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Do you guys still use forums or has 4chan and other imageboards serve as your only place of discussion for your interests? I use forums way less nowadays than I did 10+ years ago but I still occasionally surf sites like Gamefaqs.

Also, what do you think is the future of forums? They aren't really dead but they certainly have been impacted by the further homogenization of the internet where much traffic space has been absorbed by the bigger sites. I'll admit that I use some form of social media but I do miss those thread based discussion circles that once dominated the internet.
>bumping your own thread
>on a slow board
I used to browse some hobbyist forums a few years back. I still have an account on this herp forum and a spec evo forum but I haven't posted on either of them in nearly an entire year. I have them bookmarked but I can't remember the last time I even went and checked up on them.
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Yeah, I'm an avid Redditor, and frequently take pictures of threads for karma on r/4chan. Not to mention pissing off 4channers who have an autistic hatred for reddit.
what are good forums?
i used to shitpost on steam forums but i got bored and 4chan is better for that anyway
sure, i mean where else do we discuss things? reddit? fuck that. there are still a ton of active messageboards. i frequent a few for basketball.

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