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Waking up to another day of sheer exertion in your labor intensive apprenticeship as a lumberjack grew on you as an undesirable fate in between one musing and another of what else would you do with life. You remember overhearing from the lumberjacks that a bard is in town, so you go see it.

When you arrive at the tavern with your scant few coins and ask the bartender for some beer you get eyed weirdly by him.

"I came to see the bard."

"The bard is telling his tales over there."

You grab your tankard of beer and go hear his story. Or rather her story. The bard is a beautiful woman that from the shape of her ears must have at least some elf blood running through her veins.

She tells a tale of adventure and glory, a tale of heroes defeating monsters, and you are left with a desire for more.

You give her a few coins then go pester her.

"Is it true that there are people who face monsters and acquire riches?"

"Yes, young lass. It is a dangerous life. You can die at any moment. But high stakes often mean high rewards if you succeed."

"Could I... become an adventurer?"

"How would you kill me right now if you had to?"

"Excuse me?"

She draws a blade and puts it at your neck. You feel intense fear.

"You must be ready to kill anyone at any moment. That is the bare minimum required."

"I-I understand.", you say, as she puts her blade back at its sheath.

"If you're serious about it, meet me tomorrow at the edge of town, by dawn. Bring weapons and supplies. Money, if you have any."

You don't sleep that night. You keep thinking about a life of adventure.

You scrounge up your supplies, take with you a handaxe and a longsword that belonged to one of your ancestors, and head to the outskirts of town.

When you arrive, the bard is already there, playing a tune on her lyre.

"Oh, so you really came. Good. There is good work next village, caravan escorting. They sell some weird kind of plant that only grows on their forests to wizards far east. Lots of thieves in the road, so plenty of money to be made."

"Don't think I will be travelling with you all the way though. My livelihood depends on learning and playing the tales of heroes, so I will stop in every town to sing my songs. As for you, it is probably better you find a job, get paid, and buy better equipment. Without a shield or armor most prospective employees won't take you very seriously as a mercenary."

"The village is two days from here. We will stop to rest when it is dark. Let's move."

You two walk for hours on end.

"Something is wrong here... watch out, an ambush!"

Six goblins jump out from the bushes near the road.

"Your stuff or your life!", says one goblin, with a broken accent.

"Now is your time to shine.", says the bard, drawing a blade and rushing towards the nearest goblin.

What do you do?
> Surrender your stuff and beg for mercy
> Run for your life leaving your partner behind
> Swing your longsword at the nearest goblin
> Sink your handaxe on the nearest goblin
> Write in
>> Sink your handaxe on the nearest goblin
Rolled 20 (1d20)


Muscle memory kicks in you and you crack open the head of a zombie with your handaxe.

Your partner kills another goblin with its blade, blood gushing forth from a wide wound as the little greenish devil falls to the ground gurgling in its own blood.

The other goblins become scared and run away.

"Phew, a close call. I thought you were going to run away. Why didn't you use the sword?"

"I need more training with it."

"I see. Let's continue on our travel."

"Shouldn't we loot the corpses?"

"Goblins rarely have anything useful on them at all, but feel free."

You check the goblin corpses. One of them have half of a dead rat on a skin pouch, and the other has a bunch of broken glass. They were carrying very rusty blades, one of them that by its size was once part of a gardening scissor.

"Told ya, just junk. Let's go."

You walk until it is dark.

"Well, let's camp for the night. I hope it doesn't rain."

"Won't the goblins come back?"

"Well, that is why you will be on guard all night long."

A bit surprised that she just trusts you with her life like that, you stay a little ways away from the main road, on a small elevation of the terrain. Lacking other ammenities, she lays an old blanket on the dirt under a tree and sleeps there.

You decide to climb up the tree. You considered sleeping there, but you could fall and there isn't really that much space. Having to balance your weight keeps you awake.

The hours crawl slowly under the starry sky.

You hear a noise in the underbrush and you spring to attention. You see a pair of eyes glowing under the moonlight.

"Hey, wake up. I see something."

"Hmmm... deal with it, I'm sleeping."

"Hey, wake up!"

A humanoid figure approaches slowly.

"What... what is that...?"

"Hmmm...? It's just a lone orc. Kill it."

You see the glint of a blade.

Roll 1d20. I'm rolling for the orc.

> Run towards the orc and sink your handaxe on him. (DC 10)
> Stick the pointy end of your blade on the orc. (DC 12)
> Behead the orc with your long sword. (DC 14)
> Parlay with the orc. (DC ??)
> Write in
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Obviously parlay
Rolled 14 (1d20)

>Parlay with the orc. (DC ??)
Fuggin 20 in the first roll, wtf

"Halt, don't come any closer!", you say to the orc, raising your sword.

"Oh, hi there little girl. Why don't you come with me? I work for a witch."

"A... witch?"

"Yes. She does magic. She tells me not to kill little girls like you, and instead bring them to her cave for her to teach them magic. Why don't you come with me?"

"Are you telling the truth?"

"Of course! Why would I lie?"

"Alright. I will come with you."

You follow the orc around, leaving your sleeping friend behind.

You finally arrive at a cave. Inside there is really a witch.

Illuminated by faint candle light, you see a scantily clad women that looks not much older than you. Her entire body is covered in tattoos. When she sees you, her eyes light up.

"Yes... YES... much potential I see in you. I will teach you magic. Drop these silly weapons, what I will teach you will dwarf what they can do."

You drop your weapons.

"Now look at this candle intently... imagine it growing... now say these words...", she utters a bunch of nonsense.

You try to imitate the nonsense she is saying but every time she says you are doing it wrong.

"You sure she has any talent?"

"Yes, she is just poorly educated. We can solve this."

"Well, okay, I will look for something to eat.", says the orc, leaving the cave.

"Now concentrate. And repeat after me..."

After doing this for a whole night, you manage to make the candle fire grow a little on command.


The bard then shows up at the door of the cave in the morning.

"Hey, what are you doing here? Oh shit, a witch. Come behind me, I will kill her."

"Stay with me little one, I can teach you so much more."

"Where is the orc?", you ask.

"Oh, that orc? I saw him collecting some mushroom and killed him."

"Why did you do that?"

"Obviously he was getting poisonous or hallucinogen mushrooms. In any case he was up to no good."

The witch seems angry.

"Kill that goddamn bard for me child, and we can learn magic in peace."

Confused, you need to make a decision.

Decide and roll 1d20.

> Run away from both crazies (DC 8)
> Side with the bard, attack witch (DC 12)
> Side with the witch, attack bard (DC 12)
> Try to convince them to work together (DC ??)
> Write in
Rolled 10 (1d20)

>Try to convince them to work together (DC ??)
It's like you read my mind


I want to reject humanity, so I instead choose
>Side with the witch, attack bard (DC 12)
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>Side with the witch, attack bard (DC 12)
You know what ? Let's do this
Bye bye bardie
Rolled 17 (1d20)

> Side with the witch, attack bard (DC 12)
Rolled 18 (1d20)

> Side with the bard, attack witch (DC 12)
We can get a scantly clad bard, too I'm sure
These ai stories kind of hurt to read desu
don't care, didn't ask
You make a dash for your gear and get your weapons back.

You raise your sword and turn your back to the witch.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"You won't kill my new teacher. Leave or I will be forced to kill you."

"C'mon, drop the sword before someone gets hurt."

The bard draws her own blade. The two of you touch blades a few times then the bard just disarms you and push you aside.

When the bard is about to kill the witch, you hit her in the leg with your handaxe. She fall to the ground and the witch toss a potion on herl setting the bard on fire.

The bard runs away from the cave, leaving behind her short sword and even her lyre, in her mad dash to save her skin from witch fire.

The witch laughs.

"The river is a mile from here, she will get some nasty scars. C'mon, let's leave this place before she returns. Grab only what you can carry."

After you get your gear together, you look around. The witch filled a couple pouches with random stuff, and a large backpack with scrolls and potions. She then covers herself with a cloak, so she looks like a hunchback.

There are still many flasks around, but you couldn't take them all or they would break.
But maybe you could take one or two if you want.

"Anything useful on those flasks?"

"This green ones explode in a cloud of poison. I am not taking them because they could break on accident.", she says, pointing to a big flask filled with a liquid which flows like smoke in two shadows of itself.

"The rest of the flasks are potions I was working on. It is a shame to leave them behind, but I drew too much attention already."

"I will take the poison cloud potion then."

"Careful not to break it."

The two of you then leave the cave and head to the woods nearby.

"Well, now that we are leaving the cave there are a few things we could do. In that direction there is an orc tribe, we could go see if we can find another orc to work for us. The opposite direction there are plains and mountains. In the plains it is easy to find food in the form of berries, small animals and wild crops, but we are a bit vulnerable because it is easy to see us coming from far away. In the mountains there are very strong monsters which may not take it kindly of us invading their territory. We could also try to find another talented girl in the villages nearby. Magic works better when there are at least three witches."

> Travel to the plains
> Travel to the mountains
> Go find an orc minion in the nearby tribe
> Look for another potential witch
> Write in
>Look for another potential witch
>Look for another potential witch

"We should look for a third witch, if more powerful magic can be cast this way.", you say.

"I will send you into the villages. Look for a bright young girl who lives alone with cats. There is always one."

"I didn't have a cat."

"Honestly I think you are more the type of learning combat magic than pure witchcraft."

"What is pure witchcraft?"

"You see, we witches derive power from the two moons of this world, Elune and Seele. Elune is the bigger moon, it gives us the raw energy to power magic. Seele is smaller but faster, it gives us cunning to make the best use of our magic. That is why the sun worshippers are always after us."

"I remember my village had a sun priest."

"Yes, they are everywhere. They say magic is us stealing the divine powers of the sun for our own mundane purposes. But that is not true. Our power is greater the less sun there is. It reaches a peak when there are double new moons. This happens for two or three days every other month or so."

"Oh, I have noticed the new moons. I think farmers avoid planting crops that day."

"Yes, they say witches destroy their crops because it is a sacred night for us and we partake in some rituals. But our rituals have nothing to do with ruining crops."

"So what are these rituals about?"

"We dance naked under the new moon so the powers of the moons are absorbed into our bodies. If we do that we can cast more powerful magic for awhile. It can last a whole month, provided we don't get exposed to sunlight in the mean time. Exposure to sunlight consumes the magic stored in our bodies very fast."

"I see."

"The ritual is stronger if there are many of us. But three is enough."

"What should I say to entice a young girl to join us?"

"Try the truth."

You two walk for awhile longer.

"There. A village. See if you can find someone."

You enter the village and head to the church. You'd head to the tavern but you have no money. Within the church you find people praying. You sit down and pretend to pray for awhile. Then people start to leave.

You notice one girl who really seemed like she did not want to be there.

You go talk to her.

"What's wrong?"

"The priest said cats are demonic. He told me to get rid of my cats."

"How many cats do you have?"

"Only fourteen cats."

"Do they obey you?"

"Sure. Wanna see them?"

"Of course! Show me your cats."

You head to her home and you see the cats come running after her purring. She hugs them and gives them some food.

"That one is really pretty."

"I call it Seele."

"Seele? Like the moon?"


"Funny thing you talk about this. I was just talking with a friend of mine who is a witch about this very subject today."

"Your friend is a... witch?"

"Yes. We have been looking for a third witch. Magic is more powerful this way."

"Third... wait, are you a witch as well?"

"Well... not yet. I only had one day worth of training. But I already learned a magic trick. Let's go inside your house to not draw too much attention."



You two enter her house.

"Do you have a candle or something?"

"Sure thing."

You light the candle and start chanting. You greatly magnify the flame and make it dance. At a point you make it hover a little above the wax feeding it, but then it starts to diminish and you let it go back to its original position.

"Well that certainly is... interesting.", says the girl.

"Would you like to learn more about this with us?"

"Sure, count me in."

"Pack your stuff then, we travel light."

"Must I leave all my cats behind?"

"Eh... bring the prettiest one. The one called Seele. Everyone loves pretty cats. I'm sure the people in the village will take care of them."

"I will ask a friend to look after them for me."

"Alright. Meet me at the edge of town on twilight."

You leave the village and return to your witch friend.

"Have you found someone?"

"I found a young cat lady as you instructed me teacher. She is willing to join us."

"Great. I know just the place to go."

You wait for her in the woods. As night falls, you find her wandering about, unsure of what to look for, carrying a sack and a cat.

"Hello again.", you say.

"Hello little girl.", says the witch.


"I just realized I don't know the names of any of you.", you say.

"Witches don't give their real name to people that easily. There are curses you can cast on someone by just knowing their names. Don't tell your real names to anyone. You two will call me master or teacher, and I will give you new names."

"You have a big sword. So your name will be Brenda. And you young lady... I will call you Rymel. No, hold on a second. Reverse that. You with the sword will be Rymel. And you, new one, I will call you Brenda."

"Great!", says Brenda.

"Alright.", you say.

"Now lets go. I hope to arrive at the sacred place in time."

The three of you travel for a few days, silence disrupted a few times when someone got tired and asked the others for a time to rest.

Then on the third day of travel you arrive at a small water nascent in the middle of a forest.

"Here it is. I think the new moon is tomorrow. If there are any witches in this area they will come here."

"Isn't it dangerous to have meeting places like this?"

"The meeting places change year round. And there are so many we will never run out of new sacred places. We just feel the energy of a place and head there."

"Can't the sun worshippers find us?"

"No, we use different kinds of magical energies, they can't find us like this. Still, I don't think we should stay here until the ritual time. Let's find a place where we can rest and work on magic."

The three of you find a cave. There is a bear sleeping inside.

"Let the bear sleep. Lets practice magic."

"Won't talking disturb the bear."

"Nah! We are alright. Go grab some firewood."

The two of you grab some firewood in the forest and bring it back to the cave. You make a fire and the bear wakes up and run away.

"Bye bye, bear.", says the witch.


The three of you then concentrate on the flame.

"Now repeat after me the following words.", she then starts saying words that sound less like incoherent babble as before to your ears that already listened to it before.

You repeat and repeat the formula, until you start making the flames take specific shapes.

"Do you see it?"

"Keep going, you are doing great."

After training all night, you sleep the best part of the day. In the afternoon, the witch sends you to go grab some food in the forest.

You and Brenda go around foraging the woods. You did it many times before, and it isn't hard for you to find plenty of edibles to fill a couple sacks.

"You are so good at it.", says Brenda, whose foraging education is a bit lacking.

The days go on at this pace, with the witch also asking you to bring back some random herbs which she either draws or describes.

Then the night of the ritual is at hand. You light a bonfire and undress. It is a bit shameful at first, but soon enough you get used to it. You dance and dance around the bonfire until it is almost dawn. Then you wear your garments and head back to the cave.

"Lets stay inside for awhile.", she says, using magic to move a boulder closing the cave entrance.

"This way sun won't enter. We won't be able to light a fire at all, but charged as you are you must be able to see in the dark."

"Oh, oh! I'm seeing it!", says Brenda.

You notice you can now see things in the dark, but they are in black and white.

"I will now teach you to handle dark energy. It is dangerous, so be careful."

She says "Chant with me.", and start chanting.

At first the words make no sense to you, but as you chant images start appearing in your mind, of places and events you never saw. You have no idea where they are coming from, but your mind is flooded by it. You have many questions, but dare not stop chanting.

After what seemed like hours of chanting, the witch stops.

"We are done. Now try destroying that boulder over there."


"Point your hand to it and picture it blowing up in your mind."

You do as she says and you send a powerful blast, that breaks the rock apart.


"Your turn, Brenda."

Brenda also manages to blow up another stone.

"Great. Honestly, if you knew how to read grimoires I could consider your training finished. I will just teach you two illiterate peasants how to read a grimoire and help you with your magical practice."

"Can we cast this kind of magic whenever we want?"

"Yes. No. You probably won't be able to use it unless it is dark and you've done the moon ritual lately. So don't rely on it for now."


"Can we do it again today?"

"Sure, if you wanna spend all your magic at once. Now we need light so we can read some grimoires."

The witch enchants a stone for it to glow.

"This glyph here is read as Tz, this glyph is read as haark, this glyph is read as..."

The three of you spend most of your time reading weird sounding glyphs aloud.


You do it until you run out of food.

"Well, we ran out of food. It is a shame but I will have to remove the stone so we can go out. I have a better idea. Blow up the stone, you two, will be good practice."

The two of you synchonize blasts and destroy the stone blocking the entrance.

You feel physically ill when the sun light touches your skin. Your entire body aches and you feel dizzy.

"It is okay. It will pass soon.", says the witch.

After a few minutes under sunlight, you vomit and start feeling better. Brenda faints.

"Now the two of you go find us more food so we can keep training."

As you go about foraging in the forest, you chance upon a man sleeping under a tree. He seems to be alone, his head resting on top of a stuffed backpack.

> Split his head open with your handaxe and steal his goods
> Wake him up and ask who is him and where is he headed
> Steal his belongings but let him live
> Ignore him and continue collecting herbs
> Write in
>> Wake him up and ask who is him and where is he headed
> Ignore him and continue collecting herbs
Rolled 1 (1d2)


1 - wake him
2 - ignore


"Let's wake him up.", you say to Brenda.

"Hey, wake up!", you say shaking him.

He wakes up startled and look around himself.

"You scared me, young lady. I thought it was a monster."

"Why are you sleeping in the forest alone?"

"I have escaped a group of thieves and I have been running for over a day. I just collapsed here of exhaustion."

"A group of thieves? Were you carrying something valuable?"

"Not particularly. I was just escorting a caravan. But I think the merchant I left behind got really upset that I didn't fight till death to save his cabbages or whatever he was hauling from one city to the next."

"If it were cabbages he probably wouldn't hire a mercenary to defend him."

"True enough. But what the two of you are doing around the forest?"

"Oh, just collecting herbs."

"I see. Is there a village nearby?"

You are not sure. But then again there are always villages nearby, this is a densely populated area.

"Sure. It is in that direction.", you say, pointing to a random direction.

"Funny, I think I came from about that direction and I did not see any village. I must have missed it."

"Where are you going next?"

"Well, I'm gonna go find another contract to escort a caravan. The merchant I escorted previously is probably dead anyway, so my bad reputation will not spread. Unless the two of you go around gossiping about me."

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with us."

"Well, I was feeling like sleeping a little further, but now I really can't catch any sleep with the two of you around, can I? I will help you collect herbs."

He gets up and puts his heavy backpack on.

"What's on the pack?"

"Ah, just assorted travel supplies. I try to travel light, but it is hard."

"I bet a tent can fit in this huge backpack."

"And you wouldn't be wrong. But mostly I am carrying mountaineering gear."


"The caravan I was escorting was headed to the mountains. They hoped to exchange their haul for expensive metals to come sell it at a port town. The plan didn't go too well. Honestly, if I were one of the bandits I would have waited to ambush them when they are returning. But bandits don't have that much foresight. Usually."

The man helps you collect herbs, mostly by pointing where they are. He is really good at finding edible roots.

"Thanks for your help, good sir. We will go on our way now."

"Well, thank you for the pleasant evening. I hope you a safe trip home."

"I wish the same upon you."

Departing in opposite direction you roam around the forest a little before finally arriving back at the cave.

"Did you bring supplies?"

"We found some guy in the forest, he helped us forage."

"Did he follow you here?"

"No, he had been fleeing bandits and asked for where the nearest village is. We pointed him into a random direction."

"Hmmm... well, since he is not coming bother us, there isn't even a need to keep him in mind at all. Let's continue training."


The two of you continue reading practice under the witch for several days. She does not let you rest very long, when she is not showing you glyphs from her scrolls she keeps drawing random glyphs in the sand with a stick and asking you what they mean.

Then after a few more days of learning, a kobold suddenly enters the cave.

He seems scared when he sees us and starts to run away.

The witch screams something to him in a language you don't know.

The kobold comes back tentatively.

They start talking in a strange language. You can notice neither is very proficient at it, because they only use short words.

"Ah, so you speak human language.", the witch says. "My draconic is a bit rusty. How many of you are out there?"

He answers in an unintelligible language. Maybe he does not know how to count in human language.

"Well, this cave isn't very big. Unless you plan on escavating it, it won't make a very good place to live."

"Is there water inside?", asks the kobold.

"Yes. Water drips from the ceiling in the back of the cave, there is a small pond."

"That's enough. Good home. I'll call the others."

Within a couple days, about a dozen kobolds show up and start digging the caves. An elderly kobold also shows up.

"Hello, witches. I am Szark, the shaman. We have had to flee our old home due to some adventurers attacking us. We hope we can have a fruitful relation in this cave."

"Do not worry, old shaman. I am just teaching my apprentices some magic. We will not disturb you."

"We will share our food with you. I noticed you are teaching languages to your apprentices. Would you mind teaching languages to our young?"

"Not at all. Would be a privilege."

"Very well. Then we can live together in harmony."

The kobolds are a diligent bunch and dig all day everyday, dividing themselves in turns - when some are sleeping, others are guarding the entrance and the rest digging. You notice they start separating some minerals and digging some sort of forge to make tools.

They bring back herbs and small dead animals back to the cave, which they cook and share with us. They build fires almost everyday, but solely for cooking - the witch tells you they can see in the dark.

Then comes the day for another round of rituals. The three of you inform the kobolds you will be gone for awhile and then head to a sacred place to perform the rituals. The place is different than the last time. You can feel some sort of energy emanating from the place - perhaps because you have been manipulating magical energies lately.

You return there for three nights in a row. In the third night, when you arrive there, there is an old hag wearing a black robe in there.

"Oh, young witches. I sensed your presence. I was hoping to partake in the moon ritual. Do you mind if I join."

"Sure, old one, you can join.", says your teacher.
"Eh... I am a bit old to dance. I will just sit here.", she says, casting a spell felling a tree and parting it in half. She sits by the stump and moves the parts of the tree with magic, one to make a table and the other sliced to be burned as a bonfire.

You perform your dance while the old hag keeps singing something you don't understand very well, you only catch the words "Elune" and "Seele" in witch language being repeated now and then.

When it is almost dawn, the bonfire dies out.

"It is rare to see new witches around here. Where are you hiding?"

"In a cave with kobolds."

"Good, good. I will give you a scroll, copy and if you are here next moon give it back to me. If you are not, make sure to gift it to some other witches."

"Thanks, old one."

You return to the cave and your teacher reads the scroll.

"Oh! It is a scroll with cold spells. I have been looking for one of those for a long time."

"Cold spells?", you ask.

"Yes. They are more powerful and more easy to learn than fire spells. Well, fire spells are more spectacular, but cold spells can be every bit as deadly, if not more. I will make copies of the scrolls for the three of us. Keep practicing negative energy magic in the mean time."

"I would like a copy as well.", says the kobold shaman. "I know only healing spells, it wouldn't be too bad to know an offensive spell."

"I will make you a copy as well, old one."

You stay hidden during the day practicing language and sleeping, and at night you go out to blow stuff up with negative energy.

You do it for awhile until your teacher finishes writing the scrolls.

"Alright, now I am going to teach you cold magic. I'm also teaching it to myself as we go about, don't worry if you don't pick it up at the same pace."

The three of you roam around the forest at night. Whenever you spot an animal, the three of you point your hands to it and conjure the frost with the magical words learned from the scroll.

It takes a few days until you manage to kill anything successfully with a cold spell, but once you get the hang of it you manage to kill a bunch of rabbits and even a fox or two this way, frozen entirely or at least partially by you freezing attacks.

"Great, great! We learned it! Frost magic also works best at night, but may work at daytime just as well."


You spend a nice few days of peace, learning the witch language and training magic at night. Then when the eclipse nigth comes, the three of you head back to the sacred site.

You are surprised to see about a dozen young witches, and three old hags.

"Oh, hello there. I invited some friends over, so that we get to know the community of witches a bit better."

You all chat a bit before it is time to perform the ritual, then one of the hags lights a bonfire and the lot of you start dancing. The three old hags sit by a table they prepared with magic, and sing. You now understand the song much better.



By dawn, everyone is tired. You ask some questions to the other witches. You learn one group has a lair by the mountains, the other has a lair in a swamp, and the third hag lives alone in the forest.

"Why do you live alone, old hag?"

"My coven was wiped out, I lost all the desire to keep teaching magic. I meet with the other two hags I knew from long ago, but it is not the same anymore. Once you have a better grasp of witch language come to me, I have plenty of scrolls and books stashed in secret spots that I am keen on passing on to the next generations."

But when you return to your cave, you are met with a horror scene! All the kobolds have been slaughtered! Well... most of them. Counting the corpses you realize some must have fled. And the shaman corpse is nowhere to be found.

"We should get the hell out of here.", says your teacher.

"The shaman is gone. We should look for him.", says Brenda.

"We could just join a larger group."

"I'm curious about what happened to the shaman."

"He will be alright, kobolds are used to fleeing from place to place. I'm more worried about the scroll we gave to the shaman. If the shaman loses it to adventurers, it will end up in the hands of sun worshippers, and they will know there are witches in the region. Then they will send a goddamn paladin to kill us."

"Well, there are some tracks outside the cave."

> Follow the adventurers
> Search for the kobolds
> Head to the old hag cabin in the forest
> Head to a larger settlement in the mountains
> Head to a larger settlement in the swamp
> The adventurers probably won't come back, just stay in the cave
> Write in
> Follow the adventurers
God fucking dammit. Whose idea it was to rely on kobolds in anything.
>Follow the adventurers
Let's make use of our moon energy


"We have to follow those adventurers, our secret is at stake!", you say.

"Here we go... well, at least we are charged with moon powers. Let's see if we can catch them at night."

"It is almost dawn, they could be anywhere."

"Let's perform a divination."


"Let's go to the water inside the cave. In there just do as I do and repeat the incantation."

The three of you head to the source of water in the cave. Only the sound of the dripping stalactites interrupt your ever synchronizing chorus in an ancient language.

Then after what feels like hours, the water starts showing an image of a group of adventurers pulling the kobold shaman by a rope. There are two male humans, one dwarf with a long tranced beard and a female elf.

"Oh, so they really captured the kobold shaman.", you think.

The image begins to fade. Your teacher gives you a slight kick. You think she means you should focus. You keep chanting with more intent.

You then see the path they took out of the cave. The image is as it were in reverse. By the time it gets to the slaughters, the three of you lose focus and the image is gone.

"We know where they are, but there is no way in hell we can cover eight hours of their march before the sunrise."

"Do you think they have a good reason for not stopping the journey tonight?"

"Maybe they were paid to capture the kobold shaman."

Then you are interrupted by a kobold entering the cave. He was carrying armfuls of berries. When he sees the carnage, he begins to cry.


"Your shaman is still alive. But he is too far away. If we pursue him now we will lose most of our magical powers, for we will be exposed to sunlight."

"This carnage will be avenged. Come, let's summon a dragon!"

"Summon a dragon? How?"

"When kobold blood is spillt, we can summon a dragon. Our dragon god will avenge us!"

"How do you do that?"

"We pray to dragon god."

"Start the prayer then."

The kobold starts saying a prayer in draconic. He prostrates himself towards the entrance of the cave and keeps chanting.

You repeat his chant and his act of being prostrate. You pray and pray, even though you don't know what the words mean.

After an hour at that you can't keep doing it no more.

"This doesn't work, let's stop."

"The dragon will come! It will! Don't stop."

"We can't afford to waste more time on this. Come, let's go after the adventurers ourselves, or they will just put another day of advantage on us."

"Well, I will keep praying."

"I believe in the dragon... I mean, on what the kobold says about the dragon. I will stay and pray with him.", says Brenda.

"We can charm some animal to be our mount. A bear would be fine."

"Can you do that?"

"I have a potion that let's me talk to animals. But I am not sure if I can convince a bear to cooperate. We would have to try and see."

> Stay praying with Brenda and the kobold
> Go after the adventurers by day, you already wasted enough time
> Wait until it is night again before going after them
> Look for a bear to try convincing it to help
> Write in
> Look for a bear to try convincing it to help
A tiger would be ideal
Rolled 4 (1d6)


Let's roll for what animal you find.

2 - Bear
3 - Stag
4 - Tiger
5 - Giant Lizard
1 or 6 - Nothing

Following your teacher through the woods deeper and deeper into dangerous carnivorous beasts territory, the chant of birds become less evident and the very weather seems to conspire for you to find nothing, as a horrible downpour muddles all tracks.

Yet lucky seems to be by your side. Trusting not in sight, a beast mightier than the one you were looking for springs from its crouching position within its habitat.

Your teacher is the target of the voracious beast, but she tumbles with it in the wilderness, and manage to find enough breathing room in the mortal dance to spike her potion with a stolen tiger hair, then drink it to attain the supernatural gift of animal tongues.

Barely a moment goes by and she is speaking fluent tiger. The animal gets out of her and they seem to engage in conversation for a short while.

"Hunger is what motivates this beast. The feeding grounds are dwindling, and she had to resort to stalking even bypedal prey. Once an animal acquires a taste for sentient meals, it is hard to shrug it off. The beast was less surprised than I imagined it would be, for it has talked to a druid before. She will help us if we let her eat the adventurers."

"Sounds like a deal."

"Are we really going to feed a man eating beast?"

"If we defeat the adventurers."

"WHEN we defeat them. Let's go."

"Are we going to mount this beast?"

Your teacher laughs.

"It would break its spine. We will have to be content with having it follow us around for awhile. I'll tell it to look for the adventurers."

The tiget looks funny under the rain. It often shakes itself to get rid of excess water.

Walking for a long while at a brisk pace, you follow the path of the adventurers you saw in the vision.

When you reach the last known position of the group, you have to rely on the nose of the tiger.

"Let's follow her. She caught their scent."

You walk about most of the night and close to dawn you find an improvised camp around a campfire. One of the humans is on guard duty, but being close to the fire he mostly makes himself visible, and you doubt he possess the ability to see in perfect darkness, so your keen witch senses make you a formidable stalker in the night. You can see the kobold, tied with rope with its face down on the ground.

"How?", Brenda moves her lips without saying anything out loud.

> Unleash the tiger upon the adventurers
> Discharge our best spells on the warrior
> Control the fire to burn the warrior
> Cast a cold spell to snuff the flame then attack
> Write in
> Cast a cold spell to snuff the flame then
> Unleash the tiger upon the adventurers
Rolled 11, 16, 11, 10, 15 = 63 (5d20)


Seeking to tilt the balance of power in your favor, you gesticule to your allies in the dark until you are confident they understood your strategy, that consists in snuffing the flame of the bonfire with a cold spell then unleashing the beast accompanying you upon your foes.

Let's see how you fare in this confrontation.

I will roll five dice for the adventurers and the kobold.

Male sentry DC 12 (-2 awake, +2 dark, +2 surprised)

Male sleeping DC 16 (+2 sleeping, +2 dark, +2 surprised)

Dwarf DC 12 (+2 sleeping, -2 darkvision, +2 surprised)

Elf DC 10 (+1 trance, -2 darkvision, +1 surprised)

Kobold DC 16 (+8 tied -2 darkvision)

Roll 4d20 for your team.

Teacher DC 4 (-2 surprise, -2 magic, -2 darkvision)

Brenda DC 6 (-2 surprise, -1 magic, -1 darkvision)

Rymel DC 6 (-2 surprise, -1 magic, -1 darkvision)

Tiger DC 8 (-2 surprise)
Rolled 19, 9, 11, 11 = 50 (4d20)

Rolled 2, 11, 12, 3 = 28 (4d20)

Rolled 2, 1, 8, 19 = 30 (4d20)

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The magical light snuffing has the desired disorienting effect; as the tiger roars and jumps at the warrior made sentry, they dance the dance of death at the tune of magical energies flowing destructively.

The remaining adventures soon wake up and join the fray; yet they face fierce opposition, which is seeing what is going on, while they are largely unaware.

One adventurer panics and runs away, while the rest try to fight back despite the darkness.

You remember what your spell did to the rock at the cave and figured you could replicate it with someone's head. One by one, the adventurers fall to your combined might, your spells proving invaluable.

In the aftermath of the confrontation, night finds the tiger munching on corpses. Rescuing the kobold, fright gives space to relief in his face.

"You rescued me! Thanks, I don't know what these people would do to me."

"Should we hunt the one who escaped?"

"No. Let him spread disinformation. He probably thinks he was attacked by a druid. Besides,", says your teacher rummaging through the adventurers packs,"we already found what we were looking for."

"The scroll is there?"

"Yes, here. In the elf's pack."

"So there is a chance they did know it was witchcraft?"

"I suppose."

"Then we should go after the one who escaped."

"There is a village nearby, I don't think we can catch up with him before dawn nor before he reaches the village."

"Let's leave their stuff undisturbed then, they will think it was just an animal attack if they come back to check."

"If you are that worried then we should just migrate again."

> Go after warrior
> Leave their stuff undisturbed
> Loot and return to cave
> Look for a new home
> Write in
>Look for a new home
They know a Kobold Shaman was there, so we should move anyway.
>Look for a new home
> Leave their stuff undisturbed
> Look for a new home

"We better leave their stuff undisturbed, we don't want to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves.", you say, "Besides, they know there was a kobold shaman in here, so they might make assumptions about what else could have attacked them."

"You are right. It was under the cover of night, but the sole survivor might still bring about our doom if we are not smart about it. Let's head back to the cave for now and ponder our options."

"Let's release that little guy first.", says Brenda.

"Oh! I almost forgot him.", says your teacher.

Brenda ungags the kobold who then profusely thanks her. She has a little trouble with the knots, so you cut them with your sword.

"Carry these cut ropes and burn them.", you say to the kobold.

You all head back to the cave. By then, there are three kobolds praying.

"Ya'll still praying? Here is your shaman."

"Oh, thank dragon god for shaman safe return.", says one of the kobolds.

"Well, you should probably thank us as well, but it is your call."

"Where should we go next?"

"That will depend if the two of you want to mingle with a group of other witches of you'd prefer more alone time to develop your skils further."

"We sure need more training.", says Brenda.

"We could go to whichever coven is nearest, or we could go visit some friends of mine. They live in a cave, behind a secret passage. They are involved in demonology. They gave me these fancy tattoos. Demons don't eat the souls of tattooed people for some reason. They assume you are in the demon cult. I think in the past only demon worshippers tattoed themselves. Nowadays other people do it as well, but it is still not as common."

"These tattoos do anything?"

"They make it easier for negative energy to flow through me and keep whatever energies are already inside contained. Like a water funnel in a vase, makes it easy to fill it up but you have to really make effort to empty it."

"Wouldn't that make it harder for you to cast magic?"

"Well noticed. Well, it makes it harder for me to spend all my magical energy at once. It is a trade off really, charge faster but can't spend it all at once as easily. It isn't the only type of magical tattoos, there are others."

"I'm getting more curious by the minute to learn more about your friends, master.", says Brenda.

> Just search for a new lair
> Stay in the kobold's cave
> Go visit the demonologists hideout
> Head to the old hag cabin in the forest
> Head to a larger settlement in the mountains
> Head to a larger settlement in the swamp
> Write in
>Head to the old hag cabin in the forest
well, she offered us her books to pass down knowledge


"Let's go visit the old hag, she said she is willing to part with some tomes to pass on the knowledge.", you say.

"Not a bad idea. It is extra weight to haul around, but maybe it will be worth it.", says your teacher.

You head to the direction you believe the hag's home is. After traversing the wilds for a few days, you arrive at a region where you can feel the magical energies flowing.

Yet, you can't find the old hag's home.

"It should be here somewhere...", says Brenda.

"Oh, how unnusual. Visitors.", you hear the old hag's voice, but do not see anyone.

"Where are you?"

"Sorry, it is just a ward to avoid intruders. I learned it with the elves years ago. Totally worth all the silver I spent on it for all the trouble it saved me.", says the hag, as she appears out of nowhere.

"Here, hold this leaf. It will mark that you are allowed to enter it.", she says, distributing leaves to us.

Once you touch the leave you see glowing glyphs around a tiny hut. The glyphs seem to spam a very large area, and the hut is at the middle.

"This enchantment makes the hut and everything within the glyph area invisible, and charms people into avoiding the area. Faeries are immune to charm so instead of sending them away it actually attracts them. That is why I have Rupert."


A crazed gnome comes rushing out of the cabin, a net and a spear in hand.

"Should I kill those intruders?"


"No, Rupert, they are friends."

"Ahh.. very well.", he says, looking disappointed, and walking back inside the cabin.

"Come on in."

The cabin is much larger from the inside than outside. There are books piled everywhere. You counted at least two dozen cats. Rupert is sitting at a tiny table drinking tea. He does not look crazed anymore. You wonder if it is the tea.

"It is the tea. It calms him. Without it he goes berserk.", says the Hag.

"What is he exactly? Looks like a gnome.", asks Brenda.

"He is a gnome. Kinda. He is what is born when a gnome and a fairy have a baby. I'm not sure if there is a name for that. He hates fairies because they have mistreated him his whole life. So he kills them when he finds any. I let him live here because dealing with fairies myself is too much hassle. He grows his own tea."

"A lot of books you have here.", you say.

"Yes, I've lived a long life and I always tried to acquire as many magical books as possible, as wel as books on various interesting subjects. Young witches come to me in search of knowledge fairly often. I can't guarantee I remember everything from every book, with age you start to forget things. But I have read almost all of them. Many more than once. In fact, I was reading when you arrived."

"What were you reading?"

"Tactical magical warfare, by Brutus Winterhelm."

"Oh, nice. Is the book good?"

"Eeh... he starts saying not to rely on magical items too much and then teaches how to make cheap magical weapons for a whole army using a combination of spells that he does not teach in his book. It underdelivers."

"Do you know those spells?"

"I'm pretty sure I have a book around here that teaches at least a few of them. But they are rather advanced spells, with few uses out of battlefield control."

"What kind of book do you recommend for us?", says Brenda.

"Ah, that is a good question. What do you like the most? Burning stuff? Freezing stuff? Charming people? Making stuff invisible? Raising undead? Summoning demons?"

"I think I wanna learn about charming people.", says Brenda.

"I'll have a book on creating magical transportation if you have one.", says your teacher.

"Oh, very good. I think I have just what you two need. What about you, young witch? What kind of spell catches your fancy?"

> Fire spells
> Cold spells
> Invisibility
> Necromancy
> Demonology
> Write in
> Freezing stuff
> Ask what she knowa about succubi and incubi
>Cold spells

"I would like to learn more about cold magic. Do you have a book for me?"

"Yes, of course! I have a book by famed witch Star Winterkill. Her first book on cold magic has been copied thousands of times. Here, have a copy.", she says, handing you a book from a pile.


"Thank you very much. Er... we might roam into demonologists soon, so what should I worry about in dealing with them?"

"Well, demonology is very straight forward. For demons to exist in this world, they need spiritual energy. This can be harvested in three main ways: by killing someone in a ritual and draining their whole soul; by making a mortal voluntarily discharge its bodily fluids; and by devotion in the form of faith to the demons."

"Bodily fluids?"

"Mostly it means blood, but any other bodily fluid will do. In fact, there are some demons who specifically target bodily fluids involved in sex. We call those succubi, and the rarer male version incubi."

"I see. They must be very dangerous."

"Not really, they are some of the weakest demons, barely above the common imp, the most abundant little demon there is. When you die after having served demons, you end up in hell as an imp. This has been widely documented. Then if you get killed in hell, your soul is destroyed forever. But even a lowly imp can become a lord of hell, given enough time and souls. Its a wild gamble. Usually you lose."

"You have such impressive knowledge."

"Yes, it is a shame there is no witch school like there was in the old days. Well, they called it wizard academy. But its been a few centuries ever since the last witch school closed. We have been keeping the knowledge alive with much difficulty."

"What is your advice to a young witch?"

The old hag laughs then coughs.

"Find a warrior to tag along. Magic can't solve all things."

"Well, I don't have extra beds in my house so I'm asking you to leave unless you want to be bothered by fairies. They mostly come at night."

> Just search for a new lair
> Go visit the demonologists hideout
> Head to a larger settlement in the mountains
> Head to a larger settlement in the swamp
> Stay to see the fairies
> Write in
>> Head to a larger settlement in the mountains


The path towards the mountains is long and winding, through a very lush valley. You avoid climbing any mountains, and just camp wherever the vegetation provides cover so you are not seen by wandering monsters.

"Do you really know where you are going?", Brenda asks your teacher.

"I'm just trying to avoid monsters. You don't walk in a straight line in mountains, you run from shelter to shelter. There are many monsters out there, some of them can fly and would attack us if they saw us."

You wander for a long time and don't find any witches. After about three days of very stressful camping under what little cover the mountain vegetation could provide, you teacher says:

"We are officially lost."

"Well, what should we do?"

"There is a way, but it is dangerous. See the top of that mountain over there?"

"Not really, there is some mist."

"In there the royal guards have a beacon they only light if the forward troops are in need of reinforcements. They have these beacons all over the mountains. If we go up there, we can steal a map from them."

"How many enemies would we face?"

"About ten."

"Is there no other way?"

"Well, we could enter every cave in the area, or walk through unsafe terrain. We would be find by one monster or another pretty damn fast."

"Well, maybe we should back off from the mountains until we can figure out how to navigate it safely."

"Perhaps. Or we could try to find a local guide.", says Brenda.


"Aren't there tribes of little monsters around here? They are clever little things, I take it from the kobolds. Maybe we could befriend one."

"Fair enough. There are certainly tribes of monsters around here... somewhere."

You then hear a loud screech from some kind of monster.

"Quick, hide!", says your teacher.


You all hide in the bushes around. Peeking overhead, you find a giant flying lizard. You are not sure whether it has something riding it or not, for it is really far away. It seems to be moving from a mountain nearby, but it might have just flown beneath the mist to not be seen by whatever other creatures live on that mountaintop.

"One of those things would come in handy to traverse the mountains.", says Brenda, leaving her hideout after we are reasonably sure the flying beast went away.

"The problem with the mountains is monsters are everywhere, but hiding from each other. You won't find a monster in the open easily, but that doesn't mean you won't be found if you wander in the open."

"I see... Many eyes.", says Brenda

"Wait, if everyone is hiding, won't we find someone if we just look for a good hideout?"

"Yes, and they will probably be full of traps. You don't live in the mountains if you are the welcoming of visitors kind."

"Why don't the monsters kill the king's men in the mountaintops?"

"They use magic to conceal themselves. A bit like the elvish magic the old hag uses."

"Then wouldn't it be suicide to go against them?"

"Depends. If we can see through their magic tricks it would be just a normal fight."

"Can we do that?"

"Well, we have these leaves. I recognize they were intended just for entering the hag's place, but they are enchanted. I can clearly see they have some kind of code that the spell reads and lets you in. If we change the code, so to speak, it will let us in."

"Again, can we do that?"

"I could enchant the leaf to try every code. But the spell is very high level and would consume all my magic, I would be useless in the fight. Also, the leaf would take a few minutes to let us in, time in which the soldiers might spot us, depending on how wide is their protection spell."

> Attack beacon
> Enter every cave
> Wander in open terrain
> Leave mountains
> Write in
>Wander in open terrain

"Let's wander through open terrain. If some monsters find us we can just deal with them one way or another."

The three of you wander about the mountainous valley in the open, don't bothering to rush from cover to cover.

Unsurprisingly, a group of monsters find you in the very same day.

A bunch of orcs sighted you and start running towards you.

"Oh shit, orcs."

"What should we do?", says Brenda.

"Do you think you could kill them?", you ask your teacher.

"Shit, there are too many. I could kill maybe five or six. I count ten... no... fifteen orcs."

> Try to run away
> Stand your ground and fight
> Parley with the orcs
> Write in
>Try to run away
Rolled 20 (1d20)


"RUN!", you scream.

The three of you start to run away from the orcs.

But all this running attracted the attention of a group of six ogres.

The ogres also come running after you, but when they notice the orcs, most of them run after the orcs.

A single ogre runs after the three of you.

Because of their longer legs and higher endurance, the ogre catches up to you once you start to get too tired to run away.

The ogre doesn't seem to keen on talking, and even if it were, you don't know its language.

Unfortunatelly, you were the slowest of the bunch, even though your teacher is carrying far more stuff, so the ogre tries to bonk your head first.

Roll 3d20

Rymel DC 14 (+2 tired +2 weaker)

Brenda DC 12 (+2 tired)

Master DC 12 (+2 tired)

Rolling for Ogre

DC 8 (-2 stronger)
Rolled 3, 20, 4 = 27 (3d20)

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The ogre bashes you in the head and you fall barely conscious.

The last thing you remember seeing were the ogre shrugging off a spell from your master and screaming in pain when hit in the face by a spell from Brenda.

When you wake up, you are in a pen with a bunch of goats. There is a smaller ogre than the one you saw before barely awake. He turns to you when you wake up.

He says a bunch of stuff in a guttural language and seen disappointed that you don't understand a word.

He then screams something and a bunch of ogre women show up.

They grab you like you are a doll and carry you to their tent.

They remove your clothing and cover you in mud, despite your protests. They then carry you to a cave nearby and block the entrance with a stone.

There are other women in there, equally covered in mud and naked.

"Hello, who are you."

They look tired and frightened, barely strong enough to speak.

"It doesn't matter. If the ogres come back again, they will rape you like they have done to us countless times."

Well, you don't feel like being raped by a bunch of ogres, but you're not too sure how helpful your magic would be in this situation.

Still, it doesn't hurt to try.

The cave seems to go deeper. You have basically three options when it comes to using your negative energy on the rock surrounding you. You can blow up the entrance, try to create a secret room within the cave, or venture deeper into it.

You could also just wait and save your magic to kill whatever ogre comes in.

> Blow up the entrance
> Create a secret room
> Venture deeper into the cave
> Wait to use your magic on the ogres
> Write in
>Wait to use your magic on the ogres
>Read the ice book
before we break out
good job!
why not wait for more votes to come in? 10 minutes is nothing
>Venture deeper into the cave
what >>5372446 said, you basically started doing the doots when that anon voted, while the other ones took at minimum 20 min
Rolled 1 (1d2)


my bad, I just saw a vote and went for it, did not realize other votes were incoming


1 - wait to use magic on ogres
2 - venture deeper into the cave
Rolled 16, 20 = 36 (2d20)


Pondering you will need as much magic as possible, you decide to save it for when the ogres arrive.

You figure that in the dark of the cave, in which you are probably the only one who can see well enough to do anything you figure you should explore around to find a vantage point.

The rock blocking the entrance is larger than the one you destroyed with Brenda previously, you are not entirely sure you could even destroy it with your magic on the first try.

You end up settling for a stalagmite nearby, which would provide you with partial cover when the ogres arrive from the main entrance.

You hear a faint noise in the distance then you hear one of the prisoners sobbing.

"They are coming.", she says, almost a whisper.

You hear the rock blocking the entrance being opened, and a little daylight floods the area.

You see two ogres entering the cave.

This is the moment you were waiting for!

You use your magic to attack the ogres!

Roll 1d20

> Cast a negative energy spell on one ogre DC 12 (-2 big target +4 daylight)
> Cast a cold spell on one ogre DC 14 (+2 big target +2 daylight)
> Cast a negative energy spell on both ogres DC 16 (-2 big target +4 daylight +4 many targets)
> Cast a cold spell on one ogre DC 18 (+2 big target +2 daylight many targets)
> Write in

Rolling for the Ogres

*Cast a cold spell on both ogres DC 18 (+2 big target +2 daylight +4 many targets)
Rolled 16 (1d20)

>my bad, I just saw a vote and went for it, did not realize other votes were incoming
I mean, the standart is to wait at least 30 minutes for votes and since you were dooting so fast, tell the players that you closed the voted and started writting.
>Cast a negative energy spell on one ogre DC 12 (-2 big target +4 daylight)

Concentrating on generating the most powerful blast of magical negative energy you are capable of, you manage to seriously injure one of the ogres, getting him out of combat.

This make the surviving ogre angry, and he leaves the cave, probably intending to bring other ogres into the fray. He motions to close the cave with a stone, but you cast some spells on him with the remaining of your strength, and then the ogre gives up trying to close the entrance, rather screaming, you presume for help.

"That's our chance!", you say to the others.

The ones who can muster enough strength and morale follow you out of the cave. The ogre backs off from you, until you all see a much taller ogre screaming at him from a distance. Three other ogres come running your way.

You don't have much room to think. You see a slope nearby, and below the fog which you had seem previously. The settlement must be well hidden high in the mountains.

You tell the others "We have to jump."

"You're crazy? We'll die."

"Do you really want to go back to that fucking cave?", you say, as you jump.

You start partiall sliding and partially falling down the mountain. As you go through the fog, you imagine this is what it would feel to traverse clouds.

Then you hit level ground, but you sprain your ankle.

Quickly you run for cover.

You see one of the women nearby. She didn't have the same luck as you and broke her neck. She is still alive, but paralyzed.

There is a small cave nearby, you think the entrance is too small for ogres to enter.

> Hide in the cave
> Kill her with a stone then hide
> Take her with you into the cave and hide
> Run away as fast as you can
> Write in
>Hide in the cave

Hiding in caves is becoming a common occurence for you. You even learned that the first thing to look for in a cave is whether it has many exits for the air to flow. On this ground you haven't had much luck later. The second is to check if it has water inside that you can drink so you can stay there for awhile.

But right now your major concern is hiding from the ogres. It doesn't matter much that the water inside tastes funny, nor that there aren't other exits. What matters is that since the opening is barely a crawlspace, you probably won't be bothered by ogres.

You take your time nursing your sprained ankle. You bath on the little pond inside to scrub off the muck left by those ogres. It is only when hunger hits you that you start to worry about supplies, and at about the same time you start to really feel the cold. You might be getting sick.

Seems like the cave you were at previously was much better insulated somehow. This one lets the cold really seep in into your bones. Or maybe it was the mud.

Now the question that keeps you awake is figuring out how to acquire supplies here in the mountains. Clothes wouldn't be bad either.

You might be able to steal things from the ogres, as they are the most close by. You could also look for orcs, which probably also have a home around here somewhere.

There are the other witches, but other than roaming around checking every nook, the only way you can think of that would realistically work at finding them is just hunker down around here and wait for the next new moon to see if this witch sense already works to let you find the witch's sacred area. There are a few bats in the cave, maybe if you kill them with stones or spells you could eat their flesh.

Still, that is also not without trouble, for the ogres or some other monsters might find you even in your new cave.

> Climb the mountain and go steal from the ogres
> Look for the orcs nearby
> Keep looking for witches
> Wait for the new moon
> Write in
>Look for the orcs nearby

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