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Welcome to Dark ones return
A story written in the first person perspective about the return of an ancient overlord.
It's a mostly narrative quest with a chance of a roll against set DC at times.
I update usually in central EU mornings due to having free time then.

In the previous thread >>5288520
The dark one began his exploration of the changed world.
Met some doll people and killed some holy knights.
The dark one went on an expedition into abandoned ruins, got an imp servant and later retrieved one of his few surviving generals.
The newly formed group utilizing the luxury of flight magic explored the land of plant people, and met a destined hero.
After also exploring the capital of Narkita the group went to the dark one's old fortress that was currently under the use of a so-called Dark lord, the dark one formed a deal with him under disguise.

Now returning to the story the Dark one shall see some imp mages.

Imps were feral artificial pests made during my war against the opposing kingdoms. Only few of them could attain sentience as High imps if they were raised since creation under extremely specific conditions, which made the most intelligent and powerful magic users in my empire second only to me.
To see that somewhere in my absence the imps have attained the ability of sentience from the start, but with the lack of the high intellect. Only a specific kind of new imp can use magic and they are highly unstable.
How do I know this? Well watching literal frost fire turn a tent to ice followed by lightning destroying said ice probably has to do something with that.
Watching the weirds struggling to survive against themselves yet still persist is a novelty that has already worn off.
I simply conceal my presence to make an entrance to the Tribe chiefs tent.
Inside is quite a simply decorated space with few chests and a bookshelf.
In the center is a cloaked figure chewing on a stick while mumbling to themselves.
The imp doesn't seem to notice me.

Simple approach or some dramatic flare
>Just cough to gather her attention. Should be enough.
>Maybe do the same thing you did with the demon lord?
>Spook em good!
>Just cough to gather her attention. Should be enough.

Also you might want to archive the previous thread
>Maybe do the same thing you did with the demon lord?
Thanks for the reminder anon
Rolled 52 (1d100)

1-50 to cough
51-100 for dramatic entrance
Will br writing

The singular fire pit inside the tent is snuffed out with the wave of my hand, leaving everything inside in complete darkness.
The chieftain of the weirds glances at the fire pit then turns to look at me.
"Well ain't you a freaky one. Did the Lord send you to give me orders or something, oh mr. Dramatic." She asks. Voice full of snark. It caught me a bit off guard but I didn't show it.
"Hm. I am just a new member of the dark lords forces. I've decided to familiarize myself with the rest of the army. My name is Dealmaker, I am quite well versed in many things." I say
"Well then Dealmaker, I was busy meditating before you interrupted me so you better have some good deals to offer or whatever." She says
"Yes, I do have quite a few offers. A few magic artefacts, including fairy hearts… or I could empower your soldiers with my magic." I offer
"First of all, giving fairy hearts to mage imps is the stupidest thing i've heard and you're supposed to be some kind of demon? I thought your kind are smart enough not to attempt that. Second of all, they are not soldiers, they are my family of mentaly stunted bombs." She says in an annoyed tone.
This is getting foolish. Time to play irritated dealmaker. So I approach her with inhuman speed and raise her on eye level by grabbing her hood. She yelps as I raise her.
"Listen here Glimmer. I have been slumbering for a long time, and back then you little imps were nothing but feral creatures that lived in shadows for their entire lives. So a lot has changed but also didn't, since this cycle of heroes defeating dark lords is still going. Now, if i may. I wish to assist the dark lord's forces to change things up a little, so i have to get a good bearing of said forces strength. You and your magical imp kind are rather powerful but unstable, and I can offer some Deals to help." I say a falsely annoyed voice.
The leader of the weirds just stares at me in shock for a moment before blinking a few times.
"Wait. Imps were feral back in the old days?" I wish I could facepalm without looking silly.
"Yes, way more numerous too. But that is a topic for another time. I have some offers to show."

>Show her the fairy hearts. Quite useful for even naturally magical creatures. It's better they are used than left to gather dust.
>Offer the books on dark magic. The ancient high imps were naturals in that.
>Some trinkets could be useful.
>Offer the books on dark magic. The ancient high imps were naturals in that.
>Offer the books on dark magic. The ancient high imps were naturals in that.
File: MapWithPath.png (437 KB, 2200x2200)
437 KB
437 KB PNG

I put the Imp down and reach into my robe.
Taking one of the books within my robes and returning it to its correct size, I look at the title.
The basics of dark magic, a school of powerful magic with various strings attached. Something high imps were capable of completely negating by nature.
I hand the book to the Imp, who stares at the book and then myself for a moment.
"I can't read this. I barely know common and this definitely isn't written in it either." I stare back at the imp.
Taking my tome out I rifle through its many pages to find what I need. I point my finger at the imp and a bolt of magic strikes her head.
"OW! What was that for, you jerk!" She yells at me but I simply raise the book from before in front of her.
"I planted the knowledge of the language used in this book into your memory. Use it to teach your kind some true power." I say before simply vanishing into thin air from her perspective, leaving only the book dropped on the ground.
The trip back to the magic platform I think about my current plans.
I have most of the small knowledge I need to estimate the power of enemy forces, outside the Irkani of course.
There are humans to be found, one of which I've heard rumors about in Narkita.
I need to find a more permanent base of operation to gather my own forces and be the first step to rebuilding my empire.

Simply said i have a lot of work to do
>Write-in plan suggestions

season has hit properly so I'm tired due to work (THREE AFTERNOON SHIFTS IN A ROW). But it isn't gonna stop me from writing.
>The armies of good won’t be your biggest threat, the destined heroes with their weapons will be. You should gather more information on the other hero weapon holders, especially: what they’re motivated by, who they care for, what their skillset is like (even outside of combat skills), and what their weakest points physically and mentally are. If you are to defeat them at the destined moment, you need to know them better than they know themselves…and perhaps sabotage their progress or ensure you have a few cards up your sleeve to turn on them during the confrontation.
Operation Saboteur. We’ve seen just how much weaker the average mage and soldier is these days, so just by empowering the false lord’s army those chumps are toast. It truly is the heroes and those overpowered weapons we have to worry about. They can receive blessings after all.

I do, however, have a secondary plan if the above one doesn’t interest people. Note that i prefer the first one I posted above over this one.
>Set about creating a religion to worship and pay tribute to the original force of darkness, yourself, with the hopes of eventually using the collective mental power and sacrifices to accrue power akin to the goddess who has always sent her forces to oppose you. Perhaps you can elevate promising individuals into Fiends capable of matching the heroes evenly. And it wouldn’t hurt to do whatever you can to diminish the worship of the goddess and actively defile whatever temples dedicated to her you find.
fuck the JRPG protagonist
did i speedread the goddess part? anyway support and we already have an angle to infiltrate the heroes through bow hero. She'll inevitably be drawn to the Just cause. If we manage to plant (heh) someone at her side who can build up trust with her, we get a free ticket to the hero gathering/ party.

Also i dont think your plans are mutually exclusive?
They're not strictly mutually exclusive, but doing both would seriously cut into the time, effort, and resources we could put towards either.
I feel like they would go best individually, or at least fully completing one before working on the other.
It's a LOT of effort to fully stalk a group of divine heroes with who knows what abilities afforded to them.
It's also a LOT of effort to create a cult of darkness while simultaneously waging a secret war on another religion.
so basically we lack capable minions then.
Id argue it would still best starting/laying the groundwork for future operations as early as we can. trickleing progress still beats no progress
my votes stands for major effort towards hero intelligence gathering/inflitrating ranks.

For now more information is needed. The one who knows his enemy wins their wars.
First would be finding who the other destined heroes are. The bow wielder is a Narkitan in some backwater village. The sword is guaranteed to be in the hands of the KruKaši first prince. The Gauntlets and The Lanterns locations are unknown so finding those is on the to do list.
Finding the others and forming bonds with them could embed me as a close ally to them all. Perhaps turn them against each other if their ideals clash.
The other matter to concern myself about is the state of the dark lords armies. They are mostly fodder with other kinds of monstrous species. The only notable advantage would be the suicidal flesh beasts.
That will be easily fixed once I can supply them with the right equipment and training.
Then there are Michaels friends. Other humans that were forcibly brought to this land. I have only the clue on the possible location of Jessica who is an adventurer in Narkita. The others may be harder to find or are perhaps with her.
But those works are for later concern, I have heroes to find and build trust with.

>Perhaps look for the other heroes? (Pick where to explore more on the map)
>Build trust with the Narkitan, we know where she is.
>Perhaps look for the prince in narkita, deep inside holy territory where friends are few and enemies plenty
>Build trust with the Narkitan, we know where she is.
>Build trust with the Narkitan, we know where she is.
>Build trust with the Narkitan, we know where she is.
id like to throw in that finding more capable minions might be more worthwhile right now, we simply cant be everywhere.
Sorry about the lack of updates
Tourist season where i live so i keep getting extended hours.

Building up trust with the narkitan hero will be the first part of my plans.
But before we head back towards Narkita I look at what my servants have been doing.
Damnicon had been training the imp for a short time while I was gone. It seems to have learnt rather quickly judging by the electric arcs traveling across its potted head. In its hands It is manifesting a ball of lightning with pure will and instinct. It is impressive how fast it learned to control its own mana.

Invisibility and flight make for an uneventful two day trip on our way back to Narkita.
Finding the village was a slight chore. Upon arriving under our disguises, nothing much has changed about the village. There are few new merchants who took a stop at the small market to sell their goods.
Personaly investigating around I find the Narkitan Wielding the bow talking with some plant-bird fairy thing. Well taking would be the wrong way to say it, it's an argument.
Getting closer while concealing my presence I listen in on the conversation.


"-y. Why does they keep trying to rope me into their stupid politics! Why can't they leave me alone to my training. I'm supposed to be a hero, not some tool in their plots to power. Goddess damn it!" The Narkitan girl is seemingly on the verge of crying.
"I am sorry mistress Goldsap but your father and mother are worried due to recent events." The fiary creature says.
"What is so important that he sent you to this backwater town to find me!"
"About four days ago the Peršin clan's vault had been completely looted."
"Wh-uh!? What! You are saying someone somehow broke into one of the clans magically locked vaults. The ones I've read about being the most secure storages in the land second only to the Krukaši royal tombs!" The Narkitan had went from anger to pure confusion at the information.
"That was not the part that concerned your father. It was that whoever did it left no mark, and only the clan Grand wizard has access to opening it. He claimed not even the magic warnings were triggered. Your father had seen this as a bad omen and requested for me to find you as fast as possible and request for your return to the capital for your own safety." At those words the Narkitan went back to being furious.
"No! I won't let some magical mystery thief scare me back to Plantera. I shall stay here where I feel at home. Tell my Parents I am staying!"
"As you wish mistress Goldsap." The creature flew off and left the Narkitan to herself.

There was a short silence before she kicked a nearby tree and bagan walking back towards the village in complete silence. This is not a good time to pop out of nowhere unannounced so I swiftly left.
Returning to the village I begin work with Damnicon and the Imp on backgrounds for their personas. I already have Flugel Dioanaea the traveling scholar.
After some time we constructed believable backgrounds for ourselves.
Damnicon will take the persona of Pineton Bloodroot, a man who had been a bodyguard for hire until getting a more permanent deal as Flugels personal bodyguard.
PotPot will take the identity of Little acorn 'Damnicon suggested it'. A Narkitan who had grown up in the wilderness and doesn't know how to communicate for that reason, he had been hired by the scholar as the survivalist expert.
After all is agreed upon, I split off from the group to think.
The Narkitan hero is a noble of some sort and she knows about her destiny. Though she hates being involved in noble politics. I can agree with that.
For now if I am to commit to my plan I have to build trust with Miss Goldsap.

What to do.
>First order of business would be becoming a common face within the village. Perhaps the scholar persona decided to settle down in this village after his many years of travel.
>Perhaps ask around town for their knowledge about her. Though that may raise suspicion.
>Introduce yourself to her, perhaps reveal a bit of knowledge about the bow and claim you learnt the information during your many travels.
Sorry for the lack of updates
As said. Works been hell and leaves me too exausted to even think.
Ill attempt to update as often as i can.

>why does they
Spelling error god damn it
>First order of business would be becoming a common face within the village. Perhaps the scholar persona decided to settle down in this village after his many years of travel.
I have no issue playing a somewhat longer con for this. We're in no hurry.
>First order of business would be becoming a common face within the village. Perhaps the scholar persona decided to settle down in this village after his many years of travel.

make a mental note on leaving a (missleading) mark next time, plus note they thought only the krukasi had a comparable treasure vault.
>Perhaps ask around town for their knowledge about her. Though that may raise suspicion.
>First order of business would be becoming a common face within the village. Perhaps the scholar persona decided to settle down in this village after his many years of travel.
File: Mapler.jpg (31 KB, 1200x675)
31 KB

I spent some time walking around Emerald Root Village with my servants, exchanging small introductions and pleasantries with the local folk.
After that I visited the Village Chiefs house. Knocking on the door, I wait for a response.
The Narkitan who opened the door was an old looking one, with light olive plant skin and the unkempt leaves on his face forming a beard that had mushrooms sprouting from it.
"Are you mister Mapler Springwind?" I spoke first.
"Aye, it's me." He answers, stroking his beard lightly before pointing at my servants.
"I recognize those two from before, were askin' for directions. Ya must be their boss huh?" I nod at his question.
"Yes, I am Flugel Dioanaea. And they are my companions from my long travels. I have come to ask about the possibility of settling down at or close to Emerald Root. Mainly concerns such as land ownership and taxes."
He stares at me for a moment.
"Well no one really has special land ownership outside tha more Populated places like the capitol. Ya can settle anywhere so long it does not cause possible problems for tha locals. As for taxes, tha crown has rights to tax all in Narkita. They vary from time to time but are usually small around these parts." He answered
"Thank you. I shall be considering my choices for now. Farewell." I say
"Goodbye to you too lad." After that he closes the door to his house.
I move outside the village, servants in tow as I ponder my options.

>Perhaps to see if there is a good plot of land within the village I can begin building my house. Although it will have to be slower to not raise suspicion.
>somewhere out of the village but close enough to reach in a short walk. Would still rouse suspicion on quick construction but easier to conceal it and other possible parts of the house.
>somewhere deep in the woods. Very far from the village, may take a long amount of time to reach but it's easier to conceal all of your doings
>somewhere out of the village but close enough to reach in a short walk. Would still rouse suspicion on quick construction but easier to conceal it and other possible parts of the house.
>somewhere out of the village but close enough to reach in a short walk. Would still rouse suspicion on quick construction but easier to conceal it and other possible parts of the house.
Im sick.
Ill try to write an update tommorow if it doesent get worse.

Finding a spot not too far from the village was easy. The massive trees composing this part of the land prevent a lot of sunlight from passing through causing there to be little of other forestry to speak of.
The large tree in the center of it was just what I needed to build the house.
"Damnicon, imp. Setup camp here as I prepare." They nod and begin preparing the tents.
Perhaps windows here and there. A drying rack over there. Hmm an underground section shall be worked on later.. As I am thinking I feel someone tapping upon my shoulder. I glance over to see Damnicon staring at me.
"My lord. Do you believe the others made it? My tomb was found and breached by your employers at the time. It does not bode well for the others. They may have the power to fight armies. But not for countless years." His head tilted to stare upon the ground as his voice grew more weary. "I worry, my lord. I worry for their safety." I nod to him. It is grim that some if not all of my generals have possibly perished to our enemies before we could awaken them.
"I understand your concerns. If it is true. It was out of my ability to prevent it." I will have to spend materials and time to create something to help me find them. One of which I lack at the moment.
"It is not the only thing that weighs upon me. I- i seem to be unable to call into the deeper ethereal realm. I cannot hear the choir of the old ones. All I hear is more akin to this realm's music, like instruments forced to play a tune for eternity." More problems appear as time passes. How frustrating.
"I shall investigate further into that when I build a null room. For now we will have to focus on what we are capable of doing." It is the best we can do with a changed world full of enemies.
He nods at me and returns to working on the tent. I return to preparing all the plant manipulation magic I have memorized.
I do wonder what Thommas has truly done after my banishment.

QM is sorry for the wait interlude time
>The prince and the Raven.
>An invisible thief?!
>Lost doll.

being sick fucking sucked, i have recovered enough to keep on going.
I'm not abandoning you anytime soon anons
>>The prince and the Raven.
That bit about the old ones is fucking worrying
>The prince and the Raven.
File: Samantha_Hangman.jpg (7.45 MB, 4608x5400)
7.45 MB
7.45 MB JPG
–KruKaši Frontier town–
I tug at my hood to make sure it isn't falling off. This place reeked of criminals. But I had no other options, for this town is one of the few that sells travel rations. I should have stocked up more last time.
Avoiding the residents walking in the streets I make my way to the town's traveler inn. I enter stealthfuily to not gather attention.
I walk up to the tavern counter and nod at the barkeep. The large sack skinned KruKaši approaches me.
"What can I do for you, mister." He asks.
"I'm looking for where the travel rations are sold."
"Ah, that would be at the back section of the tavern. There you will find a counter with Konrad at it. Lanky wood Krukaši with big eyebrows, can't miss him."
I nod and leave towards the back section. It is a much less populated section of the tavern, mostly filled with taders.
Finding Konrad was easy. He was the only wood puppet KruKaši manning a counter. I approach him and begin talks on prices.
Soon it devolved into an argument.
"You are telling me that you ran out moments ago?! Shouldn't you at the very least inform your employer that you are out of supply?"
"I-I'm sorry sir. B-But the last of the rations was bought by a merchant who needed them." Konrad was trembling under my glare.
I sigh. "Fine. It seems I'll have to wait till the next supplies arrive? How long is it gonna take? Days? Weeks?"
"A-a month sir. I-i am very sorry for this inconvenience." I simply rub my eyes in frustration and leave.
A month. Great. I have to wait here or risk starving myself to the next town.
As I was preparing to leave the back section I heard a noise from my right. I turn to find someone who definitely wasn't KruKaši staring at me, smile on her face as she points at the empty seat across from her.
This woman had piqued my curiosity immediately. Pale skin, dark hair with faded golden ends, dark eyes and a surprisingly clean dress. She looks as if you took a KruKaši noble and removed their porcelain shells and replaced it with pink skin. That would be a sign of dark magic but I sensed none.
"Heard the commotion. Happens a lot out here. So I was thinking of making a deal. But where are my manners? My name is Samantha Hangman." She says
I hesitate to think of a name to use. "Swordsman" I would slap myself if it didn't risk making me more of an idiot.
She smirks lightly. "Sure. Swordsman. Let's say that name is exactly why I wanted to hire you to escort me as the pay of half my rations."
"You want to hire me as your bodyguard?" I question
"Yes. Simply put, the path northeast has had a bandit problem from what I heard. It's been a while but I do not wish to take any risks." I nod along to her explanation.
"Half your rations?" I ask
"Yes. So how about it, swordsman?" She raises her hand "Deal or no deal?"
I spend a moment looking at her hand before shaking it.
"Well. Now that the deals set. We should probably prepare to go. I had been waiting for quite some time to leave this dump." That soon?

–On a road passing a swamp–
I walk in silence, sword at my side.
We have left the town rather quickly. But Samantha kept her end of the deal and gave me half her rations. Half being enough to feed me for a trip back to the capital.
We were heading towards a frontier town, which was convenient for me since I was planning to go there.
It was quiet. Only the sounds of our footsteps.
"So. What brings a noble like you this far into the frontiers." I freeze at the question. "What? You weren't covering your eyes. Anyone with good eyesight would notice that. So back to the question."
"Traveling." I answer.
"Suuure you are. And I am going to take over the world." She raised her hands and shook them as she said the last part in a sarcastic tone. "Come on. This trip is gonna take a while. I'll die of boredom before we can even arrive."
I hesitantly stare at her. "I'm on an important quest. It is of great importance that I travel around the lands."
"What, you're gonna save the world?" She snickers.
I simply stay silent.
"Well good luck on saving the world." She said, continuing to walk in silence.
I really hope I never get to meet her again after this.

I look upon my finished home. It had taken nearly two weeks of careful use of magic and occasional visits into Emerald Root to "buy materials".
It is a decent living space meant to house myself and my two servants. Three personal bedrooms, kitchen, a large living room and a study.
Though the real important section of the house is the hidden entrance to the underground section which I am still working on. At the moment I have made a magic forgeroom to begin preparing lab equipment when I gather some materials.
Currently I am in the living room sitting upon a couch I made utilizing the cloth and something called fluffleaf that I bought from a merchant in bulk. My servants have been sitting with me as I look upon the map of the local area in detail.
There were some visitors during the time I was building the house. One of them was surprisingly the local cartographer. He had gifted me a small map representing the local monuments that would not be easy to find on the larger maps.
There was nothing of importance on it but better to know than not to.
My investigation of the map was interrupted by knocking at my front door. I got up and left the map to my servants to look over as I went to see who was knocking.
File: IAmVeryUnoriginal.jpg (277 KB, 1721x1200)
277 KB
277 KB JPG

I open the door to find a familiar bow wielding Narkitan staring at me in slight shock.
"Hello. What can I do for you, miss?"
"Uh. Oh, you are that traveler from a month back. Well, Mapler told me there was someone new settling close by but I never had the chance to go and introduce myself. My name is Trish Neverweed. The village Huntress, if you think you saw some monster in the woods, visit my cabin at the southeast part of the village." She begins to leave almost immediately, I haven't gotten to introduce myself yet.
"Well, miss Neverweed. Would you like to stay for some tea?" I offer.
"Uh. I should… Fine. I didn't get to drink my home brew this morning anyways." She turns back and walks inside.
I had led her to the living room. My servants had overheard me talking and put the map in its tube as I entered.
"These are my companions Pineton and Little acorn. Make yourself comfortable as I bring the tea." I leave the room and enter the kitchen and spend a short amount of time using magic to heat up water for the tea.
When I enter the living room again, tray in hand. I found no one had said anything while I made tea. My servants were staring at the narkitan like statues as she stared back in visible discomfort.
"Don't mind my companions. They are men of few words." I try to put her at ease
"I… noticed." She glances at me.
I walk up to the small table in front of the couch and put down the tray, moving two wooden tea cups in front of the narkitan and myself then filling them.
"My servants sadly aren't big fans of my tea." And lack mouths
"Hm, can't be all that ba-" her face turns to a grimace as she takes a sip of tea. "Man… this is sour. I see why they don't like it."
I slap my forehead for effect. "Oh dear oh my. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Flugel Dioanaea, a former traveling scholar now."
She nods at me. "Well it is good meeting you and all, mister Flugel. But I should probably be going soon, I have monsters to hunt." She gets up to leave.
"It was good meeting you too." I wave her off as she leaves.

"So that was the famous Sourface tea you make." Damnicon said after a moment of silence.
"[Leaf girl made funny face.]" The imp commented.
I simply nod. "If anyone needs me i shall be working on expanding the basement." I leave the living room.

>Making a null room should be easy now that you have access to a forge. Maybe you could investigate the aetherial realm.
>Start gathering materials to construct a proper teleportation sigil. Have to establish a quick way of visiting the false Dark Lord.
>A storage room to keep all of your stolen goods and anything else you aquire. That mask containing a demon has been gathering dust.
>Making a null room should be easy now that you have access to a forge. Maybe you could investigate the aetherial realm.
It is deeply concerning after all…
>Making a null room should be easy now that you have access to a forge. Maybe you could investigate the aetherial realm.
>Making a null room should be easy now that you have access to a forge. Maybe you could investigate the aetherial realm.
>Start gathering materials to construct a proper teleportation sigil. Have to establish a quick way of visiting the false Dark Lord.

Digging out and reinforcing the new room was the easy part. Making the necessary equipment wasn't.
The village had a blacksmith for tool making and repairing but his service required personally bringing the materials.
Spending three days syphoning low quality iron ore out of the ground and the occasional animal, I had gathered enough ore to make the final parts of the low end null room.
I set down the optically anathema null idol at the center of the null room and sit on the ground crossing my legs.
With the simple snap of my fingers the object shatters and I am entrapped in perpetual void. All conditions met, I close my eyes and peer into the aether.

Damnicon was right, this place had somehow changed. There are no sentient ethereals in sight, formless masses of aether magic that are only as intelligent as amoeba float around this chaotic realm.
The only man-made looking structure in sight is a giant cathedral in the distance. So I began my flight towards it.

As I get closer I begin hearing the music Damnicon had mentioned.
It sounds odd, and it is only getting louder as I approach the cathedral.
The cathedral being giant was an understatement, I realize. This place is the size of a city and I'm only at the front doors which tower over me.
Seeing as there is nothing else to do I begin pushing between the doors, trying to force them open. But the doors show a great resistance to my efforts.
I kept pushing with all of my strength as the doors slowly began opening but seemingly increased in resistance with each inch gained. That is until the sound of shattering played in my mind and I was slingshot back into my physical body.
Rising from the ground I look upon the null idol that now lay on the ground in pieces. I pushed too hard and the low quality of the idol couldn't take it.
I dust myself off and return to the house above.
Above I find myself staring at Damnicon, PotPot and Trish examining the corpse of one of the bigger local wildlife, a drained husk.
The imp is currently poking the corpse with a stick while damnicon stares blankly at it. Trish had switched from looking at the carcas to staring at me.
"Misses Neverweed. What brings you and that carcas here?" I ask.
"Found this animal corpse and many like it in the woods, something killed them in the same manner. Near entirely drained of blood and only having one bruise in the shape of a handprint on them. I honestly never ran into something like this before and I thought you may have some knowledge since you were a traveling scholar and all that."
Well it definitely is my work.

>Make up knowledge about some form of vampiric monster that van be found within the wilds
>bring up sorcery and talk about how this was work of something very magic
>Make things up (write-in option)
>bring up sorcery and talk about how this was work of something very magic
>"I suspect it wasn't the direct work of dark magic, but perhaps a creature created by it. One that needs vast quantities of blood to live, perhaps?"
>Make up knowledge about some form of vampiric monster that can be found within the wilds
Sorry for the lack of updates
Increases in forced overtime where i work at are leaving me too mentaly exausted to work on updates.
Ill archive this thread and hopefully once the tourist season ends i can get back to daily updates.

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