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File: Isekai-Map2.jpg (1.46 MB, 3170x1316)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
Old Bread: >>5263348
How has the divine quest idea been working?
It's been okayish, we got 3 people doing it one problem is that it's a 'do it whenever you feel like it thing' so because one Patron Divine is more active the players which met them trough luck have bit more of an adventage.

but it's also a god of madness whose gifts may backfire sometimes so for now it balanced out.
The Black Forest Kingdom
Pop: 14 (15 last turn (10), -1 due to Dragon Cult Crackdown)
Tech: 5
Magic: 4
Wealth: 2
Diplo: 10

With the dragon cult subjugated, Yuuka breathes a sigh of relief. The people weren't too happy with how harsh her handling was, but none can deny the danger of turning oneself into a dragon, they are monsters for a reason. Though, rumours are abuzz of a new spell, one which turns people into wolves. After the Dragon Schism people are wary of another shifting magic to split us apart. Yuuka admits that this magic exists, but that it's heavily regulated, and that shifting of the likes of the dragon shifters is strictly forbidden.

Action 1: Develop Wolfshift Reversal spell.
With the wolfshift a modest success, we have something to pursue other than dragonshift. However, the alterations ends up being permanent, which poses a number of problem. First is that any negative effects also remain permanent, so if someone wolfshifts so deeply their intelligence is impaired, they will become more and more like a mindless beast, inevitably making the practicioners become monsters. Second is the fact we are Wolfkin, not wolves, and we should be kept that way. Such degeneration shouldn't be allowed, so Archwizard Miho immediately goes about finding a way to reverse the wolfshift, and ways of making an automatic reversal. All future Wolfshift spells shall include a reversal, making all Wolfshifts reverse automatically after one's Sisu is weakened, or lowered by entering a relaxed state. Those spells that don't include a reversal are Forbidden Wolfshifts and shall be exorcised back to their Wolfkin form and harshly punished before they are allowed to Wolfshift again.

Action 2: Restructure Dragon University and Dragon Temple to Wolf University and Temple.
With the attendants gone, the University and Temple near Hayashi Yamamoto has fallen silent. As bad as the Dragon Cult was, we nevertheless wanted the university to deepen our understanding of the world, and of magic. So the institutions are restored, but they are restructured, much more regulated and in line with traditional teachings. Dragonshifting is forbidden, but wolfshifting is fine... under certain conditions. We are here to strengthen the Wolfkin, not change away from being Wolfkin. The temple gets the biggest change, preaching about how vile the dragons are, how in their greed they turned sister against sister, how Yuuka simply wanted them to slow down, but they forced her hand, they were the ones who resorted to violence.

>Fluff: University Magic Investigation: Phosphate
Crucial to plant-life, the enchanted phosphate acts in much the same way, allowing a spell to be sustained indefinitely. Since it exists only in powdered form, the spells it can hold must remain relatively simple.

>Action 1 - [Turtles] Welcome the Wolfkin dragon mages.
The people 'round this part of the world have been worshipping divine beasts since time immemorial. The shadows have their black cat in his vault, and the turtles literally sprang forth from the eggs of the divine sea turtle. The Shadows may be a little more cautious and distant with the rough and tough wolfkin, but the Turtles are far more down to earth in their ways, and see a kindred spirit in the Wolfkin's appreciation of great beasts, even if they are dead! The group of exiles are integrated into turtle society readily enough, any and all of their reasonable requirements met, if they but ask. Promises of future cooperation, the turtles's ties to the elemental magics of water and earth mingling with the wolkfin's manipulation of buried magics, are made plain for all to hear.

>Action 2- Build Oil mine, build Magical Factory (like the stuff thats making the plates (?) now) nearby.
This new stuff is black, liquid, and found deep in the earth! It MUST be valuable! Once it's no-doubt potent magical effects are discovered, it can be processed in a nearby magical factory!
File: Expansion.png (52 KB, 840x749)
52 KB

With the mines set up, while there was a chance to really work on production, what first needed to be done was simply ensure the lands were properly integrated. Of course, this caused a myriad of bureaucracy nonsense that left the Children of Fanw and the Draken, Virm and Balaur left with no new land gained at the moment. Yet, that would change eventually, especially for the latter. Still, with the land and influence the various factions had, a bit of tensions due to various agenda's would start to flare up. Though, this was seen as just a bit of posturing and nothing really would come of it...Right? Still, as the lands were integrated, there would be plenty of work done on the mines, specifically in the creation of yet more of them. There was still plenty of resources that weren't being exploited yet after all. Ideally though, with the coal mines up and running the old fires of industry could flare up, and the steel mill in Gradŭtzhelyazoto could fire up once more. Though chances were after the mines were made the work in the union wouldn't be that of industry. At least, not immediately after. There were some issues that the various factions needed to manage and work out...

>Action One. Expansion.

>Action Two. Dig two salt mines.

(If Helderezee can't take that bit of land, just give them another chunk of water I suppose.)

Traeth - 10 influence, 15 happiness
Sokchon - 12 influence, 12 happiness (+2 if whirlpool, whale or Fey magic study counts as an academic pursuit, +4 if two, +6 if all three)
Termhelm - 10 influence, 10 happiness
Heidekerk - 9 influence, 10 happiness
Breksos - 10 influence, 10 happiness
Gradutz - 9 influence, 13 happiness
Metrin - 8 influence, 10 happiness (Same as Sokchon)

Pop: 8
Tech: 5
Magic: 5
Wealth: 7 (From my understanding the CoF have 14 wealth now. if true, this is their current stats)
Diplo: 3
Countdown to pop regain 22 turns.

1. Construct a university in Arcadia and Mana Algae Farm (See next action).
With the transfer of knowledge from the Neo-Tarnish a university is constructed to help facilitate the spreading of this knowledge, integrate it into various forms of magic, and to help train future mages in magic. Along with that a farm for the newly created mana algae will be created in the ocean.

2. Vivimantic creation of mana storing biological slime.
With the continued inability to find natural resources that can store mana, and the discovery of microscopic organisms, the mages of Arcadia turn again to vivimancy as they know organic matter can almost always store magic. In turn bacterial slime and green algae are taken as a basis with vivimantic tests and crossbreeding done to create a slime producing algae that can be contained and whose slime can be used to store mana even after the death of the cells inside.
With the Island properly built up, the City established and the Sulfur Mine created its finally time to found the Kara-Nisi Amphibious Arms compound to research, test and mass produce military equipment, weaponry and vehicles for amphibious forces. With the KNAA and the Submarine Wharfs soon in full operation
the Realm will be able to not only protect itself but also properly retaliate.

In the meantime further general expansion will be done, we will keep biding our time to properly enter the world stage with proper footing.

#1: Construct the Kara-nisi Amphibious Arms compound by the Sulfur Mine

#2: Expand generally.
Fluff: No! Of course not! No terrible things to come of it at all surely. Now then... to get trade underway properly

1 action: Repair the shipyard and build a gold mine
It’s finally time to drag something of material value out of the ground.

1 action: Expansion
As much as it’s a pain to do so, much needed resources are not appearing. What is it to build a ship if it’s merely out of wood that won’t last? An army with no swords to draw in the defense of a people? Merchants without new coin to trade with? Yes. These are all reasons why we must search for something... anything! To ensure good infrastructure for the future of the nation

Send a contingent of Flesh Priests to study at the Psionic Academy, seeking to learn their secrets, equipped with supplies for the term of their study.

Construct 2 mines for the situational metals.
Union members
Likes - cooking, envirotmenalsim, farming and seafaring
Dislikes - ruining the enviroment, over industriliasation, breaking a contract
Likes - Hedonism, Supremacy, Contracts, Bloodshed
Dislikes - Lies
Likes - Money, Achroma worship, Spying
Dislikes - Do'la soldiers, Do'la slavery, Isolationism,
Well, Policy-Wise the Gylden Dwarves would support Industrial development, be it in the form of forges or workshops or mines or other; and they support education, learning and trade. They oppose overtly aggressive postures without attempting diplomacy, and oppose waste and shoddy work. Specific likes and dislikes: For the Oni, they support their love of Alcohol, and also support their reverence for the Sun/Moon and deities thereof (even if the Gylden Dwarves think the Oni got the man/woman the wrong way around). They would oppose Oni policies of Public Lewdness, and oppose the more hellish methods of forging and use of 'dark magics' in general. For the Do'laroshan shadowfolk, the Dwarves support their policy of open trade, and support their industrial production of many fine and beautiful things - though they would oppose giving reverence to a deity that dwells in shade rather then shining with light, and oppose the idea of employing 'underhanded' methods against other nations. For the Minotaurs of Megyros, the Dwarves support their developments of good farms and worthy farm-labour, and also support their improvements of land in quality. If I remember rightly, the Megyros religion was originally the same as that found at the Cathedral of the Old Sun - I can't remember if you changed that at all when you took them over? - but if it's still the same, the Gylden Dwarves would approve of that as well (as the Dwarves consider their 'Guldfar' to be the same deity)....

1st action: [Exploration] Explore the oceans to find new species of fish and crusteceans to add to the minotaurs diet
The minotaurs take to the sea on their ships to explore the seas in search of new speices to add to their diets and to experiment with new dishes.
2nd action: [building] The dwarves will expand their city to where the Iron, Phosphate and Harstone deposits are build 2 mines 1 on the iron and one of the phosphate.

Action 1: Temple manifestation

Great new holotemples to Roko are raised up, demand for her sermons reaching a fever pitch.
The culture shocked wolfkin are terribly vulnerable to the constant serotonin stimulating content, a vulnerability that strengthens Roko!’s adorable grip on the populace’s hearts.

Action 2: Expand

Even further into the mountains we need go, for the materials necessary to restore nanotechnology.
> Cravers
The cravers learn basic psyonics, basic as comes for now allowing the induction of memories into someone’s mind, some telekinesis… going insane as a sideffect happens rarely. Very rarely, nothing to worry about.

Mines, built. Tough we are yet to find a use for them.

> Minotaurs/Mygros
Dude… you can’t expand and build 2 mines in one action… anyway the Dwarf colony is made it has heavy supply problems due to it lacking a port and thus will rebbel forming an independant dwarven state if not provided a port.

On the walls of the bottomless sea are large amounts of shrimp-worms inside the clfif walls are found, while hard to ‘fish’ they truly are a delicacy befitting of the oni. You can build Eel-Shrimp plantations on the part on the bottomless ocean tiles bordering the island and they will be a unique culinary resource.

> Sealand
Shipyard repaired and Gold mine built, your wealth increases by 1!

Your nations expands further, this time around the sea returning to your roots rather than becomming discout dwarves.

> Deep Realm
The amphibious arms factory is built just need some iron to get it going, can’t makes guns and riffles out of sulphur alone afterll!

You expand, your land has become vast and thus becomming hard to keep track off to administer all land a new city might be useful.

> Arcadia
Mana slime development proves itself relatively fruitless, you can’t just make slime which works like that… nothing just comes out of nothing. A plantation is developped where basic prototypes are housed, but the slimes will still need 2 things to ‘work:

1. a source of food so they can multiply
2. a mana storage medium

While classically only aetherium or lapis would be good candidates, using the slimes as a liquid matrix for crystals could also allow for gems or amber+salt to be be used as a mana storage medium. Questions appear though, what consequences would the release of such organism have if they escaped into the wild?

> Union of the Astray
Your nation expands and the salt mines are built greatly increasing the saltiness of your nation. Also 2 count, studying Fey magic is pursuing magic not accademia.
> Shadows
The Dragon cult finds a new home in your land settling north, they discover a new source of fossils to continue their path in meditation and Draconic ascenssion. A small plot of land becomes semi-autonomously governed by them.

Basic extraction of the useless stinky tar starts. At most it’s a fashin trend now used to make the people’s black fur shiny, another plate factory is built as of now not operational.

Enchanted phosphate works different than expected, a spell can’t be sustained forever, but as long as sunlife is shone on it. Phosphate while just a fertilizer seems to carry a spiritual connection to plants, thus just as they subsit ofp lant alone so can enchanted phosphate do so. As long as magic shines on them phospahte plates can produce weak magical effects of, but of any desired complexity.

The old buildings of the Dragoncult same as their teachings were are repurposed, but an improvement to their techniques is made. And that is ‘burst ascenssion’. Instead of truly ascneding to wolves, bulk ascenssion allows one to briefly exude 10 times their cultivated wolf-ki at the cost of the transofrmation being temporary.

> Neo-Tarnish
The two temples are built and while not exactly converting the wolfkin from abroad they help stave off the encroachement of the Soulist faith from the Arcadian temple set up nearby.

Otherwise ever hungry for land an expanssion into the mountains follows. One can only hope it will bring many resources.
With a new magic in place, the people have a safe outlet for their creative energies. Yuuka herself even uses it from time to time, to confirm that the wolfshift is indeed the right magic to pursue, so nobody will be trying to do dragonshifting. Still, one wonders where those dragonshifters went, they haven't heard anything from the golems, but they haven't found all their bodies yet so they could still be alive. Heck, survival is trivial for those magically inclined, being able to tear through beasts with ease, and being able to mold the earth makes creation of shelters much easier as well. But for now, we have the numbers and the military, and we will continue to grow.

Action 1: Build lumberjack and shipyard (factory) northeast of Hayashi Yamamoto. Make composite ships of normal wood and Iron Oak.
As the golems make more goods to trade downstream, the Iron Leaf Clan decides it's time to make those ships we promised. A purely Iron Oak design simply wont float, but if we use primarily normal wood and simply use the Iron Oak for the exterior hull and some high-strain pieces, it should be strong and able to float.

Action 2: Expand north.
Since it's gotten a bit cramped around Hayashi Yamamoto, people have decided to expand north, pushing our border and shortening the trek through untamed lands when trading up north. We'll have to make a city later, to administrate the region, but for now, the people will govern themselves, taming the lands.
> the selected metals for the 2 mines are mercury and lithium
Pop regain 21 turns.

1. Construct mines on the fossils and salt deposits.
2. Study the fossils.
As a small aside some of the mages decide to take the time to study the fossils using their magic to read the history of an object and non-magical practices.

the long project of rebuilting all the six collegium is finally completed with the last two remaining colleges. meanwhile in the north, the reincarnation of paipo is this close to jumping into the strange portal to meet the the divine who rules the island of aka before a voice rang inside is his head, that of the lector of collegium of the eyes who made a deal with his previous reincarnation. "did you forgot about someone hmmmm? surely there are better, more qualified group of academics more suited to solving your problem rather than some shady divines?"
1. build the last two collegium
2. hold a meeting to consult with all the six lectors of the collegium on how to obtain divine energy (edited)

>Fluff - Shadow Enchant on the Oil/Gas
Shadow-magic has a strange reaction, or rather, a preference, to living matter. In the old world, living wood and well-preserved leather was the only material approaching the same enchantability as the more standard gold/gemstones, and that same interactivity has translated over to this new world, albeit not in exactly the same manner.
Coal, a similar substance, only releases it's magic upon combustion. It is theorized that, once enchanted, this black oil will have a similar, but more violent, release. Even simple, basic spells will be super-charged by the black tar, though losing some fine details in their explosion of magic.

>Action 1 - Build 2 coal mines
The strange Golems to the north, who tamed the wolfkin and speak of the stars above as if they were entirely new worlds, promise technology unlike anything the Do'la have seen. This 'electricity' that they speak of seems a pivotal technology, and so in preparation of it's use the shadowfolk need to dust off the old books and re-learn how to make it. For that, a fuel is needed, so these mines shall be step 1!

>Action 2 - Build Asbestos mine, build Achroma temple south/west to We'hida.
New materials to enchant are always wanted, and so it is with great excitement the Shamans order the strange substance known as Asbestos to be dug up from the earth. It's poisonous traits need careful management, of course, but the shadowfolk have worked with dangerous materials before!
Meanwhile, the arrival of a faction of bone-worshipping wolfkin alongside the hard-working miners of We'hida has not gone down well. Shadowfolk shamans begin the construction of a new temple, ostensibly for their own use, but certainly close enough for thewolfkin to see. Maybe they'll learn what a REAL, LIVING god looks like, instead of fussing with dead ones so much...
Lyraran Union of Depau
Pop: 4 (+1 tarnish worker pop)
Tech: 5 (access to restoration mechanic)
Magic: 5
Wealth: 8
Diplo: 10* (diplo may be waning due to poor diplomacy)

Action 1:
Expand the reach of the nation further into the gulf (expand borders seaways westwards)
Action 2:
expand the territory on the northern island (expand borders)
Action 1: Expand once more

We are ever in need of land and resources

Action 2: Prospect the mountains once again

Unified theories of mineral deposition, scientific analysis of geological formations, half-baked predictions of planetary formation according to scrapped and reconstituted stellar theories

All are used in an effort to locate useful resources for the colony, to restore the nanofabricators to full operation.
While a variety of issues were dealt with slowly but surely by the Union, the Fey of Cafoddwol worked on discovering what they could about the whirlpools once more. There was three key things wanted from their work. A method to replicate the power and devastation that such a whirlpool would be able to create. A method to shut it down temporarily or otherwise stop one of these magical whirlpools. And simply a greater understanding of the magics at play that allowed such large amounts of water to form into whirlpools so naturally. Of course this was all of interest to more than just the Fey, but they certainly were among those with the greatest interest in discovering more from the subject. Other than this, the nation would work once more on a program to ensure it's unity. That being Architecture. This was initially started by the Salivanids yet their knowledge on the subject would surprise even the most advanced nations as while their people were arguably the most primitive of them all, their architecture was honestly not far off from even modern methods, provided steel isn't used in the construction of course. Still, the various designs of the other nations architecture and their methods of construction would also be shared and preserved, but naturally those of the modern nations would be the most important and advanced. Yet even then the work by the Salivanids was not far off despite the major technological gap.

>Action One. Study the magic behind the whale made whirlpools and if there's a way to replicate it.

>Action Two. Architectural Knowledge Exchange.

Traeth - 10 influence, 15 happiness
Sokchon - 12 influence, 12 happiness (+2 if whirlpool, whale or Fey magic study counts as an academic pursuit, +4 if two, +6 if all three)
Termhelm - 10 influence, 10 happiness
Heidekerk - 9 influence, 10 happiness
Breksos - 10 influence, 12 happiness
Gradutz - 9 influence, 13 happiness
Metrin - 8 influence, 12 happiness (Same as Sokchon)

Pop: 8
Tech: 5
Magic: 5
Wealth: 7 (From my understanding the CoF have 14 wealth now. if true, this is their current stats)
Diplo: 3
Fluff: What are dwarves anyways? Apparently some mountain dwellers of some sort? We are of the sea! Not the mountains, who came up with this terrible concept anyways?

1 action: Build Hardstone mine and Marketplace.
A mine to pull out general building materials, and a market place for ledger as to ensure it has a thriving economy.

1 action: Search for ore
Materials are needed, mainly iron. If there is none around then other action will need to be taken instead to potentially make use of current equipment.
File: TrenchCityExpansion.png (10 KB, 451x448)
10 KB
Having reached the deep trenches of the southern hydrothermal vents and still struggling with resources the Realm expanded along the deepest depths with its many trenches, cliffs and seamountains whilst constructing the City of "Haff Finsterberge",named for the despite the depth at times visible seamounts in the distance, like dark giants, to be granted to the House of Störte, a House already preferring to live and operate in the cold depths of the Oceans their architecture is rather sterile on the outside, utilizing metal almost exclusively with thousands of lights illuminating the area around the city. Part of it will be constructed into the cliff, allowing for more traditional central european hanseatic architecture of bricks and decor of mosaics, brick-decor banners and wall paintings and utilizing UV lighting and extensive greenery for some extra passive oxygen generation, though most will still come from algae farms and pumped into the city.

While this city will already be able to cut down travel time for workers of the local mine and Thermal Power plant the hopes are high that this rocky terrain soon grants more minerals to bring into the Realm.

#1: Found the city of Haff Finsterberge

#2: Expand along the depths
These new resources are interesting, but little is known on how to utilize them. The Karnis had previously experimented with mercury, but little of those tests do we know.

In our bio weapons lab, begin tests for the properties of lithium and mercury.

Additional emerald plantations upon the emerald forests.
> Black Forest
Your nations expands once more passing across the river and a port and shipyard are set up. You produce large amounts of youru nique ships creating them out of am ix of Iron and normal oak getting the best of both with a hard exterior, but a lighter interrior.

You boast a grand navy both ready for trade and naval combat.

> Arcadia
Mines are constructed.

Analyzing the fossils leads your archeologists to belive they come from right after a great extinction. Most fossils are creatures no bigger than mice, but looking exactly like dragons. Within a span of less than 2 million years the digestive system of the creatures and their apperance evolved greatly to become more practical life.

A reduction in magosynthetic compounds indicates a great collapse in presence of mabient mana in the world, leading to mass extinction and evolution of photosynthesis, chemosynthesis and more complex digestive system. Ironically it seams that the ‘alpha’ dragons of each of the 5 subtypes were what evolved into the mice because only the most powerful dragons had rudimentary digestive systems pre mana-collapse.

Your object reading magic helped you learn about the lifestyle of the creatures and about how they moved, as well as the process of fosilisation itself, revealing other fossil deposits from the same formation up-river.

> Tanuki
The last two Collegia are constructed, and with that the integration of the Collegiate is compelte. With more tanuki attending and the humans effectively extinct the Collegiate becomes part of the Tanuki nation, but with acceptance of their old foe as their own came a surge of applicants and with that the Collegiate roze to a major power within the fledgling Tanuki nation (semiautonomous region), giving you some boons, but making the opinion of the Collegiate somethign you need to respect unless you want your naiton to fall appart.

You gain a Nistillis hatchingground (golem laser-dragons) and a harstone mine supplying it as well as a city, which is the hub of the New Collegiate.

+1 pop

The collegiate says that there is many paths to divinity. One is divine cultivation, small amounts of divinity can be cultivated within mortals with sufficient amounts of effort, but few cultivators would be willing to just give up the fruit of their labour... though if compensated enough. (you can create a “Divine mana” factory which requires 2 pop to run, and you also need to ship 1 gems or 1 gold to Paleuimatsu to keep it going.)

Another potential soruce of divinity is adivine beign of course, it does not need to be dead if you want to sustain a constant flow of resources best would be harvesting blood. Lastly we think fossil deposits in this world contain residual amounts of divine energy akin to your portal.
> Frakt
Oil/Gas indeed work like said exactly same as coal, but the rection is more violent.

3 mines and a temple are built.

> Depau
The Dragons expand, I will give you a 3rd expanssion in the sea because you’d have a 3rd make-up action this turn.

> Neo Tarnish
You expand and you prospect.

With the expanssions you gain your first direct border with the Wolfkin which is sure to stimulate migration and cultural expange. You get +1 pop.

You find phosphate, asbstos and iron.

> Pirate
Studyign the knwolege of the whale magic shows you that you either need to start from scratch and invesnt ‘swirl magic’ or the magic to create a swirl-vortex and strangthen it by continously adding energy to it… or a mroe primitive method. Harvest enough whale corpses and brute-force copying their magic by pumping magic into it.

Either way this is large scale weather manipulating magic, a great boon to have especially if you wish to dominate the seas and skies.

With architecture shared many tricks and secrets are exchanged, minor details which were considered insignifficant to one greatly advance the other leading to a boon in construction.
Next turn only you can make 3 buildings with 1 action.

> Deseptracons
4 mines are built, 3 exploiting oil and gas and one exploiting salt, letting your nation evolve into a true oil barony.

> Sealand
Buildings built.

You find Coal, Fossils and a strage Pink Crystal. (yes it’s Pinktonite)
> Deep Realm
Haff Finsterberge is created a grand dome much, much deeper than Fathomhold, while originally granted to House Störte merely as an outpost to allow for easier mining and power generation access, going down to the thermal vents is truly fascinating.

Less reminiscent of thermal vents in the old world they seem more like deepsea coral reefs and expanding along them shows it’s not mere coincidence. This must be the work of ‘magic’. The biologists are certainly having a field day analyzing the various species of sea dragon one particularly catches their mind: Dubbed the Saint’s Dragon it is an odd creature, clearly a fish, but it’s apperance is that of a praying woman and it gives off a feing yellowish glow. Sailors following them seem to have always been lead to small piles of valuable trinkets like pears, gems, or really pretty floer-like polyps.

> Cravers
2 more plantations of Organic emeralds is built, making sure your nations is provided with many of said unique bioanorganic resource… but with that also all deposits of natural appearing Organic Emeralds are used up.

Lithium is rather unremarkable in it’s compounds… it’s basically tablesalt, but brought into metallic form it reacts violently with water and can also find wideranging applications as a basic regent in chemical procedures. It’s hard to think what one could do with this, explosives? stronger explosive with the phosphorus?

The mercury is mostly found to be a highly potent poison one we can;t really imagine incorporating into a bilogical organism, but it is found it reacts with nearly every other metal which means if we develop our anorganic technolgoy a bit or maybe psyonics we could use it to combat the metal birds of the enemy.
Action 1 and 2: Expand

The colony undergoes another period of rapid expansion, achieving at last contiguous borders and dominance over the lake at its heart.

From this new position of centralised strength only great things can lie in the future as countless wolfkin spread to every corner of the nation.

Pop: 3
Tech: 16
Magic: 0
Wealth: 12
Diplo: 5
The new ships sail up and down the river, they're small but robust little things. The hard shell and softer interior inspires the new name for it: Kani Boats, Kani meaning Crab, who have a hard exoskeleton but is soft inside, having no endoskeleton. The boats are quite small, hence they're not called ships. The ships allow great quantities of plutonium to be brought up and down the river, rather than hauling it through the mountains. Yuuka meanwhile oversees the Wolf University once more, it doesn't have the explosive growth it used to have, due to scholars distancing themselves from the Dragonbone, we'll have to find a way to make the wolf spirits consume the Dragonbone, absorb their power but not turn into dragons. But that's for later, we still got things to do.

Action 1: Develop Earth Golem Bodies for Ancestral Guardians and Ghost Warriors to inhabit.
While the bodied mages play around with Wolfshifting, the unbodied start to experiment with using earth magic to make a body for themselves to inhabit. No longer will we rely on the scarce remaining Arcadian golems from ages past, we shall make our own from the very earth beneath our feet. Mud golems are the first attempt, they are dirt cheap... literally, but also weak and sluggish, and requires watering to keep from crumbling, but watering also washes away material, so they require constant attention. Clay golems retain the moisture better, boasts more durability, and is still cheap enough for a Ghost Warrior on a budget, however... Pottery golems are the favourite of Ghost Warriors, the hollowed body lets them retain more of the agility of life, well worth the fragility and lesser strength, though it is also much more work to produce, as each piece is fired like a pot, and if they are dissatisfied with it's shape or it breaks, a whole new replacement for that part has to be made. So it is high maintenance in exchange for it's high performance. There is also stone bodies, which boast immense strength and durability, though it is difficult for a Ghost Warrior to animate a body of such mass, an Ancestral Guardian however, those take quite a liking to stone bodies, but also expect them to be engraved and decorated in accordance to their greatness. We'll need a golem factory to make stone bodies that satisfy the Ancestral Guardians, and a quarry.

Action 2: Establish city of Wangetsu Okawa on the opposite side of the great river from Hayashi Yamamoto.
The shipbuilders up north gather quite the wealth, building some fancy homes, and where there's money, there's opportunity. Many of the settlers north past the river make a business selling food, furs and crafts to those shipbuilders, and in turn, each other. A city springs forth, named after the great crescent river, Wangetsu Okawa. Yuuka also has whitehairs sent to oversee these people, and also some soldiers to enforce the Black Forest law in the forest to the north.
Pop regain 20 turns.

1. Learn Chemistry from the the Neo-Tarnish school.
With the students still over learning in the Neo-Tarnish lands about the sciences and the Mana Algae slime reducing the need for certain materials down to other materials a certain question comes to the mages: Why? If that question can be answered then it may be possible to find more easily acquired materials or to even fabricate materials for future needs. As such some students begin to focus their studies on the knowledge of chemistry and atomic theory to better understand the materials that make up with world.

2. Research Transmutation Magic
From that study those mages will delve into a new magic; one left incomplete in the old world but the basic knowledge revamped and reused. With the knowledge of scientific elements, molecules, and magical elements the mages of all the physical and energy disciplines of magic will come together to improve the magics to manipulate matter and energy into a refined version that would allow the user to separate and reconfigure the base elements into new molecules or refined into pure elemental product.
Fluff: Well... nothing found as of yet. The stone is good for building sturdier structures at the very least and the marketplace is bustling. However.. what is really needed is iron... or even copper at this point! The Amber has been a.. miraculous find, although at this point the only conductive metal for it is gold and that’s for trade and currency! So all that’s left.. is to keep searching as annoying as it is. However, this has been great for increasing population size. No war, no active terrors threatening the nation... just a treasure hunt for basic resources.

1 action: Expand once more along the coast line
May as well have a place to do trade and re-supply! Perhaps it will also yield more interesting finds as Elves have always done better when the clear waters and skies were involved.

1 action: Mines for. pinktonite and fossils
A look at the history of this world and an odd glowing crystal... where as one has valuable knowledge as to what existed here before us.. and what may still exist, the other is a fascinating stone with unknown properties. It should be handled with care.
Action 1:
Scout for resources on the northern island
Action 2:
Expand on the mainland near the coasts

More time will be put into diplos.
File: Untitled.png (60 KB, 878x820)
60 KB

While the expansion into mining area's was fairly simple, there were still plenty of people who wished to move into lands to the south. Naturally, the people of Gradŭtzhelyazoto and Metrin Kalan being closest to the south were the ones to expand the furthest, though the Fey would lay claim to the small portion of unclaimed land between the coal and phosphate mines and through use of their influence and numbers Haeran'Yi would manage to get an enclave near Metrin Kalan territory. Heidekerk, mainly due to their small population, and Termhelm and Traethllwyd due to their position would find themselves unable to gain more land, but this was fine, at least in terms of ensuring things remained mostly stable. Still, it cemented the main power players in the Union, though given the importance of Traethllwyd and their exploratory nature chances were they would regain their influence sooner rather than later. Still, as this went on, the new lands claimed by the Virm, Drakon and Balaur of Gradŭtzhelyazoto quickly went to work on industrializing the area, with 20th century coal power being utilized and a temple complex of four churches, one to one of the four Aspekti na bozhestvenostta that they believed in. Despite the peacefulness that existed, for now, there was some concerns. Mainly related to expansion. The bureaucratic nightmare of expansion was making something that should be quite quick a crawl and a mess with the politics of the Union. Something needed to be done in the future given how little land was left to develop in some area's, but this would be something to challenge in the future...

>Action One. Expansion.

>Action Two. Build a temple near Grad, build a coal power plant near Grad, build a port near Heidekerk aan Zee.

(Also given I have coal and Iron, the steel mill should be working.)

Traeth - 8 influence, 14 happiness
Sokchon - 14 influence, 16 happiness
Termhelm - 8 influence, 9 happiness
Heidekerk - 7 influence, 9 happiness
Breksos - 12 influence, 12 happiness
Gradutz - 13 influence, 13 happiness
Metrin - 16 influence, 16 happiness

Pop: 10
Tech: 4
Magic: 6
Wealth: 6 (From my understanding the CoF have 14 wealth now. if true, this is their current stats)
Diplo: 8
> Mygros
The Mygrian Assembly's turn and stats.

Pop: 9
Tech: 6
Magic: 10
Wealth: 14
Diplo: 20

Tech - The minotaurs were capable of using mundane methods to get a better yield from their crops than what was the norm.
Magic - The minotaurs has access to earth magic that was capable of terraforming “waste land” tiles to a more bountiful and temperate environment, and being able to mold the very earth into all shapes and structures.
unique buildings - The Durralatgjal dock is capable of housing all sorts of ships no matter the size with the capability to repair them.
unique produced goods - A rare plant that was found north of the city that had various psychedelic properties.


1st action: [expansion] The Dwarve's city borders will expand the claim the Phosphate deposit.

Using the woodlands as a source of timber and imported Dwarves who wish to venture to new lands an outpost is established near the area of the phosphate deposit, in order to have better administrative control over the area and explore the east cheaper and easier.

2nd action: [cultural] The Oni host a festival and invite everyone to join.

The Oni that lead their city start organizing a festival and send out emissaries to collect all sorts of foods and alcohol from the known cities while taking the opportunity to invite other members from the other cities to come for the opportunity to mingle with people from the other cities and enjoy the free drinks.
File: Temp.jpg (99 KB, 748x865)
99 KB
Phase 2 of the southern expansion will start, the border expansion is going to evened out as we begin prospecting for Iron and Nuclear Materials needed to finally begin production of Weapons, Gear, Vehicles and Submarines so we finally can rearm properly.

Despite not yet being there the Houses are already instructed to conduct small exercises in the shallows and utilize the space created for the testing of land based Weapons and Vehicles by the Amphibious Arms compound in preparation for when when our forces will be expanded in earnest and will require instructors.

Action 1: Prospect in the trench for Minerals with a focus on Iron, Nuclear Materials and other Minerals with a primarily military application.

Action 2: Expand Borders further to fill the gaps created by the last expansion.

>Action 1 - Expand to the north, drawing closer to the strangers there.

>Action 2 - Prospect the claimed tiles.
> Neo-Tarnish Colony
Empowered by their slightly grown poppulation the fledgling wokflik nation craves land expanding at a… comparably fast pace.

Having begun to cultivate the stone spirits of the wolf the Wolfkin combine the new art with the old delving in the earth magic of the wolf and the soul magic of the old world. By tempering the stone and mud the first golems are created and interesting quirk is found tho.

Those dead who practiced the path of the wolf can streangthen their bodies from within akin to their lycanthroppic transformation. For now those elders are known as the “Terakotta Warriors”

A new city is built, with that the Wolfkin nation grows in centralisation and reach you gain 1 wealth and 1 culture.

> Arcadia
Chemistry opens to you a whole new world of knowledge. Alcehmistry taught one how to combien aspects of certain materials possibly enhancing one another. Chemistry teaches us how to create seemingly unrelated and new effects… I mean those madmen seem capable of making mundane salt into a toxic green gas and into exploding metal! Ridiculous.

Transmutation magic is improved allowing you to run 2 transmutation operations per 1 pop dedicated to factory.

> Sealand
You expand and build mines, nothing fancy.

The pinktonite becomes an interesting novelty item for bored elves to try leading to homosexuality becomming a poppular subculture in many elven cities.

> Depaun
You expand south and in the north the dragons dig deep into the land to see what lays beneeth and find deposits of Iron, Hardstone and Salt. Common goods but important for building a backbone of a strong nation.

> Union of the Astray
The steel mill is finally operational helping to initiate mass production of everyday steel goods such as spoons, forks, knives and for architecture.

Your nation expands creating some odd exclaves in the process, with Matrin Kalan being the big winner this time…. with Metrin Kalan, Gradutz and Breksos both teetering at the edge of rebellion.

Temple, Powerplant and port are built
> Mygros
The Dwarves expand on mass, getting a colony on the main capital island now home to all 4 races. Leaving the Oni bit anxious about their few holdings, but it is not time to complain it is time to celebrate.

A great celebration is held and the Oni hotsprings are going full force! The full extent of the action will be detailed next turn.

> Shadows
You expand north and your borders meet. Now you border both wolfkin nations and have wolfkin ecpats in your nation. It’s all wolfkin all the way down. The new lands at least contain soem useful stuff posessing a deposit of coal and two deposits of sulphur.

In other news, Aetia has made landfall again. Well explained in discord.

> Deep Realm
Your next step in expanding continues and your nation, but sadly your expanssion speed was insufficient to settle all desired land in one go. Your exploration submarines do luckily enough manage to find deposits of interesting material.

One of it is Amber, while not terribly useful it is pretty and useful for trade, you also find deep-sea deposits of lapis-lazuli indicating that likely this now deep trench used to once be on the surface and lastly some good old coal. The lapiz lazuli though seems to be… how to say it ‘highly energetic’.

Some of the houses wish for another great expedition like on day 1 of visiting this world where the first uranium deposit was found, but it is understood this is risky. (instead of prospecting your land you can look for a speciffic resource, but it will be a random distance away from you and the action may fail)

> Tanuki
Update will come later, but feel free to also post actions for next turn already.
Ah bugger I missed.


Study the humans to the north, trying to guage their advanced technology, perhaps we can mimic what we can not learn. Their secrets of "electricity" perhaps?

See if a mixture of acid dissolved lithium and other viscera has any effect upon Cravers, including those with psionics.

For now, mercury shall be stored in bone Vats and stomach sacks in our bioweapons lab, until a greater use is found. The Flesh Priests are certain however -if the Karnis could make use of it, so can we.

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