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File: Part One.gif (3.95 MB, 935x1200)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB GIF
**Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

The show goes on.

>Updates will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
>Players will have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>If a Player misses a turn, he will receive one (1) make-up action the next turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a battle requires an action, but subsequent posts are free
>Once every six (6) turns players may ask the OP for a rumour
>Game is currently around the early Medieval era, and includes Magic
>Rushing, Meta-gaming, & otherwise Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not currently taking new players, though people may join as Nations fall
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf
File: NRP5Diomap5.jpg (7 MB, 3226x3317)
7 MB
Annotated Map by Dio
File: Border Forts.jpg (223 KB, 1400x1019)
223 KB
223 KB JPG

The Colonial Daiimad is the governing body of the Human Colonial Authority.
Made up of the third in line of the families of the Clan-Sah, the Sah of the colonies are all relatively young though having been groomed for statecraft all their lives, are nonetheless competent at the least.

With signs of Iron located, immediately the Daiimad authorizes an expedition to locate the metals in the hills. More so, the projected expansion did not look to be in the way of their southern allies way, so they were all good to go as far as anyone was concerned.


1. Take the area where the source of the Iron is claimed to be, and the areas around it. The more land we claim, the more area we have to work with.

2. A point was established by the Lychlyn colonists during our discussion over what is now the Joint colonial zone to the south of the river. It is time for Patrols and outposts along the border to be established to ensure no unwanted or unexpected Foreigners would venture into the HCA.
Lore:The Queen Tokki is typically referred to in official documentation as the 'Arch Priestess of Purity' Her role is to give sermons on the night of the full moon, as well as provide guidance for the church. Not only that but she is also acts as one of the leads in the judiciary system in making sure nothing falls out of line with the religion. Lastly, she also has duties of magical and purity oversight, ensuring that those born with the spark of magic are able to refine it into something pure and powerful to either help their community, towns, or nation as a whole.

Fluff: Although maneuvering around in such a horrid landscape is unsightly, it will be well worth it to catch the foolish beasts that would dare to taint the pure realm that is the beautiful nation of Usagi. As for matters similar to that, several names are created to match plans, one such as feller, along the farthest two rivers to the plains, there lies a taiga forest. Should enemies be moving into this impure place, have troops there pre cut trees so that should they make landfall the trees can be chopped down in a few swing to crush them. As well as plan Moonlighters, wine made of rice, although not a common instrument a useful one to drown the rivers in a slow poison to make it impossible for troops to drink from it after a certain distance down. Lastly, the plan of the trap for an impure beast, a simple plan of attack having forces hide in the taiga until the enemy makes their way to the in-between of the two rivers. Once they set sail once more to cross, troops on the eastern side rush out and begin picking them off from range with arrows, killing any that come ashore and shoving their boats back out to cause them further issues with one being kept as to formulate how to destroy them more effectively. Should they begin a retreat forces on within the western taiga shall strike, doing the same as the eastern. Should the eastern or western forces be pushed back or begin to experience difficulties, fall back and have the remaining troops within the taiga sweep in, cutting off the flow of their troops as the retreating line turns around and cuts their way to join up.

1 action: Claim land North and West
Oh the snow the beautiful snow that is as pure white as the moon. Though it is cold to the touch, it still holds a remarkable amount of purity for such a wretched realm. Even though it may change to water at time, return it to its original place and it will match that around it.
And the mountains west that hold the many riches of this world, as eternal as the waters of this planet, although plagued with the rot of impurity, the work of a skilled craftsmen blessed by a priest can remove them utterly and entirely.

1 action: Mine away at the boulders in the snowy fields
Although it is made of stone, it looks unsightly against the pure white of snow. It shall be removed so that the white snow may take hold of the land around it properly, a beautiful white blanket indeed.
File: download (27).jpg (125 KB, 736x981)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Lore question from the last update: The leaders are the Drya Council of Purebreeds. They do not have names.
1. With the new land claimed we require a new center for the Purebreeds to produce Dyra and to delegate tasks. A new city, Interanya, will be build upon the mouth of the River Nya where it reaches the Bay of Catan.
2. The time has come again for the purebreeds to experiment. This time they take to working with the poison metal, lead, and feeding it in small quantities to the test samplings along with poison frogs and monkeys. The end result is a drya of spiked vines more suited to be within the trees than on the ground and with a potent poison. Intelligent it is deemed useful for jungle ambushes and scouting. They are given the name Dryaven and put under the warrior cast.
>Lore Point
The Magistrate is the elected head-of-state, with long term limits and just enough power to pass meaningful reforms and act without the drag of the oligarchs, however the merchant families always find some way to remind the Magistrate who owns the caravans.

>Action 1: Attempt to Improve Flame Magic
More funding is given to the College in the hopes of finding a valid use for our talents. We fear speaking to the strange tree woman to the north without a way to destroy it first.

>Action 2: Coastal Prospect South
The north is once more a hit to morale, as there only lies dangerous slime and foul smelling powders. One last chance to find trading goods before being forced to march inland.

With the deal with the HCA and by extension FHR done, a bit of a sigh of relief came for most of the upper echelons of the colony. While they saw the HCA as getting the better deal, it was at least acceptable and should ensure that future relations would be cordial and not result in any sort of chaos happening with regards to colonists crossing the border causing an issue. Still, something unexpected also would pop up, the belief that the queen and by extension Clan Cadigan had full control over the colony was something concerning. While they certainly still were subordinate to the Queen and Clan Cadigan and had no plans to change that, the thought of Eheubryd getting involved so soon was something that made Clan Llewelyn have mixed feelings. On one hand, this would undoubtedly gain the other clans attentions and improve the chance of the colony being profitable, and by extension the prestige and wealth of clan Llewelyn as they currently were the de facto colonial government lead by the one who personally funded the expedition, Huarwar Llewelyn. On the other, it meant more competition and less control over their own endeavors. Still, they were sure that Eheubryd wouldn't get herself too involved with the colony and they would remain fairly autonomous. And, to ensure that their endeavors remained stable in the future, they would use a good deal of their influence to get a few of their clan's members as tutor's to the young heir and princess Gwenith, and use that to get her interests to be that of Llewelyn, exploration and ships. She was quite young, not even thirty, so doing so would be fairly easy back at home...

Regardless, the news of the strange hunt that went on in the forest got a number interested. Perhaps it was Fanw herself spending time in the forest? Perhaps along with those by her side? Regardless, it wasn't seen as something to be afraid of, and more inspired curiosity, especially among the more faithful. And as such, a number would go out to try and see this hunt, some wishing to join if at all possible, if worthy. Though, some other's were more cautious, few as they were. Still, this all inspired more to go out into and around the forest, so it made keeping up with the human's easier. Meanwhile, off at sea, seeing how little in the way of supplies were able to be found, and the horrible chill akin to the Fanw Forsaken place of the south, it was only natural for, upon arriving back on board the LCL Teithiwr, Captain Neifion to sail back, prepared to return home with his findings, and gain the supplies and repairs needed before returning home. It'd likely be some time before he returned to the colonies, after he headed back to Llychlyn.

>Action One. Expand further around and in the forest.

>Action Two. Set sail for home.

>Lore Point:
Kalnthruna Glodrana Kvyvild Guldhand is the Queen of and chief impetus behind the Gylden Dwarf expedition that has founded the Æbleholm colony. The Daughter and only child of Kalnthrunr Kvydrech XXXII Guldhand of the Gyldenland, her father's attempts to secure a succession agreement with an announcement of a planned abdication backfired when the Gylden council ruled that the king's cousin Drandan would be named Kalnthrunr of the Gyldenland afterward; finding Glodrana to be too young and too female to be considered a worthy candidate. With both father and daughter nevertheless determined that Glodrana would still be a Kalnthruna in her own right, Kvydrech's last Tyrns in office were spent funding and outfitting an expeditionary fleet that could take her and her followers away across the ocean to find and found a land of her own.

Her role in the colony is to provide general leadership and oversight, as all the initial colonists were sworn into her service before the ships set sail. It remains to be seen how the offices of state will form around her, and if she and her successors will become figureheads of state like the Gylden Kings before her or if she will redefine the role of Kalnthruna for this new land.

Glodrana Guldhand is in an understanding relationship with the scholar Korek Laeggratt and they share a mutual fondness for the board-game of Gattulz'Urlag. She keeps a pet Hedgehog by the name of Gjedd.
>Action 1: Expand Upriver
With the colony based around one river and bordering upon another, the Gylden Dwarves expand on up the river system, pressing out and taking more of the fertile grasslands that line the banks for their own.
>Action 2: Expand into the Copse
Æblekag in the Gyldenland was a city of the forest, and many who joined with the expedition had been the woodworkers, swineherds and related professions that had tended more toward the Æblemorrine creed. When the first barrels from the brewery start floating downriver carved from new local, woods the Dwarves of Æbleholm realise that there must be a forest close to hand; and so the riding-boars are saddled once again, the swineherds hoisting upon them to lead and drive their herds out, to claim new lands and pastures.
> Action 1: Upgrade the road-network to Stone
> Action 2: Teach the Pixies Albionic
Maybe now we'll be able to talk out this whole border dispute thing out with them

The head of state of the Bandru’ii Rings is the Queen of the dryads, married to the great spirit Bandru himself and said to interpret his whisperings to guide the dryads according to his infallible wisdom.

Armed with this knowledge she informs a council of venerable elders what Bandru wishes done, these elders then depart from Bandru Va’siya and act on the wisdom granted across the realm.

The Queen herself cannot travel from Ash’sen, too busy tending to the needs of the great forest spirit, but the word of Bandrus current bride nonetheless has extreme weight on any discussion, more so than any prior bride including the Dreamer, until the day she dies and a new bride is selected.

Action 1: Infrastructure

Construct two forges, we now possess a wealth of different metals and require places to aptly work them.
To work metal poorly is unbalanced, shoddy metalwork much like poor woodcraft is a black mark against the spirits within the material you shape. Such treatment engenders spite, defects in the metal

Thus quite near our covenant struck deposits of iron and copper, in two quiet gorges where balance is struck perfect and the will of the unseen decides that the sun shines bright, two glades in which to forge metals into armour and weapons are founded.

These are however Carvil’ax’seset forges, as specialised in forging metal as they are in carving wood and stringing silk, any individual dryad capable of one of these tasks is expected to be able to perform the other to at least a competent degree

In this way dryads do not have blacksmiths, so much as they have Shapewrights, who’s long lifespans allow them to learn to excel in the various tasks required to arm the Carvil’ax’seset for battle.
Action 2: Plant magic: Shape Plants

The dryads harmony with the unseen is spectacular, but their harmony with the mundane is less presented.
Whispers from Bandru filtered through the Queen speak to the importance of knowing how to achieve this true oneness with the forest, and so the magic required to begin manipulating plants with only the mind is developed.

To twist a branch away, or have it strike out so suddenly, or to make a group of leaves take flight, all are expected results of this first and most basic learned spell of plant magic.

[R] Rumour if eligible

[NM] if eligible
The Dreamer stirs once more in her sacred grove, one in every few Tyrns she offers wisdom, and this tyrn we ask “Tell us of the flying Fey creatures that swarm our forests.”
>action 1 prospect the territories under the control of the nation for valuable ores and precious gems

any growing nations need wealth to survive, if people are the lifeblood of an economy, then wealth is what produces that blood, without it a nation might survive, but never truly thrive.

>Action 2 build a market and temple
as our nation grows so too the industries which make it great, it is time we codify our growth with the formation of a central market to allow goods and services to flow. while the physical needs of our people are meet it is time we meet their spiritual ones, a temple to our Goddess thistlepaw Lady of redemption and mercy

(another small one, uni is getting crazy and I am still trying to catch up. for the buildings can you put them in the hex just to the right of the capital it's a good central location for these two structures.)
1/2. Prospect 20 tiles of taknab territory. Bigboss has done it again! he got the pink things to do work for us in exchange for some easy scouting. It also allows him to continue building up his forces on the forest border. Soon it will be time to strike.

Note: Since taknab has not really been responding but still agreed if he doesnt build the mines this turn I will assume that the deal doesnt go through and I will just double expand to take over the forest.
The Pharaoh shall henceforth make sure to use the cleanest of waters to wash himself with. Black water is not befitting the Pharaoh, and neither is sickness or early death. Long live the Pharaoh!

Action 1: Establish Tower of Might near Sekhmira, toward the north.
The Goblins to the north has been a growing issue. They're currently keeping their distance from us, but they're growing and growing in number. In order to keep them at bay, we need to increase our military presence in the area. It will also serve as a handy starting point when we are to deploy our troops along the Dander-trail.

Action 2: Resume sea expedition up north.
We weren't able to travel very far on account of having to maneuver around the eastern Ifri, but before we make efforts to establish a port there to extend range up north, we must see how far the waters go up north, to see if it's worth the endeavor. Only limited amounts of gold will be carried, as the deal is off, but if we do find someone to trade with, gold is something everyone wants.
>Action 1: Test the Apothecarie's Plants
As negotiations continue, we may as well be prepared...

>Action 2: Build Farms
We took time off previously to organize a response. We must never get too comfortable while there is more work to be done.
I nearly forgot but I would like to ask for a rumor

>1: The beasts of the south-east
Rumor spreads of massive, horned, quad-armed monsters that roam the savanna in the south east. The meluz of the passage feel scared. While it is true that the government has accumulated a large supply of venom to aide any possibility of battle, the meluz people themselves stockpile what venom they already have, just in case they must defend their homes. However, the meluz of the passage are nothing if not willing to communicate with the intimidating.

Hypatia Speros, probably the most intimidating naja in all of the passage, is faced with the task of opening communication with these beasts. From her lessons with both of the Eileens, she knows that until she sees aggression, she needs to remain calm. However, if such a battle were to occur, she would need a group to travel with. It was time to assemble troops. While it is uncertain what is going to become of this, the meluz cannot guarantee that the nation will be ready for war in its current state. A volunteer program is opened, which will specialize in patrolling the border where these beasts may lie.

With that established, Hypatia, not one to take any more risks than she needs to, will guide her own personal guard to meet with the beasts in the savanna.

>2: A fishing community by the sea
Although it is composed primarily of sucuri, a large wave of meluz travel to the salty shore in search of good food, while others travel for profit. They form the township of Almyró Psári, which has dedicated itself to fishing in this vast body of water. At the same time, however, many meluz find this location to be quite nice for sunning in the hot sand, not to mention the rest one can receive while partially submerged in these rocky grains.

>3: Claim more of the Isertesian territory
It's clear that we currently have competition. In order to ensure that the isertesian isn't contaminated by these potentially monstrous beasts, we must claim as much as we can, both to the north west, and the south-east of the capital. Not to mention, Hypatia knows that the meluz are familiar with the landscape of the isertesian, and will find combat in that location much easier than that of the hills or the savanna. The more of it we have, The bigger our battlegrounds will be.
>Lore Point

The head of state is King Pa'pa'tui, representing the royal pod as monarch. The Everlasting Waters is a representative monarchy, where the nation is divided into family based pods, who vote on issues. Only the royal pod can bring votes to enact laws, and the current monarch serves as director of the nation in all regards; maintaining order and contentment between the pods.

>Also the measurement system of the Everlasting Waters is based on "star-lengths" (basically the distance between two constellations at a point in time. There are currently three major and widely accepted divisions 1. "Halo'di" "From-Light-To-Here" or rather the diameter of the sun as measured on the summer's solstice. Used to determine small measurements, within a flipper. (roughly equates to 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch.) 2. "Rulu'ti" "From-Moon-to-Green" Tracking the distance between the moon and the green "star". Roughly 2 meters. Used for larger measurements such as construction. 3. "Hart'ti" "From-Green-To-Red" Charting the 3 "colored stars" which orbit the planet, this measurement is based on the distance between the two furthermost, the green and the red. Used purely for naval travel- it equates to about 5 miles. Methods of determining volume, mass, and etc are done through "Halodi'sholo" or "Halodi'shulgu" "A square of From-Light-To-Here" and "A cube of From-Light-To-Here" respectively. Weight is done off of King Pa'pa'tui's birth weight which was 29 "Intro'Laga" (Small Whales) or 1 "Mega'laga" (Big Whales) . [1 Intro'Laga = 1/2 a pound]

The first graduating class is commissioned to aid in the construction of walls around Pologa and Hi'laudolo, protecting the newest cities of the Everlasting Waters with not only new techniques but also new hands.

The river's Kaa and Holo'hishe are Oolanged to add much needed depth to the rivers bottoms once more.
> lore point:
The ruling body of the under-empire is the council of the deep, composed of the wisest and most expert members of the underground people”s society, most of which just happen to be queens.
They are chosen through election, which each village having a representative in the council

> build another city district to add to the growing capital
We have a lot of room in our kingdom, but nothing else! We need more cities, more infrastructure!

> improve the training of our troops
Our troops have devotion, but they do not have training nor discipline! From now on, every Imnaki fit for being enrolled in the army will have to complete a set amount of physical activities every week, with great encouragement to distribute them evenly across the week.
Soldiers will have double that amount of exercise, which will be done during training sessions.
This ought to whip them into shape
Benmi was very content with the new land that was acquired. Demanded he go there his growls, gurgling and clubbing of his caretakers, he loved to run around the hot dry lands; often hunting and capturing small animals to keep as pets. Sometime tells them Benmi is going to want a zoo in the future... For now. Beni's advisors suggest they start improving internally lest they grow weak.

1. Never Enough for a Greedy Nation!: Seems like Prince Benmi inherited his father's avarice. A Oni father couldn't be more proud! (Expand into the last of the savannah and a bit north if possible.)
2. Let's Get to Training!: While the Oni are strong and have a ready army, this is a new world with new challenges. King Beni orders his generals to reorganize, retrain, and draft more soldiers to protect their homeland.

Diplomacy action

Scouts give reports of more snake-Oni in the their western lands. This is causing Oni to be paranoid; being surrounded by hissing creatures. Reminds them too much of the ancestral land of Hell. To make sure they won't be taken advantage of, Beni personally goes with his royal guards to "greet" these trespassers!
(inb4 friendship :D)
File: 1617562139912.png (18 KB, 358x303)
18 KB
LORE - The head of state is whoever happens to be the leader of the largest tribe within the inner areas of Dakan Grove. Their official title is Emerald Mother/Father, for the striking green robes they are permitted to wear, but individual leaders often earn titles of their own which are used (along with their name) instead when addressing them. Examples include "Ka'ya the Grand Weaver" and "Ka'rakt the Swift Hunter".

>Action 1 - Claim numbered hexes of pic related.
>Action 2 - Survey these hexes for resources, especially in the hills, with an emphasis on stones suitable for building.
>Rumour please. Related to RP, asking the Undead for any info they feel free to share.

The appearance of strangers from the sea, and their rapid approach from the west, has many Do'las panicked. The taiga forests, so long a source of familiarity, now have these strangers walking along its border, ever so close to the ever-growing shrine to Achoma's blessings. Though the sightings are rare, each walking human and animal-hybrid has the Do'laroshans stalking them from the shadows, watching their every move with apprehension. The idea of travelers approaching, possibly desecrating, the Shrine sees many of the more adventurous youths forming a sort of 'watch', spreading out to the edges of the forest to ensure that no stranger may walk through the forest un-accompanied by a secret shadow.

As the chiefs meet once again to discuss this strange new event, one brings up the disturbing idea of these beings moving east, sullying Achroma's lake with their presence. Beset by fluffy balls and floating musical windbags already, the lake's serene atmosphere is stressed enough!

As a result, a bold initiative (for the Do'las, at least) is spear-headed. Achor hill provides a lofty view from it's peak, but even that cannot 'spy' on these strangers down by the distant shores. However, other hills, closer to the new beings, and between them and the lake, exist, and so a camp must be maintained there to alert the people if Achroma's lake comes under danger of infiltration!
File: map15.png (838 KB, 2048x2628)
838 KB
838 KB PNG

Soft spring rains. Warm and inviting. They wash away the ash, rejuvenate the earth, cleanse the spirit. The world is renewed. Her people rejoiced.
This sign of rebirth from the heavens awakens the sleeping things, from the lowliest crawling grub, to the mighty Queen of the Mountain.

On the sands of the Lower Hus, Iti lays her next brood.

The Iron Promontory at the convergence of the Keyes is of, well, key import. Wary of claiming south of the river(s), the surrounding hills are marked for settlement.
Any border is only as good as its defence, and with hostile natives still a distinct possibility, defence of the border is a high priority.

[Waxing Crescent]
Venturing out into the clean expanse is an electrifying and religious experience. To brave the freezing wind in ones whiskers, and the freezing snow on ones paws, surrounded by moonlike white! Ah, it is the stuff which poetry is written of! The journey into the mountain however is far less revelatory, and far more work. Valleys meet soaring walls of stone, or drop into deadly crevices. If the snow reminds the Rabbits of Purity, these moon-forsaken mountains are quite the opposite.
The moon smiles upon the Usagi, for in the cleansing of the unsightly blemish within the purest snow, it gives forth silver! The veined ore is beautiful, a reminder of their place of Purity in this Impure world.

[+1 PE]
The lands of the Drya are vast, and in the most literal sense, growing. The reach of the Purebreeds is wide, but even their canopy only stretches so far. Interanya, on the mouth of the river, is a fine second city, from which delegations may be more easily dispersed to even the most disparate Trees.
The Purebreeds outdo themselves with the Dryaven. Nasty little buggers they are, crawling and creeping through the branches with a mind all of their own. Thank the Giver their on the Drya side.

The boy now recovered, his aptitude is tested once again. The growing library of scrolls is searched, and another of the Market's scrolls tested, this time one with some power. Not a single blast of fire, but a sustained stream of it. The process will be painful, scarring, perhaps even debilitating, but for such a youth he is dedicated. Following the translated instructions, the boy prepares himself. A bright burst of flame pours forth from his hand, the heat is unbearable even at some distance. The boy screams out in immense pain, and collapses, ending the torrent. His fingers are burnt near enough to the bone. He cries for his mother.
The merchant-prospectors once more set sail. In these southern reaches they find what they had hoped for, somewhat. In the northernmost search, fine stone to rival their white marble [Another Precious Stone node, choose in chat], and in the southernmost more salt. Though with a bluish hue, and in far larger grains than ordinary Catan Salt.
The further into Araq's Grove the Fanwyic tread, the further away the horn sounds, the more distant the wolves howl. A glooming darkness fills the space, a chill of deathly fear comes with the blare of the Hunter's horn. They are no longer welcome here.
In record time the LCL Teithiwr makes it back to safe ground, bringing with him his knowledge and tired crew. But the journey has given him a longing for Llychlyn, the ancient forests of home. Loaded low with supplies, he sets sail again, east this time, and with priestly blessings makes off. Out in the Kuneliko Ocean however, the stars aren't right, the compass needle spins one way then the other, cloudless lightning strikes the sea. Determined he sails on only to find himself at a familiar shore; Prenhaearn.

As water is to ale, rivers are to the Gylden; A base upon which all that makes them Dwarves is built. And if rivers be the water, the trees be the barley; The body and spirit.

A mighty, screeching cry pierces the rainclouds! Crowned in gold and pearls, she soars, surveying her stony domain!
Those Goblins come marching through the Pass, stopped only by Imnak guards at the exit. They're angry at the hold up, pointing out across the Emiliate Sea and stamping like fussy pups.
The roadworks are terribly dull works, but the Dander keep chipper with songs they've learnt from the wide collection of the Simfuni.
(>>4729162) To aid in settling the tensions between the Sennites and the Fae of the Tangle, the Danderfey have begun the work of teaching the Albionic language to the Fairies. After this ordeal is over, then begins the long trial of the Tangle-Dalu border-dispute.

[R next turn, NM in two]
A mighty, screeching cry pierces the rainclouds! Crowned in gold and pearls, she soars, surveying her stony domain!
The trees and roots make way for the will of the Sennite Shapewrights. Penance is given to the spirits for the black smoke and burned wood, for the drawing in of spirits of flame and metal to the Bandru Va'siya. The Balance wavers, and is righted.
Alas, the expected is often far from the received. Though of Nature, they are not yet masters of it. And where one is a walker with spirits, one seldom finds the walk comes as easily over the mundane. With effort, more so than simply physically at present, a Dryad may exert her will over a branch and move it out of her path. Nevermind the fantastical notion of trap-like branches or flying leaves!
[R] On dark nights, when the sea roars fierce, a greater cry carries on the winds from the west. An angry, raging bellow filled with hatred. Hearing only the most minute echo chills the blood. Children begin complaining of nightmares of tentacles pulling them from their beds into the sea.
Of all the glorious things they had expected to find in this new world, gold, gems, iron even, stinking rocks in over-lush meadows was not one of them, let alone two of them.
As the needs of the city grow, the once boundary of rolling fields is pushed further west, making room for a wide market square overlooked by a temple to gods greater even than greed.

>Big Totem
[+2 PE]
(>>4729644) This was the last chance for the North Hill Gobbos, and they blew it. Not one single scrap of metal or shiny stone in the whole Imnak-crawling Bunnit Steppe! It's like the buggers are cursed! But, oh, when allowed precious (heavily monitored) access to the mountain tunnels, ho ho ho! What have they found? Silver, long stretching seams of the stuff! But that pales in comparison to the most incredible find yet, possibly in all the world! [You have discovered a UNIQUE resource node, to be discussed in DMs]

(>>4728608) The soaring Tower of Might casts a long shadow over the sand and hills. At night a fiery brazier lights the sky, proclaiming the dominion of the Pharaoh. [Last chance to name him, or I will]
(>>4728608) The sea-trade route is met with some success. Though not the route to the Danderlands, it is a halfway point, the Goblins. They are a little more respectful here than their desert cousins, having been, not civilised per se, more domesticated, by the Dander and Imnak.

From the carts, six promising specimens are selected. Test subjects are acquired and forgiveness pleaded.
>Bright red leafed plant without flowers
-Pleasant taste, stains the tongue, minor toothache healed. Subject survives.
>Dark green shrub with heart shaped hanging flowers
-Bitter, induces bloody vomiting. Subject survives.
>Blue flowering plant with knife-like leaves
-Painful to collect, minor headache, redness in the face, followed by totally restricted airway. Subject dies.
>Pale flower with pale leaves with dark splotches reminiscent of a skull
-No noticeable taste or effects. Subject survives.
>Fruiting vine similar to one known to be mildly poisonous in the Tangle
-Delicious, mild stomach ache and diarrhoea. Subject survives dehydrated.
>Pretty little yellow flower grown on a rock, only three found in all of A.D.
-Grassy tasting, burning sensation in mouth and throat, dizziness and blurred vision, before simultaneous haemorrhaging from every orifice. Subject dies very painfully.
The Fae's work is never done!
[+1 PE]
The volunteer border patrol sees more recruits than they know what to do with. Of course many are unfit for the task, blind in an eye, a stunted tail, or just not yet old enough, but the enthusiasm is inspiring. Best of these volunteers chosen, paths are drawn both on the ground and through the trees. There is a proposal to extend the cable system throughout the country for faster reports.
Fish! Fish! Fish! Of so many wondrous kinds! Silvers, blues, and yellows. Little bony morsels, and fatty monsters. It is a Sucuri paradise.
As amateur cartographers have called it, the appropriately named "Snake" of Pérasma fattens around her middle.

[+1 PE]
Whilst Hologunui and Har'Gun'Heshi had been cities within walls, the sprawling, unplanned cities of Polo'ga and Hilaudulo are rather more walls around cities. Which to the detail oriented Anaye is rather a disappointing distinction.
The rivers oolanged, the clay-mud deposited, the Elves get to work, given the advantage of opposable thumbs. And hands. And arms. They form the mud into neat bricks, rather than the bucket-moulds of yestertyrn.

[+1 PE]
A mighty, screeching cry pierces the rainclouds! Crowned in gold and pearls, she soars, surveying her stony domain! This cannot be She, Lady of the Mountain, can it?
This time into the cool rock of the mountain tunnels, a second district to the sprawling underground capital is declared. Oklak sees an influx of those few Molerats who work and scurry on the surface, a nice safe hole to crawl back.
Every Imnaki should be in fighting shape, not just those in the army. What good would it be to have the civilians be fat sitting tubers whilst the soldiers are off fighting for them. One bad maneuver, or sneak attack, and the whole mountain could be lost!
[+1 PE]
Benmi's a growing lad! He needs lots of room to stomp and bash about in. Even some trees to climb, why not?
The Oni have always had a rather lax attitude to, everything. All the way up the chain from the lowest nightwatch to the Captain of Beni's Guard, every one of them would rather watch a hare-fight or drink strong liquor than actually work. Work, after all, is a four letter word. But when the King himself orders and end to these shenanigans, they know it is serious. Already there have been spotted to native invaders into Oni lands, and were they not so beautiful, they could have spelled trouble. So get in shape, get in line, or lose your head.

[R] "She, Queen of the Mountain, the rain awakens."
The Chiefs and Elders know that things have changed, when they were blacker than night, and not dull with age, bravery was stupidity. Now bravery may yet save the Grove and all around them. This world, is not what it was.
Searched first is the edge of the range of hills, and finds a yellow rock which smells worse than Ka'ran the Grudge-keeper. Thankfully for the Shadows, a more useful stone is found, one not too dissimilar to Aphthys' own, though with the slightest amber sheen in the spotty sunlight of the outer woods.

File: Road.png (95 KB, 589x1079)
95 KB
> Action 1: learn market Standard
We noticed the Spidermen of the Market and tribal goblins talking to one another. Maybe if we learn that language we'll be able to talk toi both and maybe even more!

> Action 2
Build 30 tiles worth of road. Time to build that road we promised our Goblin and Dybeti friends!
File: capture1.png (46 KB, 517x463)
46 KB
>Globabl Event:
Blessed are the rains which cleanse our lands. While the ash improved the soil in some areas, in others it merely killed the crops. These showers are for the best.

>Action 1+2: Expand and create a Trading Post
Just like with Cata'thios, a new trading post is created down south to harvest the Blue stones and salt.
>Uhhhhhhhhhhhh rumor
Action 1: Expand

Too much of the Dalu remains untraveled lands of mystery, a multi tyrn plan to traverse and balance them according to the will of Sen is wrought up.

Carvil’ax’seset of all colours depart across the land to make it whole, riding leaping M’vaa frogs to cover more ground in their advance.

Action 2:

Build a temple in our land that the Fey have occupied.
With the dreamer sleeping longer than before we are left without new guidance, and so will act on prior advice.

The Danderfey spirits were turned to the service of Bandru and Sen despite having no sort of similar faith to begin with, these Fey clearly worship the forest in all its might as they should, but paradoxically and harmfully fail to understand it is we who are it’s arbiters.

Building this temple is an effort to educate the Fey on the unseen, the great spirits, Sen himself, and the Carvil’ax’seset. It is hoped that they will come to see the truth through it soon.

The temple itself is no stone construct or wooden box, but open under the , a grouping of trees occupied by numerous wise dryads with hanging silk covered in leaves to offer shelter from the downpour, totems and effigies wrought of wood or metal to illustrate the beauty of nature, and frequent task forces of dryads sent to attract the rather annoying Fey to the site so they can be taught.

Also, build a farm.
[R] Rumour
Global event:

The rains are soft and warm, perfect for the Daughters of Sen. The rejuvenating rains are celebrated by the Carvil’ax’seset and seen as a reward for their tireless work, as such celebration is seen in all major settlements and across the land.

Great talismans and ceremonial ripping blades and crafted for the occasion, treats for the pleasant members of the wildlife are laid and great wild hunts are arranged on beetle or frogback.
Fluff/Global event: And these beautiful rains to wash away that which muddles up this pristine landscape. The mountains although made of stone have clearly had a hard time standing as strong in this impure land. Although it’s condition, it is still good enough for exploration and even living once it has been sufficiently purified by the priests of Usagi. The wonderful wondrous silver will be pulled up and out alongside another material, but for now, it shall remain in the cold land.

1 action: Horde Combat training
1 vs 100. This is what those horrid beasts had against us last time. Let us show them that for everyone of us it would take a thousand of their pitiful attempts to take even the weakest of us down! The fight to finish training is those to finish versus 100 new soldiers. The first wave is 15 versus the 1, each opponent needing to be struck 5 times before they are considered ‘beaten’. The one that fights may keep going until they can go no more, at which point they can tap out and attempt again another day. Some enemies will require more strikes, and some enemies will fling small bags full of beans at them for them to dodge. It ends with another 20 opponents, one of them requiring 50 strikes to take down, typically someone that has already completed this challenge in it’s entirety take this role.

1 action: Prospect for materials
Something. Hopefully something can be pulled from this wretched land to use against the impure beasts. Their weapons broke and dented ours the last time. It shan’t happen ever again!
With the Iron located, Steel production may begin anew. Mining will begin in full within the Wyek, and transport back to Makaan is being arranged. However, it seems more likely that a new settlement in general would likely be a more efficient use of time and resources than transporting the materials back to Makaan itself. In addition, the Dwarven fertilizer, the "Phosphates", are to be mined as well. With only one large-scale farm operational, we must get all the efficiency we can out of it.

With the borders to our north secured, and to the south guaranteed by our Allies in the Lychlyn colonists, our people can rest a bit easier. The border forts aren’t massive and impressive fortifications, but they are built to last, and last they shall under any condition. The routine patrols between forts will also provide a good opportunity for our border defense forces to get to know the lands we occupy. After all, no better for defense is there than to know your terrain.


1. Establish Iron and Phosphate mines
2. Found a settlement near the mine on the river. It is to be named Faalsin-Ren, or Waterside Town in the old Taiidae language
Global Event:

The warm rains are...curious. First the ash, now warmth? Should we expect flames to rain down from the sky soon? Are stars to fall out of the sky? Many astronomers of Clan Varke ponder such questions and more...
>Global Event reaction
What a refreshing monsoon! It seems like On'iaghiri and Saagfuru finally made up! (Oni believe rain happens when the gods get into a argument.) The trees are purified booming with fruits, flowers, and seeds. The clams are reproducing at a quicker rate. And Oni's fertility is at it's max even more so than usual! Things are about to get crowded in Yamai-che no Okiwasure...

1.More Land Ahead!: Expand into the beach and east if allowed
2. Bursting with Kids. Benmi's New Playmates Need Food!: Oni were lazy, but they were also predator of chances. With refreshing rain, the ground is ripe for the farming. And with the looming population boom, many mouths are going to need to be fed. (Build farm(s) in savanna)
Global Event: The rains are loved and despised in equal measure. Rivers find themselves flooded and the foolish are swept away and the wise feast on their flesh and take their things for their own. Another facet of the many rises and falls of the innumerable goblin tribes.

1/2. Expand to the forest. Goblins are all on the forest border now in large numbers. With a single warcry a chain is created around its barrier as more and more goblins start screaming for miles. the goblins who reside inside feel dread as they hear the raw numbers that are about to barrel ontop of them. Any preparations or traps rendered meaningless in the raw tide of bodies. With all routes of escape cut off they go deeper and deeper into the center. Numerous tribes which had been warring for many generations (or a single generation to a human) forced into close proximity of one another and while some continue their old grudges many are cowed by fear as everything starts to break down. Everyone concerned with only their own survival, but like rats in a pit they find themselves crushing one another as their numbers on keep increasing. By the end of it they are all gathered in one place and surrounded. Big boss steps forward and demands their submission or he will eat the lot of them and have the goblins here take their place. They immediately chose to follow him. There is now little in the north not totally under his sway.
1&2+Event: The Protector has blessed our course of action with this rain. The Drya are no stranger to cleansing rain, being in the middle of a rain forest the Drya keep track of time by the rains, but they could feel the divine blessing within this rain. The will of the gods must be done, the Drya shall spread throughout the Yadi. Expand south east throughout the jungle.
[R]: Gib Rumor
File: Turn.jpg (27 KB, 473x394)
27 KB

>Global Event: Boon
The Gylden Dwarves give praise and raise Tankards in celebration as the spring blooms all around them, fresh growth and life driving back and binding the chill claws of Snehvid, lifting those spirits the grey rains had left sunken. Warm sun, soft rain, swelling buds upon the trees and rising stalks in the fields; Guldfar and Æblemor seem to be looking kindly on them. Guldfar's Priests walk the bounds of the fields, booming out songs of joy and exhaling the praise of work in the light from behind their great beards as they give loud blessing to the crop-to-be. And Æblemor's Priestesses and Priests give their own quiet thanks as they plant out saplings of nurtured Apple at borders, where tracks cross and in those thin places they might find. Even in the dark times, one must remember the light... and even when the light is abounding, one must take care to prepare for the cold that might come again.

>Action 1: Claims between Rivers
The river that the Æble Dwarves are starting to refer to as the Vikolder is modest as rivers go; modest in speed, modest in navigability, modest even in the number of fish that swim the length. To the south, the river Untirkol is of grander scale - but faster speed and treacherous nature make this a hard river to travel even up to where the Lodaster joins the flow; and beyond this travel on both rivers seems an impossibility. But those who have made it beyond the Untirkol are now speaking of a third river; slow and wide and silver-scaled. Perhaps even navigable by the great Gylden ships? The Dwarves begin to refer to this river as 'Zarunteg' in conversation, and hope that it might truly be so. Whilst the lands to the south of this river seem strange to the Gylden, those lands that lie between it and the Untirkol seem pleasant for Dwarven kind. And so Kalnthruna Glodrana decrees that the lands between the rivers will be claimed for the colony, with ships on the Zarunteg used to support colonists moving further up the river's flow.

>Action 2: The Prospect of discoveries
Dwarven prospectors are sent out again to explore in those new lands their people has claimed that are as yet unsearched, each hungry to find a wonder in resources or the treasures of the ground. The lands close the field of gold are probed carefully; for Guldfar's hand is rumoured to leave great riches near where it touches, but they do not want the great god to take offense; those trials further up the rivers are less auspicious but more eager. But for some, it is the lands between the Untirkol and Zarunteg that seem to offer most potential. The lands appear grassy and the cartographer's report has not marked them as known heights; and yet despite this the two rivers keep their own parallel course, with neither tempted to steer from their banks into the flow of the other. Is there something solid in the ground between them that keeps the rivers rooted?

This was concerning. There were now various reports that despite attempts to get closer to the hunt, it was further and further away, and that the woods have become concerningly dark and concerning. As if unwelcome. Naturally, this was of extreme importance, as a number of possibilities of what could be going on here were thought of. In the end, it would be decided that the priests of Clan Howell would attempt to gain knowledge on what was going on here through sacrifice of bone to gain knowledge from Fanw and investigation into everything they could to find if this hunter was related in any way to Fanw or if it was some sort of spirit that wasn't tied to her. Meanwhile, still some brave and potentially foolish people would investigate the hunt more directly, trying to discover what exactly is going on and more importantly what went wrong. Still, if the hunter wished to dissuade people from going deeper into the forest, it only somewhat worked. For, with the refreshing rains and seemingly perfect weather, the Children of Fanw would move to colonize the plainlands, potentially in the future the lands could be utilized for what cash crops could grow there, or at the very least a place for more hunting grounds or fruits and vegetables to be used as side dishes.

Meanwhile Captain Neifion would be confused with the way the sea seemed to act to his attempt to sail back. And his swift return also brought many questions. When asked about what had happened and this was explained, a number of people would be confused and concerned, with many different proposals for what had happened being given. However, whatever happened, it was clear that it might be some time before anyone from the colony would be able to return to Llychlyn...At the very least his trip showed there was something wrong with travel to and from the old world to the new...In time, a number of theories as to what was going on that could be proven or at least have a decent amount of proof could be made, and ideally with them, finding out how to be able to navigate and negate the strange effects of the sea would be possible...In the future at least.

>Action One. Investigate the hunter.

>Action Two. Expand into the western plains.
The Pharaoh's name, who's dominion now stretches even beyond the Dyne, is Ahenohetshu II. While not as wise as his forebear, he is a man of action, getting things done instead of sequestering himself away in the study.
While a trade route with the goblins is at first disappointing, soon enough, frowns turn when the see their sizeable quantities of tin, the precious missing material for our bronze. Their amount of lumber is also good.

Action 1: Construct Temple of Undine at the Idol of Undine.
Undine has once again shown her charity, a simple festival will be insufficient, we will instead make a grand temple in her honor, specifically, around the Idol of Undine. The Idol shall be submerged in the waters of the Dyne, of course, but we shall also have the Idol able to be seen. We shall also source some of our finest warriors from the Tower of Might, to guard this place.

Action 2: Make port at the mouth of the Kavost River.
With a deal going with the Goblins in the north, the civilized ones, of course, it is high time to make that second port, which also allows more control as we're not shipping goblin goods straight to the Dyne. We will trade gold for timber, tin and phosphate, but also keep some Goblin slaves around for a... future project, as their squat forms are more suited to traverse mine tunnels.
Fluff: In the north reports of feeling as those you're being watched in the forest are on the rise. Among the beast folk population in the area, fleeting odd smells and scents can be caught in the forest as well. A concern to be sure after the story of paul Hurst, but the ongoing issues with the spreading nightmares dominate the public consciousness.

Action 1: look into the rumor that has been floating around
They say that those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it, and in the long and often brutal history of Fraternitas none could ever forget the nightmare wars, when eldritch beings of malice and hate nearly overcame the peoples of the world, only held back by great sacrifice and death. This is why when reports of the same nightmare spreading throughout that land surfaced the prince knew he must act and act swiftly. Ordering an investigation be started into the matter, trying to find the source of these visions. beginning with the most recent reports working our way back to try and find where the reports began. If the threat of the nightmares was once again rearing its hateful head he would ensure that Fraternland was not found wanting.

Action 2: develop magical theory - life magic
when our archive ships sank and our magi with them, our magic stagnated. We have been running on luck and fumes ever since, but no more. What magic we did save is not working right, restful touch instead of renewing without ill effect to the caster a targets stamina. Now takes the caster's stamina to supplement that of the targets. Which under the current life magic theory should not be how it works. Yet it is, which can only mean that the rules by which our magic functions have changed from the old world to the new. We must therefore rediscover how life magic truly works in this new land.
> Build mine on Stone (type?) and Iron deposits.
> Enhance trap laying skills.

The spring rains bring uncharacteristic warmth to Dakan Grove, which 'flowers' in it's own way, bountiful harvests of the roots and mushrooms the Do'laroshans harvest being a staple of the months to come. Travel to and from Aphthys grows stronger, the rainy days banishing of sunlight yet another sign of Achroma's blessing. Even the mysterious strangers, the beings by the shore or beyond the hills of the lake, cannot dampen the jubilant mood of the Do'laroshans, secure in their faith of Achroma.

The chieftains, however, are more forward thinking. It is time to take their place in the world, sallying forth from Dakan Grove to secure greater comfort for the Suffering Beast. Instincts die hard though, and so any venture is delayed, citing reasons of safety concerns. Surely, if Do'la' can venture out into the world, than the world can venture into the Grove in return? This will not do.

The amber stone (is it on the resource list, or is it unique?) recently scouted holds great promise, and so a mine is quickly opened, followed by another on an iron deposit to ensure the flow of high quality tools is maintained.

Since the mine is so close to the mysterious beings of the east, local hunters wishing to protect their family decorate the trees and clearings nearby with traps, a hearty mix between discomforting and fatal, obvious and stealthy. This practice catches on with the rest of the population, especially along the border, and soon enough trap-making becomes a hobby of sorts, new and exciting designs cropping up and spreading as materials like iron, cinnabar and lead are incorporated into the more dangerous traps.
>Global Event: Something has been done to please the forest greatly... Perhaps the apothecary's work is appreciated? Perhaps it is something beyond our influence...

>Action 1: New Concoctions
The plants of the apothecary have done nothing to give us leverage against the Drayds; We must look elsewhere for solutions. Faerie alchemists seek to create a "droppable" solution to deal with the otherwise resistant menaces. Research begins with the flammability of Fey Ale.

>Action 2: The Swarm School
The school has been established but has not yet reached the nation yet. The Faeries are frail and are in need of teamwork and strategy to survive. To this end, additional resources and focus are granted to the school such that a mandatory minimum service policy may be enacted for male Faeries.
> build two quartzite mines on the node as per the gobbo deal
The greenskins of the southern lands really do want their mines eh? Even though we gained only this weird shiny metal, at least we weren’t the idiots that ran around trying to find something that wasn’t there.
So be it, the first part of the deal shall be followed,

> institute mandatory training and service in the army
Every Imnaki citizen shall now train as a soldier does, prepare for war as a soldier does, and serve in the army for a certain amount of time, all the while discipline shall be enforced.
This is not a punishment, this must be made clear to the citizens, it is merely a way to protect our country further and prepare for the attacks that WILL come one day. This will all be useful in time
- The symphonists sung wonderous songs and praises of their time studying the under cities of the molemen. Far more complicated than previously realized, every note, every pitch, and sound condensed into streams of music that to the Simfuni felt near tangible. To most it would simply be a noisy experience, but to them it was. a glimpse at perfection. So the elders begin to dream, and under the direction of the grand conductor, steps would be taken to fashion the dream into reality, but first there were many songs they still needed to learn. Just as they had learned from the voice of fire, the symphonists sought a greater connection to the cold earth atop which they lived. Floating through the mountains, they made nary a sound, instead listening for the voice of the mountain to hear the music of the earth itself for the first time.

- Though creatures of music, even the Simfuni require practice to polish their talent as instruments. Even when learning new sounds, they must continuously practice them to improve and maintain their "fluency". This is one of the reasons why Elders are extremely revered within their society, for all the decades they spend in harmony with the Great Melody they produce not only the most complex and riveting songs, but the beauty of their voices are captivating to their kin which produce the brightest and most riveting colors. It would be in seeking to improve their own talents that some Simfuni would spend month after month simply singing in the forests to the south of Theatra, honing their voice and perfecting their notes. After investing such immense dedication, there would be few who had mastered the numerous songs of the forest, from the chirping of birds, to the howling of it's wild animals. Though in some strange instances, these abnormally proficient Simfuni would claim that it went further than just being able to imitate the forest's voices... they could understand it, even going so far as to suggest they could "direct" it and the creatures that lived there to some fashion. Regardless if this was true or not, their talent was undeniable, and their kin took to calling them "maestros"

- Even among the elders, there are those who are venerable in both age and wisdom. These are the oldest of the Simfuni, the "grandparents" and despite their peaceful way of life very few manage to grow as old. These ancients instruments oddly in their golden years decide to take on a quieter life, preferring much rather to listen to the music of others than to continue producing their own, taking great joy and pride in the voices of their younger kin. Yet where their musical talents begin to dim in their final years, their listening begins to sharpen. Seeking to pass down their knowledge and keen insight, these grandparents would spend a plenty of time within the musical school of Theatra, honing and sharpening the talents of the young and elder alike, using their hearing to offer "tuning" to other instruments.
Time is taken to upgrade the home of the elves first in Pologa using the newly crafted bricks, adding sectioned walls and reformed layered boroughs. The Laga ask for open air canals, and a few tunnels in between, it should be neat and they would like to help out.

>Lore Point
This new time of growth causes us to strike the sea and land with equal stride.
One pink fruit farm by Pologa if it can fit
One fish farm on the river
> lore point
What in the DEPTHS is making all our tunnels into mud?! Whoever is responsible for this shall be flayed!
Wait- what’s that noise? Oh no- EVERYONE RUN
File: map16.png (986 KB, 2048x2628)
986 KB
986 KB PNG

Following the well witnessed interaction between the Market and the Zhog Goblins, those Fey travelling with the Market ask in the best way they can to learn this language. Other travellers aboard the walking bazaar offer to teach what they know, for the Standard language is used across Syph, and only with shared language can one share knowledge! The basics taught, two or three Dander slink away to a place they will not be seen, before porting back to Londision to spread this new tongue.
The extension of the Danderway progresses at rapid pace, now connecting six nations together by road. Trade can only flourish with such a task complete.

[+2 PE]
[R] Farmers in the fields over the Menet are awfully well off for simple ploughelves. What scheme are they running? As it turns out, a small-time unlicensed gold mine. Very sneaky.
On the shores of the formidable Yadi jungle, the trading outpost of Cata'yadi is founded. From here it is hoped to extract the precious lapis lazuli and blue rock-salt in the area. (>>4731932) That is, if the local flora doesn't keep getting in the way.

[+2 PE]
[R] A contingent has formed in Druad, those who have had a long-standing agreement with the Danderfey, that believe in the peaceful coexistence of the Dryads and these Woodland Fae of the Tangle. Let them live in the canopy, tend to the trees as the Dander do, they cannot surely upset the balance of things so greatly? What are the soft rains but balance in order? These Trees, of course, have not lived with the menace who drops hot embers on passing Dryads or who steal the meat from their plate.
The eastern Dalu Wetlands are the first to be rooted and brought into balance. In short time all of the Dalu, it is hoped, will belong to the Sennites.
(>>4730774) Into this temple-opening the Fey are, when they can be dissuaded from a thousand petty tasks, corralled and instructed in the more lofty ideas of their Druidism. One can only hope they actually understand what they're being taught.

[Waxing Half]
[+2 PE]
Training in this abstracted way, without truly injuring combatants is perhaps less effective in the short term, but what good are limping soldiers or broken wrists? Such training is required, if not the most perfect. New techniques for dealing with outnumbering odds, for deceiving the enemy, for outmanoeuvring them, whatever it takes. There are few who complete the training, but these are the elite. The Queen's advisor suggests to her majesty that those who complete the gruelling trial be awarded in a public ceremony, led by Tokki herself. The boost in morale would be worth it alone.
As she waxes, the moon provides! A sliver of silver, and beside it another more malleable metal (lead). But oh, her boon is grander still, for in the mountain reaches are sources of that wretched metal with which the enemy shielded their bodies and broke the bodies of Rabbits. No more! No more!
With some relief, the first mine is struck, followed shortly by the second. Here on the Iron Promontory, at the convergence of the Keye, the first stones of the town of Faalsin-Ren are laid. For now, little more than a barracks for the iron miners, but she may grow mighty yet.

Though the beaches could be freely taken, any more in that direction would only lead to conflict with the enticing Snake-Oni there, making Chīmaza certain of his eastward plans. At the behest of his arranged wife he includes the last strip of unclaimed Minotaur oasis, a hotspot for many Oni women of late, in his expansion.
One can only live so long on clam flesh and whatever wanders into Oni nets in the jungle, what these Devils need is something of substance! Something they can sop up rich sauces or gravies or blood in, like those Ekeni loaves, or the steamed buns from Miki, ooh ooh, or those little cakes from the Dwarves that sometimes had rocks in them! Goodness, now the Oni are really hungry!

>Big Totem
In one big gulp, the forest is theirs; The tribes within subjugated. Big Boss grumbles a little, as does his belly, that he doesn't get to taste forest tribe flesh, yet. Strangely enough, the orchard once planted by the puffballs is in good health, and not totally picked clean.

[R] As sprouts are want to do, some have been playing in the Tel hills in the west. There are, apparently, across the plains a race of giant bugs. Normally such childish nonsense would be graciously ignored, that is until a trusted Drya reports having spotted a large ant scouting his way.
(>>4730809) There is a disturbance among the trees, trespassers invade the Yadi! A great surge of Dryads swarm south to the threat, laying roots thick as they go.

Twixt the rivers the land is claimed, though more in word than deed. But in time it will grow prosperous as all Gylden lands tend to. (>>4733281) Those brave Dwarves that do cross the river speak of strange things in the forested north, and stranger still (>>4729345) of Meluz-like creatures in the eastern jungles!
Beardlings hoping to make their name set out 'round the Field of Gold, and over the rivers to new lands, in search of wealth below. Alas, Guldfar does not extend His blessing beneath the Field as he had above. So too do most of those who braved the Untirkol come back empty handed. But one fellow brings back a sizeable chunk of ore any Dwarf would recognise; Iron.
The priests of Clan Howell give sacrifice in search for answers, and though reply comes in the vagaries it always does, the connection to the divine is, tenuous. It is as if Fanw is being heard through a blizzard. This, coupled with the strange way of the sea spark fear in the upper echelons, it may only be time before such worries become public. As to Her answers, the Hunter of this grove is not of Her nor Her ilk, but not altogether foreign. This Hunter is not a God on high as Fanw, perhaps something lesser, but still of immense import in His right. Those fools sent off after Him, in their way, find Him. The forest paths twist towards the god(?), for it is unlike the Children or the Andrethi. A towering creature of man, and goat, and stag, looms over the Fanwyic, who are overcome with dread and awe. He gives a great bellow, and about Him come wolves, wild hunting dogs, and all other manner of beast. They are under His control here. He calls, and they follow. The Fanw-born trespass here, stay too long, and they too will be His.
Unaware of the terrible happenings in the woods, the western plains are plotted and allotted.

The Grand Temple of Undine stretches over the Din, whose source cradles the Idol of Undine in holy waters. Here the sacred can be seen with one's own eyes, and gifts offered in prayer or thanks. Only the highest ranking priests manage to serve such a prestigious monument to both the Goddess and the Pharaoh.
A deal done, the Kavost port is built. But it's a very, Gobliny, name. Not very regal sounding for such a spectacular port, one which rivals even the port built by the Pharaoh's own father, Ahenohetshu I.

The nightmares are coxed from the scared children, who recount the terrifying visions of tentacles and waves, of octopuses carrying them off into the sky! It is soon found that these night-terrors are most prominent the further south-west they travel, with the most vivid being those right on the beaches of the Opur Sound. And, over the misty haze of the waters, the nightmares become real. For there, just about seen, floating on the shore, are betentacled creatures.
It takes only a day and night or so of study to find how the flow of magic in this new world, new plane(?!), behaves. No longer the expending of unseen magical energies, but a give and take between caster and said energies. An exchange between the forces and flows of life.
Along the edges of the northern border, horrid decorations and obvious traps have been laid. The Fraternians shudder at the displays, apparently some native savage is displeased with their presence here.
The trade in iron is the largest of all the trades with the Aphthians, who work the metal to fantastic shapes, and the continued flow of this trade prompts the opening of yet another mine. Likewise, in emulation of the fine stone buildings of the Bonemen, a quarry pit is dug for the rather beautiful stone on the border with the strangers. [just ordinary rock with a nice sheen to it]
The Shadowfolk had relied on traps of many kinds to fill their bellies with something other than roots and mushrooms for generations, now they lay them as warnings and hidden dangers to the foreign sailors. All manner of devious device is conceived, pit falls, snares, cages, nooses. Woe betide those who should wander into the Groves of the Do'laroshans!

The ale of the Fae had been known to be, somewhat, flammable. It had been a theatre trick to light the rim of a vessel with a strong ale. But there must be some nature to the ale which is in itself able to burn. Experiments are undertaken to extract this substance, away from the liquid component of the stuff. After many a small fire, ale-syrup creation, and one or two minor explosions, a method for just such an extraction is devised. With the use of a very large (for a Fae), very expensive, silver pot of secret design, the ale is boiled away and magically transfigured into a vastly more potent draught. This burns so frightfully its production has to be banned by the Elders for fear of torching the whole Tangle! Not to mention it'll get you drunker than you could possibly imagine.
The Swarm School has taught their ways to the soldiers, but should the worst occur, it will be those at home who must fight. Every male Faerie of fighting age is called to train, to ready his mind and body for potential combat. Then, as a Fae comes of age, he is to perform a tyrn of service to the Tangle. In this manner there will both always be recruits, and defence of the Garden.

(>>4731576) If the Gobs want this sparkly rock out the ground, there's no better to call on than the Under-Empire. Two large pits are started, with instructions given on how to get the slabs, rather than the scattered chunks they're current method provides.
The war with the Usagi had proven that this world is not safe. But fears closer to home mean it is not only the soldiers who need to be trained, but the general populace too. Those of fighting age are required to perform a minimum tyrn of imperial service, can kept in fighting shape as long as possible. Certain sectors are exempt, chiefly those of food production and tunnel maintenance, being of too great a value to risk.
Blasted rains! There's no rest for the Imnaki any more, always shoring up walls and draining tunnels and... no. No it can't be. Ancient fears well up in the Molerats, tales of hideous beasts which darken the sky and drove them underground seem no longer like fairy tales to keep pups in the nest.
When the sea is calm, and the calves asleep, the Symphonists listen. The cricketing, the evensong, the wind, all fade as night falls, and the Symphonists listen. The spring air is cool and dry, as the earth beneath them is also. They are silent, a difficulty to be sure, but the earth song is so quiet they must be. A whisper of a whisper is all that can be heard, the rhythm is repeated over and over, the tempo is steady. There is almost a connection when the tranquillity is broken by the harsh cry of an enormous creature soaring overhead. All at once the world becomes of noise again, and the Music of the Earth is just a vague thought.
The forest is many Instruments favourite space, so full of life, which is so full of music! Everything in the woods makes sounds, from simple squeaks or rustles to the complex chorus of the birds. It is, in so few words, beautiful. So it is no wonder that a portion of the Elders spend their time here, away from the bustle of Theatra or the boisterous waves of the shores. Here they hone their decades of song, not only of their own voice, but of the voices around them. And though perhaps the change is now only perceptible to these Forest Maestros, they are in tune to the Taqsim in every way.
Though it is not sung aloud, when a granny or pappy Instrument begins to gently hum, before only listening in, it is known they are in their final tyrns. And in this golden age, they gladly help pass on what they have learnt. These tutors are the most cherished members of Simfuni society, for they are the most imbued with the Great Melody.

New homes of fine bricks are built in Polo'ga, along with a reinforcing of the walls there. With the Laga in mind, canals are dug about the city too, spanned by many beautiful bridges where Elf and Whale may do business or simply converse as friends. Some have even picked up a little Pese Vai!
The taste for the cactus fruit of the Anaye only grows, so sweet and juicy! It is also for the Elves a taste of an old home, one from which their parents came as slaves so many tyrns ago. Who could imagine such a life of toil these days? They work hard, but they feast well with friend, now on plenty river fish too.

Action 1: Continue expanding

Action 2: Plant Magic: Shape Plants (2/?)

We are still yet weak in shaping the world around us, but we will learn more and more as time goes on.
Our magical power grows, and as tyrns pass we find ourselves more able to interact with nature.
We explore nothing new, but focus on refining the basics until we have properly mastered them.
Fluff: Tolkien takes her advisor’s messages to heart, and even goes a step further to ask that this portion of training is for all to see so that she herself may award those that succeed in front of a grand audience and to respectfully tell those that fail to beat all 100 that they can try again in due time. The truth being that if they beat the first wave, they will be in good for true combat. And the silver, oh the silver will be pulled out of the ground. So many metallic boons to go around for the great nation.

1 action: Build Iron and Silver mines
With weapons that will not dent against our enemy’s blade, there remains one last obstacle to overcome which is significantly easier as it relies on time instead of luck. And more glorious silver! To be used as currency for the nation, Is where it shall suffice. Small silver disks that can be used as coinage. Yes that shall suffice to allow even those who have only a sliver of silver around their neck to feel as if they aren’t touching something dirty when exchanging goods.

1 action: culture
A grand event held once a month to see the troops take on this incredible challenge! There is a minor cost for it that goes to help provide funding for the army that will take on the impure beasts of this land once more in the future. The Queen herself shall attend this event, a grand seat for herself as she watches her powerful troops battle it out to see who can be victorious against so many opponents. Food and drink will be sold, and it will hopefully encourage the troops to perform with so many voices cheering for them. After the battles are over and the moon is high in the sky, Tokki herself will come down and give a speech, celebrating those that have beaten this grueling task and wishing those that failed better luck next time, but they will not be denied joining the army proper as they are now. Each one that completes it will be awarded a silver medal with a fist smashing through a shield in the center.
With steel flowing finally into the HCA, the Clan-Sah breathe a sigh of relief. No longer would the nation fret about tool breakage or defense any longer. The focus, now, returns to matters of internal development. Chief among these, of course, is defense. With the materials gained, it’s not any matter of time until the mass production of arms and armor begins. At this point, there’s even a surplus! Perhaps sale to the Lychlyn colonists may be in order. Hell, maybe even the natives, should there be any at all.

In Faalsin, an Industry hub is constructed. The Hub is a relatively new concept, bringing ore-refinement, processing and forging all in one sub-district. In addition, machining is also placed into most every Forge, where multi-hammers and steel rollers are put to further refine the created steel.

The port in Makaan too is worked on, and ships of both the Fishing Fleets and the Colonial Navy are constructed. With only one large scale farm, even with the phosphates acting to supercharge soil nutrient content, more harvested food is always welcome, which is precisely where Caldathi Fishing fleets come in. A varied palette is a good one after all.

1. Industry in Faalsin-Ran
2. Improve the port and shipyards in Makaan

>Action 1: Forging Ahead
Iron! Oh, the Smiths sing, what wonders they could make. The claim is placed, the deed is written; and a mine is struck to bring this Iron up into Guldfar's light. And the smiths, ever-eager, build a nearby forge adjoining the Untirkol's course to turn this raw Iron to gleaming Dwarven Steel; the greatest gift to our craftsdwarves from our Ashen brothers. The upper Untirkol might be unnavigable by boat, but the fast-rushing waters of the river are just right to drive ore crushers, trip hammers and bellows once a wheel is placed to borrow the energies of the upper river's rapid flow.

>Action 2: Building Up
The prospector's searches across our landscape have found only a little metal in these grassy lands, and barely any stone worth much of a damn. Sure, with enough strong mortar you can stick near anything together; but if you get to that point why not just make something more solid and reliable to begin with? The Dwarves go back to the text of their surveys, hoping to place a Brickworks on the most suitable source of Clay and Cement/Concrete Kilns near wherever the stone is best suited. (If either of these is entirely untenable, put up another farm instead.)

>The Royal Consort
An 'understanding' is all very well, but when you're expedition leader and national figurehead you're supposed to aim a little higher. Fortunate, then, that everyone is in agreement - Priests of Guldfar, Æblemor, the leaders and learned-dwarves of the expedition council; and of course the couple themselves. The Silver-Pliars emblem of the Laeggratt Clan flutters in the breeze alongside the royal Guldhand as Dwarves gather in the mid-day in the glorious spring sun. Kalnthruna Glodrana Guldhand is married to Korek Laeggratt in a ceremony held out by the field of Gold, wreathes of Golden barley wound in applebranch placed upon the heads of the couple by priests of both stripes, in imitation of most ancient Gylden tradition since the third gift. The couple are blessed with alcoholic anointment, and then by proclamation of the Kalnthruna, Korek Laeggratt is named as Thane of Ederakung to serve at her side for as long as both shall live.

A royal wedding has many guests; so many Dwarves to catch up with and check on. And, of course, gossip and rumour will swirl from one conversation to another, courtiers will attempt to earn favour; and even the common Dwarves invited might use the occasion to bring a matter to the attention of royal ears.

>Diplomacy: Meluz
Meluz-like creatures have been reported south of the river Zarunteg, and so a Diplomatic expedition is sent out to re-establish contact with the Naga. Why, it has been many tyrns indeed since our scholars were called upon to communicate with the serpent-folk; but we approach happily should we find them. How good it is to see our friends from Meluzina, the Dwarves will cry! How long did the voyage take from Thesi Psarion? Did any Dwarves travel with you? Have you encountered others in these new lands?
Fluff: concern, fear, and anger are the emotions that dominate the public consciousness, from the floating horrors mentally assaulting our young at night to the growing hostility of the forest fuzzies. If Fraternland is to last and prosper decisive actions will need to be taken and soon.

Action 1 expand see pick
With the open provocations from the shadow forest natives making it clear they think we are easily cowed by stalking and intimidation we will show them wrong and continue our expansion eastward it is the destiny of Fraternland to spread its roots far and wide, as our goddess ordains.

Half Action 1 build a fort
To combat the threat of these floating horrors in the south fort beacon is constructed, it will be a symbol of protection and hope for the people of the south proclaiming to all that we will protect our land and people
Half action 2 build roads connecting all structures, including the newly founded fort Beacon
With the discovery of the floating menace and the founding of Fort Beacon the need to a means of rapid response has risen dramatically, along with the provocations from the forest fuzzies with the stalking and now open contempt for us with traps in the forest, we would be fools to start taking actions to prepare for the worsted.
>Action 1: (Build Farms) Nearing Completion
Satisfied with their ability to fend off the Dryads, the Faeries take a break from scheming to return to their roots and start working on the finishing touches of the southern garden.

>Action 2: (Prospecting) In Search of Metals
As more and more faeries are drafted into military service, the demand for metal weapons increases. As such, a long-overdue prospecting mission is enacted to find materials scattered within the forest. Sharpness is key to the Faeries as they rarely wear armor but routinely find themselves needing to pierce leathers and hides.
> build two more quartzite mines to finish the gobbo deal

> improve the quality of our armor
We are master Miners, that is not up to debate, but what of our forging prowess?
All the other people we know are big, and strong, and while our intensive training might have gotten the strong problem out of the way, the size difference is still there?
And how do we solve it?
By being tougher! And for this, better armor must be made, heating up the metal more, pressing it harder, using any technique we know to strengthen it

Fanw's words were, while not exactly clear, at the very least clear enough for a proper picture to be made with regards to the hunter. It not being of Fanw or her kin, yet being powerful enough that clearly was some sort of spirit, lesser god or something in between which was native to this place. Further, what few brave fools actually came to return would speak of how it towered over even the tallest Child of Fanw, and even the Cewri of the Gylden. Of course, these reports could be exaggerated, and much in the way of rumor would be made, yet there is truth in even the wildest of exaggeration. Still, it was clear that it didn't like the Children of Fanw's presence in the woods. Perhaps it was best to wait for Fanw to come hunt there personally and deal with the other hunter and resolve the issues peacefully or otherwise...Regardless, the Children weren't going to trespass further into it's woods for now. Instead, a number merely heading to the north and into the hills, some even leaving the woods closest to the sightings and abandoning their abodes and moving north in the hopes for better and safer land. Despite all of this though, the Children would still go on, and hearing the reports from the Human colony from the merchants that went there, some of the frontiersmen and women would search the ground for worthy materials. Well, except for in the the forest, for obvious reasons. Still, ideally with their efforts the forge which currently relied upon whatever little it could get it's hands on from trade with the Humans, or the repair of equipment brought by the colonists, could get to work on new equipment.

>Action One. Expand into the hills

>Action Two. Prospect the lands.

1/2. Prospect 20 tiles of the northern gobbo land. Big Boss did some BIG conquering so that must mean there are some BIG spoils to add to his hoard. With such BIG expectations those newly conquered quickly scramble trying to find something to give to their new boss who is BIGGER than them. Well aware of their fate if they fail to please him.
The brewery and new fruit farm are built out in Pologa. Atop more steady demand for the foodstuff, a new innovation of the fruit boiled into a syrup, barreled with yeast and sugar, and left for the passing of the moon. The cactus fruit fermentation prompts a celebration in the city, towards a new age.
>drunk Elf plus whales shenanigans. First Elf riding Laga instance.

Expand north and south from Pologa as needed and as far as possible to meet the tile needs for our farms, and following the coast.
Action 1: Remodel Anubira.
With not just one but two routes to our lands, traders and travelers are sure to go to our capital, Anubira. Currently it's a mess of mud huts and reed houses, what would people think if they saw our capital like this? We will set a standard for house quality within the city proper. We will also widen the streets and streamline their layouts, buying parts of the property of people who struggle to afford the house remodelling. This will allow the streets to breathe more. It's also a good opportunity to nab some land to build government utilities on.

Action 2: Prospect along the Kavost river.
While we have plans to put the Goblins to work in the mines along the Dyne, it would be most convenient if we could test run it along the Kavost. But that brings the question: What minerals are hiding along the Kavost? If we could happen upon yet more deposits of gold, that would enrich us even further.
Posted on behalf of the Drya

1. Expand into the lands the elves should soon abandon. If the elves do not abandon the land then declare war and attack.
2. Expand into the rest of the unclaimed Yadi. Complete the will of The Protector.

>Action 1 - Upgrade/Expand Achroma's temple with WhiteStone. If this is only a 1/2 action, upgrade the Shrine as well.
>Action 2 - Open a Sulfur mine in the west, and build a fort on that hex as well.
>Achroma Rumour - Ask for blessing/advice to hunt the great beasts, to hone our skills before we hunt the sky-witch, Grynox.

It is a time of bounty and festivities. The world outside, scary and dangerous, has been made safer by Achroma's work through the years. The faith and comforts the Do'laroshan people have given him has been paid back tenfold, with powerful allies, great wealth, and lands of beauty that the Do'laroshans can call home. Of course, the world farther outside still holds many dangers, but Achroma has given his command to seek out one of them and destroy it, and so the Do'laroshans feel that, perhaps, they are up to the task!

With the supply of shimmering Ambershale being quarried and worked, Achroma's mysterious temple is seen to. The once-ruins are replaced, maintaining their style but repaired and expanded upon, giving The Suffering Beast more room for the treasures that will inevitably be his. If possible, so too is the eastern shrine given the same attention, if on a smaller scale.

The darkness of the underground is a welcome embrace for those who stray from the forests edge, and so a new mine is opened on the Sulfur pits of the south. The smell is atrocious, and unlike the other mines, this one does not see a flock of volunteers eager to plumb it's depths. Indeed, those who work the yellow rock are seen as pariahs of a kind, their fur indelibly stained with the stench of the deep. Those who break oaths, commit crimes or otherwise bedevil others are sent here, working away their sins.

Conveniently, a steady supply of guards nearby is planned, able to keep these bad eggs (heh) of society in check, ensuring they do not flee their posts. A mighty fort of sun-speckled Ambershale is erected, with the unique Do'laroshan twists of their architecture. It is, in many aspects, an artificial cave erected above ground. There is no need for grand windows to let in light, only slits for arrows and air. The inside consists of winding tunnels and storage rooms, all steeped in blackest gloom. As the sun strikes the finished stone walls, it becomes a shell of blinding light surrounding a pearl of deepest darkness. Poetic, and many young Do'laroshans clamor for the honour of a posting here.

Finally, with the temple construction finished, a delegation brings the spoils of the marketplace to Achroma's lair. The Do'laroshans are eager to prove their worth, but in their customary caution, are looking to 'practise' their skills in hunting and assassination before they strike. With the only worthy targets they know being the very beasts of Dakan Grove, they seek their masters' blessing to hunt his once-brethren, and any other advice he can offer.
Beni was ecstatic at the news of bree-He means making new friends though they have to stay in their own land... Benmi was visibily excited at the mention of the Bovine-Oni; new playmates he can rule over!

1. Refined Words and Difficult Grammar: While the Oni respected the beautiful Bovine-Oni, they found them quite uncultured. Like any good friend, they will teach them their superior ways! (Migu and sent linguists will begin teaching the Minotaurs the Oni tongue and they themselves to will learn the Minotaur language)
2 Hot and Refreshing!: The oasis that was newly claimed reminded Oni of back home when they had bath houses through out their land. They missed them... King Beni ordered a new city focusing on the culivation of bathing and relaxtion to start to be built! (The secrect reason they're building it is to keep a eye on Minotaur and make a lookout point to the North.)
> build 2 stone bridges
> build 3 wood bridges
> build 8 tiles of dirt road to reach the Sea on the other end of my country
>Action 1: Coastal Prospect West
>Action 2: Research Fire Magic Protection
It's evidence our latent abilities outclass our own durability. Be it gloves made of metal, wood, grass, we will try them all, and more. We require a way to use our arcane abilities without damage.

-It is faint, and at times boisterous. Distant, but close. The voice of the earth is all around, yet elusive. If the elders are ever to master its music, they must find a suitable place to listen. The elders set out to explore Syph's head, examining its splendor as they travel along its spine. Eventually in their travels they would stumble across an opening to a series of tunnels, and carefully they would make their way as deep as they could. As they traveled further in, they would place markers to guide them back out once their task was done. Once as far in as they could go, the elders would meditate and listen to the vibrations of the earth all around them, void of any foreign sounds or distractions for hours, and hours on end. To most this was bearable, at first, but for creatures of sound to be deprived of their nature for so long was a stress to great to withstand and many would flee back to the world outside to save their sanity. But for those that remained, they could begin to hear the soft voice of the earth hum to them. It was almost hypnotic in it's simplicity, a monotone that carried on seemingly forever that would hardly shifted. Then, a ripple, a shiver, a rumble, would rock through here and there, a tiny wave traveling through a sea of stone. And then, once more, there would be calm and the humming would continue. It required intense, unobstructed focus to hear its voice, but after days of continuous meditation, the elders with the will strong enough had subconsciously started humming along, their own vibrations dancing in step with that of the mountain.

-The forest maestros talents were not born from simply desire to polish their voices, but from an intense love they had for the concert that is nature. It was all a wonderous stage, with instruments too numerous to count all putting on a performance of their own. As magical a cacophony as it was, as the maestros gained mastery of its voice, they would come to understand that there was potential lost within. As numerous creatures screeched and bellowed their wonderous tones through the trees, some voices would be undercut and lost beneath the more oppressive one's. As the Simfuni know, a concert is ever truly perfect when each instrument work in harmony to compliment each other for the good of the music. The Maestros thought the forest should be no different. Some of them would begin to "direct" the voices of nature, attempting to lead some of its beasts in song. Exhaustively they sang in the myriad of voices that filled the forest, one could hear the chirping and tweeting of birds in rhythmite fashion, when the roars of heftier creatures would trumpet into the song to deliver a deep and bellowing contrast to add weight to their otherwise feather-light voices. The group would continue their work, hoping to bring harmony to the songs of the forest.
File: Drya-Catan war turn 1.png (59 KB, 569x745)
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Thanks to Lux for posting for me.

Expanding on the war action since it appears that Cata'dun is not acting upon our deal.

As the war begins the obvious first priority is to capture Cata'yadi and the surrounding territory. A three pronged attack will come sweeping through the dark elves' territory. Those that surrender shall be given mercy but any who show even a hint of defiance or aggression will be killed. The Ents and Dryki shall be the main proponents of this army with some Dryaven to act as scouts but generally keep out of sight. If they meet true resistance the battle plan shall include 2 waves. The first wave to soften defenses will be purely the wild dryki. The second wave shall be the unmounted ents acting as the core and non-mount dryki taking up the flanks to envelop and kill any who stand against the advance. The city of Cata'yadi is young and has no prepared defenses so is expected to fall easily to a determined assualt by the war breeds.

In the north the nyakians shall take to the northern border river and lie in wait for any forces from Cata'dun trying to cross to sow fear by drowning men and flipping boats. In the sea the nyakians shall patrol the sea and attempt to sink Cata'dun ships by hunting in packs and attacking from below.

Finally, to keep their northern forces preoccupied a raiding group of ents mounted upon mount dryki shall move from the northern jungle and cut across the unclaimed Savannah to raid the southern settlements of the dark elves.
>1: expand the frog farm
As the nation grows larger, it is its residence job to make sure that they are fed, even if they live in the far-reaches. Using materials and plants from the swamp, another enclosed habitat is created, which is used to farm the same species as the last one. More frogs for all who may need them!

>2: hatching grounds
(also a response to the boon in scene 1, the start of the rainy season)
In light of the recent sucuri bleeding blitz, many sucuri mothers are preparing to lay their clutches. A great number of them are worried that they won't be able to protect their clutches, given the work they must perform in order to feed their now expanding families, including themselves. The sharap representative, always caring for the people of the nation, works together with the sucuri representative to construct a hatchery burrow in the safest, and most convenient location possible. With a small fee, mothers will be given the ability to rent out spaces of their own in the hatchery, where they will be able to store their eggs. Given that these spaces will be labelled with whom they belong to. Given the gestation period that takes place after the sucuri mating season, the hatchery will be mostly reserved for sucuri mothers when the time comes. There will soon be other hatcheries open for other races, likely being constructed when their mating season begins, if they have one.

>3: water transport
A road will be connected to the river near Makria, so that the people living there will be able to have easier access to their most reliable water source.

Will work on diplos soon.
File: map17.png (956 KB, 2048x2628)
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956 KB PNG

With tensions reducing to a simmer, the claiming of more of the undeniable Dalu continues.
Though seen as a separate field of magical study, it becomes apparent than even this foray into florakinesis is spiritual. One must be in conversation, however fleeting, with the spirits of the plantlife one wishes to bend, twist, or simply move out of the way. It is not a domination, as the totems, but a brief tryst and an understanding. In this way, a "nature walking" Dryad may pass through the trees as she pleases, exchanging pleasantries as she goes. Of course, there are still those spirits who steadfastly refuse to partake in something so, material.

[Waxing Gibbous]
How fitting it is, that the metal of war be so abundant, and the metal of trade be so meagre.
The Tourney is a, smashing, success! The local arena, usually only half full at most, is packed every time. Rabbits have to be turned away at the gates it is so popular! A more fitting stage for such events is already being designed.

The forge hub begins construction, bringing in what limited machinery could be spared for the colonists. Woe, for the fine gears and one of the rollers were exposed to the sea air on the long voyage, and having been brought from storage have cracked and rusted to become unusable. Alas, the hammers will not turn without waterwheels, and many Men are required to work backbreakingly hard to shift the thing. Alack, scant amount of steel can be made, until a suitable substitute for lime and coal are acquired. Sheepish foremen approach the Daiimad with their thousand issues.
With so much funding at their behest, the ports of Makaan would be the envy of the world. From the mouth of the Keye, all around the bay of Guard's Head they stretch.

[R] On such a momentous day, beneath the gaze of Guldfar, there's always to be talk heard. Alas, it is mostly simply chatter; Who will be next to join hands? When can we expect heirs? Is the Kalnthruna going to abdicate? What will the royal house be called now? But the real ear-pricking and beard-raising news comes the night after the marriage ceremony. It has long been speculated that the other great powers of Sygod, so synchronised had they become, had also sent colony ships out into the seas. Given the currents of the old world, the winds experienced on the journey, and the preferences of those involved, the Wolffolk should land antipodal to the Gylden themselves in the far north. Perhaps slightly eastwards. Marital bliss is knocked a couple of pegs by the information.
"May Guldfar shine upon my bones, for iron shall I ever work! Forgin' hard, and drinkin' strong, I'll make it good as gold!"
"Clay's as thick as pigs' muck, but it don't smell 'alf as bad!" Clay aside, the speed of the Untirkol kicks up no end of knobbly gravel at it's mouth. As for cement to bind it all, well, it'll be hills where they'll find their prize. Just got to find some!
Taking the totems and shifting shadows in the trees as the warning it was likely intended to be, expansion efforts focus along the grasslands around the menacing forest.
Fort Beacon radiates the strength and protection of Fraternitas for all to see, and with cobbled roads linking together the disparate communities forming in this new world, all are joined as Brothers.

The tending of the Garden continues, leaving only the scorched earth overgrown within the uncontested Tangle. A vocal minority of Fae suggest it be left unmanaged, or else a memorial be built.
The chance discovery of silver proves that mineral riches exist below the roots of the Tangle, it is simply a matter of searching for them. In this manner, Fae shoot off in all directions, though most cluster around the established find. In this manner the available silver doubles, and a seam of copper is unearthed.

A deals a deal, and the deal is done. But of course the little green buggers insist there are more mines to dig for them. For salt of all things.
During the White War, their armour had lasted as long as it good, but it had eventually given out. That cannot be allowed to happen again. Each soldier is fitted for his plate properly, the metal tempered giving it a dark hue, and the fittings and fastenings forged and worked to the highest standard. Every up has its down though, and for this it is a significant increase in mole-hours and resources. It is a price worth paying.
(>>4737331) What strange riches the Goblins find for the Imnaki. This odd metal is in tune with the rhythms of the earth, a strange song in ore from the Lady of the Deep. She has the most beautiful singing voice! For this glorious find, when refined and forged, bends to the wielders will! Of course, it takes some time to attune, to resonate with the singing metals own frequency, and will most certainly take some figuring out.
A tunnel, a curious Molerat, a door. Hello again, Goblins.

Wary of the Hunter, and with success already been found in them, settlers head up into the hills of the Lower Keye. As the Men had before them, in these new hills the Children find the rock-fertiliser of the Greybeards of old.

>Big Totem
Just as Big Boss was getting a taste for Northern Tribe, they go and find something! They're always a disappointment. In the newly conquered forest they dig up more precious stone [up to you again], and in the fields to the east of it stringy white rocks! Looks sorta like the roots of the mushrooms the naked freaks grow, but stone!
The production of this cactus wine is a revelation and revolution! The fruit can be preserved in a way other than in chewy, dried strips, but more importantly, it can now get the Whales and Elves drunk. As the elders would say "shenanigans ensued", including at least one incident of an Elf riding a Laga like a water horse! Clearer minds, after the inevitable hangover of a lifetime passes, ponder the application of such a regiment.
The demand for the "anayafruit", and other crops which the Elves can farm, explodes. And so does the need for land to farm them.

What would the great Pharaohs of the past think of how Anubira stands today? Mud huts, reed lean-tos, dusty unpaved streets. It is a travesty how far they have fallen! Tales of a city of gleaming white limestone, palaces of sandstone, colonnades and a statuaries of black basalt or red granite ring in Ahenohetshu's ears. He will lay the foundations of a mighty empire. His name will be remembered for the ages! His cartouche will adorn the temple walls for aeons! A sudden twinge in the Pharaoh's chest reminds him to prepare for his legacy in one more way. His tomb.
The Kavost gives plenty in earth and waters! At the mouth, lead, then silver, and at the source, sparkling gemstones. (>>4737331) What are those greenskins doing gawking?
(>>4737496) As the Dyb journey to the Dander ports continues, they are met with stranger in the Green Strait. Large white fish creatures, pulling rafts of goods from a city of pink bricks.

The Yadi is theirs! Now to deal with the Elves.
(>>4738755) And so to war. [War post coming separately]

The Minotaurs welcome the Satyr and Oni, though perhaps the former a little more warmly, into Megyros. The opportunity to share knowledge is a welcome one, and the willingness of these newcomers to teach them their language is greatly admired. It is with some difficulty, that the Bovine are taught Yūutsuna ao, though the Oni failed to pick up much Durra. Now able to freely converse, the Durranos, as they call themselves, are an agrarian people fond of fishing, sailing, and trade. They are one of two registered strikers for the coinage they had given for the trees, with permission granted by something called the Wandering Market.
In a truly sweltering portion of jungle, near enough to the formidable River Praer, the city of Yokusna is established. Here it may serve a dual purpose; to refresh the bodies and minds of Oni in their baths, and spy on those delecta- trespassing Bovine.
[+1 PE]
The ancient shrine of Achroma is lifted, and in its place a far grander temple built. In the new cella, His crumbling stone shelter is replaced with pride, adorned with riches from the Bonemen and the Market. Likewise, the small altar which pilgrims and merchants visited is renewed and enlarged, though not near rivalling the grandness of Achroma's Dwelling.
Far from the grace of the Grove, a pit is sunk to extract the crumbly yellow stone. Criminals Nest, the respectable Do'las call it. Also in this prime position, a tower to watch the wendings and windings of the foreign menace.
[NM] Though the chamber of the temple is dark, nothing compares to the darkness of Achroma. Wind whips up inside the stone hall, banners thrash, copper and gold clatter around, the air becomes thick, and heavy. Then silence. Only His laboured breathing, and the priestess' pounding heart, can be heard. "Thou hast done well, my ward, to accrue the grandeur of kings, and builded for me a splendid meeting place. Ask what it is you seek," when at last she can speak, she whispers her question to the Beast, "Child, thou art free to hunt any beast that catcheth thy fancy. Still the Grynox is a prize beyond thy reach, She above the mountain would tear the flesh from the bone and eat the beating liver. I charge you with too heavy a burden. Seek instead the blessing of Araq, Lord of the Sunlit Grove." There is once more a bolt of charged air, and the darkness lifts. On the ambershale, a drop of black blood.

Busy! Busy! Busy! The Danderfey fly all about the world setting out the roads and bridges connecting their friends together!

Within the very bowels of the mountain, deep below the aria, the drone of the earth can be heard. Few, less than even a dozen, would make it far enough to hear it. Not even half of those could listen long enough to understand it. But oh what wonders await the few who do!
On their stage, the Forest Maestros take their places. Slowly at first, they begin to harmonise with their surroundings, acclimatising themselves to the ongoing music. Then, once this has been achieved, they bring the forest into harmony with the Great Melody itself. Imperceptible at first, but growing, the trees splay their branches, the birds puff their breasts, the flowers glow with beauty. Rot and disease fade away, as the Forest becomes attuned.
[Remember to post your war movements]
Twice In quick succession the chest rings. The first brings thick dark furs, a small basket of savoury smelling mushrooms, a chunk of rich iron ore, two yards of rugged cloth in vibrant shades of green, and a highly polished copper gorget necklace decorated with strange figures. The second, the morning after the first, contains an enormous grey-white fur, intoxicating alien spices, and a purse of struck gold coins not of Market origins.
With the Yadi situation unsettled, Elves continue as if it is. Prospecting south west along the underbelly of the island they uncover another source of iron, and a more intriguing find. A shining city on the banks of a fertile valley, populated by graceful creatures of golden skin. With Catan's Market knowledge, it is surmised these must be the Anaye, the Lunar Elves!
When the fire within becomes the fire without, it wreaks terrible vengeance for its release. It scalds, burns, blisters. Destroys the caster. Too many young Elves have lost a hand, or even their life, to magical inexperience. Enclosing the hand of the caster simply traps the flame, increasing the damage, however the fingers and back of the hand may be covered without any hindrance. This leaves the palm as the source of the bodily flame. Covering of this part is impossible, and damage inevitable. More study is needed.

With the Preserve maintaining a steady, controlled system, the farming of frogs for the growing need can begin in earnest. All manner of species are raised, from the staple giant bullfrogs to the mildly toxic for that tongue tingle. It used to be said "when one is sick of frogs, one is sick of life", but that was back when frogs were a luxury.
The broods this year are incredible! The rains and silos have worked wonders for Meluz-kind, though most especially the Sucuri! With so many gravid, the usual little family nests will be quickly overwhelmed. Quick thinking, for Meluz, Sharap get to work digging a truly magnificent system of nests in the crook of Arthelos' Passage open to any brooding mothers. For a small fee.
A solid road is laid to the river, supplying Makriá with ample fresh water. Spurred by this, the suspended cable system is expanded in the south of the country.

>Action 1: (Create Mines) Collecting The Metals
As done before, space is set aside for the collection of these resources. It's nice to find more of the silver, but perhaps this new metal could be even more valuable.

.Action 2: (Enhance Spell [3]) Displace Image
Recent progress has allowed the defensive spell to be used in combat but only in short bursts. The academy seeks to promote an understanding of the spell which would remove the stress and complexity which inhibits long-term use in battle.
File: Untitled.png (185 KB, 3740x1766)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
The trading post of Cata'yadi is abandoned to the best of our abilities. The lack of a port is surely a hinderance, though those that find themselves fortunate enough to escape retreat back north and west, to the Lunar Elves. Perhaps some sympathy will help gain their support.

The Drya have made a fatal blunder in splitting their forces into several smaller pieces. Our unrivaled navy will push south to the River Nya, and surely defeat any defenses at the mouth of the river. Once that has been accomplished, the full might of the Catanian military shall sail up the river, and flank the Drya who dare to march so close to Capital. With the rest of the savages' military looting our settlement far south, our numerical advantage should prove decisive, as well as our latent ability to conjure flames which should hopefully destroy the living kindling into ash.

Once these events have unfolded, in our favor or otherwise, a strategic withdraw of the army back Cata'dun is paramount.

1. Build 2 asbestos mines. The goblins were curious about this substance that seemed like shrooms. One tried to eat it and died painfully. Another decided to cook it and eat it then died painfully. Finally another set it on fire for a long time and it did not seem to be affected very much! Deciding that it must be enough anyways he too tried to eat it and died painfully. With results like these Bigboss says that this "asbestos" should be mined since it could be useful against fire. Surprisingly the miners who are sent there are known to die painfully. For the enslaved hill goblins they find themselves grateful for their own mines in the first time in their history. Knowing that at least its not the copper that is going to kill them.

2. Expand north along the coast and river. There is little remaining of the north not directly under big boss' control. Not requiring his direct presence he delegates it to the lesser bosses. Most significant of which is the river boss whom is able to make their presence known across their namesake. At the sea however there is a natural break as fresh water changes to salt. Bringing about a significant sub group of ocean water goblins which had otherwise been a much more rare sight as they settle the sandy beaches.
Ahenohetshu II's worries of age is troubling, even at his young age, a worry inherited from his father, the previous and more ponderous Pharaoh. But the current Pharaoh also has a way to deal with such trouble: Women and wine. The Pharaoh is a bit of a party animal, but hey, there's no shortage of sons to inherit his kingdom. They will have to compete among themselves to decide the true successor. A tournament, perhaps, combat will test your brain and your brawn.

Action 1: Make Gem Mines along the Kavost river, with Goblin slaves.
While silver and lead have their uses, these gems are something else, transparent yet oh so visible, when cut into shape they make a dazzling display, the perfect capstone for our jewellery. The Goblins too see them as valuable, so they should be eager to mine for them. Though, we must keep an eye on them, guards ready to hack them down if they attempt any tricks.

Action 2: Study the ways of moving water, beyond the physical.
Cleaning water is a cumbersome task, having to use buckets and pans to get it then running it through filters or boiling it. We must find a better way, Undine's way. We have seen the tides rise and fall, we have seen clouds form only to rain down their content later. We will try to mimic her ways, her mystical ways. The way to move water.

> Begin organized training of hunters.
> Send envoy to GFU, teach them our language.

Achroma's guidance, it seems, is not infallible. In his haste to defeat a no-doubt great foe, he had aimed his loyal subjects at his enemy too soon! Truly, it is a blessing that he engenders such caution in his people, to allow the correcting of this 'mistake' before anyone would lose their lives in an assault on the Griffon Queen.

Still, a new target is given, a supposed easier match for the Do'laroshan might. This Araq of the Sunlit Grove is a new mystery for them, and so preparation must be made before their task can be completed, skills of hunting and stalking, waiting and striking. It is only later, after a call for great hunters among the tribes to come together and teach is sent out, that a younger Shaman points out that Achroma did NOT ask for Araq's head, as he did for Grynox, merely the being's "blessing". It seems, in their fervor, the Do'laroshans nearly made a grievous mistake. Clarification should be sought, once a suitable offering for Achroma can be found...

The Undead had been the source of the first wave of bounties for Achroma, and the spiderback-bound Market the provider of the second. It seemed, many seasoned Chieftains argued, that the people of the outside world all could (and perhaps, should) be tapped for similar extravagant resources.

The undead, skeletal benefactors of the shadowfolk for so long now, had expressed a similiar interest in trade with others, citing the newcomers to the south-west specifically. From high up on Criminals Nest, the Do'laroshans watch the flickering hearths merrily burning in the quickly expanding homes of these strangers.

Well... maybe tomorrow. Or the next day, since it's... er, damp out. Can't walk in the wet grass, and all...
Fluff: And in due time, the issue of silver lacking will be fixed, but the longer we give those impure beasts time to plan, the harder it will be to strike a true blow to them. In the mean time buildings must be made, and new Magics prepared for an upcoming project.

1 action: A forge and a colosseum
A forge must be built to properly refine the metal pulled up from the ground. It with it, the use of iron will become more and more common. On the other side of things, a proper stage for the troops to participate in the tourney. If the people wish to watch their valiant warriors overcome a trial, then so be it, it shall be a grand spectacle.

1 action: Branch of Pure Defense(1/2)
Offense, Agility, and now Defense. A strong support to rest on. Fur to be as fluffy and light as every, and to be as hard as the wood when struck, only to return to its natural state. A barrier to protect against the magic that is impure. A pull to drag the attacks of our enemies away from our people. To act stalwart and protect everything we care for. Pure defense will be useful to withstand even the hardest of blows.

>Action 1: The Prize in the Hills.
Having already reached the sources of the Vikolder and Lodaster, we know that there are no hills at the heads of these rivers; and the Untirkol's flow from the northeast is too rapid to navigate. And so the Gylden Dwarves continue their easterly push up the northern bank of the Zarunteg, staking out their claims and pressing them up into the hills where they can find lands that are as yet unoccupied.

>Action 2: Cement to bind it all
As the rumours stated, cement would be found in the hills; and so the Dwarves dig for it in their new lands as they had the Clay and Gravel before it. And on the already surveyed lands, another riverside farm will be established - one can rarely have too much Grain.

While most avoided the hunter, some who had remained in the woods, specifically the edges which were first colonized, would set up a hunting lodge there to better be able to process and collect the various game and other creatures of the forests. Of course, being on the edge, it was believed they'd be safe as while brave they weren't fools. Still, they knew much in the way of profit could be gained through the simple supply of fresh venison and leather. This was especially important as the population grew. And likewise, further farms would be established in the plains which were fertile enough, as most of the plains seemed to have decent soil quality, yet were sorely lacking in the small game to create a sustainable warren. Still, at the very least further food would provide for Prenhaearn. Though, it was likely sooner rather than later that the colony would start setting up greater amounts of food supply. After all, anything which could be preserved with salt or smoke and sent back to Llychlyn would likely provide a good profit...Should the sea's and stars cooperate as they did to get here in the first place...

Even so, while the lands outside the main city of Glaniadneifion were certainly fairly sparsely populated, more people would head out and claim further stretches of land. If the forests were taken by something which didn't want them to live there, and most of it's game unavailable, then hopefully some land that would be fitting of a warrens would be found, and if that failed, at least further farms could be constructed. Regardless, it was quite likely that as population slowly grew more and more were going to have to turn to grain, fruits, and vegetables at this rate...Though, there was a plan to avoid this, but it would take time to set up. Llychlyn and especially Clan Llewelyn had a history on the sea after all, and there's much more fish in the sea than that which currently is taken by Llychlyn...But that's a future project. Even if a near future one.

>Action One. Construct a hunting lodge and farm.

>Action Two. Expand into the plains.
> build the two salt mines
The goblins ask for their due? Fine! Let them have it! Such a waste of resources shall be remembered. Guards, strike one due for the goblins of the south, for the future

> build one more city district: Siulak
Our people have suffered a lot: extensive training, the scare of the primordial beasts, the work asked by the goblins, a rebellion could be feared! I mean they are still loyal. It’s just an eventuality. For this, we shall give them more room to live in, and better room as well! The masses shall be pleased with this
File: canvas.png (10 KB, 259x267)
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It seems like Beni and his son/heir are spending more and more time together (Reason his caretakers need a break from the daily playful rampages and to ensure Beni doesn't run away again). At first, he found it tiring taking care of a energetic baby like Benmi, but after a little while, he started to have fun playing games, pranks on people, eating lots of food, and ogling beautiful Oni and Bovine in Yokusna.

1. Preserve the Jungles; It's Our Home!: Jungles are good. Jungles are fertile. Jungles are protection. (Expand territory along the border)
2. The Gods Have Been Patience. Let Us Give Them Praise!: When Oni came into this world, only of their gods came with them. He didn't want to miss the antics of his little adopted children. Over time, other gods came to the Oni and adopted them as well. He took up the name "Chadskisei" for the Oni tongue was changing. Ushimilgoyi found the Oni simple yet interesting. Such hendoists able survive until now? Don't they know they're lost in this existence; trying to find meaning in their vices? Most curious indeed. For now, he will watch them. On'iaghiri felt great love in the dark jungles when she flew over there. While the Oni's lust was odorously strong, their bonds of love was even stronger. She decided it was the worth the trouble of keeping a eye on them. Saagfuru was the most practical of the gods. He feared being lost and being attacked by other predatory gods for he was alone in this world. Oni, while lazy, had great faith and physical strength to match. He quickly convince them to take him as one of their gods in exchange he'll protect them at sea.

The Oni were grateful for the gods though they haven't done much to revere them. Maybe that should change. One night while Beni and Benmi were sleeping in their large bed with the wives and concubines, both had a dream from the gods! When they woke up, they forgot what the dream was. Oh, well. But that did inspire King Beni to order a holy city in honor of the gods named Paacseijai. Hopefully, this would inspire faith and culture in Oni and perhaps even in the beautiful Bovine-Oni too!
The sands coast west of Pologa already seized, for the farmland and beachfront.

A farm in constructed in the new lands, and workshop in Har'Gun'Heshi for tools and boats.
Action 1 teach the do’larosha tribes Fraternian Common (it’s has a few slang terms Fraternian, human, common)
While First contact with the shy Shadow people of the northern forest was rock second contact has gone far better. They have reached out to us wanting to share their language with us so it is only appropriate that we respond in kind. Once we can understand one another maybe we can find common ground to stand on.

action 2 research and integrate the market bought plants into fraternian agriculture
Our colonial trader had a very successful venturer into the wandering market securing a new food plant and a mystery flower, and before we can fully introduce them into the nation we must study them and watch what effect they have. The increased Irons store was apricated as well.
>Action 1 & 2: Research Magical Flame Protections
The Trees! They live! They kill! The best defense against living wood, besides a strong arm and an axe, is fire. If we can't cover our hands then we must find some other way to prevent damage. Perhaps a mix of local herbs near the capital, or in the north, to help expedite the healing process and ease pain, a sort of way to numb the hand, or even if we must carry additional water to ease the burns, the Republic hasn't been this united in an effort since the overthrow of the old monarchy.
File: download (24).jpg (94 KB, 698x900)
94 KB
Since it seems like we arn't going to get the war post soon I am just going to put up my actions.

1. To better protect the ents and dryki the steel leaf shall be shaped to band across their bodies when put on. This steel leaf armor shall afford greater protection then the normal wood and vine bodies and allow the Drya a hard to kill shock troop.
2. The Koape pyromancers are by far their strongest force against us, as seen in the the opening ways of the war. To counter weapon of the hunters will be taken. Bows shall be made from specially grown trees and steel leaf and made to fit the size of the ents. These archers shall rain death upon the enemies of the Drya and shall provide a great counter to the fire throwing mages.
Tensions with the Fey are cooling, which is relief enough for the forest as a new winter sets in over the rings.
No preparations are needed to be made to kill the unruly things, and with any hope they will soon begin picking up more of what we are teaching them at the temple.

Action 1: Expand

The void in the Dalu is almost filled, but attention is shifted away from the main expansion to achieve two other smaller goals.

One is of the inland island of upper crest, surrounded on all sides by rivers it would be a great boon for if attempts are made at a later date to commune with the river Namu.

Another problem is of the treeline having a gap where the occasionally troublesome Fey roam free, but dryads can scarcely be found.
Fixing this minor issue is deemed to be important enough to dedicate time to, and so it is acted upon with haste.

Action 2: Shape plants III

The act of shaping plants is growing to be something wonderful, a spiritual act that allows the mundane to be altered is exactly proof of all the dryads had believed for this time.

The magic is developed further, enhancing the ease at which nature is shaped, the haste at which plants alter, the extent at which they may twist.

Work is made to simply forge a level of mastery with this skill. While it could theoretically be used to strike someone, it is not yet focussed towards this effort, we will master the basics of florakinesis before adding it to our arsenal of tools with which to defend the rings.

With such a new level of understanding cultivating the forest is made easier than thought before, plants could be shaped into forms that better reflect the wyld whims of their unseen selves temporarily, or longer.

Being able to groom plants so effortlessly is a great boon when conversing with even the most timid of plant spirits for something we desire, and the artistic and decorative applications alone allow for beautiful sights to be crafted.
> Action 1: Expand Sadness Detection to Dybet
> Action 2: Beef up out navy
Trebuchet boats, that's right. We're gonna build boats with trebuchets on them. Lower deck will have a stabilizing counterweight pendulum.

(build lots of boats for war)

>Call of attraction.
- For months the expedition listened and studied the voice of the earth. Slowly they learned its song, the pulsating beat of the world itself, and felt as it shifted within its bowels, beckoning soil and stone towards the planet's heart. As they meditated on it, they could feel that to an extent the world itself called to them as well, but not uniquely, as it calls to all things that walks its surface, holding everything together as if greedily keeping its contents to itself, refusing to share anything with the heavens above. Could they then learn to call things as the world does? Mimicking the voice of the earth, a small concert of elders begin their performance. Dancing in a large, rotating circle as the earth does, they would produce a humming vibration that wriggled its way into the surroundings but instead of traveling outwards, the vibrations would form small waves washing back to the elders. Then, the loudest elders would sing out in a large thuds, one after the other. They loud sounds would shoot out before being pulled back in by the retracting vibrations. Using this negative frequency, they would beckon the soil around them to move and shift towards the concert.

>Segue of forests
- As the maestros lead the flocks of the forest into a synchronized performance, they dazzle and amaze their kin with the musical wonders of nature directed for the first time by the Simfuni. Many come out to enjoy the concert, and numerous initiates join their ranks to learn from these masters of wilderness. Yet, satisfied are they not. It is in their nature to always seek new ways in which their arts can be extended, and the maestros have yet to satisfy their ambitions. Large as the forest is, larger still could it grow, and so they would begin their work to expand their stage and thus their performance. Taking to the hills between the forest and Theatra, the maestros would put on a performance at the forest's edge. There they would call forth the animals and the plants to be fruitful and to grace the hills with their presence. Birds would fly over head, showering seeds of flora on the land. Fauna, old and withering, would travel out to find their final resting place here, so their bodies may feed new life. The crawling creatures would follow thus, and tend to the developing garden. So the maestros would nudge slowly and slightly at the border of the forest, hoping to grow it in magnitude and to cover the otherwise barren hills in its splendor
>1: learn the language of the oni
Given that our last interaction went well, we wish to be on better terms with our neighbors, as intimidating as they might seem. It is entirely possible that this scary outer-shell could be shattered with an open channel of communication. A few ambassadors listen closely to the words of the oni, and vaguely try to communicate that they wish to learn. However, since the naja representative was established as "our best foot put forward", she is to accompany these ambassadors as a guiding figure. Not only will she act as their body-guard, but she will learn with them. That, and if anything goes wrong, she is able to retreat back to the border and signal the patrols to aid in her protection.

>2: assisting the dwarves
At the same time, these new arrivals in the passage are rather concerning. It seems that they already know bits and pieces of our language, although it is a little broken. We feel as though it would be easier to offer their translators lessons, if they were to accept.
Posted on behalf of the HCA

1. Water wheels for Faalsin-Ran and Makaan
2. Encourage patriotism and racial superiority through human culture and the arts.


Ask the dreamer about the great bird seen flying overhead several tyrns prior, who’s ascent heralded soft rains.

-A Bad Deal-

As the Drya crash through from the Jungle, the merchants of Cata'yadi are already packing what they can into their boats. Many an Elf is killed when his greed compels him back to shore, but the majority of the trespassers escape with their lives, if not their wealth. They escape back to their capital, or else west to their cousins. The city is a testament to the poor dealings of the Catan, and what cannot be salvaged is demolished.
On the Catan (or Bastard to some) Plain, Ent and Dryki are met with overwhelming Elven forces, who blast the trees and the plains themselves with fire, destroying the forward, and sending the backward retreating to the Nya.
Nykians assail the Dark Elves ships as they make their way to the River, tearing away at their very planks. Slowly, creakily, many begin to drag in the water, unable to right, and capsize. Most of the fleet is in some way damaged, but they remain afloat. As a final petty act before returning to port, they shoot gouts of their magic flame at the Dryad "city" of Interanya.

File: map18.png (818 KB, 2048x2628)
818 KB
818 KB PNG

Lightning strikes the Tangle!
After a great deal of consideration, and equal parts consternation, the mines are set to be dug. As small compensation, the Tangle is gardened right up to the edge of them.
Use of displacing magics in combat had been their origin, primarily as a method of defence or escape. But as the Trees creep further towards the Tangle, it is perhaps time for it to be used offensively also. The former is however a great deal easier than the latter, being far easier to run than to fight whilst also focusing oneself on a spot where one is not. Therefore, it is a matter of the mind, and not magic nor body, which is the final hurdle. One the Fae just about crest. A Dalu gall wasp makes her home in a Tangle oak.

>Big Totem
The slapdash shoring work fails, more of Home-Place collapses!
Plains Goblins are known primarily for three things: One, their raspy voices. Two, their ability to eat grass. And Three, their fondness for setting anything in reach on fire.
With these new seafaring Gobbos comes news of some other race to annoy, er, trade with. On an island to the east reside creatures the swimmers have spied, big fish ruled over my sun worshippers with golden skin! Sounds like Gob-nonsense to Big Boss, but might be worth checking out.

[+2 PE]
Brilliant blue sapphires, bluer than the waters of Undine, flow from the Kavost mines. Of course, the Goblins have to be searched thoroughly each evening, so doggedly do they try to sneak gems out for themselves.
A new field of study, another of magics, but one of water. Of the movement of water, and the flow unseen. To move the water, one must move like water. Flow, flow, flow. A droplet splashes the skin.

Of the many hunters of the Dakan Grove, only a handful would be worthy of bringing back the head of this Araq of the Sunlit Grove. There shall be a competition, to find the- oh, the Shamans speak, Achroma wants the head of the Grynox alone, not also of Araq. Thank the dark the error was found so soon. Still, the idea of a hunting competition has stuck in the minds. For it hunters young and old train, perhaps for the first time ever, or the first time out of retirement. The favoured to win this little joust is one Ka'hakan, an elder without title, but Hunter of Hunters has a good ring to it he thinks. It will take a tyrn to prepare, and in that time, the hunters prepare themselves.
(>>4743925) When at last it is dry. And the stars are set right in the sky. And a silver coin lands jaw-side up thrice, an envoy is sent to teach the Fraternians signed language. For outsiders, they are remarkably quick on the uptake of the unspoken tongue of the Do'laroshans. Though many have fat fingers, the equivalent of mush-mouth, the sign-language sees a quick spread through Fraternian society, so useful is it to speak without speaking!
[Full Moon]
Under the light of the ever-filling moon, the forge of iron is built. Here weapons of Purity may be made to smite the wicked and impure things of this earth! A show of might too is the construction of the arena in which the trial of one hundred is performed. It is opened on the night of the full moon by Tokki herself, and from where she stands in her booth, the moon frames her as a white halo.
The rituals required for the latest requested magic are difficult to ascertain. The almanacs lead in a confusing circle of references, the divining bones return only nonsense. Silver is cast into the moon-reflecting-pool and the ripples studied. At last it makes sense. Protection for protection for protection. A silver needle, ink of charcoal soot, an ever ongoing process. Black tattoos of Bitti script punctured through white fur. While the pain endures, the defence holds.

In classic Dwarven fashion, though perhaps more Ashen than Gylden, if no one else is gonna have it, they quite gladly will. Stretching up between the rivers, they continue straight up into the low hills. In said hills is a good source of lime, perfect for grinding up for cement, or lime wash, or any number of uses. Back at home-base meanwhile, another round of farming grants is given for just west of the Field of Gold.

[+1 PE]
The game of the forest is sparse, and often sickly, but the strong stomachs of the Fanw-born are more than able to take it. More is gained from the small traps in the grasslands, and ploughed fields 'round the walls.

Tunnel Sickness flares!
Salt, just what the Goblins need. It's not like they preserve the food they scavenge up, it goes down their gullets raw in most cases! Oh well, they want salt mines, they get salt mines.
In the earth, softer than rock, firmer than rivermud, Suilak is dug. Here the ground is warm, with plenty of space, and well ventilated.

Beni, like many an Oni father, would at first rather have nothing to do with his progeny, they were merely a side effect of his lifestyle as far as he was concerned. But Benmi was different. He was his heir after all! The kingdom would one day be his. What kind of ruler would he be, if he did not have his father to raise him? What kind of terrible tyrant could he grow to be? He might kill on a whim, or fail to take concubines or... or... ban public orgies! It simply wouldn't do! Beni would have to teach Benmi how to be a King. How to be a man! How to be, an Oni.
The Oni have much to be thankful for, and yet they had until now neglected to show the Gods their due thanks! Paacseijai is ordered, a city where temple and brothel will stand side-by-side! And sometimes, in the same building.
Lots of hot lovely sand to beach on, or else farm sweet, sweet anayefruit! Speaking of, get on that straight away. At the same time, a workshop for manufacture and upkeep of rafts and the like is built in Har'Gun.

Though the Shadowfolk had approached them, it is far more difficult than expected to teach them the Fraternian language. They are too quite, speaking below a whisper, the teachers often wonder if they are teaching mutes! In time, however, it is understood that loud exaltations are difficult for these Do'las; Even if they wished to, it is simply not in their nature.
It is a far easier task to study the offerings of that awesome Market. One of the seeds is not too dissimilar to those of wheat, small yellow kernels which give white flour when ground, and when planted for a season grow tall grain and make plentiful hay. The second seeds are minuscule, like fine sand even, the flour is course and unappetising, and when grown gives enormous heads of the tiny seeds, making however a filling if bland porridge. The tubers are starchy and bitter, which dissipates with boiling, are very versatile, and grow in almost any soil, though rather slowly. As for the flower. Well, only two were on offer, planted in their own pots. Given their rarity, they are left to flower and go to seed, they will be tested when this happens. [remind me to do this next turn please.]

The simple is tried first, wetting the hand. Alas this stops the sparking of any magical fire until the hand is dry. A simple bolt invariably leaves nasty, but treatable burns, the healing of which can be accelerated by a balm of herbs concocted by the alchemists and apothecaries, along with the quick application of cold water as soon as the spell is cast. For the more damaging magics however, a plunge-bucket and a salve will not regrow muscle, here it is the task of pain management. Again the herbalists have a solution, one of the leafy plants sold by the Market, which can be dried and smoked to relieve the body of all pains, and most other sensations too. As casters return from the battle with the Trees, they are seen to as best as they can be. One particularly stalwart Elf returns with such a charred hand it cannot be at all saved. But as the dead flesh is removed, remarkably he demands the healers bind the bones together with gold, he will wear his skeletal hand as a badge of pride! Through the healing process it is with great confusion and a little horror that it is found he may still cast his fiery magics!
The production and shaping of enough steeleaf to cover a single Drya can be up to a quarter tyrn! But it is worth the investment, perhaps nothing else could protect against the fires of the Koape.
Ents of some intellect are chosen for the bow is not a mindless weapon, requiring real training, study of the winds, and of calculation of targets. These Ents are sent to find or grow for themselves the right tree for the wood for their bow, and young vines braided, counter braided, spun and worked for the strings. As with steeleaf, it is an immense effort, but one that will assuredly pay off.

[NM] The Dreamer wakes at last, thankful for her long sleep. She stretches her weary branches, and winces as a dried leaf falls off. "Saplings, it is not easy being old. Especially as you come to pester me with your questions! But ah, I forget myself, I promised Bandru I'd help as I could, no use catching blight over it now," She is silent for a long time, lost in her thoughts, when at last the question is put to her, "Oh, the rains, I am sorry to have missed them. But a great bird? My, could've been a hundred birds! Eagle, Vulture, Albatross, any one cou- Swan! Those can get quite big y'know. Where was I?" Confused as she is, the Dreamer eventually comes back around to the question. "Hmm? In the mountain? That mountain? Oh Bandru's roots, there's only one thing that could've been. The Grynox. Lady of Gryphons. Queen of the Mountain."
All the little gaps in the border are filled, and the balance is just ever so more level. Over the Upper Crest however, the Sennites discover a wonder all their own; The source of the Namu. A holy pool of water so clear, of serene tranquillity unmatched. Here the balance is not good, but perfect. The spirits are harmonious, and the natural is beautiful.
It is often a time that the balance of a place is just ever so slightly off, but never able to be put right. However as the scope of the Dryads natural magics increase, these problems can be more easily addressed, for it is often something as simple as a tree limb growing bent or a too ambitious strip of ivy. These can be talked into their proper place, and their spirits calmed.

[+1 PE]
(>>4741012) Down the long Danderway the tendrils of Dander magics creep towards the Dyb and their kingdom. Anubisids find their huts and mats frequently being dusted by little white puffballs with besoms.
Dander ambitions are high, a vast swathe of unclaimed forest in the south is cut for the production of boats, including one very special boat. Half a dozen or so vessels of similar design to that of the flagship, and another flat & wide barge upon which a mighty siege engine is built; a catapult! Though they insist upon calling the thing a trebuchet, such an engineering marvel is not as yet within their grasp. The barge sits low in the water, and moves about as fast as a Fey can stroll, but upon first firing at least, does not sink!
The pebbles of the cave vibrated as the song began and skittered about like mindless insects. As the Elders boomed, they swayed with the music. And as the Elders commanded, the small things about heeded. Though perhaps a little too well, as said small things pelted the ringed Instruments with some force. They leave the cave supremely amazed it had worked, if not a little bruised.
The Maestros sing, and the Maestros move. They move the Instruments who listen, and they move the forest. Leaf by leaf, root by root, tree by tree it creeps. Up the barren hills. Up the slopes. Up the road to Theatra!

(>>4743582) Scary though the Oni may seem, there are a few among them with more minds than muscles. Mostly Satyrs. These clever Oni are more than happy to spread the wisdom of their kind to these "Snake-Oni", starting with their Yūutsuna ao, that is Oni language.
(>>4742058) The strange and bearded half-sized half-Meluz greet the Snakefolk in a half-tongue of their own. It is some strange evolution of Old National Meluz, corrupted by unknown tumbling tyrns. Thankfully they are eager to learn, and are easily taught. They explain that they greeted the Meluz in what they, after some thinking, decided on calling "Sigodian Meluz". It is, in a word, strange.

Plans for the waterwheels are drawn up, given to the men, and built. An honest days labour.
Though their critics, whilst breathing, are oft to call them "war-mad, blood-lusting, barbarian savages", the Andrethi are by no means a war-horde and nothing more. Behind their steel carapaces are hearts which rejoice in music, in study, and in faith. A grand festival is called! The banners of the old world brought out of storage to hang alongside the new, a parade is organised, a vast market arranged, and the chapel doors opened. What little remains in store is given, almost, freely, in celebration for Humanity's continued existence, no Humanity's thriving! When the sun sets, and the party ends, the streets are littered, and the Colonial Daiimad left with the bill. Chief of which is the restocking of the granaries!
[B] Spurred by patriotism and that good old fashioned Human can-do attitude, every strata stake a claim of their own in the north!

> Farm on Farms on Farms...
The western coast near Pologa becomes a set of fields, tending the cacti with care. The fruit now more than just a delicacy becomes a valuable trade as land owning farmer, the settling elves becoming far more than what their parents once were, owning the land they tend. Irrigation systems cool housing, with separate sewage taking away wastes. A plus of schooling elves in engineering.

Around Har'Gun'Heshi the first of a future series of structures are attempted, called an "Vasa Matamata" or "Water Fortress". A combination of coral and oolanged bricks creating an anchored, intentionally half submerged structure, meant to last for a long time and be resistant to attack. It is hoped to have a series of the creations guarding the coasts of the island. (Expecting a 1/2 for the development of a fort Type building after next turn, upon once learning how to do it, it's the regular cost.)
File: Drya-Catan war turn 2.png (64 KB, 601x834)
64 KB
1. With the purchase of the young Shiape it would be taught to speak Market and Drya. Much more patient, being literal trees sometimes, the drya would speak in a tone and volume that the child could hear and ask questions of the child to get an understanding of the confusing Shiape and their kind.
2. Once again the magics of the Drya are looked into. This time effort goes in to create spells that will allow plants to grow bigger and stronger.

Now there is only one front in this war. On land the army of ent warriors, ent archers, dryki, dryki riders, and wild dryki shall march along the Nya river into the Koape lands and stay by the river as far as they can before heading north. A force of dryads will go with them to carry water to protect them if they catch fire. In battle the archers shall aim for their casters while the wild dryki are unleashed upon their lines; followed by the armored ent warriors moving into the battered lines and the riders and riderless dryki attacking the flanks. The Dryaven will stay in and protect the jungle.

At sea the Nyakians shall too head north towards the settlements of the Koape to cause havoc on their ships as they rest. Tearing off oars, breaking holes, and tipping ships. They are to cause havoc to prevent the use of as many of their ships as possible.

The local forest life not doing too well and being sparse and sickly was a surprise. Something that took the hunters by surprise. As such, their hunting was fairly limited in the woods, and their efforts soon would be an attempt to fix the situation in the woods. Though, for now their attempts were minor, as the efforts of Prenhaearn were dedicated to gathering a bit more land suitable for use as a warrens. Oddly, the north was best for farms, and the south found much in the way of suitable land for warrens. And, capitalizing on this, further hunters would set up a proper warrens in the south, meanwhile a farm dedicated to cash crop, specifically the same hardy crops used for Llychlyn drink which were produced shortly after the contact with the Gylden and Humans, was set up in the north where the soil was rich yet the game was not. Regardless, all of this was likely to allow for much in the way of both food and processed goods to be produced in the near future. However, this was all a part of a number of plans Clan Llewelyn had for the success of the colony. Some more easily achieved than others. Though, plans successful or not always give more to do, and there was one main one that needed to be worked upon.

>Action One. Set up a Warrens in the western plains and Farms in the north east.

>Action Two. Expand into the southern plains and sands.

1/2. Build 2 limestone mines in the forest, build a fort in homeplace to secure the city and the cliff it resides on, and build a port in the northern river mouth. With the discovery of the forest deposits Bigboss was quick to establish the role that many of the forest tribes would have to take. Namely that of oppressed miners. Still they are considered as having the easy job. The rest have to carry the heavy rocks through the thick forest and to the great highway for transportation either to homeplace or the northern market. All of them still feel superior to the gits who have to work the asbestos mine. In homeplace proper all of Bigboss' preparations are coming into effect. With plentiful stone coming from the north and south along with an even more impressive labor pool from integrated zhog tribe members (especially the ogres) he is able to completely redesign homeplace from one that is a simple place of mud and sticks to an entire complex of stone buildings and underground complexes. Reinforcing the declining cliff face and ensuring that even the dreaded drooling river cannot hope to erode their foundations again. In the far north a port is also constructed. Establishing a definite point of control between the river and ocean goblins. Much bickering and conflict occurs between the two there, but the river goblins have much of the goods and the ocean goblins control the trade entering the river creating a balance of powers.
Fluff: It all goes brilliantly, the beautiful new arena, the excellent new form of magic that is being developed. Ah yes, everything is going well. Some suggestions are even put in to have the markings put on the rabbits that do not have pure white fur as to conceal their purpose and capabilities to any possible enemies

1 action: Combat training 1v100
With those that passed firmly in upper positions, it is time that they show the new recruits their technique, sharing the info of an older more experienced generation with the younger. Hopefully there will be more success in being able to tackle the insane challenge be it through taking advantage of dodging, disarming, or simply using an enemy to strike another enemy.

1 action: Branch of Pure Defense (2/2)
While the moon is still mostly full, it is good to finish up the groundwork for this new branch. Hopefully with it, troops will be able to defend themselves as well as those around them with this branch, possibly by drawing the harmful intent towards them.

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