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What were you like in high school?
go back to faceb-
oh it's yet another thread made by the nutcase obsessed with barneyfag
have you ever thought about getting a real hobby or is your mental illness just too engrained for that?
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I was a cringey and stupid weeb who would append honorifics to people's names and use no less than 3 :D faces per post on social media.
Now I crossplay and hide my latent bisexuality from my parents, close friends and gf.

If I was born 10 years later I probably would have fallen for all the trap memes and become a cute girl.
go back to red-
oh it's the guy who's obssesed with the guy who's obssesed with barney fag
don't take it personal dude
I'm sure you're very normal
yeah I'ma ure you're quite the Norman yourself obssessing over random people on the internet
I hope you realize it takes no effort whatsoever to bait barneyfag, and doing so bears no possibility of indiction of what a person is like in real life as your presuppose.
lol did I hurt your feelings by implying you're as freakish as the guy you're obsessed with?
are you going to follow me around now?
Why bother when you're already following me around you fucking weirdo
I was a fat greasy otaku in high school. Now I am still a shut-in autist for the most part but now I strive to become Nietzsche's idea of the overman.
You're getting owned retard
Pretty much a normalfag, I shut myself in later. I was high 24/7 and skipped classes a lot. I hated hs and I was spending most of of my weekends in clubs/raves
I was a generally liked class clown who hid his power level from most people, aside from a small group of close-knit friends. Good grades, mildly active in sports, kissless virgin, vented most of my nerd shit through internet spaces (Gaia, 4chan, misc. message boards, etc.) Lots of private difficulty accepting I was bisexual, since I identified as hetero most of my life before then. Had an emotional breakdown in my senior year (unrelated to the bisexuality) and almost killed myself. Pulled my shit together late in college. Kissed some boys. Kissed some girls.
I was depressed and just gave up. I didn't graduate.
stay mad
Fat but had a personality
>after highschool
Fit but no personality
Both fit and with a personality, with the confidence to get a gf

Quiet, autistic, and mostly a shut-in. Most of the time I was up during the night, playing video games, watching movies on late night tv, and posting here. Whenever I actually made it to school I would skip half my classes and hang out by myself outside. If I was in class I would just sleep or draw in my notebook and wait for the period to end.
Generally, I kept to myself and was pretty reserved, but I had a few friends between classes year to year. I also got to stay away from the delinquents and retards by virtue of being put into the gifted program and constantly taking AP classes. I wasn't really a "model student," though; I rarely did homework and essentially min-maxed my grades. I did manage to graduate with honors, but only by the skin of my teeth. I got involved with the computer club as a senior and took every tech-related class my school offered. I wasn't a weeb or an autist in public, and concealed my power level all the way through save for a few people.
I was a boring quiet nerdy autist for the first half but then I got super depressed and started doing drugs and became friends with all the druggies
id drive around with them dealing drugs then went home and watched anime for the rest of the day

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