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File: Crescent Adventure.png (152 KB, 1067x823)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Welcome back to Crescent Adventures, a quest based on the 90s Sailor Moon universe. Things can go as that universe went or you can derail it with your actions or ignore it completely to just focus on the problems and issues that affect your character!

Previously, after Ruka had finished her little mission of cutting some flowers at the hospital, she met a girl that makes her feel very awkward and weird. That girl's name is Aino Minako and she is a mystery that makes Ruka's heart do flipflops.... Ruka assumes she'll never meet the other again.

Moving on, strange things keep on happening. Firstly, Ruka receives an unwelcome gift and letter from her mother, a stuffed penguin. Then the Journal starts to get even weirder as more entries are entered into it. A new additional penguin is running around in the Journal too! A drawing of the stuffed penguin doll.

Finally she had a Nightmare in a strange odeon. It had some guy named Adonis reciting poetry and an audience of monsters. They tried to give chase but it was a cinch to escape! Ruka flees into a field of Red Roses where, unfortunately, it wasn't Azul who guided Ruka out. Instead, it is a living copy of the penguin doll.

It's a creepy silent bird. Also, you plucked a Red Rose!

Azul is nowhere to be found in the Waking World! And Ruka has school and FM 10 Radio to do today! A quick search shows that he isn't in the Penguin Domain. Does this mean today's mission is cancelled or Ruka will be forced to go solo or team up with the new unknown penguin?

Speaking of the silent penguin, she is a sticky handed thief. Mizuno Ami agrees with the assessment and agrees there's merit in keeping quiet about seeing the invisible penguin. The loot will be restored to their proper owners.

Lunch time isn't even over yet and it's already been pretty hectic...

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/CrescentADV
Archive: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Crescent%20Adventures
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrescentDreamA1
File: pork.jpg (45 KB, 633x418)
45 KB
Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami and Houseki Ruka.

Definitely not a combination of people that students in the school would ever expect to willingly hang out. Yet here you all are, talking and walking to where the rest of your friends are waiting. Under a bright warm sun, you see countless students enjoying the spring weather. An hour-long respite before the resumption of the grinding school day.

It seems that your lunch group is big today. Naru, Umino, Tomio and Aya are all bunched together at the benches and talking. With the addition of your group, it's a total of 7.

Unusually, Tomio is willingly talking with Aya today. Or rather, he seems to be mourning and pouring out his heart to Aya in uncharacteristic sorrow.

Then again, it's easy to see why he is so miserable. His lunch seems peculiarly atrocious, an ominous cloud of greyish smoke rises from his lunch box. He must have been looking forward to those meatballs. Speaking of which, it's evident where it met its demise. On the dusty ground, roughly centered in the circle of friends, there's a messy splotch of red sauce and the occasional stray meatball. Given Usagi's announcement of the tragedy, you assume that the meatballs had been dumped on the ground and then thrown in the trash.

"I'm sorry Ruka, I wanted to give everyone an equal share but..." Umino pauses to look mournfully at the splattered remains of what had been an entire lunchbox of pork meatballs. His mournful sad face is nothing compared to the devastated looks on Tomio or Usagi though.

"It's okay man, I know you didn't mean to." You placate the other boy.

"It's because so many people wanted to try out your cooking. Kagawa was the only one who managed to eat one before bumping it out of his hands." Tomio chokes as he tries to eat his lunch.

"I'm so sorry, after I ate one; I just had to get another. But, uh, I jostled the box a bit too hard." Aya apologetically inclines her head to you.

Huh? Is it you, or did she not look very sorry at all? There's something about the way your club president is acting that's off.


Nah, you're just hungry and tired. That damn penguin.

"Wait a second, you're Mizuno Ami from class 5!" Naru is staring openly at Mizuno with surprise.

"Um, yes, I was invited by Tsukino..." The shy genius fidgets and looks worried as though she shouldn't be joining everyone but Usagi just blows away that worry with characteristic cheer.

"That's right! The more the merrier!" Usagi announces as pushes Mizuno forward to take a seat on the benches.

There's not much time left, you've got to stuff yourself with food. You begin inhaling your food with a speed that rivals Usagi at her hungriest while listening to the swirling conversation surrounding you.
File: apology.jpg (21 KB, 335x225)
21 KB
The most interesting bit is how Usagi is coaxing Ami to open up and talk about herself. It's not much of a surprise to learn the quiet girl wants to become a doctor like her mother but what's really surprising is that the genius has a special exemption from partaking in club activities.

"Wait!? You can get an exemption from joining a club!?" You can't help but feel a great deal of envy upon hearing this new found fact. Even Usagi had to join a club, she joined the 'Manga Drawing club', which was a notorious 'go home' excuse club like 'Supernatural Research'.

"My minion, I forbid you from seeking out this option." Aya scowls at the thought of losing you.

"Well, it's because I'm going to be attending a juku cram school after classes are over. It's a pretty common exemption." Mizuno explains with more details.

"So the only way to get out of club membership, is to study more after school? I don't like the sound of that." Usagi makes a funny squeak at the very thought.

Gurio brings out his black notebook when he thinks to ask his question.

"So, if I may ask Mizuno, what juku are you thinking of attending?" His pen posed over a page, ready to scribble down her answer.

"I'm still deciding between Crystal Seminar or Mikage Seminar. Both offer such high quality instructors, premises and educational resources that it's hard to choose. Though I am leaning towards Crystal Seminar." The girl smiles, excited by the thought of choosing which form of educational torture she'd inflict on herself. Crystal Seminar and Mikage Seminar are incredibly costly and famous cram schools, you can't imagine how much it would cost to attend even one of their classes. Umino is suitably impressed upon hearing Mizuno's answer.

"Amazing! I'm guessing you're getting a scholarship from both, so that means it's for free!" Gurio exclaims. His pen flies across the page as he writes down his new info tidbit on a classmate.

"Hm, so I guess I can't tempt the smartest girl in all of Tokyo to join my humble club. A shame, we could use your brainpower to investigate Sailor V and Sailor Moon. It would make things so much easier for us," Aya jokes but for some reason Usagi reacts nervously to it.

Oh that reminds you, FM 10 Radio is a place that Aya can get you in. Her parents are in the public spokesperson business and have gone on tv and radio programs. That includes places like FM 10 Radio! You could ask your dear club president to get you in for a quick tour around the place and do some preliminary scouting. Without Azul to help out, you'll be doing the legwork...

Unless you decide not to tackle FM 10 Radio and just go to sleep to enter a Dream. Your penguin partner is missing! You might want to prioritize searching for him over investigating that stupid Midnight Zero radio program.

The bell rings, it's time to go back to class.
File: revelation.jpg (8 KB, 250x154)
8 KB
"Well I did tell Houseki a scary supernatural story about the hospital my mother works at. If I hear any more stories, I'll be sure to pass them on!" The blue haired girl smiles happily at you, as though she's doing you a favor.

The Thing of Juuban hospital Ward A is no mere scary story though.

"Really!? Come to the club room today after classes, I'm sure everyone in our Club would want to hear about it!" Aya commands as she gets up to leave. Everyone scatters but before entering your class, you overhear Usagi inviting Mizuno to go out and try playing games at Crown.

Wow, Usagi is great at making friends. So fast.

The afternoon classes begin, and while in class...

>You track the silent penguin the entire time...
>You focus on class, school is important after all...
>You shoot the breeze with Tomio, he lost out on eating those meatballs after all...
>You wonder what exactly Naru wanted to show earlier...
>You doodle idly, you make great drawings...
>You plot and plan about Midnight Zero...
>You wonder what exactly Naru wanted to show earlier...
>>You shoot the breeze with Tomio, he lost out on eating those meatballs after all...
>You focus on class, school is important after all...
It's been a while since Ruka studied, IIRC
>>You shoot the breeze with Tomio, he lost out on eating those meatballs after all...
>You focus on class, school is important after all...
Some talking and studying!
File: koi.jpg (30 KB, 434x393)
30 KB
That talk about cram school with Mizuno is a reminder of your own humble academic requirements in the Japanese educational system. Those cram schools probably explain stuff in a more sensible and easier to understand manner for all sorts of subjects. They just have to. You can only imagine how much better it is compared to the abominable turgid English lesson you are suffering through right this instant.

"This is a pen." The entire class recites from the English textbook. The moment the words leave everyone's mouth, it takes an extraordinary effort from everyone not to laugh upon hearing how terrible it sounded.

In the halcyon days of elementary school, English was just a subject that education obsessed parents pushed their kids to study in after school English language lessons. It isn't a compulsory subject for Japanese students until you hit junior high. However, your dad once read a couple of headlines from the newspaper about how the Japanese government might push to have it as a compulsory class for grade 5 and up one day.

You can't imagine how pushing English lessons to an earlier age is supposed to improve language skills. The teaching of English sucks and there is no opportunity to use it in daily life. It's no surprise that students aren't in the mood to really focus right now. Most are goofing off by talking to friends and the 'English' teacher barely cares since he doesn't understand the language at all.

You stare at your miserable but earnest attempt to understand the English lesson. Your comprehension is a lot better than your classmates by the singular fact that you put effort into learning it and because your grandfather made attempts to teach the language to you at one point. He even taught you some French, and particularly coarse phrases floats up from the depths of your memory that apply to the present situation.

Je m'emmerde. Vie de merde.

You've focused on your academics enough this afternoon. You did well in Math and Science class, time to knock it off and relax a bit. You turn around to face Tomio who half-heartedly follows the teacher's instructions.

"Having fun?" You jokingly ask your childhood friend.

"Soooo much fun. I can't wait until this is over. What are your plans for Golden Half-Week since the holidays are all over the place?" Tomio asks as he sprawls over his desk to rest. English class is a pretty safe lesson to goof off in, and he takes full advantage.

"Probably just sleep in for Wednesday since we're back to school for the rest of the week. As for the long weekend. I'll be hanging around Juuban since my family can't really afford to go anywhere. Heck maybe I'll go visit my grandparents at their antique shop since Asakusa isn't far. What about you?" You close your textbook, no one in class is really paying attention to the teacher who also miserably gives up trying to understand the intricacies of English grammar.
File: flower.jpg (60 KB, 673x553)
60 KB
"Not too many plans with my family either. I guess I'll be hanging up a flying koinobori for my little cousins on Children's Day. If you want, we could hang out. Heck, we could invite Yuuji and Masato too since they've got nothing on the go either."

Hm, that sounds like a good idea. You haven't been hanging out with your childhood friend lately, it'd be nice to just forget about supernatural weirdness after dealing with those stupid energy draining flowers. A long relaxing 'vacation' into normality sounds wonderful.

You promised to hang out with Tomio!

"Sure, we could even do something on Saturday after school is out!" You smile enthusiastically. The two of you begin hashing out plans, you're so into planning that you barely manage to notice that the classroom door has opened to let in a very unwelcome guest.

The Silent Penguin has entered. You twitch as she waddles about in the classroom. You're lucky that Tomio is too focused on planning out what to do during the long weekend with friends to notice your distraction. You turn to see what Usagi is doing, the poor girl can see supernatural penguins while normal folks can't. Fortunately, the short girl's attention is focused on Naru who is about show off her big surprise. You forgot that she had been wanting to show off something.

Naru holds in her hand a very small prize box that you remember seeing this morning. The girls in class are surrounding her desk to see what it is.


Oh shit!

You feel the world freeze to a standstill. After peeling back the wrapping paper, Naru holds a very familiar flower broach in her hands. The girls in class coo with admiration, impressed that Midnight Zero had awarded her the prize for submitting her love letter.

"Wow Naru!"
"How cool! So that's the flower broach!"
"Congrats on winning!"

Usagi makes a face when she sees the flower broach.

"Hey, that's the same one that Ms. Haruna had before!" Usagi points out as Naru starts to affix the energy draining supernatural flower onto her uniform.

What can you do to stop her!?

>Grab that Flower and chuck it out the window!
>Shout at Naru to stop!
>Telepathically beg the Silent Penguin to do something! roll 3d6, dc ???
>Summon Water Wall above her head and let it drop as a distraction! roll 3d6, dc 12
>Write in
Rolled 4, 4, 1 = 9 (3d6)

>Summon Water Wall above her head and let it drop as a distraction! roll 3d6, dc 12
Rolled 5, 1, 2 = 8 (3d6)

>>Summon Water Wall above her head and let it drop as a distraction! roll 3d6, dc 12
Doubt the penguin would want to help after we scolded it earlier
> Summon Water Wall above her head and let it drop as a distraction! roll 3d6, dc 12
Rolled 3, 6, 4 = 13 (3d6)

Oops, forgot my roll
Squeaked by there!
File: leap.jpg (48 KB, 789x449)
48 KB
You made a hypothesis at Juuban hospital and correspondingly went ahead to do a quick experiment. The results confirmed it for you once more.

No one ever looks up without a reason. A floating puddle of water hovering just above someone's head and letting it drop is an excellent distraction.

If you could stop Naru from making the disastrous choice of wearing that weird Flower broach, then summoning a small puddle of water above her head with Water Wall will be worth it. If you can conjure the water fast enough to accomplish that.

It is a race and it is going to be close. Naru putting that stupid Flower broach on her and getting drained or you mustering of enough water for your distraction. The Water Wall above Naru's head is at first a small bead expanding and growing far too slowly for your taste.

"So that letter "Haruna in Love" was from Ms. Haruna?" Kumiko muses.

"Yeah, that was unexpected." Usagi observes Naru open the clasp of the broach to affix it on her uniform.

Tomio is still talking, but you barely register what he's saying. His voice is like a distant echo and he noticed you aren't paying attention to him at all.

"Hey Ruka? What's with you?" Your best friend pokes you to get your attention. That single poke is enough to break your concentration on forming Water Wall and without your concentration the water you managed to conjure drops. It's fortunate that there was just enough water for it to be an effective distraction.


"AAAAAAAAH!" A surprised Naru screams as the water drops on her head, taking her completely off guard. Some of the liquid splashes into Usagi's face, which forces the short girl to scream as well and close her eyes. You made it in time, just enough water to make a sufficient distraction. With Naru wet from your little trick, she's unlikely to pin the damn broach on her and get drained. The next step now is to figure out how to get that damn Flower away from her and dispose of it.

"What the? Did the ceiling spring a leak?"
"WAAAAH! My eyes!!!"
"I don't see anything up there!"

The class is in an uproar, and it gets even more chaotic. You aren't sure if the Silent Penguin had been waiting for this moment but she has launched herself into the air somehow and is dive-bombing Naru. It reminds you of the penguins at the aquarium swimming about and getting ready to get back on to land. They dive downwards in the water and then swim upwards with incredible speed. The sheer velocity shoots them straight out of the water with such force that they are airborne for a few seconds before gravity once again pulls them down.

The Silent Penguin apparently can do the same trick without being in water because the normally flightless bird is diving beak first towards Naru with a swiftness that leaves you unable to react beyond letting your jaw drop at the audacity of the bird.
File: reaction.jpg (33 KB, 670x493)
33 KB
Her beak is wide open and snaps shut on the Flower broach, Naru isn't able to hold on to the accursed thing and it is torn from her hand. The penguin's landing is completely graceless, the flightless avian bounces a few times on its stomach but keeps a firm grip on the Flower. In fact, it is chewing on the thing and the Flower is reacting negatively. The familiar dark tendrils and tentacles lash out and hit the Silent Penguin but has no effect.

With a few quick bobs of her head and some determined chewing, the Flower is devoured. The monochrome penguin looks incredibly satisfied by her meal and flaps her flippers with happiness. Then she spits out the golden broach pin from her beak and examines it very closely before triumphantly picking it up as a prize.


Well, the Flower is gone, so that's a good thing? Should you be glad? Azul ate the dead creepy Eye thing from the Nightmare you tore up into pieces when you first met him and it didn't affect him negatively at all. Do Penguins regularly eat supernatural stuff, so it's not a big deal?

You have questions but quite frankly, you aren't sure you care to know the answer. You feel a great deal of relief though, the Flower has been neutralized without your intervention.

"Whoa, what happened? Where the heck did that water come from? Did you see anything Ruka?" Tomio is agog by the inexplicable events that had just happened. It's a good thing the Penguin is invisible to mundane sight, the class would be even louder seeing it eating a supernatural Flower.

"PENGUIN!!!!" Usagi high pitch scream reminds you that there is in fact someone who can see the Silent Penguin. She points at the avian who gives what you think is a dismissive look at Usagi before ambling out of the classroom with its shiny prize.

"Huh? What's this about a penguin?"
"Are you okay Tsukino!?"

Naru and the rest of the girls in class look at Usagi with concern. They can't see what Usagi sees, they must think she was crazy. You better intervene before it gets out of hand.

"Hey, Usagi got a towel or something? Naru needs one." You start asking the poor girl before she said or did anything else. It works, since Usagi is naturally inclined to be helpful and compassionate to others first. The 'English' teacher puts his foot down and gets the focus back on studying.

"Huh? Did anyone see my prize?" Naru asks when she realizes it had gone missing. No matter how hard the other girls in class look with her, the Flower broach is nowhere to be seen. The red haired girl is incredibly disappointed.

School ends at last. You're on the classroom cleaning roster today, so after you're done that Aya wants you report to the Club and talk about the weird story Mizuno Ami told you about Ward A at Juuban Hospital but first....
>Ignore cleaning duties and grab the penguin, can't let it wander around...
>Finalize plans with Tomio about the long weekend while cleaning...
>Chat with a fellow classmate while cleaning. Who will it be?...
>Just finish classroom cleaning duties and go to see Aya...
>write in
>Finalize plans with Tomio about the long weekend while cleaning...
>>Finalize plans with Tomio about the long weekend while cleaning...

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