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By SICKOFMOONROCKS on Tuesday, MMM/31/200Y, 3:22 AM.

New leaks about the New Mexico evacuation for you guys. This will be my last post. View at your own risk.

[view file]


The text fades to black, before being replaced by more



The text fades to black before the footage begins, while one last string of white text in a black box appears at the top of the screen.



One last thing before I go, if gov tells you to evacuate, evacuate. We all want the truth, I know, but the truth isn’t worth finding if you can’t tell the tale. There are some terrible things in New Mexico right now.
>Take a look at the whole room with the multi-spectrum goggles, and see if there’s anything you’re missing, or anything visible outside.
>Break the news about what happened to Forbes lightly, but leave out the fact that Guttman might’ve been able to save her.
>Change the topic. Ask the vorts what they know of their fallen kin. They don’t seem particularly distressed by it.

Taking a step back from the alien corpses, you turn to look Saulson in the eyes, not sure how close he was to his fellow physicist. “We found Forbes in the server rooms near the lobby, not far from where you were attacked by the marines.” You explain, trying to seem as sympathetic as possible with your face concealed under a gas mask. “Unfortunately, she died from her injuries.”

While you can’t make out his face, you see the physicist’s shoulders slump down, seeming defeated. He shakily sighs, but doesn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry... she seemed like a good person.” You say, as he takes it in, shaking his head towards the ground before he looks towards you. “Were you two close?”

“Fuckin’ closest friend I had left.” The physicist whines as he puts two hands on either side of his helmet’s visor, as though he were massaging his temple through the glass. He sighs again, then says “Knew her husband better, went to Yale with the guy.” He begins to sit down on the side of the relay, but almost immediately something gives way under his weight, and he has to catch himself. “What the hell am I going to tell the guy?”

“Don’t worry about that yet.” You respond, knowing full well that unless Forbes’ husband was already onsite, he won’t get any story close to the truth. “Life’ll be different after this, lotta people missing, and we’ll all be looking at the world a lot differently. Let’s just make sure we’ve all got a homeworld to live on for now. Are you gonna be okay?”

Saulson just slowly nods affirmatively as he moves to lean against a wall near the pile of stacked up alien relics. When the hardened back of his suit bumps against it, a sound much louder than any of you expected echoes through the room, causing him to jump for a second.

Giving the physicist some time to process, you kneel before the alien relay device he nearly broke, examining its already barely held together design. The dish itself is the most intact piece of equipment among it all, and as a testament to human engineering, not built by the vortigaunts. A small logo, the same one you saw flashed into your eyes by your optics treasonous anti-tampering system, is carved around the dish's antenna. Triangles all with rounded bases arranged in a circular pattern. It reminds you of a camera’s aperture. You’d guess it was looted from some human technology to be used by the aliens in their own work.
File: aperture.png (37 KB, 1600x1600)
37 KB
“Vorts,” You say idly as you examine the alien relic, hoping to break the silence of Saulson’s grieving, and take his mind off it somewhat. “Are you gonna be alright as well? You and your people don’t seem to be very distressed.”

“We see them still.” One of the vortigaunts responds.

Where Saulson sat, an old and brittle ceramic casing practically crumbled beneath him, and below it, now caked in a layer of dry clay dust you can see a load of gears, and wheels, different mechanisms all stacking and chaining together, building up from a large wheel and axle dug into the ground until it reaches a hole in the top of the casing, which is cut in a jagged, nonuniform circle, despite the rest of the cylindrical vase like casing seeming to have been crafted into a simple but neat and skilled artisan hand. In it’s current position, the dish itself seems to ride against the edge of this strange incision, but not press against, as if the gears are carefully calculated to land the dish in a certain position, where it now points directly towards the shrinking portal, from which you still hear the distant alien screaming.

Seeing nothing yet on the other side of the portal, you continue to look at the alien artifact, now turning your uneasy attention to the patterns and drawings around the device. When you first saw the large circle around the object, you didn’t initially think it seemed very… vortal, in its design, and now you can see why. It wasn’t one of the vortigaunts typical cave paintings, rather it was designed to mimic a human compass, with large and small notches along a circle. At occasional points along these notches, vortal designs have been drawn along the circumference. Pointing towards the dying portal is a stylized bird, in a circle.

“Do you guys… know what happened to your kin? Why did they block themselves in here?” You ask, as you begin to examine the alien drawings further.

Two other vortal drawings line the vortal drawings. One is a simple curved line, starting out with a hook, continuing straight for a litttle less than a foot, before finally flicking at the end. It reminds you of an incomplete “f”, or perhaps a crowbar.

The other is an angular set of lines arranged in an cock-eyed diamond shape. The crystal drawing is, oddly enough, not just painted in the usual yellow alien coagulated blood. In their alien world, the vortigaunts have taken the time to find more pigments, splitting the colors of the skewed crystal between red and tan. As you examine the dust covered symbol under the light of your gun’s flashlight.
“A deranged experiment.” Vorty explains, responding to your earlier question. “Early parasites. Head crabs. Escape failed.”

“How did they get thrown against the wall?” You ask.

“The Freeman’s experiment.” Another vort explains. “Unexpected energies.”

You begin to consider further questioning the vortigaunts, but your thoughts are cut off by a sudden chorus of alien hisses coming from the still open portal. The sound is amplified like a megaphone by the pipe. For a brief second, you, Kirchoff, and Saulson all look towards the portal. Your allied marine immediately lifts his submachine gun to aim down the old pipe, and you join in with your silenced pistol. With the flashlights built into two guns shining on the spot, you’re almost blinded by the glare of it reflecting off the luminescent alien gas. Then, with a bashing sound on alien door you draw your light away from the portal.

“Shit.” Kirchoff suddenly exclaims. “They’re gonna be on our ass when the portal opens again.”

“They track us.” One of the vortigaunts responds. “Remnant instincts. Pat-.”

The vorts are suddenly cut off by something banging at the room’s only entrance and exit, the ancient ceramic door currently barricaded by stacks of alien objects. For the first time, you see the freed vortigaunts faces filled with shock, and a hint of disgust. There’s a horrid, alien groan from the other side of the door as the banging continues.

Despite the now disturbed state of the vortigaunts, truly fearing whatever is on the other side of that door, Vorty looks to Saulson. “Your own lie beyond.”

The vortigaunt is suddenly given odd looks by all his kin, as though somehow, despite the interwoven minds of the creatures, Vorty has offended his brothers.

>Move the alien relay towards the tan and red crystal symbol, then wait for the portal to open in its new location, and see what’s on the other side.
> Move the alien relay towards the crowbar like symbol, then wait for the portal to open in its new location, and see what’s on the other side.
>Put on the multi-spectrum goggles, get a better look at the room, the relay, and maybe who’s knocking on the blockaded door.
>Start pulling things away from the blockaded door while Kirchoff trains his sights on it.
>Write in.
>Move the alien relay towards the tan and red crystal symbol, then wait for the portal to open in its new location, and see what’s on the other side.
Must be important if they took the time to find pigments for it. And any new location is better than leaving the old one open.
>"Kirchoff, check the thermals again. What's banging out there?"
>Move the alien relay towards the tan and red crystal symbol, then wait for the portal to open in its new location, and see what’s on the other side.
>"Kirchoff, check the thermals again. What's banging out there?"

“Kirchoff, check the thermals again.” You immediately command, as you keep a cautious eye on the door, seeing the alien relics begin to budge once again. “Who’s knocking?”

“On it.” Kirchoff responds, pulling his rifle over his shoulder and peering down the scope. You hear him grumbly slightly in annoyance, before strafing around the door, and trying to fiddling with the settings on the scope. “Seeing a blur, rock’s too thick.”

The sound of alien pounding is only getting louder and more frequent, mixed in with alien moans. “Anything you can do?” You ask, as you grasp the base of the alien dish, carefully pushing on it, worried the strange set of gears might break out from below, and render the whole thing non-functional somehow.

“It’s not the mineral.” Saulson suddenly says. “The barrcicade’s ceramic. Change your angle.”

Kirchoff gives the wall a quick glare,then shrugs to Saulson, then before he moves to lean his shoulder against the wall, pressing the barrel along the side of the rock. As he tries to get a good angle on the system, you slowly push the grinding old wheels and gears holding up the alien’s device, watching through the cracks as they move against each other, changing the position of the overall system in precise, but incomprehensible ways.

“Looks a bit like one of them.” Kirchoff exclaims, his shoulder and gun all pressed up against the wall at an awkward angle to get a better view. “Lankier though.”

Slowly, the large green orb slides across the rock, the dish moving in synchronous with every imperfection the orb is forced to slip past. You turn it carefully as you can, but apparently the vortiguants are unsatisfied by your handling of the machine, and starts to help guide the machine, first giving it their own touch, then slowly butting you away from the machine as they take over, turning it towards the notch where the crystal sits. One of the vorts gives you one final nudge from it’s taloned hand and you’re no longer in reach of the machine, the creatures carefully positioning themselves as to prevent you from even touching the thing while also adjusting the object with their own delicate touch.

“Hidden eddies.” Vorty suddenly pipes. “A sensitive science. Dangerous.” The alien creature points to his slumped over kin, rather coldly. You watch closely as the creatures carefully align the dish, pulling it in odd ways that cause the gears to squeak and groan as they push against each other.
The alien on the other side of the wall continues to bang against the door, growing even angrier at the grinding noise. The old alien ceramics begin to shake loose from their pile, tumbling off the top and crashing into the floor, eliciting even more roars from the alien creature.

“It’s like one of the vorts.” Kirchoff repeats. “But with skinnier arms and legs. Bigger head. Something’s flailing around on the torso area.” He pauses for a moment, having to awkwardly adjust his gun to keep the angle. “Something’s going on at its feet. Ground around it’s toasty.”

“Is it just one?” You ask, closely watching the vortigaunts as they finish your work, aligning the dish with the notch that corresponds to the red and tan crystal drawn on the floor. Slowly, you also see a portal pulsing in the center of the orb, growing then shrinking, before repeating the cycle once again, each time growing a little larger.

“Hold on.” Kirchoff repeats, before flicking a dial on his scope. “Definitely like one of them.” He points a thumb to the vorts. “Got a third arm flailing around like a garden hose.” The marine suddenly pulls away from the wall, then begins to scan around quickly. “I count…” He mutters something to himself as he attempts to spot more of the aliens. “Just the one for now… might be more.”

Yet more pieces of alien pottery and furniture slip off the pile, crashing and crackling apart as they hit the ground. However, you notice in other corner of the room, the portal seems to be growing larger with much more expediency than usual. It does seem… oddly convenient.

“What did you mean… your own lie beyond?” Saulson suddenly says, sounding quickly panicked.

Instantly, the other two vortigaunts give Vorty an odd glare, as if singling him out, before saying “The Oppenheimer mustn’t remain.” It’s odd seeing disagreements amongst such typically unified creatures.

“Is there something out there?” Saulson inquires further. The vorts don’t respond. Instead, two of them glare towards the green orb, watching it pulse on final time. The portal tears open, and the room is suddenly flooded with a glowing blue gas.

Instantly, Kickoff spins around, pointing his gun at the portal, only to see the bend of a corridor. At the other end of the newly stable wormhole, concrete and steel seems to have become overgrown by orange luminescent crystals. The strange material has grown with more invasive fervor than even the xenian fungus. It’s gone so far as to make spikes that cross from one end of the hall before piercing into the pipes on the other, letting God knows what trickle slowly out, coating the walls and crystals in all sorts of strange dusts. Where the hallway bends, there’s some sort of pit with a busted covering mechanism that hangs limply around it.
Kirchoff spins around once again, as even more of the barricade falls apart. It’s around half its height now, and the old ceramic door is starting to move considerably with every pound from the vortigaunt-like alien groaning and moaning on the other side. The vortigaunts begin to back away from the barricade. While Vorty moves to the opposite end of the room, his two allies split off, moving towards the portal. All three of them seem rather fearful, but still sticking out from the group, Vorty doesn’t seem to want to go through that portal just yet, even if his two brothers seem intent on it.

>Move through the portal. Get the hell away from whatever’s coming, and investigate the crystals and other oddities on the other side.
>Train your weapons on the door, wait for whatever’s on the other side to bust in, and prepare to take it down so you can consider further investigating this alien place.
>Write in.
(Optionally, talk to your team.)
>”I’d drop it Saulson. I used to have to collect information in four different languages on my old assignments, and I can still never understand what these creatures are saying.”
>”Drop it Saulson. Whatever it is, it isn’t worth getting eaten for.”
>Pull vorty aside, and bring Saulson over to the creature. See if he’ll talk more away from his kin.
>”Actually I’d like to know what you meant as well Vorts. If I recall, I bought each and every one of yours freedom, so you owe me the info.”
>”Vortigaunts, stick together on me. You creatures should be the last thing getting split up out here. Besides, cowardice is unamerican.“
>”Saulson, you notice these anomalies have been a little convenient? Have you noticed any scientific patterns to their timing?”
>Write in.
>Shoot it where its head should be through the wall with the anti-material rifle. You don't want whatever this is to be able to follow you once it breaks through...and it should be put to rest. Then head through the portal.
>"Sorry, but we can't afford that thing tailing us, or breaking the mechanism. Now suck up your differences and get ready for whatever we run into next, we need to be a unified front."
>Train your weapons on the door, wait for whatever’s on the other side to bust in, and prepare to take it down so you can consider further investigating this alien place.
>boop the aliens
>>Train your weapons on the door, wait for whatever’s on the other side to bust in, and prepare to take it down so you can consider further investigating this alien place.
>”Saulson, you notice these anomalies have been a little convenient? Have you noticed any scientific patterns to their timing?”
File: papagigori.jpg (283 KB, 1280x1024)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Rolled 1 (1d2)

>Shoot it where its head should be through the wall with the anti-material rifle. You don't want whatever this is to be able to follow you once it breaks through...and it should be put to rest. Then head through the portal.(1)
>Train your weapons on the door, wait for whatever’s on the other side to bust in, and prepare to take it down so you can consider further investigating this alien place. (2)
Gonna do a quick tiebreaker for the action prompt.

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