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File: Mini-Map.jpg (1.37 MB, 3170x1316)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
This NRP is basically like any other. You make a nation and roleplay them trough the ages. The gimmick is that players play as their nations from previous games 'teleported in' from some point during that game.

This also means no new players this time around, but because that is cunty the game also has a 2nd game layered over it. Non-players may participate as patron divines creating quests 2 random players get then the quest and if either fulfils it they get a reward and the divine may add something to the world like their own feral race, a new biome, natural formation or even temple to themselves. Patron Divines also will be able to operate stores where they sell players trinkets for wealth or other things that wealth can then be added to the quest rewards making players more inclined to fulfill them. This part is really experimental so I'll need to consider what quests are valid, and what things can be sold or added to the world.

Updates each thursday and sunday.

Da rules doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lPbbQh_w4gBOZwETDIwBCIuzmmtIoEBbYkeTZuyBTn8/edit?usp=sharing

Pic related is a miniature verssion of the map.Actual one was too big for 4chins
Forgot the discord link:

Nation Submission Template
Pregame Nation: Deseptracons Empire

game it was from: Tarnia in space
name used now: Deseptracons Empire (lazy i know, right?)

The deseptracons empire is one of the most interesting empire that the tarnians has ever seen, constitued of large robots which rebelled from the tarnians during the collapse, the deseptracons empire was the winner of a century long Civil War... And shortly afterward entered contact with the tarnians... We can all guess where this went now.

what you did in your previous game: Be essentially the only aliens that the tarnians met and was about to go at war with the idolas.
speciality: Tactical Espionage and infiltration, Military focus and expansionism
what was your role in that world? geopolitics etc

Major one due of being the only 'alien' faction near tarnia

The City: KRA-AON

what differentiates this city from the rest of the nation it was part off: It is the capital of the Deseptracons Empire, and the heart of its industry
what buildings were in the city?

A capitol, some factories and some mines

Vehiconians (literally transformers)

Colour you want your nation to be
Dark purple


Tech - Ground Bridges (allowed immediate teleportation anywhere on a planet by entering what was essentially a portal, you had to imput the co-ordinates first and it was quite unstable... God knows what happends if someone decide to open another one close to another)
T DIVE: allowed Vehiconians to transform into various vehicles(Mechs... Spaceship, and whatnot)

Engraon Weaponry: highly explosive Weaponry which use engraon as a ammunition

Magic - None!
unique buildings - Engraon Mines
unique produced good - Engraon, essentially what keeps Vehiconian alive, there is many other variations such as green engraon, red engraon and dark engraon
Nation Submission Template
Pregame Nation: Hastung Orbital Works
> game it was from Space Tarnia
> name used now Neo-Tarnish Homestead
> fluff/lore: Colony ship from the Neo-Tarnish Empire, filled with digital people and automated systems.
> what you did in your previous game: Invent super invincible armour and cold fusion, form a galactic empire
> speciality: Industrial growth
> what was your role in that world? City apart of the newly reformed Tarnish Empire

The City: Cathedral Lazenbolt
> what differentiates this city from the rest of the nation it was part off
A mobile colony ship headed towards Sojourner, this Ark carried countless digital souls towards a new home was but struck by an unexpected space storm and catapulted to a new world. The expedition and ship were largely property of a popular Idola and carried many of her adoring fans as well as her physical wetware to the new location.
> what buildings were in the city? Cold Fusion Generator, Nanofabricator, gas giant mining equipment

Tarnish personality engrams and AI: Originally real or entirely artificial, they are on equal terms intellectually and conversationally, existing as digital ghosts that hop through virtual worlds on a whim.

Colour you want your nation to be: Blue

> Tech - Nanites, Cold fusion, Throughshielding
> unique buildings - Cold fusion
> unique produced good - Virtual reality interfaces
Pregame Nation: Black Forest Tribes
> Game they're from: 3QM, alternate timeline. The BFT never adopted druidism and became a kingdom, still allied with the Conclave and moved to aid. But without body magic they were no match for the zombie hordes.
> Name now: Kingdom of the Black Forest.
> Lore: The Wolfkin were always a cruel people, stealing and murdering, wolves in the guise of men. Through blood sacrifice they gained regeneration and immortality. The goddess of war, Uesugi then cursed them, banishing them from the sun, cutting their immortality short and making it so they never birth nor sire men. This just lead to the women taking over, continuing the slaughter. But it did weaken them, and they saw the need to make a kingdom, and for the elder warriors to retreat to where the sun don't shine, and only come out at night.
> Done previously: Steal the secrets of iron, develop sabres, make good shields and javelins. Develop Spirit Magic, Sisu and Ghost Warriors. Developed medicine with the Conclave, thus they sallied in their defence, and they met their end at the hands of the zombie hordes of Meoswilum. At last they retreated into the Black Forest, only to emerge in a new land.
> Speciality: Magic Warriors, ghost warriors, ancestral spirits.
> World Role: Barbarians.

Capital: Kuroi Mori.
> Special Features: A massive and dense forest which one can easily get lost in, as it's even bigger on the inside and filled with magical beasts. It is also inhabited by the greatest Wolfkin elders, master smiths, master swordsmen, master lorekeepers, etc.
> Buildings: An ancient citadel in the depths of the Black Forest, everything else was left behind when the transfer happened.

Races: Wolfkin. Humans with the ears and tail of wolves, eyeshine and regeneration. They lose their colours around 50 years old, around 90 their regeneration shuts off and they age past their prime, few live past 120. Males are rare, and always feminine, for a curse makes no men be born.
Humans of the Conclave of Life. Tennacious forest fighters, able to turn any forest into green hell for their foes.

Colour: Red.

> Tech - Iron age, good shields, javelins, disease management tech. Conclave has camouflage, magical forest buildings and rangers.
> Magic - Spirit Magic: Cultivating Sisu, granting Sisu to others, persist through pain, persist through death (burns Sisu), persist without body as ghost warrior, amalgamating into ancestral spirit. Possess objects, possess bodies, possess golems and constructs.
Conclave Nature Magic: Command plants and the forest itself, grow hidden settlements.
> Unique Buildings - Sacred Forests (where Wolfkin elders gather), Hunting Grounds.
> Unique Produced Good - Shields.
File: 1492390629807-1.png (807 KB, 680x962)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
Pregame Nation: The Charnel Land / Union of Flesh

Cravic Remains
The Cravers were once men, this much they know, an ancient tribe of primitives that listened to the stars and the earth below. It was there they first met Grist'thomir, and he showed them the way, how to alter flesh, and they set themselves working upon themselves - until they were men no longer, long pass the point of return. Specialized in their trade, they shun other magics or labors.
The Cravers history in game 4 is long and filled, defensive wars, allies and family gained, friendships made. They shaped the world around them as they saw fit, and Sigod was never the same. They united races, and exterminated others, they made great and grand living cathedrals in honor of their God, and eventually brought him to bear upon the world in the flesh as the Underborn, the walking living city that perished in the final battle against Timna, Goddess of the Churning Waves, helping all the other folk cast her down dead back to the depths. But horrifyingly at the loss of the Underborn, but not permanently, for their great leader the Lord of Flesh was later recovered, in a great coma from the skull of the city. Still he slumbers as they rebuilt Neverborn their capitol, and until the day fire rained from the sky- he awoke for a moment in a gristle filled scream.


The living city of the Cravers coiled in upon itself, drawing in its veins, consumptive of all the countryside flesh gathered over the years, desperate to save any bit of her people she could. Much was lost, but when she awoke in a flash of light in a new world, the Lord of Flesh asleep once more, the Flesh Priest knew her efforts were successful. They will live once more. They will reunite with the Matriarch, but this time not from below the earth, but beyond the stars. For as it was written, so it shall be, the Cravers know the nature of existence as a cycle. They know what must be done.
File: D34Q13f-1.jpg (187 KB, 535x1204)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
speciality - flesh
A big bad to some, monsters and demons, best of friends, doctors, nurses to others. The Cravers are not evil, they merely wish to survive and learn. Their morality is not anchored to the minds of men. A flayed corpse to a Craver is an open canvas, begging to be worked with.

The City: Neverborn- the heart of the Charnel Lands, container of the Geneforge - the holy zenith of their power which allows them to render new beasts into Cravic version, and create utterly new beings. It immortalizes the genetic memory of every Craver, and their creations. From here everything began, and so it shall begin once more.

No other building would survive without her for long. Those separated without her that were not whipped up in great consumption she did to save herself, would slowly wither and rot. Perhaps the Kahro would take them, as great cities of corpse flesh.
the gene forge, the slime pits, and the Shroomish'alat (our bioweapons lab), Bulargh pits, and mighty goreship works. Shab'let- the first river maw was grabbed as well.


Cravers and a handful of their creations. (Rovers, Rut'ra, Raut'let, the Chern'bolg and the slime samples)
a few visiting members of the Kahro, the friendly corpse worms

Color : Crimson


Tech - all tech is based around our magics, new developments such as layering non organic materials into bone and what not. I need to draft a list.
Magic - our flesh shaping, crafting. Very utility based. The limits as to what we can do is imagination, raw materials, and time.
unique buildings - pretty much every building was unique, just use normal icons with labels may be best
unique produced good - us ;)
File: Do'laroshans.jpg (178 KB, 1280x720)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Pregame Nation: The Do'laroshan Tribes
>Origin Game
>Name now
The Umbral Theocracy
Do'laroshans were a primitive group of tribesmen isolated to a dark forest in the frozen north. A nencounter with a god-like being, Achroma, elevated their culture and world-view to one of supremacy and expansionism. They took to the world stage with gusto, proving their might by accruing allies and wealth which rivalled the greatest nations of the world, and cemented themselves as a cornerstone of the geopolitical stage.

>Previous Games Exploits
Led the Entente, an alliance of several different species and views, in a quest for world domination. Sadly, the rest of the world proved too united, but even as the war was lost, the mercantile opportunities that came after proved more fruitful, and the Entente as a whole remained the second greatest world power long after the war.
Do'laroshans excel in stealth and deception, and were able to almost completely hide the existence of an entire species, culture, cities and all, from the eyes of the wider world. Through disguise and espionage, Do'laroshan spies were said to be everywhere, and could be anyone.
Had access to a hidden cache of lost information, a cursed Library on a distant shore. This, paired with the frequent whisperings of Achroma, let them accrue knowledge no others knew.

Stealth, above all else.
Deception/Disguises, Mercantilism, Craftsmanship of precious metals and jewels, Information

>World Role
Commercial Provider of Luxury Goods, Information Broker

>City Name

>What differentiates this city from the rest of the nation it was part off
As the Capitol, We'vara was closest to (and then incorporated) the Temple of Achroma, the God-Beast that elevated the shadowy people to who they are today.

>What buildings were in the city?
(I assume aside from regular stuff like roads/offices/shops/apartments typical of a 1890's major city.)
The Temple of Achroma (Complete with Vault, full of several thousand years of offerings)
The Gilded Causeway (A major highway for traffic, since the Do'la sat in the middle of the Entente alliance. Sadly useless, with the rest cut off, but the grand gates and massive stretch of road that curved along the city edge would still be there.)
Walls (Facing infantry attacks from a northern neighbor meant the city saw heavy fortification late in it's life.
Iron Mines (3 iron mines in close proximity existed outside We'vara. The closest lay snug with the city walls, and the three were conjoined via tunnels after many centuries of mining. Probably tapped dry, but some of the tunnel network may remain)

Just going with one race.
Do'laroshan (pic rel)
File: Achroma.png (230 KB, 582x350)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Not actually made up of shadows, these beings are flesh and bone, same as everyone else. Their skin is covered in a very short covering of fur, evolved to naturally generate a vantablack-like pigment. Indeed, the Do'laroshans evolved in a pitch-black environment, and have numerous biological advantages for moving about undetected in the dark. Predators would rely on smell, sound, even heat, and so these people have come some way to being able to mask themselves even to the stranger senses. Like many races of Game 5, they are inherently magical, their eyes glowing with both bioluminescence and magic. Even in pitch black scenarios, Do'la night vision is unmatched.
Despite their proclivity for stealth, their culture reveres those who stand out, and their fashion and arts are boisterous, ostentatious and colourful. This is at the behest of their God, Achroma, who wishes for his chosen people to be noticed by all.

>Colour you want your nation to be

Typical of a late 1800's US or UK major city. Electricity is not widespread, but is being experimented with. Cars likewise. The Do'la relied on others for technological advancement.
Illusion Magic, manipulating light and the senses.
Very Advanced, possibly the most advanced of any magic found in Game 5.
Based on faith to Achroma, allegedly. It requires movement or sound of some sort, complicated spells being akin to song and dance routines.
Later development allowed spells to be stored in materials, with living materials (especially wood) being more receptive. Precious metals and gems also proved conducive to magic, but in a variety of ways.
The most recent breakthrough involved an ability for the magic to cloud a persons perceptions. This allowed Do'la to 'mimic' another's language without actually learning the tongue. Regardless of what the speaker said, the listener would hear whatever they thought was a 'reasonable' answer, their mind filling in the details. It proved deadly effective at circumnavigating passwords or other code-based counter-espionage, the Do'la merely needed to reply something confidently when asked, and the magic would do the rest.
>Unique Buildings
While We'vara did not have them, factories for Enchanting (the act of putting a shadow spell into an item) did exist elsewhere in the nation, and could easily be rebuilt.
>Unique Produced Goods
Shadow-enchanted goods (usually fur, or precious metals)
Li'hun - A salt mined from a distant island, which the Do'la no longer have access too. A unique resource they stockpiled, the salt was magical, imparting a horrible hunger in those who consumed it. Poisoning a meal would lead to the victim shoving food down their throat until they popped, or expiring from a wasting hunger if denied. The only treatment was an excess of water quickly flushed into the system, or (hypothetically) an anti-magic spell cast over them to erase the salts magic. How much, if any, survived the transition is up to you.
Pregame Nation: Graenian Federation
Game it was from: Tarn 2; Modern NRP
Name used now: Rismier Emergency Government
Graenia entered the new millennia already bloodied from the war in Yaqah; but all the better for it. While the insurgency had been a thorn in the side of the Federal Council; it was the perfect training grounds for the revitalized FSB. After such measures to counter espionage and establish a proper militarized internal security force were taken, it would be Tesla generators which would net the next major focus. Soon enough, the sources of nigh-unlimited energy would be in every home and vehicle. A bane to power companies if there ever were any which existed in Graenia’s nationalized corporate landscape. Next would come the widespread adoption of Depleted Uranium Penetration ammunition for the AFVs of the Federal Armed Forces, then the revitalization of Graenia’s space agency FASRA. The Federation’s endeavors into space were more than just scientific advancement, but a point of national and cultural pride within the nation. During this time, the first in what would be a foreshadowing of events to come would be prepared for. In a move widely praised, a doctrine of urban defense was put forward; with bunkers and shelters constructed in every major city within the Federation. As a result of this; extensive research is put into Hydroponics in order to ensure consistent food production within the most harmful of environments. After such things came a cultural boom within the nation; as science fiction games, stories and shows became increasingly more and more popular, with nearly every one of them being a Graenian production. Yet more military advancements would net Kinetic Energy Missiles and RAVEN guns would become commonplace in the arsenals of Federal Armed Forces vehicles. It was all of this that created an, ironically put, hell for the demons to attempt to push their way into. While history would see them pushed out of the Federation, the city of Rismier would see other developments occur…


Scientific powerhouse, major military power and cultural exporter
The City: (Things relating specifically to this one city)
What differentiates this city from the rest of the nation it was part off:
Rismier was; by the time contact was made; a fortress. Kilometers of earthworks, fortifications and in-city bunkers rendered the area a complete killing zone for any and all invaders. This all not to mention being a hub of production as well.
What buildings were in the city?
Numerous factories of both civilian and military varieties, as well as a nuclear power generator and hydroponic farms.
Humans; ethnically Graenian
Color you want your nation to be:
Tech - Tesla Technology, RAVEN guns, KEM missiles and Advanced (for the time) space exploration technologies.
Magic - None.
unique buildings - N/A
unique produced good -
Video Games, Tesla Reactors, Anime
Pregame Nation: Tidal Empire of Lyrara
> game it was from
No gunpowder, medieval general technology ending on industrial revolution. Relatively low powered magic.

> name used now
The Lyraran Theocracy of Depau, or more simply Depau. (Depau is the name given to wherever the Depaun Dragons live)

> fluff/lore
Among the Tidal Empire there were three clans of different character. At different times one would be chosen to rule by the gift of electromancy and a sharp mind. This granted to them by their deity Obadinia. The Clan of Lyrara is one of these clans, being known for slender builds, pride and a conservative tendency. The Tidal empire was at its core a maritime and mercantile power. At home on and in the waters like no other race.

> what you did in your previous game
The Tidal empire created behemothon ships powered by great shelled krakens. With these vessels they explored the world, learning almost every language and creating a formidable trade network.
They fought in various conflicts in a minor role.
By the end they had become close with an upstart dwarven state who through the power of certain technologies managed to go into space and onto the moon itself.

> speciality
Mercantile navy power, good diplo

> what was your role in that world? geopolitics etc
Trading nation, learnt most languages, limited role in wars due to supercontinent making navies unimportant. Was a major power in industrial production of books and steel goods.

The City: Reed River
> what differentiates this city from the rest of the nation it was part off
Continental holding of clan Lyrara, former home of the frogfolk (friends of depau). Lyrara mostly took up a custodial residence. Paying respect and maintaining some of the city’s infrastructure due to the frogs having died off under mysterious circumstances. The city lacks lots of infrastructure due to its position in trade routes and its limited local industries.

> what buildings were in the city?
Basic infrastructure (local smithy, library, barracks, frog ruins, fortifications, roads)
File: doppleganger-jr.png (226 KB, 320x654)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Pregame Nation: The Arcadic Republic
game it was from: 3QM; slightly altered lategame/post leaving
name used now: The Arcadic Dictatorship
fluff/lore: When the Arcadic Republic was born is was born in revolution; born in the desire to be ruled without kings and without false gods. A nation ruled by mages elected by the mage populace, to lead the city to greatness. As the world was further explored they at first defied the gods' existence before gradually coming to know that true gods did exist; and they were cruel creatures. The belief of Soulims sprung from these findings; the belief that the gods were nothing more than powerful immortals after studying the soul and the events of the world; a point that any man could reach through understanding of the self and world.
In the beginning the Arcadic Republic was bright eyed towards it; yet prideful and stubborn against those who they saw as against them. The years went by and good times were replaced with hardship after hardship. When ash blocked the sun and the world died around them the republic built the city over and created artificial suns to light it. When the eternal night began and the nightmare wars occurred the republic created sunlight golems and fought them back into the waves. When the crystal plague spread it was removed from the republic’s lands and utilized for airships; and transmutative plagues farmed for metals. Wars broke out against sapient golems to the east that turned to a shadow cult to nightmare gods, barbarians to the west sided with a megalomaniac emperor and further more barbarians came after one was defeated, and to the north a cult to faceless gods took hold and invaded when the republic was weakened fighting on multiple fronts. Plagues ravaged the nation over and over, some created through dark rituals and one ever evolving through the magics of living statues.
The golem legions and work force left to join their now sapient brothers in the east; a valuable ally despite it all. The humans that did not flee died in war or in plague, or evolved. In order to survive the hellish cycle of plagues and war those that remained became homunculi; creations of magic born of soul and primordial unprogrammed biomatter that can shift into any biological form.

Depaun Dragons
Depaun Dragons are reptilian creatures with long fluked tails, two great wings, a pair of lesser wings also used for balance, two arms and a body covered in bony armor. They can fly, breath underwater, tolerate extreme depths and pressures (high pressures), can do bioluminescence (bioluminescence is how they communicate underwater) and are extremely adept swimmers (on par with actual aquatic creatures).
They are large creatures who move on land in a slithering fashion, they are generally 9 metres long with 2.5 metre long torsos.
Their reproduction requires them to be hatched deep underwater at depths of at least 7000m (although deeper is preferred when possible) meaning that they must live their adolescence in extreme depths. They are able to do this due to their home environment’s creatures who form fertile communities where in other worlds there are so very few creatures. If they are not raised in this way they will develop malformed, rejected by wider Depaun society and end up living little better than animals.
In undeveloped depths Depaun youths live near tribal lives, guided in their journey to adulthood by elders whose lives are dedicated to doing that. When they become of age it is then they are given the opportunity to leave the depths for a new life in the surface world.
Depauns make up for their size in their intelligence. All Depauns are long lived and intelligent compared to standard races. Although they are not skilled inventors, rather perfecting what technology comes their way.
Most Depauns are polygots, often communities will speak languages they don’t need to know just because they enjoy it.

Colour you want your nation to be: Neon Greenish Yellow

>None due to Reed River’s backwater nature.
> Magic - Electromancy, biological ability to discharge electricity enhanced by skill and divine blessing.
> unique buildings - Hatchery, region in which dragons reproduce and grow up. Must be built in extreme oceanic depths.
> unique produced good - None of note
Now the city lies silent. The Meoswelium tried to make the nation a puppet, left their damned necromantic fungus to fester in the city, and forced the nation to elect a ‘king’. Little did they know the one elected was a homunculi. The humans left in the city were reborn as homunculi, died, or fled south. The great airfleets sent to protect some border from attack or protect the refugees south. The golem workforce of the nation freed. Always another demand, another plague, another heresy, another war, and never a moment to breathe. A slow death for a once great city; it was better to die free and gloriously. The Dictator of Arcadia declared freedom from the northern cultists, fully expecting an eventual death, but in response the messenger came back with word that they were not longer in the world they once knew.

what you did in your previous game: Created Earth magic, metal magic, golemancy, Vivimancy, and Light Magic. Traded for and improved upon: Mushroom magic, Water magic, fire magic, Life magic, Spirit magic, and magic circuitry. Created magical chimeras, including dragons as a new species, and invented airships. Built up the city into a single building city to protect it. Tried to hold up a crumbling nation from cults, enemies all around, diseases, and disasters.
After I left: Traded for myconic zombie control and shadow magic, got the shogun’s elemental magic.
speciality: Magic and Military might
what was your role in that world? Magocratic militarists, event punching bag, golem enslaver

The City: Arcadia
what differentiates this city from the rest of the nation it was part off: the once capital of the republic, home to the seat of power, biomancy labs, and built over the ages to survive many disasters.
what buildings were in the city? City construction was as a single building with magic sun lights to provide daylight for growing food, farms, golem factory, harbor, a theater, a mine, and a market.

Race/Races: Homunculi: A magical vivimantic creation of primordial slime that can mimic the biological functions of any creature it has absorbed a piece of before with a core binding the soul of a human mage.

Colour you want your nation to be: Blue

Tech - None
Magic - List too long. PMed it to you. +shadow magic and elemental magic from post leave.
unique buildings - golem factory
unique produced good - vivimantic pets, dragons
File: hatchery.png (909 B, 123x103)
909 B
909 B PNG
image for hatchery
Nation Submission
Pregame Nation: Republic of Sealand

Game: 3qm
Fluff/lore: Island city of Vance. A lot smaller and a lot less well developed than the main city. Still had fortifications and benefits from being effectively the front line in the war against pirates. Significantly more isolated as well, but trade was frequent.
What did you do: Invent heat, time, and most notably anti-magic as well as create some of the best ships for both water and skies.
Specialty: Naval combat, mercantile exploits, and inter-reality traveling

Role in the world: Naval superiority, magic counter and un-reality containment.

The city: Vance

How was it different from the main nation:
It was much smaller and had fewer resources. Two farms, a port, and a sturdy fort filled with atherium canons. It was a much smaller city that mostly got left behind in favor of technology and magic.

Buildings: look above

Race: Elves.

Color: Teal

Specialization: Magic
Heat, Time*, Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and anti magic. Elemental magic is non-specific but highly powerful
File: SubmarineHangar.png (4.06 MB, 2160x1080)
4.06 MB
4.06 MB PNG
Pregame Nation: Deep Realm
> Willie's Wasteland
> Deep Realm
> fluff/lore:
Union of surviving Navies, Research and Mining Stations of the old world that slowly devolved into a Federal Monarchy with feudalistic stylings under a shared naval culture, religion and goal: the reconquest of the land for Humanity. Individual Lord Admirals ruling over their submarine flotillas, stations and outposts like feudal lords while some stations are theocracies dedicated to a single deity of the Pantheon of the Deep, a kleptomanic religion of altered old world beliefs, pagan gods and novel and video game lore, and yet other stations and flotillas are part of the Free Holds and under a more democratic system.

Growing out of a union of the survivors of the nuclear war at sea, the many ships and navies of the world from both sides came together to survive at the single largest international research station deep below the ocean, a natural shield from the radioactive fallout at least for a while and from the worst of it. As they slowly cannibalized their surface fleet to expand the already gargantuan station as well as the creation of new ones they also began to cannibalize their own individual cultures for a shared new one as well as many more subservient ones.

To not make the most of it the then chief Grand Admiral of the Council intended to steer these developments into productivity and avoid cultural crisis, the creation myth of the Realm quickly became one of the goal to reclaim the Landmasses for humanity and promote the Code of Submariners to further glue the otherwise massively different population groups together through a sense of Identity, Duty and Honor.

Centuries ago the old meritocratic military junta made way for a more feudalistic federation and while merit and a military mindset has prevailed things such as status, wealth and ever complexer growing codes of high society conduct have been on the rise ever since the title of Grand Admiral has been transformed into that of Fathomking, a still elective ruler sourced from what the elites deem the best and brightest of their peers to rule over the Fathomhold which is still the economic center and by far most populated place in the entire realm, surrounded by thousands of comparatively tiny outposts and stations who swear fielty to the hundreds of somewhat nomadic flotillas

Many of these small stations and flotillas have organized around ethnic, cultural lines held together by noble lords of similar blood for more political influence in the Realm which came to form the 3 major Houses and 4 minor Houses from the pragmatic and disciplined deep-sea dwelling masters of convey Raiding that are the Störtes, the fiery and lively boarding specialists of the Hayreddin who lack any subtlety, the mercantile stoics of Nahkimov, who's "made by" label is always on at least a quarter on all products of any Submarine.
File: Deep_Realm.png (43 KB, 1073x720)
43 KB
The first among the minor houses are the dilligent workers and scientists of the Yangtzi followed by the he two faced multimedia moguls of the Kuroshio, the adventurous explorers and diplomats of the Salazar and the extremophile colonialist Gadjahs.

Some however fall into the 7th house of the Free Fleets, protected directly by the Fathomking they have long since lost the ability of ever providing one themselves but they do remain the only pieces of the old, republican, system fostered by von Köstler.
> what you did in your previous game: Scout nearby Islands and the open ocean of resources.
> speciality: Naval Military, Research and Mining
> Game died early, goal was to be a conquering invasion force before falling into a more sustainable niche

The City: Fathomhold
> Originally the largest Research Station of Humanity it was expanded and added on over the decades and remained the only actual sizable city in the realm, the remainder were small stations, forts, outposts and singular habitats overseeing agricultural areas. Serves as the seat of power and industrial bulk for the Realm.

> Public and Residential buildings were on top, just shy of reaching into the Epipelagial while most of the bulk of the city's Industrial sectors, hangars, moonpools and infrastructure is firmly in the Mesopelagial of the Oceanic Shelf it was built on, surrounded by swimming farms, Embassy holds of the various Lord Admirals and defensive installations from Torpedo Turrets and Sea-Mine Nets to Sonar-Cloaks immitating rock formations.

Race/Races: Humans and Human Mutants with minor aquatic adaptations, both usually equipped with Iron Gill cybernetics of varying quality to allow breathing of oxygen in water. This usually feels akin to breathing at moderate elevation but in worse models its closer to extreme altitude.

Colour you want your nation to be:
A greener Field-Grey HTML:4d6656
File: BarotraumaMadeSub.png (6.81 MB, 7064x2000)
6.81 MB
6.81 MB PNG
> Tech - Aquatic Habitation and construction to depth of up to 800 meters in common > construction and up to 3000 with great effort.
> Vertical Agriculture allow for efficient, three-dimensional farming in open waters. > Mining and Transport adapted towards aquatic environments with a proper sea-floor high speed train system to move people and cargo.
> Cybernetics are present in early stages and hard to hide, the most common piece being the Iron Gill, but limbs and sensory can be restored to full function as well.
> Weaponry is heavily focused around Torpedos, Rocketry and Drone-carried weaponsystems though all Nuclear ICBMs have been launched during the War there are still plenty of bunker busters meant to aid landing troops and most Submarines do still carry small surface cannons and laserguided anti-air and point defense laser systems independent from their rockets.
> For stealth the realm is largely focused on staying in the midnight zone and obscuring their sonar reflection or immitating the reflection of large animals or schools of fish and continously improve on their engines and hull shapes to allow them greater speeds at near no noise.
> Submarine Cruisers and Carriers are the largest submarines in the fleet of the Realm, while most Submarines of the Line already have multiple decks and can operate independently for months these metal giants even surpassed their surface cousins in scale at the cost of being unable to surface fully or enter very shallow waters but can function as mobile bases for smaller subs to refuel and repair at and can transport considerable amounts of People, Cargo, Firepower and in the case of Carriers even Jets and Helicopters.
> Magic - No Magic
> unique buildings - Shrine Stations, underwater monasteries who provide cultural services and produce specialized consumer goods such as sea-plant based alcohols and herbal remedies.
> unique produced good - Submarine Vehicles and Structures: everything from small Submarines akin to cars to Super Carriers, one-room housing to palaces. Seaplant based vegetables and spices as well as any edible sea life available in the southern hemisphere
File: The Nest.png (24 KB, 171x104)
24 KB
Turtles Ally

Lore - Iti, the beast-goddess of the sea and sister-in-name to Achroma, would swim laps around the world, gracing the land only to lay her clutch of eggs. One set of these eggs hatched with a curious awareness of the wider world. As sons and daughters of a shelled god, they took upon themselves knightly names and customs, becoming beings dedicated to martial honor. Thick armor and inexorable fortitude were their greatest assets, as well as a deep spiritual connection to both land and sea.

Tech - 1890's, same as Do'la, but held back by tradition and fixation on melee combat and honorable codes of conduct.
Magic - Earth/Water. Turtles (called Itikin) lived in burrows underground, as well as being aquatic. They could basically do earthbending and waterbending.

>Unique buildings/resources.
Their city held a mine of Faithsteel, which they conjured from pure will and devotion to their mother. It was an iron-like ore that made for excellent armor and defensive structures, as well as melee weapons. Strangely, it proved less effective when not worn by an Itikin, or when used for purposes apart from armor and melee weapons.

FLUFF - BTW, city was called The Nest, not Nestu. Nestu was a smaller city to their south.
Fluff: There’s nothing wrong with a bit of complacency. In a world where so much seems to be terrifying or where the streets twist and turn and you get lost on a familiar road.. nothing is better than being able to relax. Of course, relaxing has every potential to get you killed... one can never be too sure if a door that wasn’t there yesterday that is there today was newly installed or something your mind is just distorting into some form of madness. Lastly, it seems that slip weave... needs a bit more work, but that will come with time, and first, deals need to be completed.

1 action: Lumber Yard
A lumber yard for wooden constructions and much larger structures in general. Not to mention it will make various aspects of life easier from having wood for a fire, parchment for writing, and even just furnishings.

1 action: Develop Better short bows
Better short bows for easy use, good even in close range situations, and great for taking down a target from range with small precise arrows. What’s more... this technology, once developed, shall be given to the kingdom of Illyria in trade for having them make a proper trading route later as well as gaining half of their wealth for 5 turns once the road has been established
Pregame Nation: Mygros
game it was from: The Mgyros nation was played in Lux last NRP game called NRP 5.
name used now: The Megyrian assembly
fluff/lore: The Minotaurs of the city of Megyros are a long established race, for certain one of the noblest on all Syph. They are well known for their skills in the arts of sailing and agriculture. Their fertile valley between the rivers Praear and Vivus is second only to the Kingdom of Dybet nearby for yields, along with their impressive olive groves which provide the purest oil used as far north as Fraternia and Bertonia. Much of their farm produce is sold to their friend and ally the Oni of the West, and farther more specialized crops to the Gylden Dwarves. The Megyros Polis has been known to intervene in the conflicts of their neighbours on several occasions. Despite their hulking size and brute strength however, their interventions are usually of a humanitarian nature, providing medical aid and protection for non-combatants.. Much of their wealth comes from the agriculture of their fertile lands, along with their trade with the Oni, and their famous olive oil is exported throughout the whole of Syph via both sea and river.
Megryos is also home to the Earthsingers, an order of monks dedicated to the protection of the earth and nature who strive to understand the will of the earth.

what you did in your previous game: My city state focused on their agricultural and maritime sectors as a way to bring prosperity to their people, making sure that the agriculture was always sustainable and in harmony with their environment.
speciality: The minotaurs focused on trade and agriculture.
what was your role in that world?: The minotaurs always strove to help their neighbors and those in need while being one of the best breadbaskets on the continent.

The City: Megryos
what differentiates this city from the rest of the nation it was part off? Megryos was the governing heart and economic center of its nation.
what buildings were in the city? The city housed the central bank and mint and the governing center for its territories while being home to various embassies from other nations.

Slyph - shadow people.
Gylden Dwarves
Color you want your nation to be: Green.

Tech - The minotaurs were capable of using mundane methods to get a better yield from their crops than what was the norm.
Magic - The minotaurs has access to earth magic that was capable of terraforming “waste land” tiles to a more bountiful and temperate environment, and being able to mold the very earth into all shapes and structures.
unique buildings - The Durralatgjal dock is capable of housing all sorts of ships no matter the size with the capability to repair them.
unique produced goods - A rare plant that was found north of the city that had various psychedelic properties.
NPC nation:
Thanedom of Vogazdun (formerly the town of Vogazdun of the Gylden Dwarves)
Among the cities of the Gylden Dwarves Vogazdun was a relative backwater. Originally founded by particularily stubborn dwarves the town, with its great walls, prided itself in having never been taken by an enemy... despite the fact that no enemy had ever arrived. In the later empire the town was used to train warriors to fight in conflicts such as the craver wars. They trained mainly specialists like crossbowdwarves as cities nearer to actual conflict had better training regiments for infantry and could be posted for alert. The Thanedom is led by a Thanvulder, also known to foriegners as a Thane. The city was influenced by the nearby Tarnish city of Roodkhane which itself had an extremely militaristic culture. (infact the city was fortified when it was founded incase of an assault by Roodkhane) This all led to the military taking the reigns once the town was transported to its new world, with scouting and construction work taking up most of the time of the excess male population. The Vogazdum Dwarves still since songs passed down from old wars, many about Gnaven the revered ancestor of combat, strops, tantrums and grudges. Of whom the Thane of Vogazdun claims descent from.
With the forces of nature and wild beasts to test their mettle upon the stubborn spirit of Vogazdun is renewed.
Buildings: Fortified city, farms, mine, brewery
> Union of Astray
On a day like no other fishermen sailed out to hunt whales, but by the time the sun set they they were sailing homr, there was no home. Traethllwyd was gone, brought to a new world, intended to be a fresh start away from harship to continue their story, things were not as simple. For some reason 7 of the cities brough to this world, from 7 difffere worlds felt a pull to one anoher and collided, buildings and even people overlapped. Those lead astray were the only ones greeted with chaos…. not hope in this world.
The Children of Fawn woke up in a frozen wasteland not much different from the one they left, just instead of dwarves, to the north they encountered a very different people. The Harean’Yi were the first they met, tiny bearlike folks, in contrast to the towering foxes. Their society restrictive and even more religious. This story would be same for all. The Verhal and Verstrack ripped out of their famillial dynastic politics instead would instead be surrounded by varrying humanoid races on all side. (all predominatly composed of cute anime girls with a minority male poppulation which tottaly is important you guys)
The odd-one out among the 7 nations of theu nion would be the people from Heidekerk aan Zee, where all their neighbours come from fantastic origins they come from a modern world. From a nation focused on space exploration, although besieged by demons on all seas a nation whcih prided itself in their airfoece and video games, now they lay stranded between a sea of barbarians who would neither know what a demon nor a video console is… though oddly enough a familliar face might lay closer to them than anyone else.

Soon after commming to this world the 7fold union formed, the Union of the Astray. Swallowing their resetbment lingering from all the death that came during the transport they deiced to cooperate under one governament to manage survival in this harsh world together. How will the one ones wronged during the isekaying manage? Will this unlikely union-states survive, thrive even?

> All your fucking stats
Pop, Tech, Magic, Wealth, Diplo
Fawn: 4/5/6/9/6
Sokchon: 14/4/4/2/5
Termhelm: 4/5/8/5/2
Heidekerk: 2/10/2/5/4
Breksos: 4/5/10/4/8
Gradütz: 5/5/5/5/5
Salivanids: 4/4/5/8/10

Challenge: keep yourself from imploding

Stuff needed to restart shut down buildings:
> Space port
-rocket factory (requires iron, situational metals and energy)
-hydrogen factory (reuires water access and energy)
-aeronatuics university
-3 energy
> Steel mill
-iron (access to coal)
> Deseptracons Empire
In the world where they came from they were aliens, distant from the life that came from Tarnia, yet somehow familliar. Machines which would take on forms of 20th and 21st century vehicles powered by the misterious substance engraon which both fascilitated their reproduction and powered all their advanced technology.

Although that was not enough to keep the mighty Deseptracons from comming in conflict with the Idla worshippers and all their lackeys, before the war truly started KRA-AON envelopped in a ray of light not disssimilar from their portals reppeared in a foreign place. A maiden world filled with jungles and seemingly devoid of native intelligent life, a world without true cosmos, as the moon and sun appear more like ilussions in the sky.

A world rich in magic, but devoid of Engraon. On it the Deseptracons must seek to survive and thrive once more.

Challenge: Find material to replace engraon until you do you can’t breed, use any advanced tech etc.

Stuff needed to restart shut down buildings:
> Powerplant
some energy-producing substance, you can even use your coal mine
> Robot & machine parts factory
-situational metals
- energy
> Portal supplies
-machine parts
-gems and radioactive material aviable
> Portal
-5 energy
-portal supplies

> Stats
Pop: 2
Tech: 15
Magic: 0
Wealth: 8
Diplo: 3
> Neo-Tarnish Homestead
Children of Tarnia, flung far away from home, byt the guidance of the idola… you made it somewhere. Your colony ship on it’s way to make heed on a new world has made it to a world more distant than any other one dimessions away beneeth a flat moon and sun is your new home.

Your colony ship lays in ruins and the virtual realities which once were your pride and immortality are now no more than prison. Panick stuck the people in virtual reality. Was it their fate to live out their las days trapped unable to do anything as electrcity slowly runs out?

Finally fumbling around managed to present an unorthodox solution… a museum on the colony ship contained ancient robots. Greanian Rovers from the early 2000’s which were used to explore the first planets, maid robots, roombas, primitive androids and even war-bots, many of which can be powered with solar power or with small nuclear or tesla reactors letting them chug along. These museum pieces are currently the last hope of your nation, you need to find someone else on this barren maiden world who would help you produce robots and give you access from the world of the digital to the world of the physical.
Stuff needed to restart shut down buildings:
> church&city
have 1 pop
> idola merch factory
-1 energy
> museum robots
-situational metals
-1 energy
> nanites
-circuts(gold,situational metals)
-access to radioactive materials
> virtual reality interfaces
-situational metals
-2 energy
> fusion powerplant
-hydrogen (requires hydrogne factory, which requires 1 energy and water access)

Challenge: Get a pop and rebuild yourself from there.
> Stats
Pop: 0
Tech: 16
Magic: 0
Wealth: 12
Diplo: 5

> Kingdom of the Black Forrest
Transported from a hellsih world of plague, mosters and mushroomloving Koreans those of the Black Forrest and their human allies soon find a new home in the forrests of this world. This world seems moch more tranquill and peaceful than their previous one and lack of modern tech made adaptation easy… if anyone thinks this place is a godsent its the KBT and Conclave. let’s hope things stay as peaceful as they are.

To get your factory going you need access to coal or charcoal.

> Stats
Pop: 15
Tech: 2
Magic: 4
Wealth: 2
Diplo: 10

> Cravic Remains
From a world in slumber yet not forgotten come the crawling horrors. Be it a granted scape from a stagnat reality or their own way to evolve past it to ascend to continued growth. Is it their god who has brought them here or a foreign one?
As of now this is a virgin world, teaming with it’s own unique life and resources, though just as the cravers came here from a foreign universe did any follow them? Are there others from other worlds? What crazy biological adaptations could those posess, those from realities foreign and possibly much harsher than our own?

May new grant structures of flesh arise with a new caspet of gore covering this maiden world.

> Stats
Pop: 5
Tech: 5
Magic: 10
Wealth: 6
Diplo: 6
> The Umbral Theocracy
Maybe not comming from the harshest world… as it was one dominated by the great white puff, but certainly comming from a dark harsh place. The people of We’vara would awaken in an unfamilliar place, gone is the dark forrest of their home. The sunlight would blind them, it was a virgin world.

Soon out of reflex they would hide, only to realize the dark voices accosting them have not come along. The relief of the situation is soon followed by panic, the shadow beings rush to the temple of Achroma to see if their divine has come with them, he has. They are relieved, but as they enter his chamber they… they hear him conversing with someone. His back turned away his large body hiding a gentle cold light. He is talking to something. As soon as your presence is noticed though the pitch darkness returns and Achroma faces you, as usual.

Further investigation of this world reveals that your allies the turtles have also been transported. Onlly enough their city had been about to be attacked when they woke up here.

> Stats
Pop: 4
Tech: 7
Magic: 7
Wealth: 6
Diplo: 10
> Rismier Emergency Governament
A city besieged from all sides. How long has it been since the war started? Demons piling up against the makeshift walls and their endless swarms being held up at the trenches, holy blessed gunfire and imported soulong destroyign weponry making the demon cropses pile up… well they just evaporate after a bit. This only made the hordes seem more hopeless, demonic artillery had damaged the nuclear powerplant, turning uranium resaerves meant to last a decade into nothing more than a radiation hazard.

In the Rismier cathedral a lone nun prayed, and a light encolopped the city. The demons were gone, everything was gone. A blinding light envelopped Rismier and the people woke up on a new topography at the foot of a grand mountain. Enviromental readings showed no sign of industrial pollution in the air and magic much stronger than what they had before. Most importantly there were no demons. The citizens scambled to keep the city running as the nuclear powerplant slowly shut down rerouting privately owned tesla generators to fuel what was needed.

Isolated and with most their modern technology compromised things might look not perfect for the Greanians at first, but this world was a new chance to live few would aver dare to consider wasting.
> Stuff needed to restart shut down buildings:
-Radioactive materials
Infantry equipment factory
-1 energy
Furniture factory
-1 energy
-wood (a woodmill)

> Stats
Pop: 3
Tech: 10
Magic: 0
Wealth: 5
Diplo: 9

> The Lyraran theocracy of Depau
The Dragons of the City of Reed river would feel an earthquake before a flash of light wakes them up in a fireign land far from home. being a drontier city reliant of trade they panic more than possibly needed, the dragons take to the seas and skies and luckily soon find a spot suitably deep to lay their eggs in and interestingly enough discover that the deeper you dive the more magic you find… the ocean in the region too seems to all be part of a gianormous whirpool, from how weak the sideways pull is and the angle of the circle the Depau expect the diameter of the whirlpool to be around the size of a small continent and the epicenter itself being a few weeks travel by air up north.

The influence of the whirlpool can be seen in the air itself. Maybe in this world the naval ambitions of the Depau will find more use… though they also might meet some more viscious rivals. the exploration also reveals some opium-pipe smoking Tarnish right across the channel. the poor bastards just as confused as you have been thrown into this world, it is reassuring to have a fanilliar face in this new place, though this creates the question if maybe sme enemies too were puleld along?

> Stats
Pop: 3
Tech: 5 (access to restoration mechanic)
Magic: 5
Wealth: 8
Diplo: 10
> Arkadic Dictatorship
If the previous world was hell then the Aradians were the ones condemned to it’s deepest ring. Their bad luck unmatched, and their arrogant agressive attitude hated by all their neighbours.

In a world plagued by war and… well plague, of dimming suns the once humans persevered. They became perfect beyond mortal and beyond undead, beyond golem they forced themselves to avoid. They became as close to invincible as magic could take them. Now they wake up in a world without much in it, one that is quiet. No industrial, magical pollution plague the air, no hypermutated plagues roam the land. It’s a 2nd chance to thrive and advance will the reward for hell be heaven? If they meet others from their cursed past will they choose to forgive and forget or to fester an eternal grudge?

> Stats
Pop: 2 (can’t breed)
Tech: 1
Magic: 15
Wealth: 4
Diplo: 6

> Republic of Sealand
From a world of chaos the Sealanders are brought to the new world. Far from the Spherist tinkerings of Meoswilum they awake in a virgin land. The backwater city of Vance previous vanguard against piracy once more ready to thrive. One thing the elves quickly notice is… all things that were of N’l are gone. Explosions work differently to how they used to, time magic does not work and everyday objects they took for granted such as the singing ropes don’t work.

For better or worse though the Aetherite crystals and farm are still there and working as they did before though now they don’t just simply spring into nails when broken. The tiny sharp nails shoot out in all directions spreading even faster. Either way ships should fly and gravity weapons work, other forms of magic also seem unaffected. The Sea Elves are left to wonder about this new world.

> Stats
Pop: 5 (can’t breed)
Tech: 7
Magic: 10
Wealth: 10
Diplo: 6
> Deep Realm
The Irradiated seas have rotten the humans of the deep realm forced them to adopt cybernetics. They survived and thrived though as masters of the sea. A flash of light appeared beneeth the waves one day, most thought it was finally the nukes getting to them here to hunt them down to the last, but minutes later it was as if nothing had happened.

The mechanics started checking the equipment furiously. Was it broken? Why is it showing radiation levels near 0? The water and food purrification system has turned itself off, the programming detecting no contamination. Children flock to the thick glass windows of their undeground city and the murky greenish water willed with mutated beasts is instead filled with tropical colourful fish with no cancers of blemishes.

Not all is sunshine and rainbows though the wave-generators are enough to keep basic life support running, but there is no source of fissile material for the nuclear powerplant, with that production of both naval vessels and cubernetics is halted.

> Stuff needed to restar buildings
-radioactive materials
Uboat Factory
-1 energy
-oil and gas
-2 energy
-situational metals

> Stats
Pop: 8
Tech: 11
Magic: 0
Wealth: 3
Diplo: 4

> Mygrian Assembly
Comming from the same land as the Shadowfolk coem the minotaurs, though they are merely the majority race. The Oni Slyph and Gylden inhabit the Capital Mygros all the same, one day they would dissapear, suddnely thinking back that the same had happened weeks prior to the Slyph capital in their world, yet upon arrival they were not waiting for them.

Stuck on a boiling island in the middle of nowhere the Minotaurs might b=panic at first, but soon they woudl see many of their friends suffered the same off fate. be it the Gylden of Rodedenum, We’isla of the Slyph and beshiyado of the Oni hopefully they will manage to survive and thrivbe together and who knows> Maybe the We’isla will even find their old kin once more?

As for the Minotaurs, meeting new friends and less so friends in this world awaits them.

> Stats
Pop: 5
Tech: 6
Magic: 6
Wealth: 10
Diplo: 16
File: 1606247241324.jpg (249 KB, 1693x1080)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Turn 1 Free Expansion: Inland and upriver.
1. Explore the land we now find ourselves in using dragon riders.
We can not stand still even if our fates have changed greatly. We can thank whatever patron brought us to this land later, when we are able to ascertain what situation we were dropped in, and who knows maybe we can find a way to truly thank them later. To dragon backs now, we must first find out more of where we are and what resources we have available beyond just jungles and trees.
2. Search for resources.
Not sure what's up, anyway yeah so like some guys land from a spaceship and just start blast'n
They've got green skin and two appendages on their heads
You find the rat like creatures you have attacked will not die. Despite being half blown up they assault the aliens. Even after they are incinerated by a spaceman microwave gun they only come back as ghosts. Assaulting the spacemen in their very souls.
Its a massacre.
Noone escapes alive. All the rats succumb to their wounds. And as ghosts they reincarnate elsewhere.
Later more rats stumble upon the carnage and loot the weapons… this mysterious event would serve as a warning to the rat folk to not trust laser lobbing outsiders… and would be told for generations
(yes this is canon)
The Wolfkin of the Black Forest scout their surroundings, particularly climbing the mountain next to Kuroi Mori. They see mountains, waters, and nothing but forests inbetween. There is not an empty plain in sight, it's all forests. They also spot the signs of civilisation dotted around the place, but yeah, there's forests everywhere. When they relay this to king Yuuka Daikyo, she concludes that this must be the realm of the Black Forest, an infinite expanse of forest inside a forest. Perhaps there will come the day when we go back into the Black Forest and bring the fight to our fungal foe. But for now, we have been presented an opportunity to rebuild, and we will not let it go to waste.

Action 1: Provide manpower to Hastung Orbital Works, establish Azure Star Clan, with the blue Chestnut leaf as their symbol.
With no immediate threat, the Wolfkin bring back forth old grudges. Still, in a time of peace it is good to work through these, held on ice for so long during the fungal scourge. However, in the midst of this, strange golems came from the northwest, bearing strange baubles of simple design but immaculate craft. The Wolfkin known as Hikari Nakajima met with them and soon gathered herself a clan to go work for them. Or, if they disappoint her, raid them for whatever wealth they have. They will call themselves the Azure Star Clan, and paint on their shield a blue Chestnut leaf.

Action 2: Expand territory, west and south.
As parts of the population leaves with Hikari, king Yuuka Daikyo is reminded of how cooped up the Wolfkin must be, all crammed into the forest. So instead of waiting for the next person to come snatch away a chunk of her people, she has a colonisation effort started. Wolfkin flood into the surrounding lands, making homesteads and towns, gathering wood and growing food, as well as some good ol' fashioned hunting. These people spread so fast even the elite warriors of the Black Forest struggle to keep control over such an expanse of land. But better to have too many Wolfkin, than too few. We can rein them in later. For now, it is time to thrive and grow, and build the numbers necessary should another threat emerge.
The Cravers shake themselves awake in the glorious splendor of a new world, their heads beaten but unbowed, may Grist'thomir be praised! They have survived the sky born immolation of Sigod, now only to survive here.

1. Sending Kostr, the squat two armed crocodilians of the Charnel Lands down the river, and a few Cravers and Chern'bolg to guard them; we scout down the river, exploring this new land and searching for fresh life to study and bring into the flesh union.

>Shroomish'alat Research

We still have samples of the old acidic slime that was converted and used for our gastric casters and cannons. It will be some time before we dig a proper housing pit for the corrosive living goo and get production of the casters ready, to help protect ourselves in this new land. For now however, we merely study and learn more of the Cravic converted slime, preparing to make a slime pits to contain it and be ready for harvesting. We done it before, we can do so again, but it is like the slumbering Lord of Flesh once said "new world, new rules".

When the cathedral was ripped out of space it crashed to the world below, none of the organic staff on board survived.

Chaos and confusion resulted, datamoats breached, heptographic interfaces overloaded and connections were denied, the remaining engrams left to simply drain power and cannibalise eachother as the hours tick down to their inevitable demise…

Instead of that, the civilised engrams hatched a plan, unified by civility and the knowledge that only they can save their beloved Idola S.H.I.N.E. Roko!, who’s wetware was damaged by the collapse.

The deal struck with the natives proves the worth of this plan, with the Azure Star Clan now taking up residence in the colonies. Reactor breaches are sealed, cables reconnected, the immediate threat of collapse averted, and most importantly S.H.I.N.E. Roko! restored from her injuries.

Action 1: Wolfkin Integration

The most trusted of the wolfkin who integrate into the colony are given the greatest responsibilities, armed with educations, tools and AI guidance and sent into the most dangerous portions of the colony to deal with rogue AI’s and malicious hackers.

Over time the Azure Leaf Clan become learned, taught mostly engineering and cyberdefence, concepts well above anything they could have dreamed of.

Action 2: Technological Restoration (1/?)

The data-vaults are besieged by myriad-code and deliberate tampering. Suspicions are raised of intentional sabotage to the ship resulting in the crash being as bad as it was.

These suspicions can be investigated at a later date, for now the guiding voice of S.H.I.N.E. Roko! tasks a crack division of Wolfkin Shooters to bring relief to the vaults, whiteslate irrecoverable servers and literally blast malfunctioning security droids to pieces with laser guns so that Hastungs technology can be accessed.
File: expand 1.png (48 KB, 784x712)
48 KB
>free expansion
the rest of the island the dragons rest upon is colonized. its interrior remains mostly untapped but its coasts bustle with the construction of homes and personal docks.
The dragons test the trees, do they seem good for the construction of boats and houses?
>create fishery in the bay (farm? idk)
With the deeps secure in the meantime the nation sets its sights on the fertile sea. It is named by the dragons "Kliemedius" meaning "bountiful sea". Many adult dragons take to the seas hunting. To them it is a most wonderful job as the fauna are plentiful, the nature is beautiful and the food of fine taste. So then instead of establishing farming early on it is fishing which makes up the vast majority of the earliest food industry and diet of the nation.
>Scout out the bay and up its rivers
With the ease the dragons can get food at this stage it is only right that they, as according to what tradition the elders remember of arrival, search out for other societies with which to benefit from. To know... to understand... to exploit? We shall see...
Fuck, it had elements of the Final Fantasy movie in it and reminded me of Stargate when SG-1 captures and studies Ja'fa weapons
File: 6-8.jpg (283 KB, 1280x906)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
With the city stabilizing in the immediate aftermath, the REG council; made up of what Graenian Armed Forces command and senior civilian officials were in the city at the time of it's disappearance, had begun to talk about just what the hell was to be done. With the fleet in the bay having made contact shortly after their re-emergence, the issue of security in the bay was more or less solved. The largest issue currently was resources. Without sufficient resources, continued production and maintenance would be impossible. Fortunately, they had one thing that many did not. Helicopters. Large ones.

1. Search for Nuclear material. Uranium, Thorium, it doesn't matter; the reactor was a universal one designed to eat just about any form of Radioactive element to produce power.

2. Begin searching for materials related to production. Oil, Iron, Titanium, Copper, etc.
Free Expansion:
To the north and East.
File: Claims.png (139 KB, 1359x1071)
139 KB
139 KB PNG

Free Expansion - 8 hexes to the NorthWest. The mountains have often held the most precious of metals, their towering peaks hiding rich seams of goodies from the darkness below. This strange new land will serve Achroma's appetite, as did the old!
>Action 1 - Build Dock in the East.
Still, one can't mine on an empty Stomach. The shadowfolk of We'vara are a CIVILIZED people, and the city losing access to the daily food imports of luxury meats and vegetables has hit them hard! Farming takes time, and skill, to do! A fish, however, can be caught and cooked that same day! Much safer than hunting too!

>Action 2 - Prospect territory.
This land is strange and new, but the Shadows have always found the world outside their shrouded grove to be this way. They ventured forth from the comforts of the dark once before, they can do so again! Glowing eyes will pierce the darkness, keenly scouring the land for what may be of value, both for the people of We'vara, and the great umbral beast, Achroma.

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