to currently be running down a major street around here.”

“Good enough. Let’s go Master, time is short.” Avenger said as she generated a teleportation ring under your feet.
File: Stocky civilian.jpg (58 KB, 1058x720)
58 KB
“G-good luck!” Koko said just before your Servant transported you from that area. You returned a friendly smile, but weren’t sure whether she saw it or not before you vanished.

Appearing on the roof of a three-story building, you find yourself overlooking a major road lined by buildings of similar size and design hosting all manner of commercial shops. Down on the road, it didn’t take you long to spot a stocky middle-aged man about 100 yards to your south, frantically running in your direction from a small group of undead creatures that appeared to be moving with more swiftness than the ones you remember encountering. In fact, if you and your Servant don’t act quickly, he’ll be overrun!

Stepping one foot at the edge of the roof, you say, “Let’s get down there, Avenger. Can you slow my descent like before?”

“But of course. Your landing will be gentle enough.” She answered, tapping your shoulder and whispering in that language she used to quickly cast spells. Firmly kicking off from the roof, you aim directly for the center of the street and find the pull of gravity was sufficiently reduced such that you landed only just short of your target. Your knees feel only a mild strain as you come to a stop on your feet. Further to the southeast your intuition hinted at the possibility of another Servant fighting nearby, but you had a different priority at the moment.

“H-help me!” The man huffed as his fear of his pursuers overrode any trepidation he may have felt due to your sudden appearance.

“Easily done.” Avenger casually said while hovering about 15 feet above you. Swiftly drawing her magic circles at her side, she rapidly shot out fireballs and energy beams from them that flew over the man’s head and mowed down his half-dozen or so pursuers. Turning around and seeing just a cloud of smoke, the man then staggered toward you, leaning forward and panting from his desperate exertion. To your surprise though, you heard what sounded like a gurgling death-rattle coming from the smoke, and as it cleared one of the zombies that was the furthest away appeared to be slowly crawling toward you with a single arm, as its other limbs were greatly mangled or destroyed. But what was more surprising was the fact that its wounds were slowly regenerating.

Intrigued, Avenger mused, “Strange, I estimated that would have destroyed them. Were they that tenacious when you encountered them in the other city, Master?”

Shaking your head, you answer, “I don’t think so; the ones I destroyed didn’t regenerate and stayed dead from less damage than that.”

“Oh, it must have a weak ‘Curse of Restoration’. I never had many dealings with- ” She began, but then landed next to you as she said, “Another Servant, and it’s closing in quickly.”
Looking up, you immediately caught sight of a shining golden chariot complete with an overhanging roof (or perhaps umbrella?) pulled by four white horses flying toward you from the southeast through the city’s airspace. Though it was still far away, you could make out a rider in it gripping a tall bow. Faster than your eyes could register, a barrage of arrows suddenly streaked through the air toward your position. Your Servant reflexively raised up some of the asphalt in front of you to form a wall covering you from the bowman’s line of sight, but the arrows never hit that wall. Instead, you could hear them land a little ahead of you, most likely where that last zombie was crawling.

“Haha, that’s the last of that filth! Now who might these miserable persons be?” The Servant loudly announced from his airborne chariot. Peering around the hastily-raised wall of asphalt, you spotted the Servant curling the mustache on his otherwise clean-shaven face with one hand and maintaining his grip on the bow with his other. Rider of Red, it seems. Due to the angle the chariot was hovering at, you couldn’t tell if there was anyone else inside.

Giving a preliminary analysis, Avenger quietly informed you, “A Rider, but he wields a bow with the skill of a first-rate Archer. This could be an annoying matchup if we fight head-on from this distance.”

“Master of Avenger of Red, can you hear me?” A voice called out in your head. It wasn’t Avenger’s, that’s for sure, as aside from the obvious contextual clues you also recognized the “sounds” to have a definitively masculine tenor to them.

“Who is this?! How are you talking to me?!” You reply telepathically and verbally in shock, looking around nervously and eliciting confused reactions from your Servant and the civilian who seems to have just caught his breath. Didn’t telepathy only work within the Master-Servant contract? Did someone figure out how to create telepathic connections himself?

“S-sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt but I must thank-” The heavy-set man began, but you couldn’t make out the rest of his comment as it was drowned out of your consciousness by another telepathic message.

“I am Rider of Red’s Master: you may call me Abraxas. Telepathy is an undeveloped skill to most, yours truly excluded, but the contract between Masters and Servants seems to ‘force open’ mental faculties that would normally be inactive. More to the point, you’re from a different section of the city, are you not? Why don’t we share information on the Servants we’ve encountered until now?” He answers. His name sounds like a pseudonym to you. Perhaps he could tell you about some Servants who’ve been active in the northern area, though it unsettled you that he was able to creep into your head without your soliciting it. Or should you just teleport the civilian back to Caster without remaining in this area any longer?
> Tell Avenger to throw up some kind of smokescreen or illusion before moving everyone to cover, the civilian included. You’ll teleport him to Caster’s base camp then work out a plan to fight Rider of Red. Also ask her to do something to block further unsolicited telepathic messages.
> Agree to share information, but on the condition that Abraxas gets out of your head and speaks with you by more mundane means. If he refuses the condition, attempt to withdraw as in the first option.
> Tentatively agree and give a description of one of the Servants you’ve encountered, then ask him to respond in kind (you can pick which Servant to talk about).
> Tentatively agree and ask him to start with a Servant he’s encountered (assuming he complies, you can pick which Servant to talk about).
> You don’t have time for this. Priority is retrieving innocent civilians, so just get to cover as described in the first option and teleport everyone back to Caster’s base camp.
> Something else (write-in)

I have returned from my break.
> Agree to share information and tell him you can share information about four Servants (Assassin, Lancer, Archer and Rider) and a suspicious person behind this war (Overseer). You would prefer meeting him face to face though.
Time to rat all our enemies out.
>Sin (Pride, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, Lust): 0, (Greed):1
If that write in about getting extra servant was enough for Greed it is fortunate that we did not specified for it to be bed warmer kunoichi too.
1 point isn't THAT big of a deal.
You probably would have gotten at least 1 Lust point in the situation you mentioned.
It is not lust if intentions are pure, consciouness is clear and consent is given.
GnosticChads and Krishna/myth accurate appearance Arjuna?

Powerlevels just spiked if true. You can do a lot with Judas if you go the gnostic route QM.


Supporting >>5475290

Getting someone else worried about the overseer isn't the worst idea.

Besides, they're likely a Lawful Good servant for them to assist us in saving a civvie and this could lead to another at least tentative alliance and non aggression pact.

They aren't to know the teams are arbitrary. We're both team red and this could be a talking point here too.
>It is not lust if intentions are pure
>>specified for it to be bed warmer kunoichi
Those intentions are pure alright. Purely carnal, that is!

Sounds good.
You decide it shouldn’t be a problem to trade information with this enigmatic Master. His Servant only attacked an undead monster so far, and from what he said it sounds as though they were systematically purging them before your arrival here. That, and it shouldn’t hurt to forewarn a third-party of some of the capabilities of Servants that you already consider enemies in exchange for information on others that you haven’t encountered yet.

“I don’t see an issue with sharing information with you, though would you speak in person? My Servant and an uninvolved bystander are confused by our telepathic conversation.” You suggest.

“Impolite though it may be, I must refuse. My Servant would object to closing to a distance where spoken words would be practical. If you’d like to explain what’s happening to them for a minute or so, I can wait.” ‘Abraxas’ answered. Was worth a try.

“Fair enough, stand by for a moment.” You reply before turning to your Servant and the civilian.

“Master, what’s going on? Who was talking to you?” Avenger asked you pointedly as she tugged you back behind the asphalt-wall, surprising you with her strength. It was easy to forget that she was actually pretty strong physically, on top of everything else.

“The Master of the Servant up there: he calls himself Abraxas. He knows how to use telepathy and wanted to share information on the other Servants we’ve encountered up to now, and I agreed. We can head back to Caster’s hideout in a few minutes.” You answer.

You noticed an anxious grimace flash onto on Avenger’s face when you mentioned the other Master’s use of telepathy, which she substantiated when she replied, “Gather information on other Servants, but make it quick and be careful. It’s rare for even magi to be able to immediately form coherent telepathic connections with complete strangers. If he’s able to do that, he may also try to draw information out of your mind that you’d like to keep hidden.” Sighing in relief, she added, “Though I hadn’t anticipated something like this, refraining from telling you my true name seems to have paid off in an unexpected way.”

“What’s all this about servants and masters? And telepathy? No wait, we have bigger problems! What about the zombies, and the teleporting, and the flying chariots?!” The civilian asked, slowly getting more and more upset as he tried to process the abnormal events he’d been subjected to. You felt a little bad that you didn’t even catch his name yet.

Trying to allay his fears, you say, “Sorry, we can explain it to you once we’re in a safer area in a few minutes. Can you try to stay calm for a little longer?”

Taking a deep breath, the man replied, “Okay, a few more minutes.”

Directing your thoughts toward the hovering chariot for lack of a better idea, you try to telepathically say, “Hello, Abraxas? I’m ready to share information now.”
His answer coming back promptly, he says “Very well. Since it was my suggestion I should begin: one Servant we encountered was a Saber wielding two swords who was able to jump around surprisingly well by using a type of Mana Burst skill. We encountered him a few miles to the southeast of here this morning. We weren’t able to provoke him into revealing his Noble Phantasms’ names before he disengaged, but I do believe his shorter sword had mystic protections on it, making his Magic Resistance extremely high.”

It sounds just like the Saber of Black that Rushorou was telling you about earlier. Extremely high magic Resistance though? That might be difficult for your Servant to fight; although shortly after you met her, she said that even a Servant with A-ranked would be within her ability to defeat. Who can say? You reply, “I see. I suppose we can trade one for one. There was an Assassin who made a hit and run attack with thrown daggers far south of here. I didn’t really get a great look at him, but he had a skull-face and dark robes with a hood. The daggers looked inert as they impacted the ground, but then glowed red before exploding. Worth looking out for.”

Abraxas answered, “Indeed. Now, a Servant to the west of here was called ‘Kuro no Archer’, though he didn’t actually use a bow, but rather some kind of spiked wheel. My Servant called it an ‘oversized chakram’. His mental state also seemed more like what I would have expected from someone designated a Berserker. He was quite strong, my Rider had to fight him rather seriously to drive him off.”

An Archer that doesn’t use a bow? Who would have thought of something like that? On to the next Servant, you say “Not far from where the Assassin appeared, we encountered ‘Kuro no Lancer’, whose true name I’m pretty sure is Sun Wukong. He used a quarterstaff to fight, was able to create copies of himself from his hairs that were nearly as strong as he was, though they were unarmed, and they were able to rapidly heal from injuries, so I suspect the same is true for him.”

“He’s an exceedingly powerful hero from oriental mythology if I’m not mistaken. I must commend you for pressuring him enough to reveal his power and decipher his true name.” The other Master said, so far unaware of your allies who contributed significantly to that effort, before continuing, “My Servant also fought an Archer of Red across the river to the north of here. His power isn’t remarkable, but he’s proven difficult to pin down and eliminate in spite of that. He appears to use a small crossbow and mechanical traps, though they didn’t amount to much against my Servant.”
Knowing ahead of time that an enemy will rely on traps or ambushes could definitely prove beneficial, you reason, then say “Further south we fought another fairly strong Servant designated Aka no Rider, an African who had an army at his command as well as armor that we believe is a divine artifact. We inflicted heavy casualties on his forces, but he might be able to replenish them over time. There was also an Archer who was assisting him, but we didn’t get a good look at whoever it was, as we withdrew shortly after the Archer attacked.” You decide you may as well describe both of them at once since you didn’t have much information to offer regarding the latter.

“Very good. The last I have to offer is further southeast of where we engaged the Saber, we heard some rather beautiful music playing. Since I enjoyed listening to it from a distance, I dissuaded my Servant from attacking them. If you would refrain from doing so as well, at least for tomorrow, I would appreciate it.” Abraxas said

It struck you as a bit odd that he would take liberties like that during a war, but you answer, “We’ll probably have more pressing matters to deal with tomorrow. I should also warn you that I encountered a suspicious man who claimed to be ‘the overseer’, accompanied by a Servant in black armor. He’s also responsible for the recent teleportation of civilians and undead into this city: he wanted to empty out the city where the preliminary round was held before razing it.”

“I encountered him already this past afternoon; though his involvement in the mass-transfer is news to me, that course of action makes some amount of sense given his position. Thank you for your assistance, I think it will prove most helpful.” He answered.

Relieved that he seems to have not attempted any underhanded treachery, you contentedly answer, “I agree, you have my thanks as well.”

Sensing warmness in the tone of his message, you hear him say, “Though we may both be Masters, I don’t personally wish ill upon you. Should our Servants eventually be at odds with each other, I’d like to let them resolve their battle such that both of us may part ways content with the result.”
He sounds surprisingly aloof with regards to the whole situation. That gets you thinking, could you stand by and watch Avenger die and be satisfied with yourself, even if it was in some sense an ‘honorable’ final clash? Because you suspect this man could do just that with his Servant. Come to think of it, she hadn’t really been straight with you on what she wanted from her victory. If you and Abraxas were the last two participants and his Rider had the upper hand without his Master’s aid beyond providing magical energy, and his Servant only focused on fighting Avenger, should you try to kill or coerce Abraxas to betray his Servant on Avenger’s behalf? Were you mistaken on your responsibility as a Master? Just then, Abraxas added, “I do have one last question: does the phrase ‘Ur of the Chaldeans’ mean anything to you? Ah, I didn’t think so.”

“No, it-, how did you know before I answered?” You reply, a sense of trepidation creeping up your spine as you remember Avenger’s earlier warning. Was he reading more of your thoughts than he let on? Could he be planting seeds of doubt in your mind without your knowing, or were these thoughts arising of their own accord for perfectly logical reasons?

“When a question asked over telepathy has a binary answer, I can intuit the answer from the other person’s instinctive reaction on occasion. Now that our business is concluded, you needn’t tarry here on my account.” He answered simply.

It seems that’s all you’ll get out of him for now. Though you wonder, should you request a temporary nonaggression pact before you go, or just take your leave and deal with his Servant next time you encounter them?

> Just leave, taking the civilian with you to Caster’s hideout
> Suggest a temporary non-aggression treaty (specify its duration and other relevant conditions)
> Something else (write-in)
> Suggest a temporary non-aggression treaty (specify its duration and other relevant conditions)
> Avoid attacking each other in the future if possible and avoid starting a fight with a sneak attack out of the blue
> Consider further information sharing at later date if something important become revealed or War gets a major shift/event (like civvies and zombies right now or someones summons Cthulhu or something)
> If War ended up having big/dangerous groups of Servants allying together which are threat to everyone consider further cooperation should it be needed
> Duration is up until War is sorted out as you also don't personally wish ill upon him
Shady guy but he seems alright and courtesy enough.
Doesn't seem like anyone else is responding, so we'll go with this.

I'll second this vote.

"Ur of the Chaldeans" though? Not quite sure the deal there yet but given that name I feel it may be related to us having double Ether as an element. Somewhat shocks me still thinking what else there is to us since we have no memory to work from
If he suggests you renew the truce and share information again at approximately the same location you're at currently around sunset of the day after tomorrow (in-game of course) would you agree to that?
Big spoiler: he's going to suggest that.
That sounds like an oversight that should be patched up.
Ur of the Chaldeans is the birthplace of Abraham, the primary monotheistic YHWH/God/Allah prophet.

Big boy lore time?

I know I'm late to the party wageslave extreme but I'd have supported >>5478676

That could risk an ambush or either party being preoccupied and missing the meeting. Are we also able to opt for a flare signal of sorts to announce a meeting location? Assuming something could compromise the time and place he has opted for?
am >>5475796
I really should just get over my irrational fear of short updates and have the negotiation be processed snippet by snippet. I'd probably get updates out faster that way.

Well shit the schedule conflict is gonna be a bit of a pain to deal with. I'm not sure if it would be a risk given the guy is a new and quite literally unknown face to us. But I'm gonna bring it up for getting other brains thinking as well

>Given Abraxas' apparent skill to telepathy as brought up by Avenger, ask if he ie capable of perhaps maintaining a two-way method of communication thought-to-thought.

I believe while we make this alliance last given this, he could provide us some means of recovering some of our memories. Him bringing up Ur there and acting glibly on it suggests he is capable of helping to excavate something out, maybe even check if some mind curse is on us


Shit if that is the case and pertains to us then we have something on our hands given the two natures held. We should go for practicing with Avenger and/or Caster as well to get a gague for what we can do at barebones.


It may help you out, just give it a try for a few updates to see how it flows with the narrative. So long as you don't burnout and enjoy it as well man
You decide it would be for the best to suggest a diplomatic arrangement with this other Master, which would likely benefit both parties. While still mysterious, he’s been forthright and cordial with you, and you could gain some peace of mind if you could see to it that his highly-mobile Servant doesn’t cruise over to your side of the city while you’re asleep and try to shower you with arrows or something of the like.

“Before I go, I’d like to form a non-aggression pact of sorts with you and your Servant. As we’ll be operating in different sections of the city in the short-term, it should be easy for us to stay out of each other’s way, but I propose we avoid attacking each other in the future if possible. At the least we could refrain from starting a battle with a sneak attack out of the blue.” You suggest.

“Those make for sensible rules of engagement, allow me to confirm my Servant’s approval.” He answered. Maybe you should have run it by your own Servant as well; though decreasing the pool of immediate hostiles hardly strikes you as a controversial decision.

A few moments later, a different man’s voice sounds in your mind. His voice is more gruff than that of Abraxas, and he said, “On my request, my Master has allowed me to answer you personally. Your entreaty is acceptable to me: we shall not prioritize assailing you or your Servant until the foes in our vicinity have been dealt with, and my desire to do battle with your Servant shall be clearly announced before we engage. I will also not raise my hand against you should you yourself abstain from joining that battle. However, know that should you resort to perfidy, I will slay you myself.”

Abraxas’ ability to manipulate telepathy surprised you again; perhaps he merged the connection of his Servant’s contract with the one he made with you? Regardless, so far so good, though you don’t feel the Rider’s threat should go totally unanswered. “It’s to be expected that breaking an agreement will have serious consequences, and that applies to both parties. Now, there are a few secondary conditions I was hoping to append to our agreement, Abraxas: we should consider further cooperation if some unexpected event arises, such as the present situation of the undead and civilians being brought here at random, some monstrous existence beyond the norm arising during the war, or a large group of Servants be discovered that poses a grave threat to all others. Ideally our agreement can last until the war is sorted out, as I also don’t personally wish ill upon you.” You continue, though as you finish you recall that you made a similar non-aggression pact with Truvietianne Edelfelt and her Lancer. Well, if both Perseus and Rider of Red survive to the end of the war, perhaps your rapport with each of the other Masters will allow you all to find a way to conclude the ritual without any ‘hard feelings’.
“I find those terms acceptable, though it would behoove us to decide upon some way of signaling a request for counsel before we part ways. As an aside, I take it you and your Servant seek to provide aid and comfort to the bystanders who have arrived here recently?” Abraxas said. Come to think of it, you hadn’t really explained to him what it was you were doing before he contacted you.

“We do. In fact, we ought to head back soon. Do you have an idea of how you’d like to arrange a future meeting?” You ask.

“As we’re both familiar with this location we could use it as a point to rally at. Perhaps we can plan to meet here in 48 hours to reaffirm our deal and trade updated information.” He suggested.

However, scheduling in advance could be undone if either party gets preoccupied, or an ambush could be set up if knowledge of the time and place of the meeting somehow gets out. You may want to come up with a more comprehensive method of communicating, but how would you go about that?

> It’ll probably be fine: agree to his suggestion but remind him of the possibility of missing the meeting due to an unforeseen wartime emergency.
> Suggest something else (write-in).
> Request a brief recess, explain the situation to Avenger and ask if she has any ideas.

>>Given Abraxas' apparent skill to telepathy as brought up by Avenger, ask if he ie capable of perhaps maintaining a two-way method of communication thought-to-thought.

You were on to something
File: 1626207486137.png (125 KB, 354x456)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Abraham was also the person who stood up to and dabbed on Nimrod and polytheism/nature worship un general with YHWH support. Nimrod was also the whole reason the Universal Language was revoked from mankind by YHWH after his Tower of Babel project + a bow said to shoot down even angels. He wished to confront YHWH himself and probably got the closest out of anyone in lore.

Nimrod is also the Abrahamic lore version of GIlgamesh + Nebuchadnezzar II and a direct heir of Noah. He also has the divine robes of light YHWH crafted from the Leviathan's hidecto protect Adam and Eve after they were expelled from Eden. They render the user impervious to all harm and grants them effectively EX Charisma. (Stolen from Noah on the ark by his ancestor. He also has the first conceptual "crown", that supposedly fell from heaven and was basically king of mankind at the time.

Nebuchadnezzar II also defeated and captured Israel right after the last biblical mention of the Ark of the Covenant, meaning he hypothetically gained access to it and it's contents - a Jar of Maana, Aaron's Rod and the Commandments + YHWH's Throne on Earth as the Ark itself.

As for the update, I'm thinking suggesting an alternative means of contacting in the event of a wartime emergency causing issue with the meeting. Maybe just initially verbally speak to Avenger (quietly) first to ask her opinion about the idea of establishing some form of contact/comms link. Have her to vet it first? Before actually suggesting it. Also asking if she has any alternative or suggestions?

We're "young/innocent" and at risk of gullibly trusting a stranger otherwise. a small amount of healthy paranoia wouldn't hurt.
> Request a brief recess, explain the situation to Avenger and ask if she has any ideas.
Either she will have something to add or will make walkie-talkie or anything like that. Either way, we are not really forced to come here in 48 hours if we get more important business at that time or something radical happens. It would just be a potential waste of opportunity.

Also, Abraxas being amicable so far is a good sign and he gave us some solid new information. It could be worth it to talk with Avenger about Ur of the Chaldeans or have her investigate an option for us to gain telepathy. Like brewing a potion to awaken latent psychic powers. Since it supposed to be possible according to him.
>Telepathy is an undeveloped skill to most, yours truly excluded, but the contract between Masters and Servants seems to ‘force open’ mental faculties that would normally be inactive.
Delving into the mind might like that could also be useful to probe if we have sealed memories. At the very least, we might unlock communication skill for our makeshift team.
>some kind of spiked wheel. My Servant called it an ‘oversized chakram’
>His power isn’t remarkable, but he’s proven difficult to pin down and eliminate in spite of that. He appears to use a small crossbow and mechanical traps, though they didn’t amount to much against my Servant.
Ashwatthama and William Tell, probably.
These seem similar enough, I guess I can put something together based on them.

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