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Which bored has the highest kill count?
>killing others
>intentional suicide
>accidental suicide
I mean board haha
besides that christchurch nz mosque shooter who confirmed posted on the 8 i don't know any killers that were confirmed to post on a chan
there's a tenuous link between the oregon community college shooter than r9k
File: 1560378970833.png (1.88 MB, 675x1500)
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/pol/ through suicide followed by /r9k/.

do you really think this kinds of freaks aren't going to blast their own brains out at some point? when trump loses 2020 it will be the greatest spike in incel suicide recorded in history. you have to set the pins before you can knock them down for maximum enjoyment.
/b/ has the guy who killed himself by throwing a grenade in the toilet and a few killers who confesed their crimes there, /k/ probably has multiple accidental deaths, like the guy who ate an armadillo and contracted leprosy, or the guy who created a toxic gas that corrodes meat just to try a gas mask. I think /out/ (or /trv/, I'm not sure) has a guy who accidentally started a big fire in mexico.
8/pol/ just because of Tarrant.
File: thinkin bout boredom.png (291 KB, 500x499)
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im board haha
didn't /tv/ meme a plane crash into existence? does that count?
/b/ had the "it's harder to strangle someone than it looks in the movies / she fought so goddamn hard" guy who posted pictures of his ex-gf after killing her.
Didn't someone on /pol/ get a hospital in Syria bombed? I'd like to see reddit top that one.
If only 4ch is considered, then /b/ by far with all the suicides and accidental deaths resulting from doing retarded shit for attention. If 8ch is included, /pol/ because of the alt-right terrorists.
Not a hospital but yes

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