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This is the peacock by Imai Yudai... I'll trade any book from NOA 180-530
Eh if you traded for NOA 6 https://www.giladorigami.com/origami-database-book/3877/NOA-Magazine-6 and 8 https://www.giladorigami.com/origami-database-book/3878/NOA-Magazine-8 we could talk.
Can some1 up this book. Thax
Not at this time. I would share a lot more of the newer stuff if someone brave enough would share the older hard to find NOA's that everyone are asking for. The numbers of the missing issues are already listed in other threads. I'm not going to keep sharing stuff if I can't get something out of it. My generosity only goes so far.
Let me translate this for you: "I am an entitled little bitchboy and I don't share anything with you peasants unless you spoon-feed me exactly what I want to have and even then, I won't share shit. I am only making empty promises I’ll never keep in the hopes to get a trusting idiot on here that will give me the exact number I want to get for myself for free." You are welcome
Sucks for you then, right? I'm sorry to hear about your shitty problems.
yup, sucks to be you
Why can't you ever come up with your own come-back? You always have to say the same thing everyone says to you. That just goes to show what kind of idiot you really are, you fucking moron.
Let me rephrase this then, no I will not up this book.
This is for the asshole who loves to insult and degrade everyone in here for every post they make. My apologies to everyone else.

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