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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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Hey /po/, I'm looking for good youtube channel recs to follow. I specially remember someone on here sharing their own channel and I found it kinda neat but couldn't find it ever again (it was something to do with their own personal collection of paper toys / scans). Post good youtube channels centered on papercrafts, origami, paper toys, dioramas etc and try to avoid any of that stupid kiddie shit please.
Well I just found a good one but not exactly what I was looking for. If anyone here has their own channel it's ok to self plug.
Search *Anime paper craft * there's tons of videos
AlquimiA Japonesa
Art of Fold
bali origami - ignore their drawing videos, his old origami shit is cool
Gathering Folds
Happyfolding - ignore the kiddy stuff, there's some really complex stuff here
henryorigami - same as above
Jakub Krajewski
JeremyShaferOrigami - same note
JM's Origami Tutorials
Kade Chan
kawaii pastime
Malinda Huang
Mariano Zavala Origami
Nghệ Thuật ORIGAMI
Origami by J H. Chen
Jo Nakashima
Jaime Niño Bernal - some kiddy stuff but also some cool modulars
quietmarverick - go to his old stuff
Ran Kaminaga かみながらん
Riccardo Foschi
Tadashi Mori
Seth Friedman
shakefororigami - again, go back a bit
Takako Origami - mix of kiddy and cool stuff
さくB おりがみ
豊穣折紙 / Hojo Origami
I'll put you onto some game . Subscribe to the channels above then click on the channel photo which takes you to the menu and playlist . Scroll through to playlist which shows what channels the uploader likes and join those too .
Also you've missed some fantastic complex folders .
Chen Xiao .
Kaede Nakamura
Fearless flourish
Tadashi Mori
Carlson Choo
Tadashi Mori is right there. FF I am subscribed to and accidentally skipped him. Didn't know about Carlson and Chen, thanks. What is Nakamura's username? I can't find that name, youtube only gives me other people doing their designs.
Mushitarou origami

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