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>one jar of creamy peanut butter
>one jar of grape jelly
>pound of bacon
Would /qa/ eat this?
White bread is disgusting and makes me sleepy so no I wouldn't eat it.
Worth a shot.
How does brerb make you sleepy?
Gluten sensitivity probably
Do we have a death wish?
No, I'm allergic to peanuts.
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do you ever get scared that one day youll be sleeping and someone will dive through your living room window (even if its not on the first floor what if they get like a really big running start and leap and dive through your 5th story window and land in your liv) ing room window and you wont wake up even though the noise is very loud maybe even loud enough to wake your naborrs (okay yes lets roll with this) so the burgerler gets a running start and starts and runs and jumps and dives through your 12th story hotel living room window and the noise alerts your nabor who gets out of bed and gets to their car and drivers to your hotel and the bugel is creeping into your bedroom and then whi (and youre still noht wokened because you were having dat /qa/ dream so nothing could possibly wake you) le your still sleep the bergler puts his nuts in your month and you die cause your allergic to peanutes do you ever get scared that that will happen to you and you will die>? also your nabor getts to the hotel and gos to your 20th floor bedroom and see the burgler with his nuts in your mouth and laughs at you cause you have bergerly nuts in your mouth and even though your still sleeping you start crying does it scare you that while your sleeping that might happen to you?
that's a big sandwich

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