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>I'm not your friend
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Satania ..
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who said that
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>I need to go talk to my boyfriend for an hour.
Why are women like this?
it was a guy, he led me on for months /:
What do you mean?
ok that was basically inviting a blogpost so here goes
>get to new college two semesters ago, it's a stem-only place so it's basically discord university
>make one friend out of literally everyone there given the covid New Normal (TM)
>he's really chill and looks out for me i guess, then we host an event together because nobody else at the college has any sort of willpower or social skills whatsoever
>calls me a great guy says he'd kiss me etc I get so fucking overwhelmed lmao but I do my best to return it over the next few weeks
>he always thought the stuff i was into was cool, even my basedjak folder and basedquoting techniques like using sed in bash to greentext every line, and my 糞 attempt at learning moonspeak
>things get kind of bad at home and with myself since I'm not mentally perfect, moving into a new house definitely didn't help
>the night I move in we talk in discord call (since the school pretty much requires it anyway) like we've talked every single night, for hours as always
>"oh sorry dude I need to go talk to my boyfriend for an hour"
>choke up and say some stupid shit about having to go grocery shopping (1 am btw)
>cry on floor surrounded by boxes
>he texts me asking if im going to be doing some shit for a group
>jesus fucking christ leave me alone
it's okay now I guess but I'm still fucked up from everything. i'm not mad at him at all. it's fucking college, we're both very early 20s, things happen & people make decisions. but holy fuck it hurt lmao. couldn't do anything for two weeks
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I wasn’t there but from what you’ve told me it does kinda sound like he was leading you on, maybe he didn’t know he was doing it but i’d say just to be on the safe side watch his behavior form now on.
no one is reading this you friendless sexless tranny fag lol
ALSO BASED >>4510238
Who gave you any choice about it?
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Yes, you are.

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