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File: Fate CA Title.png (217 KB, 552x479)
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You are Anon, a 6’2” albino man of exceptional strength and magical energy who can remember neither his past nor own name, and a Master in the Akeldama Great Holy Grail War, which is taking place in a city in an artificial world called Akeldama. Your Servant is Avenger of Red, a winged girl wielding considerably powerful magic who has declined to tell you her true name as of yet. Most recently you’ve returned to the city of Akeldama from a different city that the self-proclaimed overseer, Father Triscus Adajio, had planned on wiping out after relocating all of the remaining occupants to random positions in the main city. As the transfer takes place, you and the three other Masters you’ve decided to join for the time being are deciding how to approach the situation so you can rescue and protect as many uninvolved civilians as you can.

First thread: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/5331278/
Subsequent threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Low+Speed+Anti+Divine+QM
Reference for Servant (and other related) stat-blocks: https://pastebin.com/5mPbUP4G
File: Sweat drop.png (79 KB, 192x235)
79 KB
Addressing Matsuda, you say, “I’d recommend you take your Servant up on his offer. The rest of us will be able to move more effectively if we choose a secure location to lead the noncombatants to once we retrieve them. If Caster spots anyone else he’d also be able to immediately direct whichever group comes back soonest to their position.”

Nodding slightly, the delinquent gives his assent, “Eh, I guess you’re right. Where do we wanna hole up, Caster?”

Looking over the surroundings, Caster answers, “While I would have preferred camping in wilderness, the prudent choice would obviously be to take advantage of the concealment offered by one of the nearby structures: we’ll wait inside that one there.” He says, pointing to a seven-story corporate office building before continuing, “When you return simply call out to us from the lobby, I’ll come to meet you.”

“It seems one of our search parties will have two Servants present, then. I assume we shall defer to Miss Edelfelt’s preference on who to accompany?” Rushorou suggested.

“Agreed. Up to you, Truvi.” You affirm curtly, hoping to move things along quickly. Time was of the essence, given the situation.

After considering the choice for a few moments, Truvietianne decided, “This time I think I’ll accompany Mr. Yumigawa and his Servant. There’s a tactic I’ve been considering attempting should we run into hostile Servants that may work better with his Lancer at our side.”

“You sure? With two Lancers together won’t the commands get confusing?” Perseus asked in a way that gave you the impression there was an equal chance he was speaking in jest as opposed to leveraging an actual objection.

“I’m not going to issue orders to someone else’s Servant.” His Master answered in a deflated tone, frowning slightly and refraining from explicitly vocalizing the obviousness of her position. It also seemed as though a bead of sweat was forming on her temple, but from that distance you couldn’t tell for sure.

“Likewise. It won’t be a problem.” The boy concurred.

“Best of luck to you both, then. Avenger and I will search the area at the corner of those three wards, so let’s get moving.” You say, mostly unbothered by her decision, though Avenger was probably actively pleased with it based on some of her earlier comments. “Though before we go, can you do your best to give us the exact location of the civilian, Caster?”

Showing his copy of the map to you and your Servant, the aged man traced along it with his finger and said, “There is a limit to the precision I can offer from a map of this size, but he seems to currently be running down a major street around here.”

“Good enough. Let’s go Master, time is short.” Avenger said as she generated a teleportation ring under your feet.
File: Stocky civilian.jpg (58 KB, 1058x720)
58 KB
“G-good luck!” Koko said just before your Servant transported you from that area. You returned a friendly smile, but weren’t sure whether she saw it or not before you vanished.

Appearing on the roof of a three-story building, you find yourself overlooking a major road lined by buildings of similar size and design hosting all manner of commercial shops. Down on the road, it didn’t take you long to spot a stocky middle-aged man about 100 yards to your south, frantically running in your direction from a small group of undead creatures that appeared to be moving with more swiftness than the ones you remember encountering. In fact, if you and your Servant don’t act quickly, he’ll be overrun!

Stepping one foot at the edge of the roof, you say, “Let’s get down there, Avenger. Can you slow my descent like before?”

“But of course. Your landing will be gentle enough.” She answered, tapping your shoulder and whispering in that language she used to quickly cast spells. Firmly kicking off from the roof, you aim directly for the center of the street and find the pull of gravity was sufficiently reduced such that you landed only just short of your target. Your knees feel only a mild strain as you come to a stop on your feet. Further to the southeast your intuition hinted at the possibility of another Servant fighting nearby, but you had a different priority at the moment.

“H-help me!” The man huffed as his fear of his pursuers overrode any trepidation he may have felt due to your sudden appearance.

“Easily done.” Avenger casually said while hovering about 15 feet above you. Swiftly drawing her magic circles at her side, she rapidly shot out fireballs and energy beams from them that flew over the man’s head and mowed down his half-dozen or so pursuers. Turning around and seeing just a cloud of smoke, the man then staggered toward you, leaning forward and panting from his desperate exertion. To your surprise though, you heard what sounded like a gurgling death-rattle coming from the smoke, and as it cleared one of the zombies that was the furthest away appeared to be slowly crawling toward you with a single arm, as its other limbs were greatly mangled or destroyed. But what was more surprising was the fact that its wounds were slowly regenerating.

Intrigued, Avenger mused, “Strange, I estimated that would have destroyed them. Were they that tenacious when you encountered them in the other city, Master?”

Shaking your head, you answer, “I don’t think so; the ones I destroyed didn’t regenerate and stayed dead from less damage than that.”

“Oh, it must have a weak ‘Curse of Restoration’. I never had many dealings with- ” She began, but then landed next to you as she said, “Another Servant, and it’s closing in quickly.”
Looking up, you immediately caught sight of a shining golden chariot complete with an overhanging roof (or perhaps umbrella?) pulled by four white horses flying toward you from the southeast through the city’s airspace. Though it was still far away, you could make out a rider in it gripping a tall bow. Faster than your eyes could register, a barrage of arrows suddenly streaked through the air toward your position. Your Servant reflexively raised up some of the asphalt in front of you to form a wall covering you from the bowman’s line of sight, but the arrows never hit that wall. Instead, you could hear them land a little ahead of you, most likely where that last zombie was crawling.

“Haha, that’s the last of that filth! Now who might these miserable persons be?” The Servant loudly announced from his airborne chariot. Peering around the hastily-raised wall of asphalt, you spotted the Servant curling the mustache on his otherwise clean-shaven face with one hand and maintaining his grip on the bow with his other. Rider of Red, it seems. Due to the angle the chariot was hovering at, you couldn’t tell if there was anyone else inside.

Giving a preliminary analysis, Avenger quietly informed you, “A Rider, but he wields a bow with the skill of a first-rate Archer. This could be an annoying matchup if we fight head-on from this distance.”

“Master of Avenger of Red, can you hear me?” A voice called out in your head. It wasn’t Avenger’s, that’s for sure, as aside from the obvious contextual clues you also recognized the “sounds” to have a definitively masculine tenor to them.

“Who is this?! How are you talking to me?!” You reply telepathically and verbally in shock, looking around nervously and eliciting confused reactions from your Servant and the civilian who seems to have just caught his breath. Didn’t telepathy only work within the Master-Servant contract? Did someone figure out how to create telepathic connections himself?

“S-sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt but I must thank-” The heavy-set man began, but you couldn’t make out the rest of his comment as it was drowned out of your consciousness by another telepathic message.

“I am Rider of Red’s Master: you may call me Abraxas. Telepathy is an undeveloped skill to most, yours truly excluded, but the contract between Masters and Servants seems to ‘force open’ mental faculties that would normally be inactive. More to the point, you’re from a different section of the city, are you not? Why don’t we share information on the Servants we’ve encountered until now?” He answers. His name sounds like a pseudonym to you. Perhaps he could tell you about some Servants who’ve been active in the northern area, though it unsettled you that he was able to creep into your head without your soliciting it. Or should you just teleport the civilian back to Caster without remaining in this area any longer?
> Tell Avenger to throw up some kind of smokescreen or illusion before moving everyone to cover, the civilian included. You’ll teleport him to Caster’s base camp then work out a plan to fight Rider of Red. Also ask her to do something to block further unsolicited telepathic messages.
> Agree to share information, but on the condition that Abraxas gets out of your head and speaks with you by more mundane means. If he refuses the condition, attempt to withdraw as in the first option.
> Tentatively agree and give a description of one of the Servants you’ve encountered, then ask him to respond in kind (you can pick which Servant to talk about).
> Tentatively agree and ask him to start with a Servant he’s encountered (assuming he complies, you can pick which Servant to talk about).
> You don’t have time for this. Priority is retrieving innocent civilians, so just get to cover as described in the first option and teleport everyone back to Caster’s base camp.
> Something else (write-in)

I have returned from my break.
> Agree to share information and tell him you can share information about four Servants (Assassin, Lancer, Archer and Rider) and a suspicious person behind this war (Overseer). You would prefer meeting him face to face though.
Time to rat all our enemies out.
>Sin (Pride, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, Lust): 0, (Greed):1
If that write in about getting extra servant was enough for Greed it is fortunate that we did not specified for it to be bed warmer kunoichi too.
1 point isn't THAT big of a deal.
You probably would have gotten at least 1 Lust point in the situation you mentioned.
It is not lust if intentions are pure, consciouness is clear and consent is given.
GnosticChads and Krishna/myth accurate appearance Arjuna?

Powerlevels just spiked if true. You can do a lot with Judas if you go the gnostic route QM.


Supporting >>5475290

Getting someone else worried about the overseer isn't the worst idea.

Besides, they're likely a Lawful Good servant for them to assist us in saving a civvie and this could lead to another at least tentative alliance and non aggression pact.

They aren't to know the teams are arbitrary. We're both team red and this could be a talking point here too.
>It is not lust if intentions are pure
>>specified for it to be bed warmer kunoichi
Those intentions are pure alright. Purely carnal, that is!

Sounds good.

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