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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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does anyone have the book "Origami Paper & Form 2 Jozsef Zsebe", that book is out of print and would like to fold your models. Thanks for understanding.
It's not out of print, just wait for origami shop to restock it OR offer something in exchange beggar.
>>609427, mire yo no onions el que pidió este libro, pero me parece una falta de respeto por parte suya como operador referirse a las personas como mendigo, le exijo que se disculpe y que no vuelva a insultar a nadie, usted no puede juzgar. sI DE MI DEPENDIERA COMPRARIÍA TODOS LOS LIBROS DE ORIGAMI QUE PUDIERA Y LOS COMPARTIRÍA PARA REGAR ESTA SEMILLA POR ELMUNDO.
Entonces compra y comparte, pendejo.
I can exchange the book above for this book here.Someone interested?
>>609523, origami usa 2020, mas que cambiarlo si lo compartes con una muy buena resolución, clro son excelentes los trabajos que hay alli.
mira, puedo doblar los modelos en este libro. si quieres, te daré una "muestra gratis".
Aquí tienes.


Yo busco estos:

- Tinkering with folds de Vigo Marc
- Two-Color Origami Adventures de KuCha.
- Origami In Progress de Kingsley Hwang.
- Anthology Ronald Koh Vol.1 - Ornamental Goldfish.
- Folding Fantasy de Buchan-Symons Peter.
- The Origami Diagram Book de Beth Johns
Tienes el libro desde el principio del post, ya que destrozaste mi oficio.
He didn't destroy your trade since OUSA Convention 2020 is already posted on other sites anyway. You're just trying to trade something that most people already have.
thanks for clarifying.
you know, even though I think 4chan is for SHARING, if you ask them to share without offering anything in return, they'll keep calling you a "beggar". And I really didn't know that OUSA 2020 has been shared before.
I think OUSA 2019 wasn't.
Yeah, I know what you mean with that "beggar" crap. This is a sharing and requesting site. Those dumbasses that call other people
"beggars" come in here and request just as many books as everyone else.
man, thanks for understanding.I thought everyone on 4chan was the same (no offense).
Hi, i'm looking for: Tinkering with folds o
by Vigo Marc. Anyone can share? Thanks in advance!
This space is for everything that has to do with origami, sharing, explaining a lesson when someone doesn't understand, not to talk shit, if you have nothing to share Like, books, magazines, ORIGAMI diagrams, RATHER DON'T SAY ANYTHING or delete all these threads if no one is going to share anything about ORIGAMI

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