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/qa/ - Question & Answer

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If the 4chan boards were one big family who would /qa/ be?
/his/ is the grandpa hes a bit racist but alright
/v/ is your younger sibling who is a general nuisance
/pol/ is that crazy uncle who does molestation and constantly talks about politics
/b/ is your cool older brother but hes sorta crazy
/a/ is your tsundere older sister
the retarded older sibling left in an asylum because of a failed lobotomy
>who would /qa/ be?
The annoying aunt who never stops complaining about everything.
the schizo
the schizo cousin, people often forget he exists
>board who obsessively tried tracking child molesting sex-trafficking rings
>"uncle who does molestation"
I'll give you the crazy part but the second bit is dumb to think. /b/ as a cool older brother is even more retarded, /b/ would be more like the family member who used to be cool until he started shooting up, now only a shadow of his former self and pitied by everyone else.
Childless 30 year old cousin, actually brings toys to show his confused family members.
That same guy, only thinks he's cooler because his plastic collection plugs into TVs
The family dog, mildly retarded. Shakes a lot and shits at random. Family really should get rid of him but can't bring themselves to put it down.
but /b/ got far less crazy as time went on, /b/ 10 years ago was in trouble with the law, now hes a mild version

maybe /b/ is more like the cool brother who had addiction problems, then went to jail and became a man of god and now hes a boring shade of his former self
/pol/ is so anti loli and obsessed because its a sham
its like the UN talking about how bad loli hentai is when their high ranking members have been caught with 3D CP multiple times, theyre just putting on an act
eitherway I dont really care, fuck /pol/ was the point

you just seem like an upset /pol/tard, /vr/ would be like an uncle or cousin that games but only older games a gaming hipster
agree on /toy/ tho
>fuck /pol/ was the point
I know, that's why it didn't actually make sense. Your hate blinds you, keeps you from being objective, ironic considering the source of your hate is exactly the same way. If you think they're kidfucker-friendly then you clearly have no idea what you're on about.
Also your opinion of /b/ is totally off. /b/ is nothing now, it's dead. if we're trying to anthropomorphize boards then /b/ is sucking cocks in an ally for drinking money, if he's even that coherent anymore. More likely he's that cousin nobody talks about anymore because it's just a sad story nobody wants to think about, like a suicide in the family.
I disagree, theres points of light in /b/s life, if you keep in mind the overall degradation of the site then they arent doing too bad, theyre not /news/ or /v/ tier, or /x/ /ck/ tier, some of those literally died and their rotton corpse is still thrown aorund like weekends at bernies

/b/ fell harder because it started high, unlike a lot of others, if it wasnt obvious Im a /b/tard though

I dont know a lot about /pol/ I just know that theyre like a puss emitting cancerous tumor to this website that somehow also functions as a puss magnet attracting it whenever its close
kinda like /b/ has been at times
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There hasn't been a good /b/ thread in years. /ck/ isn't that bad, sure there's shit but I've had more decent discussion since of on-topic things there than I have on /x/ in like a decade. /b/ was my first board like most, but it's fallen so hard there's literally no reason to ever go there again, it's dead. I don't go to /v/ because why would I.
It's very clear you don't know much about /pol/ yet still feel your second-hand opinion on them is relevant. I can't speak for /news/ because I don't go there, without knowing much about them any opinion I posted about the board would be worthless.
>boards are people
schizophrenia at its finest
I dont go to /pol/ but Ive seen its effect on the rest of the site thats what my opinion is based of, and such is the case for many.

/ck/ is too much fastfood advertising and weak bait it used to be great for recipes that were cheap easy and even advanced ones

/b/ still has influence and its humor hasnt changed, it did fall hard though
/qa/ is mom!
Keksandra the loveable schizo autist meme girl you’ll grow to enjoy and then fuck when she turns into a slutty adult
>what are board-tans
yeah no
Board tans were cool 15 years ago
now half of them are fanfic tier OC shilled by a select few
Last time I entered a board tan thread its like I walked into tumblr, gay bara lesbians everywhere drawn in /beg/tier western style
This. The late Mrs. Soprano.
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Just admit you don't like board-tans. No need for made up stories.
Its entirely true, said thread was even in this very board

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