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File: OP_compressed.jpg (248 KB, 900x600)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
You are Nakashiri Koharu, the 3rd seat officer of Aizen’s 5th Division, on an assignment to Osaka, your last home from when you were still alive. You didn’t live here that long after moving from the confines of Kasuga-taisha in Nara, but the days you had with your friends were the brightest you ever had in your life.

Now, after going to the afterlife and back, you are tasked with protecting the city much like Hisashi did. Unlike him back then though, you have a special mission from your captain and mentor, Aizen: to visit Hueco Mundo and create more arrancars via your specialized shikai for whatever goal he has. Not only that, but you’ve been also tasked to spy on him by Urahara Kisuke, a former captain in hiding, way before you ever left for the afterlife.

After entering Osaka, you’ve found out your broken and comatose body had died and been cremated. Visiting your family’s, the Tamaki line’s crypt at Kasuga-taisha, you confronted your former caretaker, Kameko, finally telling her just how you felt throughout the years.

Your former apartment remained mostly untouched, likely the courtesy of your father, who you know to be a fullbringer. You’re glad you still have the place, and the memories it holds.

You have also encountered your best friends from high school: Chie-chan and Akane-san. The former you met up at the University of Osaka, but unfortunately, she couldn’t quite sense you, a fact you only realized after falling into a panic. The latter you found her fighting with her new fullbring powers against your arrancar friend, Lahela, out in the industrial area. The misunderstanding was cleared up, yet suspicion remained as you made your way to Urahara’s shop.

The silly man himself wasn’t present, but you did find a taller Jun, the boy who helped take care of the shop. Now Akane helps run it alongside him, and the three of you decided to have a go at each other in the gargantuan underground training area beneath the shop.

Lahela ultimately won, and is now carrying both you and Akane towards the healing hot springs, ready to undress you.

File: hotsprings1.jpg (69 KB, 665x618)
69 KB
“L-Lahela, I can undress myself!” you protest, as she puts you and Akane beside the edge of the hot springs.

“Nonssensse! Yous are hurt more than me!” she responds and just starts to casually take off the clothing. “I’m helpingss!”

You are nose-deep in the water, already red like a lobster, as Lahela moves onto Akane, and the exchange of words… well, they could be from many different types of manga you’ve read.

“Sstay sstill!”

“NO! Don’t touch me!”

“I have to sso I can undresss you!”


Akane is put in the water as well, and now both you and her just sit beside each other, half of your face beneath the water as you feel weird and fuzzy. Lahela doesn’t make it any easier for you as she casually enters the hot spring without any shame of nudity, everything in display.

Akane especially at this point just tips over and you have to help her not drown.

Finally, all three of you are nicely in the water, and even Akane can get a break. Funny, you never imagined Lahela would get such a reaction out of her.

“You’ve gotten strong, Akane-san,” you break the metaphorical ice. “You mentioned it’s a Fullbring?”

Akane nods, and looks down at the dragonfly necklace still around her neck. “It’s all thanks to you, Koharu. I didn’t realize before just what kind of a gift you had given me.”

“Neither did I to be honest,” you scratch the back of your hair. “I’m not really sure how it all works either.”

“My master helped me out with it. Apparently fullbring abilities come out when people imprint strong emotions and spiritual power into important items.” Akane grins. “He almost killed me once or twice while I tried to figure it out, but it all paid off in the end!”

You are about to ask about that, when Lahela moves closer and closer to Akane, flustering her.


“It feelss hollow,” Lahela blinks. “Your powerss, when we foughtss, they felt hollow...like.”

“I’m definitely no hollow,” Akane shakes her head and crosses her arms in front of her. “Far from it, I bash their skulls in.”


“Oh, right. No offense.”

“None takenss,” Lahela closes her own eyes and goes back to her spot.

“Still, you’ve gotten quite powerful yourself, Koharu. Those powers, they’re really something. And Lahela’s above any hollow I’ve ever met. It still kinda creeps me out that I’m sharing a bath with one actually..”

“Life is full of surprises,” you wink.


>”You mentioned a master, Akane? Another fullbringer?”
>”Lahela, can you elaborate on that? Hollow-like how?”
File: Thread009a.jpg (340 KB, 1000x700)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
Welcome to a new thread of Advent Soul Quest!

>What is this?
A quest based on the setting of Bleach. Deviation from canon depends on the MC’s influence, and some other additions are to be expected as well.
>Who are we?
Nakashiri Koharu, a former 10th grade (high schooler) trap, now a 3rd seat officer in Aizen’s 5th Division, under a spy mission from Urahara.
>When are we?
Currently it is Spring 1985, ~16 years prior to the events of canon.
>Dice? Challenge?
Prompted after deciding on an action. Usually 3d10, best of 3 (Bo3), against a set DC and sometimes a crit-DC. Write-ins may affect the DC as well. If a character stat (in the char sheet) is directly related to the action, it will substitute the lowest die in rolls if it is higher (will be always explained when prompted to roll).
So far it’s been 20 minutes per post at best. Generally I promise an update per hour at the very least. I post whenever I start writing, or if I’m held up for some reason. My timezone is UTC+3 (summer time).
>I have questions!
Ask away and I’ll do my best to answer! You can also address questions to characters, which I’ll answer in-character!
>What do?
Have fun, vote on what feels the best, roll some dice and chill.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QmTrippy
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=advent+soul+quest
Char Sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DQUOuJbOgzrjIKQLjMFxdmsQh3WIKMMFJQ8fO5-biYM/edit?usp=sharing
Social Links: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HXWo1bA7rplcTIJSkE850qzEE55b-W36tuL_qtT0b00/edit?usp=sharing
Character Questions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S1RrQ6icjeWSV2MIb6EUwuZjzGx0QvuFjoxB1bN_tlU/edit?usp=sharing
>”You mentioned a master, Akane? Another fullbringer?”
>”Lahela, can you elaborate on that? Hollow-like how?”
>”You mentioned a master, Akane? Another fullbringer?”
>”Lahela, can you elaborate on that? Hollow-like how?”
We should be able to connect the dots that her master is our dad right?
Pretty much. It's more or less a question of whether you want to poke her about it and learn that it was Koharu's dad that might've almost killed her.
Urahara did something similar to us so we could shrug it off a standard procedure mostly except for giving dad an earful the next time we see him
>”You mentioned a master, Akane? Another fullbringer?”
>”Lahela, can you elaborate on that? Hollow-like how?”
I'll go with this for now though
File: Moriyama Eizan 1.jpg (51 KB, 576x1024)
51 KB
“You mentioned a master, Akane?” you ask, your body finally relaxing in the water. “Where’d you find another fullbringer?”

“You won’t believe me, but he appeared at the roof of our school one day. I was suspicious at first, but… I was sort of desperate for the power to protect others, to protect Chie-chan. I didn’t want the same thing that happened to you to happen to anybody else.”

“I.. I understand that,” you shy your glance away. “And? Who is this guy?”

“He calls himself Yama-san. Always in a suit and with that cool lighter of his. He might be a hardass, but I think you’d like him!”

The gears in your head start turning, and you narrow your eyes, but let it be for now. If your suspicions are correct and it really is Moriyama Eizan, your father, then you have so many more questions.

You don’t press the topic further, despite the confused feelings of your father messing with your friends. You’ll have to find your dad and shout his ear off for, in Akane’s own words, ‘almost killing her once or twice.’

“Anyway! But what about you?” Akane points at you and then Lahela. “How in the hell did you befriend a hollow? Let alone turn her… human?”

You and Lahela exchange glances, and you nod to her, letting her retell the story.

“It wassn’t really voluntary, butss…”

She goes over the whole deal, with how you forced her mask into the shape of a sword, and helped her figure out the afterlife in her new form.

“Koharu iss my firsst true friend. I will protect Koharu with myss life!”

You blink and blush just so slightly, and you can see Akane is taken aback by this. She looks conflicted, but after a few seconds her expression relents into a smile, and her hands relax. “Well, I guess that makes two of us then, huh?”

File: hotspringskek.jpg (33 KB, 640x480)
33 KB
With time, the water rejuvenates you, healing wounds and restoring your energy. Lahela is quite surprised by this, and even drinks it somewhat. You do stop her from emptying the pools, especially since the idea of drinking bathing water just grosses you out.

“Lahela?” you call out to her, and give Akane a quick glance. Whispering to her, you tell her to stand up.

“What? Like thiss?”

As she does stand up, you can see Akane’s face redden, and quickly turn away, confirming your suspicions. “Hooh?~”

“Come back down. I actually wanted to ask you something else. What did you mean that Akane’s fullbring felt hollow-like?”

“Y-YOU DID THAT INTENTIONALLY?!” Akane lashes out as she realizes it, and you just poke out your tongue. Lahela in turn, doesn’t understand what’s going on at all. The irony of the hollow being the innocent one, is not lost upon you.

“The reiatssu, it feelss hollow. Her abilitiess too, they remindss me of what Drianni can do, and what youss used that one timess.”

“You what now?” Akane asks, now more serious.

“I’ll tell you another time,” you shrug her off for now. “Well.. there’s no reason not to believe Lahela. I have no knowledge of how this fullbring power works anyway.”

“It’s pretty simple,” Akane waves her hand. “We distort the properties of spiritual matter. But for our true powers, it’s an expression of our willpower and desires.”

Well, that does kind of remind you of Zilya’s influence within you.

After some time, Jun is kind enough to bring towels for you. Amusingly, each one of you dries and redresses separately from each other.

File: UraharaShopInterior.jpg (47 KB, 500x376)
47 KB
“Tomorrow’s your birthday, you know,” Akane says as she takes the tea that Jun prepared for all of you. You’ve come back up and are now around the low table that you vaguely remember. “We’re gonna celebrate it, right? I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Ehhh,” you raise your hands. “Sure I guess?”

You haven’t really remembered it since going to the afterlife. People don’t celebrate birthdays there, instead they go by the day they spirited away to Soul Society.

A… rebirthday?

“You ‘guess?’ Come on, where’s your excitement! You’re finally back home, we need to go all out! So, what do you wanna do?”

You look at your cup of tea, deep in thought.


>Go for a picnic, enjoy outdoor life, watch people… live their lives.
>An amusement park. You never went there before, now that you think about it.
I realized that Akane actually doesn't even KNOW that her master is Koharu's dad
>Go for a picnic, enjoy outdoor life, watch people… live their lives.
>An amusement park. You never went there before, now that you think about it.
>An amusement park. You never went there before, now that you think about it.
File: 1471816756943.jpg (35 KB, 1280x720)
35 KB
Amusement park, huh. That's going to be fun.
Of course nothing bad will happen, why do you ask?
>Small pancake break as well, friend made some
File: amusementpark.gif (166 KB, 640x464)
166 KB
166 KB GIF
And so the day ends and your nocturnal duties commence. Lahela keeps you company throughout the night as well. Disposing of hollows, sending stray plusses to Soul Society, it’s all rather trivial with your senses and the combined firepower.

You feel like you work surprisingly well together.

Throughout the night however, you feel this light uneasiness. Like something is lurking somewhere, yet it’s able to hide even from you.

>The next day

You and Lahela stand at the gardens near the entrance to Hirakata park, one of the oldest ones in the area. It’s beside the Yodo river, overlooking it from the southern side. The park itself is situated halfway between Osaka and Kyoto, sharing a good amount of customers from both cities.

As you enjoy the scenery, Lahela in the meantime is too busy eating ice cream for the first time in her life.

“Thiss sstuff is amazing!” she exclaims. “H-Humanss eat this every day?!”

“Well, not every day you know, just sometimes. Especially in the summer. I’m surprised they’re selling it this early in the year.”

You watch Lahela with both amusement and a certain kind of joy. You were just like her when you first moved out of Nara. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling the world for the first time. Trying everything out after leaving your confines. Lahela, she never lived anywhere but the Wailing Forest. Or at least she never left it for who knows how many years.

You then become aware of Akane’s reiatsu coming closer, and with some concentration you can also make out Chie’s. Your heart begins to beat harder, and you feel nervous again. Sure, you saw Chie earlier, but that was somewhat of a farce on your part. Now she would actually see you.

“You okayss?” Lahela asks, noticing your change in tone.

“Y-Yeah. Just mentally preparing to see a very good friend of mine again,” you smile.

And so Lahela distracts you enough that the two girls arrive without notice, and you can hear her gentle voice.

“K-Koharu…? Is.. is it really you?”
File: imokayimokay.jpg (28 KB, 382x382)
28 KB
Unfortunately I have to stop here. Just got news that my grandma’s been taken to the hospital, and that’s in the neighboring country. Not that I can do anything, but I don’t think I can continue with this mental state.

We’ll continue tomorrow at same time, so 15:00 UTC, unless something happens.

Sorry guys, and fuck this pandemic.
I hope your grandmother gets better. By pure coincidence mine died this Friday, even bigger coincidence nine years ago died an Good Friday as well.
File: sadhug.gif (1.18 MB, 446x251)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
I'm very sorry to hear that, anon. My condolences, and thank you.
Hope things go well, take as long as you need and stay strong
File: doge car console.jpg (26 KB, 540x534)
26 KB
Feels bad man
File: astolfocute3.jpg (68 KB, 724x1024)
68 KB
We'll continue today as scheduled (in 2 hours), but it'll be slower paced, since I have a small meeting around the time and I need more time in general.

But at least we'll be able to move forward!
File: Tsukuda Chie 1.jpg (16 KB, 235x331)
16 KB
There’s a moment where it feels like the world around you just fades away, when your eyes lock with Chie’s. Both of you first take slow steps towards each other, then larger and larger, until you run up to hug each other.

“I’m back,” you whisper beside her ear.

“I-I knew… I suspected,” Chie answers as her tears soak into your clothing on your shoulder.

“Akane-san told you then?”

“No… she was tight-lipped. But… y-yesterday… there was something… and I could just feel it in my heart.”

A few tears part from your eyes as you hear this. So your visit wasn’t a complete failure afterall.

“But how?” she asks. “I-I thought.. your body..”

“E-Eh, it’s a different one, but pretty close, isn’t it?” you laugh it off. You’re not sure how well she’d understand or take the full story just yet.

As you part the embrace and both Akane and Lahela come closer, you do the final introductions. Chie is oblivious to different types of ghosts, so she befriends Lahela quite quickly.

“You’re really back now, right? You’re back for good?” Chie looks at you with a happy face and gleaming eyes.

Akane too looks at you for an answer, but knowing things, you can see she’s nervous. Lahela just stands there awkwardly.

>”Actually.. this is only temporary. I have a duty now, to the afterlife.”
>”Y-Yeah. I’ll be very busy though, so much I need to do!”
>”Actually.. this is only temporary. I have a duty now, to the afterlife.”
>”Actually.. this is only temporary. I have a duty now, to the afterlife.”
But I'll try my best to come back more often!
Quiet today it seems
File: Besties.jpg (168 KB, 668x331)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
“Actually… this is only temporary, Chie-chan…”

You can see the change in mood as her joy and hope slowly turn into sorrow and confusion. “E-Eh?”

“Chie-chan… I’m.. I’m still dead. This is but a doll that I inhabit to interact with your world.”

“T-This is your world too!” Chie protests. “Things.. things may have changed, but I never stopped believing in you!”

You stagger back, and lower your gaze, clenching your hands into fists. It’s not like you don’t want to come back, far from it.

“I have a duty now,” you raise your eyes again, “to the afterlife. But… at least I have the chance to visit. To come see your faces.”

Your eyes linger on Chie, and then Akane, and back to Chie. “Not for a second did I forget about you two. About our promise. Maybe I can’t come back for good… but at least I can try to visit as often as I can.”

Both Chie and Akane rush to hug you, and you exchange painful, but relieving tears. Lahela, unsure what to do, joins in, and in the end you all end up having amused giggles and laughs. Sometimes, one needs a little awkwardness to bring out the sunshine.

“Well, no point in brooding on your birthday of all days, right?!” Akane raises the spirits. “Come on, I got the tickets right here!”

And so you go enjoy the park attractions together.

File: jester.png (44 KB, 981x746)
44 KB
There’s a lot of different things you try out. Alongside Lahela, there’s two of you who’ve never been to such a place before. Lahela is perhaps a little more enthusiastic about it all than you, and wants to try the most wild attractions.

You on the other hand, prefer the lighter, more comfortable ones.

After some initial rides, Akane goes with Lahela for the bigger ones, while you and Chie take a pause and eat some more ice cream.

“So you study human sciences now, huh?” you ask.

“H-How did you know?” Chie blinks.

“A-Ah, Akane told me, heh…”

“I want to become a teacher. There’s.. so many things I wish we had at our school, Koharu. Maybe I can bring those to some school.”

“Yeah? What would you have changed?” you ask, nomming on the waffle.

“Well… I’d make sure I really know my students, and.. make sure they can get everywhere.”

“I’m not sure I follow?”

Chie straightens her legs, and looks down at them, and that’s when you understand her. “They still swell from time to time… and I can walk again, but… that time, when I couldn’t, it was unbearable.”

You touch her hand on the table, as you can see her eyes glister for a moment, but she keeps the tears in. “No, no more tears! Today we celebrate your birthday! It’s a happy moment!”

You nod and smile, but you feel your eyes focus, for a brief moment, behind her and out where people are walking, and you see a weird-looking clown with a white face.

No, a jester.

Staring right at you.

You blink once, and he’s gone.

“Koharu?” Chie blinks, as she tilts her head just a bit to the side to block the view. “Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah, I think so?”


>Continue on normally with the day, but stay on alert
>Excuse yourself for a moment, and look around
>Go elsewhere with Chie
>Continue on normally with the day, but stay on alert
Can we check the area with our reiraku?
Yes, it is possible!
>Continue on normally with the day, but stay on alert
Reiraku scan
We'll go with this. Last update for today too.
>No roll needed for various reasons
How is your grandma, trippy?
In the hospital, I don't know more than that unfortunately. Me and my brother tried to figure out a way to contact her, but it's very complicated, especially with us in Finland and her in Russia.

What can I say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst
File: slimyleech.jpg (517 KB, 1600x900)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
You cough a bit and then shake your head. “I’m fine, don’t worry. Anyway! Tell me more about your university! What’s it like?”

As she tells you about all that, you momentarily shift your focus to your sixth sense. There’s nothing particular that you can sense, although there is something akin to a foul smell in the air, but reiatsu instead of scent. Focusing further, you summon the spiritual ribbons of reiraku, and see the canopy of white ribbons around you and Chie.

Instantly, you make out Akane’s slightly red-tinted white ribbon, as well as Lahela’s black ribbon, but otherwise, there’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Until you notice something rather strange.

There’s a brief moment, where you can see a very narrow and weak stripe of black ribbon, merge with a white ribbon. After a few more minutes, another similar case.

And another.

“So… what’s the afterlife’s like?”

“W-What?” you snap back to reality.

“I guess I shouldn’t ask… but, I guess I’m kinda curious.”

You sigh as you tilt your head to look at the people walking by.

“To be honest, not that good. You’d imagine it to be peaceful, but in the end, it’s humanity’s worst aspects, but amplified.”

“R-Really? Wow… that’s.. that’s surprising.”

“I know. I was surprised too,” you sigh. “Maybe someday I can do something about it.”

“Wow… you sure changed, Koharu,” Chie smiles. “Not at all like the Koharu who barely wanted to do anything.”

“It’s because I couldn’t,” you nod. “Now I can.”

And as you say that, your eyes widen in horror as you see a disgusting pitch black, slug or leech crawl from behind Chie onto her shoulder.

“Koharu? Are you sure you’re alright?”
File: astolfocute4.jpg (88 KB, 750x856)
88 KB
And that’s where we’ll stop for this session. I’m sorry for its shortness, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Hopefully next time my mind won’t get dragged across dirt in the middle of running.

No updates for the sheets, but I’m happy to answer any comments or questions. Omake suggestions are welcome too!

It might take some time for the next session, but if things go well, we'll get back on weekends schedule-wise!
Hollow parasites?
Maybe. It sure looks like that, doesn't it?
This guy looks like bad news if he's going after random humans with impunity like this.

Agreed. But maybe try to restrain and capture it? It's weird because it seems like the others can't even detect it
Not completely weird. Our reiatsu-sensing abilities are miles above most reapers, they’re probably crawling on/affecting spiritually unaware people like Chie, and the others may be distracted.

Now, if we blast this thing and still Lahela/Akane can’t see it still then I’d be worried.

Although thinking back on it, Drianni mentioned hollows shouldn’t be able to hide their reiatsu. Maybe whoever is spawning these things knows the trick.

And after typing that last bit out, I vaguely remember Zilya mentioning a jester/fool and learning how to create little spider babies from another hollow. Is this related, should we jump to Defcon 2 right now?
>it seems like the others can't even detect it
>and still Lahela/Akane can’t see it

I thought they'd split off and gone on rides while Koharu and Chie waited on a bench with ice cream or something.

And I don't want to take any chances on this thing infesting Chie so shoot first ask questions next time we spot one is my call. I doubt it's the last we'll be seeing of these things since they've probably been latching onto other random people at the park and mixing into their spirit-ribbons.
File: pekora_dangerous.png (274 KB, 608x608)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
>Is this related, should we jump to Defcon 2 right now?
The shoe fits close enough
(Also lategame bump before the 72hr permasage)
Well whatever they are they are bad juju. I'm still for trying to capture one but killing it is fine too. Hopefully Hat&Clogs can maybe gleam some information out of the residual spirit particles at the very least
File: astolfohue.jpg (48 KB, 594x530)
48 KB
Hey guys, I finally have a schedule for you. Next session will be on Friday, 15:00 UTC! We'll continue from there on Saturday as well, and possibly on Sunday too, depending on where we are.

Until then, I wish you all a pleasant week!
Ah cool, I was going to ask for an ETA
Thinking about it more, Hado 1 doesn't really have much destructive power. It kind of just pushes things. I mean Rukia was on death's door and Byakuya wasn't worried about bonking her with it. So I think the worm might not die immediately from the force of the shove.

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