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File: aaaaaaa.jpg (199 KB, 1246x1566)
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199 KB JPG
The stealth stalking/drama/shitpost "rym" generals are still getting made on /mu/ (see >>3782594)

Can something be done about these avatar users?
>>>/mu/100883344 >>>/mu/100861183 >>>/mu/100861024 >>>/mu/100860017 >>>/mu/100859893 >>>/mu/100847862 >>>/mu/100846792 >>>/mu/100845221
Why are you trying to get rid of the only people that make /rym/ a bearable place
>its another mao damage control episode

Why are you using a music board to talk about travelling to Asia?
meant for >>3797377
>mao damage control
care to elaborate?
No mods on /mu/ you lose again fruitfork
No mods on /mu/ except when you say "nigger"
File: schizos.jpg (172 KB, 1113x832)
172 KB
172 KB JPG

Yeah I can't believe how consistent it is to get banned for saying "nigger" but these pedophiles are allowed to spam the board with their creepy stalking and "gay boy" roleplay threads
File: 5.jpg (21 KB, 389x378)
21 KB
oh, no! people are posting images on an image board!
File: 1609710919171.png (44 KB, 715x864)
44 KB
>oh, no! people are posting images on an image board!
File: 1502877109897.jpg (29 KB, 350x350)
29 KB

you’re right, this is wrong.
these however are perfectly fine
please get a life
She’s 21 retard
The photo was taken when she was like 16

Mods where the fuck are you?
mods hate bratty and bayar
File: deb.jpg (154 KB, 1200x927)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>the pedophiles are posting links to viruses and phishing sites now
>not even the janitor is anywhere to be found

Ah, /rym/, truly the best threads on /mu/.
damn fruitfork won bros how do we cope
Recently this clique is the one starting these threads to begin with; any degeneracy that happens is fundamentally their fault. They should know what has repeatedly happened throughout the cultural course of /rym/, and that it is certainly not worth their faggot blogposting, or even the best possible on-topic discussion on /mu/. /rym/ is utterly worthless.
And just because you filter something doesn't prevent it from actually happening. Are you all too young to have developed object permanence?
>if the wright brothers hadn't invented the plane 9/11 wouldn't have happened
File: images (5).jpg (11 KB, 227x222)
11 KB
Mod showed up to delete just two of the e-stalker posts and left the rest up, including the virus links. You can't make this shit up.
that's only cause kennedi would sue the shit out of gookmoot otherwise
You aren't as important as the wright brothers, 9/11 was based, and this analogy is flawed in too many ways to even support a counterpoint, much less stand in for one. Just stop making the threads, it's that easy you retard.
I'm not one of them. You're just sad people that get upset about some lonely kids talking to eachother.
File: 9rwK14YSj5-8.png (36 KB, 300x250)
36 KB
> You're just sad people that get upset about some lonely kids talking to eachother.

ah, they're lonely. so that's why they choose to congregate in a spot where people regularly post child porn and harass autistic 16-year-olds.
File: 1610558174167.png (15 KB, 695x664)
15 KB
>I'm not one of them. You're just sad people that get upset about some lonely kids talking to eachother.
File: hqdefault.jpg (29 KB, 620x439)
29 KB
>You're just sad people that get upset about some lonely kids talking to eachother.
Decent music discussion is nearly impossible on the internet.
You have so many cognitive dissonances in place combating the development of agency. I hate pitying people, and if you're not a teenager you are very pitiable.

Lmao wtf are these dudes doing. Just let the thread die dumb fucks. Haven't you caused enough problems
They made a new thread as soon as the mod deleted the previous one (finally)

Remember to report for spam/flooding
These threads just fucking need to die. The mods won't do a shit about them
File: exhausted (4).png (23 KB, 370x320)
23 KB
ok you won . . . how do i set up a discorrrrrd server
We may have lost the battle but we are winning the war
newest thread >>>/mu/100900572
hey op... since /rym/ is inevitably scummy i think i'm going to start posting here instead. i hope you don't mind it !!
if /rym/ really is no more i wanna say thanks to everyone that was kind and gave me cool recs. sounds autistic but i’ve some good friends from these threads. i love you all <3
love you too <3
newest thread >>>/mu/100901975
liberated from /rym/ ...
File: file.png (208 KB, 1685x441)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
hi friends! post what you are listening to RIGHT NOW! :)
cool! sounds a bit like a more industrial, post-punkish version the books. Will check out the full album :)
>the books
gotta check them out. thankss
>'you have 2 new recommendations'
>it's from a week ago
hey dutch friend, if you're still here, do you mind if i add you as a friend? you don't have to worry about notifications since i don't publish anything
sure, send an invite, Ill add you back If I dont forget :)
also I DO want notifications! I like reading lists and reviews :)
based jannies removing rule breaking posts but still allowing the threads
File: download.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
What's the matter myspaceisflat? You must be real mad huh

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