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I think this will be a surprise hit anime season. People in early /qa/ threads were saying this season looked lame, but so far I think there's a whole lot of potential.
Also, Granbelm is really, really pretty
Yeah It was surprising to see people dropping so many shows in the other threads. Lots of enjoyable stuff airing this season.
>People in early /qa/ threads were saying this season looked lame
people say that every season. I've been saying for a while that this'll probably be the best season in years based on symphogear, vinland saga, and all the cute girl series alone.
This. Seasonal anime is boring as shit and not worth watching much less discussing.
as opposed to the non-seasonal variety?
File: 1492400133894.jpg (45 KB, 577x622)
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But all anime was seasonal anime at some point?
Okay, I'm just not pleased with outright discussing anime at all. Boring as fuck.

Dude, whoa.
Even the movies and OVAs?!
weird for you to come into a thread like this then.

what do you like to discuss?
Well the chart says they are... so they must be!
This could be great, but I'm not expecting much from any modern fantasy show. Though I guess there may be a chance since it's not isekai.
The Astra one is looking really pretty, too
I'm going to have to download 1080p versions of these shows
oh wait, that IS 1080p. oops.
I should have scaled the window up when I was watching it
dismissing series based on a single trope is the sign of a true casual.
File: mpv-shot0070.jpg (249 KB, 1920x1080)
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249 KB JPG
Today my exploration led me from seasonal to eternal!
File: 1562240746449.jpg (15 KB, 220x293)
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Why not read Kafka or Murakami instead?
Months of entertainment.
You can read Kafka in Japanese too, if you want to expand your vocabulary.
Redpill me on whats good so far this season.
Ive only watched the first ep of Dr Stone and it seems promising.
Vinland saga is probably the redpill anime this season but my favorite right now is Kimetsu no Yaiba; though it is a carry over from last season.
because I already did when I was a teenager like most teenagers

cop craft
vinland saga
machikado mazoku
File: 1562754018964.jpg (111 KB, 1920x1080)
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111 KB JPG
Who said I'm dismissing it? I'm enjoying it so far, and hope it keeps up the relaxing fantasy town aspect. Just with a long title and fantasy I fear that it may be worse, but it could always prove me wrong.
I didn't really like the first ep.
you dismiss isekai, despite the fact that the trope's been embedded in quality material since at least 1983.
It's not like I'm just dropping isekai before watching them, I still give them a fair chance and will watch one that entertains me. However, for the most part recent isekai aren't really shining examples of quality, so my expectations for watching them are always near the bottom. Just because stuff like Narnia, Rayearth, Alice in Wonderland, and Escaflowne were good doesn't mean that everything else in the genre is or that I should expect those when watching modern isekai.
just watched the second ep it was much better
maou might be the best comedy airing this season
People who say this always have really low power levels. That or don't watch anime at all.
Ok, I'll give you that. I agree, I've been enjoying it so far, pretty good parody.
>The Astra one is looking really pretty, too
Yeah, for all its flaws, the visuals are good.

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