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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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If I want to get into origami, should I look for classes or just start on my own?
>I need to take a class on how to fold paper
I got a degree online in folding. it was a hard 4 years, and cost a lot, but well worth it.

it was all done over zoom. best thing was, all the tests were multiple choice. with a written essay at the end of each semester.

I majored in closed sinks, but got minors in pleating and outside reverse folds.

my friend majored in valley folds lol. I told him there's no way he will find a job to pay back his loans, but he refused to expand his skills. he never even learned to mountain fold baka.

I'm seriously considering going back for their doctorate program, so people will have to call me doctor, but I'm not sure that's worth the extra 100k a year or not. not to mention all the paper costs, despite the school claiming to be paperless. I would rather skip the paper and fold in vr, to really focus on the art of it without distraction from real paper.

Robert Lang spoke at the online graduation ceremony. the diplomas they sent us were double tissue, but with cmc not mc, to back it, as it's more polar chemically resulting in a better sizing.

Lang even folded our diplomas into various works from Insects 2, but it makes it hard to read my name, so it's hard to convince people it's a diploma without compromising his work.

maybe I should check for their accreditation..
Were all the folding assignments digital?
File: 23.jpg (22 KB, 696x487)
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i got a degree on fucking your mom in the ass
Actually if they expanded it to include mathematics and nature study it actually could be a viable option for higher education . It doesn't actually matter what your subject are as long as it's in proximity to your career choices .
Employees want to know you have the endurance and stamina to be part of a team for four to five years doing the same old thing .
They know teenage drop outs have an attention span of a gnat . Basically interested in something one week and two weeks later off to something else.

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