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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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File: Big.Paper-Diagrams.jpg (6.57 MB, 5529x4377)
6.57 MB
6.57 MB JPG
Please post origami diagrams, to fold from.

JPG/PNG/GIF/etc work pretty good for "single page" kind of stuff... but I *think* we can post PDFs too...
File: Crane Diagram.jpg (2.72 MB, 1752x1636)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB JPG
neat, I'll post some scans later
File: Calamar.jpg (161 KB, 818x1158)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Calamar sencillo
An easy Heart
File: IMG_20230510_174333.jpg (1.96 MB, 3120x4160)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Scorpion by Patricia Crawford

From the book Creating Origami by JC Nolan
Surfer on a Wave by Jeremy Shafer

This also includes (starts with) the Crazy-Mouthed Gremlin
Flying Eagle by Kunihiko Kasahara
Lizard by Kunihiko Kasahara
The Lizard starts with the Bird Base aka the Crane Base... known as Basic Fold IV in this Creative Origami book by Kunihiko Kasahara...
Shirt with Tie - billfold
by John Montroll
Dragon from book Origami to Astonish and Amuse by Jeremy Shafer
Based on Robert Neale's Dragon

I make my own variation, using the head from Kunihiko Kasahara's Dragon (in the next post)
Here's a simple Dragon by Kunihiko Kasahara

The head on this one (it's own piece) works very well when added onto Jeremy Shafer's Dragon (previous post).

The head uses 1/16th (a quarter of a quarter) of the size used for the body [but This body does use two sheets], I like making a variation adding wings using an additional sheet of paper, as this Dragon (as diagrammed) has no wings!
This Bi-Plane comes from "The Complete Book of Origami" by Robert J. Lang

This is one of the most advanced figures I've ever tried to fold... over many years. If you can succeed making it, let me know! Give some tips for completing it!!!
File: Origami Elephant.pdf (1.37 MB, PDF)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PDF
Origami Elephant
From the book Super Origami by Dana Hinders & Chelsi Lasater
Patricia Crawford's
Unicorn, and
Squirrel on a Log
Here's a Billfold by John Montroll

The Dollar Shark!
Dollar Pyramid by Jeremy Shafer
File: Goose by John Montroll.jpg (455 KB, 2488x1594)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
Goose by John Montroll
The Dragonfly starts with the Bird Base aka Crane Base, one of the most common bases in all of origami.

This Dragonfly is from the book
Beautiful Origami by Zulal Ayture-Scheele

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