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File: santa_anna_jannies.jpg (153 KB, 640x500)
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How are you going to sell advertising if you have a bunch of faggot fucking jannies stifling legitimately unique, *positive*, even, creative spirit and deleting the daily Alamo reminder threads the fellow posts in /his/? That is just downright unAmerican to boot! Listen, I really like everything you've been doing with the place, it's pretty great. I dig the 4chan/nel "split", it actually enhances the vibe in some neat ways. But you need to stop allowing faggots to be jannies. Groups will try to force you to bake that gay cake, but you just tell them no, you will not stand for jannies being total faggots, and it should be the first question that each prospect is asked..."are you a faggot?" and if they can't answer with anything other than an immediate, confident "no", then kindly refer them to the nearest "fuck off".

4chan/nel, among other things, has something of a reputation for uniquely creative spirit. That poster, and others "like" "him" on other boards provide a *lot* of what makes this place *the* fucking place for *many* of us, and we truly care about its quality. They are providing it, here, nowhere else. That is *your* greatest assets...being deleted...
Who would you like to see advertised on 4chan?
I myself would love to advertise here at some point when I have things ready.
Like, hopefully a *lot*! I even have a rather unique idea on a way that advertising could be executed here that will be both 1) reasonably acceptable by the community, and probably *far* more profitable. It's very simple, but never anything quite like it ever having been done by anyone.
I mean, just the idea alone would be very valuable to Hiroshimoot, regardless of whether or not I was utilizing it as a patron myself, but I would very much love to do so. Anyway, that's not what we're here to discuss. The issue is that the jannies are faggots and should be gassed.
Also, nb4 jewrubbingpalms.gif
File: 1562840177391.png (324 KB, 560x366)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Thank's bro or whateverinthefuck. This is certainly important business for us all, both the community, who needs this place, and needs it to be what it is supposed to fucking be for us, and the Honorable Hiroyuki, who must have this place making him money. I am appreciative that you have recognized that and made your humble, yet profoundly valuable, contribution to the cause. Bless you.
>tfw Jannies are disgusting subhuman mexicans

File: hallmonitor.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720)
86 KB
The jannies have been disgusting all of their miserable fucking lives. I would gladly offer them my own counseling services to unearth exactly how they became such faggots, and then offer them to pay and follow me around teaching them The Way towards becoming fucking based, like even wilderness survival shit, and all.
File: 1562192992908.jpg (330 KB, 1196x933)
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330 KB JPG
Based alamo poster
OP is a butthurt Texan
File: 182.png (41 KB, 300x100)
41 KB
Nein, I am an Appalachian, but bless you for your service to the cause!
File: 200.jpg (27 KB, 300x100)
27 KB
Just took at the wholesome, good time everyone is having over at >>>/his/6920922, many with more or less daily participation doing "their part", which creates such a fun and interesting thing to just wander upon and discover for anyone who happens to be so blessed, and your faggot fucking jannies keep deleting it and related posts (the novelty of "I am going to post this today because the usual anon has apparently forgotten it" or such).
based but cringepilled
File: cockmongler.jpg (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
I'll take it, and thank you for your service to the cause, fren. What's important is that we bring awareness to our plight against the cock mongling, faggot fucking jannies.
File: Door_Knocking.jpg (117 KB, 400x400)
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117 KB JPG
Tell your jannies to stop being such fucking faggots, and allow the natural creativity of the boards to shine when it's not illegal (or nswf on blues) and not off of board topic.
hiro doesn't even remember we exist
shut up virgin
File: waylon.jpg (12 KB, 425x319)
12 KB
Yeah, I just had a woman come spend two nights fucking my dick slap off in my tent in my ex wife's back yard, faggeldydoo.
File: money.jpg (276 KB, 1280x868)
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He will when the pic related starts rollin' in after he implements my plan.

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