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1992: Innaugural, obviously
1993: Shockmaster or Arn Anderson
1994: Vince McMahon (WCW beat him at ratings)
1995: Sid (we're live, pal)
1996: Shawn (he posed for a gay magazine)
1997: Bret (tapped out to his own finisher)
1998: Eric Bischoff (Hogan worked him into hiring Warrior)
1999: Jake the Snake (drunk promo)
How was my list? did I forget anything important?
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The biggest kwab of all was that gook rikidozan dying after one stab from a japanese jobber.
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I'd say the Renegade takes it. Brought in as a fake warrior, replaced by the real deal, plays his double, gets some other gimmicks, leaves wrestling and ends his life.
that was the sixties asshole its a whole different decade
wait Renegade was real? I thought I dreamed that
Why is Giant Baba the pic?

Of the 90s dumbass
2001 is DDP
wha happuh?
kekvin bros...
KWABOTY 2001 is Heyman or Bischoff.
Both their companies went out of business.
ECW did outlast WCW technically. Ran til April '01. WCW folded March 26
1999 Owen Hart for falling for the wire cutting rib
what about Austin in 97 for getting crippled?
What year did Lawler quit WWF for his wife and then got cucked and divorced and came back? That was an all time kwabbing.
Nah, it was ddp.
Heyman edges out bischoff bc he carnied his wrestlers into working for checks he knew would bounce so they could outlast WCW, bischoff for sure is a bigger KWAB
good call
He also had a job lined up and was commenting on the greatest ppv of all time.
My 2001 pick is Tazz. Debuts 2000 rumble, beats Kurt Angle, a year later he feuds with Jr and has the funniest elimination of all time from the rumble.
How about Owen for botching so badly? If it was a botch...
I would say Buff Bagwell who was supposed to lead the new WCW in WWE but his momma called in sick for him.
Needed a distraction, HM Honorable Mention, wrestling has way too much lore

92:you know
HM:Jim Herd (sucked ass, left WCW)
HM:Buzz Sawyer(Thinks he's tough, OD)

93:Dino Bravo (killed by the gay Canadian Mafia)
HM:Bill Watts (fired after shitting up WCW)
HM:Bret Hart (looked worst in Mania 9 debacle)

94:Crockett Jr. (replaced, fucked dads legacy, Shane Douglas, WCW left Nwa in 93, failed network)
HMVince (Steroid trial, lost Hogan)
HM:Luger (couldn't keep his mouth shut)

95:Diesel (lowest drawing champion, Mabel)
HM:Vince (Mabel, Medusa Trashcan)
HM:HBK (Marines)
HM:Cornette (Smoky Mountain)

96:Jannetty (Boyhood dream cemented his legacy
HM:Vince (start of 83 weeks)
HM:Herb Abrams (died, more retard than based)
HM:Bischoff (fucked over by Pillman), Dynamite Kid (had to retire, seizure after last match, retard),Mass Transit

97:Bret (infamously Tapped, downward spiral, Starrcade)
HM:Vince (screw job, statement, lost every week, punked by Bret)
HM:HBK (screw job, lost his smile)
HM: Sting, Hogan, Bischoff(Starrcade), Pillman (death), Austin (Cripple) Plum Mariko (joshi, died after safely executed powerbomb)

98:Shane Shamrock (23, 3kids, stress with girlfriend, police kills him prematurely)
HM:Renegade (bust downward spiral)
HM:Bischoff (fumbled the lead)
HM:HBK (retired, fears Carder)
HM:Bulldog (Trapdoor injury)

99:Owen Hart (he got died)
HM:Hashimoto (Ogawa bitching him out)
HM:Renegade (Suicide)
HM:Bischoff (fired)
is Kevin the only two time winner?
I'm working on something.
He Tore his quads in 2002.
Maybe there's more.

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