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File: sketch.png (118 KB, 1709x1181)
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Theme: https://youtu.be/Wyu_b0tw8uQ

The year is 3209 of the reign of God-King Sherold The Fat.

By the will and grace of the previous God-King, Enoch the Immortal; Our world, Evergreen has been frozen for hundreds of years.

Gahan is one of the remaining mega-provinces that took up the structures of the old-world, stretching from it's volcanic surface to it's abyss-depths.

More than 300 Million people live in the ruins of the old world, making it new. Enoch's perogatives transformed Gahan into the colonial mining outpost into the powerhouse forges of the Kingdom's planet. An unbroken burrow of furnaces, carvings, caves, veins, breathing life and industry into the dining world of the now isolated planet.

Enoch's perogative allowed for the old-world technologies to be adapted into the good of his realm. The old and new put to the task of sustaining his right to rule and the well-being of his subjects.

Nano-transen, 7-Sisters, TNC, Tri-Net, all corporations were cut-off from their assets and given to those who knew how to use them, at the exchange of power and status in this new world order.

Within Gahan, in the remnants of deep-mining veins and pits, lie 12 "Clusters". Each Cluster houses a portion of the population in mega-structures containing libraries, bars, drugdens, domiciles, everything a mega-city deserves to thrive. Each of these Clusters is ruled by a Doge and each Doge is a member of the Duodecim Council. This is the 48th Iteration of the Council, after purging the control of the Tyrant-Doge.

The Clusters were a prosperous place, breathing steel and smelting to the new world. Before more exotic elements were discovered to the north. Now no more than a giant furnace, Gahan's main export is crime and smelting. Crushed under it's own weight and burdened by it's greed, the Clusters convulse, desperately trying to cling to life.

It's citizens live in fear...
Serfs, Revolutionaries, The Gangs, The Houses, The Inquisition, The Heretic...
In this Cluster, Cluster of ORE-CO (LTD), the Cerberon are the only things fighting to maintain order and banish the evil that lays in the caverns of the subterranean caverns that share their home with the subjects of Gahan...

This is your home.
File: sketch.png (292 KB, 2117x1001)
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292 KB PNG
"The cremators contacted the morticians, they pulled up the subjects file, here's their background, my lord..."

Meister Serpico's voice sounded out in it's lispful and submissive tone. You recognized it in between your blurred vision, you were having trouble coming to...

>NAME: TBA : Project X-Pulse
>Race: (Input Needed)
Gink - Asian Descendance of the Colonizers of Evergreen, renown for their great numbers, skills with electronics and tendency to survive just about anywhere. Slurs: Gink, Locust, Chink

Gahan: Descendants of Africans on Evergreen, natives to Gahan. Some claim they were born black due to the excess of smoke and coal, claiming they were originally white skinned. Enoch was a notorious fan of their hip-hop music. Renown for their strength, ability to jump and tendency to violence. They are favorites for bodyguards and hitmen alike. Slurs: Toad, Groid, Darkie

Space Ukranian: Original Descendants of the Colonizers of Evergreen. Natives to the planet, they have no real specialty other than being everywhere. Slurs: Cracker, Whitey, Bitch

Lomos: Descendants of Original Constructors of Evergreen. Latin-ethnics, renown for their hardiness and willpower. They laid the foundation of Evergreen before Enoch was born. They're a dieing breed now, only a few remain.
Slurs: Rape-babies, Wetbacks, Pedros, Guidos

>Age: Irrelevant
>Background: (Input Needed)

A typical thug of the Cluster, street-wise, gun-shooting, fist-fighting. Do what you need to survive down here.

Desk Jockey
Numbers man, computer worker. Earned a decent wage for your literacy and ability to type quick, even scored a few bucks breaking and hotwiring some Information Terminals every now and then.

300 mp/h automated ore delivery system, giving what every Cluster needs in a matter of minutes. Your job was to sit in these mega-trucks and ride the Charge-way. You're hardy, know your way around a gun, mostly acting as security for any Charge-Thugs that wanted to steal precious cargo.

You had no job, but you survived this long, somehow.

(Awaiting Input)
>Race: Gink

Master race, go!

>Background: Cluster-Ganger
>Desk Jockey
>Charger Driver
The booming voice of the midget, Lord & CEO of ORE-CO, Doge Shaequir responded.

"10,000 golden obols and this is all you can salvage?"

You see his small frame toss some documents to the floor, clearly in disbelief and stress.

The stammering voice of Meister Serpico responded, hunching over to gather the documents.

"I-I can assure you sir, the brain was PERFECTLY preserved. Re-really, the only thing damaged on the subject was...
>Input required, choose from Pic Related.

Surprisingly well-off for a Ginkese who was scavenged from that recent gang-war in sector 32-C...

I can assure you sir, this funding WON'T be to waste. I've calculated it, he'll be a great tool to us- I-... To you, my lord!

Meister Serpico's blob and hunched sillohuette came into view. He was the child of the last school of the Meisters. The last of his kind really, years of inbreeding to make the most loyal super-calculated human minds wreaked havoc on the already degraded human genome. Throw in unapproved sex of the Meisters, you end up with people like Serpico...

You began to unblur your vision... something was different, you could feel something, but not entirely...
(Awaiting Input)
>Left eye
File: preload.png (1.13 MB, 2974x2326)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Your left eye suddenly snaps on, as does the rest of your body.

You're hit with an initial wave of shock, but that emotion is as quick to arrive as it is to leave.
Your memory is flushed with these core principles, taking over your very being.

Your eyes open.

You are strapped to a bed frame, your right arm is free. You feel the rest of your body, there are some grafted metal parts on it. You recoil, as the sluggishness of your brain catches up to your new found lucidity.

"Oh! The Strange Organ is powering him now. See my lord? He's as functional as I promised. Even still has social functions, he doesn't need to eat, drink or sleep, but is clearly capable. The inquisition won't suspect a thing. Since his brain is technically alive, he's not considered AI. Practically and legally, ur... legal."
Serpico glanced over you with pride, fidgeting and touching the bits of exposed metal electronics on your body, tapping and glancing over at a nearby terminal.

"So... the gink's working then, playa'?" Doge Shaequir continued to smoke and light his cigar. The two cerberon observed silently, one enjoying some water from his camelpack.

"Yes, my good Doge! Infact, his para-social programing should be functional now!" Serpico exclaimed with enthusiasm before approaching.

"Pulsar Project... what is your NATO Name?"

Serpico questioned in a stern and commanding tone, but his face betrayed that tone. He was clearly excited, anxious and hopeful.
(Awaiting Input)
File: preload.png (3.21 MB, 3243x2759)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB PNG
"Sierra... He chose Sierra. He's alive..."
Serpico glanced with an unbelieved sense of pride. Then, looking back at the Doge, expecting some sort of praise.

"The gink can talk, good, now 'ave the playa blast the dummy."

Serpico fumbles, reaching down to your naked body, on your right thigh is a large segment of metal, smoothed and bearing the engraved word LEGAX. Tapping it, Serpico takes your hand and retrieves a pistol, securely fastening your grip to it.

Your hand begins to naturally elevate, holding the gun in a steady and firm grip. Suddenly digital coding flashes on your sight as the database of the gun and your processing unit synchronize.

You hear a loud beep from the gun, as well as some menu items, appear in your sight.

"Sierra-Pulse... SP, you will be assigned to sweep this Cluster's sector until reaching the Central Reserve. There has been an uprise of lawbreakers, revolutionaries, and even heretics.

Your primary, the Legax Mulcher is extremely rare, you will be able to safely store the item in this Obsidian Alloy container, do NOT let anyone take it from you. It has been ID Imprinted to your hands alone, but losing it will cost a fortune.

We need to deal with these before the Inquisition realizes how bad things are out of hand, or worse if any of the other cluster's realize how weakened we are..."

Serpico explained...

"Then we're fucking capped." Doge Shaequir stated bluntly. "So we needs ta' see if you as real as a low-rida' as your paper says you are before we kit you up or shut down this booollshit ass experiement. So shoot the damn target. I want to see a disarming shot, now, playa'."

(Awaiting Input)
>Shoot the target in both hands, multiple times at where anything might be shoulder-mounted, and twice in the head
File: sketch.png (182 KB, 457x695)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
>After a few moments of analysis, the time given allows your processors to correctly synchronize your weapon, successfully orchestrating your action with precise efficiency.

> (22/30) GP...

Serpico stares in awe at the results, the Doge seems please, the Cerberon have their hands on their side-arms.

Serpico Stammers
"It-It shot it's head... N-NOT to worry my lord! We c-can simply up it's empathy features, t-thus making it impossible for it to kill a civilian. S-since this was a disarming req-qu-..."

"Nonsense, Serpico, my cracka' your machine smarter than you foo'! He knows that thing ain't alive. Naaaw, he'll do just fine... Get him suited, send him out with a Cerberus, field-drive playa'... field-drive." Doge Shaequir chuckled, tossing his half-finished cigar to the ground.

"You ready for that, SP? Ready to kill some niggas? Shoot the dummy in the balls." The Doge obliged.

(1d20 Roll for an immediate shot or pause for the machine to calculate the shot)
Rolled 20 (1d20)

File: sketch.png (327 KB, 1683x1040)
327 KB
327 KB PNG

>Max Roll 20
>A rapid, concise and accurate shot lands on the dummy's balls, leaving the cock intact.

The doge chuckles loudly.
"Get this mothafucka' suited. He ready."

>You feel your conscious fading away as you slip back to your sleep...
File: sketch.png (1.21 MB, 1904x1686)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG

Theme: https://youtu.be/lfO7Gw_m2SY

You awake, what seemed like a blink has you set up elsewhere.

You feel the substantial weight of body-armor and equipment clinging to you.

A Cerberus in front of you calls out as you ears seem to flush out whatever was blocking them.

"Officer Sierra, are you ready?"

He glares at you for a moment, seemingly realizing you're awake.

"Can't believe they put the rookie with me. Listen, we got complaints. Unlawful consumption, homeowner has some brat kids ingesting narcotics from their pusher uncle whose been squatting in their domicile for months now. They want them out."

The officer positions himself against the door.

"Teens should be unarmed, but the uncle is a known scrapper, could be bearing small-fire. They're all citizen-class, so subduing is priority, but if fire-fight breaks out, we need to neutralize any threats."

He nudges his head towards the flimsy wooden-door. The sound of blaring music and laughing can be heard from within.

"Insert when ready, Sierra."
>Take the opposite side of the door from our partner and nod for him to begin the breach.
File: sketch.png (342 KB, 1106x1535)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Your partner immediately breaks the door with a solid strike, sending the lock in a frenzied array of directions.

The officer unleashes a bolt from his Sparq-19, stunning a resident, sending him to the ground with a thud in-mix with his vibrating screams.

"Serf and two civvies, sweeping the right, give these three their due process then rendezvous with me, going to check downstairs."
File: sketch.png (750 KB, 2273x1715)
750 KB
750 KB PNG

As you insert into the living room, there are three people in front of you as your partner sweeps further into the domicile.

A woman is panicking, hyper-ventilating and distraught kneeling down on the ground.

The man shot with the sparq-beam is convulsing and gripping at the shot-wound tightly, the scent of burnt flesh filling the room quickly. He foams at the mouth in anguish screaming half-insults and agonized cries.

The young man leans over, crawling towards the man then peering at you with fearful eyes.

(Awaiting Input)
>"Lie flat on the floor with your arms out, citizens. You are under arrest for suspicion of armed robbery, violation of parole, and possession and usage of illegal substances. Do not resist."

>Ziptie the robbery suspect, parolee and druggie in that order, keeping your robot brain augments directed to calculate firing solutions for each entrance to the room
File: sketch.png (361 KB, 1673x1122)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
>You begin to firmly lay out your command.

While the mother splayed herself uncomfortably, distinctly laying on her back to avoid her bulging womb, the young man reaches the fire-arm stored in his uncle's pants. Quickly beginning to aim the pistol at you, catching you off-guard as you had directed some processing power towards the entryways' of the room.

The young man screams, while the uncle through gritted teeth protests, trying to reach the young man's arm to no avail.

(Awaiting Input)
File: Imadumbass.jpg (81 KB, 1078x540)
81 KB
Oops forgot namefagging
Roll was a 15
>stun him
File: sketch.png (375 KB, 1647x1158)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
[SPARQ 4/5]
The shot resounds with it's trademark spark-sound. The bolt casts itself into the young man's chest sending backwards with an intense force. The smell of burnt flesh is immediately intensified as the bolt burns up the impact area.

The young man manages a vibrated yell, but his mouth soon clenches as the Sparq-Shot does it's work, sending volts of electricity through the body, causing the young man to lock up.

"S-S-Shit! F-FUCK, Arthur!" The older man reaches for him, attempting to touch him but ultimately exhausted and weary of the coursing electricity through the young man's body.

The woman let's out a shriek, "ARTHUR! YOU KILLED HIM, YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!" As the pistol lands in between her legs.

>Attempted Assault on Cerberus
1 month added to charge, with 30 lashes as corporal punishment.

(Awaiting Input)
>"Your relative is incapacitated and will survive, with additional charges for attempted assault. I recommend you do not attempt the same."

>Continue with zipping the criminals, still holding attention on the doors. Ensure a pat down is conducted of each after they are immobilized
Supporting >>5264236
Thanks for running.
Thanks for running, QM.

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