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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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I’ll start

>At garage sale parents forced me to go to
>Mostly nothing interesting but a really cheap book catches my eye(picrel)
>Have no interest in Star Wars and dont know anything about origami
>Buy it anyway for some reason
>Actually unironically a fun read
>Last few pages have instructions on how to fold your own origami yoda
>Try it out, its surprisingly fun

Been folding since then
Ive always kinda known about it from lurking the internet, but I started coming to po mid last year and thats when I got into it.
Started out with Paperized Crafts then i got some stuff from Paper Duplicator, now I have a freind whos gonna order me Youlingke and a few others stuff from china off Taobao since I cant seem to get an acct made.
So when I was a kid during the early days of the Internet, I was looking up all kinds of shit about vidya games, especially Metal Gear because MGS3 and Twin Snakes were the newest games at the time. So during E3 2003, there was a press kit leaked out that had a papercraft template for Metal Gear Rex and a beta version of the Shagohod. That's how I started along with some paper arcade cabinets I found from some old blog I can't remember.
a girl i had a crush on in the third grade lent me an origami book of hers, i got super interested in it and learned a lot from youtube and spent my allowance on paper and books. the biggest thing that got me folding though was a youtube account named torself that folded guns and star wars ships and stuff like that. don't know is they still make videos now but i wouldn't have gotten so into the hobby if it weren't for them
I was a japanophile and got into origami because of it. When I entered my middle school years I fully transition to a naruto running in the hallway weeb and got into those boxed papercraft anime figures. Always asked my father to print the papercrafts for me after work because i was too scared to ask for toys. The miku one I recall being my first
youre a weeb anon.
Starting to learn origami at the age of 25. Is it too late for me?
Not related to the question asked, but to the book portrayed.
>Be me.
>Father didn't let me buy that book when I first saw it.
>He knew I was interested in both Star Wars and Origami
>He said there wasn't anything for me to learn in such book.
>Bought me The Count of Monte Cristo instead.
>Learnt about hatred, resentment and vendettas.
>My life has been defined by that book.

>Father bought 12 yo son The Count of Monte Cristo instead of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.
It's never too late, Anon. Paper waits for us all.
Time doesn't, but paper does.
File: squirrel.png (43 KB, 350x350)
43 KB
>be me, 12
>dad gives me tearaway for the ps vita as a birthday gift
>infatuated with the game
>print and fold papercraft squirrel
>I love him and he needs some friends
>print and fold every other papercraft model from the game
>fun new hobby unlocked

I still have the squirrel sitting on my shelf, he's 7 years old now
>end of the year 2nd grade
>Teacher shows us how to make paper airplanes
>Loved it
>Memorized the steps
>Wanted to learn to make more types of airplanes
>Dad takes me to Barnes and nobles
>Go to art books section
>Saw paper planes book
>Also saw origami book
>Wanted the two, i can only get one
>Choose the origami book
I loved doing origami in elementary school and I got more into the geometry ones in middle school but idk if that counts. I stopped doing it now but I've made great memories like handing a swan to my crush in 3rd grade or making a crocodile mouths for the girls in 4th grade.
If you were like me, then there was a cable channel called Activity TV that featured some origami and kerigami tutorials aimed at children. I was about 3 or 4 at the time of starting, but got out of it around age 11. Getting back into it soon, most of what I did were paper airplanes, but I figured out how to make a paper helicopter at one point too.
what? no! you can learn origami at any age! 25 is still very young anyway.
This book was my first time actually making origami. I made Yoda on notebook paper and coloured him in with crayons.
Was in 5th grade and bored in class often, had a Japanese friend who taught me how to make inflatable origami stars. So we’d make those and cranes mostly and swap back and forth, progressed on to more designs. I stopped folding for a few years but then got back into it when I had to spend a month at a mental hospital kek

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