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File: A World Without Intel.png (276 KB, 4500x2592)
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276 KB PNG
>October 2031
The world is in a state of absolute chaos, of intensity which has not been felt or witnessed since 2016 or 2008. The last 700 days has seen the fall of multiple regimes in Europe, some places unified, some places divided and then unified again. 2016 saw almost all of Asia plunged into war, for good or bad. Now almost three entire continents are gripped in war, with a fourth if you count Australia or Oceania.

>Rumors of Military Pacts
While 1991 saw the death of the Soviet Union, and 2008 saw the death of NATO, the European Union, and the Peoples Republic of China.... The last 20 years have seen the rise the rise of military pacts, of strong, specific, ideological "dreams" for the world. North America is pitted against South America, and Europa is pitted against itself.

>One Person
One person can make a difference, one group or community even more so. There are so many rumors about things that can not be explained easily, about technology or processes that can change the fate of the world. Being in the right place at the right time could be enough to get access to these mysterious advantages, which put the current "Great Powers" where they are.

>No Intel
Despite this, there appears to be a lack of information at the moment. The internet and dark web appear to not be reachable at the moment, your memory is currently fuzzy, and your books are currently few in number or in storage (Assuming you read much at all). Maybe you were out drinking, because currently you can't remember where you are.

>Faction Construction
Loading Faction Construction,
>Faction Construction

Your laptop seems to be able to get power now, and it seems some of your software is working too, the screen is visible as well.... So far so good... Your memory seems to be coming back as well, which is another plus. Things are looking up, perhaps. Hopefully?

You are....Some kind of leader, and you either shaped the faction you lead based on your own personality and viewpoint....or maybe the faction itself shaped how you think....

>Conservation of Ninjutsu

Not every single faction is the same size, or has the same resources. There are very small factions that are weak and very large factions that are weak as well. Factions of both sizes that are powerful too....

However, there are factions that concentrate their resources among smaller numbers of highly trained soldiers, warriors, or mercenaries....and well... factions that have heavy concentrations of conscripts, militia, rioters, and general "cannon-fodder".

Please vote for one


Most of the factions have one or more strategies or methods that they use, mostly to take advantage of strengths and guard weaknesses. The nations that are least willing to take losses, tend to be willing to spend huge sums of currency on Air Power, for example. Meanwhile, the least technically advanced factions depend the most on stealth and tying themselves to their "territory".

Please vote for an option below

Mobility is an option that is used by factions concentrated and spread out, of all income levels and all sizes. Factions of this type prefer to avoid walking and prefer to avoid heavy armor (Meaning heavy body armor or heavy 70 ton tanks). These factions are not exactly "powerhouse" factions, in that they have to constantly lean on their mobility, to safeguard their lack of toughness. This playstyle is not locked to any type of faction.

This faction is a non-state actor or has heavy concentration of paramilitary forces. It is tied to its own "native" lands or has gone "native" in territory that is not its own. This is ability is reserved for "Balanced" or "Reserves" factions.

This faction makes heavy use of forces that are politically, religiously, or ethnically motivated to fight. They are rarely trained soldiers, perhaps trained militia or paramilitary groups. This faction has forces that are more willing to take losses and not surrender or rout. This is ability is reserved for "Balanced" or "Reserves" factions.

This faction is trying to obtain as much body armor, armored vehicles, and tanks... as possible. The faction might reply on heavy artillery fire or large numbers of forces to "seize the objective". What makes this faction specific as a "brute" faction, turning away from mobility or stealth, for a simpler, more "crude" manner of "play". This playstyle is not locked to any type of faction.

>Please vote for one "concentration" type (Elitist) and one capable "option" (Brute)

The age of capitalism is over. Workers of the world, unite!

Please be aware that where you spawn and if you are a rebel group, leader of small nation, puppet/proxy/ally of a major alliance...ect ect... That is decided by what kind of "playstyle" you have.

Once we have enough votes or 12 hours have passed, we can move onto the next step... which is "remembering" which faction you are exactly.... followed by.... Deciding if you want to "sell your soul" or not.

>Selling your Soul

Your memory is a bit fuzzy and you still can't access most of your information or resources, but you recall something about either metaphorically or literally selling your soul. There is a pretty good chance you'll just remember that you're a minor official or commander of a first world nation.... but it is just as likely you will be some leader within the second or third world... Each of the major "Great Powers" is made up of multiple highly advanced and wealthy nations... and they have dominance in one or two "revolutionary" or "groundbreaking" new technologies. Getting access to that tech, could make you a "big fish" in a small pond".

There is also the option of also actually selling your soul.
>A M E R I C A
>F I R S T
start me out on the uk
So we have a problem, neither of those nations are "balanced". However, they both produce volunteers that are "balanced" and "motivated". The problem is the Volunteers are not in the US or UK currently.....
No one knows what countries lay southeast of India, if that's where we are. Vietnam? Laos? Fuck it, maybe we're a sweat shop worker who loves capitalism or communism
I think I made the mistake of making the options available way too wide and thus people did not want to vote or join. There was like a hundred possible combinations, perhaps that is too many.

If we have reasonable numbers in the morning, I will start doing some serious writing and thus serious posts.
Well there are like four or five factions that are balanced and motivated. One of them is actually inside and north of the black zone.

It's down to if people want "brute", "guerilla" or "mobility" to be the third thing they pick.

The People's Front of Global Unity and Common Democratic Prosperity (The PFGUCDP) shall sweep aside everything and bring about the communist utopia! Throw me in Somalia.
File: EAF.png (729 KB, 4500x2592)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
Your memory has returned to you and your cadre is assembled, but your closest advisor is extremely worried.

Comrade Secretary, the situation is incredibly dire.

In this world of destructive capitalism, there are plenty of workers willing to rise up and revolt. This region was once peaceful and communists, certain some wish to try again.

However...we are surrounded by the East Africa Federation, an economic and military alliance of militarily capable African states. They have strong ties to the East European "KNG", the glaring contradictory world ruled by socialists, Mega Corps, and small business communes. There is also dozens of recruitment offices for one of the best PMCs in the world, inside the EAF. They can't come get us, but we can't expand outside this Somalian zone.

Even closer, we have two, separate, populist, anti-globalist groups with alternate agendas.. right here... The Global Insurgency Network... Islamist Maniacs.. The local groups have access to Jihadis from around the world, ISIS or Al-Shabab were peanuts... Then we have the "Society For Uprising"... Which claims to be a revolution against capitalism... but they have brainwashed my sister in some kind of Cult....

If we are to survive and run Somalia, or leave to start again somewhere we can't be bothered... We need to survive against two groups as big as us, just as motivated, and with access to global networks..

I will begin making some dark mail voicecalls and get you our options soon
I have returned... Did as much messaging as I could...

We have three different options operating out of Asia. All of them require certain sacrifices and problems, but will get us material, funding, and/or skilled fighters.

Socialist Zhou
The most communist portion of the Peoples Republic of China left. Its run by a single family and a large system of paperwork, but it has the correct command economy and lack of wealthy people. They have numbers and supplies, but are far away, and likely want resources from us. We don't have to change how we run things, and they are too far away to ask much of us.... Would let us run things exactly as we want.

Children of Abraham / Cyrus Confederation
I am not sure how the most violent parts of the Middle East have come together, but it was done. They back an international movement that recruits from the same places as the GIN, but stands in opposition to them.

These people are either secular nor monotheistic, certainly not atheist. At the same time they are very close and have plenty of things we need. They are more interested in forming a cartel with us to charge more for exports, than getting a cut of the Somali mineral rights. Do we really want to leave atheism?

Meek Inheritors
Some anarchist lady runs Tibet and part of the black zone. Sketchy woman... She's one of those lesbian things...Thinks she is like a queen.... However, the woman has abolished Serfdom, and "her" huge corporations are state-owned... They fund her welfare programs. Rare Earth elements, Cellulose Ethanol...Ammunition factories.... This is a tricky case like the Zhou... We'd have to give up our positions on women... But she has a lot of hardened fighters, cash, and technology.

>Choose a "Sponsor"
>>Choose a "Sponsor"
Bruhs, when I said I was willing to pack up everything and smuggle ourselves out of the country with a small arsenal I meant it. But as Anglos and Americans, we got so many place we can go. Ya feel me? We could do like our great grandfathers and form one of those "Lincoln Brigades"... Show the ol Fascists in Spain or the French border how real men fight...

We could be down in Africa, linking up with ex-pats from 'round the world. Nigeria has ended its civil-war, mostly, but they need skilled people and we got talents... We could arrange a good life for ourselves...

We could do like my brah from high school and be freedom fighters around Tibet. Our we could sign up there and get sent for adventure... who knows where... Africa? Asia? Oceania?

I think Australia is having that war with Indonesia. That's going to be island hopping or leading resistance movements in the jungles. Not exactly excited to be doing Nam' or Pacific War again... But I think we'd be the ones doing ambushes... Didn't one of you go to college and get a Master's degree or something?

I'm telling you two, we got skills bruhs. We could be making a good life for ourselves if we're like lions and shit. Each of these locations means giving some skin with some of the toughest factions in the world. European Allies, Meek Inheritors with the deep pockets, ANZAC

What will it be?

>Choose your new adventure
>>Choose your new adventure
Assist Nigeria
File: Shadow of Unity.png (119 KB, 2476x1158)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
I'll be frank with you brah, it be looking like yall aren't on the same page. I don't know what to tell yah... Okay I guess...

Couldn't hurt to look at Nigeria, it's not like all of you are going to get on the same page and pick somewhere else.

The nation currently is the strongest or second strongest economy, and it might be in the top five or three in terms of military ability. Its troops have some degree of experience and professionalism, but they prefer to stay within a given quarter of the country and protect their own cousins. Country is deeply divided by ethnic lines, with both the previous regime and the revolutionary movements being very ethnic in nature. I am not under any kind of impression that we can help or rely on these "Regulars" much.

The top revolutionary movement in the area, the one that defeated the previous regime and was elected to power, in pretty decent elections too actually... Well that is "Shadow of Unity". It's mostly led by four blokes from around the world.. Not really tied down to any ethnic or local issues like everyone else.

The foundation of SoU appears to be "Militiamen" recruited from around the country, mostly Yoruba in the southwest. The top dogs appear to be excellent public speakers, so recruitment can be done in other regions or bordering nations, if need be. These militamen appear to be trained about as good as any other third world military, with actual drill instructors and proper chains of command. What makes these guys special, besides that they more or less know what they are doing, is they are experts at both stealth and making use of motorized vehicles. Chad's aren't the only ones that fully understand the pickup truck "technical", and these toms can cover up the back of their tinted pickups to conceal themselves in public.

The middle of the group is their motivation. They tend to fight for political reasons, and all these guys are breadwinners for extremely impoverished areas. If they get slaughtered, the rest of the pay held in escrow, or more, goes to their family. Burial, six months pay, medals, the works, all paid for. They toms don't rout much, they mostly just go into hiding and wait for the right moment. I've been hearing they're also tapping into toms that are kinda like bards or something. Legends, rituals, local beliefs, and wanting medals drives the men forward.

The last part is likely the leaders, we have to pick which section of this movement we're going to be directly answering to. We know that yall and I have our own personal skills, but it's useful to be tapping into the skills of those above and beside us. I think like should be with like, we don't want to be surrounded by people who do everything differently.

Not saying this is a fixed choice... We're just thinking right now... But if we had to make a decision, what would it be?

>Rob and Imp
Oh wait.... There was that section that was going for more elite infantry and higher concentration of fanatical troops. I think that section went rogue or something and got popped... But my charts say that it could be started all over again, maybe. We won't have access to the same tech or abilities to win friends or manipulate people.... And I have to say the fanatics don't exactly retreat...or even stay put.... they fight really well at low cost and fight to the last man.... But it's a struggle to keep them alive.... But maybe a more brutish approach or use of commandos is what we want? What do you think?

>Refound "Dane" Branch

The world calls for wetwork, and we answer.
I just got a new file off the dark web and it looks like we've put ourselves into a bit of a situation. This Tobias guy has connections within the NGOs AND the Underworld. Explains why this section of SoU is so good at intelligence and diplomacy.

Its good having my brahs going on this adventure with me, but its like you are taking turns deciding things instead of working together. I'm glad you're on the same page about Nigeria though.

I will get you more data, just sit and try to remember what our collective talents are.

>Unit Leader/Leaders Creation

Please rank them in the order you like them (1-5 like points, least to most)

-Jack of All Trades Plus Specialization (Meaning you are slightly better at everything and really better at one thing)
-Heavily Optimized Towards Physical Stats (Can Train And Lead Others Still)
-Heavily Optimized Towards Mental Stats (Have to sit in the command trailer, unless negotiating in person)
-Sacrificing One Stat, Boosting One Other, Otherwise Jack of All Trades
-Jack of All Trades, One to Two Stats left at Average, Boost Two Stats

>Any questions, ask me
Is me. Here to play on this quest.

>-Heavily Optimized Towards Mental Stats (Have to sit in the command trailer, unless negotiating in person)
>-Jack of All Trades Plus Specialization (Meaning you are slightly better at everything and really better at one thing)
>-Sacrificing One Stat, Boosting One Other, Otherwise Jack of All Trades
>-Jack of All Trades, One to Two Stats left at Average, Boost Two Stats
>-Heavily Optimized Towards Physical Stats (Can Train And Lead Others Still)
My intent for this ranking is to boost and specialize in one ability as much as possible. This is primarily within the Mental Stats for the command trailer.
This is quest is being shut down, there is a new one. However, since you voted, you picked the stats of the character for t he next /qst/.
Thanks. Could you link the new thread once it's set up for continuity and migration from this quest?
Sure, I can put a target on my back.
Thanks for running.
Thanks for this thread and also for the one that was deleted

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