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File: bubbles.jpg (590 KB, 2000x2000)
590 KB
590 KB JPG

Once upon a time, there was a young girl. This young girl lived a happy life with her loving mother and hardworking father. She loved both of her parents very much.

One day, there came news of a crisis sweeping the nation. A "depression" is what the young girl's father called the situation. Of course, the poor little girl wasn't aware of what a "depression" was, so she cared very little about it; so long as she could spend more happy days with her loving parents, she would be happy...of course, as most would have guessed, that is not how things played out.

The girl's parents began fighting. The fights eventually became daily occurrences, which the little girl had to get used to. One cold, gray winter day, the girl came home from school...the house was cold, and felt very empty. She called out for her mother, who was generally home at this hour, but got no response. Instead, she heard her father call out to her from her parents' room. The girl did not think about how strange it was for her father to be home at this hour, and rushed over to the room........


...oh god. Blood, guts, and bits and pieces of Mommy's brains...everywhere. Daddy...what is Daddy eating?




Your eyes shoot open, only to be stung by the strange liquid that your body seems to be suspended in. Where the hell are you?...wait a minute, how the hell are you breathing? You realize that you seem to be suspended in some sort of tank filled with a strange liquid, your mouth and nose are covered by a breathing device...though you aren't sure how you got here...or where you are...or where "here" even is.

>Attempt to break the tank.

>Press your face up against the dusty glass.

>Knock on the tank.

>Other (write-in)
>Press your face up against the dusty glass.
File: lab.jpg (52 KB, 700x273)
52 KB
You push your face up against the glass (at least as close as your respirator will allow), trying to get a better look outside. You can only make out a few flashing lights, and a...pale humanoid shape which vanishes the second you start to try to make it out. The second the figure disappears, the glass that you've been leaning up against shatters, sending you careening forward and tearing the device off of your face.


It's a miracle that you landed without cutting yourself on any shards of glass, and you make sure not to end up with any shards inside of you as you stand up and collect yourself. The room that contains the remains of your tank is dusty, seems as though you had been left inside of that tank for quite a while...

You stumble out of the room, getting used to your weakened form, to find that the connecting room is in an even worse state of disrepair. Everything is covered in a layer of dust, and many of the machines have fallen apart over time. You notice a soft glow, similar to the one that your tank had been giving off, coming from another room, as well as an elevator, and a door to a room marked "PORTAL."

>Check out the glowing room.

>Go down (or up) the elevator.

>Peep the "PORTAL."

>Other (write-in)
>Check out the glowing room
Oh hell yeah, it’s back baby
File: thanks, shutterstock.jpg (37 KB, 462x280)
37 KB
Stumbling over to the glowing room, you notice a framed photo of an older man with a mustache on the wall...he looks like an asshole.


You finally make it to the room to find a large wall covered in tanks. You can't really make out the insides of most of the tanks, though you can see some whose inhabitants are nothing but shriveled corpses, due to the liquid inside leaking out from cracks. A voice in your head suddenly speaks up, it sounds like a young girl.

"Go to the terminal. Only two of these tanks house living souls, and you will be the one to decide which ones they are."

Your attention is then drawn to a nearby terminal, which seems to be one of the few working pieces of machinery in the facility. Upon approaching the machine, several choices are displayed on screen, seems as though you can save at least two of these:





>USER INPUT (type in a name and see if it works)

>OPEN ALL (basically just "random")
File: snek returns.png (267 KB, 1438x810)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
You pick both DAVID and JAMES, hoping that these two are still alive. Two of the tanks begin to descend, and both open up upon landing in front of you...


...a corpse falls out of one of the tanks. Seems as though this "James" met with some unfortunate circumstances.


"Hrnng...my head."

You quickly look over at the other individual. This one seems to be a muscular man wearing a headband who looks about as confused as you are.

"What's...going on?"

Seems as though "David" is still relatively with it.

>Tell him what you know so far.

>Ask him something first (write-in).

>Open another tank before asking anything (write-in). The voice DID say that two of them house living souls.

>Other (write-in)
>ell him what you know so far.
You decide to tell David what you know thus far, including the thing about the nightmare, and the couple of supernatural experiences that you've had so far.

"Hrn...strange. I wonder if that ghost had something to do with why you woke up."

You mention that it could be likely, all things considered.

"So, that ghost told you that two of the people in these things are alive, right? Might as well open another one."

David(?) then wanders over to the terminal and begins inspecting it. He seems pretty nonchalant about the situation, maybe there's something to that. Though, perhaps you should open another tank first.





>Question David further before anything else (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
Let’s not leave people here, but also not cause mass confusion by opening them all at the same time
Hrnghhh colonel
File: its late and im lazy.png (417 KB, 2000x2000)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Last one for now, since I'm starting to doze off a bit. Later doodles for this might be better-looking (and colored, though don't count on that).

You try the other two names listed, and two more tanks come down...


The one marked "FRAN" housed another corpse, though this one seems significantly more intact than the last one. A tall, red-haired woman steps out of the other tank, coughing out tank juices. As she exits, the liquid on her body seems to be blown off of her as if by magic. After collecting herself, she gives the two of you a deadpan stare.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

>Let David answer her question.

>Answer yourself (you can choose whether or not to introduce David).

>Ask who SHE is first!

>Other (write-in)
>Ask who SHE is first!
>Answer yourself
>Let David introduce himself
>Ask who SHE is!
The woman glares at you as you introduce yourself, though she stays silent while you do. Unfortunately, you can't seem to remember much about yourself; you simply tell her what you think your name is, and that you randomly found yourself in this strange lab. You look over at "David" expectantly, as if to tell him that it's his turn next. He sighs and scratches the back of his head.

"The name's Snake...I'm uh...well...hrnng...., I'm not sure what the hell I am. My memory's kind of foggy right now. I can barely remember anything about where I'm from or what I do."

The woman rolls her eyes.

"Good enough, I guess. I'm Jill, now let's get out of here."

And with that, she pushes past the two of you, almost knocking you over. Snake catches you as you stumble.

"You all right, kid?"

You nod as you steady yourself.

"Great, let's get going then. I'm not a fan of that woman's attitude, but I can tell that she's probably pretty strong, so sticking around her might not be a bad idea."

You nod, and the two of you hurry back to the previous room. As you leave, you hear what sounds like a groan of some sort, but looking back reveals nothing, so you hurry along. Jill seems to be checking out some of the equipment, throwing out an occasional kick to supposedly jump-start any equipment that seems to be semi functional (with no luck).

>Suggest that you search the main building of the lab some more.

>Suggest that you check out the "PORTAL" room.

>Suggest that you try out the elevator.

>Ask Jill a question (write-in).

>Ask Snake a question (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>>Other (write-in).
>Check out James's body. What happened to him?
File: glirl.jpg (80 KB, 700x1000)
80 KB
You decide to check out the first corpse that fell out of one of the tanks, and let the other two know. Snake shrugs.

"Sure, kid. Just be careful in there, I felt like we weren't completely alone."

You look around the room, and spot James' corpse. Upon closer examination, you notice that his neck was somehow snapped, though not much else is strange about the body. As you wonder about the old man's neck, you notice something out of the corner of your eye...the other corpse is missing.


Seems as though "Fran" was more alive than you had initially expected...either that, or there's someone or something else in the building that took her corpse. Searching around the room reveals nothing, so you run into the previous room to relay what you saw. Snake strokes his beard.

"Hn...strange. I wonder if his neck was already done for by the time that he made it into that tank."

Suddenly, you hear a tapping sound above you...and what you see when you look up is...unexpected.


A young girl seems to be standing on the ceiling. She gives you a big smile, causing blood to drip down from her mouth.

"Hmm? How did you get out?...oh well, I'm hungry anyway. Hey hey, you'll stay still while I eat you, right?"

With that, the young-looking demon falls from the ceiling and lands on the floor right-side up. She's drooling blood everywhere...

>Run to the "PORTAL" room.

>Run to the elevator.

>Stay and fight!

>Other (write-in)
>treat her like a hungry wild animal by making yourself seem taller while slowly backing away to the elevator while not taking your eyes off her
If this tactic can work on a bear then it might be able to work on feral demon children
File: aaaaaaaaaaaaa.png (922 KB, 961x1344)
922 KB
922 KB PNG
You attempt to make yourself seem taller and dangerous as you begin to back away, Jill glares at you and Snake just sighs and shakes his head. The girl tilts her head to the side.

"Hey hey. Are you an idiot, mister?"

Oof. That hurt on an emotional level. As you're recoiling from the deadly blow to your ego, Snake sighs and books it to the elevator.

"Come on, kid! Let's get out of here!"

Jill, on the other hand, rushes the girl. A solid punch to the nose knocks her on her ass and elicits a growl from the girl.

"You meanie! I just wanted to eat you! Now I'm angwy!"

You have no time to think about how cute that was, as the girl shifts focus and runs at you instead of Jill. She jumps at you, sharpened teeth bared.





>Call a friend.

>Other (write-in)
Okay this has confirmed that she is AT LEAST more intelligent than a bear, a wonderful discovery that only one such as us could make, but also not very good for us. But do not fear for I have a plan as she has made the foolish mistake of JUMPING at us (assumingly head first)

>fall immediately to the ground in a prone position with the hope for her to overshoot her shot at us and hit her head real hard (and get a big child boo boo), then book it to the elevator.
You don't have to overthink it man. Just dodge and gtfo
File: dead city.jpg (36 KB, 852x480)
36 KB

You call upon your inner Neo and dodge backwards, hitting your head against the ground a bit, but also completely dodging the wild girl's attack. She smashes into a nearby wall face-first, eliciting a yelp from the girl. As you get up and run towards the elevator, you hear the girl crying and shouting childish insults at you. The three of you hop into the elevator and hit the only button inside, sending the thing downwards...


...you all wander out of the elevator, and into an old, destroyed office. A large, destroyed window at the end of the room shows the three of you a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape. You see decrepit, broken buildings for miles; nothing in this city seems to be alive, based on what you can see from all the way up where you are. After a moment of shocked silence, Jill speaks up.

"This...isn't what I expected to see."

Snake nods, still rendered mute by the shock of the situation.

>Explore the city.

>Explore the building that you're in for a little while.

>Go back up to the lab (why is this even an option?).

>Ask the other two some questions (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Ask the other two some questions (see if they can think of any more of their memories and try and figure out if we all have amnesia)
>try and find anything of use in the office building then explore the city
File: the real monster.png (336 KB, 1500x1500)
336 KB
336 KB PNG

You turn to your partners and ask if they can remember anything. Snake sighs and shakes his head.

"Besides the name 'Snake' and how to shoot a gun, I can't remember a damn thing."

Jill shrugs.

"I remember that I have a husband, and that I like to punch things. Good enough?"

You uh...suppose so? Snake speaks up again:

"D'you remember anything?"

You shake your head, and suggest that you all search the building. Jill refuses, and says that she'll just wait by the entrance, while Snake agrees to search with you...

...the building is mostly empty. Beyond a couple of kitchen knives, you were unable to find much. Jill refuses the knives, on the basis that her fists are better, and you decide not to push it. The three of you venture into the ruined city in search of more supplies, and maybe a way back to your own homes...

"Behind you."

The strange ghost girl's voice rings out in your head, and you instinctively jump to the side.



A hooded humanoid figure smashes into the ground where you just were, causing a massive shockwave. As the figure turns to look at you, you realize that it's the corpse from before: Fran! The hood over her head flies back, revealing a pair of rabbit ears...strange. What's even stranger is what she seems to be carrying in her left hand: the limp body of that demon girl from earlier. Jill assumes a battle stance, and Snake begins looking around, possibly for a way out. Fran chucks the body at you with no warning, which you manage to block, though your sent careening backwards into a wall...ouch.

>Stay and help out Jill.

>Take Snake's lead and book it.

>Other (write-in).
>inspect the body of the feral child but don’t get too close to it
It’s possible that we have were once a good fighter and forgot about it but I don’t really want to test our muscle memory right now and possibly get in the way of Jill so after we inspect the body (that is if it doesn’t attack us either)
>Stay close to Snake and help him find either an escape route or a way to help Jill
File: serpiente solido.jpg (92 KB, 500x281)
92 KB
You inspect the child's body...looks like she's still breathing. She looks cute while she's sleeping, though you probably shouldn't let that deter you from tossing her aside. After sitting the kid down against a wall, you dash over to Snake while Fran and Jill are fighting.

"Hrng...what a pain. I can't find a decent way out of this one. If that rabbit is as fast as she is strong, we'll need to find a way to at least distract her if we want to find a way away from her."

You ask if he has any ideas.

"We could leave Jill, but that'd hurt us in the long run. The kid over there..."

He motions towards the unconscious demon child.

"...could help us, but using her would be risky (not to mention that she's out cold right now)."

Jill seems to be holding her own, though any hit of Fran's that connects seems to do a lot more damage than any of Jill's attacks. Seems as though you'll need to figure something out quickly!

>Attempt to wake the monster girl.

>Try talking to Fran.

>Decide that Snake and you should just help Jill fight.

>Attempt to ditch Jill and escape.

>Other (write-in)
I don’t really think Fran is in a talking mood right now, and we can always interrogate her after combat
>Try and find a weapon for us and snake (something like an iron bar or pipe, and something like a ziptie to give to snake if we are lucky) if we can’t find one that’s fine
>Ask Snake to sneak around and try and apprehend Fran (and if he cannot do that subdue her by knocking her out)
>Get into a fighting position then distract Fran by yelling at her (be ready to fight her, she’s durable so we shouldn’t have to be too careful with our attacks but let’s try not to kill her)
>do this while also being wary of the feral child getting up

I remember how unforgiving this quest can be so I’m trying to cover all our bases in my combat strategy’s
File: livin in the city.jpg (70 KB, 1024x469)
70 KB
You look around, frantically searching for a weapon of some sort. Eventually, you manage to find a sturdy-looking pipe. You then turn to Snake and ask if he can apprehend Fran.

"I can try, but I dunno if I'll be able to hold her for long."

You tell him the rest of your plan before handing him the pipe as a precautionary measure, and running out to distract Fran. She immediately switches focus and rushes at you, delivering a punch that you're barely able to block. The force of the punch sends you flying back several feet and causes you to land on your back. As Fran prepares to jump you, Snake sneaks up behind her and tries to grab onto her, though he's easily thrown off and into a wall. Jill seizes the opportunity and picks up a pipe of her own, before smashing it against the back of Fran's head...causing her to fall down.


You managed to beat Fran! Jill sighs.

"We're heading back to that lab. I want to check out that portal room."

Snake shakes his head.

"We should probably check out more of the city first, maybe there's something that we might've missed."

Jill, now glaring at Snake for once, replies:

"Unless you want to do the honor of finishing these monsters off, we'll be in constant danger if we just wander around like idiots."

Looks like Jill isn't a big fan of killing. Judging by the look on Snake's face, he isn't either.

>Offer to finish off one or two of the monsters yourself.

>Agree with Jill and check out the portal room.

>Agree with Snake and wander some more.

>Wait for Fran to wake up, and see if she'd be willing to talk.

>Other (write-in)
>Do a very quick sweep of the nearby area for supplies or more materials (random junk we can make something useful with, like say a lighter and hairspray) with snake with Jill guarding Fran and the Child
>Head to the portal room

Judging by the prompts given to us and our ability to dodge and block attacks I’m gonna go out on a limb and say our MC has at least some combat expirence or training (though not anywhere near superhuman or supersoldier) compared to last time (normal isekai college student) so I’m definitely intrested to try and find out our backstory. Perhaps military recruit or nature survivalist?
File: portal.jpg (60 KB, 800x533)
60 KB

You attempt to reason with Jill, asking her to guard the two for a moment while you and Snake sweep the nearby area, to which she reluctantly agrees. You and Snake begin searching through the area, though you find very little beyond some bottled water and a couple of strange, futuristic snacks that resemble gummi bears. Afterwards, the three of you make your way back to the larger building. Upon arriving back to the lab, you notice that significantly more of the area has been destroyed, Fran even seems to have broken a hole in a nearby wall.


You finally make it to the room marked "PORTAL," where (predictably) you find a rather large portal. Though the way that the portal shifts and fluctuates bothers you. It's as though the portal is broken. Just as you're considering trying to find another way out, you hear that voice in your head again.

"Jump in. Don't worry. It's safe."

Hmm...Snake seems to be inspecting the portal, and Jill is leaning against a nearby wall, waiting for the two of you to decide on something.

>Go through the portal.

>See what Jill and/or Snake wants to do.

>Ask the other two some questions (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Assert dominance over our companions by looking at them, shrugging, and jumping into the portal
File: castle in the sky.jpg (157 KB, 939x982)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Throwing caution to the wind, you shrug and hop into the portal. You hear a "wait!" before you're swallowed by darkness...



You land face-first on a stone platform. Getting up, you look around, and...


Oh god, you're in the sky. There are hundreds of platforms floating around you in the air, all of them are made of different materials and seem to float in the same direction. Looking down, you see nothing but endless sky and platforms. One particular platform in the distance seems to house a massive castle, seems like that might be a good place to g -


Snake lands behind you.

"HRNNNG!! Bluh....ow..."

Seems as though his landing wasn't a terribly pleasant one. Jill, on the other hand, lands on her feet right beside you.

>Hop along the platforms to get to the castle.

>Talk with your partners for a bit (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Inquire about our companions conditions after jumping though a portal (gotta make sure we don’t have portal pox)
>Carefully head to the castle island, I mean falling doesn’t seem like a pleasant way to go
File: castle.jpg (105 KB, 800x419)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
You ask your companions if they're all right. Jill rolls her eyes and gives a grunt, while Snake gives a thumbs up while he picks himself up off of the ground(?).

"N-no problem...phew! This place is kind of wild!"

You agree, and then direct your companions' attention to the castle, mentioning that going there next might be the best idea. Jill shrugs and Snake nods before hopping along platforms with you.

As you hop from platform to platform, you notice all sort of birds flying around the area. In the distance, you see a couple of extremely large winged creatures perched atop some other platforms, though they seem fairly docile, considering they haven't made a move to attack you yet.


You finally arrive at the castle, which is much bigger than you initially expected. Bits and pieces of the building seem to float around it on their own little platforms. The large gate of the castle seems shut tight, and the windows on the front of the building are a bit too high-up to reach.

>Knock on the door.

>Walk around the building to the best of your abilities.

>Have Snake find a way in.

>Have Jill find a way in.

>Other (write-in)
>Knock on the door.
Assert dominance by completely abandoning stealth in a strange environment
File: alf.png (181 KB, 511x480)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
You walk up to the door and knock. Jill mumbles something, though you can't make out much of what she says beyond the word "retard."


...no answer. You try again, but get the same result. Jill gives an annoyed sigh and shoves you aside before delivering a kick to the gate...which opens as though it was never locked. Snake shrugs and wanders in, quickly followed by you and Jill. The inside of the castle is pretty much what you'd expect: big and covered in stone. You notice a man dressed as a butler standing in the middle of the foyer. He gives a friendly smile and addresses the three of you.

"Ah! Greetings, guests! I assume that you have come for the dinner party?"

What a strange dude.

>Ask the butler some questions (write-in).

>Talk with your party (write-in).

>Ignore the butler completely and wander around.

>Other (write-in).
He seems like a nice fellow
>Ask the butler some questions (what is this place (both castle and air islands)
>Talk with your party (See what they want to do)
File: alf2.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
The butler seems nice enough, might as well ask him about the castle.

"I suppose that you are not here for the dinner party, then? Well, regardless of whether or not you are, you are more than welcome to join. This castle is owned by a powerful warlord from another dimension, he is the reason that this very dimension exists, though he had quite a bit of assistance from...outside forces."

You ask if you could meet his master.

"Of course, he will be more than glad to speak with you and your friends at dinner."

Fair enough. You turn to your friends(?) and ask them what they think you should do. Snake speaks up first:

"This entire place is suspicious...hnn...but I guess that dinner doesn't sound like the worst thing. Maybe this warlord guy's got some smokes."

Jill sighs.

"I've got nothing, do whatever you want. Just know that I think that this is a trap."

Duly noted.

>Accept the dinner party invitation.

>Reject the invitation.

>Decide to explore the mansion before doing anything.

>Pick one of the two, and then explore the mansion.

>Other (write-in).
>Accept the dinner party invitation.
>Accept the dinner party invitation.
>Pick one of the two, and then explore the mansion.
Just do some basic scouting of the area and have snake see if he can find some easy escape routes
>Accept the dinner party invitation.
No need to be rude!
>Pick one of the two, and then explore the mansion.
Though we should totally case the joint while eating appetizers
File: DOOMGUY.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720)
64 KB
You tell the butler that you accept the dinner party invitation.

"Very well, you will all be notified when the food has been prepared. For now, feel free to wander about. If you require my services, all you need to do is snap, and I will be with you shortly."

You thank him and then turn back to your teammates. The three of you decide to scout the area, and then head to different floors...


You search the upper floor. The castle is massive, so navigating the vast corridors is a bit of a challenge without accidental backtracking at times. Most rooms that you find seem to either be empty, or simply guest rooms. Eventually, you come across a study of some sort; the room itself is massive, and is full of bookshelves. A man sits down at a desk in the room, doing his best to write while wearing massive body armor. He suddenly stops and looks over at you.


"Can I...help you?"

The man is covered in body armor, even choosing to wear a massive helmet on his head. You can tell that the man has a short fuse just by his body language.

>Apologize for disturbing him and leave.

>Ask him some questions (write-in).

>Ignore him and continue exploring the house.

>Ignore him and explore the room.

>Other (write-in).
>Ask him some questions (write-in).
Whatcha writing, big guy?
File: guydoom.jpg (182 KB, 1710x900)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
You ask the man what he's writing.

"Oh, this? I'm just writing a guide on how to TEAR demons apart. I guess that it's more like a guide on how to KILL and FIGHT things that aren't entirely human."

You don't know if you feel comfortable with how he emphasizes the more violent words, but you hold your tongue for the time being.

"Y'see, I was once a pretty angry dude. I did some shit that involved lots of RIPPING and TEARING, but now I've mellowed out a bit and just want to live out my days writing shit and hanging out with my pet bunny."

Ripping and tearing, huh?

>Ask if you can read what he has written down so far.

>Ask him more about himself (write-in).

>Excuse yourself and leave.

>Other (write-in).
>Ask if you can read what he has written down so far.
>Ask if he can give you any pointers in the art of ripping and/or tearing
File: apron alfred.jpg (21 KB, 540x405)
21 KB
You ask the man if you can read what he has so far, and he nods, handing you some of the papers that he's been working on. You begin to read, and...



That's rad! You've learned the art of ripping and tearing, and your ability to fight off non-humans has increased. You ask the man if he has any further pointers on ripping and/or tearing, he nods and begins teaching you what he knows...


...you hear a bell ring.

"Oh, it must be dinner time. Sorry for keeping you for so long. Uh...tell Alf that I'm not gonna be coming down tonight. Teaching you's got me inspired to write some more. If you need to get somewhere else, feel free to use the portal room in the basement."

You thank him for his time and hospitality before heading downstairs, where Snake and Jill are already sitting at the table. You tell "Alf" that the man upstairs won't be coming down for dinner, eliciting a sigh from the man.

"Of course. Thank you for letting me know."

He excuses himself to the kitchen (supposedly to get food for that guy), leaving you alone with your partners at the dinner table. Food is laid out in front of you, though you aren't entirely sure how they got certain types of meat in this bizarre sky world. Shrugging, you dig in. Jill speaks up as you eat.

"I couldn't find much. This place is boring."

Helpful as always...Snake chuckles and gives his report.

"I found another portal downstairs, I'm guessing that that's where we're headed next. Right?"

You nod and tell them about the man upstairs, as well as what he taught you. Snake looks a bit uncomfortable when you mention some of his methods.

"Hrnng...it's good that you learned a thing or two from him. Though ripping and tearing isn't exactly my style, it'll be nice to have someone on board with those skills."

As the three of you finish eating, Alf returns to the room.

"Will the three of you be staying the night? If you do, then I would be more than happy to prepare rooms for you."

You just realized how exhausted you feel after everything that you've gone through.

>Stay the night.

>Leave now.

>Other (write-in).
>Stay the night.
>Stay the night.
We never know what the next world is going to be so we should rest while we can
File: misty.jpg (313 KB, 1128x752)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Your party agrees to stay the night, and all of you are led up to your rooms by Alf. That night, you dream...



...you take another step up the path. Mist partially blocks your vision, making it difficult to see anything other than the ground in front of you. Eventually, you make it to a plateau atop the mountain and stop...you call out to him, hoping that he'll answer.

"-----, I'm here! Come on out!"

...a glowing pair of eyes show themselves through the mist as a figure begins to walk towards you.

"...----...how nice of you to come."

You can't make him out, but you know that he's the one that you've been looking for. He's the one who knows who you are...



...your eyes shoot open. What a strange dream, you felt as though you were someone else entirely...oh well, time to go. You make your way downstairs, where Alf directs you to the dining room. A nice breakfast is laid out before you, and both of your partners seem to be eating already. You sit down to join them.

>Tell your partners about your dream.

>Say nothing for now.

>Do one of the first two choices and then leave for the next area.

>Ask Alf about something (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Tell your partners about your dream.
>Tell your partners about your dream.
Not a good idea to withhold infro from our party
File: portal 2.png (679 KB, 1920x1080)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
You tell your partners about the dream that you had. Jill shrugs slightly and replies with a mouth full of eggs.

"Soundsh dumb."

As expected. Snake seems to be thinking about what you said before shrugging as well.

"Might've just been based on some movie that you saw back in your own world."

He goes back to eating. Maybe you'll be able to learn more about that dream as you continue (or, at the very least, you might be able to find someone interested in it). Upon finishing your meal, the three of you head to the basement, where you find a portal, Alf, and the man who taught you how to rip and tear yesterday. The man nods at you.

"Good luck on your journey, don't forget to put that MURDER training to the test."

You give the man a nod.

>Leave now.

>Ask the man some questions (write-in).

>Ask Alf some questions (write-in).

>Ask your party some questions (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Leave now.
I don’t really see anything that we need to ask Alf or our party about right now
>Ask the man some questions (write-in).
Have any experience with oddly-specific and prophetic dreams? I think I might be having them.
File: digital drawing is HARD.png (166 KB, 1000x1200)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
You ask the man about the dream.

"Can't say that I've experienced anything like that. Sorry about that."

It was worth a shot, at least.

Thanking the man one last time, you head through the portal first again...




You walk into the end of a dark alleyway. Small, rat-like creatures scurry about the floor, paying you no mind. One of the rat mutants looks at you with its many eyes, its scorpion-like tail swinging about, before running off as soon as Snake and Jill enter the picture. Snake scratches the back of his head.

"Hrnng...a city that seems like it's inhabited. That's a nice change of pace."

The three of you exit the alleyway and begin looking around. This area seems heavily populated by monster-like beings, similar to ones that you've probably seen in media (such as vampires and succubi). Your party begins wandering down the street, until...

"'Ey, you! Humie! We don' take kinely to yo' kind aroun' dese kindsa parts!"

You turn around to see a trio of demons sauntering down the street, snapping their fingers. They're all wearing leather jackets and sunglasses...you hold back the urge to laugh, though you hear a chuckle from Snake.

"'Ey 'ey 'ey!!!! Youse tink dat sumfin' 'bout 'dis is funny?!"

The demon creates a small fireball and bounces it in his hand.

"Y'see 'DIS, pinkie? 'Dis 'ere is gen-yoo-wine magic! You'd betta get down on yer knees and beg fer fo - "

...a man appears behind the demon as a gash appears in its neck. The gash grows rapidly and, before you know it, the demon's head falls onto the ground. The man glares over at the other two demons, who run away screaming, before looking back at you. His eyes seem to have been glowing, though they turn back to normal-looking human eyes before he addresses you. He doesn't look like a very happy person.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

>Answer the man (and maybe also thank him for sparing you from an annoying fight).

>Let your partners answer for you.

>Ask who HE is first!

>Other (write-in).
>Answer the man (and maybe also thank him for sparing you from an annoying fight).
>Ask who HE is!
A double slap for every "based". Imma wash mah clothes.
File: city of eternal night.jpg (35 KB, 474x315)
35 KB
You tell the man your name, and Snake and Jill follow suit. You then ask who the hell he is.


"Lucas: servant of God, and exterminator of those who lose themselves to sin. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm currently in this dimension hunting down a man by the name of Nero, though I'm also trying to cut down the rampant gang violence in the area (both literally and figuratively) at the behest of a certain lich."

Sounds like an important dude. Jill suddenly speaks up.

"Do you know a way out of here? I don't want to have to deal with any more of those degenerates."

Lucas nods.

"Indeed I do, though it would require meeting with one of the leaders of the warring clans. The three of you seem capable enough, so if you would like, you may accompany me as I fulfill my mission. Be warned: the two of you..."

He motions towards you and Snake.

"...may be discriminated against due to your lack of magical abilities, as magic is what decides one's social status in this world."

Seems as though Jill has some magic in her, maybe you should ask her about that sometime.

"I am actually on my way to a stronghold right now. You may tag along if you'd like, though I do not require assistance. If you decide to explore, then do not worry: I will find you when you are needed."

>Tell him that you'll stay behind for now and explore for a bit.

>Join him.

>Other (write-in).
He seems like a nice fellow
>Ask our companions what they want to do
It’s a good thing we picked up some tips and tricks on fighting nonhumans, also I’m starting to wonder if Jill is the wife of the knife wielding assassin from the last deep journey.
File: more nighttime shots.jpg (471 KB, 3024x1998)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
You ask the other two what they want to do. Snake shrugs.

"More action is always nice, but I wouldn't mind finding some smokes or a drink right now. They didn't have any liquor back at that castle."

Jill seems to be glaring at Lucas.

"A drink sounds good right about now. Hey priest, do you have any money that we could use for a drink?"

Lucas nods and hands Jill a small bag filled with coins.

"Each of those can be used for a single purchase. They're a special type of currency in this world that can be exchanged for practically anything, so I suggest not losing them."

With that, Lucas turns around and walks off, leaving the three of you alone in the city. Jill clicks her tongue.

"Asshole could've at least left us a map or something..."


From where you currently are, you can see a bar, a clothing store, a nice restaurant, and a library.

>Go to the bar.

>Go to the clothing store.

>Check out the restaurant.

>Visit the library.

>Other (write-in).
>Go to the bar.
File: Spoiler Image (486 KB, 1920x1080)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
>Excuse me , by the way who exactly do I have to address all the muttering to? You are? Besides twitchy.

File: familiar asshole.jpg (129 KB, 568x800)
129 KB
129 KB JPG

Your party goes to the bar. It's a trendy-looking place, with flashing lights and loud music. The three of you sit down, and, being unable to read the menu, you all just order whatever the bartender recommends. After being served, the three of you talk about what you can remember about yourselves, though you don't learn much through that beyond the fact that Snake has a decent amount of combat training and Jill knows a bit of wind magic. A vampire wanders over to the three of you, and begins attempting to chat up Jill.

"H-heyyyy, baby *hic*. Howwww're yew doin'? *hic* How 'bout you ditch those two looooosers and get with a real man?"

Jill takes a deep breath, and looks over at the bartender, tossing him another coin. The bartender nods, catching the coin, as Jill proceeds to smash her glass against the vampire's head.

"Get out of my sight, you piece of trash. Try that shit one more time, and I'll tear your teeth out of your mouth and shove them up your ass."

The vampire, recoiling in pain, runs off while yelling something about a "boss." Jill might've just made things harder for you. Upon finishing your drinks, Snake remarks that he still needs something to smoke, so the three of you exit the bar.


Outside, you find yourself faced with several vampires in suits, including the one that Jill attacked. He points at Jill and yells over at a larger one.

"Th-that's the one, bro! That's the bitch that hit me!"

Snake sighs and gets ready to fight, you also assume a fighting stance. This might be a bit much for your group, but you don't see any escape routes. Jill chuckles for once.

"Pathetic. You can't deal with me on your own? Come on then."

You aren't sure if working them up is the best idea...the little girl's voice speaks to you again.

"Nero is nearby..."

>Take on the bigger one.

>Beat up the large group of smaller ones.

>Take on the coward calling the shots.

>Call out for assistance.

>Other (write-in).
>Take on the coward calling the shots. (Kick him in the balls)

Once the leader falls it usually the rest get a lot more disorganized, also I think Jill and Snake would be better fighting the tougher ones.
File: Nero.png (739 KB, 1500x1500)
739 KB
739 KB PNG
What a pain. You sigh and rush the coward in charge, smashing your foot into his balls, which causes him to fall forward and vomit all over the floor. As you prepare to kick him in the head, the larger vampire delivers a massive blow to the back of your head, knocking you out...



Another dream, huh? You find yourself on top of a burning office building, though you don't really feel any sense of dange -



...loud smashing sounds ring out from inside of the building, as though something is tearing through it...and whatever it is, it's getting closer.



The middle of the roof is broken open, causing smoke and dust to fly everywhere. In the middle of it all, a glowing pair of purple eyes appears before the massive wings of the thing that broke through the roof blow away all of the debris around it. A heavily-armored monster with purple, glowing eyes stands in front of you, brandishing a pair of demonic-looking swords...looks like you'll have to fight.

>Take out your own sword.

>Attempt to talk to him.

>Other (write-in).
>Take out your own sword.
>Attempt to talk to him. “Why must we fight?”
File: 1610324465556.jpg (254 KB, 1920x1080)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
>but why, they did ask_
File: sneg.jpg (101 KB, 850x653)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
You summon your katana using the light around you, and begin to ask him why you must fight, but instead, you say:

"Why did you kill them?!"

The monster roars, it sounds like a combination between a human scream and a lion's roar. You begin to transform as its eyes glow brighter and a beam shoots out at you, and then...



You wake up lying against a wall, a clean-up crew seems to be picking up body parts and tossing them into a truck, while also wiping blood up from the floor. Snake and Jill seem to be talking to a gray-skinned man who seems to be around 7 feet tall. Snake notices you and walks over, crouching down next to you.

"You all right, kid? You took a pretty heavy blow to the head."



>Who is that?

>Other (write-in).
>Grumble about surreal prophetic dreams
File: Im-so-excited.jpg (17 KB, 285x300)
17 KB
Sees title.
Sees QM name.
File: neroo.png (124 KB, 1000x1200)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
You nod and grumble a bit about your dreams. Snake seems to want to say something, but just shrugs and helps you up. The large man and Jill walk over, and the man speaks up.

"All good over here? Nice. Jill here mentioned that you just rushed the guy in charge, that's pretty impressive. Sucks that he ran when I popped by, I wouldn'tve minded finishing him off."

You ask who he is.

"The name's Nero, nice t'meetcha. I kinda just fell down a hole and found myself in this place."

He seems like an all right guy, though the slaughtered vampires are a bit concerning.

>Ask Nero some questions (write-in).

>Ask Jill some questions (write-in).

>Ask Snake some questions (write-in).

>Head somewhere new (choose: library, restaurant, convenience store, clothing store, or other).

>Other (write-in).
File: metal-gear-alert.jpg (17 KB, 600x600)
17 KB
>Ask Nero some questions(how long has he been here and why he dislikes vampires)
>Ask Jill some questions (what happened to the rest of the vampires)
>Ask Snake some questions (he seems to have something on his mind let’s ask him about it)
>Head somewhere new(convenience store)
Gotta get snake some smokes
File: store.png (370 KB, 636x424)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
You begin by asking Nero why he doesn't like vampires. He seems taken aback by this.

"Wh-huh? I don't exactly dislike them, I'm just uh...not used to them, I guess? I mean, they were attacking you guys, right? I just figured that killing 'em would be the best way to deal with 'em."

You follow up by asking how long he's been here.

"That's ah uh...that's a good question. I can't really tell, since it's eternally nighttime here. Sorry about that!"

You thank him for that and then turn to Jill to ask what happened to the rest of the vampires.

"The big guy came in and slaughtered them. He seemed like a completely different person when he was slicing through them all."

You nod, and then ask Snake if there's something on his mind.

"Not really. Sorry to disappoint you, kid."

Ah well. After deciding to take Nero with you for the time being, your party stops by a convenience store. While there, you pick up some supplies and cigarettes for Snake. You and Nero chat a bit about what's happened to your group so far while you shop. You tell him about Lucas while you're leaving, and he suddenly freezes.

"Goddamit...I wish that he'd get over that whole thing. Listen, Lucas is angry at me because of some shit that I did while I wasn't entirely myself. I recommend staying far away from the guy, he's dangerous...in fact, I think that I might have a way out of here that doesn't involve working with him. It might involve a bit of sneaking around, but it'll work for you guys. What do you think?"

>Accept Nero's offer, and get out of here without Lucas' help.

>Decline and wait for Lucas instead.

>Other (write-in).
Looks like we we have a choice to either go with the holy hero or some sort of antihero I don’t think the choice should too impact full (famous last words) because they both seem like decent folk so imma just choose the option that allows us to get some sneaking experience in
>Accept Nero's offer, and get out of here without Lucas' help.
Learn English.

Fuck off. This is a proper quest.

You tell Nero that you'll take his offer, to which he grins and nods.

"Great! All right then, so from what I've gathered, there's a guy named Louie who has the ability to open holes to neighboring dimensions, the only downside is that he's one of the bosses of the gangs around here. If we want to meet with him, we'll need a way into his club, which is where he's usually holed up."

All right, fair enough. So, do you just sneak into the club or something?

"Not exactly. Y'see, there's another guy in town that basically exists to help people out; and if your situation is bad enough, he'll do just about anything short of physical labor to help you out...er, to put it in simpler terms: he can get you and your buddies passes to Louie's club."

This almost sounds too good to be true.

"It does, doesn't it? Well, I'd recommend not worrying too much about the details, that's generally what I do to deal with this kind of thing! O-oh! Right...I forgot to mention that I won't be able to come with you, since the last part of the plan involves sneaking into Louie's office, and I'm not really built for that kind of thing. Aaaanyway, just go to the library and ask for 'Ed,' he's a lich with connections everywhere. I'll be outside if you need me."

All right, so to summarize: go to the library, get a pass into the club from Ed the Lich, sneak into Louie's office, and then convince him to open a portal for you.

>Speak with your teammates to make sure that you're all on the same page.

>Head straight to the library.

>Other (write-in).

Just report the shitposter, no need to actually engage with them. Also, please don't be rude to others.
>Speak with your teammates to make sure that you're all on the same page.
And if they are
>Head straight to the library.

Maybe someday anon
File: grown up pepe.png (157 KB, 1100x1100)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
You turn to your teammates and ask if they're cool with this. Snake and Jill nod almost simultaneously before Jill speaks up.

"I don't trust the blond one at all, so I feel like this is a better offer."

Fair enough. The three of you head over to the library.


You all walk up to the front desk and ask the frog man there where you could find Ed.

"Ed? What would Ed want with normies like you?...tell you what, if the redhead over there gives me a big ol' smoocherino, I'll consider letting you in. How about that?"

Jill looks like she's about to cause a natural disaster.

>Attempt to convince Jill to do it so that you can speak to Ed.

>Let Jill do what she wants.


>Other (write-in).
The only way I can see this ending without Jill committing homicide is to either bribe him or to autistically establish dominance over him. So I prepose we just make him so uncomfortable he lets us through regardless.

>Walk straight up to the counter
>Lean over it to the point we are completely violating his personal space
>Stare into his eyes without blinking
>whispher that we will continuously quote “normie memes” until he lets us through
>precede to follow through with our threat if he does not comply
You quickly enact your master plan, leaning over the desk so that you violate the frog man's personal space, and staring straight into his eyes. He already looks visibly uncomfortable.

"F-fuck off, y-y-you normalfag! We d-don't serve your k-kind here!!"

You grin at him and whisper that you will begin to quote normie memes until he allows you to pass.

"E-egad, no! Anything but the memes! H-here, I'll call Ed and let him know that you're going in, b-but he'll only be able to meet with one of you!"

You say that that's good enough and thank him, pulling back as he lets out a relieved sigh. He then pushes a button on a communication device.

"H-hey, Ed. You've got a uh visitor..."

...you hear a deep voice reply.

"Right. Send them in."

Looks like you're in. Jill mentions that she'll wait outside with Nero and leaves as you head towards the room that the Pepe man directs you to.


Upon entering, you notice that, despite the room being full of candles, it is quite cold. A humanoid figure at a desk motions for you to come over. As you get closer, you begin to notice that the warmly-dressed individual is a skeleton with glowing dots in its eye sockets. It motions for you to take a seat, which you do.

"Sorry about Carl, he can be a bit...abrasive sometimes. I probably could have said something to him, but it's always fun seeing how outsiders deal with him."

You mention why you're here.

"Ah, I see. Well, I don't know how much you know about Louie, but he's stepped up security a bit since the last time a human sauntered into his office. You'll have to be careful if you want to get to him in one piece. Regardless, I can get you VIP passes for his club...give me one quick second."

He turns around and reaches into a drawer, shuffling around before pulling out three cards and handing them to you.

"There are three of you going in, right? That should be enough to get you through the front door. Beyond that, you'll just have to do what you can."

You thank Ed.

"Anything else you need?"

>Yes. Ask Ed a question(s) (write-in).

>Nope, bye!

>Other (write-in)
I'll be rude if it warrants it. Shut up and write.

No. Today.
It's hard to write if you're trying to drive away the only person actually giving suggestions. They're giving good suggestions that move the plot along, too. I'd honestly just appreciate less rudeness and more productive posting; maybe give a suggestion or two that moves the plot along instead of what you're doing now.
>Yes. Ask Ed some questions
>If we can have a background of this world and Louie’s place in it, along with what Louie’s operations are.
>If he can tell us about himself and what his role here is
>If he has any advice that he could give us that might come in handy
>Thank him and leave

Oh anon you’re so demanding today~
File: the lich (old).png (17 KB, 900x900)
17 KB
You ask Ed about this world, Louie, and himself.


"That's quite a bit to cover. I hope that you don't mind sticking around for a bit."

You shrug.

"Very well then...this world is a strange one. It's said that the world its citizens were merely phased into existence one day, and that it was due to the collective imagination of another species in a completely separate universe, though this theory is impossible to prove and has absolutely no real basis beyond 'I knew a guy that knew a guy that said this thing that sounded cool.'

Er...right. Anyway, magic is everything in this universe. Every being in this world has the potential to perform magic at some level or another, and our social and economic classes are based around that ability. The world's government gives money and high-ranking government positions to those that have the potential to perform higher-level magic, meaning that they get to live better lives and generally have more opportunities. Those at the bottom tend to live in squalor and die quickly, which is why you won't see many goblins or imps running around town causing trouble. The government actually recently began to collapse a bit, causing certain high-ranking monsters to lose their cool and form gangs in order to 'take control' of this main city. Currently, Louie's demons, the vampires, and the wolf people have the most control in the city, though there are several smaller groups attempting to climb their way to the top. All of that happened due to a little incident where a monster known as a 'nightmare' killed several government officials, and then attacked Louie. Strangely enough, that attack on Louie happened due to the appearance of another human...I wonder if they're all right...

...o-oh, and uh...as for Louie, he's one of the strongest guys in this city. His magical potential is through the roof, and he doesn't shy away from making that a well-known fact. Once upon a time, he and the nightmare were the strongest beings in the realm, but the vampires got a new leader from another dimension, and the wolves found a 'secret weapon' of some sort a couple of weeks ago, though I'm not sure what that could be. Louie himself doesn't actually do much with his gang, he doesn't need to have them do anything illegal beyond killing those who oppose him in his place, since he really doesn't need the money, and demons already make enough on their own due to them just being demons, so all of his people join for the sake of bashing heads.

As for me...well, I'm just a simple lich that enjoys the company of a good book. I'm actually quite powerful, I just don't really like to make that known. I've lived in this world much longer than many of the other monsters, so I tend to know my way around a bit better, but I also happen to be a bit old-fashioned when it comes to certain things.

File: return of bunnystein.png (179 KB, 1100x1500)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
The best advice that I can give is don't travel alone, watch out for that 'secret weapon,' and don't get on Louie's bad side. In fact, I'll tell you what I told the other human that popped by my place for advice: there's a chance that Louie will tear you apart limb from limb, gut you, and keep you alive and conscious through the entire thing (and maybe even put you back together and do it again) if you screw up and say the wrong thing...so yeah, don't be an idiot."

You thank him for his time.

"Hey, no problem at all. It's been a while since I've been able to just dump a bunch of information on someone. Hit me up if you happen to stumble back into town sometime. Good luck with Louie!"

Nice dude. You head out and meet your partners outside of the building, quickly telling them what Ed told you as far as advice goes while you hand out the cards. Nero grins and gives you a thumbs up.

"Cool cool. I'll accompany you guys to the place, then I'll see if I can find an alternative route out of here."

Right before you thank him, you hear an "awoo"-type sound in the distance.

"...you mentioned werewolves, right?"

You nod as several anthropomorphic wolf people surround you and your friends. One of them speaks up.

"Woof! Hey there, humans! We were actually looking for you! We heard that you were *pant* in town, and wanted to test something on you!"

He howls as several other wolf people carry a rather hefty-looking coffin over and toss it onto the ground. As soon as they jump back from it, the coffin begins to open and...


...oh fuck. Fran smashes the coffin to pieces from the inside and begins looking around. As one of the wolf men approaches her to get a better look, she grabs it by the throat and begins squeezing, glaring at it all the while. Other wolves run over to help, but Fran swats them away as though they were nothing, killing a couple with the impact of her fists. She's definitely gotten stronger.


The wolf in her hand's neck snaps, and she tosses it aside before looking over at you and assuming a battle stance. The other wolves begin to run away, seems as though they didn't really know how to control her.

"Looks like you'll really need my help for this one."

Nero walks towards the monster as a black sword materializes in his left hand.

"You want in? Or should I take her down myself?"

>You want in.

>Ask Nero to cover for you as you run to the club.

>Other (write-in).
>You want in.
It’s probably best to stick together
I would if faggots would stop shitposting.
This. Last quest was brutal even when we stuck together.
And we'll learn combat skills to boot. Plus, didn't Doomguy teach us some basic supernatural combat?
You have to remember Fran most likely isn’t some eldrich horror. We have seen her be subdued by just the main trio, so us plus Nero should be able to deal with her then head out together
That doesn't mean we can't get murked.
File: dangerous priest.png (310 KB, 1500x1500)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
You nod at Nero, eliciting a grin from the gray-skinned man.

"That's what I like to hear! Let's do th - "

Fran immediately rushes Nero, delivering a massive punch to his gut that you can feel despite being a couple of feet away from him, but...

...Nero seems entirely unaffected. He begins to chuckle.

"Too bad for you, defense is kind of my thing...now DIE!"

He takes a swing at the confused Fran, who barely manages to dodge. Looks like this fight won't be too bad as long as Nero's around. Snake does his best to sneak around Fran, and subdue her when he can, while you take opportunities to hit her when she's dealing with Nero and Jill, the latter of whom seems to be using her wind powers a bit more liberally...


...you and Snake punch Fran in the face simultaneously, finally knocking her down. Nero begins to laugh.

"Hah! That was fun! Man, if I manage to get out of here and run into you guys again, I hope that we can fight something again!"

You tell him that you'd be more than happy to do that.


"...I finally found you...Nero..."

Ah shit. Lucas appears directly behind Nero, forming a katana in his hand from the light around him. Nero's eyes go wide as he yells at you.

"Get out of here now!"

Lucas unsheathes the blade and takes several swings...but nothing happens. Nero jumps back as quickly as his large body allows him as Lucas sheathes the blade, causing hundreds of slash marks to appear where he just was; looks like Lucas' sword's attacks can be delayed, that could be a problem. Lucas glares at you.

"After him...you're next!"

Lucas runs at Nero, dodging around a swipe of his sword and delivering a blow to the back of his head with the sheath. Snake yells over at you.

"Running might not be a bad idea, kid!"

Jill nods with a serious look on her face. The tiny girl's voice rings out in your head.

"He will kill you."

>Get out of there, you've been here too long already.

>Help Nero!

>Other (write-in).
>Get out of there, you've been here too long already.
Now is not the time to play hero, we’ve shown Nero that we can be trusted allies but we’ve become enemy’s of Lucas. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.
You nod at your companions, and make a break for Louie's club, leaving the sounds of swords clashing against each other behind you.


You finally make it to the club. It's located in a rather large building and has a massive neon sign that says "DEMON'S RESPITE" above the entrance. A demonic bouncer looks over at the three of you and sighs, holding out his hand.

"You got passes or sumthin'? I doubt yer on Louie's list."

The three of you hand the man your passes, which he examines carefully.

"Tch. Dese're real, awright. Gunna have ta suggest ta da boss dat we rough up dat Ed fucker fer givin' humies free passes...ah well, c'mon in."

He opens the door for you, and the three of you enter. Before closing the door, he yells at you.

"An' don' even tink 'bout botherin' da boss! He's in a real important meetin'!"

Snake shrugs.

"Looks like our first goal is to find a way to Louie's office."

You notice a set of stair being guarded by a pair of demons with a sign saying "employees only," and another set being guarded by a single, larger demon with a sign that says "VIP." Several monsters seem to be enjoying themselves here, though you notice a rather large concentration of vampires in the club, you even notice the cowardly vampire from earlier sitting at a private table with a small posse.

>Try the VIP area.

>Try the employee area.

>Ask one of the guests for help (name a monster).

>Rile up some of the vampires.

>Other (write-in).
>Ask snake for suggestions on what we should do, he seems to know a bit about stealth
I think our best bet is to rile up some of the monsters to get the guards distracted, but I also think it would be fitting to have Snake take the lead on our stealth mission. Gotta give all our companions time to shine.
You ask Snake what the best course of action would be considering the fact that he seems to have some stealth experience. He takes a moment to look around before turning back to you.

"Hrnng...this shouldn't be too hard. Jill, I want you to get that vampire from earlier to notice you. Hopefully he's as hot-headed as I think he is, and he'll start a fight right here in the club. The three of us can slip away in the chaos that ensues...though first, we'll need to figure out which way we'll have to go to get to Louie's office..hrnng.."

You decide to do that, and walk over to a nearby monster. You ask them if they know which way Louie's office is, and they tell you that you'd have to go through the employee entrance. That makes things harder, considering that you'll probably end up having to fight one or two demons if you're unable to sneak around. After reporting back to Snake, the three of you put your plan into action. Jill, instead of just casually wandering around and hoping for the vampires to see her, walks up to their table and socks the cowardly vampire in the face before he has a chance to react...

Within less than a minute, chaos reigns in the club. Monsters of all kind are tearing each other to pieces, and the three of you are able to sneak into the employee area. Fortunately, the only demon here is one guarding (what you assume is) Louie's room. Jill grabs a small box and chucks it at the demon's face, knocking it out instantly. The three of you take this opportunity to rush into the room, where you're met by a demon that seems to have taken all of his fashion-related ideas from Happy Days, and a tall vampire sitting down at a table.


The demon sighs.

"An' jus' who might you three be?"

You answer by telling him that you're a trio of humans looking to get back to your own dimensions, and that you were hoping that he'd be able to help. The vampire chuckles.

"I believe that this is the second time that I have heard of a situation such as this. Louie, if you assist these three, then I will be fully willing to cooperate with your 'crew.'"

The demon looks over at the vampire with a surprised look on his face.

"You sure, Vlad? I means, dese tree don' seem like dey're harborin' any sorta dream demons, but dey sure do look sus."

Vlad chuckles again.

"I will not disagree with that, though I doubt that how 'sus' they may seem affects the fact that opening a portal for them would have much less...messy results than what you normally do to uninvited guests."

Louie sighs.

"Fine, but dey has ta choose deir own ways."

Louie gets up and snaps as a pair of portals open on either side of him.

"Aight. Pick a portal and get da fuck out. You prolly made a fuckin' mess'a my club tryin' to get ova here, and I wanna fix it as soon as possible. Capiche?"

What the fuck even is this guy's accent?

>Pick the black and white portal.

>Pick the green portal.

>Other (write-in).
Oh shit Vlad’s here
>Thank the vampire for vouching for us
>Pick the black and white portal.
Gotta go into the cookies and cream portal
File: white world.png (87 KB, 1500x1500)
87 KB
You thank the vampire for vouching for you, and he responds with a smile and a nod. Louie seems impatient, so you run to the black and white portal and jump on in...



Sand breaks your fall as you land in this new world. Getting up, you notice that everything here is either black or white. Shadows are nonexistent, as there is no visible source of light. The trees(?) all look leafless and dead, and are completely black, small black-and-white animals scurry about, one touches your foot and de-materializes completely before you see it materialize several feet away. Your partners land on either side of you as you're looking around. In the distance, you see a tiny figure moving about the white sands of the world. It seems to spot you, and some appendage comes out of it and starts waving.

>Wave back.

>Approach the small black being.

>Ignore the thing and explore.

>Other (write-in).
>Wave back.
>carefully approach the small black being

Hey QM do we still have those kitchen knives? And if we do how sharp are they?
File: blip.png (68 KB, 1500x1500)
68 KB
You quickly check with Snake to make sure that he's holding on to the kitchen knives from the first world, and he gives you a thumbs-up.

"I've been keeping them safe, don't worry. They aren't too sharp though, so searching for better weapons might be a good idea."

Awesome. After checking in with that, you wave at the small thing and begin approaching, it moves quickly over to where you are. The thing is a small black blob no taller than a 5-year-old. It looks up at you and smiles.

"Hi! What are you? My name's Blip!"

It sounds like a child, too.

>Tell it your name.

>Tell it that you're a human.

>Let Snake handle this.

>Let Jill handle this.

>Other (write-in).
>Tell it that you're a human.
>Tell it your name.
File: blip again.png (80 KB, 1500x1500)
80 KB
Upon telling Blip that you're a human, he begins bouncing excitedly.

"So so so does that mean that those two are humans, too?"

You nod.

"Cool! I've never seen more than one human before! Hey hey, other humans! What're your names?"

Snake answers normally, while Jill seems to have trouble.

"J-Jill, i-it's uh...nice to meet you."

"Yay! Nice to meet you too, Jill! You seem really nice!"

Jill faints.

"Uh-oh! Is Jill going to be ok?"

You and Snake look at each other.

"Uh...yeah, I'm sure that she will, kid. Don't worry about it."

"Yay! Hey hey, do you three need help? I know a thing that can help you if you need it! I took the other human that came here over to it, and it helped that human out!"

Blip continues to bounce happily. Looks like he enjoys having people around.

>Sure, go with the small blob.

>Inquire further into what this "thing" is.

>Other (write-in).
>Inquire further into what this "thing" is.
>Sure, go with the small blob.
Make sure we don’t just leave Jill there
File: bloop.png (8 KB, 900x900)
8 KB
You ask Snake if he can carry Jill on his back, and he says "sure." You then turn back to Blip and ask exactly what this "thing" is.

"Uhhh...it's really big and friendly! It also lives in a biiiiiiig house! Uh and it...it's really really strong! There was a bad thing that lived here once, but it beat the bad thing up and locked it away forever!"

That was...helpful? Oh well, you and Snake follow Blip. Along the way, you see other black beings that look similar to Blip, though they don't acknowledge you or really even look over at you, they simply wander about. Your group finally arrives at a massive, black castle. Blip opens a large, white door leading into darkness, and then sticks out a pair of arm-like appendages towards you and Snake.

"It's a little hard to navigate inside, so I can hold your hands so that you don't get lost."

That darkness really does look...well, dark.

>Take Blip's hand.

>Tell him that you're fine.

>Ask Blip something (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Take Blip's hand.
I see two outcomes here. Either Blip is literally just a child and sees nothing wrong with this, or he is a malicious entity and this vote just seals our doom.
File: thing.png (732 KB, 1500x1500)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
You take Blip's hand and allow him to lead you and Snake into the castle...


As you enter the darkness, his colors invert to white. Your team begins walking down a long flight of stairs, until you finally reach a massive, white being with a single, red eye. It observes your group as Blip begins speaking to it.

"Hi! I found more humans that need help!"

The larger being takes a closer look at you and your party before speaking.


Snake nods.


Its attention shifts to you.


You get no response from the girl.

>Yes, please do.

>No, thank you.

>Ask it a few questions first (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Ask it a few questions first (do you know why she is within me? Or what exactly she is?).
I’m guessing her silence means she is leaving the decision up to us.
>Yes, please do.
File: pink.png (132 KB, 1500x1500)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
You ask about the girl.


Oh well. You tell him that you're ok with him separating you.


It touches you, Snake, and Jill with its appendages, causing you to black out...



You see a base on a snowy island, guards roam the perimeter. You know that he is waiting inside, the one that calls you his "brother." Suddenly, everything shifts, and you find yourself shirtless, staring your "brother" in the face as you block a punch that he throws at you. Things shift again, and you're mentoring a young man with silver hair......




You deftly block an attack with your tonfa. The assassin hops back before you can launch a counterattack and pulls down his mask, revealing a terrifying visage: a fanged mouth surrounded by scales, burn marks, cuts, and bruises. You barely have enough time to create a barrier with your wind manipulating abilities before he spits a massive balls of fire at you...things shift yet again, and now you're meditating alongside the assassin from before. The two of you had left the city behind, and now live together in a cottage, but little did you know that a strange man was about to change all of that......




Ah!...phew. You've finally woken up for real. Looking around, you see that you're trapped in some sort of hedge maze...and alone. Seems as though your companions may have been teleported to other parts of the maze. You look around to make sure that you didn't just miss them until you hear someone...

"Uhn...uh...oh. I'm awake."

Looking over to your side and downwards, you notice a little girl with pink hair sitting up against a hedge. She notices you and waves.

"Hello again."

This is probably the girl who was trapped inside of you before.

>Say hi back.

>Look around for your friends.

>Call out for your friends.

>Ask the girl some questions (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Say hi back.
>Ask the girl some questions
>”Who are you?”
>”How did you get into my head?”
>”What can you tell me about everything going on? Like those prophetic dreams or how I ended up in that lab.”
>Look around for your friends.
File: lil.png (175 KB, 1000x1500)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
You say hi back, and then ask the girl who she is.

"I'm uh...Annabelle. I don't remember much more than my name, sorry."

You ask her about how she got into your head.

"I...don't really know about that either...sorry..."

She looks a little sad, but you ask your next question anyway: what can she tell you about what's going on.

"Oh, uh...I believe that those dreams that you have been have been having are due to my own abilities, though I'm not entirely sure what 'my own abilities' means right now...I'm not sure how any of us ended up this way."

You tell her that it's ok, and you help her up. The two of you proceed to move through the hedge maze until eventually arriving at a ghastly sight: a mutilated human corpse. A green-haired woman seems to be examining the corpse, she turns to look at you and the girl and then raises an eyebrow.

"Hm? More humans? I wasn't expecting to see living ones around here...oh, uh...don't worry about this. He was dead when I got here."

She stands up and awkwardly scratches the back of her head. You can see that she has tiny bat wings on her back, and pupils similar to those of a cat.

"So...who the hell are you?"

>Tell her.

>Withhold the information for now, she seems sketchy.

>Ask her who SHE is! Yes, this will be a constant thing.

>Other (write-in).
>Ask her who SHE is!
She seems sketchy so the first course of action is to assert dominance
>Tell her.
File: hedges.jpg (1.28 MB, 1024x1024)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
You tell her your name and Annabelle's. Her left eye twitches as she speaks.

"The name's Lilith. I'm from Monster City, but I was banished for uh...well, it's a bit embarrassing, but I drained three too many of the wrong guys, so they got pissed at me and sent me here. I'm a succubus, if you didn't guess."

That's a bit more information than you needed, but whatever. Annabelle seems confused by what she meant by "drained," so you quickly assure her that she'll learn when she gets older. Lilith sighs, looking down at the corpse by her side.

"Would you mind if I tagged along? I'm kinda lost here, and I just want to get back to my apartment."

Would you?

>Go ahead, more allies are always nice.

>No, go your own way.

>Discuss with Annabelle.

>Ask Lilith more questions (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Ask Lilith more questions (ask her what her skill set is)
>Go ahead, more allies are always nice.
Lets not let her walk straight behind us though
File: blood on grass.png (265 KB, 400x266)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
You tell her that she can join you, as long as she doesn't try anything. Annabelle nods in agreement.

"Sure, fine, whatever. Let's just go, all right?"

You ask her if she has any useful skills.

"Uh...beyond being a great fuck and some minor seduction spells? I can cast some minor projectile spells, but those are all fire-based. As far as I can tell, fire-based spells don't work here; neither does flying or anything that could get you around these damn hedges.'

The three of you continue on, until...


...you run across another humanoid corpse. This one doesn't seem entirely human, considering the plantlike insides. The corpse is pretty badly mutilated, just like the last one. Annabelle comes up next to you while Lilith sits at a nearby table.

"There is no sign of a struggle...I'm worried that whatever did this is still hiding around the area."

Lilith yawns.

"Eh, whatever. I'm sure that it just got to them because they were alone. We're probably fine, since we're in a big group."

That may be true, though this is still concerning. Suddenly, you hear a familiar voice.

"Hey, kid. Looks like we got separated for a bit."

Jill and Snake run over to you. Snake looks over at Annabelle and Lilith.

"Who are they?"

You explain that Annabelle was the girl helping you out from inside, and that Lilith is a succubus from that monster world.

>Ask them something (write-in).

>Just move on (pick: left, right, or back).

>Other (write-in).
>Inform Snake and Jill about the corpses we found
>Ask about what they found
>GROUP VOTE for direction we go in if no one has any information on where we should go
>vote right
File: plant lady.png (131 KB, 1200x1200)
131 KB
131 KB PNG

You tell Snake and Jill about the corpses that you found earlier, and Snake frowns.

"More of them? We came across one on our way here, too. Looks like something is killing off the inhabitants of this maze."

You ask everybody which way they think you should go, and "right" seems to be the most popular way. As you proceed, you come across a few more corpses belonging to those plant people. Annabelle huddles closer to you as you proceed. Eventually, you come across a green-skinned woman in a dress, she looks over at you with fear in her eyes.

"A-are you going to kill me, too? P-please don't!"

Jill rolls her eyes and takes a step forward.

"Shut up and calm down. We just got here."

That seems to calm her down a little bit, though she still keeps her distance.

"Th-then have you seen the murderer? I-I-I don't want to die!"

You shake your head. Snake sighs.

"Listen, you can stick around us for now. Just take a deep breath, and we'll get you somewhere safe...er, is there anywhere safe in here?"

She nods, taking a few steps forwards.

"Th-the Gardener's cabin is generally fairly safe to lurk around, as he is one of the two most powerful beings here..."

You ask if she can lead you there.

"I uhm...I think so. P-please follow me."

She begins leading you through the maze.

>Ask someone some questions while you travel (specify who and write-in, possible choices are Snake, Jill, Annabelle, Lilith, and plant woman).

>Keep silent for this journey.

>Other (write-in).
>Ask the plant women who she is and anything she knows about the murderer

Just in case either Lilith or the plant lady is deceiving us
>try to covertly inform Snake and Jill to be on their guard around Lilith and the plant lady
File: house.jpg (105 KB, 720x540)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
You ask the plant lady who she is, and if she knows anything about the murderer.

"N-no! I don't know anything! I just keep finding corpses of my sisters and those of various hive-dwellers, but I have been unable to find anybody living beyond your group...o-oh, right. My name is Lillie. Like my sisters, I've been named after a flower."

Fair enough. You ask her about hive-dwellers.

"Ah, they are insect people from the other side of the maze. We generally get along, so I hope that this isn't an attack by them..."

You quickly turn to Snake and Jill and whisper to both of them to be on their guard, they nod...


You arrive at a small wooden house with a wooden fence around it. Lillie tells you all to wait outside, and wanders in...shortly after, she wanders out and informs you that the Gardener isn't at home at the moment.

"I-if you would like, I could prepare some tea and we could all wait inside. I would prefer that, as it would probably reduce our chances of being attacked. Not to mention that the Gardener's home has an anti-evil barrier around it, so any sort of evil spirits will be stopped before they can get in."

>Accept her invitation.

>Decide to wait outside, it could be a trap.

>Ask more questions (write-in).

>Other (write-in).
>Accept her invitation.
We’ll moment of truth if this is a trap or not: I’m more inclined to believe it isn’t but if it is we’ve prepared all we can.
File: tea cup.jpg (27 KB, 474x474)
27 KB
Lilith seems concerned.

"Listen, I'm a succubus, so I don't think that the 'anti-evil barrier' and I would mesh well, so I'm just going to sit out here."

Oh well, she'll probably be fine. Your group follows Lillie in without Lilith. Lillie begins making tea for your team while you all sit down at a rather large dining table. After serving you, she sits down with her own glass.

"Th-thank you so much for coming with me! I was afraid that being alone for that long would have gotten me murdered, so being here with trustworthy people like yourselves is nice."

Seems as though the tea isn't drugged, based on how quickly Jill finished her's.

>Ask Lillie some questions (write-in).

>Just drink your tea, and see what happens.

>Drink your tea and then leave.

>Other (write-in).
>Ask Lillie some questions
>”Who/What is the gardener”
>Just drink your tea, and see what happens.
When the prompt literally says “and see what happens” how can I not chose it?
File: tommy.jpg (10 KB, 474x219)
10 KB

As you drink your tea, you ask Lillie about the "Gardener."

"Oh, the Gardener is a wonderful man! He was once a human like you, but apparently everybody in his world betrayed him. It was all over some controversy about him hitting a woman, in which he was wrongfully accused. He really didn't hit her...a-anyway, he was fed up with the world due to everybody betraying him, so he decided to learn magic. He eventually found a portal into this dimension and made peace with the Hive, which is ruled by the Queen. He made this cabin with his magic, and then he began to create my sisters and me...though now, it seems as though I may be the only one left..."

She looks very sad about that...though something about the way she described the Gardener sounds very familiar...you wonder why...and then you stop wondering as the front door closes, and a long-haired man walks in.

"Oh hi, Lillie. Who are these beautiful-looking people?"

"O-oh, hello Master! Th-these are wanderers that found me in the Garden. They safely walked me to your home."

The man grins and walks up to you, putting his hand on your shoulder.

"Well thank you very much, friends. I appreciate your assisting of Lillie. If you have any problems, talk to me and I will help you."

>Ask him to help you get out of here.

>Ask him to help you with something else (write-in).

>Offer to help him find the murderer.

>Other (write-in).
Oh no it’s so much worse than any outer god. It is true American hero.
>Ask him about what’s going on on the maze
>Ask him if he can help us get out of here
>Get consenscious with our group whether to stay and help with the murderer or just leave
Perhaps is we stay Tommy can teach us a little magic
File: FOOTBALL.jpg (41 KB, 650x400)
41 KB
You ask this strange man about the maze.

"That's good question. The maze is an enigma. A figment of our imagination made reality. You have to walk around the maze many time before you really understand it. I have walked around it many times, and now look at me: I'm a master wizard."

That was...unhelpful. You ask if the maze has a way out.

"No, not it does naht."

Awesome. You then ask if he can help you and your friends with getting out.

"Of course, my friend. I can help you all. I just need to meet with the Queen, and the two of us can send you closer to home."

Sweet, you then ask for a moment to chat with your group alone.

"Of course. Come on, Lillie. Let's go throw the football around outside. Maybe the green woman will join us."

The two of them leave your group alone, and you begin by asking your team if you should help them find and defeat/apprehend/kill the murderer. Snake seems to think for a moment before sighing.

"As much as I'd like to help, I don't think that it would be in our best interests. Finding a murderer in a maze like this is basically the same as trying to find a needle in a haystack."

Jill nods in agreement.

"I hate that Gardener guy, so I want to get out of here as soon as possible."

Annabelle chimes in.

"I think that we should at least try to help! These people have their own lives to live, and we all have skills that could uh...really help out!"

Looks like it's 2 to 1. Will you be the tie-maker?

>We should help if we can.

>Let's just focus on getting out.

>Other (write-in).
>We should help if we can but it’s not our top priority
Deep, wtf world is THIS? What's the story behind it? Shit weird af.
>>We should help if we can.
Absolutely. I don't see why the voters are always so keen to rush through worlds. We're having tea with one of this world's most powerful denizens, and we can learn magic. Imagine what else they'd help out with if we helped them do something. It's not like we're getting to the bottom of the eternal isekai shit in-character. Since this quest began, we've fought bunnies, vampires and demons. IN THE FIRST PARTS OF THE QUEST. Let's chill out, do something nice for once, and get a heaping reward for our troubles.

Also, "true American hero?" Who df is the pic related.

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