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File: tissues-time.jpg (24 KB, 389x342)
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Why does /qa/ have so many threads that are just image dumps?

I thought that this was the meta board.
autistic spammers and schizophrenics
he got here in February 2017 and won't leave
/qa/ is an image board, i don't know why you'd be surprised that there are threads that have mostly images
But it's just one schizo spamming threads with images. What's the point of doing that especially on /qa/?
File: 1558640150317.jpg (16 KB, 500x322)
16 KB
>spams weeb shit nobody cares about on the meta board
i don't know maybe they want to share images, and shy of proving that it isn't multiple people posting doubt it's just one dude
They should use the appropriate boards for it.
I think it's to get a reaction out of frogniggers. it's some kind of symbiotic relationship. weebniggers need attention, froniggers need something to give attention to. everyone is happy in the end
this is an image board so that would mean any board is appropriate for it
reminder that /qa/ is actually the board for asking moot questions during his retirement and should have been deleted afterwards
I'm guessing the /jp/sie spammer/pepefag is mad at us for something in order to spam the entire board 24/7
image dumps are meta you low iq subhuman. you retards don't even know what meta means so just shut up. image dumps are part of what's meta about /qa/.

nice schizo thread you came crawling into btw. no i don't care about you bumping your humiliation off the board either.
See: >>2845934
>i'm low iq subhuman who doesn't even know what meta means.
yeah, i know. you're a low iq subhuman who doesn't even know what meta means. you don't even know the definition of the word meta without having to look it up or go to wiki. even after you look it up it's going to be too complex for your smooth little brain to even remember or comprehend

no, meta does not mean complaint and suggestion you subhuman. it's a meta board then it's a META board. not a complaint and suggestion board. it doesn't matter if you're 60 iq subhumans who think whining about moderation is all meta means. meta is a word you will never in your whole life understand or be able to do.
because sharing cute images is nice
Ongoing spinoff teen occupation since February 2017.
>I thought that this was the meta board.
You thought wrong, bucko.
See: >>2845975
t. plant milk drinker
go post some pepe on /jp/a/, schizo. look forward to you crawling around in the mud trying to hide it somewhere praying not get banned.

you said some big words, but reality says otherwise, schizo. just like how you think you're a big man, but then i step on you like a roach and put my thumbs into your eyes as you howl.
>/jp/sie spammer/pepefag
wait what?
Nobody cares what happens on your irrelevant legacy boards. Go back there and fade into obscurity like the original purpose of this site.
>belong anywhere on the site
you can't even post it everywhere on the frog, schizo. big words for a little dick little man that lives like a roach in the shadows. reality says pepe doesn't belong everywhere on 4chan when you get banned for posting it on 4chan :)

i know you're a youtube english major, but you really should work on it.
Nobody cares what happens on your irrelevant legacy boards. Let that sink in.
>brag it belong anywhere on the site
>gets btfo and told how you're banned off the site posting
>n-nobody cares anyway
i hope your little micro penis gets hard at the humiliation you get here.
We were better about 4 years ago.
File: 1439380360388.jpg (136 KB, 999x999)
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136 KB JPG
Welcome to 2D/Random newfriend. It's somewhat messy in here, but that's part of the fun. Enjoy your stay!
>This is a board for the discussion of meta topics
>and … other things
>which are obviously related to meta even an autismoid can see that
File: bad frog.gif (898 KB, 487x560)
898 KB
898 KB GIF
what anime are you watching?
クライング フリーマン
File: 1534322066829.jpg (38 KB, 460x624)
38 KB
while this is simply concern troll thread #1,205, I'd like to point out something:
when /jp/'s moderation became extreme, people were afraid to make threads except image dumps because those were unlikely to get you banned forever
in the past couple months there's been a mod occasionally visiting /qa/ to delete, ban, and force archive threads. If you want to blame image dumps on anyone, blame it on him
I guess but if you're constantly getting banned here maybe that means you should go somewhere else instead, no?
They will never admit to constantly getting banned but the ghost posts on desuarchive tell another story.
>No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters.

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