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/a/ tranny jannies eternally seething that they will never be a woman
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yikes, sounds like u need your daily dose of BBC chud
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Why wouldn't it have anything to do with an OP just replying to another post?
Why do they have to possess strong negative emotions when doing actions which happen to get in getting in the way of your fun? You don't have to be based to get banned, and they don't have to be cringe to ban you. I imagine it's usually much more boring.

I will never be a woman by the way, and my primary motivation for this post is learning how you determined all other explanations for your ban, including the one they provided, are not viable. I'm not seeing it.
seething about trannies has become more annoying than real invading trannies. if you want to make criticizing trannies to become a banable offence, keep bringing up trannies for no reason
Is this the HRT speaking here? All I see is a word salad.
>Is this the HRT speaking here?
Why would I take any if I don't want to be a woman?
>All I see is a word salad.
I don't see any grammatical errors in English.
If any particular parts are confusing, I am willing to elaborate.
If you cannot decipher any part of that short post, I doubt your ability to parse the given reason for your ban.
>posting anti-trans rethoric on the tranny board

Quite ballsy OP. There is a reason /a/utists are called tr/a/nnies now and widely mocked on the website.
>"I doubt your ability to parse the given reason for your ban."
Oh ok then.

>"Threads should be created with substantial OP text containing a meaningful topic of discussion. Please refrain from posting catch-phrase or template threads."

So can you explain what this 'thread' was in question that resulted in the ban? (protip, it's not what's linked, that's a post)

Let the mental gymnastics begin.
HRT can't speak, dumb dumb
Because you didn't link it, like you said.
/a/ is openly racist and transphobic though

There you go.
It's more that /a/utists are escapists from the real world, and so have a kneejerk reaction to the political and Western cultural wars that non-weebs on 4chan revel in. That's what happens when someone actually does cope about something they can't change.
You don't have to like trannies to not like being reminded of their existence on the fictional 2D ideal board. Just like you don't have to hate cartoons to hate trannies.
File: OK.png (59 KB, 350x290)
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>OP not deleted.
OK yeah whatever they're thinking they're wrong.
your problem is trying to engage with s/u/bhumans, they are a protected class on /a/ for some reason.
File: 1625715682814.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.04 MB PNG
>OK yeah whatever they're thinking they're wrong.

Or jannies are just thin skinned snowflake troons who mod abuse
Ok, I think I misunderstood. Are you troons like people use faggot as a generic insult?
Because the thing is, literally being a disgusting transsexual is not as much of a sting as clearly displaying that one can't do the one thing they volunteered to do for free.
Probably because they're in their tranny janny friend's IRC DMs and tattletale to them any post that makes fun of them

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