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File: map62b.png (1.04 MB, 2048x2628)
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1.04 MB PNG
**Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

After our festive break, we recommence!
Angered by the damage to the wall, and already enticed to great action, The Grand Ministry drives forth into the Umbral Lands to purge the enemy from its new land.

Action 1: The Grand Ministry devotes no small amount of resources to repairing the damage done by the Umbrals and their accursed allies, fixing the Fort and plugging up the great tunnel they had dug. Unsure of what else to do to counteract an enemy simply digging underneath and blowing their way inside, they cover the floor in runes of durability and hope that will stop the next assault. Otherwise time is spent replacing the lost soldiers and stocking the fort with supplies to be used by the War Blocks that travel out to face the foe.

Action 2: Separate from the Grand Ministry's control the people of Pask begin the erection of Galleries, wherein the blessed cultural art of Pask is put on show for them to see or have replicated upon their cloaks or other paintings commissioned. These Galleries are places of song as well, as the traditional musics of Pask are played upon string instrument, drum, and deep vocalization to give moods of great pride and honor for the people. Naturally the Ministry, seeing no fault in the actions of Pask, merely ensures that space and resources are allocated so these events may be clean and functional, and write up particular guidelines to be followed so these Galleries go undisturbed by Injunctions wrath.

War Turn: Temporarily perturbed by the invasion of the fort, the Ministers of Pask confusion turns to malice towards their foe in less time it takes a hungry man to finish a warm stew. Plugging the hole with rubble so they can march through, The Grand Ministry begins a multi-pronged assault from their gates into the Umbral Lands. Meanwhile the guards upon the wall cleanse it of Umbral influences with rune and blade.
File: It's all colours now.jpg (79 KB, 256x389)
79 KB
>Action 1 - Prospect
Keen-eyed Do'laroshans scour Entente lands, starting from the roiling plains of the Entente, working west until they reach the swampy lands of the Iti'kin. Locals are tapped for rumours and expertise, the surveyors looking for plants, animals and minerals of value. (I think its 10 hexes? 2 actions into boosting it. Start east, including islands, and just prospect westwards.)

>Action 2 - Apply Blackstone to Achroma's temple. Expand to include nearby road.
Where blood and steel failed, gold and platinum have finally worked. It seems the Dryad's and Netche's greed outweighs their ability to hold a grudge. Finally, for whatever reasons, they have agreed to sell Blackstone, and so it is with gusto that shadowy merchants place orders for what they can. The price is high, the two people's keen to wring Do'laroshan pockets down to their last coppers, but the application of it across Achroma's temple is worth it. Since relatively small amounts are available, the architects are limited in it's use, mainly as ornamentation rather than as actual construction materials. Still, as the building swallows the Gilded Causeway to the south, travelers will be able to see wondrous mosaics of Blackstone and other materials, reminding those who walk it's road that it is with Achroma's blessings that they go.

>Library Action - Enchanted Appearance
Scholars of the Library of Creative Minds have, through the years, been slowly CORRUPTED. Where they used to be serious, even a little melancholic, in their use of the library, time has worn away the memory of what tragedies took place in securing it's walls. Coupled with the lax atmosphere of Thisi and it's people, the library sometimes seems downright FUN. Not exactly drinking parties or wild feasts, mind you, but certainly an air of relaxation and whimsy have taken hold.
It is in this atmosphere that a new invention takes place. The pouring of gold into Dryad and Netch coffers seems to have sparked some Thisians ire, and in good-natured 'revenge', they have concocted a means of getting it back.
Across the world, Do'laroshans will unveil all manner of shadow-enchanted gear. Varied in material and make, all change an aspect of appearance in some simple way. There are belts to make your waist slimmer, shawls that cover your scars and skin imperfections, cloaks that make you look more muscular, any and all considerations can be met. Even the clothes themselves can have illusions over them, allowing whites that stay white through dirt and age, or that change colours through an evening's wear. Why dye your hair (or leaves), when there exists bracelets that let you change it as easy as taking one on or off?
They claim our greed is unmatched? Let us compare it to their vanity.

>Achroma Rumour
With the expansions of the temple underway, shamans of the blue-caste are keen to see if Achroma's wrath has been sated. The invasion by the Paskians will surely have upset him, but the Do'la have more bad news to break...
They explain, once the offering (statuettes of carved blackstone taking prominence in the usual pile) is made and the rituals complete, that the Imnaki brings news of Grynox's fall. Of her fabled pearls, no word is said, but surely they are either lost or stored deep in Imnaki vaults.
They speak of the invasion, and the tribulations that they have met in scouring this accursed people from the northern ice-wastes, but then turn to an invasion of another kind. Squatting in great tents and new burrows, lining the sacred lake, lies in Imnaki horde. The shamans tell of the bargain struck, their steel and claws aimed at Paskian walls, if only the shadows can ask Achroma something.
"Who is the Lady of the Deep, the Imanki god they speak off, and how can her favour be earned, or words exchanged? The Imnaki wish for communion with her, as we do with you."

The rush of fire claims those who braved the fort first, allowing it's ground floor to once again be seized by the Paskians. They come pouring forth, flames from their hands setting the woods alight.
Still, they have overstepped. Only so many Paskians can file through the gate at a time, and rallying, the Entente will encircle and crush them, matching their ranged attacks with our own. Beset on the front, left and right, they will hopefully be pushed back into the scorched halls.
Joining them will be a top priority, as only in melee can the true might of the Entente be shown. Hopefully, their magics wont allow such explosive powers to be unleashed where they might harm their own men.

Meanwhile, the soldiers who made it to the wall will survey the situation. If possible, they will seize this section of the ramparts, and turn the Paskian's siege weapons around to fire upon any reinforcements who would join the fortress below. If they cannot be fired, then disabled will have to do. If such soldiers exist topside that taking the wall would be impossible, then they will move into the melee below, hastening the eradication of the main Paskian forces.

Of note for the Do'laroshans, they would be aware of the Paskian's personal beacons, their significance clear. With practiced ease they would dodge and weave through the battlefield's cramped quarters, singling out these Paskians and ending their lives, as they did to important enemies in the Blackstone wars.
The previous festival to Undine has brought us more boons from Undine, supercharging the spirits of the people to yet further heights, which makes the Cult of Undine grow yet more. It is also a boon to Soteriaeth, under whose rule these blessed seasons occurred. He even beds a priestess for hope of fertility... still she doesn't bear his child. Soteriaeth's opposition loses members as the sheer fortune is too much to overlook. The Danderfey of course revel in the joy, as happy as can be.

Action 1: Develop water magic: Joyous Water Elemental.
As the spirits of the people overflow, the priestesses grow plentiful and many festival magics are performed, a peculiar development occurs. The manipulated waters become more responsive, as if reacting to the joy of the people. The Cult of Undine shall investigate this, try and see if they can make water elementals infused with the emotion of joy, much more lively than previous attempts, but dependent on an ambiance of high spirits to sustain itself.

Action 2: Administrate Goblin Eastern Shore, rebuild Port at The Bugud Harbour.
Bringing stone across land is a great undertaking, even for the Anubisids, bringing them by water is much easier. As Soteriaeth desires Goblin stone for the great temple, he has the old port at Bugud Harbour rebuilt, bigger and better than ever. Administration along the eastern shore is also established, with superior shipmaking techniques and Anub craft patrolling and controlling the traffic in the area.
File: GAS GAS GAS.jpg (79 KB, 976x328)
79 KB
1. Chemistry has provided the Dictat with wonderous technologies the likes the world has yet to see. However, with the discovery of things such as Acids and the long used Quicklime...the thought occurs in some that perhaps there is more to chemistry than to assist in weapons making. Perhaps...perhaps the chemicals themselves can be used...yes.........yes it makes sense. Something able to be spread in a fog, or mist like Quicklime powder can. Something to debilitate the foe, or even kill them outright. Yes, yes this is good. The proposition piques the interest of the Dictat, and as such work begins. No longer shall warfare be...clean.

>Whatever gives Humanity an advantage, whatever the cost.
2. Firearms have always been our thing, so to speak. We have innovated and improved upon them for millenia now, and it is time to bring them to their pinnicle. The advent of the self-contained bullet; shot, propellent and primer all in one package, has proven to be a wonder for arms development. The VDR Mk.1 featured rifleing as well as the ability to load and fire metallic cartridges, but at the same time it was a retrofitted matchlock. New models are commissioned to replace it, and between all the slide, lever, pump and bolt action rifles brought to the forefront, the two which are narrowed to replace the Mark 1 are:

The Dzen designed M51 Alvet-Boran rifle is a bolt action rifle firing a 7mm cartridge loaded via 4 round clips or a removable magazine. The magazine holds 8 rounds, and the rifle is notable for a remarkably smooth action allowing for easy and rapid fire. Rumor has it that the rifle itself was inspired by those seen by the Dander queen herself, and that after much reluctance, she allowed her knowledge to be used in it's design. Notably, Clan Dzen at the same time has proposed a cut down version firing a .410 gauge shotgun shell with various loads. The latter M51 Vieri Shotgun is considered for adoption seperately from the rifle program.

Clan Varke has proposed the V-03 Standard Infantry Rifle, a bolt action rifle firing a shorter cartridge also in 7mm from a 6 round enbloc clip. Featuring a similarly smooth action to the M51, the SIR also features a hatch in the stock for a small pod containing maintainance equipment. With their proposal they also bring a Semi-Automatic sidearm, using a simple blowback system. As is of Varke manufacture, these weapons are made with high quality, though that means increased cost in materials and time.
>A falling star
Zuvrek Kvydrech Laeggratt, Kalnthrunr of the Æblenthrong and high ruler of the Dwarven domains of Æbleland for many a Jidtyrn has kept his enthusiasms for much of his long life. But it is as the elderly Dwarf, his great beard turned pale with age, rides the Orchards upon his favoured riding-boar that disaster strikes and he tumbles from the saddle, clutching at his chest. Though he survives, he does not truly recover. And so, recognising enough of his situation, he makes the command that the council will be called; the succession of the Kalnthrun must now be formally decided. But his lesser titles are for his will alone to distribute, and so he chooses where they will go...

Glonion Laegratt is the first name to be placed before the council - in a show of family unity, is is his elder sister Glodrana (who announces herself with the title Thanvuldra of Glazchorkurg and the Gylderkavi) and his younger brother Korek (now named Thanvulder of Ederakung and the Zvalzarunteg) who jointly spend their time declaiming the reasons and virtues of their brother.

There is a momentary worry a few days into the council sessions when an individual by the name of Holon Guldhand stands to announce himself, the emblem of the Gylden Kings worn upon his chest as symbol of his lineage; but he does so in the fine bright clothes of the Guldfarite priests, and with oaths taken to match in service of His light and standing recently anointed as High Priest, any right to noble title once held is now forsworn and he speaks instead as one of the great councillors for the church and the Guldfilt. Others raise points and have their say, even the slight-accented Gyldentongue of Caston Grunkup of the Melzkagilt and the diminutive Gylden tones of Vosi from the Untegtangul.

In the end, the council decrees that Glonion, a Dwarf who in very many aspects and behaviours greatly takes after his father, is considered to be worthy; and as no other serious candidate has announced themselves, that when the tyrn's summer's solstice is at the height he will be crowned, anointed and proclaimed Kalnthrunr upon the field of gold.

>Action 1: The High Meadows
At the new town of Gyldendun, a new brewery is raised by the riverside; for the spring water is not only fresh and thunderous but said to blessed in parts by holy gold and holy light - surely a fine base for any brew? And a new farm is also raised within the high mountain meadows that surround the town.
>Action 2: Works upon his Gaze
Æbermund's graduates of the engineering college and Guldfarite priests arrange to work together upon advancing the abilities of Guldfar's Gaze machines, to see if they might better proclaim His will and spread His light with increased efficiency. With gearing and clockwork technologies of Bandru'ii origin now integrated into Gylden learning and an availability of materials from friendly co-operative nations, perhaps these machines might be made to focus more strongly, turn more quickly or be more rapidly redeployed? And Guldfar-blessed Voktorz was a substance never found in any part of the Gyldenland; might the inclusion of Voktorz-lamp forms allow the wonder of a Gaze that might cast His holy light even when all around is shrouded with Snehvish darkness? Other ideas are also considered by the team, such as using Sunstones as aspects of the focusing lens and carving runic blessings and prayers into the metalwork; adding the discoveries and advances of Syph to this Machine dreamed upon Sigod. But in the end, Dwarves can only work with their diligence and duty to build and try these various variations of the blessed devices; if Guldfar approves of these uses of His light then it will be by his will that they perform as their designers hope they might.

Action 1: The Winter Market

Contrary to its name this colossal market is open all year round, overseeing the colossal amount of foreign and domestic ships pouring into the dryad harbours.

The dryads wealth relies more and more on trade with the other members of the co-operative, Xira is a beacon of prosperity and the multicultural ties the dryads have made with their friends.

Electrum and gold and silver changes hands over Ayatana and silk and pelts, automatic currency conversion machines dot the shores leading to much oooing and aaaing over the technological marvels, nobles from the world over make the trip to Xira to peruse the grand stores that sit at its heart, which service only the richest of the rich.

There is something here for everyone, whether you arrive penniless or loaded, for there lies not just goods here but radiant, glimmering opportunity for a new life, for turtle or dwarf or do’la or whatever.

Masters seek apprentices for their varied works from the talented throngs that arrive, foreign sciences are delved into and explored.

If it exists, it can be bought at Xira Gate, the Dryads City to the World.

Action 2: Xira City

The city itself is wrought around the market heart, primarily dryad but has the odd complication of not being a forest, making the city an oddity among dryad settlements.

Possessing no elder tree in the middle does lead to space being more readily available than before, space that can be used to house those other than dryads.
Xira becomes a city of multitudes housing individuals of countless races, perhaps the only place in the Bandru’ii empire (Save Londonison, which does not really count as theirs) where such a thing would be tolerated.

In this place dwarves and dryads spin their gears to craft automate in competition and in co-operation, dryads and do’la dress and argue over who understands style and who is an uncultured swine-swiper, atrophied looking Dhaastu dryads reassure their concerned sisters that they are in fact healthy and do not need any miracle cures for their condition.

All this, in the pursuit of unfathomable amounts of profit. Let the name Bandru’ii be synonymous with wealth from this day forth.
Around Carcosa, industry erupts, the Ants of the hive join with the island denizens in great labor, linking the many farms with roads.

The hospital is improved, elevated once more, a great structure dedicated to healing all that need it. New clean pools of sanitized water, more fresh cloth and kelp wraps, and more dorms for the many nurses and doctors. While it is a distance from the many cities of the Everlasting Waters, emergency overnight travel by quickly pulled Laga skiff becomes a new commodity for the injured.
>The great return, after a long period of internal reflection and self-imposed isolation the fraternian people once more turn there eyes outward, with the ino helping push fraternian magic to new heights it is only reasonable that they should benefit from it as well, preparations are made diplomats and mages gathered, and the first fraternian diplomacy fleet heads off for oni shores to establish a fraternian pressense on those far off lands and to share the blessing of there joint magical efforts

2/3 (third is the library action)
>They call it a mine, for generations many untapped resource deposits have gone untouched, unused, no more mines are built captains of industry found the engines of Fraternian economy were flaring to life once more (give me 4 mines on 4 or the deposits in fraternian lands)
> put both actions into upgrading the Great Temple of Maglak
Prayer to the goddess has never been so fervent, so zealous: droves upon droves of Imnaki genuflect themselves on the temple stairs, the holy place’s insides too crammed for any more of the rodents to step in.
What do they worship? The lady of the depths, in the way that best befits them, in the form that best befits her: upon the altar, decorates with countless bones and rich metals and menacing spikes of blackstone, there is nothing but a great clump of dirt. Laid at the base of the altar are swords and axes and shields. On the temple’s door the remains of ancient enemies, griffon feathers and the necklace of a goddess slain in worship.

Thrice-blessed forges surround the site, a crown of smoking chimneys coughing their black breath into the surface and intoxicating the worshipping moles almost as much as their own obsessive worship does, while ritualistic duels amongst (and blessed by) the priesthood of Imnak shed blood upon this most hallowed of deep places.

This is a place of blood, it’s stink of death reaching everywhere like a grasping predator, like a creeping vine spreading its foulness.
Its message is clear, to the few souls who get down here: this place is the domain of a goddess old as the ground you walk on, and you would do well to keep her children away from you, for her altar always has room for more skulls, and her servants are ever-joyous to provide
1. The purebreeds get to work. With the bottles of holy water from their kin and the songs of the Dryad to work to the creation of a pseudo-drya with the properties of healing nature back to what it was before is attempted. A similar process to the other healing Drya including symbols and holy materials of the Gods.
2. Expansion into the hills.
Free: Rumors.
Fluff: Well then.. as per the request of the shadows they shall withdraw from the war. It was an annoying loss.. but an enlightening one.

1 action: Pure magic: Pure insanity: Plight of the Pure
Of the madness that they shall feel, they shall feel the overwhelming feeling of betrayal so that they may understand the cause of the Usagi. The primary objective of this spell to turn enemies into allies while the insanity lasts so that they might fight against their impure kinsmen. May they understand the overwhelming feeling of being betrayed by the ones they once held on a pedestal, and feel the rage felt by the Usagi against those people if we are to speak the name of the betrayer... then his name shall only be used to gain an army of those mistreated against him..

1 action: Pure magic: Pure Defense and Pure Offense: Tempering flames
The flames.. flames that are constantly used in war to disrupt and defend and attack... and most recently, flames spat at those that tried to flee. In that case.. a magic to counteract it. Like a blade that is tempred over a thousand degree heat to remove impurities, so too shall the Usagi be tempered. The defensive half shall make them immune to the flames and heat. Burning alive shall not be a worry as a metal immune to flames while becoming harder and even more durable. And as the heat rises, they shall become stronger. As a blade is rid of impurities so shall the Usagi, their strikes becoming tempered blows that can shatter even metal. However... the one thing to be wary of should be the feeling of the heat. While it may not affect you, the air may still become hot. So short and shallow breaths should be taken, and eventually the heat can be withstood.

>The grand re-opening.
The waking song of Theatra bled through the cracks that blasted open near its peak. Vibrant, pulsating, its music leaked once more into the world, ebbing and flowing fainly into the sky. Months would go by, then the thundering would start anew. Loud pulses could be heard, even felt through the forest up to the edge of Calibrus itself. Each time they would slowly build up tempo and then another explosion could be heard coming from Theatra, each a new opening, the city steadily opening itself up to the world again.

With each new opening its song grows louder and and its voices more numerous. They sing, they chant, they fill the air with a blend of voice and instrumental tones alike. If one didn't know any better while standing in the forest, it would sound as if a legion of instruments marched all around them, unseen. This would not be far from the truth, however, as a legion was indeed brewing.

As the fractures spread down to the base of Theatra, the rapturous song grew too numerous and too loud for any to withstand. No longer could it simply be felt, now an opening fracture would be so violent it would emit a blasting wave, knocking unsuspecting bystanders off their feet. Few who dared to come too close during these events would suffer terrible injuries. Burst ear drums, shattered bones, and in very unfortunate circumstances, even ruptured organs.

This would continue seemingly forever, and the forest around Theatra became a place only the foolhardy would wonder into, for too many uncertainties did the city hold. It would not be until one certain night, on the day of the festival of voices, that the climax would be reached.

The deafening call of Theatra had suddenly fallen silent. No more thundering, no more beating, no more singing. For an eerie moment, it was as if the silence had fallen again. Then it could be felt. The wind rushed from all directions, but not from Theatra, instead it was flowing to it. The trees of the forest all kneeled towards the Song City as the gusts surged towards it, pushing them to their floral knees. Animals and insects howled and cried into the air, their calls carried along the winds. A whistling could be heard, first low then heightening in pitch, as if Theatra was taking an extremely deep breath.

In an instant, Theatra shattered what was left of its entombing stone, but instead of a violent eruption, a graceful orchestra called out to the forests and into the world once more. A flash of light shot out from the city like a beacon into the night sky. Up close one could see this was not some natural light, no, it was the voice of Theatra made manifest, its infinite songs and voice free to dance through the world and into the night sky like rivers of rainbows flowing eloquently from one of its many mouths. The city had been reborn, no longer a mere instrument to be played, but now a living instrument in its own right.
Near the summit rested the source of this transformation. It was not one or even many Simfuni calling out in grand harmony. No, their bodies laid void of life across its interior. It was their spirits, their very souls unshackled that had come together to create the greatest performance they would hope to achieve. A ball of pure light, but it did not sear the eyes of those that beheld it. Instead it radiated with a gentle intensity, filling those that watched it with the love and emotions of the thousands that had come together to form this nucleolus of musical arts.

This one voice, made out of the thousands of Simfuni and their attendees would call to any and all to join it in its performance. It would urge them to join it in harmony. It would ask them to join with itself: The Great Melody.

With the various forces of the Colonial Army prepared and the Navy in a similar state, there was little more that was needed to be done now. All there was to do was gather everything and everyone needed for the trip on the various ships and for them to be sent on their way. Naturally, the news would be sent out to their allies in the event they desired to join the initial strike force, however Prenhaearn wouldn't wait any longer. It was time now for the atrocities that the Fanw Forsaken had committed to come back to haunt them in the form of vengeance. Initial plans were once the fleet was at the sight to engage in bombardment before making a landing, likely once the Fanw Forsaken killed themselves by throwing themselves at the mighty ships of Prenhaearn. From there they could rush swiftly to the Fanw Forsakens settlements and deal with them. And ideally, they'd be able to receive support from coastal bombardment and not just the canonau that were disembarked. With Coastal support or not, any defensive structures could easily be dealt with, and with blessed steel axes and spears the Fanw Forsaken would be once and for all removed as a threat.

Meanwhile, with the launching of the fleet, a number who felt quite safe now that the old enemy was going to be destroyed would head out into the mountains and work on setting up some basic sporadic settlement in the hopes of finding ore. Of course , Clan Protheroe would take full advantage of this and try and snap up as much land as possible, but it was a small bit of expansion into the north. Ideally in the near future it would bring a good deal of options to the colony and allow further prosperity. But that was still far off. Regardless it was likely that with the inevitable victory in the north the colony would expand significantly and build upon the many lands that it had gained. Ideally they would find a source of coal though, given just how vital the resource was clearly becoming to both navy and industry. Though prospecting would likely wait until after the settling of these various lands, mountain or not, was finished.

>Action One. Launch the Fleet. It is time.

>Action Two. Expansion in the mountains.
Posted on behalf of Megyros

The volunteer force that was marching up north to aid its allies would continue marching as they have been doing so, stooping to camp under the stars each night and to give thanks to the relatively peaceful march so far while the appointed Megryos strategos would talk with his officer about matters of tactics, strategy, and logistics anxious of the coming fight.
>The Megryos will continue marching north.
Eager to expand their fortunes and discover new wonders some Megyrian merchants came together and started looking to hire some capable Dwarven smiths and engineers to design and build assembly plant ships so that the construction time needed to build new ships would be decreased and the ease of repairing old ships would be cut down.
>Start looking for Dwarves to design and build an assembly plant for ships.
It seems the quest to find the Holy Pail is, for now, at a standstill. This is most frustrating.

But the Turtles place their frustrations on other tasks, such as the impressive High Walls of Lutheric. Inspired by Pask's great wall, they seek to have one of their own, built in the new Bertonian style.

-While some of the turtles focus on building walls, others practice their expertise in breaching and digging under them. What better way to learn the strengths and weaknesses of walls, than against Pask alongside the Shadowfolk?

Still, wars aren't won by valour soley. It seems reinforcements are needed. So reinforcements will be sent by way of the sea and by way of the tunnels.
1. Making Heavy Things Float: With the current failure of the metal boats not getting any bigger than a child size tug boat, Benmi is furious! He orders his engineers to quickly remedy this or they'll be target practice for explosives! (Improve understanding of buoyancy)
2. Touching the Sky: King Benmi was walking through the mountainous regions of his land for a while. Mountains were always a favorite place of his to relieve stress, but since he's a king now, he gets less and less time here and that irks him!!!! Feeling angry and childish, he whines to his engineers again to make him a mountain! (Research architecture techniques and materials to build skyscrapers.)
File: map63.png (1.15 MB, 2048x2628)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG

[NM] Two blue shamans enter the inner sanctum of Achroma's temple complex and lay their offerings before his shrine within. They wait a long time before laboured breath announces his arrival. After their explanation and question it is quite some time before Achroma answers. With sadness in his voice he speaks, "How sad an end for sister of mine. A task I thought impossible for thee, my children, accomplished by vermin. Whisper then was true, haughty and fat she had grown, splendour become arrogance become hubris. Let her name be forgotten... But now thou dost ask of another goddess; Older even than I, born of first shadow; a deity of filth and carnage. Would that it were She who had been felled, for the Lady of the Depths is a fouler foe than any. To seek Her is to seek death. To ask audience with Her is to invite destruction. The goddess of the Imnaki should have long ago been forgotten, when rule of the world was no longer that of blood!" as the Shadow god continues his diatribe, his voice grows fiercer, booming, shaking the stones of his own temple, "War is Her worship! Rage is Her glory! Fire and blood are Her blessings! Communion with Her is the end of peace!" With this he explosively exits his shrine as crash of cymbals or blast of cannon, blowing open the doors, scattering the piled treasures across the stones.
As one team heads west, another sets about the Entente lands in search of rumour and seams. The western half scours Fraternian lands and comes up empty handed save possible tin deposits further in land. The scouting surveyors meanwhile turn up precisely what they had searched for, following the coal vein into the Dakan and uncovering a cache of gemstones in the Echos hills.
From the steps of Achroma's temple, a grand promenade of Ambershale and Blackstone leads to an equally grand gate, the portico of which covers a long stretch of the Gilded Causeway. When the tall, narrow doors are opened, one's eye is drawn down the intricate mosaic to the imposing columns of the temple proper, adorned all over with Blackstone which still somehow glimmers in the Dakan gloom. The sight is one of awe and unease, as if gazing into an abyss which is gazing back at you.
[!] As the Fraternian Recordkeepers excitedly relay news of their own findings, the Shadows smuggle out a number of sheaves relating to illusory magics. Having learnt from the Library's shelves that first enchantment, the Do'laroshan imagination has been aflame. Myriad possibilities have been dreamt up, the creation for some of which are found within the scrolls. Whilst the more outlandish ideas wait for further iteration, the papers detail the reagents and incantations necessary to enchant garments with a number of minor illusions, notably shrinking, enlarging, and what can only be described as blurring.
Having pushed the Umbrals from their invasion point, a number of Ministers withdraw to bring the tower back in operation. Following this, anti-dig force-runes are ordered applied to all land fortresses post-haste. So focused on matters of war and survival, little time has been given over to the nobler arts within Obron. To correct this, funding and land is given over for the construction and maintenance of a number of galleries within the city, wherein fine painting, sculpture, and rousing music may be seen and heard. It is a pleasant reprieve for a people at war.

[+3 PE]
The great goddess of the Dyne has calmed, now rejoicing with her worshippers as they've stopped the polluting her sacred waters, or at the very least, remove whatever they are able to. As a gift to them, Undyne allows the water to dance and leap at her priestesses command. Acknowledging this blessing the water priestesses proffer gold and incense to her temple, and fine cuts of beef and gobmeat to the temple itikin. Properly thanked, she also allows for the animation of her waters, though only along her riverbanks, and only whilst elation & festive song continue.
The Bugud Port is re-established, a little south of its first incarnation, but all the grander for it. It soon becomes the port of call for the more northerly nations' ships who do not wish to pay the tolls imposed by the Drya's Sogigant.

[+3 PE]
The College of Engineers is tasked by the Dictat with the formulation of a gaseous substance which may inflict harm. To this end a number of trials are undertaken in the mixing of existing chemicals, building upon an extensive history of, to put it bluntly, trial and error. Known already for their nastier qualities, much focus is put on sulphurous compounds and the products of the coal & coking industry. Whilst a number of mild irritants and a potential wood sealant are discovered, a breakthrough is yet to be made. [A second action and you'll have your Sulphur Mustard]
After much deliberation, and the investigation of rumour which prove untrue, the Varke candidate is approved for production.

>Everlasting Waters
[+3 PE]
With the integration of the Cardinals into the Waters, there is a flurry of energetic activity in the hive and surrounding countryside of Ohu'a Hu'a. Formic scent trails are formalised into proper roads utilising stone from their nest, and connecting the great many farms to the twin-cities for processing, storage, and later distribution.
With the Everlasting Waters ever-growing, the small facilities currently offered at the Royal Hospital and even smaller facilities in the larger cities, are no longer fit for purpose. To ease the strain, Pa'nele'tui himself orders the enlarging of the old site built by his father, including the digging of a second canal and implementation of a speedy skiff service to those with more advanced medical requirements.
[+2 PE]
Happy that his son and successor is chosen, Kalnthrunr Zuvrek I allows his spirit to leave his old bones. It is a day, and then two, and then a full three of national mourning for their monarch in all these new Gylden lands, not only of the Dwarves, for the Fae and Meluz who he had welcomed into the fold also grieve the death of the good king. Tarnsmen, stoic as ever, help maintain order as even the breweries are closed to pay their respects. His Golaetur'kot is placed alongside his mother's in the grand Æblemore temple she had built in a fabulous pageant attended by the great and the good, and an Oni or two. It is a few months afterwards that Glonion is crowned Kalnthrunr of the Æblenthrong at the Field of Gold in a modest ceremony as suits his nature. Following this however, festivities are held throughout the country, and dignitaries from all Syph are invited to the court to celebrate! Among them the granddaughter of a long-passed family friend, Edekottha Kotzrigg, who gifts two monstrous sized sows. [Can be IC]
The High Meadows Ale, brewed from gold-flecked water and a mash of Ashen mountain crops is, to many a Dwarf, prohibitively expensive and even to those who can afford it, taken more as a tonic medicine than a daily drink. Except of course for the alloyed of Gyldendun who drink it almost exclusively, having the opposite problem of the high cost of import to their mountain-home. Perhaps that is why Gyldendun Dwarves are said to be the hardiest of any, or perhaps it is the above average Silver admixture, but who is to say.
Two magnificent Guldfar's Gazes had arrived on the latest colony ships. After some typical Dwarven bickering one was sent to His grand temple in these lands, and the other to the soon established Artillerists School[/Engineering College], each for study and refinement. Their approaches were vastly different, the Guldfarite priests employing the help of rune-crafters and Voktorz lamplighters, whereas the students set to fine-tuning the lens, the gearing, right down to the nails and beams to find possible improvements. The Students' work result in a lighter, more easily manoeuvrable design, utilising much finer mechanisms than the Sigodian original, but with it only able to hold a smaller lens producing a sharper pinpoint of light. The Priests' work however is much the opposite. A stout, stationary device, built of sacred applewood, carved deeply with runes which are then inlaid in gold punctuated with sunstone cabochons, focused by way a Voktorz lamp, and all workings plated with the finest goldwork and filigree. The lens also is so disproportionate that even the master glassmakers of Glazchorkurg have only a 12% success rate in the blowing and cooling of them. The result however is a beam which may set ablaze a sail in an instant, or the very boards of a ship at the length of the Three Gifts Creed; Guldfar only knows what chaos it would cause on a ship carrying blackpowder.
The Xira Gates become the Gates of the World as the gargantuan Winter Market is finally opened after long tyrns of planning and construction. A massive square, so wide one cannot see from one side to the other, sectioned between open-air stalls of every manner of fresh and dried produce, galleries of the finest crafts of all Syph, workshops and demonstration grounds for the tinkerings of mechanists the world over, even a faux-fort inspired by the many Do'laroshan exemplaries in which the latest in warfare advancements are displayed. Borrowing a saying attributed to the Wandering Market, which the Winter Market now far exceeds, "If it cannot be bought [here], it does not exist!". Around the enormous square fast grows the city of Xira, filling every plot available right up to the ports of the Gates. Save Maglak, for nothing can compare to it, it is perhaps the most densely built land ever.

(>>5124884) For their great help in the rediscovery of that most vital of magics; The reinvigorating and broadening of the womb; a contingent of Fraternian life priests set sail for the lands of the Oni. In due time they will be greeted with much revelry in the ports of Nazena, the Devil's capital, and transported with fanfare in carried litters to the magical epicentre of the kingdom, Naben Mareja. Here they will meet with the practitioners of Honshakti, the players of the strings of life, and their corpulent high priest. All in due time, as first they must traverse the Xira Coast! (>>5121868)
Throughout Fraternian lands the need for the bare essentials of salt and fertiliser only ever increase. To meet demand second mines are opened for these two raw materials, one on Thisi, and one on the mainland. [Mines are not something that can be done with the library action, however new mining tech is, as seen below]
[!] The long hours the Men and Morphs have spent scouring the stacks have finally revealed something they feel of use to them. Shaking off the mouse droppings the Recordkeepers find among esoteric scribblings full plan diagrams for the construction of a system of buckets and wheels which help bring resources to the surface, provisions to miners, and an air circulating addition said (translating) to improve working conditions and productivity.

(>>5120478) After long journey, the promised army of Minotaurs comes to aid the Entente as best they can. For now they make camp upon Achor Hill, awaiting orders from the Do'la.
(>>5121293) With Megyros already owning some of the best port facilities upon Syph, the call for Dwarven shipwrights and engineers is met with much enthusiasm. It takes only minor retrofits and additions to accommodate the Gylden who heed the call. The crews adopt the most northern port and nearby steelworks as their base of operations, streamlining deliveries, maximising efficiency wherever possible. Here they plan & design ships, both new and hybrids of Durranic and Dwarven build.
[+3 PE]
The Imnak know the ways of the old world, the ways of a world older than that Bandru, older than the Grynox, older than Men and Dander and Shadow. Older than the Imnak themselves. A world of blood and shit and dirt. A world for Her and Her alone; The Lady of the Depths. Depths unfathomable, deeper than whatever hole the Dwarves crawled out of, deeper than any mine, deeper than the roots of Maglak! Her depths are the foundations of the earth itself. She calls to them from so far below, so far that only the Molerats can hear Her, and only as a whisper. She calls for a return to that old world of Hers, that one of blood and bones and rule by only the mightiest. So bleed for Her, kill for Her, rage across the world for Her! Let Syph once more know the ways of old, the ways of the Lady of the Depths!

[+3 PE]
[R] The Dryasylphs relay their message to the Purebreeds of Karu's song. She sings not to herself as she does her dirge, but to the creature she once called 'hateling'. It has grown almost to the size of a Shiape, naked and green all over, with a mouth of fangs worse than any beast of the Yadi. [Conference of Deinos thread in IC]
As they have so many times before, the Purebreeds begin to experiment. Perhaps displeased with the slow and fragile nature of the single, delicate Drylium of previous research, the formula is tweaked; To the same reagents is added healing waters from the Holy Hollow of the Sennite Dryads, and the patch watered with yet more of this apparently blessèd water. Soft spells are sung to the sprout as it pushes through the soil, in time growing to a strangely flowering plant. It is soon found the Dryaspath turn their odd flowery heads in the direction of disease & pollution, and when planted suck the taint into themselves before yellowing and dying. Unlike the Drylium however, they may be propagated with ease. [Peace Lily]
A portion of the Tels surrounding the north-western side of the Yadi are claimed for the Drya, along with a number of peaks in the Hitels in the north which shelter the Dryad, Karu.

[New Moon]
As the barest sliver of moon rises the Usagi relent to use his name, his true name, against their enemies. Though it sickens them, though the very thought of it makes them impure, if the Paskians continue as they have begun, it may be necessary. This old magic is cast upon the field of battle, but the priests continue their own work at the temple. As smith tempers the blade in flame, so too shall the warriors. But such a spell will require a remarkable cost, one the priests dread even discovering. Nevertheless they cast the divination bones, and scry in the dark moon-pool, soon the price is revealed to them; If one is to withstand heat, t'other must withstand cold. Naked as he born, the priest is to bury himself in the snows of the wastes, a task only non-lethal for the winter-furs they grow. Still, the pain will be immense, the risk high, will it be worth it.
Resplendent in spirit, Simfuni anima, chorus of the Great Melody, return the beauty of Theatra to Syph. Their song echoes through the hills and meadows, through Calibrus and New Venezia, through the harmonic and the Discordant alike. Many Discordant fall dead upon hearing it, so far removed from the Great Melody that just to hear it is anathema to their very being. The rest, those not too corrupted by Discordia, are rejuvenated and made harmonic again. The shedding of Theatra's cocoon had other unforeseen effects, collapsing mines, destroying the old school, scattering boulders of Maestro-worked stone all over. But what does this matter? Repairs can be made, of import is self-evident! The Simfuni have returned! Albeit not as they had been. Music rings from the mountain tops, an otherworldly melody of unknown power.

[+2 PE]
With prayers to Fanw on their breath, the fleet set sail. The full might of Her Children now bears toward the damnable Usagi and their allies. [It'll cost 1 more action to get there, and 1 to initiate war]
Much more on paper than on the ground, the lower reaches of the mountains are claimed for Prenhaearn; Surveyors and prospectors draw up the contracts and mining rights this very moment.
[D] A strange malady has been noted in Arford and Traethllwyd, along with a few cases in Efailesau. Worryingly no single cause can be isolated as all age, strata, and profession are struck. Symptoms begin with a jerkiness of motion & facial ticks, followed by a slurring of speech, loss of memory, and some have reported a loss of eyesight too. As yet no deaths can be attributed to the illness, but it may only be a matter of time.

[+2 PE]
Even an enemy is given their due, the Paskians sure know how to build a wall; A pity for them the Turtles are better at undermining them. Still, lessons learnt in the scouting and infiltration efforts are brought back to the kingdom to be implemented into the High Walls of Lutheric which encircle the kingdom.

With royal "backing" and proof of their possibility in the black ships of the Hyumans, the Oni set to the task as if, no, because, their lives depended on it. Experimentation reveals the obvious, a metal ship cannot be built the same way a wooden one is. After much smacking of heads the team draw up a number of designs, constructing scale models, improving on those that actually floated, until at last a ship, about the same size as Benmi's pleasure yacht, is made.
Also with royal backing, but without the threat of being exploded, teams of architects and engineers are charged with the construction of buildings the height of mountains. Unfortunately for all involved such a thing is an impossibility, but with the latest manufacturing techniques, and a little Oni ingenuity, the designs for a building able to soar 10 storeys; more than double the height of the towers of the Pearl Palace; are presented to the king.


-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

The battle at the fort is initially pushed hard in Paskian favour, with runic and beacon flame they make headway. But here the Entente can hold their own, encircling the narrow fan of them, pushing hard to drive them back. In the fray, and by trained Shadow, the Minister General charged with carrying one of the two beacons is struck in the eye by assassin's blade; His carried beacon dropping quite unceremoniously, lost in the mire, quickly his killer is likewise laid low. It is the bloodiest battle yet fought, as Shamanistic and Runic magics clash, the four armies eventually push the Paskians back to their gate at a terrible cost.
The wall guards move to do away with the invaders, slaying some struggling with the heavy ballistae, but others make back for the fort, met at the stairs by ever filing Ministers. Breaking from the line, War Blocks are directed to the other fortified gates. Meeting little, if any resistance, the flanking Blocks make it into the preternatural darkness of the Dakan. Even with the carried beacons, the trees and gloom are difficult to destroy, slowing the advance. Still, as none have (yet) stood against them, camps are dug in, clearing further forest whenever possible. With four mini beacons in tow, the flank sent from the north make short work of their path, arriving in time at the shattered walls of We'vara.
As the fires rage, Bertonian reinforcements begin their long, slow march from their nests, finally resting at the market overlooked by the coral fort.

1. Pure Healing: It's been a while since the art of using life energy to heal and purify was discovered, but lately the research has been stagnant and the mundane medical techniques are quickly bypassing the magic. This won't do; the life priests will be out of a job if that happens! Raising funds by offering their services to foreigners who come here, the devouts of Honshakti gather together and begin their research. All types of experiments were conducted; from healing minor and major bones after being crushed or sliced in to pieces to eyes poked or smashed to dismembering arms and legs and reattaching them back. It was a quite a bloody and evil looking sight to seen! (Improve healing magic)
2. Reaching Higher Heights: While the new tall buildings were magnificent sights to see, it took forever to just get up to the middle floors! While this isn't a problem for King Benmi, since he's a demi-god, to the others, it's just making a pilgrimage to the holy sites up in the mountains every time they follow him. A couple of merchants who are quite close with the dwarves heard that they have machines that can take them from the bottom floor all the way to the top quickly. They send engineers along with a large amounts of gold and gifts to persuade the dwarves to allow them to borrow the designs of these "erebeetoh". (Research all elevator designs.)
Action 1 and 2: Express the Mote’aide (My version of industrialisation essentially)

The first grand examples of living works have been made and demonstrated, the Canon Thalassa beautiful and certain to endure the ages to come.

More examples of this work are made, but all for one purpose now, to create Mote’aide to serve industry.

Mote’aide that weave the silk of moths faster than hand could, automatic blazecages affixed to great radial gears spinning slowly around a tree trunk that smelt the countless metal bounty of the rings, the level of complexity and precision dryad clockworks combined with florakinesis can achieve allows for truly magnificent products to be forged. Ones of higher quality in exchange for less overall production than clunky smoke belching machines.

The introduction of Mote’aide on a wide scale allows manual labour to be saved all across the nation, and saved most in grand Shapers Halls (Factories), where countless Mote’aide work together in synchronicity under supervision from shapers and voices and florakines to produce arcane and mundane devices alike.

The influx of foreign wealth and expertise is at the heart of this new development. Mote’aide such as the Canon Thalassa will not be relics, but vessels in their likeness become a new naval standard as mote’aide aid in the cultivation and crafting of new vessels, a colossal living structure such as they able to haul far more than a group of dryads.
Living works enter the lives of the common dryad, carried across tree-tops by moving platforms and cutting rope with clockwork blades that slice independently.

Spinning Loci focus the suns rays from distant corners of the forest to instil The Work with the light of the glades, and countless dryads are freed from needing to perform rote labour, now able to study and contribute to intellectual, mercantile or military pursuits.

[R] Rumour if able
Joyous Water Elementals dance along the streets of the Dyb cities, from Anubira to Kavmira, even the Goblin cities have a few, though the Goblins don't quite share the same enthusiasm as the Anubisids, so they aren't quite as lively or long lived. Still, the people of Dybet are happy, harvests are good, the population is growing. Now if only Soteriaeth could sire some heirs.

Action 1: Establish Hunter Corps.
When Dybet settles lands without good farmland, hunters inevitably rise. But we have long been bottlenecked by our inability to make good use of most ranged weapons, as well as large size. However, with the invention of the cartridge firearms, first adopted by the thrillhunters who take vacations to Prenhearn, but with major exports from the Diktat, desert nomads have taken to using the gun, establishing hunter families. Madoc sees the clear Prenhearn influence and starts having talks with the gun nomads, negotiating a deal: They send sons and daughters to our army, we give them priority access to Diktat guns and powder. These Hunters aren't nearly as numerous as the farmer sons, but they will be paid a large sum and serve a more specialist role, given more autonomy than your average soldier.

Action 2: Start the construction of the Dual Temple of Anubis and Fanw.
Soteriaeth gather a large crowd, as construction is about to start, and he is to lay the first stone. However, he doesn't make it a small stone, nay, he grabs and lifts a multi-ton slab and lifts it above his head, the crowd look at Soteriaeth's mass of bulging muscle as he lifts the stone... and then starts walking, taking several minutes to move the stone from the stockpile to the construction location, before laying it down. Already he's sweating and breathing heavily, but he goes back and picks up another stone, some of the workers get to work moving more stones, but Soteriaeth personally places a dozen heavy slabs, and places them with practiced precision. He demonstrates that he is indeed strong, and he shows to the gods that he is a man of action, not just words. He will continue to contribute with raw strength as the project goes on, because if he is to be blessed with virility, he must work for it. Still, the Dual Temple's plan is massive, it'll take years for it to finish.
1. Continue the work on Chemical Weapons. There are many that can be made, but a very important part of their use is their *safe* use. As such, with the rest of the effort after the completion of the already underway gas, improvements to our pre-existing Chemical-Biological gear is to be made.

2. With the adaptation of the Varke blowback pistol, the fact that Semi and fully automatic firearms have come to fruition. As such, two of these are put out. One fires the same ammunition as our rifles, while the other fires ammunition much larger; an Automatic-Cannon if one will.
Action 1: The Grand Ministry delves further into the ways of music and art. Hosting grand festivals for the people of Pask where music and art may be made, and telling them the nature of the war beyond the walls to prove the superiority of the Paskian ways. Paskians send many gifts and honorifics to their friends and family upon the frontline, to show they are not forgotten in their struggle for the people of Pask.

Action 2: The Grand Ministry, having notably avoided using shields for its soldiers, finally acqieuses to the weight of the war and ensuing casualties, beginning the production of Rune-laden shields known as Will-Shields, convex oval shaped shields that can comfortably be carried and fit inside of their cloaks as they are carried on one arm. Being a shield, the force runes upon it will be significantly more focused on protecting the bearer and diminishing blows, hopefully easing the grevious casualties the Ministry come the future. They shall incorporate many visuals, such as lines of text, artwork, and more that bear significance to the people of Pask.

War Action: With the wall clear and the gate held, the Ministry once more enacts its next phase of its assaults upon the Entente territory with undaunted bravery.
A workshop is founded in Carcosa, where greater sonar amulets are produced in mass. Out in New Venezia, another market is built, intended to be where Laga can buy foreign goods in mass for resale and usage back home.

The port of Holo'gunui is upgraded, for larger and greater ships.

King Pa'nele'Tui feels the strain of his years, and he consults the archives of the trades with the Wandering Market over the years. The ancient Carasprig, one given to the Drya, the other hidden and preserved in Iti's Sanctuary. He orders it be brought to him. A sealed flask with a single leaf within, with several scrolls of kelp writing alongside it - The Ballad Pa'Sha'Tui, the royal Captain of the Royal Guard. (Coming soon). The Laga King uncorks the flask and consumes the leaf. And waits...

We hail the Wandering Market once more.

>Action 1: A Kotzrigg charter
The mountainous lands of Untegkalnz are (outside of the disputed Lykkeligfilt) the only formally recognised province of the Æbleland not to have a provincial town. To rectify this discrepancy (and to quell some Ashen-voiced grumbling from the province of their highest concentration), Kalnthrunr Glonion grants the Kotzrigg Thanvulders of the Untegkalnz a town charter for a settlement of their choosing within the Untegkalnz borders, as well as pledging a sum of 500 Gylders to aid in the construction of this town. They are also given liberty to redesign the provincial emblem if they should wish; although the provincial colour of a cinnabar red is to be maintained.

>Action 2: Powdered Bones
With use of the Explosive powder and its derivatives slowly increasing within Gylden dwarf society, it is decided to open up a new manufactory-cum-storage facility for this volatile substance. Though it is initially proposed to build this close the Artillerist's Acadamy, it is the artillerists themselves who veto this suggestion - siting such an explosive facility close to their TRAINING ranges is just asking for eventual misfortune to fall. Instead, it is decided to place the building somewhere that is considered remote yet close to good transport links - the protruding hills of Metakidun, which stand above both Zarunteg river and the jungles of Melzkagilt.
And on the Aeturkofilt, there is finally enough interest to dig for the strange bones of stone which lie beneath the ground, the Dwarves beginning a excavation site to see what to make of these fossils that lie there.
action 1: build more mines, while the development over the last few years it is not enough, resources remain untapped waiting to further expand the fraternain economy

action 2: Farming expansion with the new technics and methods gleaned from the library the Fraterian state sets to the task of developing its farmlands further.

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