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File: SWI - EP. 3 Title.png (1.65 MB, 1500x750)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…



>>RECAP of the last thread:

Farren Gaelle launched his investigation into the disappearance of Nomiana Whrul, a Mandalorian woman he’d danced with the night prior to the slave revolution. With his padawan Ceyla Vikol, the Jedi managed to gather enough information from both the locals and Ingmar the Tof to establish a rapport. While Whrul and her two other compatriots have otherwise disappeared on “religious sabbatical”, an identity was given to the warrior that Ceyla fought on the Chiller: Blazing Chain, an organization of nomadic, Force-sensitive pirates that plague the Unknown Regions.

The following day, Master Larid revealed his connection to the Storyteller. Six years prior to your apprenticeship, he had been marooned on a backwards planet in the Tingel Arm, and fell in love with the woman, Tessa Ceryll, who nursed him back to health. He had married her, only for tragedy to befall the young couple when the town unearthed an ancient Sith Temple, unleashing the Storyteller upon the hapless populace. Larid has sworn vengeance against his wife’s killer, and is troubled by the fact that the Revenant answering to the ancient Sith is strongly suspected to be a very close relation.

Following a quick meeting with Laurentius Mercantor, husband of Commodore Octavia, Farren and the other Jedi were summoned to a conclave, hosted by Masters Larid, Uyer and Aure. The three masters announced the organization of their survivors into the JEDI TRIUMVIRATE, focusing on the preservation of the Jedi Order. Torok Lamal was made a Jedi Knight, and Master Larid took the youngling Vuqu Dahe as his new apprentice. After the meeting, Farren inquired of the Triumvirate about his mother, Alleana Gaelle, as she had been in the same Youngling clan as the three masters.

Now, the young Jedi prepares for his first mission for the Triumvirate: a sojourn back into known space to search for Jedi strongholds and other survivors. His first stop will be Dweem, the sanctuary of the silicon-based Jedi sect known as the Iron Knights…


Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4788445/
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Star%20Wars%20Interregnum
Pastebin (WIP): https://pastebin.com/u/TaskForceKaz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaskForceKaz

File: patchnotes.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB

>Dice rolls now resemble a version of the Narrative Dice/Genesys system, although to avoid bogging down the dice pool, expediating combat, and/or otherwise streamlining checks, the inclusion of Setback, Difficulty and Challenge dice have not been included.
>Each pip in any Stat has been changed from 1d6 to 1d8; each rank in any skill upgrades a 1d8 Stat Die into a 1d12 Proficiency Die.
>In theory, Stat die can be used to roll raw for a skill without any ranks, but having ranks in a skill will change 1d8 to 1d12 per X amount of skill ranks.
>For example, Farren has 1 Skill rank in Knowledge [Sith] (INT) and 2 pips in his Intellect Stat.
>For making a check on the Storyteller, Farren would be rolling 2d8, but due to his 1 Rank in Knowledge [Sith], one of his d8’s will be upgraded into a d12.
>As a result, Farren will be rolling 1d8+1d12 for his Knowledge [Sith] check.
>In situations where a skill has more pips than a stat, the system allows for a character to compensate a lack of skill with innate ability.
>For example, if Farren has 3 in Negotiation but only 2 in Presence, he would initially start with 3d8 Ability dice and upgrade two of them to d12 Skill dice, totaling 1d8+2d12 for a Negotiation (Presence) check.

>Overhaul of the Seven Forms of Lightsaber Combat to adhere to the FFG System.
>Much like skills, Farren will throw 1d8 based per the corresponding pip in the relevant stat depending on the Form he’s using, upgrading to 1d12’s based on his 3 in Lightsaber.
>Similarly, where Farren has Lightsaber 3 and most of his Abilities in 2’s, he will also be compensating a lack of skill with innate ability.

>>Lightsaber Forms are now reworked to correspond with the following stats/abilities:
>Shi-Cho/Form I - Brawn.
>Makashi/Form II – Presence.
>Soresu/Form III – Intellect.
>Ataru/Form IV – Agility.
>Shien/Form V – Cunning.
>Niman/Form VI – Resolve.
>Juyo/Form VII – Brawn.

>Introduction of the {ALIGNMENT} mechanic, a scale of 0 – 200 indicative of a character’s alignment to the Dark or Light Side of the Force.
>Much like the KOTOR games, there are five alignments: Very Dark (0-29), Dark (30-79) Neutral (80-119), Light (120-169) and Very Light (170-200).
>Dark/Light Side points are obtained by performing actions pertinent to either extreme; gaining Light Side points advance Alignment towards the Light Side, while gaining Dark Side points subtract Alignment towards the Dark Side.
>With the exception of Neutral, all Alignments grant perks and also have a narrative bonus via unlocking unique dialogue options or otherwise accessing alignment-locked items such as Jedi or Sith holocrons.
>Farren is currently at Light (160), and thus gains a +1d6 bonus to checks made against opposing Force rolls.

>Upgrading the d10 per Force Rating to d12 per Force Rating.
>Affinity Bonus reworked to offer +1d6 when using [Alter]-type Force Powers.
>Each pip in a Force Power adds +1d4 to when rolling to activate the power.
>Certain powers have all-or-nothing effects, while others have multi-tiered effects, and the check result determines the maximum effect you can achieve.
>For example, rolling high on a Move check could allow you to impact more enemies, extend the range of the power…
>But the Dark Side always offers easy power, and at a terrible cost. Farren can add 1d12 to any Force Power check per 2 Force Rating, but gains equal Dark Side Points based on the result.
>For example, if Farren choses to augment his Force check with a Dark Side die and rolls 8, he gains 8 Dark Side points, and subtracts that from his current alignment.
>Reworded several descriptions of powers.

>Adding [Makashi Technique] – may roll Panache instead of Brawn for Lightsaber Checks.
>Reworking [Makashi Expert I] – add +1d6 per rank of Makashi Expert when fighting a singular opponent.
>Adding [Niman Technique] – may roll Resolve instead of Brawn for Lightsaber Checks.
>Reworking [Jedi Shadow] – add +1d6 to checks made for Deception, Perception, Stealth and Vigilance.

File: Farren Gaelle.png (5.7 MB, 3300x5100)
5.7 MB
5.7 MB PNG

>Brawn – 2
>Agility – 3
>Intellect – 2
>Cunning – 2
>Willpower – 3
>Presence – 2

>Astrogation 1 (Int) – knowledge about galactic routes and hyperspace jumps.
>Cool 1 (Pr) – ability to remain calm under danger. Resists Charm/Negotiation.
>Coordination 1 (Ag) – measure of a character’s nimbleness and flexibility.
>Deception 1 (Cun) – ability to trick others into believing falsehoods.
>Force Entities 1 (Int) – knowledge in entities strong in the Force.
>Lore 2 (Int) – knowledge of the galaxy and its ancient history.
>Mechanics 1 (Int) – skill in working on machinery from weapons, droids and starships.
>Melee 2 (Br) – proficiency with melee weapons such as knives, swords or fists.
>Medicine 1 (Int) – used to treat wounds from minor scratches to life-threatening injuries.
>Perception 2 (Cun) – used to notice subtle clues, stealthy people, and information by observation. Opposes Skullduggery.
>Piloting [Space] 1 (Ag) – a measure to pilot starships and other stellar vessals.
>Ranged [Light] 1 (Ag) – proficiency in single-handed firearms such as pistols, spears and grenades.
>Sith 1 (Int) – knowledge regarding the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force.
>Stealth 1 (Ag) – how easily a character can hide or appear inconspicuous.
>Vigilance 2 (Will) – the ability to quickly take notice/react to events happening in the immediate/peripheral.

>Jedi Shadow – add +1d6 to rolls made for Deception, Perception, Stealth and Vigilance.
>Makashi Technique – may use Presence instead of Brawn to roll for Lightsaber checks.
>Makashi Expert I – add +1d6 per rank in Makashi Expert to Lightsaber checks when fighting a singular opponent.
>Niman Technique – may use Willpower instead of Brawn to roll for Lightsaber checks.
>Aberration Bane – add +1d9 made to rolls against Force Entities.
>Alignment [Light] – add +1d6 to checks made against opposing Force rolls.

>>Lightsaber Rating: 3
>Weapons – “Makashi/Duelist’s” lightsaber; “Niman/Dual-wielding” lightsaber.

>>Lightsaber Forms Known:
>Form II/Makashi [Presence]
>Form VI/Niman [Willpower]

>>Force Rating: 2 [2d12+Willpower]
>Force Affinity: Alter (+1d6 to Alter-type powers)

>>Force Powers:
>Force Fire 2 (Alter) – a pyrokinetic ability that allows for the manipulation and conjuration of flames.
>Force Move 2 (Alter) – the iconic telekinesis of every Jedi, determines lifting limit and push power.
>Force Speed 1 (Alter) – increases muscle speed/reflexes and slows perception of the world.
>Force Weapon 3 (Alter) – imbues an object with the Force. Increases lightsaber damage, and makes mundane weapons resistant to being sundered by lightsabers.
>Mystic Weapon 1 (Alter) – using the Force to manipulate a chosen weapon, allows it to operate independent of your grasp. At Rank 3, add another weapon.
>Sever Force 2 (Alter) – rare technique that severs a target’s connection with the Force.

>>Farren Gaelle’s Lightsabers – a pair of lightsabers constructed after the Exodus from Kakarit, and Farren Gaelle’s elevation to a Jedi Knight.

>>Lightsaber Stats:
>Skill: Lightsaber
>Range: Engaged

>>Makashi/Dueling ‘saber
- Hardpoints (6/6):
-- Curved Hilt (1) - Preferred by duelists and Makashi/Form II wielders, adds a +4 to lightsaber checks when using Makashi/Form II in combat against a single foe.
-- Dual-Phase Mod (2) - Allows you to change the length of your blade once per encounter, catching your opponent off-guard to ignore melee defense for one attack.
-- Kakerox Crystals (2) - A shard of the Godseye given to you by Grand Shamanka Bos. You may make a Resolve Check to draw upon the power within the crystal, adding +5 to the next Force Power check. This can be done twice per the wielder's Force Rating before the crystal needs to be recharged via exposure to a solar body for a full 24 hours. The blade created is dense and vibrant, intensifying in plain view of a star or sun.
-- Shadowsheathe (1) - A specialized sheathe or holster made to conceal weaponry using optical camouflage. Doubles the DC made to find the affected weapon on your person.

>>Niman/Dual-wielding ‘saber
- Hardpoints (6/6):
-- Dual-Phase (2) - Allows you to change the length of your blade once per encounter, catching your opponent off-guard to ignore melee defense for one attack.
-- Stabilizing Coils (1) - When using this lightsaber, negate the first Critical Failure that occurs naturally for that encounter/situation.
-- Kakerox Crystals (2) - A shard of the Godseye given to you by Grand Shamanka Bos. You may make a Resolve Check to draw upon the power within the crystal, adding +5 to the next Force Power check. This can be done twice per the wielder's Force Rating before the crystal needs to be recharged via exposure to a solar body for a full 24 hours. The blade created is dense and vibrant, intensifying in plain view of a star or sun.
-- Shadowsheathe (1) - A specialized sheathe or holster made to conceal weaponry using optical camouflage. Doubles the DC made to find the affected weapon on your person.

>>Nomi’s Mandalorian Blaster – a Mandalorian pistol given to you by Nomiana Whrul after an evening of dancing on Mylar-3 prior to the Slave Revolution. She gave it to you in the hopes that it would keep you alive in the Unknown Regions.

>Pistol Stats:
>Skill: Ranged (Light)
>Range: (Medium)

- Hardpoints (3/3):
-- Blaster Actuating Module - Increases power/penetration of blaster bolts at the cost of increased maintenance.
-- Hair Trigger - Allows the weapon to be fired twice in a single action at the cost of decreased accuracy.
-- Multi-Optic Sight - Reduces any penalties due to smoke, darkness and other vision-affecting environmental effects.

File: Jedi Holocron_02.jpg (192 KB, 1491x1500)
192 KB
192 KB JPG

>Farren’s Padawan Lightsaber – the last of a pair of lightsabers you constructed as a Padawan. It bears no special modifications, but it has carried you through thick and thin for the better part of almost fifteen years. Among noteworthy opponents of this lightsaber include several Dark Jedi, the Revenant, the Accuser of Pilgrims, the Herald of Jombaral, and Mad Warrior-King Trax.
>Golden Lightsaber Crystal – one of two lightsaber crystals you had taken from the caves of Illum when you were a youngling. The lightsaber it had been embedded in had been destroyed by the Herald of Jombaral.
>Liar’s Blade – the spearhead carried into battle by the Liar Chieftain against the Herald of Jombaral thousands of years ago. Used to slay the Herald and free the souls it had absorbed into itself. Seemingly anathematic to Force-users, you watched it burn Grand Shamanka Bos from within herself.

>Holocron of the Betrayer – a Jedi Holocron containing the persona of Kreia, an enigmatic Jedi Master from the time of Revan and the Old Republic and survivor of the Jedi Purge at the hands of Darth Nihilus.
>Holocron of the Redeemed – a Jedi Holocron containing the persona of Meku Sakaroto, a Jedi who followed Revan into battle against the Mandalorian Crusaders and fell to the Dark Side at Malachor V.
>Holocron of the Seeker – a Jedi Holocron containing the persona of Zayne Carrick, a former Jedi Padawan who survived the Padawan Massacre at the hands of the Jedi Covenant.


>Arkinnea, a planet in the Expanse Region, where refugees of both Separatist and Republic bent flee.
>Bracca, a planet in the Mid Rim, where the only fortune to be made is from shipbreaking and scrapping.
>Dagobah, a planet in the Outer Rim, a desolate swamp void of any significant or advanced civilization.
>O’haon, a planet in the Tingel Arm, suspected to be the planet you saw in the Revenant’s vision.
>Uliea, a planet in the Outer Rim, alleged homeworld of Alleana and Farren Gaelle, largely unknown by the galaxy.

File: The Albatross.png (293 KB, 655x369)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
The Albatross

>>Class: Lonrar E-9 Explorer

>Silhouette – [4]
>Speed – [4]
>Handling – [-1]
>Hull: [25/25]
>System: [14/14]

>Shield (Fore) – [1]
> Shield (Port) – N/A
>Shield (Starboard) – N/A
>Shield (Aft) – [1]
>Armor – [4]

>>Cargo Capacity: 300 Metric Tons

>>Customization Hardpoints [2/4]:
>Electronic Countermeasures – doubles the DC for enemy shits to hit you.
>Security Measures – doubles the DC for Computers/Skullduggery checks made for unauthorized access.

>Engineering Access – sub-deck access passages grant easy access to nearly any internal engineering system in the ship, allowing for quick response to problems. Lowers the DC made for Mechanics or Computer checks thanks to ease of reaching systems typically hidden behind bulkheads or sealed beneath deck plating.
>Namesake Bonus – increases engines/sublight speed by 1.

>1x Dorsal & 1x Ventral Turret- mounted Medium Laser Cannon(s).
>Fire Arc: ALL; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Close], Linked 1

>>Crew & Compliment:
>1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot, 1 Engineer, 1 Quartermaster.
>4 Passengers.


File: Nomiana 'Nomi' Whrul.png (6.64 MB, 3300x5100)
6.64 MB
6.64 MB PNG

>>The Albatross
>Ceyla Vikol – miraluka padawan, the mild-mannered and vision-addled apprentice of Farren Gaelle.
>Elbawaraak “Elba” – wookiee engineer/mechanic enslaved by the Tof, who swore a life-debt to Farren after the slave revolution.
>Suzel Sho – nagai scout/pilot enslaved by the Tof, repaying a debt to Farren after his parents were rescued from captivity.
>B-33 – SupTac droid purchased from a merchant prior to the slave revolution. Seeks to experience new things.
>HK-82 – the head of a Hunter-Killer droid with a pacifist protocol. Searching for the rest of his body.
>Trykov – Clone trooper and survivor of the ill-fated 57th Elite Corps to have succumbed to Jombaral. A logistics officer turned quartermaster, and liaison to Scrapper Squad.

>>The Jedi Triumvirate.
>Master Uyer Kosa – twi’lek Jedi Peacekeeper, representing the Guardian. A stern woman, she took on Arotta Bashur as her padawan, and led the 57th Elite Corps into several battles during the Clone Wars.
>Master Brethon Larid – human Jedi Shadow, representing the Sentinel branch. Prone to bouts of eccentricity and deadly seriousness, and Farren’s former master. Sworn enemy of the Sith Lord known as the Storyteller, who killed his wife, Tessa Ceryll.
>Master Aure – zabrack Jedi Diplomat, representing the Consular branch. A sardonic woman with a sharp tongue, she insists Kirsten is still her padawan, and has so far refused to think about replacing her.

>>Farren’s Jedi Friends
>Torok Lamal – cathar Jedi Pilot and recent Jedi Knight. A childhood friend of Farren and Kirsten, sorted into the same Salamander youngling clan. Came perilously close to the Dark Side in the wake of Order 66, having witnessed the aftermath of Kirsten’s torture at the hands of the Tof.
>Kirsten Corrho – human Jedi Padawan. A childhood friend of Farren and Torok, and padawan of Master Aure. Tortured by the Tof and rendered comatose and brain-dead in a carbonite freezing experiment gone horribly wrong.
>Arotta Bashur – togruta Jedi Padawan. A childhood rival of Farren’s, turned sex friends during their later years. Padawan of Master Kosa, she was stranded on Kakarit until her rescue. Now burgeoning lovers with Farren.

>Nomiana Whrul – female human Mandalorian bounty hunter that Farren met on Amagi. They shared an evening’s dance and a bed prior to the Slave Uprising, after which she disappeared on sabbatical with other Mandalorians. Gave Farren a custom pistol in exchange for a knife in the hopes it would keep him alive.
>Urzu & Mukir - companions mentioned to be with Nomiana.

>The Storyteller – the spirit of a Pureblood Sith bound in the pages of a book. The perpetrator of the misery of du Lac’s Hollow, and the death of Tessa Ceryll.
>The Revenant – a half-insane Dark Jedi and apprentice of the Storyteller. Suspected to be either Master Larid’s unnamed daughter with Tessa, or sister-in-law Eira Ceryll.
File: Storyteller and Revenant.jpg (4.07 MB, 9000x10000)
4.07 MB
4.07 MB JPG
Concerning Dragons and Shadows

>>One week after the Mylar Star Uprising…
>>Unknown Location…

Many things could be said about the Sith known as the Storyteller. Most, however, would only be base conjecture, or otherwise basic observation of the man in question. He was tall, lithe of frame and had an unassuming air as he stirred the fire with a long iron rod. The shadows cast by the flames licked up along the pillars and walls of the ruined temple, along the shine of his armor and cloak. And in his eyes, the embers were reflected in a vigorous, burning gold, a sharp contrast the grey that had crept up the roots of his hair.

Of course, it was not his name. It was but one of three that he had become known by, and by far the one that carried the most emotional weight. He had not given up the others as much as held onto them like an object in a museum: cleaned routinely and placed in an area of great importance, but mostly left to their own devices.

The first had nearly been torn from him when Horuset had been eclipsed by the smog and smoke of orbital bombardment.

The second came with great prestige and prominence, bequeathed none the less by a living god.

But the moniker of “Storyteller” resonated with him the strongest even when he had been a child, and that had seemed to be an eternity ago. He told stories, but also collected and curated in equal measure. No tale was too outlandish, no doggerel too crude; any and all that he could get his hands on were all treasures of great importance, but there were some more valuable than others.

A disturbance at the outer edge of the temple roused him from his musings. He maintained a calm demeanor as the flames ringing the enclosure parted, allowing the battered, bloodied form of the Revenant to limp into the light. Her armor was scored with plasma burns, and her right arm was cradled tightly against her chest. Her hair, the color of autumn leaves, was matted with grease, and an angry mark ran down the length of her nose.

But her eyes, the same color as his, blazed defiantly in spite of her injuries.

The Storyteller shifted in his seat, beckoning for her to approach. It was only a matter of time until they would have this meeting. Predicated, of course, on the condition that she had managed to safely escape from the slavers’ planet. Five days had passed since the Shadow’s intrusion upon his inner sanctum. He would have only gotten worried after a month had passed.

“I take it that you’re en route to the library?” he queried. Business before pleasure. Regrettable, but ultimately necessary.

She answered with a rasping grunt, wincing at some unseen pain that lanced into her head. A migraine from over exerting herself, perhaps. “I’ll be there in...a week or two. The transport I hijacked isn’t...nearly as fast.”

“And the ship you used to get to the planet?”

“Destroyed. Nothing was...left behind that could lead anyone anywhere.”

File: Broken Lightsaber.png (267 KB, 960x720)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
He mused quietly to himself. Not the cleanest of getaways, but he could recall several messy situations from his own wayward youth. Then, he raised a finger, and pointed it to her arm. “I trust that you’ve taken the appropriate measures to dress your wounds?”

The Revenant nodded tersely. “I remember your instructions, master. By the time I arrive to the library, the healing trance…will have taken care of everything else.”

“Kolto certainly helps,” he replied, then thought on it. “…or is it not bacta that the galaxy currently uses?”

She gave no response, merely limping closer to the fire pit. Surprise, then doubt creased her features as he stood up and beckoned her forward. “But that’s your seat, master…”

“Only because it is the best seat, and one reserved exclusively for the storyteller,” he finished with a wry grin. “Which at the moment would be you, my dear. Come and take your place by the fire. Let it not be known that I won’t allow others to share their stories.”

She was hesitant to approach. A shiver ran up and down the length of her body, and she tentatively extended her good arm towards the flames. It took only a handful of moments for some semblance of color to return to her skin, and the shaking to subside.

He waited a great deal, letting her sit and regain her balance. Only when the Revenant’s eyes seemed to glaze over in some distant reverie did he decide to begin. Clearing his throat, he asked, “Do you wish to speak about what happened in the galleria?”

Through their bond in the Force, he felt a sharp wince, a flinch as the recollection came to the front of her mind. She cradled her broken arm closer to her chest, stared harder at the fire. And through teeth clenched even tighter, she ground out in equal measures anger, disappointment, self-loathing and sorrow:

“…I failed you, master.”

He did not answer immediately. The logs in the fire popped and hissed, ceding into ash as they stewed in silence. Then, after a moment’s deliberation, he replied, “Are you quite certain about that?”

She started as if an electric current had run through her. Her eyes widened, then narrowed in resentful suspicion. “What else would you call…this?” With a limp, languid hand, she gestured up and down her body. “I threw everything I had at the Jedi, years of training…and these are all I have to show for it…more scar tissue to the collection.

“No, not just this…” She laughed, a hoarse and ugly noise tinged with the slightest bit of hysteria. “The lightsaber we built, destroyed. The mask, sundered in two. And the…”

The Revenant paused to swallow, shuddering as she undid the gauntlet on her broken arm. The Storyteller watched dispassionately as she tore it off, cursing and holding the bloody sight before the fire. Where there might have been a patch of skin, there was only lean, raw and sinewy muscle that stretched from her wrist to elbow.

File: Revenant_01.jpg (214 KB, 850x935)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
“…your page, the story you wrote and stitched,” she whispered, all the energy leaving her as she slumped back into her seat. Then, she spat out with a venomous bile, “He severed it from me. After the fall, I tried searching, but I couldn’t find it…”

“Because it had been disconnected from you and I,” the Storyteller answered gently. “That is no fault of your own.”

She grimaced, sneering at the memory. “But, that wasn’t the worst of it…that Jedi bastard, he…”

>>For choices made in an earlier thread…

“…he tried to save me,” she finished with a whisper. Uncertainty and confusion flowed through the bond. “…I saw them master. They were there, lurking just beyond the edge of my vision. I could feel their burning gazes, and I had to escape. But when I fell…”

That had certainly been a surprise, even to the Storyteller. The Shadow made a concerted effort to rescue the girl, even going so far as to attempt to Sever their connection. A close thing that had been. The boy had perhaps a middling talent in the Force, but his technique was far beyond the rank of a mere padawan.

If not for that strange disturbance in the Force, then he and the girl might not have had this conversation. Even from the library, he had felt it twice over, through the girl, and then as it passed across his planet. A mystery to certainly explore once she was in haler health.

The Revenant shuddered, pulling back her arm to herself. And in a low voice, muttered, “…the Jedi are killers. The Jedi are liars. The Jedi put all to the sword who don’t conform. But he tried to save me…”

The Storyteller interjected before she could lose herself in another one of her mumbling fits. And it would be best to course-correct to avoid the seeds of doubt taking root within her already-fragile mind:

“He sought to take you captive for his own gains, not out of any concern for your well-being. As a padawan, your defeat and subsequent capture would have netted him great prestige among his fellows. Perhaps even an elevation to Knighthood, a padawan of his own, and a lovely bronzium statue. You’d be reduced to nothing more than a trophy locked away in a maximum-security prison, a footnote in textbooks and datapads about the Shadow, and a stepping stool for him to sound a heroic yawp of triumph.”

He was pleased to see her react violently, and the anger he felt served to light a fire within her. Eyes blazing with the fury of a star, she snarled, “I am no one’s trophy. Least of all, a Jedi’s, and not even a king’s!”

Ah. It seemed that her temper was still volatile when last she left the library. Hopefully, the journey home and meditative trance would see her vitriol retreat into a more restrained simmering, or otherwise refocus on more appropriate targets.

File: 4-space.jpg (71 KB, 800x480)
71 KB
He nodded in affirmation. “Of course. But I will say that pages are easily replaced given enough time and ink. Masks can be reforged. And certainly, lightsabers are not easy to come by, but ultimately, they are weapons that can be acquired once more via certain channels or quests.

“You, child,” he said, placing a hand on her shoulder, “Are an existence that outweighs all three by more than a significant margin. And one impossible to replace. The galaxy could turn a million times, and there would not be one like you.”

The Revenant stilled. She met his gaze, and he gave her a soft, warm smile. It was all true, and he sincerely meant every word of it. The rest of the hypothetical replacements for her were hardly interesting enough. But the girl was unique in her circumstances, and he was not ashamed to acknowledge a certain fondness for cosmic irony.

It would make his revenge against the Jedi all the sweeter.

The Storyteller digressed, then mused, “Again, I will ask if you are certain that you failed. I sent you to measure yourself against the Jedi of the age. Some might call it bad luck that you crossed blades with a Shadow, the Order’s little hunters of the Dark Side…but I think that this is the start of a great destiny.”

“But, master,” whispered the Revenant, “If the Shadow is only just a padawan, and he is able to beat me…then how much further am I away from killing him?”

And there was the pith of the issue. The object of her bliss was powerful, not a foe easily slain. In the years since their last encounter, he would have only gained more power. Nearly twenty years, when that chance meeting found the Storyteller and the Revenant in the darkness and bound them together.

Of course, it was his bliss as well. Perhaps not the obsession he had spent millennia chasing, but still one he sought to completion out of vindictiveness. The Storyteller was just as much aggrieved and wronged as the girl was by the events that happened twenty years ago. But he would gladly cede his revenge to someone far more deserving of delivering it to inflict the most despair.

He patted her broken arm, and gently traced a finger around the flayed musculature where a page had once been. “I would daresay that the Shadow has done you a great service in revealing to you your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, he is obviously a skilled duelist. We will have to work on your lightsaber skills, and how to counter a dual-wielding opponent. A pity that Jedi are now in short supply and cannot otherwise be used as convenient training targets.”

She stiffened at the touch, then nodded slowly, eyes refocusing past the pain, old and new alike. “I will think on this, master.”

The Storyteller smiled. “Don’t be disheartened. This stage would hardly be called the Road of Trials if you did not stumble. And I’ve found that a hero who does not taste defeat or face setback makes for an incredibly boring legend.”

There was no warning as his grip tightened around her arm, hard enough for him to feel the bones underneath the sinewy musculature. The Revenant screamed, and the fire responded, flaring to an almost painful degree. He drew her close, pulling her against him in a one-armed embrace, and bade her to be quiet. She obeyed, and through the bond, he felt a caged anticipation as he leaned into her ear.

“You will meet the Shadow,” he declared gravely, almost hissing the words. Power bled from his fingertips, seeping into the girl with every passing heartbeat. “It is inevitable that two singularities are drawn to each other. The universe knows this, as does the Force, who has set your paths parallel, but will not share when they intersect. Like a star trapped in a binary system, you and the Shadow must orbit towards the other, but only one will consume the other, gain power and return to a sojourn through the cosmos.

"Let him be the face that you slay in your dreams.

"Let him be foci for all your pain and emotions: anger, hatred, helplessness and despair.

“Let him be the wellspring from where you draw the hatred and strength to empower yourself.

"Hone your skills and accumulate power so that you can return that which he made you feel by a hundredfold. He will be the dragon that you must defeat before you are truly ready to follow your bliss.”

The Storyteller released her arm, and brought his fingers before her eyes. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she collapsed into a boneless pile against his body. She would not awaken until at least a day into her healing trance.

But perhaps it was a sudden flight of fancy that struck him as he beheld her. Shaking his head ruefully at the sentimentality of it, he arranged her into a more comfortable position, closing her eyes and laying her head upon his lap in a gesture of paternal affection.

This was a privilege he had only granted to two other souls. The first had been his reason for living, a testament to his hatred of the Jedi. The second, her offspring, his kith and kin that had followed in his footsteps in the pursuit for power.

As the fire died, and the darkness began to close around them as the girl settled into a fitful slumber, the Storyteller whispered gently to the third: “Rest now. I will pen a story and prepare two pages for your arrival. We have much work to do upon your awakening, my dear apprentice…much, much work to do until either of us achieves our bliss. But do not fear. Yours shall be the legend that I will carry to the Whills. ”

File: S19.png (315 KB, 463x576)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
>>Meofytos Mechanical Menagerie
>>Serano Spaceport, Amagi (Mylus-3)
>>Mylus System, Unknown Regions, Sector H-3

The mechanic trills triumphantly from behind the curtain. A handful of moments pass, as well as a cacophonous din of crashing metal and other electronics before the avian shopkeeper reappears, bearing your new droid companion on a hover-dolly.

It’s certainly a departure from the traditional cylindrical shape you’re used to seeing, as if someone had taken a power droid and traded its legs for a singular tread. You have been reassured that the droid won’t easily tip over. And if it did, internal stabilizers would kick in and reorient the droid, if not already done by its appendages.

“This is fine work,” you mutter, rapping a knuckle on the armored plates. “Durasteel?”

Meofytos nods in affirmation.

Considering where the Albatross is going and the enemies the crew have so far faced, it’s definitely a good investment. Wouldn’t do to have the first shot put your new friend out of commission only a handful of minutes into a tense battle.

>Chassis: S-19 Astromech Droid
>Unique Feature: Armored Plating
>Personality Core: Delta Core [While this droid pulls through for its creator and friends, it tends to exhibit a perpetually downcast and low-affect demeanor]
>Equipment: Scomp Link, Claw Appendage, Tool Appendage, Astrogation Buffer, internal commlink, holorecorder.

The droid comes to life with a high-pitched whine, squawking nervously as it orients its wheel. Its sensor turns from one end to another, searching and scanning the room before it settles on you. The lens, focusing sharply as the S19 comes in for a closer look.

Scratching the back of your head, you extend a hand and a tentative smile. “Good afternoon. I’m your new owner, Farren Gaelle.”

It stares, then tentatively opens a compartment to extend a claw appendage. As you shake, it trills out a series of questioning electronic noises. Droidspeak isn’t your forte, but you are able to get a rough approximation of what it’s trying to say.

“I’m in the market for a droid to add onto my ship. And Meofytos here was able to put you together.”

The droid then swivels to face the shopkeeper, whose only response is to raise an eyebrow(?). Then, it turns back to you, and emits another, more tentative and nervous query.

“…yes, it’s going to be dangerous,” you admit, then gesture to the additional upgrades, “That’s why I had you kitted out with extra armor. But that’s only if I need you off the ship. Otherwise, you’re just going to be prowling around in the cockpit or engine bay.”

The promise of safety inside the ship, it seems, is able to convince it. The S19 retracts its claw, swivels in place, then nervously motors forward to stand at your side and await further instructions.

>>What would you like to name your new droid companion?
>Write-in. [Custom Option]

No need to get weird with it. S-19 is perfectly fine name for a droid.
Alternatively, we could have Ceyla name it.
I don't have any ideas on a good SW Droid-y name, so I'll just stick with this unless someone comes up with a really good one.

Also sup Kaz was started to get worried given you said you'd be running a month plus ago.
>Write-in: L3-37

Need to check on clone bros
>Need to check on clone bros
We already have during thread 3.1, it's how we picked up Trykov.
>>Write-in. [Custom Option]
Good to have you back, Kaz. With each thread we grow closer to finding Chissfu.
>Write-in. [Custom Option]
Bud Stucket
File: Ceyla Vikol_01.jpg (169 KB, 750x870)
169 KB
169 KB JPG

As far as names go, “S-19” isn’t exactly the most original or inspired. Still, it should get the job done well enough. Last you checked, this model of astromech wasn’t as nearly as popular as the R-series. And it didn’t matter whether or not it was in known space or the Unknown Regions.

The droid in question doesn’t seem to complain in the slightest. S19 scoots along, only half a pace as you make your way back to the private dock. Upon your arrival, it whistles a surprised note at the sight of the Albatross. Cheeky bugger seems to be pleased.

There aren’t many aboard at this point in the day. Suzel is out visiting his family, and Elba currently chasing down the last bit of supplies. Trykov’s berth seems to have been recently moved into, but the Clone is nowhere to be found. HK-82 and B-33 are similarly absent, only found in the cockpit undergoing a routine software diagnostic with a sign reading “DO NOT DISTURB”. Those two, you leave to their own devices.

Ceyla is the only one aboard to have any proper reaction.

“This is…the third droid, master?” asks the miraluka. At the common room table, she’s left her datapad, and sauntered over to give a closer inspection. She ran her hands along S19’s chassis, much to the droid’s nervous discomfort. “Or the second, considering that ’82 is, erm…being carried around by B-33?”

“Third droid,” you answer wryly, “And one that we actually need, as opposed to having for the sake of appearances.”

“Well, ’82 is an…unusual protocol droid, but why do you have B-33 in the first place?”

Shrugging, you reply, “He caught my fancy at the market. And I figured that having a SupTac droid would help.”

“I thought you said that he barely knew the front end of a blaster from another when you first got him.”

“And look at him now! That droid’s slowly, but surely, gaining tactical know-how with every exposure to battle. Also helps that he’s a whole lot more durable than his name would suggest.”

You don’t share that you’re halfway tempted to turn him into a lightsaber training droid. Where that idea came from, you have no idea. Perhaps a fever dream induced during your Trial on Kakarit? But the sight is supremely funny; a Greivous-like robot serving as a trainer for future Jedi…

…although the thought is damped at the thought of B-33 falling into the wrong hands, with all that lightsaber data.

But, you digress. “Alright, any more poking, and I’ll have you wiping him down. He’s an astromech for the ship, not a lucky charm.”

Ceyla quirks an eyebrow from behind her blindfold, but acquiesces with a final pat. “I’ve never had a droid. I’m looking forward to working with you.” She’s monetarily taken aback from the low-affect whine that S-19 makes before it scooters off to complete a solo tour of the ship.

I've missed you!r storytelling
Fuck yeah it's back.
Welcoma back mate, good to see you again
I knew it was coming back soon, but I guess I checked too early a few days ago
“…it’s a feature, not a bug,” you promise as you steer yourselves back to the table. “So, it’s been two days since I gave you that reading assignment. How far are you into it?”

“I’ve made it to Exar Kun,” she dutifully reports, “And the start of the Great Sith War. But I didn’t get more than a handful of pages in.”

“Color me impressed. It took me a week before I got to that part.”

“Thank you, master.”

An awkward silence follows. You aren’t quite sure where to take the discussion, and your padawan seems to be of the same mind. Ceyla isn’t nearly sure either, but she isn’t about to return to her reading out of fear of being rude. Bless her heart, even if it’s making the current silence as thick as a blast door.

A quick look out a window reveals that twilight is fast approaching. There’s still a handful of hours left before sundown, preceding the inevitable departure from Amagi and journey back into known space. Perhaps time enough for one short thing before you turn in early for the evening…

>>What will you do? [Choose one]
>Accompany Torok in keeping vigil over the comatose Kristen.
>Consult one of the holocrons that Master Larid loaned out to you.
>Give all of the younglings one final lesson in lightsaber combat.
>Reach out to Arotta for one last night on the town before your departure.
>Take Ceyla outside to gauge her skills with the Force and her lightsaber.
>Write-in. [Custom Option.]

>>Take Ceyla outside to gauge her skills with the Force and her lightsaber.
>>Give all of the younglings one final lesson in lightsaber combat.
We did promise the kids that we'd teach them how to do Force Fire.
>>Give all of the younglings one final lesson in lightsaber combat.
>Give all of the younglings one final lesson in lightsaber combat.
The most important lesson of lightsaber combat: TWICE THE PRIDE DOUBLE THE FALL
>Give all of the younglings one final lesson in lightsaber combat.

This includes our Padawan right? Cause if so we need to tell them that every jedi is a product of their age. Jedi invented ataru to get at mandos with packs, and a popular form during the clone wars would was shi-cho and Djem So to deflect blaster fire. Not many Niman practitioners left after Geonosis...

My point is teach them how to master deflecting blaster fire, and then teach them to master another style that they think best suits them. No one style is necessarily better than the other, they are just specialized for certain needs. Yeah God I just realized our Triumvirate doesn't have a battle master...
>Not many Niman practitioners left after Geonosis
Says more about the practitioners than the style itself imo. Too many consular types practiced Niman because it was easily learned and maintaining a base level of competency required little practice. But combat-specialists who were also Form VI masters, people like Exar Kun, Darth Krayt, Darth Maul, and Kao Cen Darach, are regarded as some of the best duelists of their age.
A part of me wonders if Form VI is easy to integrate into other Forms. It's easy to master and offers a good level of self defense and offense, but according to lore is often criticized for not being demanding enough on the user. But if you combine a solid "good enough" foundation and branch into other styles, it might present a good or at least adequate way to shore up another form's weakness or as a quick response.
>>Give all of the younglings one final lesson in lightsaber combat
>if Form VI is easy to integrate into other Forms
Form VI is the synthesis of Forms I, III, IV, and V. Ideally, a Master of Niman would analyze his opponent's style and respond with the equal and opposite. If you're fighting a Form II user, lean into Form V, for example. But it's more easily adapted to other weapons or weapon combinations than other forms.
>but according to lore is often criticized for not being demanding enough on the user
Again, more of a reflection on the users of the time. Jedi were being insufficiently demanding with regards to their accepted levels of combat competency during the post-Reformation eras. His voice is a bit grating, but this guy has a pretty good grasp on the core concepts and potential of the form.
>But if you combine a solid "good enough" foundation and branch into other styles, it might present a good or at least adequate way to shore up another form's weakness or as a quick response.
That's sort of how it's supposed to be. It's a form that prioritizes resource management and unpredictability. Ideally, a Niman master has a tool for every occasion. If the Jedi weren't a peaceful order at their core, it'd be called the Trickster's Form instead of the Diplomat's Form.
If we’re going to do Lightsaber combat lessons for the kids, we should probably call over Noirah Na so she knows who’s who, what level they’re at, and what we’ve already taught to them, as well as get an idea of her relationship with that mechanic she’s ogling.
File: 545613278.jpg (60 KB, 630x1200)
60 KB
Lmao, it's good to be back. Commencing primary feeding ignition...

Yeah, sorry. Grad school got the better of me, but I've managed to get stuff under control.

But anon, we already have a blue alien waifu. :^)

The sentiment is appreciated.

(*^-‘) 乃

Good to be back, and thanks for tuning in!

Aaaaaaaah, better late than never.
Now that you’re corneredhere, I have to ask for your opinion on pic related…
>Give all of the younglings one final lesson in lightsaber combat.
Force Fire will be a good check to see what they take to, and it's unlikely for them to get tempted to use it on a desert planet.
File: yojimboposter.jpg (282 KB, 1103x1600)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
I don't mind nearly as much because the short where that came from leans more towards the Kurosawa-esque jidaigeki and chanbara "period drama" films I'm incredibly fond of. So I can excuse the over-the-top style as its part and parcel part of the genre, and doesn't strain too much on my SOD. My only issue was the Mary Poppins bit, but that didn't last far too long before the characters just went to dueling with traditional weapons.
>But anon, we already have a blue alien waifu. :^)
We must pursue a deeper blue. Arotta's sky blue, the only woman for us is one who blushes purple. Besides, I picture Arotta as having a petite gymnast's build, being all Ataru-oriented and all. Not quite the mewtwoesque build our boy deserves.
Haven't gotten a chance to watch Visions cause I don't need yet another subscription in my life, and there's nobody I know that I can mooch off of. How good are the stories?
Any chance you'll be taking some things from any of them?
Honestly they're not that bad. There's this one Miyazaki one with a bunny girl, pic related. She pretty cute, ngl.

Other than that the stories are mostly mashups of various Japanese things. There's the Kurosawa one, an Astro Boy one, but the bright side, the female protagonist one ISN'T AWFUL! No mary Sue nonsense to be found! Some others I guess were kinda fun without getting to spoilery but you should see em yourself. Here's a link to stream em so you don't give big daddy Disney anymore undeserved money


It's a reliable site, even has HD, just make sure you scan for any malware when you're done regardless. Better safe than sorry.
File: 93110659_p0_master1200.jpg (774 KB, 700x1200)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
I recommend watching all of them, but I definitely count The Duel, The Village Bride, and the Ninth Jedi to be my favorite of the lot. The Twins is a bit of a guilty pleasure considering how nonsensical and balls-to-the-wall the fight gets, but that's just Trigger being Trigger with their "Totally not the Promare sequel". Even if I had "role-swapped Jacen and Jaina" lingering in the back of my mind, lmao.

F and Kara are very cute, and I totally want to see more of them and the Ronin in future projects.

File: Younglings_03.jpg (401 KB, 1600x1320)
401 KB
401 KB JPG

“Master Farren!”

You aren’t quite sure who said it, but you barely make it a handful of steps into the private dock when the younglings spot you. Not that you were trying to hide, per se, but someone’s attention had clearly been wandering. Regardless, it’s only a couple of seconds before your position is overrun by the kids skirting around the Bantha and dodging Riven’s dangling legs in their eagerness to reach you.

“Hang on a moment – wait!” cries an exasperated Noirah Nah, hurrying after them. With one arm still sling-bound, it makes for an awkward sight. “I know you’re all eager, but don’t just rush him as soon as he gets…argh!”

A grin tugs at the corner of your lips as you hold up a hand in greeting. “Good afternoon. You know, for a bunch of grounded younglings, y’all are looking pretty chipper.”

They all collectively blanche, some harder than others, and suddenly find a fascination with the distant wall, the tips of their boots, or the space above your shoulder. You aren’t nearly able to hold in your chortle as you wave it off. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I don’t want you too downcast for the next couple of exercises.”

To their minder, you nod politely. “Padawan Nah. How’s your shoulder?”

“On the mend, Master Gaelle,” she answers nervously with a bow, “Thank you for asking. Master Larid’s medical droid says that I have only two more days of bacta therapy before the bone is fused back together.”

An injury she had sustained on the Chiller to rescue the younglings from the Tof. You know first-hand that broken collarbones hurt like the devil, and sympathize with her wound. “That’s good to hear. And thanks for letting me take over the brat pack.”

“Oh, it isn’t any trouble! As a matter of fact, I was actually hoping to, ah…audit your lesson?”

“Please, by all means.” Then to the mechanic, or rather, his legs dangling from the Bantha, you say, “Erm…hello, Riven. The younglings and I are going to become very loud in a handful of minutes. I hope that it won’t interfere with whatever maintenance you’re performing.”

There’s a muffled noise, then the sound of a tool dropping onto the tarmac as the Coruscanti slides out from the crawl space between the ship’s sublight engines. An unenviable job it was, and you wince at the grime the mechanic’s covered head to toe in. That crawl space is one that you got intimately familiar with on more than a dozen missions where there wasn’t a proper dry dock for dozens of light years.

Riven pries the goggles off his head, spits out a wad of unidentifiable substance, and grins as he searches for a clean spot on his overalls. “Yeah, that won’t be a problem! Actually…you’re the boss’ former apprentice, aren’t you? Pleasure to actually meet you!”

File: Riven the Mechanic.png (514 KB, 850x982)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
With a tight smile, you accept the offered hand, pumping it quickly before pulling back. “A pleasure to meet you as well.” You pause as your eyes flick towards the Bantha. “Take care of her, alright? She’s been good to me and Master Larid for the better part of twelve years.”

That, and someday, Master Larid said that the ship would be yours. Not so openly declared, but the inference from context clues was that the Bantha had been passed down from one line of Shadows to the next. Not that you’re too eager to collect in the first place. For one, you’ve already got the Albatross, and the only way you’re getting the Bantha is…no, you aren’t thinking about that.

That day, you sincerely hope, will be a very long time coming.

Riven doesn’t seem to notice the internal turmoil. “’course I will! She got me out of Coruscant. Figure it’s the least I can do to keep her in tip-top shape.”

There’s certainly a story behind that, but it’s more likely than not sitting in the Albatross’ main computer. Along with a dozen other myriad reports and dossiers forwarded to you by Master Larid.

The mechanic continues: “You actually came at a good time. I was just about to break for a quick shower and a fast dinner. Just gimme a sec to clean up, and I’ll be outta your hair in a few minutes.”

You nod, only to frown as Riven suddenly peels off the top layer of his jumpsuit. The younglings shriek and giggle as he (mercifully) stops there to only pull the sweat-soaked shirt off of his chest and fan himself with a sigh of relief. At the quirked eyebrow, he explains, “I don’t miss too much from Coruscant, but I definitely miss the WeatherNet and the controlled climate.”

Rolling your eyes at the man’s antics, you motion for everyone else to follow you to the training grounds. But it isn’t just a red-faced Luaine and Ritho that’s having a hard time regaining their composure as they stomp to catch up with Ceyla. Noirah’s eyes lingers just a handful of moments longer than what propriety would have. And in a brief lull of silence, you swear that you could hear a very deliberate and audible swallow as Riven empties a nearby canteen atop his head. Then another as the liquid runs a slow and languid course all the way to the ground.

The worst part is that he’s completely oblivious to what he’s done. He really only cares about cooling off, propriety and effect on female Jedi be damned. Something to definitely file away for future notice. But you’d make for a real awful hypocrite if you leapt to any assumptions without speaking to Noirah first.

One corralling later, and you’ve situated yourself in front of the brat pack. With one exception, everyone is here, with Ceyla to one side, and a nervous Noirah to the other. A very conspicuous absence is observed of now-padawan Vuqu Dahe. The mirialan is nowhere to be seen, presumably tagging along with wherever Master Larid is.

…hopefully he isn’t nearly as quick to throw her into the deep end as he did to you so many years ago.

Clapping your hands, you gather everyone’s attention: “Thank you all for coming! Now, I figured that I owed you all at least one lesson before I left, so please pay close attention! I don’t know when’s the next time I’ll be able to do a follow-up.”

They all nod, and the intensity of their gazes is a weighty thing. You continue, “I hope you’ve been continuing your practice with deflecting laser blasters…”

A few grumbles and sore spots are rubbed. Then you realize that for the oldest among them, they had fairly recent practical application against some of the Tof. Ritho and Parn, most definitely, as they had to defend the shuttle from waves of raiders. In spite of one of the pilots mounting a heavy repeating blaster, the pair had performed quite admirably, even if the Tof were only shooting to stun.

Coughing, you resume: “…well, at any rate, the theme of today’s lesson is ‘adaptation’. Now, I’m not a Battlemaster, but I hope to go over some basic history and theory as a start: seven lightsaber forms are all products of their respective age. For example, can anyone tell me how Form IV came about?”

A moment’s hesitation as they all struggle to come up with an answer. Then Joz thrusts his hand high and hard into the air. Only a heartbeat later, Luaine’s hand joins his, and she scowls at having been beaten to the punch.

“Form IV,” begins the Mon Calamari, either oblivious or ignoring her, “Or the Way of the Hawk-bat, can be traced all the way back to the Mandalorian Wars. The Jedi needed a style to counteract the jetpacks of the crusaders, hence all of the acrobatic flips and aggressive movements. All aided by the Force, if need be.”

You beam. “Correct! All of the fancy flying also helps in dodging and defending. But can you identify any weaknesses? Ah, someone else, Joz. I want to give everyone a chance to try and answer at least once…Luaine!”

The girl puffs up, arms crossed under her chest, and proudly answers, “It isn’t as effective against blaster fire, or multiple opponents with blasters! And Form IV isn’t good for prolonged combat, even if practiced by a Jedi at peak physical condition. If a burst of Ataru doesn’t work, a Jedi is supposed to retreat.”

“Excellent!” You pause only slightly as you register a flush of exhilaration on the girl’s face. “Although I would also add that in a confined space, the form wouldn’t be good either. Deprived of ample space, even I would caution a master of Ataru to, erm, switch forms to something more accommodating.”

File: 1616464046658.png (926 KB, 1000x455)
926 KB
926 KB PNG
The late Qui-Gon Jinn, Force rest his soul, had been a master of Form IV. But he had suffered something similar during his fatal duel with the zabrak Sith in the Theed Royal Palace. While fatigue and the lack of space in the reactor core had proven to be a fatal combination, the real killer had been the Sith’s mastery of Form VII. Unrelenting barrages had rendered Jinn unable to defend, and when his defenses had slipped…

“Moving forward a few millennia,” you hurriedly continue, “The, ah…Clone Wars, where the Jedi were pitted against armies of battle droids. What do you think would be the ideal form or forms for one to use against…uh…multiple opponents with blasters?”

The older younglings look perhaps the most uneasy. And out of the corner of your eye, you can spot Noirah paling as a memory seizes her. You don’t outwardly wince, but you kick yourself mentally. Hadn’t Master Larid said that she’d seen her master gunned down by the Clones under their command? Force dammit.

Ceyla hurriedly answers for you, “Form I or Form V. Shii-cho and Shien/Djem-So would be the best out of all seven forms to counteract blaster fire. Especially the latter, since there’s a huge emphasis on, uh…counter-attacks and redirection?”

Eager to get the taste of your boot out of your mouth, you snatch the offered out like a lifeline. “Yes, thank you, padawan. Very good. Both forms saw increased popularity over the last three years. Keeping that in mind…”

From a chest adjacent to your legs, you produce a handful of remote droids. That, at the very least, is able to dispel some of the discomfort as the younglings collectively groan or otherwise voice their distaste. Their dislike for the training, if nothing else, is a far more welcome sight than unease, or in the case of Noirah, what you strongly suspect to be PTSD.

“Now, I’m not telling you to neglect your swordsmanship,” you reassure them as you pair them off into groups. “All I’m saying is that the odds of you running into…enemies with blasters are significantly larger than enemies with lightsabers.” You pause, as you recall Luaine, Ceyla and Vuqu’s encounter with a Blazing Chain pirate with a beskar sword. “…but the latter is, of course, never not zero.”

You pause to take a breath, and a quick peak back towards Noirah. She’s still pale, but a fierce look of determination’s settled across her features. Returning your attention back to the younglings, you conclude, “I set the droids to scale in difficulty the longer you manage avoid their attacks. See how long you guys can last. We’ll do this for…about an hour or two.”

Muted grumbling as the younglings get into position.

Rolling your eyes, you add, “To some of you, I did promise to show you how to manipulate flames with the Force, didn’t I? Might as well extend it to everyone. I think the sun won't be down for another four hours...”

File: Training-remote_negwt.png (1.26 MB, 1024x1024)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
That, if nothing else, lights a fire (no pun intended) underneath them, and they take to the training with increased gusto. Let it not be said that you didn’t offer proper motivation beyond the fear of death! Although, you privately make a note to have the nearby surroundings equipped with more fire extinguishers before you leave. Wouldn’t do for the Supreme Archon to get several angry letters about pyromaniacal Jedi on top of the Communion of Spirits.

You release a breath you didn’t realize you were holding. Scratching the back of your head, you turn to Ceyla. “Impeccable timing. Thanks for that.”

The miraluka nods, even as her gaze briefly flickers to Noirah, then back to you. “No problem, master.” A beat, and then, “So…I noticed that you didn’t pair me off with anyone else…?”

“That’s right. Now, I probably won’t be able to keep as keen an eye on you, but I want to get a read on your abilities with a lightsaber. Just so that I have a good mind for how best to proceed once we head out.”

She frowns and tilts her head. “Are we gonna have enough room on the ship? The Albatross isn’t nearly as spacious as the Bantha.”

“There’s plenty of space in the common area for blaster training, and just barely enough if we want to get some VERY light sparring in. But it isn’t like we can find empty space on some backwater dustball to actually practice without restraint.”

“Right. I, ah…don’t think Elba or S-19 are gonna be too happy if we exclusively practice on the ship.”

No, they very much wouldn’t. So with that in mind, you gently bid your padawan to run through some basic katas. While she’s very much a blank slate, no different from the other younglings, she’s obviously bound to have a favored form, hopefully even two. All that’s left to do is to (not-so?) gently coax it out of her…

“You don’t have to deflect the blaster bolts when you can just dodge them, Joz.”

“Yeah, uh…Ritho and Parn? Why don’t you guys move a few meters that way…”

“Ceana, watch your footwork…Fusan, eyes on your remote droid, not Ruksali or Zabrys!”

“Riven’s thirty minutes into his break, and Vuqu isn’t here. Please don’t damage the droid, Luaine.”

“You don’t need another droid, Prisma…no, it’s irrelevant that Revan could handle two at your age.”

“I know I said you can dodge the shots, but don’t do it in a way that it hits another youngling, Nujem…”

File: Lightsaber Forms.png (2.52 MB, 1280x5702)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG
…you’re a Jedi Shadow, not a Battlemaster, let alone a group teacher, dammit. You’re definitely getting Master Larid to share the holocron of Cin Drallig when it’s his turn to watch the brat pack. At the very least, the Old Troll could undo any bad habits you instilled, even in death.

Still, in between watching the younglings and your own padawan, you’re able to at least see one possible preference to emerge from Celya's repeated katas...

>>Due to splitting your attention between Ceyla and the rest of the younglings, you aren’t able to focus as much on your padawan if you had otherwise.
>>You will have to wait until another opportune moment for you to spot another preference for a Form.

>>Currently, Ceyla’s attributes are all [1], but after this, one of them will become [2] as a byproduct of focusing and honing that particular Form.
>>Juyo (Form VII) is not included on this list, as it is restricted to being taught from the following sources: Cin Drallig's holocron (and only with explicit permission from a Master-ranked Jedi), and Master Larid himself.

>>Which of the Lightsaber Forms did Ceyla seem to lean towards? [Please choose only one]
>Shii-Cho (Form I) – basic, but effective; includes sweeping strikes strong against crowds of enemies. (+1 to Brawn)
>Makashi (Form II) – the duelist’s style; favors elegant melee combat against a singular opponent. (+1 to Presence)
>Soresu (Form III) – the defender’s stance; lacks offense, but can endure long bouts of combat. (+1 to Intellect)
>Ataru (Form IV) – an aggressive, acrobatic form that emphasizes rapid, short bursts of attacks. (+1 to Agility)
>Shien/Djem-so (Form V) – a counter-based style that features domination and redirecting enemy attacks. (+1 to Cunning)
>Niman (Form VI) – a blended form that lacks strength or weakness, but pairs well with Force powers. (+1 to Resolve).

Crap, I nearly forgot…

>>Did you want to pull Noirah aside for a private talk?
>Yes, she desperately needs one. Given your closeness in age, she should respond favorably to you.
>No, it wouldn’t be appropriate. It would be better for one of the Triumvirate Masters to give her guidance.
Need to think about this one. Form V would supplement Farren well, but I think it might be relying too heavily on Ceyla's Force-based sensing. Does it have applications without a lightsaber, using only fists/throws?

Form I would also be good if she just needs to clean up a lot of droids quick.

Which form can be supplemented with a blaster?
>Shien/Djem-so (Form V) – a counter-based style that features domination and redirecting enemy attacks. (+1 to Cunning)

>Yes, she desperately needs one. Given your closeness in age, she should respond favorably to you.
>Shien/Djem-so (Form V)
>Yes, she desperately needs one. Given your closeness in age, she should respond favorably to you.
>tfw Kaz takes some of what you said into his post
This is why you're a great QM Kaz

>Shien/Djem-so (Form V) – a counter-based style that features domination and redirecting enemy attacks. (+1 to Cunning)

I would ask what her highest stat is but I feel that this is more prevalent now adays

>No, it wouldn’t be appropriate. It would be better for one of the Triumvirate Masters to give her guidance
As much as we could probably relate to her in her circumstance I feel that we should leave it to someone more experienced. We've seen some shit but we already have a student to take care of, I say leave the mentoring to someone more equipped, like Larid. He mentored us and we turned out fine!
>>Soresu (Form III) – the defender’s stance; lacks offense, but can endure long bouts of combat. (+1 to Intellect)
Good blast deflection and good survivability. She should be able to take on blaster-wielding foes with it and survive long enough against a saber-wielding one for us to get to her.
>>Shien/Djem-so (Form V) – a counter-based style that features domination and redirecting enemy attacks. (+1 to Cunning)
>No, it wouldn’t be appropriate. It would be better for one of the Triumvirate Masters to give her guidance.
File: e07.jpg (54 KB, 600x678)
54 KB
I just realized the ungodly hour at which I posted this, some people might not've had time to see it yet by the time it closes out.

>Niman (Form VI) – a blended form that lacks strength or weakness, but pairs well with Force powers. (+1 to Resolve).
Not being racist BUT Miraluka and Niman go together about as well as Echani and Ataru.
>Shien/Djem-so (Form V) – a counter-based style that features domination and redirecting enemy attacks. (+1 to Cunning)
>Yes, she desperately needs one. Given your closeness in age, she should respond favorably to you.
>>Soresu (Form III) – the defender’s stance; lacks offense, but can endure long bouts of combat. (+1 to Intellect)
>Yes, she desperately needs one. Given your closeness in age, she should respond favorably to you.
The prevailing choice of Form V is interesting. Of the two styles, Shien would fit Ceyla more, as it focuses on tight defensive parries with efficient sweeping attacks and quick guard recovery. And it relies less on the user's physical strength, which is good for a teenage girl. But we'd have an easier time teaching her Djem So, as it shares a focus on binding an enemy's blade with Makashi. Maybe she'll use Shien for blast deflection and defensive dueling and we can teach her Form II or VI for offense? That seems better for her than a Djem So/X focus.
Actually, would this lesson count as Farren starting to practice and learn Form V, and us beginning to teach the basics of either II or VI to Ceyla? We have Reciprocal Learning...
That's a good question. I'm not sure if it would proc Reciprocal Learning since Ceyla herself doesn't really know Form V. She's just showing a predisposition to its basic techniques. But Makashi is a form that's designed for its user to personalize their own style of it and innovate to avoid stagnation, so it'd be good if she rubbed off on us a little. And vice-versa, I'll shill for Niman any day of the week and she'd especially benefit from integrated force powers.
Between Ceyla and Farren, I think the skills we're lacking are
>Mass droid murder
Which is sweeping and blaster redirection
>Fast, silent takedowns
Which Form V could presumably cover with punish counters
>Ranged Combat
Blasters, explosives, saber throws, etc.

So there's a lot of flexibility in what Ceyla can delve into. There's also the stats consideration, letting her take a build that emphasizes a stat Farren doesn't have, so Form V is generally a solid choice.

It would also mean more Cunning Training from Kreia, so it's not necessarily the perfect choice.....
>>Mass droid murder
>Which is sweeping and blaster redirection
This might be pedantic, but we're not likely to be fighting droids. Stormtroopers are gonna be a bigger concern. Either way, better forms for group blast deflection would be Shii-Cho or Soresu. Shien is more for closing gaps from one target to the other.
>>Fast, silent takedowns
>Which Form V could presumably cover with punish counters
When your weapon of choice lights up and glows, stealth isn't really an option. But thankfully we're a shadow and have probably been trained in such things, albeit in an unarmed sense. Djem So is also the big brawny crippling, armor-shattering strike form. Not great for stealth. Shien might be a better, but I'd think it's best not to use a lightsaber at all.
>Blasters, explosives, saber throws, etc.
Blasters and explosives aren't really a part of Jedi training and saber throws aren't form-specific. Niman might fit the bill though, easy to implement force pushes and pulls. We also have Mystic Weapon, which also might do it.
>There's also the stats consideration
>>Currently, Ceyla’s attributes are all [1], but after this, one of them will become [2] as a byproduct of focusing and honing that particular Form.
>Either way, better forms for group blast deflection would be Shii-Cho or Soresu.
oh sorry, worded that wrong.

First half was throwing out ideas, not necessarily saying that Form V ticks all of them. I'm also not entirely sure what we're fighting, so pedantry is welcome.

I'm lowkey invested in getting Farren a bunch of blasters to manipulate with Mystic Weapon, but now that you mention it maybe Ceyla could do it instead.
File: kh4h2necfqw41.jpg (257 KB, 1920x1043)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
>First half was throwing out ideas, not necessarily saying that Form V ticks all of them
Ah my bad. Thought that was odd, should've known.
>pedantry is welcome
Tagline of the board right there.
>I'm lowkey invested in getting Farren a bunch of blasters to manipulate with Mystic Weapon, but now that you mention it maybe Ceyla could do it instead.
Ah, the Adventures of Farren Gaelle and his Blaster-Mule Padawan. Makes me think of picrel.
File: Ducreux1.jpg (294 KB, 1200x1523)
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294 KB JPG
Bingo. Got it in one, clever anon.

Jury's still out as to whether or not Farren is also gonna get that +1 to Cunning right now, though.

I think that insofar as training goes, it shouldn't be too much trouble to have a datapad or non-sentient Holocron containing the teachings of Form V on hand. It's definitely less personal than, say, having Cin Drallig's holocron or Torok (practitioner of Form III and V) on standby, but it should help Celya get a solid foundation for Form V. And in turn, pass it on to Farren via Reciprocal Learning, then receive instruction on Makashi/Form II and Niman/Form VI.

>I'm lowkey invested in getting Farren a bunch of blasters to manipulate with Mystic Weapon, but now that you mention it maybe Ceyla could do it instead.
Funny considering whose holocron you've got alongside Kreia's.

>Your master continues, “[Meku Sakaroto] started off just as green as any rookie or FNG, but she quickly made a name for herself, even among her other Jedi peers. At the Battle over Duro, the boarding team she was leading seized control of a Mandalorian battleship and crashed it into the enemy admiral’s dreadnought, turning the tide of the battle in a snap instant.”

>You whistle, low and impressed as you pocket the holocrons. “That’s quite the achievement.”

>“Revan himself gave her a medal for that, as well as a promotion. And she had this neat little trick, ripping the guns out of her enemy’s hands with the Force and turning their own weapons against them. That particularly rattled any mando’s that had the misfortune of standing in her way.”

>I think that insofar as training goes, it shouldn't be too much trouble to have a datapad or non-sentient Holocron containing the teachings of Form V on hand. It's definitely less personal than, say, having Cin Drallig's holocron or Torok (practitioner of Form III and V) on standby, but it should help Celya get a solid foundation for Form V.
Fair. My only reservation was that it's a form Farren's personal style is largely unrelated to. But so long as she's competent, it's all good.
>Meku Sakaroto
Not gonna like, forgot about her. But then again, I voted for the one with clairvoyance lessons.
Right, Suljo Warde.

>Holocron of the Lost. [“Prior to his disappearance, Suljo Warde honed his talent in the Force to see brief glimpses of an individual’s choices…”]

I will say this much. His take on the power isn't the sort of long, far-flung vision most Jedi experience, as much as it's focused very narrowly on an individual to see five seconds/minutes/hours into the future. The main drawback is that the insight granted isn't certain, and reveals possible futures, always shifting and perpetually volatile. And it can't be turned inwards towards the user, unlike the more general form of Foresight.

While the power can save a Force-sensitive's life, especially in the heat of combat, it also raises a few disquieting questions. Can a user be certain that his/her choices did not, in fact, cause the foe to act as they predicted? Does that mean that striking pre-emptively makes one complicit?

Masters of the power can know a likely outcome, but they risk forcing a particular future into being because of choices made in response to that premonition. Using the power requires wisdom and restraint, lest its wielder become trapped in a grim prison of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Learning and investing in the power gives the user new ways to predict the actions of certain foes and not only avoid attacks, but strike pre-emptively.
>I'm lowkey invested in getting Farren a bunch of blasters to manipulate with Mystic Weapon, but now that you mention it maybe Ceyla could do it instead.

Same here, I was thinking how we could combine Form II with our blaster pistol for some space buccaneer swordplay. A blaster bolt to the gut would be a hell of a way to interrupt a dramatic blade lock against an inquisitor.
>While the power can save a Force-sensitive's life, especially in the heat of combat, it also raises a few disquieting questions. Can a user be certain that his/her choices did not, in fact, cause the foe to act as they predicted? Does that mean that striking pre-emptively makes one complicit?
I'd think that'd be a hazard even for clairvoyance into events even further in the future, as it was with Anakin. But it's good to keep that in mind either way. I was just thinking of a way to further improve Ceyla's innate skill with it.
>Learning and investing in the power gives the user new ways to predict the actions of certain foes and not only avoid attacks, but strike pre-emptively.
Sounds pretty good for a Shadow, especially in these times.

>>Ceyla Vikol
>Brawn: 1
>Agility: 1
>Intellect: 1
>Cunning: 2
>Resolve: 1
>Presence: 1

>>Lightsaber: 1
>Shien/Djem So Technique – may use Cunning when performing Lightsaber skill checks.

>>Force Rating: 1
>>Force Affinity – Sense

To say you’re “insulted” would be the wrong word. But there’s a certain level of irony to be appreciated. Out of all six available lightsaber Forms that Ceyla could have displayed a preference towards, it had to be one that you didn’t know. The closest comparable thing would be Master Larid’s (overly exaggerated) despair that you yourself didn’t take up a saberstaff in lieu of dual-wielding.

Still, you can definitely work with this. Form V is a coin with two sides, and Shien is perhaps the one that has immediate applications. That particular variant lends itself very well to defending against blaster fire and multiple opponents. And while Ceyla doesn’t nearly have the size or strength that Torok has to pull off the more aggressive Djem So, it would only be temporary. That would come with age, sufficient nutrition, and no small amount of physical conditioning.

The solitary drawback of Shien, however, is a weakness against single opponents. But here is where Makashi comes to supplement that. You’re almost beside yourself at the thrill of training the next generation of Jedi duelists. Even if her prospects of opponents include pirates of the Blazing Chain, and whatever foul servants of the Dark Side might be hunting the Jedi. Hopefully should they come for your padawan, you’ll either be there to distract them, or you will have succeeded as a teacher.

>>For actions taken in an earlier thread, where you set the remote droids to shoot as fast as Clone Commandos…

But it would be remiss of you to ignore the others, so you worm your way through the younglings every few minutes. For the most part, they perform about as well as you’d expect, perhaps even better. Ritho and Parn display perhaps the most marked improvement, even going so far as to join forces and deflect training bolts as a duo. Joz and Luaine are neck-and-neck in terms of solitary opponents, but struggle when you add one, then two more remote droids. Nujem finds a niche in dodging and leaping, showing a very strong inclination towards Ataru.

The younger ones aren’t nearly as adept, but still give an adequate display. Although you have to gently correct a few awkward grips, reign in some tempers, and otherwise remind them to stay focused. There’s a time and place for fun, and while you aren’t about to make this lesson a grueling chore, there’s a certain decorum to be observed. Especially when this could make the difference between life or death.

File: BattleofToola.jpg (1.69 MB, 1988x962)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
Noirah requires little attention or corrective guidance, in spite of one arm out of commission. As the padawan of a Jedi General, she had been given the field rank of commander, and her skills reflect that of a war veteran. Shii-cho and Niman seem to be her primary forms, underscoring her talent in misdirection with the Force. You would not be surprised if the Triumvirate were to forgo her being assigned another master, and instead have her take her Trials early.

However, you do notice that the lightsaber in her hands shifts every few moments, as if she isn’t nearly used to its weight. A replacement, perhaps, but there are a handful of more concerning tells. You forbade the destruction or damage of the remote droids, and Noirah seems to just barely obey. The blade of her ‘saber comes very close, almost a hair’s breath, in vicious counters, jabs and leaping strikes against the droids that would have bisected a B2 battle droid…

…or a Clone trooper.

Her eyes, you notice, a mild shade of mahogany-brown, are hard. At certain points, they almost seem to mist over, she doesn’t cry. For all the noise she makes, the billowing of her robes and the lash of her saber, she could have been carved of stone.

Taking a deep breath, you check your chrono, then snap your fingers. As one, the droids power down, wobbling through the air as they return to you, and settle back into the chest. Clearing your throat to gather everyone’s attention, you say, “Alright, I think that’s where we’ll end this part of the exercise. Why don’t you all take ten to grab some water and a fresh change of clothes. Padawan Nah is going to help me get some fire extinguishers for this next demonstration…”

There’s almost a race as the younglings collectively scamper to the prefab, eager to learn the secrets of Force Fire. Ceyla almost joins them out of instinct, hesitating before turning to you. With a wry grin, you incline your head back towards the door, to the adjacent dock where the Albatross is berthed. Nodding, your padawan scampers off, soon leaving you and Nah alone in the training grounds.

“I know for a fact that the Bantha has three fire extinguishers,” you say, “But given where we are, I don’t think the Supreme Archon will mind too much if we borrow a handful of the docks.”

She frowns, uncertain at the lax attitude, but ultimately follows you to a nearby worker’s station…

>>You decided to speak with Nah, but how will you go about it? [Choose one]
>“I heard about what happened from Master Larid. You have my sincere condolences and express loathing of Kai Hudorra. (Comfort)
>“Outside of the city, in that CIS core ship parked on the plain, there are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.” (Non-sequitur)
>“So…the mechanic, huh? Hah, I remember feeling something similar at your age when I first set out from the Temple.” (Tease)
>Custom option. [Write-in]

>>“Outside of the city, in that CIS core ship parked on the plain, there are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.” (Non-sequitur)
>>“Outside of the city, in that CIS core ship parked on the plain, there are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.” (Non-sequitur)
>>“Outside of the city, in that CIS core ship parked on the plain, there are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.” (Non-sequitur)
I feel we need to attack this fast and hard. She might dislike us, or even turn. But deep down she knows its for her own good.
>>“Outside of the city, in that CIS core ship parked on the plain, there are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.” (Non-sequitur)
Gotta put Larid's lessons at appearing a rambling crackpot to good use.
>“Outside of the city, in that CIS core ship parked on the plain, there are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.” (Non-sequitur)

Oh, god, I hope this is good...
>"You're probably wondering why I'd bring them back. It's simple, really. When I was fighting against the creature my master so charmingly nicknamed "Darth Coniferous", he tried to turn them upon me, using an illusion of former Chancellor Palpatine to coerce them into attacking me using Order 66. I was able to sever his link to them, which caused them to come to and recover."
>"When I asked their leader afterwards about the situation and how it felt from their side, he told me it was like he was being decanted for the first time again. That all he knew was that he felt vulnerable, was looking for someone to give him orders, and there just so happened to be what looked like the Supreme Chancellor where Coniferous was. All his hard earned memories, his personality, his independence... shunted aside so that the only things that was going through their minds were their orders, Palpatine, and that damn phrase they were taught from the beginning of their service... "good soldiers follow orders".
>"I brought them with me because they were used by the Sith, as a tool in his plan to dispose of the Jedi. And blaming the clones for something they were indoctrinated from birth to do without their knowledge isn't right, particularly when we didn't look further into how they just plopped into our lap just before Geonosis. They deserve to be more than just good soldiers. They deserve to be seen as good men, to know why what happened to them happened, and to know how they can stop it from happening ever again."
I just had a horrible realization...

We didn't tell Ceyla about Trykov joining us, did we?
>>“Outside of the city, in that CIS core ship parked on the plain, there are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.” (Non-sequitur)
>“Outside of the city, in that CIS core ship parked on the plain, there are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.” (Non-sequitur)
This can only end well
I've just had a thought, Kaz. Would we know Jax Pavan? He was one of Anakin's only friends when they were padawans. Since we were too, I was wondering if we were friendly with him as well.
She's not filled with clone trauma thanks to our fast actions, shouldn't be a problem.
>“Outside of the city, in that CIS core ship parked on the plain, there are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.” (Non-sequitur)

You don’t spring it on her immediately. That would be irresponsible, considering the number of extinguishers the two of you are carrying. It’s a tender mercy that you have to go to the adjacent berth to get enough of them, a ways away from the Bantha and the youngling prefabs. No prying ears, no chance for gossip.

But once you’re relatively comfortable, you decide to pull what you’ve affectionately come to call a “Laridism”.

“Do you see that CIS core ship, out there on the plains?” you say as you finish stacking a pyramid of fire extinguishers. And as you step away, you maneuvere yourself towards the door.

Noirah smiles uncertainly, looking out a nearby window. “Yes? It’s quite hard to miss, especially on a morning stroll. I heard secondhand that you’re the reason why it’s there, Master Gaelle.”

“Inside that ship are seven Clone Troopers that I rescued from Kakarit.”

She reacts about as well as you’d expect. At first, she thinks you’ve made a joke, off-color perhaps, but a joke nonetheless. But your eyes meet, and you can feel the subtle shift in the Force when she realizes that you’re telling the truth. The blood visibly drains from her face, her pupils shrink, and her next breath comes out in a hoarse, sputtering croak.

You aren’t able to completely hide the frown as her hand goes immediately to her lightsaber. But you can feel through the currents in the Force that you aren’t the target of her sudden surge of anger, fear and hatred. Righteous anger for the death of the Jedi, fear for the sake of the younglings, and a burning hatred for what they took from her.

“They’re the sole survivors of Master Kosa and Padawan Bashur’s 57th Elite Corps,” you say calmly, stopping her just before she surges through the door. You grab her by the waist, restraining her before she can do something incredibly rash. “Their names are Skipp, Oann, Cooper-”

“Let me…go!” she cries as struggles against your grip. For someone with a broken collarbone, she does a remarkable job of nearly bucking you off. “Get off of me!”

“-Trykov, Stye, Evo and Roppock,” you continue in the same disaffected tone of voice. “Padawan Nah, where are you going? The lesson on Force Fire begins in only a handful of minutes.”

“You brought Clones here?!” Noirah screams, “After all that they’ve...Master Gaelle, are you insane?! They’ll kill all of us, starting with the Younglings-”

“You didn’t answer my question. Where are you going, Padawan Nah?”

Noirah doesn’t answer anything beyond an inarticulate grunt of pain as she tries to break away. But her eyes answer you. Wild and full of desperate strength, flicker towards the window where you can see the Globus. All the while accompanied by the same, simmering hatred in the Force that you once saw your brother bear against the Tof.

Best to try and nip this in the bud. And at the very least, the Clones are nearly five klicks out…

“I understand why you might be upset,” you begin, stern but not unkind. “Especially given recent events. But I can’t have you going off to commit cold-blooded murder.”

“Murder?!” she shrieks, and the offense in her voice almost seems to bleed in the Force.

“I don’t know what else to call whatever it is you’re about to do. Perhaps an ill-advised endeavor given seven of them, and only one of you.”

This time, as she tears herself out of your grip, you let her go. With your back to the door, and your feet shoulder-length apart, the bereaved young woman isn’t going anywhere. At least without a fight, and only in the loosest definition of the term given her injury.

Any and all sense of prior decorum is gone. Noirah’s shoulders tremble, and tears run down the corner of her eyes. The fury in her glare goes beyond the manhandling as she venomously spits, “How dare you! How dare you, Master Gaelle! You can claim to understand how I feel?! Really, what with your master’s still alive?!”

He cannot answer. The Jedi Shadow is locked in some rictus grimace, mouth open in a silent scream as he claws at the skin above his heart.

The worst part is that she doesn’t even regret saying it. Even as the temper coiling in your guts rears back at the front, you don’t immediately rise to the bait. All the while, the Dark Side of the Force whispers poison, encouraging you to retaliate for such a gross affront.

“…perhaps I don’t,” you eventually reply, in a frosty and clipped tone of voice. “And I hope that day will be a long time coming. That aside, I had a very good reason to bring them here. Besides, they aren’t mine; technically speaking, they still answer to Master Kosa and Padawan Bashur.”

“Does Master Larid know?” she demands. “Or what about Master Aure or Master Lamal?”

The answer to the latter two is, as far as you’re aware of, “no”. With Master Aure and Torok still fighting on the Chiller, it wouldn’t do for them to have any distractions. You’ll be long gone by then, but hopefully Master Kosa and Master Larid are able to break it gently to them.

But to Noirah, you answer, “That is the business of the Jedi Triumvirate, of which we are not privy.” A beat of silence. “Master Larid was the first person I told. And he trusts my judgement.”

“Only because you are his padawan,” she bitterly remarks.

You can feel your nostrils flare angrily. “Choose your next words with exceptional care, Nah. This behavior is ill-becoming of a Jedi-”

“And Master Kai Hudorra told me to forget everything I knew about being a Jedi.” The name escapes her lips as if she had expelled phlegm. “He told me to forget everything as we saw the Clones drag the bodies of the Jedi to burn on the steps of the Temple, before he left me alone on Coruscant!”

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sorry for the delay, bad case of writer's block aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Just take a break, make some food or have a shower or something bro.
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Just fade to black
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My official medical recommendation for such things is apple cider and jazz.
We could hit her with "You chose to remain a Jedi when you ignored Hudorra and accepted Master Larid's offer to come here," or "But Padawan Nah, those couldn't possibly have been the same clones currently in the Globus. The timeline doesn't make any sense!" A Vuquism or a Laridism, two sides of the same rage-inducing coin.
It’s OK, Kas. It happens.

Would you feel better if we wildly speculated on the Storyteller’s identity?
Go nuts.
okay, okay, okay, theoretically, possibly, perhaps, what if, maybe he is... a person who tells stories
He's a Jedi who fell face-first into the biodildo vat of a Yuuzhan Vong scout ship. The embarrassment drove him insane and he decided that the biodildos and red color made him look enough like a Sith Pureblood to be convincing. Either that or he's Jaxxon in a mask.
File: Master Simms.png (485 KB, 1024x312)
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485 KB PNG
She shakes her head, running a hand her hair. In this close proximity, you can see the frayed ends, suggesting a sloppy disguise attempt. “And even before that, he took his and my lightsabers to throw into a trash compactor. Attachment is forbidden, but wouldn’t you think that a Jedi’s weapon deserves more respect than that?!”

One might call you a hypocrite for pulling something similar to what Vuqu had done to Luaine. Certainly, you aren’t exactly doing anything to diffuse the situation. But there’s a difference in that you aren’t trying to goad Noirah into hitting you. Whether or not you leaned too much into channeling Master Larid is up for debate.

You hold up a hand to cut her off. “The Clones that killed Master Simms. What are their names?”

She pauses mid-rant, taken aback at the mention of her master’s name. Noirah glares at you, as if mentioning her late master is a gross offense. But she bitterly remarks, “What does it matter?”

“Were any of their names Skipp, Oann, Cooper, Trkyov, Stye, Evo or Roppock?”

The look you receive is one that questions sanity. “What the hell are you getting at-?”
“Or perhaps Marcs?” you continue, twitching as the memory of the Clone comes to mind.

Noirah looks as if she would argue, but deflates at the last second. Not quite subdued, her temper still boils at a quiet simmer as she hisses: “…his name is Keller…commander of the 154th Advance Legion.”

You nod, softening your gaze and tone. “If I were feeling more mercurial, I’d say something about how timelines don’t match up. But do you understand what I’m trying to get at, Nah?”

She frowns. “…I’m afraid I don’t-”

Sighing, you gesture towards the direction of the Globus. “Those Clones didn’t betray you. They didn’t kill your master. I couldn’t tell you their bad habits or vices, but the sin of betrayal is not one of them. When you tried to storm out of the drydock, what did you have in mind: justice, revenge, or the visage of Commander Keller?”

Color momentarily returns to her face. “I…I didn’t…”

“They’re innocent,” you say, “Killing them wouldn’t accomplish anything beyond easing some admittedly justified paranoia, or giving into your hatred. And perhaps it might be indelicate for me to assume, but I don’t think that is what Master Simms would have wanted.”

Her eyes narrow sharply. “…don’t you dare, Master Gaelle. I’ll accept that much from Master Larid, but don’t you dare try to speak through the mouth of my dead master.”

At least she isn’t pulling the fact that you’ve only been a Knight for a week. You nod, holding up your hands. “Very well. But I hope that you understand what I’m getting at. You're upset, and you're allowed to mourn as is your right. Just don't let it cloud your better judgement.”

And that it wouldn’t nearly be a good example to show to the younglings, goes unsaid.

Noirah doesn’t answer immediately. Her eyes betray nothing as she asks, “…can I excuse myself from the upcoming lesson? I…I need to meditate on this.”

“Of course. Take as much time as you need. And if you still aren’t certain, go speak to either Master Larid, Master Kosa, or Padawan Bashur. They’ll be able to tell you why they trust Scrapper Squad to not do what a whole lot of their kindred did.”

Then, considering something, you quietly add, “…and if you’re still uncertain about being a Jedi…”

This time, the look that she directs you is one of utter bewilderment. Then, the ghost of a mournful smile. “…Master Gaelle, with all due respect…if I still had doubts about being a Jedi, then I wouldn’t have accepted Master Larid’s invitation.”

Funny, because you recall that he’d offer her a ride off Coruscant even if she didn’t want to be a part of the Triumvirate. Still, it’s a pleasant enough mercy that you’re able to end on a somewhat positive, if definitely shaky, note.

Behind you, the door suddenly opens, causing both of you to jump sharply at the noise. In walks a refreshed Riven, smelling not of grease, grime and sublight exhaust. He’s put on a fresh pair of worker’s clothing, alongside a pristine sleeveless shirt, and looks every part the image of a lowborn, but well-groomed mechanic.

But his gaze is flat, his mouth a thin line, and the wrench he slaps in his open palm beat an ominous warning. “Do we got a problem here, Master Jedi?”


Noirah flushes at the simultaneous answer that you give, but Riven isn’t nearly amused. Skeptic, even. “I heard the miss screaming and shouting. Now, I don’t think the kids heard anything; they’re all still in their little prefab getting ready.”

He pauses to turn to Noirah. “Are you alright?”

For the first time, she notices that her robes are in disarray. She coughs, straightening them as best she can with her solitary hand, answering, “I’m fine, Riven, thank you. We were just having, ah…”

“Jedi business,” you answer for her, quirking an eyebrow at the mechanic. Then to the wrench in his hands.

Riven’s mouth curves into a frown as he puts the tool back into his belt. “Well, begging your pardon, but seeing as I’m gainfully employed by Master Larid…and by extension, the Jedi Triumvirate…I think it’s my business as well. No offense.”

Before you can strongly refute that claim, Noirah steps between you, placing a hesitant hand on the mechanic’s shoulder. “It was just a disagreement. Nothing beyond that.”

You’d almost find the sight amusing, touching even. Some primitive part in your lizard brain certainly takes offense that the mechanic might be (definitely) overstepping his bounds. Worse, thinking that a mere wrench could be enough to take down a Jedi Shadow.

Master Larid sure knows how to pick 'em. Yourself included among his odd inner circle.

File: Grand Shamanka Bos.png (1.49 MB, 702x1125)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
But sensing that the girl isn’t nearly about to hijack a shuttle and travel to the Globus to kill Scrapper Squad, you decide to make your exit. With a curt nod to Riven, you take the trolly holding the fire extinguishers, and leave the two of them to their own business.

“May the Force be with you, Noirah Nah.”

>>Line Break

“Alright, kids. Come gather around the campfire. Uncle Shadow Master Farren is going to show you a cool trick he learned to defeat Darth Coniferous before he leaves...”

The campfire in question is little more than broken crates and other combustible scrap. But it does the job well enough as sunset cedes to twilight. It won’t be too long now before the starry night sky comes to envelop the entirety of the spaceport.

All ten younglings and Ceyla stand rapt at attention as you wave your hand over the fire. The Force responds to you, and you gently coax a tendril of flame just before it winks out of existence. Your captive audience “oohs” and “aahs” as you gently manipulate the flames through your digits…

…and being the apprentice of Brethon Larid, you give them a little scare as you shoot the flame high into the air.

“I’m not expecting any of you to get this on the first try,” you assure them as you call them up to the fire. While they display both emotions, nervousness seems to be overriding their excitement as they realize they’re performing in front of everyone. “This isn’t something normally taught at your level, let alone back at the Jedi Temple.”

Zabrys, a young and quiet togruta, tilts his head curiously, and makes a small motion with his hands. How long to master?

“I’ve seldom seen this kind of raw talent before, Bos murmurs softly as you present her with the flame. “Well done, Jedi Wanderer.”

With a pained smile, you truthfully answer, “It took me several hours before I was able to get anything more than a matchstick’s worth of light. But I had a damned good teacher to show me the ropes.”

“Do you think that we’d be able to ask for her to teach us?” asks Ritho. Her tentacles flop as she tilts her head in a pensive manner. “Once you’ve gone, because I don’t think that the Masters will let us train without supervision.”

…maybe there’s someone in the Kakari enclave who could give them a hand. But that would be a long time coming, and only after the Triumvirate's come to a decision. They won’t have a proper teacher for this technique for a while.

This is my destiny. Go and face yours.

“…she became one with the Force,” you answer softly, “It was only because of her lessons and sacrifice that I’m standing here before you.”

The younglings blanch, and Ritho pales. “Master Farren, I’m so sorry! I didn’t-”

“It’s fine,” you gently reassure her with a soft smile. “I suppose that in this way, the teachings of Grand Shamanka Boscuatl live on through myself, and now all of you…”

File: Farren_JungleOutfit.jpg (53 KB, 500x707)
53 KB
But you quickly rid yourself of maudlin sentiment. With a deep breath, you continue, “It’s definitely easier to draw heat from ambient sources, such as a fire, or the scorching air created by an explosion. Definitely harder to just manifest it through the Force alone. But as you gain proficiency, you’ll soon discover that it isn’t the heat or size of the fire as much as it’s control that you really, really want to have.

“Which is why I’m divvying you up into groups of two, and handing each pair a fire extinguisher. And I don’t care how heavy they are. I’m not nearly going to be as hands-off as Master Larid, especially with something as dangerous as this. If I even sense that you aren’t in control, I’m dousing you with this. Understand?”

“Yes, Master Gaelle,” they chorus as one.

“Alright!” Clapping your hands together, you pair them off and dole out the necessary equipment. “I can see some of you eying the marshmallows I swiped from the Bantha’s pantry, but that’s for afterwards. Eyes on the fire, if you please. Now, who wants to go first and hopefully not singe my eyebrows off?”

>>Please roll 1d12 + 1d6 (1 Force Rating, Reciprocal Learning Bonus)
>Best out of three.

Fucking hell, this update was pulling teeth. Grad school projects just converged on me like a pack of wild animals, bleah.

You know, a thought suddenly occurs. Maybe in an alternate timeline, or in the vidya game version, Noirah Nah is available as an option to join the party as Farren's padawan à la Kira Carsen.
Rolled 5 (1d12)

I wonder if it's possible to implement multiple dice in one post.
Rolled 10 + 1 (1d12 + 1)

>Grad school projects just converged on me like a pack of wild animals, bleah.
Midterms for you too, eh?
>Maybe in an alternate timeline, or in the vidya game version, Noirah Nah is available as an option to join the party as Farren's padawan à la Kira Carsen.
That'd be interesting. Maybe we were the one who went to the temple instead of Larid? It'd have been interesting to see how he would've dealt with our tour of space 'nam and how Farren would've done combing Coruscant for survivors.
Rolled 4 (1d6)

second roll
Rolled 2 (1d6)

Didn't like the 1d6 then. Oh well.
Rolled 12 + 1 (1d12 + 1)

Wait, hang on. Multiple dice in one post isn't a thing?

Well, shit. TIL.

Uh...disregard that 1d12+1d6. Just 1d12+3 then, please.

Fucking hell, there goes half of the rework.
Rolled 3 + 3 (1d12 + 3)

Rolled 7 + 3 (1d12 + 3)

Rolled 7 + 3 (1d12 + 3)

Uhhhh force go brrr
Rolled 12 + 3 (1d12 + 3)

Well at least we haven't set the room on fire... yet
File: 1355739283325.jpg (240 KB, 1100x1380)
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240 KB JPG
But for now... We are quite well
Also checked
I can see Farren accompanying Larid, or otherwise doing a role-swap. He'd stay longer on Coruscant to evacuate more people and/or establish contact with Whiplash and the Underground Maglev. Definitely have a similar reaction to Hudorra and Das Jennir as his master did. Maybe/maybe not hire Riven, but definitely go after Noirah, salvage the Temple and meet up with Sha Koon.

Larid in space 'nam...hmmm.

Wouldn't immediately go rescue the Clones from the Seppies. He'd have put on a spacesuit and investigate the wrecks of the Republic Venators in orbit to discover the cause of the quarantine. There, he stumbles across security footage of Jombaral corrupting the GAR with her Clones force-feeding the crew Eechi fruit, only for the Venator she's on to be blasted by the sole, uninfected ship, prior to its escape and the 57th's marooning.

Armed with knowledge of what Jombaral is, he'd then attempt to establish contact with Octavia, and form an uneasy alliance against the corrupted Clones and Children. Similarly to Farren, the Kakari reach out to him first, guided by Bos. Though skeptical, he follows them to Nest's End, and meets up with the Shamanka, who teaches him the secret of Force Fire. Coin's toss as to whether or not he figures out her connection to the Herald of Jombaral. He'd probably see Trax as a subversive element and eliminate him ("oh, he fell in battle, there were too many Children, what a tragedy") to allow Troxl to become Warrior-King.

Coin's toss as to whether or not he rescues Scrapper Squad from the swamps.

Hunting down Kosa and Arotta, he'd go towards the Heart of Kakarit first, mostly to get closure for Farren. He encounters her in her feral state of mind, and thrashes her seven ways to Sunday prior to medivacing her to Octavia. And it isn't the spirit of his mother he sees chained to the alter of the Accuser of Pilgrims. He sees Tessa, and goes sicko mode in killing the Accuser. I couldn't tell anything specific because of SPOILERS, but she warns him that a daughter of du Lac's Hollow emerged from the tomb he buried the Storyteller in. Afterwards, he'd definitely try to excavate the altar or otherwise take a significant portion for further study. Totally because he isn't wracked with guilt and wants to desperately have some way to communicate with his dead wife, no sir.

The Battle of Nest's End happens. Larid pulls out all the stops, Juyo/Form VII double-bladed lightsaber, liberal use of Sever Force, using the power of the Sunspear to make him Starkiller-lite. When their minds touch, the Herald taunts him for being a failure of a husband, and Larid responds by casually using a version of Electric Judgement that makes Plo Koon's technique resemble a joy buzzer. The name the Kakari then give him is Sings-of-Furious-Twilight.

He rescues Kosa, kills the Guardian and Herald, and then has Bos use the Godseye to blast a significant portion of Tarkin's BDZ fleet out of orbit, Dark Side points be damned.
Rolled 6 (1d6)

I was thinking more of alt timeline being 3 padawans cut off from the jedi.

hey man, I'll roll d6 separately. Not like this board is hurting on post limit.
>He'd stay longer on Coruscant to evacuate more people and/or establish contact with Whiplash and the Underground Maglev.
I can absolutely see Farren being as thorough as he can with tracking down Coruscant survivors and allies. The thought of being able to track down a former council member in Evan Piell (probably dead by now RIP) or Jax Pavan (who I think we'd know since he was one of Ani's only other friends) would get him to stick around right down to the time he has to leave.
>He'd probably see Trax as a subversive element and eliminate him ("oh, he fell in battle, there were too many Children, what a tragedy") to allow Troxl to become Warrior-King.
Very Alpharius of him.
>excavate the altar or otherwise take a significant portion for further study.
"Ah, padawan, come look! I loved my tropical soiree so much I decided to take a piece of it home with me."
>using the power of the Sunspear to make him Starkiller-lite.
>by casually using a version of Electric Judgement that makes Plo Koon's technique resemble a joy buzzer
>Kakari then give him is Sings-of-Furious-Twilight
I feel like we haven't seen Larid doing his job enough. Woe to any inquisitor who thinks this senile old nutter is going to be an easy mark. They'll him disassembled in the freezer of the sector's Moff.
>has Bos use the Godseye to blast a significant portion of Tarkin's BDZ fleet out of orbit
I mean, if space!dad does it, could it really have been that bad?
>inb4 we get an episode where we play as Master Larid for the whole thread
>inb4 we get a chance to REALLY take a look under the hood to see what levels of bullshit he can pull when he hulks out
>inb4 before the thread gets 2/3rds of the way done we'll miss Farren because he's not as saddled with as many skeletons as Larid
It's an odd feeling to think about.
File: funny filename.png (837 KB, 709x999)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
>Afterwards, he'd definitely try to excavate the altar or otherwise take a significant portion for further study.
Yes... chase your bliss, young Larid!
>and then has Bos use the Godseye to blast a significant portion of Tarkin's BDZ fleet out of orbit, Dark Side points be damned.
Everyone that voted not to blast them out of the sky should be ashamed of themselves, we let Larid down.

And on the subject of double dice, I'm fine just rolling 2 separate ones if the rework needs it.
>Everyone that voted not to blast them out of the sky should be ashamed of themselves, we let Larid down.
I can't feel shame because it means we get more chances to bathe in our dank side when we're forced to make an actually difficult choice.
It's not like we have a limit on how many Dark Side actions we can take. I also think that it would've been justified to use the Godseye against the fleet, but whatever.
I still don’t feel bad, I’d rather not give the tree zombies any chances to survive to see Mother come back.

Okay then, here we go:
> The first had nearly been torn from him when Horuset had been eclipsed by the smog and smoke of orbital bombardment.

Between the old Sith Empire currency and his status as a Pureblood, I think he might be a very old Sith indeed. Surviving a bombardment of Horuset implies that he might have been alive in the era when the Old Republic fought against the Sith Empire, though whether it was the first or second one is unclear. Certainly not Revan’s Sith Empire. But given the symbol on the Sith Empire coin that was found in the ruins where the Storyteller was entombed in, I’m inclined to believe Storyteller probably a part of Emperor Vitiate’s Sith Empire OR someone who was active during that time.

> The second came with great prestige and prominence, bequeathed none the less by a living god.

He might have been someone big in either iterations of the Sith Empire. I don’t think he was anyone directly connected to the power structure of the Sith Empire, though. Perhaps one of the Emperor’s Servants/Hands who managed to move on after the Emperor was destroyed. But this doesn’t strike me as quite right; Vitiate always struck me as the type of person to have his tools/pawns powerful but easily manipulated. On top of that, I think they were ritually bound to his will on top of being fanatically loyal. It would be truly be a confluence of coincidences if a Servant managed to find a life beyond Vitiate’s existence.

Alternatively, he could have his origins in the first Sith Empire, and bound himself to the book and then had a series of misadventures in Vitiate’s Sith Empire. Either Naga Sadow or Marla Ragnos were pretty damn powerful Sith Sorcerers/Alchemists, and they might have had some peers who could do the voodoo that the Storyteller do.
File: Luaine Natani.jpg (331 KB, 1200x1200)
331 KB
331 KB JPG

By some miracle, no one sets anyone’s hair, tentacles or other prehensile body parts aflame. Nor does anyone suffer any severe burns milder than a blister or thumb-sized patches of red-angry skin. Still, you aren’t too surprised to find yourself comforting the younger ones when they aren’t able to capture flame.

“It’s not failure as much as it’s a work in progress,” you gently reassure them. Backs are gently patted, and hair, montrals and lekku ruffled in sibling-like affection. “Have it as a goal in mind, and work hard towards it.”

Of their elder counterparts, they have varying degrees of success. Some present flames no larger than a thumbnail, only able to hold it for a handful of seconds before it disappears into smoke. The fact that Joz is able to display the most control isn’t surprising. The Mon Calamari, ever emotionally-balanced, only breaks a small sweat as he holds fireball the size of a grapefruit, tentatively tossing it from one hand to the next. He manages this for ten seconds before exhaustion causes him to disperse the accumulated heat.

His peers seem to accept this without much fanfare beyond “oohs” and “aahs”. Even Luaine, who barely manages to coax a flame larger than an orange, emits little more than competitive self-resolve. By all accounts, a combination of her trip to the Chiller and your own talk seems to have mellowed out the temperamental young lady. She seems to be oddly content with the nod of approval you give her.

Ceyla finds herself somewhere in the middle. Her natural affinity lies elsewhere, but she performs admirably enough, just edging out somewhere in the median between Joz’s grapefruit and Parn’s nail. But she’ll have plenty of time to practice on your journey…and only under strict supervision.

By the time the stars are visible over the spaceport, they’ve exhausted themselves once again, only this time, mentally. But the promise of marshmallows seems to lift their spirits. You pass them out, alongside chocolate and crackers filched from ration packs. It is very unbecoming of a Jedi instructor to use one’s gifts in the Force so mercurially, and you can recall no instructor behaving in this way when you were a youngling. But the way their eyes light up with wonder as you pull a bit of flame in your open palms, and gently weave it through their outstretched sticks to toast the marshmallows…

..it should give them one happy memory prior to your departure.

>>The morning after…
>>Berth of the {Albatross}

The Clone snaps to attention, his gunny sack and new armor stacked neatly by his feet. “Quartermaster Trykov reporting for duty, sir.”

At 0700 hours, the day is still too early for the Clone’s energy. But you manage to suppress a yawn, rubbing sand out of your eyes. “Good morning, Trykov. Your berth’s opposite of the rightmost turbolift. Welcome to the crew. The others should just be getting everything ready.”

File: Jedi Master Brethon Larid.png (6.76 MB, 5100x5100)
6.76 MB
6.76 MB PNG
He nods, picking up his kit to briskly go up the ramp. Only once he’s disappeared into the bowels of the ship does Master Larid peel himself off the wall, and into the light of the early morning. Your master seems to be…not quite upset, but there’s a caged energy in his gait.

“Between you and me,” he remarks as he falls in line, leaning against one of the hydraulic jacks, “I think you should break his nose and let him grow his hair out longer. Should make him a whole lot more distinct from however many million of his brothers there are back in Empire space.”

Snorting, you reply, “That armor was something cobbled together from both what the Clones could find in the market square, whatever surplus that the Mercantors had lying around the Globus, and a handful of spray paint cans. It isn’t going to win any awards or run down a fashion runway, but it’ll do as good a job as Phase II armor. Once he gets the helmet on, hardly anyone is gonna think he’s a Clone.”

“Only as long as he keeps it on. Maybe he should tattoo half his face, disfigure it with acid, or apply liberal tanning lotion.”

A mundane passerby might find the conversation far beyond the pale of good taste. But this is just the way that the two of you have learned to speak to each other. Through the Force bond, Larid isn’t nearly able to hide the concern beneath his usual dry wit.

“I don’t think we have the latter two in the cargo manifest,” you admit. “But we do have those old disguise tattoos that wash off with warm water.”
“It’ll have to do.” He doesn’t say anything for a handful of moments. Then, he sighs. “…it only feels like I’m sending you back out when you only recently got back.”

You exhale softly. “I’ll be back sooner than you know it. Just a trip to Dweem, then one more place before I make my way back to Amagi. Please have a Tof-free system when I return.”

“I’d feel a whole lot better if you know where ‘one more place’ is before you left,” he grouses. Reaching into his robes, he produces a pipe. A match is struck, and the air fills with the heady scent of tobacco. “…the bratpack isn’t going to be happy that you’ll be gone once they’ve woken up.”

“We already said our goodbyes last night. I nearly lost circulation in my legs with how hard some of them hugged me.” You look to him, think of his new padawan, then inquire, “You missed a training lesson last night.”

Larid’s mouth twitches into a smile around the pipe. “I’ve got Vuqu making her way through the same schlock I put you through. And don’t worry about us not learning that little pyrokinetic trick. We can always pay a visit to the Communion of Spirits. And I’ll keep a close eye on them and the Kakari on your behalf.”

“Thank you, master.”

Hope Elba remembered to stock up on laxatives and ipecac in case we meet Jombaral face-to-face-like-projection...
File: Arotta Bashur_04.jpg (69 KB, 470x810)
69 KB

He inhales deeply, then considers the glowing ashes as if they hold the secrets of the universe. “…I don’t suppose you’d be willing to bust yourself back down to being my padawan? I can fob Vuqu off to Torok, and it’ll be the Shadows Larid and Gaelle once more against the universe.”

You laugh. “A very tempting offer, but one I must respectfully decline.”

“Worth a shot,” he grumbles, then sticks out his hand. “May the Force be with you, Farren Gaelle.”

You clasp it tightly, allowing yourself to be pulled into a one-armed embrace. “And with you as well, Master Larid.”

“...and in regards to the Revenant…” he whispers so very quietly. “…whether or not she’s my daughter or…or Eira…”

“…I’ll keep a sharp eye out,” you promise, wincing at how he has to force the last word out. It seems that he’s finally accepted the possibility that Tessa’s sister could be the Revenant.

It turns out that he isn’t the only one to say his goodbyes. Torok swings by for a quiet farewell. With his starship and droid repaired, he’s bound once more for the Chiller to rejoin Aure and the fight against the Tof. The Cathar Claw would escort the Albatross to about as far as the middle of the system before you went your separate ways.

Last, but certainly not least, Arotta comes just as you finish your pre-flight checks, and Torok’s already holding a low orbit around the spaceport.

“Come back soon, pinkskin,” she drawls, lightly slugging you in the arm. “I still have a tally and a date to even out with you.”

You grin, pulling her in for a hug. She fights back only for a handful of moments before she returns your embrace. “Of course, I’ll miss you too, Arotta. You know…once I get back, you’ll have passed all your trials. You’ll be a full-fledged Jedi Knight with a padawan, to boot!”

“That’s the plan. And I don’t intend to disappoint.” Her eyes meet yours, and the light of Mylus seems to play at the shine of her lips. “You’ve got a month…maybe more to plan our celebration party for us becoming Jedi Knights.”

“If you want a private celebration…” you murmur, gently spinning her around to whisper in her ear, “I can think of a few secluded, out-of-the-way spots. We might have to fight a Roque Ja for the space, but there wouldn’t be any prying eyes, no younglings that we might scar or corrupt.”

She looks back up at you, a coy look in her eyes. “That so? If our track record’s anything to look at, it sounds more like you’re itching for a fight more than a party.”

“No reason why both can be mutually exclusive. The Force knows how often our brawls ended up, ah, less martially inclined.”

Her laughter is throaty, sensual and sends tingles up and down your spine. Then, her tone becomes uncharacteristically serious. “…I know that your master must’ve said something similar, but don’t make me come after you.”

File: Master Uyer Kosa.jpg (317 KB, 724x1200)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
It’s tempting to redirect that threat into a more flirtatious overtone, but you nod solemnly. “It won’t come to that. I’ll stay for longer after I return.”

Arotta finds your hand, interlacing your fingers with her own. She squeezes tightly, hesitates, then quips in a warbling voice: “You aren’t allowed to die, Farren. If…if whatever we have doesn’t work out, or if you’re unhappy, you can’t just…die to get out of it.”

A hysterical laugh slips past your mouth. “Wh…where’d that come from?”

“…would you believe Master Kosa?” she answers dryly. “Pulled me aside after I got discharged. Said that before I became her padawan, she’d seen her fair share of relationships in her Peacekeeper days. And that I had to be careful, make my feelings clear, inquire about your feelings, have the courage to end it if either of us weren’t happy…apparently she knew all along that we were sex friends.”

“…her and Master Larid.” She seizes in your embrace, turning to you with wide eyes and cheeks flushed a dark hue of blue. “…yeah, I know. He also read me the riot act before I went to go rescue you. But…no, you’re right. But you’re also wrong.”

“Color me surprised that you think I’m wrong. How do you figure?”

“The fact that you think I’m not happy in this relationship.”

She doesn’t immediately answer, instead opting to lean back against you, press the warmth of her back against your chest. “…she also mentioned something about a honeymoon phase?”

Now you’re starting to wonder about Master Kosa. With Master Larid, his licentiousness can be tied to both his job, as well as the trauma of losing Tessa. But the fact that Kosa seems to be forthwith about relationship advice (between two Jedi, no less), really makes you wonder.

But you reply to Arotta, “…and they also say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. So…check in a month? I’ll see if I can’t send any messages as I travel through the Empire. Bounce an encrypted message off a few dozen satellites before it actually leaves.”

“That…would be dangerous,” she cautions. “Much as I really want to stay in touch.”

“…could be just one-way to minimize the risk. Come to think about it, I remember that the Republic had a few probes towards the edge of Wild Space, and contacts with a power in the Unknown Regions. I’ll see if Master Larid’s files don’t have anything about slicing into their communications with the Empire.”

She stills, then quirks a smile. “You know, I still have that message you sent me when everything went to hell. That panicked voice and the relief when you thought you reached me…it was kind of cute.”

You roll your eyes, even as you’re not completely able to suppress a blush. “Oh, Force. Arotta, if you really lo…if you’re really fond of me, I’d appreciate you deleting that. I wasn’t nearly myself.”

“…come back, and then I will,” she simply states.

File: Spoiler Image (2.6 MB, 1280x1537)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
Then, she angles her head, reaching with her free hand to snake past your jaw, cheek, to a gentle fistful of hair. You need no bond in the Force to understand her intentions. You reach for her neck, tilting her mouth upwards, and pull each other into deep, passionate kiss. Time seems to stand still as your embrace tightens, emotions pass through a burgeoning bond, and the morning light of Mylus shines its warmth upon you.

>>Line Break

Sidestepping Elba and Trykov (debating over supplies and other logistical quandries), you enter into the cockpit to find it a hub of activity. S-19’s plugged himself into a nearby computer interface, chirping and humming in synch with the light display. Ceyla’s crouched on the copilot’s chair, watching Suzel’s hands go over the myriad dials, knobs and gauges in a rudimentary flight check.

They notice your arrival, and Suzel waves a jaunty hand. “Hi, boss. We’ve just finished our pre-flight check, and we’re just waiting for tower control to give us the all-clear.”

“Thank you, Suzel,” you say as you gently swivel the seat that your padawan’s occupied. “Sorry, but this is my seat.” At her pout, you gently point behind you. “I’ll be out of here once we make it to hyperspace, but until then, you can have the radar technician’s chair. Just don’t touch anything, alright?”

Ceyla doesn’t complain, brightening at the prospect of remaining in the cockpit. By the time she settles in and you’ve slid on your own headpiece, control’s given Suzel the all-clear to take the Albatross out of the spaceport.

“So, once more back into the fray, huh?” your nagai pilot quips, firing up the main reactor. The ship shudders as he opens the throttle, firing RCS thrusters to bring the ship off the ground.

You nod, adjusting your seat as the nose elevates towards the atmosphere, then rockets out of the drydock. “Aye.”

“…this Dweem is a desert planet, right?”

“Let me check…” you pull up the relevant information on your datapad. “…according to Master Larid, it’s completely frozen through. Furthest planet away from the main star…”

“…which means zero chance of running into a crazy Force abomination and her freaky, mutating arboreal Children,” he finishes with poorly-disguised relief. “Thank the ancestors.”

It’s hard not to smile. Because on some similar level, you’re relieved that Jombaral wouldn’t fare all that well in a frozen planet. “Thank them after we get back. Now, take us out of here.”

“Aye, aye, captain,” he drones sardonically before opening the throttle all the way.

Inertial dampeners kick in as the Albatross roars into the sky. It barely shudders as you pass through the atmosphere, then into an escape vector away from the planet’s gravitational well. Torok’s starfighter awaits, wobbling its wings in greeting as it links up and joins your flight through the system.

File: Hyperspace.jpg (144 KB, 1000x417)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
“Bweep-boop,” chimes S-19 after you pass the fourth, fifth planets of the system.

“Translation,” declares the head of HK-82, having just arrived with B-33 in tow, “The hyperdrive is ready. Awaiting your command, Master Farren.”

You look out the window, towards the Jedi starfighter, perhaps one of the only few to have survived Order 66. Torok waves at you from the canopy of his ship, fist raised in a salute. Even at this distance, you can make out the hand signals, and the words that they convey.
Salamanders together.

“Prepare the jump to hyperspace,” you declare as Torok breaks off. The exhaust port of the Cathar Claw burns bright as it accelerates to its maximum sublight speed. It continues to shine brightly, even as it grows further away, soon becoming no more than one of the many stars in the great beyond. “Let’s see if we can’t be back in less than two months.”

The stars above, before, and to your sides streak into long, distorted beams as the shrill whine of the hyperdrive fills the cockpit. And with a sudden lurch that no amount of inertial dampeners could completely mask, the Albatross shoots into hyperspace, propelled back into the territory of the enemy in the search for sanctuary…

>>It will take you a bare minimum of fifteen days to reach Dweem.
>>This is the mean time determined in both being stealthy, and navigating hazards through the process of going through Unknown, Wild then back into Known Space.

>>How do you want to fill your free time en-route to Dweem? [Choose three/3]
>Consult your Jedi Holocrons for knowledge and wisdom.
>Further hone and develop your Force powers.
>Investigate slicing into the Empire's comm relay.
>Pursue deeper mastery over your Shadow skills.
>Spend some time bonding your crewmates.
>Custom option. [Write-in]

>>Which aspect of Ceyla’s Jedi training do you want to focus the most on? [Choose two/2]
>Continued study of the Jedi Shadows’ history and their enemies, the Sith.
>Development of Ceyla’s burgeoning talent in Form V lightsaber combat.
>Learning practical Sentinel and/or Shadow skills from her master.
>Practice and mastery of her abilities in the Force, innate or otherwise.

>>Please structure your vote as the following:
>Farren choice A.
>Farren choice B.
>Ceyla choice A.
>Ceyla choice B.


I will be out this weekend on a student film shoot, hence the big voting time. And don't worry about establishing an alibi. You would've found time to coach the crew on how to play dumb and pretend to be independent traders.
>>Pursue deeper mastery over your Shadow skills.
>>Consult your Jedi Holocrons for knowledge and wisdom.
>>Further hone your skill with Niman to a razor's edge.
If I need to knock one of these off, do let me know. The question says three, structure outline says two.
>>Practice and mastery of her abilities in the Force, innate or otherwise
>>Development of Ceyla’s burgeoning talent in Form V lightsaber combat.
Maybe we should have her make a curved-hilt lightsaber later? They work well for Djem So, Bane used one. Had a much sharper curve than Dooku/ours though. More like Ventress' two.
Ah, that’s my mistake. It’s definitely three. I just formatted the example choices wrong.
>>Consult your Jedi Holocrons for knowledge and wisdom.
>Consult your Jedi Holocrons for knowledge and wisdom.
we haven't really touched those two other thingies
>Bond with Trykov

>Continued study of the Jedi Shadows’ history and their enemies, the Sith.
She's going to be talking to crystals with some very strong opinions about jedi and sith.
>Learning practical Sentinel and/or Shadow skills from her master.
>Further hone and develop your Force powers.
>Pursue deeper mastery over your Shadow skills.
>>Further hone your skill with Niman to a razor's edge.

>Development of Ceyla’s burgeoning talent in Form V lightsaber combat.
>Practice and mastery of her abilities in the Force, innate or otherwise.
-girl gotta have some basics
>Glue HK-82 head to S-19 so that he can keep translating droid beeps
Farren A
>Investigate slicing into the Empire's comm relay.
Farren B
>Further hone and develop your Force powers.
Farren C
>Pursue deeper mastery over your Shadow skills.
Ceyla A
>Development of Ceyla’s burgeoning talent in Form V lightsaber combat.
Ceyla B
>Practice and mastery of her abilities in the Force, innate or otherwise.

Shame the Revenant didn't go after Vader. He would have turned her into a stain. Or him an the Storyteller would have tried working together, but that's two birds with one stone.
>Consult your Jedi Holocrons for knowledge and wisdom.
>Pursue deeper mastery over your Shadow skills.
>Spend some time bonding your crewmates.

>Continued study of the Jedi Shadows’ history and their enemies, the Sith.
>Development of Ceyla’s burgeoning talent in Form V lightsaber combat.
>Further hone and develop your Force Powers
>Pursue Deeper Mastery over your Shadow skills
>Spend some time bonding your crewmates.
>Continued study of the Jedi Shadows’ history and their enemies, the Sith.
>Learning practical Sentinel and/or Shadow skills from her master.
>Further hone and develop your Force powers.
Sever's been a lifesaver several times over now, I can see arguments both for improving that, Speed, or Weapon
>Pursue deeper mastery over your Shadow skills.
Deep Cover time, we're going to need every edge we can get to not get caught
>Spend some time bonding your crewmates.

>Continued study of the Jedi Shadows’ history and their enemies, the Sith.
>Learning practical Shadow skills from her master.
Again, we're going deep undercover, she's gonna need every bit of duplicitous trickery we can shove in her head
>Consult your Jedi Holocrons for knowledge and wisdom.
>Further hone and develop your Force powers.
>Spend some time bonding your crewmates.

I want to see if we can use Force Fire on those Kakarox crystals to make mini force shields and shoot lasers.

>Continued study of the Jedi Shadows’ history and their enemies, the Sith.
>Development of Ceyla’s burgeoning talent in Form V lightsaber combat.
>>Further hone and develop your Force Powers
>>Pursue Deeper Mastery over your Shadow skills
>>Spend some time bonding your crewmates.
>>Continued study of the Jedi Shadows’ history and their enemies, the Sith.
>>Learning practical Sentinel and/or Shadow skills from her master.
>>Pursue deeper mastery over your Shadow skills.
>>Investigate slicing into the Empire’s comm relay.
>>Further home your skill with Niman to a razor’s edge

>>Learning practice Sentinel and/or Shadow skills from her master
>>Practice and mastery of her abilities in the Force, innate or otherwise
>Further hone and develop your Force powers.
>Pursue deeper mastery over your Shadow skills.
>Spend some time bonding your crewmates.

>Continued study of the Jedi Shadows’ history and their enemies, the Sith.
>Development of Ceyla’s burgeoning talent in Form V lightsaber combat.
>>Investigate slicing into the Empire's comm relay.
>>Spend some time bonding your crewmates.
>>Consult your Jedi Holocrons for knowledge and wisdom.
>>Continued study of the Jedi Shadows’ history and their enemies, the Sith.
>>Development of Ceyla’s burgeoning talent in Form V lightsaber combat.
Technically, Horuset is the sun around which Korriban orbits. The light of Horuset was shrouded above Korriban when the bombs fell.
For our glorious leader's ease during a busy weekend:
9 for improve Shadow skills.
4 for holocrons, >>5029451 voted for it twice though.
3 for improve Niman (I'll keep trying lol).
8 for crewmate bonding, one for Trykov specifically.
7 for Force powers.
3 for 1337 h4xx0r comm relay slicing.
1 for gluing HK-82 onto S-19 like we're Kazdan Paratus or something.

So bonding, Force practice, and Shadow skills. We'll get 'em yet, Nimanbros.

4 for Force deal from Space Wendy's.
7 for Shien/Djem So practice, always good to have an apprentice who can put us down if need be.
8 for Sith Studies, something I personally wasn't expecting to be popular.
5 for Shadow 101.

So a nice combo of PE and History. All part of a perfectly balanced school day.
The holocrons are like library books we borrowed for 2 months but never read.
Hey Kaz, gotta ask, does Reciprocal Learning activate only when we're teaching to or learning from Ceyla, or can we get the bonus if we're just in the same spaceship or building?

Also, does her learning Form V mean we learn it despite what was voted, or do we specifically need to choose "Practice Form V with Ceyla" when we have a chance to next time?

Also also, we're missing both that and Indistinguishable from our list of traits we got.
Yeah, we shouldn't forget to use them. I liked Farren's suggestion of finding some unknown backwater and just training Ceyla for a few days. Zayne's holocron will help us with Shadow training in particular, what with his lessons in stealth, being streetwise, and the Galactic Underworld. And Kreia is just a joy to read. Meku is sort of an unknown variable, we should talk to her alone before she's introduced to Ceyla.
what does the "Reciprocal Learning" trait do again?
>Reciprocal Learning [Passive] – a Jedi never stops learning, even when they attain Knighthood and take a padawan under their wing. This talent lowers the DC made for a padawan and their master to learn or impart skills from each other.
From the last thread.
So, in the interest of discussion while we wait for the next update, what kind of starfighter should we get?

I'm thinking this thing I found in one of the FFG F&D sourcebooks would be a nice choice. It's basically a Delta-7 with a hyperdrive and proton torpedoes. Either that or a Belbullab-22, if we can find one for free.
Assuming we get a ship with room for one (I'll need to look around to form a preference on that front too), off the top of my head a CloakShape might be good. They're very common, simple to work on, and most importantly, easy as all hell to modify. Pretty much the Honda Civic of starfighters. And since the S-19 chassis beat out the R5 for our astromech, it's the next best option for being a "sleeper" car, something I think compliments a Shadow's role and mindset pretty well.

Also, where'd you find that picture? I reverse image searched for it and found some guy on the Wookiepedia forums posting it as a H-22A D-Wing, which doesn't have an image, and the ARX-T3 page doesn't have an image either. Just curious, not trying to start a row.
Found it in FFG’s Knights of Fate sourcebook. It was used as the page art for the gear chapter, rather than putting it next to the stats like normal people would think to do.
> Just curious, not trying to start a row.
No problem, although I got to admit I’ve had to redo this post multiple times to keep my ‘tism under control.

I mean, if it carries twelve passengers, where do they go, are they taped to the underside of th-

…damn it.
Considering we've got a Padawan now, I kind of want to fly around in a Y-Wing, with her in the gunner's seat, our new astromech in its socket. It has a good hyperdrive, and is probably one of the most ubiquitous starfighters in the galaxy at this moment, so we can hide in plain sight as a daring but unremarkable pilot for hire.
File: Delta-12 Skysprite.png (478 KB, 1084x537)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
Huh. Weird. Wouldn't be the first time sourcebooks are less-than-on-the-level when it comes to layout, art, and consistency. Cracken's Threat Dossier still causes me to wake up in cold sweats.
>I’ve had to redo this post multiple times
Worst part's if you're reformatting and forget to delete a chunk of text. Gotten me a few times.
>I mean, if it carries twelve passengers, where do they go, are they taped to the underside of th-
There's an impressive level of consistency about that sort of thing, I'm glad to say, barring some glaring examples. The Secutor SSD was supposed to be some big fuck-hueg carrier, but it carries less TIEs than the Venator carries V-Wings despite being twice the size. The guy who designed it said in his mind the number was closer to 8,000, the number on paper was 144. Oh well.
A Y-Wing would be a good ship to have if we want to pretend to be some mercenary or bounty hunter, what with it being a bomber. If we want to go with a more civvie bent, I'd recommend pic related. Easily modifiable, designed for civilian or militia use, and it's probably on the cheaper side since it's association with the Outbound Flight sorta killed any interest in it. Kuat's probably giving them away.
The Skysprite has two kind of glaring issues for our purposes. For one, it doesn't have its own hyperdrive, and instead relies on a detachable ring, which we'd be constantly leaving behind after jumps and praying it doesn't get stolen/blown up, leaving us stranded in whatever system we're in.

Secondly, while it was also sold to civilian markets and militias, it's most well-known users were the Jedi Order, so it isn't exactly inconspicuous after only a few short weeks/months since Order 66 went down.

So, all things being equal, I would still prefer to get a Y-Wing. I also just think the Y-Wing looks cooler.
I have the bluest balls
>For one, it doesn't have its own hyperdrive
I was under the assumption that we'd be tricking out any ship we bought way past its stock specifications. Torok's Delta-7 has a hyperdrive (I like to picture it looking like the Azure Angel), so there's definitely room for one in the bigger Delta-12.
>so it isn't exactly inconspicuous after only a few short weeks/months since Order 66 went down.
Fair enough, though I would think that enough non-Jedi bought models from the Delta (and Eta) line to make them a not-uncommon sight in PDF navies. The Rebels used/will use both models and their whole schtick was plausible deniability, at least in the early days. Torok's still flying his too, and presumably took it to his Trial. Probably had to stop in civilized space a few times for fuel and supplies.
>So, all things being equal, I would still prefer to get a Y-Wing. I also just think the Y-Wing looks cooler.
Completely understandable. Especially the McQuarrie art or that picture of one before Rebel engineers took the plating off.
Surely Arotta has you beat, anon. And don't even get me started on Chissfu.
>So, all things being equal, I would still prefer to get a Y-Wing.
I dunno, I’d honestly prefer something more nimble… plus the Y-Wing’s still being used by the Empire at this point, right? Might need to wait until they start selling them off to smaller systems for it to be innocuous enough not to turn heads.

That being said, if we’re considering blending in with the average citizen of the Outer Rim, we shouldn’t forget about the winners of Every Criminal Scumbag Pilot’s All-Time Choice Award, MandalMotors products. They’re common enough in the Outer Rim, can use the wreckage of slavers and criminal gangsters for parts… The only problem is that we’re not a totally irredeemable piece of shit, so we’re probably not eligible for a discount.
The Y-Wing is in use by the Empire insofar as they have yet to replace it with the TIE Bomber, but the Y-Wing is already a pretty venerable craft by this point. The Starbolt-class Assault Carrier, which was sold in bulk by CEC to anyone from PDF's to merc outfits right up until the end of the Clone Wars, was advertised as coming with a full squadron of Y-Wings included in the 10 million credit pricetag, alongside a complement of military model airspeeders. Up until the end of the Galactic Civil War, it's probably the single most ubiquitous starfighter in the galaxy that isn't some variety of TIE.
The Y-wing, while cool, isn't exactly something you'd want to dogfight in though. It was designed as a fighter?

But the uh intecerptor that was also talked about is even worse of an idea because that was nicknamed the jedi inteceptor right? Those things were practically known for just jedi to use, and since this is relatively after order 66 that's still in peoples eyes. I would not want to use that one bit
The equivalent to what a Y-Wing is in military aviation terms would be a fighter bomber. It's not brilliant for dogfighting, but a formation of them moving to a target don't need to be escorted by other starfighters. And the original Y-Wing had a fully rotating turret for the ion cannons, whereas the A4 model seen in A New Hope just had them fixed forward and removed the gunner's seat, because the Rebellion was constantly short on trained pilots.

Since most starfighters in Star Wars need to tail the enemy fighter long enough to get a lock with their targeting computer to hit it, a turret that can fire behind the Y-Wing makes it a good bit more viable in dogfights.
>because that was nicknamed the jedi inteceptor right
Not right. The Delta-7 and 7B were known as Jedi Starfighters (though at least the former was also sold to Republic peacekeeping forces and PDFs) due to their use by the Order and the Eta-2 was known as such because it was specifically designed for the Jedi by KDY during the war. The Delta-12 is neither, as it was designed with the intent to move away from the paramilitary market in favor of the civilian one. The Jedi had some before the war to use as couriers, but after the war broke out and they became military commanders, they didn't have a ton of use for such ships.

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