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File: dwayneseething.jpg (52 KB, 720x523)
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How's that Black Adam movie doing, Dwayne?
Autism used to get down on one knee in the dressing room every night and thank Dwayne for drawing the house
> be cold stone steve bitchin
>always bitchin
>refuse to work with Jarrett, says he bullied me in the past
>refuse to work with Billy Gunn
>bigger star Rock works with Billy, makes Billy famous with one promo

>Haitch's push starts
>refuse to put over Haitch at Summerslam 99
>Bigger star Rock puts Haitch over
>Haitch doesn't forget
>Steve bitchin never wins a PPV match against Haitch ever after
>get buried by Haitch at No Mercy 99
>get buried by Haitch at No Way Out 2001

>fall 1999
>Build to Survivor Series triple threat match
>steve threw bitchfits backstage when Rock cut this promo
>Haitch was supposed to win the triple threat
>Rock was supposed to win the Rumble 2000
>austin would be then booked to win the belt from Haitch
>after losing the championship to Rock at WM, steve would go for surgery
>BUT after this promo, steve decided not to put Rocky over at WM2000 and go for surgery early

>radicalz arrive in 2000
>refuse to work program with Eddie, says he's too small
>refuse to put over Benoit
>end up working boring matches with Undercarder

>nWo arrives in 2002
>bigger star Rock gets to work with Hogan
>steve bitchtits works with drunk Hall
>booked to job to Hall at WMX8
>cry like a bitch and gets the result changed

>First ever Roster Split Draft in 2002
>bigger star Rock to be the overall no.1 pick
>steve bitchin throws a fit and walks out

>return to RAW
>refuse to work program with Eddie again
>work program with big slow instead
>flop show
>finally work program with Eddie
>Eddie embarrasses him in the build
>booked to put over Brock as a part of Eddie program
>walk out like a bitch
>again, bigger star Rock comes to rescue and puts Eddie and Brock over

>beat Debra
>get jailed

>return in 2003
>program with bigger star Rock
>gets his wifebeating ass carried throughout the program and the match
>leave again before being asked to work with Goldberg

Austin made Rock relevant
Ask every wrestling legend who is more important and they will say Austin, he saved WWE when it was in it's worst state
Hi Steve, how's the broken skull ranch show going?
So who saved WWF when Shawn and Bret were tanking the company?
Austin was like some teenager on tiktok who goes viral for a couple videos, then everybody forgets about them 3 months later
Vince followed by dwayne and foley
Then why are most wrestling legends saying that Austin is the GOAT?
>Cuck Old Simp Autism
Because they're a bunch of drug addled old men who can't even remember the name of their children
Nice cope, Dwayne
Dwaynes bank is bigger than all of them combined
>Simping for Dwayne's money

Wtf is wrong with you, retard?

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