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File: Part Two.gif (1.55 MB, 623x800)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
**Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

The show goes on.

>Updates will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
>Players will have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>If a Player misses a turn, he will receive one (1) make-up action the next turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a battle requires an action, but subsequent posts are free
>Once every six (6) turns players may ask the OP for a rumour
>Game is currently around the early Medieval era, and includes Magic
>Rushing, Meta-gaming, & otherwise Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not currently taking new players, though people may join as Nations fall
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf
File: NRP5Diomap5.jpg (7 MB, 3226x3317)
7 MB
Should be "Part 3", unfortunately too late to change that.
Action 1: Expand to the designated tiles on the island of Kalia

The young and wild continue on their insane plans to tell the elders to stuff themselves, they’re free Sennites, free to seek out new forests even over the waves, and now they have found them.

Tragedy strikes on the eve of the departure however, as the two leaders of the radical movement, the twins Cordatta and Ganne, have a disastrous falling out that tears a rift wholly through the unity of the fledgelings.

As the story goes, Ganne intruded upon her sisters grove, jealous of the luster of its plants and seeking to take some for herself to spread them to the new land.

Cordatta, in revenge, lead a hooligan gardening brigade to meticulously identify and purge any imbalances in her sisters grove and then mock her for the failing.
After finding none, one of the over excitable party killed a small boar that Ganne was bound by pact to avenge, this act quickly spiralling to all out war between the respective factions of the twin sisters.

The fighting is as bloody and brutal as sapling combat is, but at the height of the conflict and on the arranged day of sail Cordatta had her forces retreat towards the ships rather than spill more blood and need kill her sister, sailing off for Kalia and leaving the mainland behind, forevermore.

Ganne cares not. That island is cursed anyway, because her sister is going to live there. She will find her own island, a better island, with bigger trees and greener forests, and less awful sand.
Action 2: Scout the island of Dopio

Gannes mad twisted wych of a sister is gone, taking all the boats, but that will not stop Ganne herself.

New ships are being put together by her loyal supporters, and after news spread more fledglings joined to replace her losses.

She will go out (or rather send others out) in search of new and exciting islands still, and live among great exotic branches as is her dream. Once a shared dream, but no longer.

The elders of Ash’sen receive news of chaos in the Dalu with great sadness. The lack of elder guidance there is clearly the cause for this madness, this national tragedy, but Bandru whispers not of sending them out.

The queen translates his murmurings in her own unique way, but it appears he wishes for them to make their own path, to see what the young are capable of on their own, though it pains the queen and council.

The twins themselves are elder-blood, the split halves of one of Ash’sens own nobles after she willingly passed into torpor. Many knew her in life, and so to see such a wild rift between equal halves develop makes the tragedy all the deeper.
The dreamer begins to slip into her waking state, met this time by a traveller from Druad. Come before the council to plea to ask a question, after many years the opportunity is arrived for it to be asked.

In lieu of the standard council or representatives, she is there as the only visitor this Tyrn.

“I heard a tale spun by a man, who dwells within the bowels of a merchant-spider.”

“He spoke of a foreign queen who is a dryad herself, dwelling on the isle of Deinos, such a mythical place as that I have never heard before.”

“She was known as the sole Dryad to him before he discovered us, she of La Luga.”
“Who is this dryad who claims rulership separate from our queen, and so far away, wise dreamer?”
1/2. Prospect 20 southern tiles. With the consolidation of goblin territory all that is left is to establish the tributary system. Goblins far and wide seek to find something of worth in order to gain the favor of big boss. Anything else would see them designated targets for eating.
File: Turn.jpg (120 KB, 624x872)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

>Action 1: Coastal Settlements
>(Claim the golden-crossed lands)
The apparent lack of capacity within the current naval assets is mentioned to a session of the council, the Kalnthruna in attendance but allowing Korek to preside over the meeting due to the advanced status of her pregnancy. The simple matter is, it seems, that the Dwarves of the Æblenthrong are finding too many other rewarding things to do and some ships of the fleet no longer have Dwarves enough to adequately crew them, and so are sitting abandoned. Industry is picking up in Æbleholm and Ederakung, farms are springing up across the Guldfield and mines are wresting fresh treasures from the ground. The service periods of the Dwarves who made up the crews of the many ships of the great migrant fleet are coming to conclusion and only a very few Beardlings are seeing reason to step into their shoes - why spend Tyrns out at sea as a Junior Untirzkadaguld when you could be starting a farm or a family? It is decided - for the moment, at least - that provision for the fleet's sailors will need to be made more generous. A greater quantity of pension-gold - thankfully, we just found a gold mine - and land for when the service term is complete. But as the council have no desire to turf any existing landholder off their claim - or even to buy them out - they decide the simplest solution is to place claim to some more of the free territories along the shore to hold a reserve of land.

These more generous terms are also made retroactive - for those recently-retired veterans who would be willing to return to the service for long enough to train the new crews for the ships of the fleet.

>Action 2: Continued Surveyance
>(Survey and prospect the red crosses)
The discovery of Gold is always a joy and a delight - and a draw for those hungry for their own mineral wealth. All the claimed lands surrounding the gold-find quickly get prospected, as do the lands of the copse through which they passed on the trail of gold. A few enterprising prospectors decide that if one river confluence boasted a gold-find that they should try another - and a few trainee and very optimistic prospectors try out their techniques and luck in the lands north of Æbleholm.
Fluff: The scouts as efficient as always. It is unfortunate that they had to come across those horrid creatures, likely goblins. But soon enough they will be nothing more than indistinguishable charred corpses along with the rest of the impure beast that litter the land. With everything that has happened it is time for plans to adjust themselves, a few plans being created to ensure that tactics can be carried out without failure. Reach for the moon: Considering there are enemies across the water and that attacking them will undoubtedly be a boon a method is created. Separating these beasts to rend them from the rest of their pack is going to be the method for dealing with them. Setting ablaze the northern plains and southern forest, creating a fire line using fine powder to quickly ignite it. With this, hopefully a line of impassable flames can be created to stall the impure beasts while operations are carried out. Hopefully handling one at a time will work better. Additional lines are to be created going back in an attempts to keep them secluded, set ablaze when the first flames go out. It likely can't be held forever, but even for a while is better than nothing. Operation irresistible spear: Considering they have troops that are able to traverse the water, being able to take them down is going to be important lest infiltration occurs. Water way patrols are to be carried out, anything that might be considered a ship is to be boarded, the crew killed, and the ship captured. Should the ship be impossible to capture, attempt to burn it to leave them open to sharp shooters. And lastly for this set is operation Devouring force: No doubt once the quarry is captured, they'll come running to try and dismantle one of our resources that we will be using. The valleys leading to it are to be filled with traps, various points throughout having positions for archers to fire down into the valley itself. No doubt they will try and take the high road, so landslides are to be prepped by mining away at the ground. Support columns are to be made to destroy later and collapse part of the hill on them. When the operation initially starts, the rockslide set up is to be the first thing prepared. That is all for now, additional scenarios will be developed as the situation progresses.

1 action: Move a third of the army to the Blackstone quarry and build a fort out of the stone there

Stone is incredibly useful, no doubt this will hold some value in the coming times.
1 action: Begin mining away at the blackstone quarry
Rumor: Hand it over.
1. Now that the lives of the drya return to their normal monotony. Much the land goes un-scouted in the rush and call to battle. The dryads are sent out to search the lands and prospect the Yadi for more resources to be of use.
2. The Koape may have decided to destroy themselves instead of simply surrendering and following the rule of the Drya but that does not mean we can not learn from what they could do correctly and from the Anaye. These boats that gave us so much trouble during the war and the Koape used to trade with will be studied, well their wrecks and the boats of the Anaye, but the adaption of using the Nyakians and the Sonyakians to pull them instead of relying upon the power of rowers or the wind. This should allow the Drya greater range of movement and scouting compared to being land bound.

The work continues, permanent dwellings being constructed out of lumber, brick, and coral, depending if they are the plains, river, or coastal district homes. The coastal side of the city being the port district, where great rafts are pulled to dock and unloaded, and cargo moves from storehouse to market to buyer. Underwater suburbs continue out in the reef around the Sanctuary, the "prehistoric" regions of old Holo'gunui seeing new life in unseen numbers. Many a coral cove home with the old style air bubble single room and plot of reef to tend makes for good living; for the Laga. Out upon the plains, family homes for the Aneye elves, with brick foundation and cellars, lumber walls and roofs for those hot summers, care is taken make sure each home is provided clean water from a filtered dug aqueduct from the river explicitly for drinking (many signs warn misbehaving calves from swimming down the elvish water supply with a personal time out from King Pa'pa'tui, not that anything bad has happened or will - it's just damn annoying to have a calf go missing for 3 hours and to find him midway down the aqueduct stuck and clogging the water while laughing and splashing) , and waste is deposited into compost to sit and process until ready for the fields. The river district is a series of covered water channels that go through and around the city, a total of 3, big enough to allow 2 Laga to swim through comfortably. The idea is to improve travel times of the Laga in their capital with these "Swim-Lanes" saving the trouble of flopping and bouncing. Sadly cargo can only be moved on one Swim Lane, the Port District-To-River Lane.

A young learned elf discover something while relaxing on a raft watching his Laga friend make lazy laps pulling them through the bay, an easy afternoon with nothing to do but enjoy some Aneye fruit cocktail and watch the Crimson horizon disappear into the sea. That is until a wind whips his woven kelp blanket right off him, he quickly tries to grab on. As he grabs two handfuls, the wind almost carries him away like a bird at wing! How could such a thing be? He fight the squall with white knuckles until his whale friend slows down noticing the commotion. Before long, some curses, trials, and rope, a long triangle of kelp is used to catch wind on our rafts, no longer relying on whale power. Also the pastime of "Foli'gongo'ho'tube" (Catching-Kelp-On-Wind) is born.

>essentially low speed, low altitude parasailing where a Laga pulls a sailed raft, with a tethered elf tied to the boat uses a long kite of woven kelp with two handholds to catch the wind an fly through the sky for fun. It becomes a popular pastime in Holo'gunui when the summer tropical winds come and the weather is not foul with storms. I'd the weather is unsafe, the red beach flag is raised, and none of the youth may catch kelp on the wind.

>cont 1/2
> Lore Point
In his eyes, the Anaye have more than proven they are trustworthy and genuine folk, neighborly and brotherly just as a Laga. While it may be a risk to let a landwalker have a say in Laga business, the freedelves act as part of the Everlasting Waters and should be treated as such. As an offer of brotherhood and loyalty, King Pa'pa'tui asks that the Elven settlements if they so wish may elect one leader per (1 per elves in Pologa/1 per elves in Hi'laudolo, since that is the majority of their pop, with a sizeable minority in Holo'gunui.) That will join with the Laga'lelei'loto pods when it comes time to vote on laws the King wishes to enact.

Action 1 - Prospect Thisi island, 5 hexes of Do'laroshan territory, 5 hexes of Fraternian territory, starting from the northern side.

Action 2 - Hitch a ride with Fraternian ships to Pyr island. Claim all of it, alongside the single plains hex west of the Library of Whispers.

The Do'laroshans may be uncharacteristically brave in their exploration of the sinister marble ruins, but they are still going about it rather slowly. While those brave heroes venture deeper, the rest of the colonists tend to the mundane, yet equally important, work of firmly settling this new land.

Of course, some are still not content, many young families keen on excitement venturing aboard the Fraternian vessels again, bound for a land shrouded in ashen darkness, though whether such a paradise exists is hotly debated.

Spreading through their allies territories and their own, keen eyed merchants survey the land, tasting plants, cracking open rocks, and eying the local wildlife with practiced ease of appraisal.
Action 1: Scout the next island in the chain
Returning to port to update the people of Beitown of the progress of the scouting expedition, runners are sent from the shadow folk port, and another expedition is supplied from the shadow port, trading passage for the needed goods, the shadows wanted to send colonists to the mountainous and hilly island which the expedition leader was more than happy to do. They would drop off the colonists before heading to the next island in the chain to further expand Fraternian maps

Action 2 expand see pic for details
> develop scorpions
The engineers only had to think for a while before to figuring out a very simple truth: everything is better when it’s bigger.
And so what did they do? They made a bigger crossbow of course! The scorpion is a great siege engine, an enormous crossbow mounted on a wheeled platform and operated by trained engineers and sappers.
They are quickly installed on ever fort and wall in the empire, especially the Big Dig, which sports a great number of such weapons.
They are called Rakatak in molespeech, roughly translating to gravel-rain

> turn the hex in front of the Big Dig (external to the empire) into a marshland
The people of the watch remember keenly the fights of their ancestors, and they have not forgotten the impossible capabilities of the rabbit menace. So, with the aid of dander locals, the area in front of the Big Dig is turned into an enormous artificial marsh, swamp-like terrain making quick crossings above ground all but impossible, while the underground tunnels have been collapsed as to avoid possible infiltration. Meanwhile, wood was cut and brought away, thus making the land even more unstable to walk on, especially jump on.
The dander were of great assistance during this, their magics bolstering the molemen’s efforts
>Action 1: Imrove Metallurgy
Though the Faeries have never held any specific aversion to technology, the quality of their metallurgy has thus far been limited, likely as a result of their agrarian lifestyle. Beyond the thorn walls, the Faeries have seen sights of blades that shimmed in the sunlight and scythes which held their edge like the grain was flint.

>Action 2 & 3: Merging the Academies
The Faeries are people who understand roles and duties, especially in warfare. Though not all roles require regular use of magic, many will, and those who don't must understand the abilities of their companions as if they were their own in order to work together to the Forest's standards. The Academies are to be integrated; No longer are there mages and warriors, there are specific roles who will require lessons from both specialties and a general education of them all.

>Rumor. Now.

>Action 1: Honing Magic
There isn't a day that passes when the Gallisans aren't beating on one another, or searching for some other form of physical challenge.
Lately, many have been wandering off to find the few evergreen trees which survive in the arctic climate, and seeing who can fell one with a single blow.

>Action 2: Expand
In the search for more challenge, though mostly more food, many find themselves travelling farther and farther from the settlement.
Action 1: Develop a Water Focus/Sceptre.
A fisherman does not use his bare hands to catch a fish, they use spears and nets. We have been trying to manipulate the water, delving into Undine's domain, using only our own faculties. We need a tool for magic, we will experiment with materials and sapphires, to make a sceptre which focuses our power. Our effects wont be as broad as by hand, but that's the point, you don't fell a tree by chopping all along it's length, you do it by chopping at one point, repeatedly. Also, it'll be a very fancy sceptre, truly worthy of a Priestess of the goddess Undine.

Action 2: Create Ash Sieve.
We have found a way to make ash separate from water, but it is kept there delicately, waiting to be kicked up by a passing fish. We need to remove the ash after we have separated it from the water. We can't just scoop it with a bowl, as it'll just kick up the ash again. We have tried using a sieve, but both the water and the ash pass through it's holes. We can see that the ash is not water, so we will try to make a sieve so fine, with such small holes, it will filter out ash while passing water through. We will make extensive use of Danderfey dexterity to make this, their small size will also help make the holes as small as Danderly possible.

With the recent find of jade, much of the prospectors were quite pleased with the findings. Of course, there was still more mines to make, with all the deposits that they had found, but that was a good thing. Of course, a more practical material would be all well and good, but even so, this was good as well, and the human colony had access to iron which could easily be traded for with the more valuable resources that had been gathered from the ground. Of course, further mines would need to be made in the future, as well as further prospecting, but that is more than just fine, as only so much could be done and the time was spent on things that helped the colony economically. Regardless, it was quite likely that this little mining rush wouldn't end anytime soon considering the good findings of more economic materials from the earth.

Even as this went on however, the food and wealth that came from whaling would cause the small port village of Traethllwyd to grow further and further as more whalers made their home there, along with those who actually were capable of butchering and processing the whale, or make use of the parts that were processed. From this, more people came to the town to fulfil the demand for the more general things any larger settlement needed, and the whaling town became the colonies main fishing hub. It'd likely not be long until a temple to Fanw was there as well, along with the other things any town needs. Though, of course, this would come in time.

>Action One. Build more mines, specifically for the jade.

>Action Two. The small village of Traethllwyd becomes a proper town.
> Action 1: Help with the Swampification
Our good friends the Molemen said they want to make some land into a quicksand-swamp wonderland, who are we to say no to that! After all we're the worlds best canal builders. So we help them with that.

> Action 2: Transportation costs
Our goblin friends have agreed to raid the war-outpost of the rabbits for us, we shall transport them using our superb navy.

> Warpost
Using our watchtower we will observe the rabbits habits and determine when patrols and army presence is lowest.

The large goblin horde is to approach from the north-east and do a hit-and run attack. Burning down the rabbit-folk farm and possibly roads, before disappearing into the hills.

If chased they can disperse, due to characteristically huge goblinoid numbers the rabbits can't pursue all of them even if they think of that. The goblins are ones that do not speak albionic and are disguised as simple feral ones.
Posted on behalf of the HCA

1. Treatment for the Damned Vossikine disease!
2. Research Phosphate for use in weapons development.
> 2x The act of forests opens

It is done, at long last. Theatra has been shaped to perfection, and the Simfuni finally have a stage atop which they can sing in harmony with the great melody. But this stage is not only theirs, it is for all to share their voices as well. This includes the creatures of the earth.

The work of the stone maestros are all but done, now the song transitions from the beating and shaking hum of the world that has been sung for generations into the deafening chorus of the life that inhabits it. The maestros of forests take the lead in the song of life, conducting fresh seeds to blossom within the fertile soil that leads a trailing path from the base to peak of Theatra.

Many years are spent nurturing the mountain's budding garden, the maestros coddling the fresh grove with their sweet songs, like mothers hushing their newborns with a soothing lullaby. It will take a long time, but one day their garden will blossom into a boisterous forest to lend its song to the Great Melody.
File: map25.png (978 KB, 2048x2628)
978 KB
978 KB PNG

The night is cloudless and dark, even as the full moon approaches. The stars of the heavens shine bright. And then, ah! One, two, a dozen, shower across the sky in a stream of lights! They crest gracefully toward the horizon, like apple blossoms in a spring breeze. It is a beautiful sight, if with a heavy heart for the Dander.

In the waters of the freezing wastes, Iti lays another clutch.

[NM] The Dreamer wakes, and though she would not admit it, rather disappointed at only a single visitor. This is lost though at the visitor's question. The jollity slips from the Dreamer's face. "So, Karu yet lives," no doubt only raising more questions, as the Dreamer thinks a long time on those already asked, "Settle, child, for the tale is long indeed. Tyrns ago, when the great Bandru was but a seedling, yes, so long ago it was... ah. Before queens, before our roots dug deep, and our canopies spread wide, there was a contender for ruler in the Rings. Her name was, is, Karu. She was a powerful creature, twisting the natural & the spiritual to her whims, and against theirs. Why do you think Bandru cares so for the balance? She upset the order of things! The other contenders rallied against her, casting her out of the forest, to wander rootless in the vast and formless world beyond. There she was supposed to wither, decay, rot away to nothingness. Alas, it seems she found another forest to corrupt."
It is a sad day when any sapling breaks out to form their own garden, but the pain is doubled with such bitter fighting. When at last one of the sisters departs, fretful Dryads spring into action setting things right once more, down to the last broken twig. On the island of Kalia(-Cordatta), said sister surveys her new home. She sets about making it a grove of her own, yet when night comes and she is alone, she weeps despite herself.
Ganne's scouts set off themselves, pulled by the currents westward. They spy the isle of Dopio, which alas is much smaller than Kalia. But that is not all they see on their journey, (>>4790910) for strange vessels also sail the coast of the island.

>Big Totem
Prospecting's a terrible job, but the Gobbos gotta do it. Have to, under order of Big Boss and threat of devourment. The looming threat of tribute gets the bastards working extra hard for it, just as BB likes to see. They scramble over the plains, pockmarking it as they work. It's all rather systematic, especially strange for Goblins. Less strange when little white puffballs are seen organising now and then.
Terrified Gobs bring word of a monstrous spider behind the mountain! Trundling through their land as if it owned the place!
With a far more generous offer on the table, many more Dwarves sign on. Thankfully, though bordered by the Tangle to the east and Syphian Meluz to the south, the only neighbours north are shrews and hares, meaning plenty of open land to offer.
There are still many a thing found beneath the earth by enthusiastic Dwarves. Of foremost importance is the discovery of yet more gold along the southern bank of the river, second another source of salt for the growing colony, and third, an unmistakable smell in the Copse; Sulphur.

[Waxing Gibbous]
Rabbits are sent to the ancient quarry, and with the readily available material, build a fort to guard over the works. The stone however is harder even than the rock of Little Syph upon which Kaa'Raat stands, dulling even the iron tools they bring in short time. Whoever cut vast blocks and hard edges long ago had access to metals even stronger than iron it seems. Bored workers find the stuff however can be surprisingly easily knapped, creating edges sharper than any finely honed blade. An amateur attempt is what discovered the stones most peculiar nature however; A misaligned hit, a jolt, a cut, and the stone "drinks" the blood. After this the air is electric for a second or two., smelling of ozone and... sweet fruit.
The Impure cretins should not have been ignored! They had awaited our night watch, then set upon the warms and hills with fire! They scatter as soon as they are spotted, but not before committing impurity upon the Usagi!

[R] The docks of the Elves see many vessels of an outstanding variety, and helmed by an equal assortment of persons. From the rafts pulled by intelligent fish(!) and dinghies piloted by nasty green creatures, to magnificent barges rowed by teams of jackalfolk. And all of them spotted with little white puffballs! Perhaps it is some kind of mould that grows on ships.
The entire north of the Yadi is picked over, revealing nothing save some quality building stone.
The Catan water is lousy with rubble and wrecks. Of the latter, what can be salvaged is dredged up for study, and compared with the vessels of the Anaye. The double, even triple hulls of the sunken ships are far too costly to copy, and given their likely purpose, are not needed. With the only shipyards being in Neleye, the Elves are tasked with the construction of boats for the Drya, all the while watched over silently by Ents.
The works continue unabated. New wave breaks, new districts, new canals. Hologunui is a new city every morning.
Foli'gongo'ho'tube, or just "Gongotu" for short, is not a sport for the faint of heart! Teams challenge each other, who can sail highest, who can sail longest, who can sail fastest! Even the royal calves have been seen trying it with their Elvish friends (and servants).
"It is an honour" says Representative Prosi, an Elf of some girth, known for his keen wit and love of food & wine
"I am delighted to just be asked" replies Representative Vule, an Elf, poised & elegant even by Anayen standards
"Grateful as we are to the Laga, we must decline" responds Councilelf Anak, a shrewd & inscrutable Elf
In the night, as the watch keep a half eye on them, Iti's rescued brood begins to hatch!

Shovel, pick, and corer to hand, the Shadows set about their work. (>>4790910) The island is kind to the Men & Morphs. In their sands, great quantities of salt, and under their fields, a new stone not yet catalogued. [Decide between yourselves which precious stone it is] But Thisi is especially kind to the Do'la, the forest earth rejoices in wealth. Silver by the seam, followed by on of lead, and a third... A third of brilliant shine, above anything they had seen; Platinum.
Stowed away in the dark recesses of the Fraternian scouting ship, the Do'la pass the time with the equally Fraternian pastime of knucklebones. With many games played between them, they are glad to be finally called above board to claim Pyr. The joy soon fades as the rocky barren shores of the island present themselves. Nothing but sulphurous lichen grows upon the rocks, and the acrid smell of volcanic smoke fills the lungs. The simple task of staking the entire isle is thwarted by the sheerness of the volcanic slopes, and the Do'la must make do with nominally claiming the island instead.

Depositing her agreed upon stowaways, the scouting ship of the Fraternians continues her voyage of discovery. Past the billowing peak of Pyr, still avoiding the dangerous currents between the islands, 'round to another goodly sized island. (>>4788170) Off the shores of this new land however is a queer sight, one which may remind them of a long ago home, for also sailing these waters are Dryads.
By agreement and action, Thisi is divided in twain with the Do'la.

The Rakatak is constructed with the finest lumber available, first of her kind, first of many! It takes a team of Imnaki half a tyrn to make the cordage alone. She is wheeled with fanfare through the Under-Empire, then the Over-Empire, before arriving at the Big Dig, where she has to be dismantled and rebuilt to get through the door. It was glamorous while it lasted at least.
The work starts with a channel from the shore, and then all about the digging of ponds. The turf and anything above it are carried away, and the whole thing churned over.
[+1 PE]
Fae metalworking had been for so long simply the hammering and punching of silver, but with the discovery of iron, flight into contested forests, and trudging of hairy things in the hills, real weapons are going to be needed. Though it pains them, large amounts of wood is needed to feed the furnaces and forges where the metal is worked.
The Academy of Misdirection and the Swarm School are combined at a new campus fit for the training of many more students. Displace Image is taught to all with any spark of magical aptitude, alongside rigorous flying, stealth, and trapping courses. The overall quality of education is increased across the board with a standard curriculum and additional teacher training. Nearby, a nasty creeping vine has taken root in one of the canopy trees.

[+1 PE]
With their adzes on their shoulders, the Gali venture to fell the last of the sparse evergreens on the shelf. As they each whittle away at the trunks, a bet is made; Who among them can down a tree in the least swings, nay, do so in a single swing! For most, with practice, they can get their swings to under two dozen on the thinner trees. Except for one, a brute of a man by the name of Kasin. With fire in his eyes he brings his adze down in four cardinal blows, before pushing the weakened tree over with his horns. His clenched fists shake as the adrenaline runs through him.
The hunters return from their journey, hauling with them blubbery seals and white-furred hares. Beyond the rocks, the ice continues, but bountiful to those who know where to look.
[R] But this is not all they bring back to the drying racks, for stories come with them. Of a sea upon the land, dark as any night waters, one of trees, far south across the glacier. Others speak of another jut of rock in the east, from which steam rises.

[+1 PE]
Made of gold plate over imported applewood, crowned by an enormous uncut sapphire, pommelled with an orb of silver, the Sceptre of Undine takes the royal workshops an entire tyrn to construct! The core is carved deep all over with runic script praising the goddess and Her works, before being sheathed in the gold. In the magical dance of the water priestesses, it is wielded in the right paw, and tied with linen to hold it (just in case!). A large and disgusting slimy frog has to be (somewhat violently) removed from a sacred basin the following night.
(>>4792472) With their fine dexterity, and careful Dyb guidance, the Dander weave an immaculately fine mesh of metal, and cover it over with the finest gauze linen. No expense is to be spared in the maintenance of the holy Dyne! The first test proves successful, without the use of any magics, but the water has a slightly bitter taste which some odd Anubisids say they actually quite like.
A great quantity of pale green jade is lifted, along with rare caches of a pure white. There is something regal in the stone, which polishes to a near-mirror shine with ease.
From a fishing village surrounding a port, to a full-fledged fishing town of industrial scale, Traethllwyd really is becoming the Lunedannedd of this new world. Already however, whale stocks begin to thin in the waters of Hiris & Amranna, forcing ships further afield. South, pods of whales whiter even than the purest jade are spotted.

(>>4791269) When the Dander arrive, work is already well under way, digging the channels & pits, and removal of stones. Though not particularly strong, the Fey make up for it in persistence, and sheer numbers. A hundred tiny shovels help dig a hundred tiny holes to trap the waters. The Nop (Imnaki term) in charge allows the Dander the honour of lifting the heavy sluice gate to bring in the sea. And then another as they struggle, before finally lifting it himself. The Fey loosened it for him though, of course.
The boats are loaded and shortly after dusk push out. It will be midnight by the time they arrive. The goblins are given their orders a final time, then dumped off-shore.
[So nothing to say about going without apples for an entire year?]

With previous procedures becoming widespread throughout the colony, along with a folk medicine of pine needle tea, the Elezen Cough outbreak peters out. Some even continue taking the tea afterwards for it's comforting taste.
As already discovered, the fertiliser, when ground fine, is highly combustible. More so in open air than as a pile of powder. When enclosed, and lit by means of a waxed wick, the resultant explosion is, poor. However, when arranged as a barrel, may well be useful as the first constituent in the production of colonial gunpowder.

As the Act of Stone finishes, the Act of Forests opens. Everything from the smallest forget-me-not to the mightiest Taqsim oak is sung up to the spiralling Theatra. Flowering shrubs, creeping ivy, even the briar and bramble, all are brought to make a forest of the capital.

(wanted to build 2 farms, but had to prioritize helping the Molemen)
The lack of apples for a year is of course a tragedy, many Danderfey spend their days in a slump... the sweet sweet sweetness of apples in missed. Maybe that's why they didn't bother working on the canal for so long? The nation survives by munching on grass and by eating other inferior fruit and by using it's vast wealth to buy what we lack.

It is the apple crisis that has shown us that trade is important! because sometimes the apple farms don't give apples and then we need money to buy apples!

> Action 1&2: Finish the Canal
We have the teach and we have a reason. Time to ram our way trough the northern passage, connecting east-and west.

Now the Simfumi can Sail all the way to visit the whales!
Action 1 and 2: Expand to claim the island of Dopio, and a single forest tile of Kalia

Sand, sand, sand!
Ganne hates sand, she didn’t remember her ex-sisters island having so much sand, so why this one?

It infuriates her, but as she drifts along the coast she spies the trees growing thin eventually, and then thicker still into a small forest.

It isn’t much like home, but... it’ll do. She can work with this, and she is relieved for a time before spying odd boats on the waves.
Not her sisters, hers were not as pretty, something else is lurking about.

Cordatta meanwhile mopes about on her much grander island. Her comrades are busy flocking about in the land they already have, so huge the areas are, but not at all ready to be constructive.

I suppose this is why the rings do not normally make great expeditions with only fledglings and a handful of ancillae.
GLOBAL - Meteor Shower
The Do'laroshans look to the sky with wonder and delight, stories of fallen stars leaving the night sky more empty with each passing night. Many Do'laroshans can go weeks, or even years, without ever seeing the sky, and few have ever had reason to wonder what it is exactly that stretches overhead. Luckily, the Shamans confidently assure the others that the night sky is a great swathe of Achroma's fur, enshrouding the world, with the pricks of light being bits of dust, fluff, or fireflies that bother and pester him. His shedding of these is thus seen as a great cause of celebration, though there is minor disappointment when it seems Achroma is lazier than anticipated, failing to pluck more than a few of the odious blips from the sky. Again, the Shamans remind the others that removing the pester-some nuisances is surely tedious work, and something one might be keen to take frequent breaks from. A sort of "anti-constellation" spotting begins to take place, with Do'laroshans picking small spots in the sky where they imagine a star might have been, connecting it with other similar, empty spots.

Action 1 - Build a Platinum Mine on the Platinum node of Thisi. Build a dock on the sandy shore of Pyr.
Action 2 - Send an expedition force eastwards, following the taiga tree-line. Ensure a number of precious gifts, of gold and copper, along with some pelts of our fine animals, are brought with as an offering for Araq.

The platinum found on the island has spirits lifted, and merchants are keen to begin exploring the possibility of working the heavy ore into something worthy of Achroma. It's appearance is like white-ish gold, which some regard as an ill omen, but the merchants are quick to squash any sort of rumour from starting. They remind their workers and miners that Achroma, not them, deems what resources are worth offering him.

On the distant shores of Pyr, many miserable Do'laroshans shiver in crude huts on the sandy shore of the small island. The smoking mountain overhead is a looming shadow of despair over them, and so the first building constructed is a rudimentary dock, salvaged from whatever resources they can scratch together on this island. The first order of business, it seems, is getting the heck out of this coverless, foodless place, though the Fraternians (keen sailors, it seems) are quick to explain that food can be found in the sea, if needed. Thus, a small fishing fleet works around the clock to feed the few who remain. Of course, the Shamans back in Dakan Grove have just heard tales of this fiery mountain, and being distant from the danger but intrigued by the mystery, begin wondering if something worthwhile lies hidden higher up the ashy slopes... Well, musings for another time. A skeleton crew to man the port on that island is enough, for now.

Hunters, and their more deadly Assassin brethren, have finally been blessed by the Blue-clad High Shamans to venture forth into the world in search of Araq.
Our nation is glorious, if only our late great pharaoh, Ahenohetsu II could see it. Alas, it has been a tyrn since he was killed by a pack of crocodiles after he drunkenly challenged them to a duel. it would be a lie to say nobody envied his method of dying. Unfortunately this sudden death left our nation somewhat confused, and also enabled the Cult of Undine to do things without supervision, resulting in some quite expensive projects. We have gotten enough control to curb any further spurious project and can focus on finding the one true successor from... *flips through papers* literal thousands of heirs.

Action 1: Hold the great tournament.
While looking through Ahenohetsu II's will, we found a clause: Trial by combat. The reasoning is that neither the stupid or the sickly who will win such a tournament, instead it will pick the best balance of clever and strong. Many a statesman disagrees with this, but none hold enough gravitas to challenge the authority of our late great pharaoh, thus, this shall be done. Preliminary matches have filtered out most of the chaff and given a general idea of who are likely to win.

First is Anumeses I, a man who enjoys parties and wealth, he has expensive equipment and combat tutors, he is loved by merchants.
Second is Jafmeses, a man of strength and devotion to war, he believes his father's death is a sign from Jafa, he is loved by warriors.
Third is Diana, a woman who bested many brothers by exploiting weaknesses revealed by informants, she is loved by the cults.
Fourth is Iah, a studious man who analyses his foes, he employs pragmatic stratagems and is loved by the scribes.

Action 2: Create Tomb of Ahenohetsu II beneath the Tower of Might.
Ahenohetsu II was a mighty pharaoh, while not as deliberate and careful as his father, he brought us wealth of gold, silver, sapphires and traded goods. He took us from reed boats to wood ships, making grand temples and expanding our military presence. We shall make a tomb to fit his grandeur beneath the Tower of Might, protected by our mightiest warriors.
>Missed actions
1. Research mass production (Oni greed for luxuries and weapons to arm the military is reaching its point!)
2. Expand East into the jungle

>Global Event reaction
Ah, it seems Chadskisei is making a show for his beloved moon fairy! Many of stars dancing in the sky falling down into the deep black abyss! A beautiful sight to behold.

Enjoying the nighttime event with his son, King Beni decided it was time for Benmi to take his first concubine! Of course, they're too young to do all of the wonderful dirty things, but it's the duty of a king to get used to many of partners around him despite Beni feeling differently... On a bright sunny day, Beni summoned the girl who shall be Benmi's first "playmate" for the rest of his life. Benmi was still at the age of thinking girls and other boys were icky and he would rather much go bashing the ground and hunting small creatures to play with his father. Though that changed when he saw her. She was the granddaughter, named Mizujala, of one of the founders of the Rakshidento to ensure this new native of this world doesn't forget the Old Ways of the Oni. At first, he scowls then he starts to feel funny in his tummy and a blush came to his cheeks. He "begrudgingly" held the hand of Mizujala so they can go outside and play.

1. Become One of Us! Fight With Us!: While they have good bonds with the beautiful bovine-Oni, it's still not enough. They fear the bovine-Oni might be defeated for they are weak and fragile! Oni won't allow their friends to get swallowed by the uncultured hordes of this world! They purpose and begin military exercises with the bovine-Oni while sharing some of their technology to show trust.
2. Strengthen One's Body with One's Mind: While still in the beginning stages, the Sutramatane of the Hedonistic Path was taking a better form. Benmi practiced day and night even though he wanted to play with Mizujala. But a king must sacrifice for his people. He takes the natural lustful and violent energy Oni are born with, mix them with life energy and the iron-will into something else. (Improve Enlightenment for better bodily condition like more strength, speed, durability and so on.)
>Everlasting Waters


The finishing touches to Holo'gunui reborn are added, roads linking the farms on the other side of the river for ease of walking folk. Irrigation channels are made for the grass fields, and brick walled pools are expanded for the fish farms.

The empty coast west of Hi'laudolo is prospected for anything of interest that may lay in the earth's bosom.

>Lore Point
As the lights of the falling stars scream across the night sky, the tired attendant of the Sanctuary enjoys the simple bliss that comes with the tranquility of his duty.



As the Laga turns, he sees a crack along one of his sacred charges, the eggs of Iti. His heart jumps as a shard of shell drops to the lush cushion the eggs rest upon, before a small reptilian head wet with eggstick emerges.

"Well hello little one? Have you any hunger?"

The Laga pulls a bowl of fish near them, and as the rest of the young hatch, he feeds them a hearty meal of sea meat. The old Sanctuary watcher had seen many winters and summers, almost as many as Old Pa'pa before he swam off to meet Vasa Tama. Never a father himself, he's not quite sure how great of a job he's doing as substitute Great Sea Turtle father, but he supposes if Iti takes them up on the offer to stop by she'll let them know then. The next morning, a great festival is held in the finished Holo'gunui, rejoicing in the coming of the 12 children of Iti.
File: Turn.jpg (75 KB, 566x560)
75 KB

>Global Event - The Æbleblomst
The priestesses (and a couple of priests) of Æblemor gather on the outskirts of Æbleholm for service beneath the bright full moon. The air is clear and shines with silver light as the Dwarves drink cider, listening to the sounds of the local Hedgehogs grunting and snuffling as they break their bread. But then! More light streams across the sky; first one then several; silver and shimmering as they flurry across the cloudless heavens. 'Apple blossoms in a spring breeze' would be a good descriptor for the view, even if one was not a devotee of the Æblemorrine creed. To those who are, the sight in the sky is a sign, an omen; a guide.

They look toward the path of the graceful lights, and start to follow. Onward they walk as the night passes; and only when the flutter of lights eventually fades from the sky do they stop their pacing - this is where the silver light has guided them. The spot is marked and consecrated with the remnants of the cider as half their number venture back to the city to fetch some very prized possessions.

When they return, each is carrying a young thin tree; Gylder apple saplings that the order had been tending as they grew. As the morning goes on and the light rises, holes are dug and the saplings planted out into the soil, a grove of young Gylder Apples that the order will tend to as it grows. The task done, more Appleseed is scattered around the outskirts and they celebrate and talk and tend to their hedgehogs; and hold final prayers to Guldfar at the height of day before all depart - but one. For one will remain at all times, it was decided; this young grove is not to be left untended without one or another member of the order present to care for it.

>A Starry Birth
The chambers at the heart of the Kalnthrunra's residence are loud tonight, full of pain-grumblings as Glodrana's pregnancy enters the final stages. Files and reports are brushed aside as Korek abandons the evening's paperwork and heads to his wife's side, bringing with him a small flask of Gylden Ichor.
As the sky shines with silver and moving stars, a child is born; the world greeting a newborn boy named Zuvrek Kvydrech Laeggratt by his parents. As the sun rises, the child is blessed with Ale and Ichor to welcome him into Guldfar's light.

>Action 1: Gold from the Ground
More gold for Guldfar! A second mine for gold is struck in the north. And in the Copse, a mine for a less pleasant yellow substance - sulphur, quite vile by itself but so very useful for the Dwarven chemists with the many interesting things that can be done with it. For the farmers too, be it as fungicide or fertiliser.

>Action 2: Feeding the Nation
With Ederakung expanding, new farmland is struck lower down the river, so that less food will have to be bought in by ship. And the same is true in the north, where a new farm is opened up to feed the miners.

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