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Its been generations since the apex of Cordara's greatest empire Neugenas. But those times are coming to a close. The empire has stood as the center of the South Wests civilization and is teetering. Three past civil wars racked the Neugenas Empire but did not topple it. Now the divisions and cracks are slowly wearing away at it from within while its rivals and other tribes are moving into the frontiers of the empire.
Here is where the Fate of Cordara will be decided. Here in the hall of the Kurgom Tribe.
Year 127 Apex
Population 100,000
>>Food: 6/10
>>Food Production 7/10
>>Resources: 7/10
>>Manufacturing: 4/10
>>Trade: 6/10
>>Morale: 8/10
>>Wealth: 5/10
>>Buildings: Long houses, Stone temples, Sacred grounds, Village Great House.
>>Economy: Barter, primitive crafting, hunter-foraging, early agriculture.
>>Culture: Warrior Trials, Oral tradition, spirit seeking
>>Technology: wood, stone, copper, and iron tools, bow and arrow, pottery, kiln, primitive masonry, improving metallurgy, primitive alchemy, plow, primitive mechanics.
>>Government: Tribal Confederacy
>>Military: Tribal warriors, Hunters, Berserkers, Champions
>>Religion: Moon worship, spirit comradery, Covenant of the Three Gods
>>Crops: Healing herbs, fruits(apples), yams, grain.
>>Animals: Cows, Ox, sheep, pigs, wolf hounds.

>A.Food production & growth
>E.Government & laws
>F.Exploration & colonization
>G.Research & development
>I.Diplomacy & war
>K.Trade & Finance
>>I.Diplomacy & war
>G.Research & development
Improve primitive mechanics.
The Gnomish corsairs are far off near the coast away from the woodlands and hills your people inhabit.
This system seems very familiar!

Also are there previous threads or is this thread 1?
>F.Exploration & colonization
This is thread one
Game time has started.
Are we humans or what

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