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I prefer to have opinions from girls but men are allowed to give their take on it as long if it is serious:
What is your opinion on lolcowfarm?
As a female who posted there in the beginning it seems to be a horrendous board with very strict rules and it only gets selectively imposed which is why it is still a bad board. In the beginning men were allowed to post but because they trolled it got forbidden. Instead of just not allowing shitposts they banned an entire gender. That is funny because no other imageboard did that, the posters just bullied women away. I wonder ponder why they aren't doing the same, we will never know. Well, while I didn't mind that, the rest of the rules such as "don't shitpost" gets very selectively chosen. Anything they don't like gets basically banned. Furthermore the posters from lolcow are very cringy, sorta like a big general full of people who are out of place in the imageboard community, like /soc/: the board, /cp/ on /int/, /adv/ etc...
Heck not even their "/b/" which is renamed as "/ot/" is a proper /b/. It is just a hugbox. They are also very tumblr, they think rape or childgrooming is a 14 year old girl having consensual sex with an 18 year old boy UNLESS they are kakka kannibal of course xD. One glance at the lolcowfarm board after 3 months of its existence you will realize, just like on kiwiniggers, they are all huge lolcows talking shit about other lolcows - who are sometimes not even lolcows. It is probably one of the worst imageboards you can find, it deserves to be on a blacklist of imageboards you should avoid. If you are a girl and are looking for a female-oriented imageboard, don't go to lolcowfarm. Even /fa/ or some hotwheels board/sub-reddit is better.

Another thing, the admin and mods, are running the cancermachine after all for free. And since lolcowfarm cows are being such retards and think the website is a platform to bawl about their lifestory they basically all doxed themselves.
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>as a female
lol fuck off cum dumpster
*presses on a button to make this post go away but can't reveal how because it is against the rules*
>gets banned for being sexist on a female IB
>pretends to be female and goes full damage control on another site
/r9k/, plz.
But the site itself is very toxic cause it's very transphobic. Also they don't ban males if the person doesn't reveal themselves to be male. Reminds you of anything?
I don't mind it nor care because it is not the etiquette but I really wonder why you're here on 4channel and not twatter/tumblr? I am sadly a female (not self-hating but I was being ifunny), but I can still find it a gay board, I hate drama and hate how the get-go taco-fest imageboard has to revolve around fucking drama and bullying, though the /ot/ sucks as well. Nothing I said makes me male, I clearly said I don't mind the males getting banned even if it is very awkward and gay to just ban an entire gender. And then I was mostly complaining about other things.
>why you're here on 4channel and not twatter/tumblr?
le boogieman keeps you awake at night , bro :^)?
Also i AM on twitter and on tumblr and on reddit and here.

>I am sadly a female
It's okay to be trans

>I was being ifunny
More like icringey

>it is very awkward and gay to just ban an entire gender
But it's okay to bully one away?
>men are allowed to give their take on it as long if it is serious
I'm a man and my take isn't serious at all. What are you gonna do about it?

¥reporting on /qa/
enjoy your ban!
fuck off to either of those sites or kill yourself tranny
make me, "fem"cel
the radfem general is good reading tbqh
I am not >>2743125. If you lurk more here instead of your house-boards you'll realize best way to detect posters is from their typying style. And bullying them away or not is not what I'm saying, it is board culture in general that instead of discriminating something you can't do about with rules we bully away. Not that I approve it, I welcomed everyone, tranny or not, on l*lcow. I am not a fan of lgbt m8, and I only larp as opposite gender to troll or to blend in. But it is relevant to the topic right now to identify as female because we're talking about a taco-fest board.
That I agree. But it seems they only come on there and never crawl to the other threads.
>can we talk about
>identify as female
As i said, it's OK to be trans.
You're projecting very hard m8. Proof in the pudding is that you're mentioning that lolcow is anti-lgbt, something I did not mention at all. I have issues but gender-issues aint one of them. Projectors are awful. Stay to topic without off-topic ad hominem, if you have nothing to bring to the table then:
Then don't post here, simple as.
fuck you i post where i WANT
*shits on your thread*
>you're mentioning that lolcow is anti-lgbt
Anti trans, to be specific.
Man i pity you, you seem to have internalized some transphobia yourself.
You can, telling you to fuck off is l*lcow-tier anyways.
It is not the topic of this thread, though. Can I have your discord so I can vc with you and call you a crazy projector?
File: Wish.png (1.6 MB, 1366x768)
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I actually am a girl, and I find the site to be among the worst imageboards around.
I follow a couple lolcows and while Kiwi tends to be my site of choice I like imageboards and thought I'd give it a shot. It's absolute shit. Nothing, but pointless bitching, half about people who aren't even cow material. I figured I lurk in /ot/ at least for a bit. The wallpaper thread instantly caught my eye considering /w/ is my homeboard.
Posted some papers. Oops, that girls skirt is too short! Eww disgusting, what is this pedo-bait, uggh!
Like what the heck. I'm not attracted to women, none of my papers were ecchi. I even refrained from posting some borderline-risque stuff since I knew the kind of people who were probably using the site, but my stuff was still too much. I got called a guy, ridiculed, and since have barely looked at it.
Awful place, and there is no reason to post on it, weather you're a girl or just into lolcow culture.
>I actually am a girl
File: Marie.gif (917 KB, 268x300)
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917 KB GIF
Already flashed my tits and derailed a thread last year, not doing it again. Sorry, you're just going to need to take my word for it.
tits or gtfo
>you're just going to need to take my word for it.
How about you take my [spoiler]dick[/spoiler] in your [spoiler]mouth[/spoiler]
>inb4 muh no spoiler tag on /qa/
I know.
Why does lolcow farm attract "females?" Like why that board out of all of them.
Archive? Lol
Maybe because it is full of cringy feminists with a no fun allowed policy unless it is cringy tumblr humor? And during the time men were allowed to post the trolls were both nice and rude now it is only rude so yeah adding the unpleasant personality and the irony on top of it makes it an easy place to troll for "females"
It isn't really funny just stupid. I just killed the thread's momentum and nobody wanted to post their socks anymore. I also wasn't dumb enough to actually post the nude to 4chan because of archives so you are spared from seeing how ugly I look.
I feel really bad and ashamed and never want to do it again. I also wasn't familiar with /r9k/ culture at the time and din't realize it was a stealth trap thread, looking back that other poster is probably a guy and I was just being an idiot. archived.moe/qa/thread/1778362/#q1779834
>Maybe because it is full of cringy feminists with a no fun allowed policy unless it is cringy tumblr humor?
>And during the time men were allowed to post the trolls were both nice and rude hing you wrote is correct. Stop lying on the internet.
Are there any good lolcow based imageboards that aren't lowcowfarm?
Well people will save it and might repost so don't post things like that again.
>tranny is still going
Well websites dedicated to talk about internet nobodies doesn't sound like a good idea in the first place. Your question would sound like it answered the question itself but you added the "aren't lolcowfarm?" so this is sadly sounding like you were serious. Maybe try baphomet or encyclopediadramatica, it was the cool thing on the block when I was in highschool, don't even know if any of them still exist.
Even if you weren't a looker, at least your legs were nice. And people wearing thighhighs are always a plus.
I still haven’t finished Houkago no Pleiades even though I really liked the whole setting and story of the show. Thank you for the reminder, though I doubt I’ll finish it and at this point I should just rewatch it.

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