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Is it true that most of /a/ and /jp/ still need subtitles?
Please tell me that's not true.
File: ZBiBW6n.png (528 KB, 1409x881)
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is that something like [s4s] interface?
They're grinding flash cards to improve their listening abilities
It's true.
what they need is to go back to r/animemes
Most anons on /jp/ know nip
Haha no
Pretty embarrassing to be a weab right now.
As a filthy ESL, I still prefer original versions of movies with (small) English subtitles to follow along. But I can do well without them on cartoons.
Anyone from there care to clarify this situation?
They don't admit it so no.
>schizo frogposter that has grade school level command of english posturing that a category 5 level is easy
woah, this is the power of schizoprehnia? if they spend an hour of day actively studying then it would require 6 years to reach the time required to be competent in it.

>why don't they spend 4-5 hours studying?
ahhh? says the fat retard schizo incel who's worse off than little kids at english
if you were a tru otaku and you really cared about japshit, and you weren't 16 years old, you would have done it by now
File: 1560365035381.jpg (61 KB, 500x716)
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>i'm a schizo incel pepe poster that can barely use language let me tell you about tru otaku and measurements involving japanese
it's so cute how retarded you are. barely tying together simple sentence isn't a benchmark in language.

have you been schizo christard posting on /lit/ so you believe you're a literary now?
>have you been schizo christard posting on /lit/ so you believe you're a literary now?
yes exactly that is what I have done and been doing
>bringing up a random shitposter on a random board out of nowhere and trying to connect it to one of the 11 other posters in your dumb inconsequential thread
whos the schizo
>schizo incel pepe poster
applies 99% of frogposters
>can barely use language
applies to 99% of frogposters
>me tell you about tru otaku and measurements involving japanese
exactly what the schizo incel frogposter talked about.

i'm sorry but you're a generic loser. you aren't unique in your disgusting freakness. just throw a dart anywhere and it'll hit the mark.
the dart will hit right in your head, or eye, or heart. and you will bleed, bleed out in the alley of your posts. th
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